Women Are Assholes (How To Deal With Mean Women) (2022)

Are Women Assholes? Or, How To Deal With Women Who Are Mean To You

Do you think women are assholes?

If you do, then I’m willing to bet they’ve caused you a lot of pain in the past…

  • You got rejected
  • They were mean to you
  • You got dumped
  • You thought she was interested… until she told you she wasn’t
  • You got tricked into doing something you didn’t want
  • They used you
  • They talked about you behind your back
  • They damaged your reputation

…so on and so forth.

Hey, I feel you. I do, really! Heck, even I was bullied by girls in school. And college. And at work.

So, for a long time, I never had it easy with women. (Read my back story here.)

And truth be told… I despised women. I thought they were mean-spirited assholes who were bent to give guys like us hell.

Of course, time and experience had made me wiser. And in this guide, I’m telling you what I learned the hard way, so you won’t have to.

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Table of Contents

  • 1 Are Women Assholes? Or, How To Deal With Women Who Are Mean To You
  • 2 Why Thinking “Women Are Assholes” Will Hurt You
    • 2.1 Are Women REALLY Assholes?
  • 3 How To Deal With Mean Women
  • 4 How To Manipulate A Woman’s Emotions
    • 4.1 Flaw In The Female Mind (Which You Can Manipulate)
    • 4.2 Emotional Roller Coasters
  • 5 How To Make (Mean) Women Respect and Love You
    • 5.1 Derek Rake’s Online Mind Control Masterclass (click here)

Why Thinking “Women Are Assholes” Will Hurt You

Here’s the cold, hard fact about dating and women…

If you think women are assholes, you WILL be unsuccessful with them.

As a result…

  • You’ll keep getting rejected and dumped
  • You’ll only get a girlfriend if you get lucky
  • And even then, your relationship will be stressful, miserable and toxic

Not good, right?

And guess what? If you keep hating women, you’ll never be successful with women for life.

Sorry, but that’s the truth.

Look here… I know how it is. Believe me. Women CAN be a fucking pain in the ass sometimes. (Especially if you’ve got a female psychopath in your hands.)

No worries, though… because I’ve got your back! This special Shogun Method guide will answer all your questions about mean women:

  1. WHY they’re mean to you, and more importantly,
  2. HOW to make them respect you.

Let’s start with the biggest question of all:

Are Women REALLY Assholes?

The quick answer is “no,” they’re not.

At least, not by default.

Here’s what I mean:

Video: Why Women Like Assholes + Why Women Aren't Attracted to Nice Guys

Women are only assholes to guys they don’t respect.

It’s true!

So, if a woman is mean to you, it means she doesn’t respect you as a man. You might be:

  • A pushover
  • A nice guy
  • Unattractive
  • Awkward
  • A people pleaser
  • A “yes man”
  • Or some other quality she can’t respect

So, how do you turn things around and make her respect you?

That’s up next…

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How To Deal With Mean Women

When most guys want mean women to start respecting them as men, they usually do things like…

  • Upgrade their wardrobe
  • Practice confident body language
  • Get a makeover
  • Make lots of money or get a prestigious job
  • Develop their social skills

… or other surface-level fixes like that.

These things might earn you some respect in the beginning, sure…

…but guess what? When it comes to earning long-term respect and admiration… they don’t work.

Why not?

Because they’re superficial. And eventually, the mean women will realize it’s the same YOU, only wrapped in shinier packaging.

And so they’ll start being mean to you again. Probably even worse this time around!

So if you think you just need to “look the part” to gain women’s respect… you’re not doing yourself any favors.

Here’s the deal…

You’ll need something more POWERFUL. Something that’s REALLY going to change their opinion of you.

You’ll need something that’s going to make them respect you and admire you. Even, be submissive to your dominance.

What is it?

The answer:

You’ll need to MANIPULATE how they see you.

Video: Why Women Love Assholes. (The Truth..)

(Yes, I said manipulate.)

And you’ll do that with a Mind Manipulation technique that I’m about to show you in this guide.

But before that, let me get a few misconceptions out of the way first…

When one hears the phrase “Mind” or “Psychological Manipulation,” he naturally thinks about…

  • Hypnosis
  • Dangling a pendant clock in front of her eyes and telling her, “you are getting sleepy”
  • Making her do things against her will

That’s the “Hollywood” kind of mind manipulation. And it’s NOT the kind of manipulation I’m talking about.

Instead, I’m talking about SCIENCE. I’m talking about hardcore female psychology. I’m talking about how the mind works.

How To Manipulate A Woman’s Emotions

Here’s the thing…

The human mind has certain flaws or weaknesses built into it by Mother Nature.

These flaws mean that our behavior can be conditioned or triggered by external factors.

For instance, for us guys:

  • If we see a hot naked woman smiling at us, we get turned on.
  • If we see an OLD naked woman smiling at us, we get turned OFF.

We can’t help it. It’s hard-wired into our psychology. We are born this way.

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Flaw In The Female Mind (Which You Can Manipulate)

Guess what? The same goes for women.

Importantly, the female mind has one major flaw:

They use their emotions to make their decisions, and not their rational mind.

Even if a woman says she’s “logical” or “knows what she wants…” she’ll still use her gut feelings to make decisions. It’s true!

Those include her decisions about which men she respects and gets into relationships with.

After all, how many times have you seen the following?

  • Your best female friend tells you she wants a nice guy… but hooks up with a jerk
  • The female contestant on a TV dating show. She says she wants an “accomplished guy,” but picks the skater boy as the winner
  • The woman who says she likes you, but when you ask her out, she rejects you
  • You can’t get a woman to love you back no matter what you do, or how hard you try

So, yes – women can’t really “choose” who to like, respect, and fall in love with. They just follow their feelings, all the time.

And here’s the secret:

Nothing triggers their feelings more than emotional roller-coasters.

Video: If You Do This, Women Will Think You’re an Asshole

That’s why women like bad boys more than nice guys. With nice guys, it’s all nice feelings 24/7…

…but with bad boys, it’s thrill, then pain, then thrill again, then pain again.

It’s an emotional roller coaster. And guess what? Women are ADDICTED to it. They can’t get enough of it!

Emotional Roller Coasters

That’s where mind manipulation comes in. Because when you want to put a woman through an emotional roller coaster, you can do it in one of two ways:

  1. By accident, or
  2. On purpose.

If you trigger an emotional roller coaster by accident, there’s (maybe) a 5% chance she’ll like you for it.

And yet if you trigger it on purpose

…particularly by using the mind manipulation technique you’re about to learn…

… there’s a 95% chance she’ll LOVE you for it.

So, let’s see how it’s done, alright?

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How To Make (Mean) Women Respect and Love You

The mind manipulation technique I’m talking about is called “Fractionation”.

It’s a storytelling technique that puts women into a hypnotic trance, then snaps them out of it, then puts them into it again.

It’s an emotional roller coaster that women can’t help but fall into.

Pretty powerful!

And you know what? Here’s the best thing about Fractionation…

It changes the dynamic between you and mean women:

  • When you use Fractionation, it’s no longer about who you are…
  • …but instead, it becomes about what you say and do.

So even if you’re nerdy, or unattractive, or awkward… it doesn’t matter.

The emotional roller coaster takes care of everything.

Once you get her to start Fractionating a few times, she’ll stop being mean to you… and start respecting you. It’s true.

Video: Why Women Fall For Assholes

And guess what? That’s not the end!

If you keep the emotional roller-coaster going…

…and you take your interactions down a more romantic road…

…she’s going to fall MADLY IN LOVE with you.

Even better: she’ll be emotionally enslaved to you.

Women Are Assholes (How To Deal With Mean Women) (1)

Seriously. In fact, that’s the primary goal of Fractionation – to make a woman feel emotionally ADDICTED to you.

“Respecting” you? It’s a rung on the ladder. It’s along the way, but it’s not the only thing Fractionation can make a woman do for you.

Yep – you can make women do ANYTHING you want. That’s the power of mind manipulation.

However, here’s the kicker…

You MUST learn Fractionation. It’s the key. Without it, you’ll be relying on triggering emotional roller coasters by accident.

You want to know how to trigger emotional roller coasters on demand.

And you can learn how to do that at my Online Mind Control Masterclass by clicking this link –

Women Are Assholes (How To Deal With Mean Women) (2)

Derek Rake’s Online Mind Control Masterclass (click here)

Remember this:

Women aren’t REALLY assholes.

They’re just assholes to men they can’t respect.

Now you can try to turn yourself into a man they can respect…

…spending tons of money and devoting months (or even years) of work…

…or you can do the smart thing and use Fractionation and make them respect you almost INSTANTLY.

Click this next.

I’ll see you at the Masterclass,

Video: Why Women Are Attracted To Assholes

Women Are Assholes (How To Deal With Mean Women) (3)

PS: Questions? Comments? Leave them below.


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