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Moc Chau glass bridge recognized by Guinness as world’s longest


On Saturday, a representative from 26 Moc Chau Tourism JSC (L), the investor of Bach Long (White Dragon) glass bridge, received a certificate from Guinness World Records, the world’s authority on record-breaking achievements. With this official recognition, the Bach Long bridge has unseated a 530-meter glass bridge outside China’s Guangdong Province, which was recognized by Guinness as the world's longest in 2020. The Bach Long bridge also set a second Guinness world record as it has the world's longest glass-bottom cliff side path measured at 327 meters. Inaugurated on the Reunification Day (April 30) this year, the bridge is suspended some 150 meters above a lush green jungle valley. The glass-floored bridge is the latest tourist attraction in a highlands town well known for its undulating green tea hills and ethnic minority villages. At the foot of the bridge is Muong Mooc Cave, also … [Read more...] about Moc Chau glass bridge recognized by Guinness as world’s longest

Vietnam needs “green climate Doi Moi”: UNDP


Given net-zero commitments, Vietnam is now at a crossroads to transform routes that benefit both the economy and the environment. Vietnam’s climate commitment at COP26 requires development pathways to ensure the balance of both economy and environment that the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) called reforms. UNDP Resident Representative Caitlin Wiesen at the ceremony held in Quang Ninh Province on May 28. Photos: UNDP Vietnam would need a “Green Climate Doi Moi” to enable a green and inclusive economic rebound from Covid-19 as the country strives for a high-income level by 2045, while safeguarding the natural resources and environment for future generations, Caitlin Wiesen, UNDP Resident Representative, said today. This includes green, climate-resilient approaches to technology, capital markets, supply chains, business models, and the engagement of SMEs in innovation, Wiesen said at a national launching ceremony held on May 28 in response to World … [Read more...] about Vietnam needs “green climate Doi Moi”: UNDP

Video: World's Biggest Cave Discovered in Vietnam - Full Documentary

Plastic packaging a cause for concern in online shopping era in Vietnam


The trend of online food purchasing, which has prevailed since the COVID-19 outbreak, and the prevalent use of plastic packaging in retail are increasing plastic waste volume, potentially causing long-term health risks. During the strict COVID-19 restrictions last year, 75 percent of people living in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City used online food delivery services, according to a survey of Q&Me, a market research firm. Such food is usually packed in boxes made of plastic that accounted for 64 percent of the total volume of materials used for the food packaging industry. Many vendors prefer using plastic bags to contain various items sold online and at bricks-and-mortar shops. ProCi Food, a Ho Chi Minh City-based non-profit social project, and some other eco-friendly businesses, like Phu Yen Province-based Tuy An Farm, have called on their customers to send back packaging to them so that they can return it to manufacturers for processing and reuse. Some online grocery … [Read more...] about Plastic packaging a cause for concern in online shopping era in Vietnam

Indonesia striving to lure electric vehicle, ICT investment


Indonesian Industry Minister Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita(Photo: Antara) Jakarta (VNA) - The Indonesian government has been actively wooing investors at the 2022 World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, by highlighting the country’s investment potential and holding economic discussions. The government always provides support for investors so that every investment which enters Indonesia can become mutually beneficial,Antara news agency quoted Indonesian Minister of Industry Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita as saying. He added that Indonesia’s economy grew 5.01 percent in the first quarter of 2022 despite the uncertain global economic situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. During the same period, its manufacturing industry sector grew 5.47 percent. The improving performance of the manufacturing industry was supported by the industrial downstreaming policy implemented by the government, which raised the manufacturing value added (MVA). He also highlighted new … [Read more...] about Indonesia striving to lure electric vehicle, ICT investment

Video: Giant Crystals In Deadly Warm Cave - Angry Planet 311 - Crystal Cave

Wildlife conservation organisations call for closure of “bird hell”


Wild birds being publicly sold at Thanh Hoa market in Long An province. (Photo: HV/Vietnam+) According to the petition, the Thanh Hoa farm produce market has for many years not operated under its original purpose but as a place to trade wild birds, including rare species protected by law. Names such as “ hell market ” and “ bird hell ” have long been associated with the market. The market is said to house thousands of endangered animals from the Mekong Delta. It has about 40 stalls with hundreds of cages imprisoning rare birds, Asian openbills, turtles, and snakes. These stalls are also “slaughterhouses”, serving drinking parties with alcohol made from the blood of the animals. Nature conservation organisations and the media have for many years monitored activities at the market and publicised the illegal wildlife trade taking place. VietnamPlus, after discovering the illegal trade of rare and precious birds at the market, published a series of reports and contacted … [Read more...] about Wildlife conservation organisations call for closure of “bird hell”

Wormwood cake a specialty of Tay ethnic people


With unique flavor, the wormwood cake is made for daily meals or to treat guests on special occasions, New Year holidays, or for traditional rituals of the Tay people. Making a delicious and beautiful wormwood cake, which is to appraise the ingenuity of Tay women, requires special skills. Therefore, every family pays much attention to teaching their daughters how to make the cake to offer to ancestors and to treat parents, relatives and guests when they get married. “Choosing ingredients plays an important role. It requires glutinous rice with large and round grains. Young wormwood leaves are better than old ones which are tough and bitter. In addition, it’s necessary to have granulated sugar, black sesame and beeswax. The processing is the most important stage, which needs much experience to blend ingredients together for a fragrant, smooth and shiny cake,” said Nong Thi Tien, a resident in Ban Moi village, Nam Cuong commune, Cho Don district, Bac Kan province, who has been making … [Read more...] about Wormwood cake a specialty of Tay ethnic people

Video: Quang Bui - Informative speech - Son Doong Cave

Three Vietnamese specialties among world best dishes: CNN


Banh mi, banh ran and banh bot loc are among the best dishes from Vietnam that CNN Travel suggest travelers to try when visiting the country. Three popular, easy-to-find, yet equally delicious dishes in Vietnam have just been shortlisted as “the world’s best sandwiches”, “the world’s tastiest dumplings”, and “the best fried foods around the world” by US news site CNN. Banh ran The Vietnamese specialty: thesweet variant of banh ran or banh cam. Photo: Quynh Nhi Banh ran (as it is called in the North of Vietnam) or banh cam (in the South), is a familiar deep-fried sticky rice dessert that can be found at any market in the country. According to CNN Travel, though the name translates to “orange cake”, there’s no orange flavor in these deep-fried glutinous rice balls. “Instead, these southern Vietnamese sweets are named for their visual resemblance to an orange,” it stated. Traditionally, banh ran is divided into two categories: “the sweet” and … [Read more...] about Three Vietnamese specialties among world best dishes: CNN

E.U.-funded project to boost urban infrastructure’s climate resilience


The project is financed with EUR 5 million (over USD 5.3 million) in non-refundable aid from the E.U., EUR 123 million in ODA loan from the French Development Agency (AFD), and EUR 28 million from the Vietnamese Government. It aims to reduce the vulnerability to natural disasters in five urban areas, namely Phat Diem township (Ninh Binh province), Ngoc Lac township (Thanh Hoa province), Hoang Mai town (Nghe An province), and Huong Khe and Thach Ha townships (Ha Tinh province). Under this project, necessary urban infrastructure facilities will be built to serve water drainage, ease flooding, and improve environmental hygiene, clean water supply, and solid waste treatment. Technical assistance will also be provided to help the localities enhance the project’s sustainability by boosting their capacity to operate and maintain wastewater treatment stations and other utilities. Addressing the launch, Ambassador Giorgio Aliberti, head of the E.U. Delegation to Vietnam, said over the … [Read more...] about E.U.-funded project to boost urban infrastructure’s climate resilience

Video: David Mitchell's cagoule and the cave stalactite - Would I Lie to You?

Lifein the slow lane at serene Hoài Khao Village


Nestled in a vast valley and surrounded by the majestic Phia Oắc and Phia Đén mountains, Hoài Khao Village in the northern province of Cao Bằng is home to 34 families of the Dao Tiền ethnic community. A visit to the village offers a rare chance to experiencetraditional culture and crafts while contemplating the distinctive original architecturethat has been preserved for generations. A village among clouds Hoài Khao Village is surrounded by clouds. It seems that Hoài Khao has not been touched by modernisation. The village has only had electricity for just over two months, thougha new concrete road was built several years ago. Waking up in the morning in a traditional wooden house roofed with the clay tiles of the Dao Tiền and looking outthe window, visitors cansee spectacular fluffy clouds hanging aboveancient cinnamon trees in the garden. In this isolated village, every activity seems to happenin the clouds. The … [Read more...] about Lifein the slow lane at serene Hoài Khao Village

Pigeon racingtakes wingin HCM City


Ngô Hồng Vân has been raising racing pigeons for over 10 years. Many in HCM City partake in this sport as a hobby. VNS Photo Việt Dũng by Nguyễn Việt Dũng Heads turn upwards around the same time every afternoon around Ngô Hồng Vân's house in Bình Tân District. They are then treated to an unusual sight: a huge flock of homing pigeons circling the neighbourhood. Thishobbyretains its intrigue even after explaining that the racing birds are training for coming competitions. People are even more curiousonce theylearn that pigeon racing is a sport where homing pigeons (a variety of pigeons with an innate ability to remember and return to their nests) are trained to fly home from a considerable distance. This sport has emerged as a hobby of many HCM City residents for more than a decade. From around 2009, many clubs began forming in the city, and professional pigeon races are held every year. Vân, who sells spices in District 6's Bình Tây Market, … [Read more...] about Pigeon racingtakes wingin HCM City

Video: Stalactite Caves (1948)


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