Don't Be So Hard on Your Own Beauty by yeule - RYM/Sonemic (2022)

Don't Be So Hard on Your Own Beauty

By yeule

Released7 October 2021
RYM Rating 4.03 / 5.0 from 686 ratings
Ranked#19 for 2021, #675 overall

Dream Pop, Indie Folk
Emo-Pop, Singer-Songwriter


self-hatred, ethereal, bittersweet, longing, melancholic, introspective, romantic, melodic, warm, poetic, soothing, mellow, soft, depressive, love, hypnotic, surreal, anxious

Language English

Wow, that's a throwback. It's a jangly, '90s/early '00s indie pop ballad that feels completely light and airy while hitting on some really intense subject matter. This might not be for absolutely everyone but I listened to a whole lot of stuff that sounded a lot like this song in my youth and this just hits me in the emotional core, you know?


Yeule introduces jangly pop tropes to the Lainpilled generation

A dedicated audience living off aesthetics, familiar with the modern glitchy ambient pop sound pioneered by Cokiyu and Cuushe, whose legacy Yeule's previous works represent, are introduced to another type of classic alternative pop.

Specifically, it's a moody take on jangle pop, vaguely similar to the Dunedin sound from the opposite pole of the colonial globe. I'm also hearing folk with digital artifacts reminiscent of Spirit They're Gone Spirit They've Vanished, but it's hard to say whether the influence is subconscious or intentional. The chord progression in Don't Be So Hard on Your Own Beauty carries the lyrics in a steady manner through absolutely brilliant songwriting. That low Eb major that the chorus kicks in, that flavorful C minor... chef's kiss!

The single also sets an interesting precedent for Yeule's upcoming album Glitch Princess, which the fans and stans are awaiting like the currently passing Mercury retrograde. Considering the contrast between this and the experimentation on the standalone single The Things They Did for Me Out of Love, there are a lot of questions. Will the album be very glitchy? Will it flow through a wide variety of different sounds? Will it be released? Will it be a change of direction presented as a long collection like Soundtracks for the Blind?


  • Don't Be So Hard on Your Own Beauty by yeule - RYM/Sonemic (2) 1 Don't Be So Hard on Your Own Beauty

How unnerving. I was sure I knew many songs that sounded like this or had its same thematic strengths, but I really don't. I mean, it's a vulnerable and deeply wounded ballad in which the narrator begs for the comfort of an unnamed subject. You can easily come up with many great pop ballads like that ('Everytime', 'Hurt', etc.).

Fair enough, but it's hard to overstate how well Yeule describes incisive, visceral damage while making it sound like a papercut. Take "The only vein that’s still okay," a turn of phrase haunting in its illustration of fragility yet they pass over it like it's nothing. Much of the song is a stream of consciousness where they split the sentences oddly across different melodic sections.

They cut off the streams at the end of each chorus when they deliver the devastating line: " pick up all my guts spilling out, bruised up, bloodied up." That's what separates this from the rest, really, that morbid image crooned in a way that doesn't sound dramatized and crude like it might in lesser hands but instead honest and a little beautiful.

There's also a significant weight pulled by the robotic effects on both the vocals and instrumental, lending an overcast alien heart to the song blemished by mortal human injuries. I was tempted to say that in an alternate universe, this could've been a '70s singer/songwriter classic in pure acoustic form, yet the second soul of the monotonous and digitally affected vocal harmony is precisely what lifts this from a great song to a distinct, phenomenal one; lyrics of self-doubt and longing are further complicated by the sense that Yeule is split between an emotional body and an unfeeling soul. "You let me cry and wipe my eyes" is one of the few unharmonized lyrics, as if the song's subject is their only tether to emotion.

A masterpiece caught in the uncanny valley between corporeal and ethereal. Between this song in 2021 and 'Anything' in 2020, Indie Folk is having a superb decade.


Feelings become a jumble of thoughts and streams of vunerability pour out by each line, as though Yeule can’t speak them quick enough. Pouring out on each verse ideas of love and pain, something that Yeule has never portraited as passionately as in this track. Accompanied only by a guitar, Yeule’s voice is bright yet sounds painful, and the revelations of her lyrics convey a sense of urgency by the end of the track, when she almost whispers. The most beautiful lyrics arise whenever Yeule acknowledges herself her own faults and sings “Hold me even though I’m made of fire burning through”. Portraying relationships is never easy through lyrics, yet Yeule creates something that is so powerful in it painful, viewing herself as in a nightmare, stuck in a maze, with no staircase to get out.


why is this song SO DANG GOOD??? drugs for my mf ears fr


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