Dirty Erotic Oneshots (Mistress_ Red) (2022)

Dirty Erotic Oneshots (Mistress_ Red) (1)

g l o s s a r y:

  • coupling -the act of having sex
  • supernatural -things that cannot be explained by science and seem to involve ghosts, spirits, magic, etc.
  • cheating -having sex with someone else that is not your wife/husband or girlfriend/boyfriend
  • incest -sexual intercourse between people who are very closely related
  • nonconsensual -not agreed to by one or more of the people involved
  • consensual - sexdone with the consent of the people involved
  • fantasy -something that is produced by the imagination
  • interracial -involving people of different races
  • bdsm - aphysical and psychological sexual power-role-play


none of thesestoriesare mine

Angie stalked into her apartment, slamming the door. The 23 year old buxom brunette was extremely tired of bad men, bad dates, and bad sex. It didn't seem like there was one guy out there who actually knew how to please a woman... or if there were, they were all already taken by other women.

Being single was just so frustrating!!! Tonight had been another example of a crappy blind date, who took her to a bad restaurant, and then back to his apartment where he heaved and bucked on top of her without so much as a pleasured moan from her!

Not only that, but he'd been completely oblivious to the fact that his performance had fallen far short of stellar, afterwards he'd actually wanted to be complimented and cosseted. Fuck that. She'd left after he'd started telling her what a frigid bitch she was for not being able to enjoy his lackluster jack-rabbit fucking.


"Dammit," she muttered. So much for hopes that a date would finally mean an orgasm that she wouldn't have to give herself, and now her damn vibrator was out of batteries, AGAIN.

Looking up at the ceiling she exclaimed loudly, "What I wouldn't give for one decent fuck! Just one, I don't even care who it's from at this point, just one damned decent fuck that gets me off!"

Tossing the useless vibrator back into its drawer, she got into bed and used her fingers to get herself off. Considering her less than happy state, it wasn't really the best orgasm in the world. Muttering, frustrated, she tossed and turned, finally falling asleep completely naked.

At midnight the air at the foot of her bed stirred, slowly forming into a tall, dark figure. Black as night, the creature chose to take the form of a large, muscular and handsome man, but it couldn't do anything about the glowing red of its eyes.

A minor detail. It yanked the covers from the sleeping beauty, and grabbed her ankles as she suddenly started awake, unsure of what was happening.

Seeing the dark form looming over her, the red of its eyes glowing maniacally at her, she screamed in complete terror.

"Now that's not very nice," the creature had a low, hissing voice, "Here I am, to fulfill your wish and all you can do is scream at me."

Gathering her courage Angie asked, "My wish?"

"One 'damned' decent fuck that gets you off, yes I believe that was your wish," the creature smiled evilly as her mouth worked without actually making a sound, "And here I am to fulfill it."

Angie found that she couldn't struggle, or scream anymore as the human-looking creature lowered its hands to her breasts, squeezing them hard and caressing the nipples to bring them to hardness. It grinned at her as her body responded without her will.

The poor girl felt ready to faint, although she was half sure that everything happening was a dream, so she didn't know how it would be possible to pass out when she was dreaming.

The creature spread her legs wide, and started to lower its head, a long forked tongue flicking out of its mouth towards her pussy as it bent down, making Angie want to scream in terror. It seemed as though the noise in her head was just one long terrified scream as the long tongue licked her from her ass to the top of her pussy.

Then the creature's tongue split at the fork as she watched in horrified fascination, the thicker part of its tongue slid into her wet pussy hole, the thinner part working its way into her tight ass.

As both parts slid all the way into her holes, wriggling inside of each of them, Angie couldn't help but start to feel aroused at the unexpected and strange new sensations that the creature's tongue was eliciting from her body. She wiggled a little as the tongues probed her holes, her pussy starting to get wet with her musky sweet juices.

Once she was wet, the creature pulled its tongues out of her, satisfied, and as it pulled them back into its mouth the tongues merged back into one forked tongue.

Smiling, the creature told her, "Don't worry, you'll enjoy this quite a lot... and I can do something your puny human males can't." It glanced down at its crotch, and Angie's gaze followed it.

She gasped as the monstrous cock pointing out of its groin split, just as the tongue had, into one very large cock on top and a slightly smaller one beneath it. Grinning, the creature watched as Angie's mouth opened in a silent scream as it pulled her body towards it, her legs spread wide, holes open and vulnerable.

In two swift thrusts, the creature had her body impaled on its cocks, as she moaned and gasped with the pain of her pussy and ass stretching around the large shafts. She felt stuffed full, like a pastry with too much filling, her ass in particular was screaming protest at the invasion.

Laughing, the creature began to thrust in and out of her body, making it flop and jerk on the bed as the huge cocks pummeled her holes, big breasts bouncing wildly on top of her body. Reaching forward, the creature took hold of her breasts, using them to pull her body on and off its cocks and she cried out as the pain shot though her breasts now too.

On and on the creature pumped, it seemed like it would never end, the cocks just pounding in and out of her holes at a bruising pace, her breasts burning as its hands squeezed and twisted while they pulled at her body. She felt like a rag doll as it handled her.

When her orgasm finally hit, she was shocked... it hadn't seemed possible that she would be able to orgasm with all the pain the creature was causing, but her pussy and ass had finally adjusted and the fullness of her holes caused her to cum harder than she ever had in her life.

Her pussy creamed all over the huge cock, that continued to pump her, harder and harder as she came. The glorious orgasm felt like it was going to go on forever, with the creature pounding away at her holes, forcing yet more pleasure from her body.

Then, eventually, the immense amount of pleasure became painful as her pussy flesh became more and more sensitive and the creature continued to press in and out, slapping against her over stimulated clit.

Angie's screams became slightly different now, pleading the creature to stop as her body went into sensory overload. Finally, unable to handle the continuance of the creature's unending thrusts, Angie passed out.

When she woke up her ass and pussy were burning, sore inside and out, and green slimy fluid was leaking out of them. Gagging a little, she ran to the bathroom to wash herself.

Afterwards, looking in the mirror, she wondered if maybe she'd been a little hasty in making her wish... or if maybe it was something she'd do again.

My sweaty hands held tight onto the backs of my knees as my virgin pussy opened to my Lush Daddy. His hard, black cock forced its way into my white pussy, the pain shooting up my spine.

I opened my eyes and saw a blurry picture of the roof in the back seat of his old Porsche. Chris' lips caressed my cheeks softly, kissing my tears away. "You okay baby girl?" he asked me with genuine concern in his deep, sexy voice.

Unable to find my voice, I nodded my head weakly. Chris was a lot bigger than I had originally anticipated and his large cock had stretched my poor pussy over its boundaries.

Chris kept his hips still for a few minutes to let me adjust to his invading member before he began shallow strokes. His full length gently rocked into my sleeve, his thrusts picking up speed and depth.

Within a few minutes, every crevice of my pussy was filled with my daddys cock.

"Ohhh yes daddy," I sighed to him, one hand releasing my leg to rub my sensitive clit. By now my hips had started thrusting, our groins slapping together loudly.

My daddys hands landed on my hips to pull me closer to him with each push. I felt my pussy tighten around his girth and throatily moaned for him.

"Oh fuck daddy, Im about to come all over your cock. Make me cover your cock daddy! Im coming Oh fuck! Im coming daddy!"

Chris pounded harder into my milking cunt, his hips powerfully fucking through my mighty orgasm. My newly opened hole stretched with an unfamiliar feeling before I felt him release his load into my womb.

My eyes shot open as he pulled his cock out of me, my first load of cum slowly dripping out of my pussy and down my slit.

Chriss cum leaked down to my puckered rose bud and slipped even father to the towel he had brilliantly placed under my naked body.

Bringing my head up, I saw that Chriss thick cock was still fully erect, his hand stroking the length slowly. "You made daddy come so hard baby girl. You know what he wants now?" he rasped out as his gaze was glued to my gaping pussy.

"What do you want from your little girl daddy?" I huskily asked him, my pussy still hungry for more of his hard cock.

I jumped as I felt a finger rubbing against my asshole. It was now clear to me what daddy Chris wanted his little girls anal cherry. "Do you want daddys cock in your tight ass you filthy little slut?" he asked as his finger slipped into my brown ring and began to saw in and out.

Though I wouldve rather had his cock in my wanting pussy, I remembered our Lush cyber sessions and how he would put his fist into my gaping cunt. Taking a chance that he would finger my pussy as he pumped my ass, I eagerly nodded my head.

Remembering all that I had read about from ass-fucking stories, I tried to relax my whole body and let Chris replace his finger with his mushroom-capped cock head.

A small burn accompanied his entering prick, but the pain quickly faded and turned into pleasure.

Chris steadily fucked my ass as the car softly rocked me. His hips pumped into my tight ass quickly as one hand left my hip to force three fingers deep into my cunt.

My back arched as his thumb deliciously brushed against my hard clit, my inner walls quivering with the onslaught of an approaching orgasm. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as his thumb worked harder and faster on my button.

"Oh yes daddy! Pound your little girls tight asshole!" I begged ass his fingers curled into a spot I had never felt with my own fingers. Chris had found my g-spot and my body couldnt thank him enough.

My eye sight was beginning to go black, unable to bear thee ecstasy that i was feeling from his pounding cock.

He continued to massage my g-spot as his throbbing cock made quick, shallow thrusts into my ass. I kept calling him daddy and was rewarded with hard thrusts that almost knocked the breath out of my lungs.

A strong throb in my aching pussy made me scream in pleasure. "Oh shit! OH fuck daddy! Oh God, Im coming! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. Fuck my horny asshole daddy! Yes, Chris, yes!!"

I cried to him as my cunt exploded with a torrent of cum. Chris leg his fat cock explode in my ass as his lips clamped onto my stiff nipple.

My juicy pussy milked and rippled over his fingers as if I was being fucked by a large cock. My body was jerking uncontrollably as Chriss cock head shot his strings of hot cum into my worn bowels.

"Oh thank you daddy", I sighed with content as we tried to capture our breaths.

Chris rewarded me with a soft thrust of his hips, just as he would in our online chats. My laugh started his and we kissed as his softening pole slipped out of my ass.

Chris pulled his cum-covered hand from my soaked pussy and brought it to my lips. Obediently, my tongue snaked out of my lips to clean his hand.

"Good girl", he cooed with smiling lips, his head resting on my bare chest. I shivered as I felt his warm breath float across my hard nipple.

We spent a few more minutes holding each other before getting dressed and heading back to the hotel he was staying at.

It took a long time to find a babysitter for my infant child, but when my wife called one day to say she had found the perfect girl, I was thrilled that we'd finally be able to go out once again. My wife was beautiful, she had nice D cup breasts and a delicious body, but our sex life had been sapped by the arrival of a baby. At 25 we were both overwhelmed by the responsibilities of children and careers and we hadn't had much time for each other.

Our first date in a year occurred a week later when we went out to a movie and dinner. The babysitter was a stunningly beautiful 18 year old named Victoria, who was getting ready to attend college the next year. Victoria was every man's fantasy, a chirpy, big –breasted, thin girl with a gorgeous face and long, Italian brunette hair.

The first time I saw her I nearly had an instant erection. My wife had found her through a co-worker, apparently she was an in-demand babysitter, and at least from my perspective, I could see why. She arrived in a short black skirt and a low cut top, and after making arrangements with my wife we both left her to sit with the kid.

At the movie and dinner I enjoyed my alone time with my wife, but Victoria stayed in my mind. That night, my wife drove Victoria home, and I jerked off while she was gone.(to my disappointment). When my wife got home I threw her into bed and make passionate love to her, but again Victoria was nagging me with thoughts of her sumptuous body.

Over the next several months Victoria babysat for us about every two weeks, and the routine continued. I gradually got to know her through our short, two minute encounters. One night, my wife drank too much wine and asked me to take Victoria home instead. I obliged, and realizing I needed to write Victoria a check for her work, I quickly sat down at the kitchen table and opened the checkbook.

As I was writing Victoria walked by, accidentally dropping some of her makeup on the floor. I couldn't help but stare as she bent over to pick it up, giving me a view to die for. Her pleated skirt was just the right length, rising just high enough to give me a peak of a sexy black thong. I had an instant hard-on, and suddenly she caught my gaze and blushed. I continued writing, but we both knew that I had been looking and enjoying the view.

I drove her home after her little bending over incident, but she seemed extra interested in me in a way that she hadn't happened before. She laughed at my mini-jokes that weren't funny, she smiled at me, and I swear that she pressed those sexy breasts together just to give me a view as she sat in the passenger seat.

In the weeks that followed the flirting continued, I even caught one glare from my wife, but I figured it was just playful fun. About eight weeks after my gaze, I drove Victoria home again. This time Victoria started asking about the health of my marriage and my sex life. I told her that I loved my wife, but our sex life was a bit boring.

She said that was too bad, and then she told me about her sex life. Apparently she had a boyfriend who had gotten pretty serious, and the implicit message was that she wasn't a virgin. They had a hard breakup three months back, and now Victoria was out on the prowl, looking for a decent man. She finished her story as we pulled up to her house, and I said "Ok, See ya next time."

As she got out, she smiled, her red bra was visible all the way around her low cut tank top, and she climbed out of the car. This time though, she gave me a deliberate view of her red panties. They were see through boy shorts that hugged her beautiful ass, and I nearly burst in my pants. We smiled at each other as she walked away; I rushed home to masturbate and fuck my wife.

~~in a strip club~~

The last night with Victoria had left me terribly horny all the time, and when my wife left for a business trip the next weekend, I decided to hit the strip club and maybe satisfy my desires. I sat in the back for most of the night, watching the hot girls strip away, but Victoria wouldn't leave my mind. I had gotten one ripoff of a lap dance, and I was about to leave when a beautiful brunette walked to the stage.

Thinking that I could fantasize about Victoria by watching her, I went to sit down in front. As I sat down she turned around, she had the same proportions of Victoria and the same beautiful hair. She turned from putting her nighty down and I suddenly realized that it was Victoria! I had wondered how she afforded the designer clothes and purses that I saw her wear each night, and I realized that babysitting wasn't the only thing she did.

Victoria was wearing a gorgeous black bra- and panty set, a thong with a little bit of jewelry connecting everything. Victoria jumped on the pole and started twirling around. I was nervous that she'd see me, and I nearly ran away, but my desire to see her body was too great. I wasn't the only guy drooling over her at the front, and paid attention to the others for most of the dance.

Just at the end, she stood in front of me, bent over and gave me a great view of her thong covered pussy. She smiled and leaned over to me on her knees, her gorgeous D cups hanging right in front of me. Just then, she realized who I was. She looked surprised, but she quickly grinned and gave me mischievous smile.

"Hi" she softly said.

I said "good evening Victoria," trying to maintain my composure. I wasn't sure if I should be embarassed for being there, or she should for being a part-time stripper.

She shyly asked, "would you like a private dance?" and she obviously wanted me to say yes.

I responded sure, and she soon came off the stage. She led me to the back where the lap dances where, but she took me to the private area where you usually had to pay more. I started to get out some money, but she quickly said "this one's on the house."

I sat on the couch, and without saying a word, she sat on my lap. She was still wearing the sexy black thong and bra she had earlier striped off, and soon she began grinding into me. She pressed my head into her chest, her nipples were already falling out of the bra. My hard on was tenting my pants, and she gave out a slight moan as she ground her panties against it.

Like a pro, she brought one hand up and undid her front-clasping bra without a hitch. Her gorgeous breasts spilled out, bouncing right in front of my face. She smiled and pushed her nipples against my lips. After licking them, I whispered too her "I want you so bad Victoria, I want to fuck you so much." She leaned into my ear and said, "I need this cock too"

She continued to grind into me, and the moans started to increase in frequency. She then stood up, turned around, and bent over, giving a perfect view of her sweet lips. She slowly pulled down the thong as I rubbed my cock through my jeans. I made it stand up for her as high as it could in the restrictive environment, and she smiled as she backed up.

She sat on my cock, facing away from me, and started rolled the pole against her pussy. Her moans became louder and louder, and soon she was obviously trying to get off. She took my hand and placed it on her breast, and she asked me to touch her nipples. I obliged, and soon her hands were rubbing against my jean-covered cock.

She glanced over to the open entry way, turned around and decided to go for it. She unzipped my pants and freed my dick, and her smile lit up when she saw my eight inches. She whispered that she had never had a man bigger than 6, and she quickly gave it a suck. She got my head all wet with her spit, and she stood up and sat on me again. She rubbed my dick between her legs and asked me, "Are you ready to fuck this tight pussy?"

"Oh yes please baby" I gasped back.

Then, in one move, she took my dick and plunged it in her hole. She was so warm and wet I couldn't believe it. She gasped with delight as she started moving it around in her pussy. I told her to rub her clit while I squeezed her nipples, and with her free hand she started to cup my balls.

She bounced up and down and whispered in my ear, "We have to be quick or I'll get fired," and with that, I grabbed her and gave her about 15 long, hard and quick thrusts before she exploded in orgasm. My cock moved all the way in and out of her sweet, wet pussy, and with each thrust she gave out a sexy moan.

She tensed her pussy told begged me to cum in her, and I quickly exploded all over her insides. She giggled as an enormous amount of cum shot into her, and she looked at me with that mischievous smile and said I sure had a lot of cum. She sat up, and as my dick fell out of her she whimpered. I quickly put it away, and she sat back down on me grinding against me and whispered dirty thoughts for another half hour. I told her how great she was and asked her what time she got off, and perhaps she'd like to come over later for a little more fun.

She said sure, but she didn't get off until four am, but she'd love to come by tomorrow. With that, we agreed on our plans and I got up to leave. I gave her a peck, and she whispered to me:

"By the way, maybe you could put that big cock in my ass tomorrow, if your ok with that?"

She grabbed my dick again. "I really need someone to fuck me hard back there"

You bet, and I gave her one last squeeze. We smiled as I began to fantasize about the next day.

It was the last day of my summer holiday staying with my dad and the sun was shining through the gap in the curtains as I slowly awoke and stretched lazily. I got out of bed, showered and went to get dressed.

I pulled on a white lace thong and matching 34C bra smoothing my hands over my toned body as I looked in the mirror. I chose a strappy pale yellow short summer dress that contrasted nicely with my soft tanned skin and let my golden sun kissed hair flow loose and wavy down my back. I slicked on some black mascara and swept a dab of blusher over my cheekbones before making my way downstairs to the kitchen for breakfast.

My dad was already up, eating toast and reading the paper at the breakfast bar. He was wearing a plain white t-shirt and his favourite blue shorts which made me cringe a little. They're shorter than what's in fashion at the moment but he likes them and wears them anyway. He's in good shape for a 46 year old so I guess he can pull it off.

I said good morning to him and helped myself to coffee and popped some toast in the toaster. We talked about what we'd do that day and eventually agreed to go down to the lake, rent a boat and spend the day relaxing and making the most of the hot weather. Unfortunately his car had broken down the day before and his mate Richard who was once a mechanic was due to come round tomorrow evening to take a look at it for him.

I didn't bring my car with me since it would have been a six hour drive so I got the train down for the week instead, which meant we didn't have our own transport and would have to get the 162 bus to the lake.

After breakfast we packed a bag of food and drinks and set off for the bus which takes just under an hour to get to the lake. We didn't have to wait long until the bus arrived but it was packed and really hot with it being a Saturday and such gorgeous weather. My dad managed to get a seat near the back right by the rear door.

I tried to follow so I could stand near him but there were so many people it was difficult to get through. With more people getting on and off the bus I was moved back and forward with the crowd and by the time the bus started moving again I'd ended up stood right in front of my dad but with my back to him. I tried to turn around but there were too many people crushing against me so I had to stay where I was and we set off for the lake.

The bus stopped at some traffic lights and as it accelerated again I tried to move my foot to get better balance only to find there was nowhere to move it amidst all the other feet and people's bags. I overbalanced and started falling backwards and felt my dad's strong hands grab my waist as I fell.

I ended up sitting on his lap facing forwards away from him. I felt really awkward as we don't have a touchy sort of relationship so sitting on his lap isn't something I'd usually do. I tried to get up but there were so many people and I had no leverage, I heard my dad from behind me telling me it was okay; I could just stay where I was.

We sat for 10 minutes or so, me still feeling slightly awkward about it. As we rounded a bend the lady in front of me moved position again and stood on my foot by accident. She looked over her shoulder and apologised but I just said it was fine and scooted further back on my dad's lap, I felt him tense up and thought he must be feeling awkward like I was.

As the bus swayed on I suddenly felt something brush the underside of my thigh close to my lace covered pussy, I thought I was imagining things at first but then I felt it again. To my horror I realised that the only thing it could be was my dad's cock. I must have accidently rubbed on him when I moved back causing his cock to stir. I stayed as still as possibly my face flushing with embarrassment. Why was this happening, I was his daughter, surely he couldn't be getting turned on!

As the bus continued, with each bump and turn of a corner the rubbing pressure on the underside of my thigh increased and I could feel my dad trying to move backwards into the seat. I didn't know what to do so I remained as still as possible and pretended I hadn't noticed anything was wrong but I was alarmingly aware of the fact that my short dress wasn't covering my pussy underneath me as it had rode up a little when I sat down.

There was only the sheer lace fabric of my thong and the thin material of my dad's shorts between me and his hard cock which was still rubbing an inch to the left of my pussy lips every time the bus moved.

Suddenly the bus lurched to one side as it took a corner and I was jolted to the left on my dad's lap. With the sudden movement my body was ground down causing his hard cock head to push sideways on my thong, pushing it to the right of my pussy lips.

I felt panic rising as my pussy was now completely exposed and the head of my dad's cock was pushing horizontally between my pussy lips, only separated from me by the thin material of his shorts. I gasped, it felt so big, my boyfriend's cock is 6 inches and not very thick but my dad's felt as thick as my arm and it was at least 8 inches long.

I'd only just turned 18 last month and lost my virginity to my boyfriend shortly after. I felt so ashamed as I felt my pussy lips swell and my tight hole become moist. How could this be happening? My pussy became really sensitive and I could feel every twitch and slip of his hard cock as the bus continued on.

I then heard my dad's voice in my ear, through clenched teeth, he quietly told me to get up. I tried but there was nowhere for me to go, all the floor space was covered in either other people's feet or their bags and the people were packed in tight around us making standing impossible. I looked over at the person next to us thinking he must have noticed something by now but he was facing away, talking to someone across the aisle.

My dad remained tense and still behind me, I wondered what must be going through his mind and whether our relationship would be strained after this embarrassing nightmare was over. I looked at my watch; we only had a further 20 minutes to go. I willed it to go faster.

A few minutes later we came to a section of straight road that had speed bumps to stop people driving too fast but the bus driver barely slowed below 30mph and as we hit the first speed bump I was jolted up and my upper body went forwards so I was almost bent double.

As the buses momentum pushed me back into my dad's lap, to my horror my ass pushed his thin shorts high up his legs and his hard protruding cock was pushed horizontally between my silky wet pussy lips, the head rubbing on my clit causing me to shudder. I heard him gasp behind me but he remained stock still, probably in shock.

I didn't know what to do, I couldn't stand up because of the throng of people and there was nowhere else to go. My pussy was becoming more and more wet because of the constant stimulation and I just wanted the ground to open up and swallow me.

Before I realised it we reached the next speed bump, the driver barely slowed and we hit it hard. I jolted up and forwards again and as the bus sped on the momentum drove me back, I tried to reach out and grab someone to stop myself falling back but I missed and my swollen wet pussy lips were roughly parted as my dad's hard bulbous cock head pushed through my tight wet opening.

I stifled a yelp as my pussy was forcefully and painfully stretched open. His cock was only a couple of inches inside me so I try to squirm around to dislodge it but I immediately stopped as all it did was push him deeper.

I couldn't believe this was happening! From behind me I heard a suppressed grunt through clenched teeth and then nothing. I was so embarrassed and scared of what might happen next. My dad's cock was huge and it was only half way inside me!

All too soon we hit the next speed bump, I was thrown up again, my dad's cock sliding almost all of the way out of me before I was thrown back again. I clenched up, preparing for what was to come but it made no difference as every hard pulsing inch of my dad's cock was forcefully plunged inside my tight gripping pussy walls until the head must have been up near my stomach. It was so thick and hard, I gasped, my eyes wide, staring straight ahead as every nerve set on fire in my stretched throbbing pussy. There was a stifled groan behind me.

I knew we'd hit the next speed bump any second and quickly grabbed my dad's bare thighs. We hit the speed bump hard and I was thrust up again, my dad's cock sliding all the way out of my pussy. I dug my fingers into his thighs trying to break my fall and move myself at the same time.

I fell back to his lap and to my relief I felt his hard cock head jab at my opening but then slide along my exposed pussy so it was horizontal between my pussy lips. I no longer had my dad's cock in my pussy but instead it was rubbing insistently at my clit each time the bus moved, the vibrations from the engine taking my arousal to a new level.

When was this ever going to end! My pussy was dripping wet and my swollen lips were gripping the length of my dad's horizontal throbbing cock. I was so aroused but felt disgusted with myself at the same time, this was so wrong, I couldn't think of anything worse.

I was still gripping my dad's thighs and as the bus hit another speed bump I was thrown up again, I tried to control my fall as I did before but the lady stood in front of me lost her balance for a second. My instinct took over and I raised my hands to steady her so she wouldn't fall and crush me.

I immediately realised my mistake as I was thrust back onto my dad's fully erect thick cock, my swollen wet pussy lips giving way to him as he penetrated my sore tight wet hole once again. I felt him stretch me, fill me as I shuddered, letting out a moan. I dropped my head in embarrassment.

With each sway of the bus my body was being moved backwards, forwards, and side to side effectively making me grind down on my dad's throbbing cock buried deep in my overstretched wet hole.

We stopped at a set of lights and I thought this would bring some relief to the constant swaying and jolting of the bus but the idling engine under where we sat caused a new sensation and our tense bodies hummed and vibrated causing further stimulation to my full aching pussy. I didn't know how much more I could take. I was flushed and sweating and so wet between my legs and the underside of my thighs where my dad's cock had spread my juices.

As each speed bump came and went we were thrust apart and thrown back together, my dad's hard cock deeply penetrating my silky wet pussy and stretching my smooth inner walls as we both quietly gasped and grunted.

I was so turned on but didn't want to be, I tried to think of other things to take my mind off what was happening but it was impossible, I couldn't ignore the hard 8 inch cock that was stretching my pussy walls and setting my nerves on fire.

I felt a slow tingle come over my body and desperately tried to hold off the inevitable, what sort of person orgasms on their dad's cock!? It was no good, as the momentum caused my dad's cock to repeatedly force into me, I tipped over the edge, my toes curled, I dug my fingernails into my dad's bare thighs, dropped my head so no one would see the look of ecstasy on my face and my whole body shuddered as I clenched tight around his cock.

A wave of pure pleasure washed through me as my body spasmed. I immediately felt my pussy being stretched further as my dad's pulsing cock engorged, I heard him grunt 'no, no, NO', then there was a sudden warm gush deep inside me as his swollen cock pumped his hot fertile seed into me, my pussy spasming and milking every last drop of cum from his thick twitching cock.

We both sat still, not daring to move as our sweaty bodies remained pressed together at the hips and we panted, trying to regain our composure. I was so mortified, I'd effectively just ridden my dad's cock until we'd both cum together and his now softening member was still wedged deep inside me!

I squirmed a little and felt it move, I squirmed some more and it slowly slid out through my wetness causing me to shudder from the sensitivity of my used pussy. His cock remained there, the softened hot length of it pressed horizontal between my pussy lips as his cum slowly dripped from my aching tight hole onto him.

The bus stopped and some people in front of us got off leaving a small gap. I struggled up on shaky legs, pulling my dress down as I stood. I turned around, my dad was pulling down his shorts which were crumpled and wet with my juices and his cum.

I stood panting for a moment then reluctantly looked up and looked him in the eye. He stared back at me, his face unreadable, eyes dilated black.

With a strangled cry, I shot straight up, knocking my blanket onto the floor and causing my friend to grumble in her sleep. My body trembled, hunching into a ball as I fought off the nightmare that had woken me. It was a couple minutes before I finally calmed down enough to stretch my legs out, forcing myself to take slow deep breaths. My hands rubbed at my eyes, trying to ease the slight burn of tears unshed. I threw my legs over the side of the bed and stood up shakily, propelled towards the door in search of water for my dry throat.

"Everything is okay," I muttered to myself as my still sleepy eyes searched the dark hallway for monsters. Smothering a yawn, I slipped quietly down the stairs, feeling the last vestiges of my nightmare shake off now that I was up and moving. Curiosity drew me towards the sound of the tv in the living room, wondering why Alicia's dad would be up so late. I poked my head in, spying him sprawled across the couch, holding a beer in one hand, the other hand on his-

"Oh!" A startled cry escaped me as my brain finally registered what was happening, and my body quickly propelled itself backwards and down the hall towards the kitchen. Once safely away, I leaned on the counter, taking shaky breaths as the scene rolled over and over in my head. I'd had a crush on Alicia's dad for a long time. He was in good shape for an older man, or for a younger man honestly, with laugh lines around his mouth and the bluest eyes I'd ever seen. His head was covered in thick black hair, only just starting to grey, showing mostly in the nearly silver wings above his ears.

Being the best friend of his daughter, I'd never even entertained the idea of anything actually happening between us, as he seemed to think of me as a second child. He had, however, ruined me for guys my age. They lacked the maturity, the caring nature, even the authority that I've come to desire because of him.

"Leah? What the hell are you doing up?"

The sound of his voice knocked me from my musings and my eyes found him blocking the doorway. Unable to help myself, I glanced quickly down at his crotch, but his jeans were back where they should be.

"I-I, um, I was getting some water?" The statement came out sounding like a question, as my eyes glued themselves to the floor tiles to avoid looking at him. There was a long silence before he spoke again.

"How much did you see?" He asked with a sigh.

"Nothing!" The word came out too forcefully to sound believable.

"Leah." His voice was hard, that tone that made me tremble, made my heart race, and my eyes found themselves unwillingly meeting his. "We do not lie in this house, do we?"

"No, sir," I whispered, eyes dipping back to the ground. He sighed again, before moving towards me until his legs appeared in my line of sight. A rough finger hooked under my chin and tugged it up, forcing me to meet his gaze. This close to him, I remembered finally that I was standing there in only a pair of panties and a t-shirt that barely covered my ass. A blush spread across my pale cheeks, bright enough that I'm sure it could be seen even with the lights off.

"Leah, how many times have I told you to call me Daniel?" His hand cupped my jaw, thumb brushing across my red cheek. I only barely resisted the urge to nuzzle into his touch.

"I-I'm sorry, but it's hard. My parents drilled 'Ma'am' and 'Sir' into my head," I murmured, shifting from foot to foot, hoping to escape this uncomfortable situation soon.

The hand on my jaw slid down slowly, fingers trailing across my throat, tracing my collarbone and rubbing across the shoulder exposed by the looseness of my shirt. A small step brought him closer, until I was practically pinned to the counter, having to crane my head back to meet his eyes.

"I love how respectful you are," he says, voice dropping to a tone I'd never heard before. It was low, raspy, growly, making little shivers run up and down my spine. "But every time I hear the word 'Sir' come from those pretty little lips, it does things to me." His hand tightened on my shoulder, startling a whimper from me. The sound seemed to shake him and he quickly cleared his throat and stepped back. I exhaled, only just realizing that I'd been holding my breath since his voice had dropped.

"Get your water and go back upstairs Leah," he ordered as he turned and strode quickly from the room. The moment he was out of sight I collapsed to the floor, legs trembling too much to hold me up. What the fuck was that?


The rest of my night was uneventful, and I managed to leave in the morning without running into Daniel again. My whole next week was spent agonizing over it, until I finally decided to put it from my mind. It had to have been a fluke, or even a dream. There was no way it had actually happened. Either way, I spent the next couple of weeks avidly avoiding him.

Nearly a month later, only a week before our last day of senior year, I found myself staying the night with Alicia again. I'd worried that things would be awkward between her dad and I, but he seemed not to remember our encounter in the kitchen, relieving my mind and allowing me to relax and enjoy the evening. We ate dinner together, reminiscing about the all the mischief Alicia had gotten into, and subsequently dragged me into, throughout high school. More than once, her dad bemoaned the fact that I hadn't been his daughter instead, since I was the good girl, until Alicia pointed out that she would have corrupted me either way.

I'd moved into the house next to hers almost 2 years ago exactly. She must have seen me move in, because she was over the next day, demanding that I come swimming with her. We'd basically been inseparable ever since.

Our night ended with a cheesy romantic comedy that had us both giggling endlessly while her dad escaped to his office, saying that he needed to keep his masculinity intact. Somewhere towards the end of the movie, I started to drift off, body melting into the couch, and within moments I was passed out.

I woke up with a cry a couple hours later, body covered in a sheen of sweat, blankets tangled around my legs. The palms of my hands were pressed to my eyes, both to keep tears from flowing and to rub away the images from my nightmares. I trembled, knees coming up towards my chest, struggling to calm down, when a sudden noise made me cry out again.

"Shh shh shh, Leah, what's wrong?" The voice was familiar, calming me enough that I could lower my hands, though tears still threatened to fall. "I heard you yell, what's wrong sweetie?" Strong hands gathered me up gently, shifting me around until I was settled on his lap, head tucked into his chest.

"I-I had a n-nightmare," I whimpered, hands clutching desperately at his shirt. Long fingers stroked through my hair, slowly calming me down until I was no longer trembling.

"Do you want to talk about it?" he asked, to which I simply shook my head. He didn't press the issue, instead continuing to stroke my hair soothingly, his other hand wrapped around my hip. After a while, the horror of my nightmare passed enough that I could relax, and I started to grow aware of something hard pressing into me from below. It took me a moment, but when I finally realized what it was my face flushed, and my body shifted awkwardly.

"Th-thank you for calming me down. I should probably head off to bed." I started to shift around to get up, but his arms tightened, holding me in place.

"Shhh, sweetie, no need to thank me, that's what I do. But if you go back to sleep now, the nightmare could come back." His big hand squeezed my hip, making me aware of how tiny I was compared to him. "I wanna make sure you're aaaalllll better first." His fingers threaded through my short hair before tightening, not enough to hurt but enough to limit my ability to move. My head was slowly pulled backwards, forcing my eyes to meet his, and as his breath hit my face for the first time, I had a realization.

"You're drunk," I accused, eyes narrowing slightly.

He grinned, a big dopey grin. "A little bit. And you're beautiful." A flush spread across my cheeks at the compliment. I didn't get many of them. I mean, I suppose I'm an attractive girl, in a waifish sort of way. I'm about five foot two and very slender, with chin length blonde hair and big green eyes and skin that refuses to hold a tan. However, as attractive as I may or may not be, Alicia was my best friend. She was bright and vivacious, curvy and stunning and flirty, while I was her pale, shy shadow. This didn't lead to much in the way of male attention.

"S-sir, you should really let me go. This isn't appro-"

"Mmm, say that again," he murmured, pressing his lips to my ear.

"Wh-what?" My voice was weak, his touch making butterflies flit in my stomach.

"Sir. I love the way it sounds coming from your lips." He shifted me around so that I was straddling him, my hands pressed to his chest, trying to push away. His grip was too firm though, hands tight on my hips.

"Please, this isn't appropriate, you need to let go," I said desperately, pushing harder on his chest as one of his hands slid up to wrap around the back of my neck.

"Who cares? I know you want this." Those blue eyes that I so loved were hooded, and I barely recognized the look on his face. "I've seen the way you look at me." He drew me closer until our noses touched. "Like there's nothing you want more than for me to pick you up and ravish you."

His words lit a fire in my stomach and my body trembled. I couldn't deny what he said. I'd fantasized about him taking me, many times, even gotten off to it. There was a difference between fantasy and reality though, and some things were better left to fantasy.

"I can see the gears turning in your head Leah," he murmured, lips brushing against my ear again. "Stop thinking so much and just enjoy. I know you want to."

I shook my head back and forth fiercely in denial. The hand on the back of my neck slid into my hair and tightened until a pained noise escaped my lips.

"We don't lie in this house Leah." His voice was stern, eyes hard as he forced me to look at him.

"I-I'm sorry Sir," I whispered, tears gathering in my eyes. His face softened, the grip of my hair loosening, and he slowly kissed the tears away.

"Good girl. You've fantasized about me fucking you, haven't you?" The coarse term made my face flush, bright enough that it could be seen even in the low light.

"Y-yes sir." The words just barely dragged themselves out, my eyes squeezing shut.

"Mmm, that's a good girl. Now, I don't think we need this anymore."

My eyes opened as he released me, but before I could scramble out of his lap my shirt had been stripped, leaving me topless in front of a man for the first time in my life. A squeak escaped me and I quickly covered my breasts with my arms.

He frowned, wrapping his hands around my wrists and jerking my arms away. "Now now, none of that." His eyes widened as he took in the sight of my pale chest, my breasts barely a B cup, though perky, with small pink nipples. They tightened into little peaks under his gaze. "Fuck, you're so fucking sexy."

Blush spreading down my chest, I struggled to free my wrists, but he very easily maneuvered me so that they were pinned with one hand behind my back. This left his other hand to cup my breast, the touch making me gasp. That dopey grin split his face again, hand gently squeezing my breast, almost massaging it. The sensation made me squirm on his lap, which only served to push my hips closer to his, and once again I felt the evidence of his arousal, thankfully separated by multiple layers of clothing.

"Please, please, stop," I pleaded, shaking my head back and forth. "Please, I can't- I haven't- I've never-"

His hand stilled, confusion in his eyes as they met mine. "Have you ever been topless in front of a man before?"

I shook my head, fighting back tears. His eyes widened and he sputtered for a moment in apparent shock, before finally grinning. "I'm assuming that means you're untouched everywhere." I nodded, body slumping, hoping now he'd finally get the idea that it was wrong for him to be touching me like this.

Calloused fingers tweaked my nipples, drawing a startled moan from my lips. "That means I'll be your first. Fuck that's hot."

My eyes widened and I began to struggle again as I realized what he intended. "No!" I yelled, arching and twisting my body helplessly, knowing that I was nowhere near strong enough to escape until he let me. Which he didn't seem inclined to do. I opened my mouth to yell again but the sound was swallowed by his lips, pressing hard to mine as his free hand curled into my hair, preventing me from pulling away.

And then we heard a noise from upstairs, the sound of feet hitting the floor. We stared at each other, wide eyed, listening to the soft thumping, the sound of a door being opened, and then all of a sudden we were a flurry of movement. My shirt was pulled quickly back over my head, tangling me as I attempted to get my arms in. By the time we heard the stairs creak he had me re situated so that I was curled up in his arms again.

"Is everything okay down here?" Alicia asked as she stumbled into the room, rubbing her eyes. "I heard a yell." Seeing us, she frowned. "Another nightmare?"

I glanced nervously up at Daniel before pushing out of his lap. "Y-Yeah. Sorry I woke you up."

She wrapped her arms around me for a moment before tugging me towards the stairs. "No problem. Let's go back to bed."

My eyes found Daniel again, catching the frustrated look on his face, before we were out of sight again. Moments later I found myself curled in a pile of blankets and pillows with my friend, sleep blurring the edges of my vision. My last thoughts were of him, of that awed look on his face when he'd stripped my shirt off. I'd never felt so desirable before in my life, and despite my reservations, a big part of me wanted to feel it again.


The next morning I woke up early, scrambling to get myself ready and off to school before I could run into Daniel. His darling wonderful daughter however complained repeatedly about me waking her up so early and fell promptly back to sleep, leaving me to anxiously pace across her room. My stomach had started to rumble, but I didn't want to chance going to get food without Alicia by my side.

Finally, the hunger chewing at my stomach overwhelmed my anxiety, and I crept down the stairs as quietly as possible. I'd almost made it when a sound in the hallway made me spin.

"Leah, we need to talk."

I swallowed nervously, trying to creep backwards towards the kitchen, but he was in front of me before I could take more than a step, hands curling around my shoulders to hold me in place.

"We need to talk about last night," he said quietly, probably so his voice wouldn't carry up the stairs.

"No, we don't. I-I think we should just forget it happened," I said as I trembled in his grip. He growled softly and spun me so that my back was to the wall.

"We can't just forget that it happened," he snapped, frustration clear in his face. I flinched away and his eyes softened. "I'm sorry Leah, I didn't mean to scare you." One of his hands released my shoulder to brush gently across my cheek. "But it happened, and it needs to be addressed. I'm sorry I tried to force myself on you while I was drunk."

My eyes shot up to meet his, startled. That certainly hadn't been the response I was expecting. I was relieved of course. What had happened was inappropriate. For so many reasons. An apology meant that it wasn't going to happen again, right?

For some reason that thought actually kind of hurt. Did he only desire me when he was drunk? Was he just horny, and I was the closest available person? Just some mishap to be discussed and then filed away, never to be mentioned again?

I told myself very firmly that that was for the best. Any fantasies I may have about him should stay exactly that. Fantasies.

Why didn't I believe that?

"I forgive you," I murmured after a long moment of silence. "You were drunk and I was there and things got out of hand."

"It won't happen again, I promise." He leaned down and pressed a kiss to my forehead as I closed my eyes and held back tears. "Next time I try and seduce you, I'll make sure I'm sober."

My eyes shot open, head snapping up to look at him. "Wh-what?"

"I got out of hand. I'd planned on finally seducing you after you graduated, but I lost my head last night. Now that it's happened though, I can't wait until then. I don't want you running off." His eyes were serious and determined, and I trembled under his stare like a deer in headlights.

"B-but, y-you, we can't, it's n-not ri-" His hand moved across my mouth, stemming the flow of my stuttering.

"We can, and it is right. You want this and I want this, and that's all that's important."

"But Alicia-" I started around his hand, only to have it press down harder.

"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it," he said, and I realized how completely serious he was about this. For a moment, my heart thrilled, and a fire was lit in my stomach, but I quickly and ruthlessly stomped both into the ground.

We both started to say something, but were once again interrupted by the sound of Alicia coming down the stairs. While he was distracted I ducked away from him and darted into the kitchen. She appeared a moment later, without him, and gave me an odd look.

"You gonna eat that apple or just stare at it?" She asked, making me realize that I'd snagged an apple from the counter without noticing.

"Um, eat it. Come on, we're going to be late for school." She rolled her eyes and grabbed an orange before following me to the front door.


"So what's going on between you and my dad?"

Alicia's voice startled me from my thoughts and I turned wide eyes to look at her. "Wh-what do you mean? Th-there's nothing going on."

She rolled her eyes, turning in her chair so that she was facing me. "Oh come on, don't pull that crap with me. I know how big of a crush you have on him."

My eyes darted around the room, to see if anybody had overheard, but being so close to the end of the year, our classes were basically everyone playing on their phones and talking. Including the teachers.

"I do not have a crush on your dad," I whispered harshly and nervously.

She laughed, the sound briefly drawing the attention of a couple people. "Oh, shut the fuck up Leah. You've had a crush on him for like forever. You're not exactly subtle about it."

My face flushed and I didn't bother to respond, knowing my blush had given me away.

"I'm also not dumb. The two of you ran from the hallway real quick this morning." Her eyebrow arched as I tried to deny it, my stuttering making my argument much less convincing. "Uh huh? And what about last night? I know sex when I see it."

I sputtered. "We were not having sex!"

A grin split her face. "But something happened." I automatically flushed, making her grin larger. "Ha! I knew it."

"It was nothing," I muttered, trying to turn away from her and focus on my book again. It was promptly snatched from my hands and smacked against my head.

"Don't give me that shit Leah."

"Alicia, he's your dad," I said, stressing the last word, rubbing my head.

She shrugged. "So?"

I paused, startled by her nonchalant answer. "...so? He's your dad. I could never-"

"And why not? I know you're still a virgin." I flushed and started to interrupt her, but she just continued, talking over me. "And who better to introduce you to sex than an older, more experienced man? Especially one who cares about you. He could totally make your first time actually enjoyable, unlike mine." She made a face and we both laughed, remembering the guy who'd apparently cum within thirty seconds of shoving inside of her.

I sobered up after a moment. "But he's your dad. It wouldn't be right."

"You keep saying that like it means something." She leaned forward, putting her hands on my shoulders to keep me from escaping. "I can objectively say that I have a handsome dad. And you're fucking gorgeous even if you won't admit it. Shut up, I'm not done," she snapped when I opened my mouth to argue. "I know you like him. And I know he finds you attractive. I've seen him watching you when he doesn't think anyone is looking."

My mouth fell open. "B-but don't you at all care?"

She shrugged. "Not really. I mean, he's kinda hot. If he wasn't my dad, I'd fuck him."


Her head fell back and she roared with laughter at my expense. My head fell to the desk and I groaned. After a moment she began to calm down and delicately patted my head.

"You're so cute and easy to fluster." She grinned. "If I was into women I'd fuck you too."

I'm pretty sure I had a crazy person for a best friend.


On our walk home I turned down an invitation to come have dinner with her and her dad that evening, citing a desire to have a quiet night at home. She gave me a look that said she didn't believe my reasoning, but she didn't press the subject more. We parted ways in front of my house with a wave and I hurried inside, dropping my bag by the front door.

I immediately made my way to the living room and turned music on, covering the silence that permeated my house. After that it was off to the kitchen to have a snack and plan dinner, taking comfort in my daily ritual, using it to fend off the thoughts that had plagued me all day. A bowl of popcorn in hand, I stepped outside and dropped onto the back step, saying hello to the stray cat who'd adopted me when I moved in.

"What am I supposed to do Popcorn?" I asked, scratching the mangy creature behind his ears. His meow was decidedly unhelpful, though he did crawl up into my lap to cuddle. After a moment it occurred to me that he was only after my snack, so I scattered a few pieces on the ground for him.

My mind idly wandered back to last night, to how his gaze made me feel desirable, how his touch ignited a fire within me that I'd never experienced before. I wanted to feel that again so badly, it was almost a need. An ache, that resonated through my whole being.

Just as I started to seriously consider allowing him to seduce me, a loud meow startled me from my thoughts. I looked down to see Popcorn staring at me, all of his snack gone. I scattered a few more kernels on the ground before retreating back into the house, shaking my head.

The rest of my evening was spent trying to distract myself. I drowned my thoughts with music and busied myself with chores, before finally curling up with a book to while away the last few hours before bed.

All of my efforts to distract myself went down the drain the moment my head hit my pillow. As my eyes closed I saw his face again. Not from last night, but from this morning, as he told me with utter seriousness that he was planning on seducing me. My heart leaped in my chest at the memory and I rolled to my stomach, pressed my face into my pillow, and screamed into it for a moment.

There were so many things wrong with this situation. He was twice my age. He was Alicia's dad. He was... I couldn't think of a third reason. I'm sure there were some, but my brain never seemed to work quite right when it came to him.

Without realizing it, my fingers had slipped across my chest to toy with one of my nipples through my shirt. I snatched it away like I'd been burned and very firmly put my hands above my head. This however brought on fantasies of Daniel pinning my hands to bed, so that he could tease my body in any way he wanted.

With a groan I gave up trying to be good and whisked my shirt off, hands immediately cupping my breasts. My fingers pinched and teased my nipples and I imagined it was Daniel. I saw him as he was last night, the awe in his face when he saw my small chest, as if it was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. I pinched my nipples harder, remembering how his calloused fingers had felt there.

Slowly, one of my hands drifted down to the edge of my panties and paused there. I could see Daniel between my legs, watching hungrily, demanding that I touch myself for him. My hand did so without conscious thought, rubbing down over the outside of my panties and finding that they were already soaked. I rocked my hips, grinding against my hand, until I needed more, my body crying out for attention.

No longer feeling shy, I moved my hand and slid it back down inside my panties, gasping as I grazed across bare flesh. My hand rubbed softly across the outside of my lips for a long moment, before one of my fingers delicately parted them and slid inside of me.

I was so wet that it went in with ease and I quickly added a second. In my mind I could hear him telling me to fuck myself for him, to make myself cum while moaning his name. Unable to resist his orders in my fantasy, I started to thrust my fingers, hips rocking instinctively against them.

My other hand was nearly abusing my nipples at this point, moving from one to the next, squeezing just hard enough for pain and pleasure to begin to blend. When flames began to build in my stomach, the fingers inside of me moving faster, breath coming quicker, that hand trailed down to rub furiously at my clit.

There he was, demanding I cum for him. I did so in an explosion, moaning his name as my body bowed off the bed, fireworks bursting behind my eyes. Exhausted, I slumped down against the bed, after a much longer time than I'd expected. I'd never cum quite that hard before. My body was flushed with pleasure, breathing heavy and quick, and I could in that moment admit that it was because I knew what his hands felt like on me.

Too tired to contemplate my emotions anymore, I wrapped myself around my pillow and promptly passed out.


It was so dark. Always so dark. And then the pain came. A burning ache that spread over everything, that overwhelmed and tore the world apart. Oh, fuck, the pain. It shredded the mind. Tore chunks from the flesh.

And then red. Pooling and slithering across the skin. Blinding as it trickled from above. Dripping and splattering, specks landing on lips. Oh, god, what was this? Why did it taste like blood?

Limbs flailing, nails scratching at the walls, tearing up fingertips, burning as the red turned to flames. And the screaming, rattling the brain, echoing around until everything was consumed by it, breaking the throat, shredding vocal chords.

And then... pounding?


The screaming cut off the moment my eyes opened. My throat was raw, my body lead against the bed, unable to move. There was that pounding again, my name being yelled. I forced my body to roll from the bed, collapsing to the floor as my shaky legs refused to hold me up. My blanket came with me, wrapped around as if it could shield me from myself.

Slowly, oh so slowly, I made it to my door and dragged myself to my feet. Thank god my house was one story. Stairs would have been an insurmountable challenge. The pounding came again and I realized finally that it was someone at the door, demanding entrance. With shaky hands I managed to unlock it and pull it open mid knock.

It was Alicia standing there, a wild look in her eyes. The second the door was open she shot forward, wrapping her arms tight around me.

"Wh-what are you doing here?" I asked, my voice sounding rough, broken to my ears.

"You never showed up to walk to school. I came over to get you and I heard you screaming," she said, her cheek pressed to my hair, sounding as if she was holding back tears. "Was it the nightmares?"

I nodded, body shaking and nearly collapsing to the floor as they flashed through my head again. She caught me, barely, and slowly lowered us down until I was cradled in her lap.

"Dad, dad I need you to come over here," she said shakily, into what I assumed was her phone. It was dropped to the floor a moment later and I felt her arm wrap back around me. "Leah, god, Leah why are you home alone?"

"Parents out of town," I murmured tiredly, tucking my face into her chest. "Business meeting." She murmured comforting words into my ear, too low to make out, for a long moment. Finally I heard footsteps, and then a soft curse, and a new body was dropping beside us.

"What happened?" He asked, taking me carefully from Alicia's arms.

"I came to get her and she was screaming in her sleep," she said, her voice shaking.

He nodded and told her to go on to school, that he'd take care of me. Reluctantly, she left, leaving me curled comfortably in Daniel's arms. He hefted me up and stood, closing the door behind him as he carried me back to his house. The walk was a blur, my mind focused on him, trying to ease the ache in my head.

The next thing I was aware of was us curled up on his couch, my body pressed tight to his, one of his hands stroking my hip through the blanket while the other was sliding through my hair. As I shifted, slowly opening my eyes, he looked down at me, face tight with worry.

"Leah, love, what happened?" He asked, hand squeezing my hip lightly. "And why the hell weren't your parents there?"

My voice was dry as I tried to get out the words I needed. "Nightmare. Business trip." He frowned but nodded, shifting me so that I was sitting up in his lap, head tucked into his chest.

"Do you want to talk about it?"

I shook my head hard, a soft whimper escaping as red flashed through my mind, and he made soft comforting noises, hands stroking lightly.

"It's okay, you don't have to talk about it if you don't want to. Is there anything I can do to help?"

"Distract me?" I asked softly, pulling back just enough to look at him through teary eyes. "Music, tv, anything."

He nodded, running his fingers through my hair. "I'll have to set you down to put on a movie. Is that okay?" I nodded slightly, clutching my blanket tighter around myself. He shifted me carefully off his lap and stood, my eyes following him across the room as he set up a movie. Within moments I was scooped back up and trembling in his arms. He started to shift the blanket to a more comfortable position and then suddenly cleared his throat.

"Leah, darling, would you like more clothing?" He asked softly, making me look back up at him in confusion. It took a moment to realize that I'd fallen asleep in just my panties last night, and hadn't put anything else back on this morning. I thought about it for a moment, weighing my desire for a t-shirt with the fact that he'd have to leave me for a couple minutes to get clothes.

Finally I shook my head, though my face flushed, and said, "No, I'm okay with the blanket. I-I don't want you to leave me." He smiled softly, but neither of us said anything else, turning to watch the movie he'd put on. It was cute and funny, and helped a little bit, but red kept flashing through my head, making me shake.

It wasn't until I felt his hand on my bare hip that I realized he'd been slowly shifting the blanket around so that he was under it with me. I didn't say anything, allowing myself to enjoy the feel of his hand on my skin, his other arm wrapped around my shoulders, holding me up and against his chest.

His hand slowly drifted across my stomach, fingers tracing along the edge of my panties. My stomach tensed and his fingers stilled for a moment before sliding back to my hip. I was almost sad, until he started tracing patterns up my side, up over my rib cage, lightly brushing across the side of my breast. I shifted then, at the edge of what I could reasonably allow, only to feel his grip tightening.

"I know what you're thinking Leah. I know what's going through your mind. But I want you to be quiet and let me distract you," he murmured into my ear, fingers trailing up and down my rib cage.

"But I-" Before I could get anything more out he shushed me, the hand on my shoulder sliding around to cover my mouth.

"No. No arguments," he ordered, voice firm but not forceful. "If you're going to argue, I'm going to keep my hand here. Do you understand?" I shook my head forcefully, both trying to argue and to shake his hand off. It tightened down and he sighed, lightly pulling so I was facing the tv again. "Watch the movie Leah."

I don't know how he expected me to watch the movie with his fingers drawing maddening designs across my side. When they kept to a, slightly, more appropriate area, I slowly got back into the movie, despite his hand still firmly over my mouth. It was only when I relaxed against him again that his fingers began to move, knuckles brushing against the underside of my breast.

My breath came quicker and my nipples started to harden, but his hand never moved higher, stroking the sides and undersides of my breasts for a couple minutes until I was starting to tremble. His fingertips finally began to draw circles around and around, inching closer to my nipples until they were aching. And then his thumb brushed across one and I inhaled quickly, body arching against my will to thrust into his hand.

He chuckled, warm hand cupping my breast and squeezing gently while his rough thumb slid back and forth across my nipple. It was impossible now to watch the movie, especially since my eyes had drifted shut, mind and body focused solely on the heat of his touch.

My breathing was a little rougher through my nose, but I no longer minded his hand over my mouth. It allowed me to more easily accept what was happening, knowing that I couldn't fight it, couldn't even protest. If I was being honest with myself, and honesty was required in his house, I also liked how vulnerable it made me, in an entirely unrelated way.

Another sharp inhale as his fingers started to roll my nipple between them, tugging lightly. I squirmed and whimpered, my thighs rubbing together. He chuckled again, squeezing and tugging slightly harder.

"Put your hand on my wrist," he murmured in my ear. When I didn't move he repeated it, more command in his voice. My hand shook as I curled it around his wrist, feeling it tense at my tentative touch. "Good girl." My heart thrilled at the praise. "Now I want you to tap two times when it becomes too much, okay?" I nodded a bit, briefly considering tapping now. I didn't think that was what he meant though.

"Good girl," he murmured again, his fingers endlessly teasing my nipple, making me squirm in his lap. It took a moment, but I realized that his grip was slowly getting tighter, the squeezing and tugging getting rougher until it began to hurt. My hand tightened on his wrist and he paused briefly, but I didn't tap. Instead I arched my back, pushing my breast up more firmly into his hand, begging for more.

His growl rumbled in my ear and his hand squeezed my breast almost painfully, fingers abusing my nipple. The pain grew and shot down through my body, centering on the heat between my legs and making my already wet pussy drip. The harder he squeezed and pulled the wetter I grew, my thighs rubbing together restlessly, breathing so hard and quick through my nose that I thought I might faint.

Slowly his fingers eased up, drawing a needy whimper from my throat, until they were simply brushing across my breast with soft strokes.

"Well that was unexpected," he said, voice tinged with amusement. When I glanced up at him there was a grin on his face. "I wanted to see what your pain limit was, and I'll be honest, I really expected you to tap out fairly quickly. But you are just full of surprises, angel."

The pet name set butterflies flitting around in my stomach, my face flushing redder than it already was. I liked the sound of it too much, my mind at war with itself, torn between continuing to fight and surrendering everything to him.

"I'm going to move my hand now, okay?" He said, interrupting my train of thought. "You're going to be a good girl, and not start arguing again, right?" When I didn't answer, his eyes and voice hardened slightly. "Right?"

With a soft whimper I nodded. He stared at me for a moment, as if to decide whether or not I'd actually keep to that, before slowly removing his hand from my mouth. I sucked in a deep breath of air, my eyes slipping shut as I started to breathe normally again. They flickered open again at the feel of his thumb down my nose and across my cheek, his warm smile making my heart thrill.

"Why?" I asked after a moment, my voice a whisper.

"You said to distract you." His grin was brilliant and made my cheeks flush.

"N-no, I mean, all of it. Why? Why me? W-why are you so... insistent that this is right?" I covered my face with my hands as I asked, not entirely sure I wanted to know the answer.

He gently tugged my hands away and held them against his chest. "I think that's probably a conversation for another time angel," he said, making me frown. His fingers caught my chin, tilting my head back, our faces so close together now that I could feel his breath hitting my face.

His eyes flicked down to my lips and I knew that he was going to kiss me. Rather than fighting it, I leaned up, meeting his lips halfway. His mouth was so gentle on mine, his kiss light and comforting, taking and demanding nothing. It was over sooner than I liked, and I just barely resisted following as he pulled back.

"I think we should probably get some food into you now," he murmured, wrapping me back in my blanket and setting me carefully onto the couch next to him. "Is oatmeal alright?" I nodded and watched him make his way off to the kitchen. My mind was muddled, fingers coming up to touch my lips, missing the feel of his on them.

My mind must have drifted off, because a warm bowl was being pressed into my hands sooner than I expected. His hand ran through my hair as I pulled it against my chest, simply enjoying the warmth for a moment.

"I'm going to head back to your house to grab you some clothes and lock up. Is that alright? Will you be okay here?" He asked, tilting my face up again. I nodded, smiling shyly at him. "Good girl. Are your keys in your backpack?" I nodded again and returned to my food, listening to his footsteps as he left the house.

The moment I was sure he was gone I sighed and let my head drop back against the couch. What was I doing? I may have resisted there at the beginning, but by the time he released me I probably wouldn't have protested had he stripped off my panties and-

"No." I pressed my hands to my eyes, verbally stopping that train of thought. Determined to resist harder, both against myself and against him, I dug into my food.

As I finished, wondering idly why it was taking Daniel so long over at my house, the red flashed through my head again, making me cry out and surge forward, bowl flung across the room. I trembled there on the floor for a long moment, arms wrapped around myself, tears flowing down my face.

I felt myself sinking, sinking, the red overtaking my mind, filling my ears, covering my sight, smothering my breath. I flailed, drowning in it, losing myself again, skin beginning to burn everywhere it touched. A sob burst from my chest and I thought the pain would tear me apart, until a voice broke through the haze.

It murmured, one word, indecipherable through the red. I caught hold of it, pulled it closer. The closer it came, the more the red receded, until I could hear his voice whispering 'angel' in my ear. I clung to it, clung to the meaning behind it. There were so many reasons things couldn't work between us, but I brushed past them for the moment. He saw something in me, something that made him pursue me, want to capture me.

I may not be sure if I wanted to be captured by him, but at the very least I could prove myself worth the effort.

Using that thought, and the sound of his voice in my ear, I pushed until the red began to evaporate. Until I could open my eyes again, could take in a lungful of fresh air, could climb up off the floor.

My legs shook, but I stood, wrapping my blanket back around myself as I did. As I looked around, all traces of red had gone, and I sobbed with relief, pressing my hands to face. I'd done it.

The sobs turned to laughter and I brushed the tears from my face with the corner of my blanket. I hear the front door open, and then Daniel came back into the room, a thoughtful look on his face. It became worried as he saw me standing, my eyes red from crying.

"Oh, angel, are you okay?" He asked, dropping my backpack by the couch.

I laughed again, and nodded. "Yeah, I'm okay."


We curled up and watched movies for the rest of the day, after he promised to keep his hands to himself. I was able to relax, to keep my thoughts at bay and simply enjoy. When Alicia got home from school I was swept up in a whirlwind of hugs and tearful exclamations of love and what was her version of comforting words. I laughed and allowed her to fret, reassuring her over and over that I was alright now.

She fretted over me for the next couple of hours, practically feeding me herself when we sat down for dinner. I was bundled carefully into her bed not long after, and fell into a blessedly dreamless sleep the moment my head hit the pillow.

The next day when I woke up, I felt more refreshed than I had in a long time. There were no hazy, half remembered nightmares plaguing me, only a strange lightness and enough energy that Alicia shoved me out of bed for waking her up. That energy was curbed slightly when I bounced downstairs to see that Daniel had already left, but I shook myself. No, it was for the best.

I reinforced that thought as I paced restlessly through the house until Alicia finally stumbled downstairs, still not fully awake.

"I hate that you're a morning person," she grumbled, dragging me out of the house.

My good, almost bubbly mood persisted through the day, drawing a number of surprised eyes. I guess people weren't used to seeing me talkative. Which made sense, considering that I avoided it like the plague during school.

"Leah, are you sure you're alright?" Alicia asked finally during our last period. I looked up at her over my book, startled.

"Yeah, of course, why wouldn't I be?"

"I mean, after your nightmare the other night? I've never seen you have one that bad," she said, worrying her lip with her teeth. Red flashed through my mind but I shoved it down.

"I'm okay, I promise," I tried to reassure her. "I've had them that bad before." She frowned more, making me think that that probably wasn't the right thing to say there.

"Have you told your parents how bad they get?" She asked, twisting completely around in her chair so she was facing me. "It might be a good idea to, I dunno, maybe talk to someone about them."

I shrugged, turning my eyes back down to my book. It quickly disappeared from my hands, and I sighed. "It's not that big a deal Alicia. I can handle them on my own. I always have."

She frowned at me fiercely. "Damn it Leah, you shouldn't have to. You need to talk to us. Let people help you for once."

It felt weird to have her glare turned on me for the first time. The thought had always terrified me, but I found myself strangely calm. "There's nothing to talk about. I can handle this myself." She made an angry noise and slammed my book back on my desk, spinning back around in her chair.

She didn't talk to me again until we were on our way home, and only then to inform me that I'd be coming over for dinner and staying the night. When I started to protest that glare was turned back on me, and this time I didn't quite have the nerve to argue.

Thus I found myself having a very uncomfortable dinner. Every time I asked for something, Alicia would make snide remarks about how I could handle things myself. Being an intelligent man, Daniel said very little throughout the meal. As we were cleaning up, he suggested we watch a movie. Maybe something funny, with very little drama.

Alicia hurried out ahead of us, presumably to get first pick for the movie. When we finally made our way into the living room though, she was stretched completely out across the couch, and refused to budge her legs.

Leaving Daniel and I to share the chair.

The only way it would comfortably fit both of us was if I curled up in his lap. Which I wasn't exactly thrilled about doing, after what had happened over the past couple of days. I stood for a long moment beside the chair as he settled in, until he finally sighed and dragged me into his lap, pulling my favorite blanket up and around me.

Glancing over as the movie started, I saw Alicia quickly look away from us, a sly smile on her face. That little rat had planned this. I tried to glare at her but she remained very focused on the tv. Slowly my frustration began to disappear, the movie drawing me in as Daniel's warmth melted me.

I didn't actually notice his hand move at first, relaxed as I was in his arms, up until he was very carefully undoing my shorts. My body stiffened, unsure if I was imagining things, or if he was going where I thought he was going. When his fingers began to slide slowly down into the front of my shorts, my eyes darted up to meet his.

He didn't look at me, gaze focused on the tv, but a decidedly mischievous grin split his face. I wrapped my hands around his wrist and tried to tug, but his hand didn't budge, continuing to inch down until his fingers were brushing against my pussy through my panties.

Just barely I managed to bite back a whimper as his hand cupped my pussy and stopped moving. His warmth radiated through me, and I could feel myself already starting to get wet. Once it was in place it stopped moving, seemingly content to grip me through my panties. I struggled to not squirm, to not make noise, eyes occasionally turning up to Daniel, but he never looked away from the movie.

Not even as his hand began to move again, gently stroking and squeezing, stirring the heat to life inside of me. I sunk my teeth into my lower lip to keep from whimpering, and my hips began to rock slowly against his hand, getting lost in his touch. When his hand pulled back, leaving my shorts, I slumped against him, unsure if I was relieved or unhappy about it.

And then his hand was sliding back down, this time inside of my panties. I couldn't help the gasp that escaped as his fingers touched the hot flesh between my legs for the first time. My hands curled back around his wrists, tugging hard as I shook my head back and forth fiercely against his chest. I felt more than heard his chuckle, my small hands doing nothing to impede his slow exploration.

Rough fingers slid along my outer lips, parting them and sliding through the wetness that had begun to leak out. They played along my flesh, teasing my hole, lightly brushing across my clit, as I desperately tried to stay still on his lap.

He wasn't making it easy, grinding his palm against my clit, one of his thick fingers finally seeking and pressing into my hole. My teeth sunk so hard into my lip to keep from squealing that it almost bled, as I was stretched for the first time by something other than my own fingers.

Again, once positioned, he seemed content to leave his hand where it was, not moving or applying any more pressure. It was maddening, having him inside of me without actually doing anything.

My hips started moving of their own accord, grinding almost desperately against his hand until, with another chuckle, it started moving again. As slowly as he'd done everything else so far, he began to grind his palm against my clit again, hand shifting so that his finger slid out and back in.

He stroked me inside and out, building a slow, pleasant heat in my stomach. After a while it was no longer enough. My mind had shut down and I was running on pure need. I needed his finger to move faster, harder, more, I didn't even care at this point, just anything but this maddeningly slow pace that seemed designed to drive me insane.

As if he could read my mind, or I suppose my body rather, his finger picked up the pace, moving faster and sinking deeper, at least as much as it could within the confines of my panties. I pressed my fist to my mouth, sinking my teeth into it to keep from making any noise that could draw Alicia's attention, the fact that she was sitting only feet away making my body hotter.

Another finger slid carefully inside of me and I stiffened against him, stretched more than I'd ever been before. Thankfully he didn't immediately resume thrusting, wiggling and rubbing his fingers around inside me instead, letting me get used to the new fullness. When I began to relax against him he started to move again, and the added finger made my hips rock even harder, made my thighs tremble and squeeze together.

Right before I reached the point where I'd no longer be able to hold back my moans, we heard a yawn from the couch. His hand stilled as I glanced over, seeing Alicia stretch and sit up.

"I'm gonna head upstairs and read for a bit before bed," she said, meandering towards the stairs. "Enjoy the rest of the movie."

We stayed completely still until we heard her door shut, and then suddenly we were a flurry of movement. I was tossed onto my back on the couch and before I could react, my shorts and panties were being yanked to my knees and my legs were levered up and pressed against my chest.

"Wait, what-" I started, only to lose all power of speech as his fingers slammed back into me, thrusting mercilessly. With my legs in this position it felt so much tighter, and within moments I was riding the edge of an orgasm.

"Cum for me angel," he growled. That was all I needed to send me toppling over the edge, a ragged cry tearing from my throat as my body writhed on the couch, the pleasure almost more than I could handle. His fingers began to slow then, allowing me to slip back into my body, to relax again.

"Fuck you're beautiful." My face flushed at his compliment, and doubt began to slip in again. He'd just finger fucked me with his daughter in the room, and I had allowed it. Well, I say allow. I'm pretty sure there was no amount of protest I could put forward that would have made him stop.

I pressed my hands to my face, as if I could blot out the memory of what we'd done. With my eyes covered, I didn't notice him moving until my shorts and panties were being yanked off my legs. I gasped and tried to sit up, to pull my legs together. He wasn't having any of that, and I was quickly spun so that my ass was on the edge of the couch, my thighs thrown over his shoulders.

"St-stop, you have to stop. Please w-we can't do thi- ahhhh." Any following thought was drowned out as his tongue swiped up the length of my slit. My head fell back with a groan, the sound echoed by his chuckle. There was another slow swipe of his tongue, and another groan. It was like nothing I'd ever felt before. It was broader and softer than his fingers, and sent little pleasant ripples of pleasure across my skin.

His tongue dipped delicately between my lips, lapping up the fluids he found there, leftover from my orgasm. The harder and deeper he delved, the more my hips began to rock, my hands gripping the cushions on either side of my head. Oh, god, then he was stiffening his tongue, pushing it inside of me like he had his fingers, and my muscles clamped down, trying to grip it as it thrust in and out.

Without thinking, my hands found my breasts through my shirt, fingers rubbing across my hard nipples. I looked down at him to see him watching me hungrily, and then he did something that made me cry out and arch nearly off of the couch. It took a moment for me to realize that he'd captured my clit in his mouth. His tongue flicked back and forth across it quickly, sending sparks shooting up and down my body.

My whole being became centered on that one spot. I'd never felt anything like it. I felt like I was drowning in pleasure, like my body was melting. He tormented it until it became almost too intense, until I was whimpering, my hips squirming, before finally returning to licking and nibbling my inner lips, sending smaller, more manageable shockwaves across my skin.

When I started to nearly hum with pleasure, my hips rocking and grinding languidly against his face, his mouth latched back onto my clit, sucking it between his teeth. A soft pained noise escaped me, and my body arched, trying to escape his mouth, to ease the pressure on my over sensitive organ.

Instead of giving me the relief I needed, he slid two fingers back inside of me, the fit still tight despite how soaked I was. Before I was ready, he started to thrust them hard, bringing tears to my eyes. I sobbed and writhed before him, the pleasure becoming pain as the pain became pleasure.

Just when I thought I would explode, when I thought there was no farther I could climb, no more I could take, he twisted his hand and stopped thrusting, fingers aggressively making what felt like a come hither motion against my upper wall. Whatever spot he hit made fireworks explode behind my eyes, electricity racing across my skin, and I came so hard that it hurt, a scream torn from my throat.

Everything stopped very quickly, fingers and mouth removed, as a hand slapped down across my own mouth, cutting off the sound as I quivered and shook on the couch. As I slowly regained sense he moved his hand, and I caught sight of his grin.

"I think next time maybe we should gag you," he laughed, wiping my juices from his face. I glared at him weakly, though the effect of it was further weakened by the fact that I could barely move. Still chuckling, he leaned forward to press a soft kiss to my lips, his tongue tracing them, seeking entrance.

My lips parted and I tentatively touched my tongue to his. At that first contact, he groaned, a hand sinking into my hair and tilting our heads so that he could deepen the kiss, his tongue exploring my mouth. I could taste myself on his lips, and I couldn't say that I entirely minded it.

He pulled away after a long moment, as breathless now as I was. "Fuck, angel, I think I could become addicted to you."

And just like that the spell was broken. My eyes widened and my hands flew up to push at his shoulders until he backed away. What was I doing? Where were all of my reasonable arguments? Why couldn't I keep my head when he started touching me?

I felt something fall into my lap and realized after a moment that it was my discarded shorts and panties. Without looking up at him I struggled to pull them on, my shaky limbs impeding my progress. With a sigh, he knocked my hands away and gently tugged them up into place. It was only then that I looked up at him, the gentle smile on his face making me tremble almost as much as his mouth had.

"Try not to think too much, okay?" He said, kissing my forehead before turning and lightly pushing me towards the stairs. I took a couple of deep breaths once he was out of sight, my mind still spinning and unable to concentrate. Looking forward to passing out and dealing with this in the morning, I attempted to open the door to Alicia's room.


I stared at it in shock for a moment. Why the hell was her door locked? She knew I'd be coming to bed at some point, so why would she- Oh.

My head dropped forward onto the door as I thought about the implications behind it being locked, considering some of the conversations we'd had recently. I stood there for a long time, silently hating my best friend, until I heard Daniel come up the stairs behind me.

"Leah? What are you still doing out here?"

I turned a weak glare on him. "She locked the door."

He looked confused for a moment. "She locked the-" I knew the moment it finally sank in, because all of a sudden it seemed he was doing all he could to not bust out laughing. "She's going to be the death of me one day. Well, nothing to do about it now."

Before I could process or react to his words, I was being scooped up in his arms and carried down the hall to his room. "Hey, w-what are you doing?" I asked nervously as he dropped me onto his bed.

"My bed is infinitely more comfortable than the couch, and after everything that's happened, it seems silly for one of us to go sleep down there." He smiled pleasantly as I glowered, thinking that after everything that had happened, sleeping down there seemed like the best idea. Before I could get up to do so, he'd scooped me up again, depositing me on my back and dropping down beside me.

I tried to turn away, to roll to the other side of the bed, but his arm snaked around my waist, drawing me against him until my back was flush with his chest. A sheet was pulled up over us and a soft goodnight was whispered in my ear. Sooner than I expected, I was drifting off, the heat from his body more potent than any sleeping pill.

The doorbell rang at precisely 7AM, signaling the arrival of Courtney Stewart, our babysitter. Courtney lived across the street and two doors down and had been watching our kids on a semi-regular basis for the past three years, since she was fifteen.

Though Cathy and I didn't need babysitting very often, since Cathy, my wife, was a stay-at-home mom, whenever we did wish to go out for a night on the town or whenever there was a meeting or some other function that Cathy needed to attend while I was at work, Courtney was a godsend.

Since she had never really been much of the outgoing type, she was almost always available in the evenings. In addition, she was reliable, sweet, and our two kids loved her to death. We'd always considered her trustworthy as well, at least until the last babysitting episode two weeks before.

That had been when Cathy and I had tried to spend an enjoyable evening by visiting the restaurant where I'd proposed to her ten years before. But, unfortunately, we'd ended up fighting about the same old stupid things. Why was I wasting my time at the District Attorney's office instead of going into corporate law, which paid better?

Why was she spending our money like I had gone into corporate law? Round and round we'd gone, making our marital problems worse instead of better, until we'd come home thoroughly pissed at each other, me bracing to spend the night on the couch again, her trying to goad me into resuming the argument by making nasty remarks towards me in Courtney's presence. The discovery I made in the couch cushions while making up my bed for the night only served to add icing to that particularly bitter cake.

I hadn't told Cathy about what I'd found in the couch, nor did I ever intend to. She would have simply demanded that we never allow Courtney into our house again.

Cathy, apart from being a frustrated social climber, was insanely jealous as well. She had always been somewhat cool towards Courtney, who, though she wasn't really gorgeous or anything, was cute and young, two things that threatened my wife's sense of safety more than anything.

Nor had I mentioned it to Courtney yet. We hadn't needed a babysitter since then and the discovery had occurred after she'd gone home that night. But I needed to mention it to her now, not to embarrass her or chastise her, but just to make sure that what apparently happened in my house that night would not happen again.

I opened the door and there she was on the front porch. She was eighteen years old, tall, her face cute, her body just on the border of what was considered chunky but still firmly on the right side of that particular line. She was full-figured, almost Amazonian, a body that seemed custom made for playing softball or volleyball (both of which Courtney had done in high school). Her hair was a dark, honey blonde. Currently it was pulled up in a loose ponytail. She was wearing a pair of baggy sweats and a long T-shirt. She looked sleepy.

"Hey, Steve," she greeted me, stifling a yawn. "I made it on time."

"Good morning, Courtney," I responded. I was dressed in my usual suit and tie, preparatory to heading in to the office. "Thanks for coming over so early. It really is a pain when they make me actually go to court." And this was true. As a robbery and burglary specialist, it was rare indeed that I actually had to take someone to trial.

Burglars and robbers were usually busted after being tied to multiple offenses and, when they were caught and charged, the evidence against them was usually overwhelming. Many were facing the prospect of doing some hard time, possibly even that dreaded third strike. As such, they were usually happy to take whatever plea bargain I offered.

In this particular case, however, the young man I was prosecuting had a public defender that was almost as dumb as he was. Despite video evidence of him sticking up three convenience stores and two fast food establishments, and despite being caught with the gun that had been used in his possession and with his fingerprints all over it, they had elected to plead innocent and fight it out in court.

Thus I had to go in early to prepare for jury selection, which was taking place that morning, and would have to stay late prepping for the actual trial, which would start first thing the next morning. Cathy was out of town attending a Mother's Against Drunk Driving conference in Seattle (MADD was but one of several organizations she volunteered with as a way of getting out of the house) so Courtney had agreed to come over 7 AM, get the kids off to school, and then come back that afternoon and watch them until I came home.

"What time will you be in?" she asked me. A standard question, of course, and one she certainly had a right to know, but I detected a little hint of something in her eyes.

"Hopefully by 9:30," I said. "Most certainly by ten."

She nodded, the little something beginning to look more and more like and actual gleam. "No problem," she told me. "I'll be able to get some reading done once I put them to bed."

Reading, my ass, I thought. Yes, I was definitely going to have to have this discussion with her. I took a deep breath. "Uh... Courtney?"


I wasn't quite sure how to begin. "Well... listen. You've been babysitting for us a long time now and you've always done a very good job and all and you've always been very respectful of our house."

"Well... thanks," she said, her gleam fading a little at my tone.

"You're welcome. But the reason I bring this up is because... well... after the last time you babysat for us... when we went out to dinner... uh... I found a... uh... a condom wrapper in the couch cushions."

The gleam dissolved like sugar in hot tea. Her face instantly flushed bright red. "A... a... a condom wrapper?" she stammered.

"Yeah," I said. "Trojan lubricated with reservoir tip, to be exact."

"I don't know how something like that could have happened," she blurted, her eyes looking everywhere but my face. "I mean... couldn't it be one of yours?"

"I had a vasectomy," I said. "And even before that, Cathy was on the pill. I haven't used a condom in more than ten years."

"But maybe... I mean isn't it possible that Cathy... you know..."

"Courtney, please," I said, holding up my hand. "Let's not go there. Cathy and I haven't been getting along terribly well lately, but I'm pretty sure she didn't have sex with someone on the couch and then leave the condom wrapper behind. You, on the other hand, have been dating that one boy... what's his name?"

"Carl," she said.

"And I know you told me your parents don't like him very much and won't let him come over to your house. Now none of that is any of my business and I'm not trying to make it my business, but I really have to insist that you don't allow your friends into my house, okay?"

She seemed near tears as she slowly nodded. "Okay," she said softly. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry," I told her. "Just promise me you won't bring people into my house anymore, okay? For any reason."

"I promise," she mumbled.

"Good," I said, giving her a smile. "Then on that note, I'll be heading out. I left the coffee on for you."

She bid me an embarrassed goodbye and a moment later I was out the door.


The day went by. We picked our jury in less than two hours since I didn't bother using any of my strikes; after all, even the most moronic or pre-conceived juror would have a tough time justifying an acquittal vote in this case. Once the jury was formed, the tedium began. I went back to the office and began going over every last detail of my case, piece by piece.

I wasn't afraid of losing but I certainly didn't want to forget something vital or make a mistake that would cause me to look like an amateur. As I'd suspected, it took me until nearly nine that night to cover everything.

I drove home somewhat frazzled, tired but too keyed up to feel like getting some sleep just yet. A phone call from Cathy earlier in the day certainly hadn't helped my state of mind much. She had called my office long distance for no other reason than to pick a fight. She'd started in about leaving the kids with "that girl" for so long, which, of course, soon worked its way into the ever popular, "if you worked for a law firm instead of the county we'd be able to afford a real nanny".

I rode the argument out. If I had hung up on her she would have called back. If I'd refused to answer she would've called my secretary and harassed her instead, embarrassing me, herself, and my poor secretary in the process. She had done it before.

So it is not surprising that as I walked in my front door at 9:25, my brain was fixated on one thing and one thing only. I needed a drink.

Courtney was sitting on the couch when I came in, watching music videos on my plasma television. Thoughts of a drink were temporarily shoved to the side as I got a look at her. She was dressed in a pair of tight cotton shorts and a midriff baring tee shirt. Her stomach was smooth and unlined, with a gold stud threaded through her belly button.

Her shoes had been kicked off, leaving her feet bare, and she was sitting Indian style, a position that allowed her shorts to creep upwards, revealing an enticing amount of upper thigh.

God, she's cute, I thought, feeling a wave of lust sweep over me as I took in her form. This was certainly not the first time I'd had such a feeling about her. On the contrary, I'd always enjoyed looking at her, particularly in the last year or so when she'd truly blossomed into a young woman.

I had never been the least bit flirtatious with her, however. Despite my marital problems I was basically an honest, decent guy. I was far from lecherous, at least in the overt sense of the word. She gave me a weak smile as the door closed behind me and I set my briefcase down.

"Kids go to bed okay?" I asked her.

She nodded. "Yeah. I read them a story and they went right to sleep at nine. They were good."

"Perfect," I said. "Thanks again for hanging out so long."

She nodded again, her face somewhat sour. It was obvious that something was wrong with her. Was it just embarrassment over having been caught fornicating on my couch? Or was there something else there? Perhaps she was mad that getting caught had ruined the chance for another encounter on this evening. Whatever it was, it really wasn't my business. I took one last look at her sexy bare legs and that even sexier expanse of upper thigh revealed by the way she was sitting and then my mind returned to the main task at hand. That drink.

"Six hours tonight, right?" I asked Courtney. She nodded.

"I'll write you a check in just a second," I told her. "But first, I really need to pour myself a little something. It's been... you know... one of those days."

She let out a little laugh, a sharp, cynical laugh. "Oh yes," she said. "I know."

"You too, huh?"

"You have no idea," she said.

I left it at that and walked over to the wet bar in the corner of the family room. I took off my suit jacket, draping it over one of the bar stools and then took off my tie, draping it over the suit jacket. I unbuttoned the top button on my dress shirt and then took down a bottle of imported Russian vodka and a martini shaker. I poured a triple shot of the vodka in, added some ice and some vermouth, and then began shaking. As I was straining my concoction it into a martini glass Courtney walked over to watch.

"Breaking out the big guns tonight, huh?" she asked.

"You know it," I replied, opening the small refrigerator and pulling out a jar of green olives. I used my finger to swipe one out and dropped it into my drink.

"So... that's like a martini?" she asked.

"Well, a purist would say that a true martini contains gin instead of vodka, but basically, yes."

She chewed her lip nervously for a second. "Do you think that... you know... maybe I could have one too?"

I looked at her pointedly. "You just turned eighteen, right?"

"Two months ago," she said. "It's not like I haven't drank before."

I sighed. "And if I do make you a martini," I said, "you're not going to be coming over here every day asking me to buy booze for you, are you?"

"No," she said. "I wouldn't do that."

"And you're not going to go home and tell your parents that Steve, the respected deputy district attorney with the ninety-seven percent conviction and/or plea rate got you drunk?"

That got a little giggle out of her. "No," she said. "I swear."

I shrugged, knowing that I was treading on slightly dangerous ground here, but figuring, what the hell? At the very least I might get another look up her shorts. Maybe I'd even get to see what color panties she was wearing. "Okay," I told her. "You talked me into it. But why don't you taste mine first before I make you one. I have a feeling you might not like it too much."

She picked up my glass, smelled it, and then took a drink. Her face contorted instantly into a grimace of disgust. "Ewww," she said, breathing through her mouth to try to flush the aftertaste. "That tastes like gasoline."

"I warned you," I told her, amused. "Martinis, like fine wines, are an acquired taste." I reached down into the bar and pulled out a bottle of apple schnapps. "Let me make you something that's probably a little more to your taste."

"Please," she said.

I poured a double shot of the vodka into the shaker, added a shot of the apple schnapps, and then put in some more ice. I shook it and then strained it into a martini glass for her. The resulting mixture was a pale emerald color. I handed it over to her. "Try this," I said.

"What is it?" she asked, giving another careful sniff.

"An apple martini, also known as an appletini, although no self-respecting male would ever be heard saying that term. It's supposed to have an apple slice in it for garnish but I'm fresh out of apples at the moment."

She took a small sip and her eyes lit up. "Hey, that's good," she said. She took a bigger drink. "It's really good."

"And it keeps the doctor away," I said. "Shall we go grab a seat?"

"Sure," she said, seeming to cheer up the smallest bit.

She turned and walked back to the couch. As she did so I had opportunity to get a good look at her ass. Her cotton shorts were of the kind that had a word printed across the butt. That word was: ANGEL. Protruding from the bottom of her angel shorts, the barest beginning of the swelling of her buttocks was plainly visible. "Wow," I mumbled to myself, as I watched said buttocks rise and fall with her movements. I wondered how angelic she really was and then cursed myself for having such a thought.

We sat on the sectional couch, her on one side, me around the L from her, about four feet separating us. She took another drink of her appletini, a much larger one this time.

"I think I found myself a new drink," she announced.

"Just be careful with them," I warned. "They pack quite a punch."

She giggled. "That's just what I look for in a drink."

We talked of easy things as we sat there: her part-time job at the local pet store, her plans to go to college "some day" after she secured a job that allowed her to move out of her parent's home, the "overprotective" nature of her parents. Gradually, as the drinks went into our stomachs, the awkwardness as a result of the condom wrapper discussion faded away, allowing its emergence as a topic.

"I'm so embarrassed, Steve," she told me. "About everything. You finding the wrapper, having Carl in your house, trying to lie to you about it." She shook her head in disgust at herself. "Will you ever trust me again?"

"I trusted you today, didn't I?" I asked.

"Well... yeah, but you still must've been wondering and worrying the whole time about me having him over again." She hefted her now-empty glass. "Can I have another one?"

My own glass was empty by this point and I could already feel the warmth in my empty stomach, the swimming in my head, as the triple shot coursed through my system. My better judgment, which was usually quite sound, had taken a hit as well since serving her another drink didn't seem like a bad idea at all. "Sure," I told her, standing up and grabbing both glasses. "Another round, coming up." I began to mix up a couple of fresh ones. "Anyway," I told her as I poured free hand instead of measuring, "I was pretty confident that you wouldn't have your boyfriend over tonight."

"Were you?"

"Uh huh," I said. "Mostly because you're a good kid and I know you wouldn't blatantly defy me."

"That's true."

"But also because there wouldn't have been too much time for you to do anything. I mean, the kids go to bed at nine and I told you I could be home as early as 9:30. That doesn't leave a lot of time for indiscretions on the couch, does it?"

She laughed. "With Carl it does," she said. "He could've gone twice and still had time to smoke a cigarette between rounds."

I looked over at her and saw that she was blushing again. "Oh really?" I said.

"Oh my God," she said. "I can't believe I said that out loud. Sorry."

"Nothing to be sorry for," I assured her, amused. I finished up her drink and strained it into her glass. I then quickly constructed a new drink for myself. When they were done, I carried both back to the couch. "Here you go, my lady," I said, handing her hers.

"Thanks," she said, still blushing. She immediately took a large drink of it.

"Anyway," I said, resuming my seat. "I wouldn't be too hard on Carl if I were you. He's still young. What is he, nineteen?"

"Twenty," she said.

I nodded. "Twenty year old guys don't really know how to... uh... you know... control themselves too well yet. Sex is something that takes a long time to perfect."

"So it does get better?" she asked.

"Well... it depends on the guy of course. I mean, some guys never learn how to do it right. But, for the most part, the older and more experienced a guy is, the better he will be at making love."

"Hmmm," she said thoughtfully, a slight gleam returning to her eyes, a gleam that seemed to be directed at me this time. "Very interesting."

Now it was me who was embarrassed as it occurred to me that she might've taken my words of advice the wrong way. "In any case," I said, "I was reasonably sure you wouldn't try to bring anyone over tonight and that you won't do it in the future."

"I won't," she said. "Besides, I'm not sure that Carl and I are going to be going out too much anymore."


She took another large drink of her appletini. "We had a big fight tonight... on the phone that is."

"I'm sorry to hear that," I said.

She shrugged. "It ain't no big. I mean, it wasn't really working out with him anyway. The only reason he wanted to be with me was to... you know... have sex with me. That's what we fought about. That's all we ever fight about."

"About sex?"

She nodded. "He... well... he was going to try to come over tonight." She cast her eyes down. "I'm sorry, but that was before I knew you knew about... you know... the last time."

"I understand," I told her. "Believe me, I'm not offended by what you did. Believe it or not, I was a teenager once too and I did it more than once in someone else's house while my girlfriend was babysitting. My concern was not about you having sex—after all, you're a big girl now—but about having people I don't know in my house. And at least I know you're using protection, right?"

She giggled a little. "That's a big part of what the fight was about," she said. "Those damn rubbers."

"You fought about rubbers?"

"Well, that was part of it anyway. When I told him that you knew what we had done the last time and that you made it... you know... clear that he wasn't supposed to come over, he asked me how you'd known. So I told him that he'd left his freakin' condom wrapper in the couch."

"Which is better than leaving the actual condom in the couch, I will admit," I told her.

She laughed. "That would just be gross," she said. "Anyway, when I told him that, he blamed it all on me."

"On you? Because he left a condom wrapper in the couch? How's that?"

"Because I make him use the condoms," she said. "He told me if I'd just do it like everyone else and get on the pill or use that whole timing thing, none of this would've happened."

"He sounds like a real prince all right," I said and then blurted out something I wouldn't have had I not had a drink and a half in my system. "Why do you use the condoms anyway? Shouldn't you get on the pill if you're going to be sexually active?"

She was unoffended. "I'm not that sexually active," she said. "Carl is only the third guy I've ever done it with and he's only the second one I've done it with more than once. If I got on the pill my parents would find out about it and would think I was a total slut." She shook her head. "No, I'm not ready for that yet. Maybe when I get a real boyfriend, one who likes me for me and not just so he can screw me, maybe then I'll think about getting on the pill, but I don't think that's gonna be happening anytime soon."


"No," she fumed. "I'm starting to think that maybe the lesbians have it right. Guys are a bunch of assholes—excuse my language."

"You're excused," I said. "And you're right. A lot of us are assholes... present company excepted."

Another laugh. "No, you're not an asshole at all. In fact, you're very sweet. When I finally find the right guy, I think he's gonna be someone just like you."

"A married deputy DA with two kids?"

She slapped at my arm. "No, silly, just a nice guy. A guy who knows how to listen." She downed the rest of her drink. "One more?" she asked.

"Okay," I told her, taking her glass. "But that's it. You drink any more after that and you'll be smashed. I don't really want to explain to your parents how you got smashed at my house."

"One more," she agreed. "And I promise I won't rat you out."

I made her a fresh drink and, even though my own was still half full, I refreshed it as well. When I sat down on the couch I saw that Courtney had turned towards me a little more, which served to open up the view of the hem of her shorts again. It was even higher than it had been before, not quite high enough to get a peak at her panties, but up there. The crotch had also pulled tight, outlining the swelling of her mons and giving more than a hint of the split that lie just beneath. I had to tear my eyes away from this sight to keep from springing an erection.

"Thank you," Courtney said as she took her latest drink. "These really are good."

"I'm glad you like them," I said.

She took a thoughtful sip and then slapped at my arm again. "Did you know that I used to have the biggest crush on you?" she asked.

Actually, I did know that. When we'd first employed her as a babysitter—back when she'd been a tomboyish fifteen year old—her puppy love for me had been obvious. But I played dumb. "No," I told her. "I didn't know that."

"It's true," she said whimsically. "I used to dream that I was married to you, that you would take me to my prom dates, that you'd pick me up from school and drive me home." She shook her head. "Silly little girl dreams, I know."

"I'm very flattered," I said. "I trust you're over that now?"

She gave me a saucy look. "Maybe," she said.

Now it was my turn to flush. For the first time the inappropriateness of what was going on here tried to worm its way into my brain. I opened my mouth to tell her that maybe I should go get my checkbook and pay her so she could go home. But before I could do that, she blindsided me.

"Did you ever feel that way about me?" she asked.

Now it was my eyes that were having difficulty meeting hers. "Uh... well..." I stammered, unsure what to say.

"It's okay," she said, a slight frown touching her face. "You don't have to answer. I'm just a fat little girl. Someone like you would never be interested in me. Forget I asked."

"You're not fat, Courtney," I told her. "Not even a little."

"You don't have to make me feel better," she said. "I mean, look at me. They're never going to ask me to model bras in the newspaper."

"Maybe not, but those models are all emaciated freaks. You're a very beautiful young woman."

"You're just saying that," she said.

"Not at all," I assured her. "You're very cute, very nicely proportioned, and, if you don't mind my saying so, I think you're sexy as hell."

"Really?" she asked, beaming, scooting just a tad closer. In the process, her shorts rode up just a little bit more, finally exposing a hint of the panties beneath. My eyes dropped involuntarily down, seeing that they were pale pink in color.

"Really," I said, swallowing nervously and putting my eyes back on her face. "If I were your age and single, you'd had to fight me off."

She smiled. "You're sweet," she said. "And I wouldn't fight you very hard, either."

"That's uh... good to know," I mumbled, stealing another quick peak of her exposed panties. I just couldn't help myself.

"So... so... are you saying you have thought of me that way?" she asked me.

"Yes, Courtney," I admitted. "I have thought of you that way."

She let her legs fall apart just a little more, widening the view of her panties. I could now see a stretch more than half an inch wide, more than three inches long, including the elastic portion along the edge. The combination of the conversation we were engaged in and my fleeting views between her legs caused my cock to begin the normal biological reaction.

"Are you thinking of me that way right now?" she asked softly.

"I'm uh... going to have to take the fifth on that one," I replied.

She swallowed a little more of her drink. "You are, aren't you?" she asked, leaning a little closer. "Can I tell you a secret?"

"Uh... sure."

She gave a nervous giggle. "The first time I ever... you know... had an orgasm, I was thinking of you."

I quite literally didn't know what to say to this. My mouth dropped open as a surge of adrenaline went shooting through me and the rational part of my mind tried to activate the warning system that things were getting out of hand here.

"I shocked you," Courtney said, seeming far from upset by this. "I'm sorry. The booze is making me say things I shouldn't."

"That's uh... okay. Once again, I'm uh... flattered, but..."

"I'll never forget it," she said, before I could finish.

"You won't?"

"No," she said. "I was lying in my bed and I started... you know... playing with myself. I'd done that before, of course, but never to... you know... completion. But I was really horny that night, the horniest I'd ever been before."

"Really?" I said, knowing I should make her stop but unable. The vision of her lying in bed and playing with herself was powerfully erotic.

"Uh huh," she confirmed. "And that was when my crush on you was the strongest. God I was so hot for you. I would've done anything for you. So there I was, my hand in my panties, my fingers going crazy, and it started to feel better and better. And then I started imagining it was your hand down there.

And then I started to imagine you were kissing me and touching my boobs. I got hotter and hotter and really really wet. And then I imagined you... you know... taking out your... your thing and putting it inside of me." She shook her head and sighed. "That did it. I exploded right there on my bed. I moaned so loud my mom asked me if I was all right."

My cock was now a solid ramrod in my pants. I had had many women talk nasty to me over the years—on the phone, in person, in text messages, in email—but never had mere talk aroused me as much as what Courtney had just said. It wasn't so much her words, it was the matter-of-fact, almost naïve way she'd told the story, the way she blushed as the words came out of her mouth, the way her eyes sparkled with a mixture of embarrassment and arousal.

Her eyes dropped down to the crotch of my pants where a prominent and obvious bulge had formed. "That turned you on, didn't it?" she asked, not with teasing, but with something like awe.

"Yeah," I had to answer. "Very much."

"Wow," she whispered. "It turned me on too. It always turns me on to think about that."

End this conversation right now! a part of my mind screamed at me. This is leading nowhere good. I didn't listen. Perhaps I would have if not for the fact that it had been almost four weeks since Cathy and I had last had sex, that it had more than a week since I'd even whacked off.

I had a major back-up of testosterone going on and sitting before me was an attractive young girl telling me that she had masturbated to my image, that my image had in fact been responsible for giving her her very first orgasm. And her legs had come a little farther apart as well, showing more of her pink panties to me, more of her smooth inner thigh.

"I still think of you when I play with myself," Courtney told me, pounding a few more nails in the coffin.

"Do you?" I asked her.

"Yes," she whispered. "God, Steve, I'm so wet right now."

Courtney, you really need to leave. I meant to say that. I opened my mouth to say that, I swear before all that is holy and sacred. But that's not what came out of my mouth. "Are you?" I asked instead.

She nodded. "Very," she said, her hand dropping down to her upper thigh. "Would you think I was sick if I..." She took a deep breath. "If I were to... touch myself right now?"

I nearly choked. "You mean... right here?" I asked.

"I feel like I'm going to explode if I don't," she said, her fingers creeping a little further up her thigh.

"Courtney," I said, my voice shaky, my hands trembling, "this is a really bad idea."

"Please?" she pleaded, her fingers now touching the elastic edge of the panties, one fingertip stroking along it, one manicured nail scratching on it. "I'd really love to look at you while I play with myself, Steve. To see your face as I make myself come."

My tremors grew worse, my eyes now unabashedly staring between her legs.

"You could do it too," she said. "We could watch each other. There's nothing wrong with that, is there?"

There was, of course, a whole lot wrong with that, but her logic combined with the alcohol and my horniness refused to allow my brain to acknowledge that. She was offering to show her pussy to me! To play with it in front of me! To allow me to play with my cock while I watched her do this! And it wasn't really cheating. Not in the strict and legal sense of the word. It was just visual stimulation. Nothing more, really, than looking at a pornographic video, right? "No," I said. "I guess there really isn't."

She smiled nervously and licked her lips. Her left hand came down and slid into the edge of her panties. Slowly, she pulled them to the side, dragging the crotch of her shorts there with them, revealing her bare pussy to my gaze. It was beautiful, exquisite, everything an eighteen-year-old pussy should be. The area surrounding the lips was shaved smooth. The lips themselves were pink and slightly swollen, glistening with moisture.

"This is so hot," she whispered as she leaned back into the corner of the couch and spread her legs a little wider. While her left hand continued to hold her shorts and panties to the side, her right began to play, the fingers sliding up and down between her lips, delving a few millimeters between them.

"Jesus," I whispered, enthralled, my cock now begging for release.

"Take it out," Courtney told me, begged me. "I want to watch you do it too."

I reached down, opening my belt and unbuttoning my pants, doing it entirely by feel, not moving my eyes from her pussy for even a second. I unzipped and then raised my hips up a little. Doubt tried to push its way into my brain again—you're not really going to take your cock out in front of Courtney, are you?—but I pushed it right back. This was just visual stimulation. Nothing wrong with it. It wasn't like I was going to fuck her or anything.

I pushed my pants and underwear down to mid-thigh, allowing my rigid cock to spring out. Courtney's eyes locked onto it as it hit the air. Her breathing took on a heavier tone and her fingers began to move faster in her slit, to slide further inside of her body between strokes.

"Play with it, Steve," she told me. "I've never seen a guy do that. Play with it."

I started playing with it, taking myself in hand as I'd done a thousand times before. I slid my hand slowly up and down, knowing that if I went after myself aggressively I wouldn't last thirty seconds. Through it all I kept my eyes glued to Courtney, drinking in the sight of her masturbating for me, watching as her lips grew wetter and more swollen, as her clit popped out of its hood, begging for attention of its own.

"Oh... Steve," she moaned. "This is so hot, isn't it?"

"Yeah," I breathed, my strokes going a little faster now as she started playing with her clit.

"Do you like my pussy?" she asked. "I just shaved it this morning."

"Yes," I said. "It's beautiful."

"Mmmm," she moaned, flicking at her clit a little more. "Ohhhh, oh, Steve. Your cock is so nice. So big and hard. Will you put it in me?"

I swallowed nervously. Hadn't I known she would ask that at some point? I tried to maintain my willpower. "I can't, Courtney. Let's just keep doing what we're doing, okay?"

"Oh please, Steve," she moaned. "Just for a second? I've never had one inside me without a rubber on it. I just want to know how it feels to go bareback."


"Please," she begged. "Just put it in once and then you can take it out. Just let me feel what it's like?" She stopped diddling herself and spread her lips open instead. "Just once?"

I found myself standing up. My pants and underwear fell down around my ankles. It wouldn't really hurt to put it in her just once, would it? I mean, the poor girl just wanted to experience the bareback sensation. You couldn't blame her for that, could you? And it wasn't really cheating if I just put it in and pulled it back out. Not really. It was more like an education thing, right?

"Just once," I told her. "Just once."

"Yesss," she moaned. "Just once."

Her legs opened wider as I stepped forward. I put my knees on the couch between them and leaned forward. Her left hand stayed in her crotch, continuing to hold her shorts and panties to the side. Her right hand came up to my face and stroked it. I leaned forward, supporting myself with my right arm by putting it behind her head. With my left, I took my cock in hand and aimed it between her wet, slippery lips. The head made contact and I slid it up and down a few times, prepping it for its one (and only one) trip into Courtney's body.

"Do it," Courtney panted, her hand sliding down onto my neck. "Put it in. Let me feel it."

I pushed forward with my hips. My cock met a little bit of friction for the barest of seconds and then slid slowly and smoothly inside of her. She was hot and wet and tight. We both moaned as I bottomed out, as my balls came to rest against her ass.

"That feels soooo good," Courtney said in my ear.

"Yesss," I whispered, just sitting there, unwilling to pull it out just yet.

"Just a couple of strokes in me?" she asked. "Just for a few seconds?"

I didn't even bother trying to rationalize this one. I just nodded and allowed my hips to start moving. I gave her a grind and then pulled back until my cock was just about free of her. I slid back in, bottoming out once more and giving another, longer grind. Courtney moaned loudly in obvious approval so I did it again. And then again. And then I did it even more, starting to move a little faster within her, to push a little harder against her.

"Lay on top of me, Steve," she said. "Lay on me while you fuck me."

I leaned forward, allowing my chest to press against hers, feeling the softness of her breasts beneath her shirt. She pulled my head down to hers and kissed me, her tongue sliding into my mouth. I kissed her back enthusiastically, swirling my tongue with hers, sucking on it. She tasted strongly of apples.

We kissed and rutted against each other. I could feel her juices wetting my balls now, could smell the sexy aroma of her musk permeating the air around us. Her free hand slid down to my ass and began to stroke it, to squeeze it. My free hand slid under her shirt, worming its way upward, probing beneath her bra, until I was cupping her bare tit.

Courtney broke the kiss. She was panting like a dog, sweat breaking out on her flushed face. "You're gonna make me... make me... I'm gonna come, Steve! Don't stop. Don't stop!"

I didn't stop. In fact, I began to fuck her harder, almost slamming her with each stroke, angling my hips upward in order to stimulate her clitoral nerves. Her hips began to rise and fall against me in response. Our mouths came back together and we kissed hotly, wetly, obscenely as her orgasm overtook her, as her body shook and shuddered against mine.

It took her almost a minute to work her way through the spasms. As it faded she broke the kiss and locked eyes with me. "Come in me," she whispered. "Come in my pussy, Steve. No one has ever been able to do that before. I want to feel it. I want to know what its like."

"Yes," I said. "Oh yes."

"Ohhh, do it," she moaned. "Give it to me!"

I gave it to her. It was a simple matter of moving my thrusts into overdrive, of squeezing her tit a little harder, of kissing her sweet mouth and sucking her tongue. The pressure built upward and the waves of pleasure began to spread. She felt the tightness of my body and began to moan against me, saying, "Do it, do it, do it" between kisses.

The peak built up rapidly but with a power I'd not felt in years. I began to shake and shudder. My breath tore in and out of my lungs. Courtney stuck her tongue as far down my throat as she could, her pelvis thrust back at me, matching my erratic strokes. And then the peak arrived and I exploded, blasting the inside of her body with solid jets of hot come.

"Yesssss!" Courtney screamed out, the sensation apparently sending her into another orgasm of her own. "Yes, yes, yessssssss!"

And finally, it was over. I collapsed atop her, my wilting cock still buried within her body. She removed her hand from between her legs so she could put both of them around my back and pull me tighter against her. We shared another long, luxuriant kiss, this one sexy and sweet instead of lustful.

When the kiss broke at last we looked at each other, both of us unsure what to say, what to do next.

"That was incredible," Courtney finally whispered. "I never knew it could be like that. So... so... hot and sexy."

"Yes," I said, feeling guilt and doubt wanting to work its way into my consciousness but keeping them barred for the moment. "That was extremely erotic, Courtney. You are very sexy."

She smiled, leaning up to give me an almost chaste kiss. "Thank you," she said.

We lay like that for quite some time, not talking, not thinking, just holding each other and sharing the occasional kiss. We knew that when we let each other go, the time for thinking would begin. And that would lead to the time for talking about what had just happened. I think both of us wanted to delay that moment as long as we could. Neither one of us were ready to wonder about what would happen tomorrow.

When you live in a small complex of apartments like Cassy does, you know that the communal laundry room is awkward if you have to share.

The people of her building had a system which showed up one day, people talked and figured out their own day and time were they can be alone or have company with another person if the other person wanted it while taking care of their clothes.

This system has been thriving for years, ever since she lived there. Her day was Thursday, right after work at 5:30pm. She was a high school teacher so she always had to stay after school, and Thursday was the day that was usually light since she always made things due Thursday instead of Friday.

Wednesday would be when students came after school to cram or ask for help, then shed test them on Thursday, give them more time after school (which two or three did.) finish grading while they worked, and came home to finish the rest of the papers while laundry was going.

It was a simple solution for her, and she could give students back their test on Friday so they had the weekend to study for retakes after school Monday. It all worked out.

It was a Saturday, Cassy was tidying up randomly when she heard the bumps of someone moving into the empty apartment across the hall.

She groaned to herself, hating the thought of all the awkward pleasantries associated with new neighbors. She looked out the peephole in the door to see what they would look like, trying to decide now whether or not they would be any trouble later on by just a glance.

Though she is not the judging type, she mostly judged objects like tests, assignments, book titles, and the labels of closed boxes along with size of stereo speakers the man was pushing past the door frame on the other side of the wall.

He was a handsome guy from what she saw out of the curved glass. Based off of the standard door frame that they all shared, he was a good 511, maybe taller, short brown hair and a pierced ear. Fairly built with a cute and shapely butt that was hugged in well-fitting jeans, he would not be counted anything less than handsome.

Once he turned around she saw his boyish brown eyes and professional looking, wire framed glasses and knew he was out of her league.

She didnt think she was much, she didnt have to, for her profession. It wasnt like she dressed for the students in her classes to ogle at her.

A pair of jeans and a t-shirt were all she really needed or had in her closet, except for the one blue dress that she wore on interviews or weddings. Hell, she still had the same pair of grey and purple Vans from when she was in high school.

She is on the small side at 53, always known as the chubby girl in her class, with the large hips and bust and a small curve that was her waist, her stomach pudged out slightly then dipped down to large thighs that are still smaller than her hips, down to tiny feet.

Her arms were always chubby, that was what the women in her family were known for, that and large breasts. She assumed she wasnt so bad looking, probably even cute with her shoulder length, curly black hair, or her bluish/greenish eyes that popped under the black glasses she wore with the right amount of eyeliner and mascara, she didnt believe her pouty mouth didnt draw attention.

No matter how much she thought of herself, she was only pretty in her eyes. She watched him move the last of his stuff in, concluding that from what she saw that he would be a quiet neighbor, and they wouldnt have many issues, then concluded that she should stop watching him due to that being frowned upon in society.

He closed the door finally with a soft thud and she went back to her cleaning, not knowing what else to do on a Saturday evening.

Several weeks passed and she never meet her handsome neighbor, nor did she watch him again. They shared the elevator to their floor once and never said a word, she was too entranced with the novel she was reading to comprehend that someone was with her until his hand hit hers for the button.

She let him press it and she went on with her day, focusing on the handsome stranger the character was fighting her passion from. Later that week on Thursday, 5:30pm sharp, she entered the laundry room, meeting the sweet familiar scent of generic laundry soap and dryer sheets in the humid air.

She had her bag that had the last ten students essays and another novel along with a medium sized ball of yarn and needles just for the hell of it. Her first load was in the dryer and she was placing the last load into the warm washing machine when he walked in.

At first she tried to pretend he wasnt there, finishing up, adding soap and pressing the button to start, she returned to her seat and began to read, pleased with her students analysis of pre-English Saxon culture when a large hand was in front of her button nose.

She looked up over her glasses and saw him smiling politely at her.

"Hello", his voice was a low rumble, like thunder with a lightning spark of cinnamon on his breath, he must have been chewing strong gum.

"We havent formally introduced ourselves, I'm Damion."

She cleared her throat and extended her hand toward his, "Cassy, its a pleasure."

Damions hand was warm and slightly calloused, but smooth.

"The pleasure is all mine, Cassy." He began to grin and she was slightly uncomfortable with the sudden socialness of the situation.

"I hope you dont mind," he began "but no one seemed to welcome me during their time slot and this is the only one that is compatible with my schedule."

He shrugged. "I hope you dont mind sharing yours, and the ladies from the first floor said that you would love my company." She bristled at that, those old bats were worse than her stepfather with always trying to find her a man.

"Its no problem at all." She replied coolly, not sure with herself why she agreed to this.

He smiled at her, "Good"

My wife and I married at a young age and had little money while our children were growing up. While we lived in a modest, suburban area, we could not afford luxuries such as vacations and extravagancies. We felt pangs of regret each time we heard our friends discussing their camping trips and ventures to Disneyland, and vowed to try and save more money to do nice things with our family.

This is harder than it seems: both of our children had essentially grown up by the time we were able to afford a luxury vacation for the four of us. Our son, Mitchell, was 22 and about to start a graduate program. Our daughter, Gabrielle, was 19 and about to start her second year of college. We sprung the trip on them in April, asking them to each bring a friend as we traveled across the country, staying in hotels and relaxing for two weeks.

Mitchell brought his friend Tom, whereas Gabrielle opted not to bring a friend.

The five of us piled into our SUV and started travelling west. I won't bore you with the details of our stops – we all know why you're reading this story. I can cut to the chase:

The first evening, the hotel we had reserved failed to meet our reservation obligations: we had reserved three rooms (one for my wife and I, one for Gabrielle, and one for Mitchell and Tom). As my wife and I had a King bed and Mitchell and Tom had two queens, it was decided that Gabrielle would stay in bed with Mitchell (much to their protest). The hotel promised that another room would be available the next night. We were here for four days and decided to battle through an uncomfortable evening.

We had a delicious dinner that evening, and I drank a lot of wine and tuckered out early. When I poked my head in the adjoining suite that was shared by my children and Tom, they were all lying around and watching tv. I said goodnight and went to bed.

A few hours later I woke up, shivering. I pulled the blankets over me and tried to get back to sleep, when I started hearing the rhythmic thumps of a bed knocking against a wall. I froze and listened closely. I was pretty sure that I was hearing soft moans and grunts.

A rage brewed inside me as I got up and pulled open the adjoining door to the kids' suite. I froze again. There, was my son Mitchell, buried in the covers with headphones in his ears, snoring as his sister, my daughter, lay spread eagle on the bed in a white lace teddy and garter belt getting fucked by his friend.

From the doorway, I had a clear view of him slamming in and out of her as his tongue grazed her nipples. She was arching her back and opening her mouth in a silent scream as her blonde hair flailed about from the force of their joining.

I stood there, shocked, appalled, disgusted and angry watching this assault on my daughter. Not to say she wasn't willing, she appeared to be enjoying herself. Finally, I got my bearings and grabbed Tom by the nape of his neck and pulled him off of my daughter. He raised his hands in a surrendered position as my daughter, embarrassed and furious, tried to cover her body from her father.

"Get up." I said.

Angry as she was, she could not argue. As I pulled her into our room, I saw her turn back and give an apologetic look to Tom. I closed the door and locked it and led her to my wife and my bed.

"Get in," I whispered. "You're sleeping between your mother and me tonight."

"Dad-" she whispered back, but I interrupted:

"No arguments. Get in bed right now."

"Can't I change?" She was still wearing her lace white teddy and garter belt. I looked down to see her shaved pubic mound fully exposed, and her hard nipples poking out over the tops of the lace.

I felt a twitch in my groin. Disgusted and embarrassed with myself though I was, I didn't want her to take her time changing and sneak back into Tom if I happened to fall asleep.

"Get in the bed."

She did as she was told. My wife, Sandra, was still snoring lightly, completely oblivious to the scene. I got in bed after my daughter and pulled the blankets over both of us so that she would have to disrupt them to get out of bed.

I turned toward her on my side so that the slightest movement would wake me up. She was lying on her back, breathing heavily, probably due to the frustration of being interrupted in the middle of getting fucked.

I lay there quietly, replaying the scene over and over. Had I overreacted? She's an adult, yes. But what the hell was she wearing that for? My imagination drifted to her lace getup as she lay with her legs open with Tom between.

As I thought about Tom pushing himself into my daughter, I started to get an erection. I tried to push it all out of my mind, but her nipples and shaved mound kept swimming before my closed eyes. The more I tried to concentrate on something else, the more I focused on the way my daughter's tits looked in the white lace. Before long, I was rock hard. I opened my eyes and looked at her, lying peacefully, sleeping.

I slowly moved my hand and pulled the blanket down a bit. Her beautiful nipples poked out again for me to see. I inched closer to her and pressed my boxer clad cock into her hip and ground in a circular motion. I waited to see how she'd react: nothing.

I ground my dick into her hip again. Nothing. At this point, I was aching. I moved my hand across her body, under the blanket and grabbed onto her right hip with my hand as I pushed into the left hip with my cock.

Still nothing. I moved my hand from her hip and slid it across her abdomen. I rubbed for a second before tracing to her pubic mound and down the slit of her entrance. It was still wet from her session with Tom. As I traced my finger down her slit, she moved and her eyes snapped open.

"Dad. What the fuck are you doing?" she whispered.

"Shh," I whispered. "Don't wake your mother."

"Dad, that's sick. Stop it."

"Shh," I whispered again. "Just let me do this for a second and I won't tell your mother what happened with Tom." I couldn't believe what I was saying, but she stopped arguing and lay back.

I traced her slit and rolled her clit between my two fingers before I felt her hand pushing me away.

"No," she whispered.

"Come on," I inched closer and closer to her until my lips were less than an inch away from her breasts. I flicked my tongue over one of her nipples as I lightly tickled her clitoris and ground my dick into her side. When she tried to push my head away from her breasts, I rolled on top of her.

I forced her legs open with my knees and flattened myself so that my boxer clad cock base was pushed up against her slit. I ground into her and moved in a figure eight motion. I heard her exhale strongly then felt her bring her hands to my chest as she tried to push me away.

"Gabrielle," I whispered, "I'm not going to do anything bad. I won't take my boxers off - I just want to rub it on you for a minute."

"Can't you just go in the bathroom and take care of yourself?"

"It'll just be for a minute, honey."

"Please," she responded. But that was all. I continued to hump on her in a grinding, circular motion until I needed a bit more stimulation. I started pulling my hips back and pushing into her. I reached up and grabbed one of her tits with my hand and squeezed. I watched her bite her lower lip, looking at me apprehensively as I leaned in and took it into my mouth, still slowly bucking away at her.

"How much longer?" she asked after a bit.

"Just a bit," I whispered into her ear. I watched my hot breath bring goosebumps across her chest as I breathed into her neck.

I pressed my pelvis into her hard and felt my cock head break free of the confines of my boxers. My naked cock was now poking out of the flap of my boxers. I slid up and down her slit, making sure that the head of my cock made contact with her clitoris.

"Dad, it came out of your boxers."

"I don't think so, honey," I lied.

"Dad," she said warningly.

"It's okay," I said. "I'm not going to put it in you, I'll just rub it along the outside."

She sighed angrily, but stopped protesting. I rubbed my cock head on her clit some more, back and forth and heard her breathing become more rapid. Soon, her slit became relubricated with her juices as I stimulated her clitoris.

When I pulled my hips back and pressed them forward, I felt my cock head connect with a snug, wet hole. I stopped, frozen with my cock head pressed against my daughter's opening.

Her eyes widened. "No. No –no- no- no- no." she pleaded, and looked into my eyes.

I left my cock head resting against her hole for what felt like three minutes, just staring into her eyes. Her blonde hair flayed against the pillows, tits poking out from under the lace, shaking her head warningly. I looked down between our legs and the force of my movement pressed the head in by just an inch.

The tip of my cock head was inside of my daughter's pussy. The sight was almost enough to make me come right then. I looked back into her eyes and slowly pressed into her until half of my cock was inside her.

She gasped and pushed against my chest.

I pushed more and more, very slowly, until my cock was buried inside of her to the hilt and my balls were resting on her skin. I stared into her shocked and disgusted eyes for two minutes before I began to rock. I wrapped my arms behind her, cradling her ass cheeks and ground into her.

She gasped again.

It felt so good inside my daughter's cunt, I couldn't blame Tom for wanting it anymore. I slowly pulled out, before sliding home again. My daughter began to grunt softly as I slowly slid my dick in and out of her.

I reached between us and grazed her clit with my fingers again and saw her mouth contort into the same silent scream I saw her grant Tom. I continued to slowly and carefully fuck my daughter for several minutes. Every few minutes I would stop with my cock completely filling her and lay still to check that my wife was still sleeping.

At one point as I lay still on top of her, I felt her start to slowly buck her hips underneath me. Willing myself to believe that she actually wanted this, rather than being a stimulated body response, I continued to lie still to see what she would do.

She continued to push her hips forward, grinding into me. Her hard nipples rubbed against my chest when she arched her back. Again, I looked into her eyes and saw shame, mixed with concentrated lust. I bent down and licked her lips.

All of a sudden, I felt her hands on my hips. She began to push them away and then pull them back. I heard her moan as she pushed my hips back until my dick was nearly pulled out of her tight hole, then slowly she pulled me back in until she was full again.

She continued to do this for several minutes, her pressure and moaning becoming quicker and more intense with each thrust. I looked over at my wife, checked that she was still sleeping, and licked my daughter's lips again. I felt her legs clamp down on my back as she brought my cock into her with more force. There was no way around it: my daughter was fucking me back.

Her head began to roll from side to side and her eyes went into the back of her head.

"Ooh, ah, ssss, ahh," she repeatedly whispered as I retook control and started pushing in and out of her again.

I plunged and plunged, feeling our slick bodies slide against each other until I felt her freeze. She bit her lower lip and squealed, holding me tight to her. I put my hands on her hips and pushed down on them as I continued to pull my cock nearly all the way out and then slide it back in.

I closed my eyes and willed myself to slow down as I did not want this feeling to end. I stopped again and lied still on top of her. She whimpered and began to buck her hips at me again. I sucked on her nipple as I pressed my thumb and forefinger on both sides of her clit. I began to pinch my fingers together, squeezing her clit.

Suddenly, I felt her pussy contracting on my cock, milking my cock for all I could give. I looked into her eyes again and saw her face filled with passion and lust, and I kissed her full on the mouth as she bucked and writhed on my impaling cock. I thought about my daughter orgasming on my cock, and I began to feel a warm tingling in my testicles.

As her orgasm subsided, my daughter seemed to catch her bearings and immediately tried to push me off of her. "Dad, please. You said you wouldn't put it in me. Please stop."

"Shh," I whispered, and rammed into her hard. She gasped again as the bed frame smacked against the wall.

Fuck, I thought. In one swift motion, I turned onto my side pulling my daughter with me, and draped her right leg over my left, keeping my cock half-buried in her.

Sandra sat up and said "What is it? What happened?"

Gabrielle, who had been struggling and writhing against me, froze at the sound of her mother's voice.

"It's okay, honey. I think Gabby was having a nightmare. " I wrapped my arms around Gabrielle's back and pushed her down on my cock again. "It's okay, sweetie." I said soothingly, my cock fully filling her again.

"Poor baby," Sandra said. "Why aren't you sleeping in the other room?"

Gabrielle didn't respond. I pulled my cock out by a couple of inches and said "Honey, you know how boys are. Loud and obnoxious. She couldn't sleep so I told her she could sleep with us."

My wife turned her back on us again and said, "I'm so sorry it worked out this way, honey. You should have your own room tomorrow."

I pushed into Gabrielle again, slowly fucking her as my wife lay beside us, completely unaware.

I continued to slowly push her up and down on my cock until the deep breaths from the other side of the bed told me Sandra was sleeping again. I grabbed hold of Gabrielle's hips again and pressed down, grinding my pubic hair into her clit. I pressed my face between her breasts and licked the skin covering her sternum, all the while pushing and pulling her back and forth on my dick.

Her breathing became rapid again and I felt her hips buck independently of my force once more. Again, she was controlling her movement on my cock, rocking back and forth and arching her back. I continued to lick on her breasts while she ground herself into me, whimpering and gasping as I sucked at her tits.

I felt her fingertips touch my head and she pushed my head farther into her chest. I bit down on her fleshy mound as I felt her contract on my cock again, in the midst of her second orgasm. I felt her fingernails dig into my scalp as she grunted and I felt my own release coming on.

Once again, Gabrielle regrouped and tried to force me off of her. She could tell by the look in my eyes that I was about to come.

"Please don't come in me," she whispered over and over. Still laying on our sides, I grabbed onto her and fucked her as fast and hard as I could without waking my wife again.

"Dad, please don't come in me," she said again, gasping for air at the force of my cock going in and out of her.

I had every intention of pulling out of her at one point, but feeling the breath of her gasps on my ear made me lose control. I held on to her hips as I railed into her – the warm tingling in my balls came back full force and I started to come. I groaned and grunted as I pushed into her, imagining my sperm hitting the back of her cervix as she gasped again. I held her in my arms until our breathing returned to normal.

As I calmed down, I looked into my daughter's eyes, ashamed and embarrassed of what I had made her do. I kissed her on the lips and thanked her, as I turned away and fell asleep, not knowing what would happen the following day.

The next morning I awoke to beams of light cascading from the hotel window directly into my eyes. I turned my head away from the window and saw my daughter's hair sprawled out in front of me. It took me a moment to adjust to where I was. And then, just like that, the moments from the night before came flooding back to me.

Moans. Grunts. Fucking. Ramming. Little fucking tits, oh fuck yeah and almost getting caught by my wife, oh fuck! I felt myself growing hard in remembrance and reflexively started mashing my thick cock into the bunched up sheet which lay beneath me as I replayed the previous evening in my mind.

Dad, please don't come in me, she had pleaded. I was pretty sure I ignored that request. I vaguely remembered a small percentage of me wanting to respect her desires, but the majority of my brain (and let's be honest, my cock) was focused on the suctioning force of her tight pussy.

Ohhh yeah it was, my cock reminded me, forcing my attention back towards my daughter. I peeled up the sheet which covered her smooth ass and thighs and saw the evidence -- my dried seed amongst her inner thighs -- where it had oozed out post-coitus.

God, I am a sick deviant, I thought to myself, where did this come from? It was as though seeing my daughter engaged in a sex act had awoken some primal monster in me, and I had no knowledge of how to suppress it. Nor did I want to.

Just then I heard the whining of a shower being turned on, and I recognized what must've woken me in the first place: my wife closing the bathroom door to get a jump start on her morning ritual, which usually involved showering, shaving and god knows what else. I certainly didn't care as long as she took her time. I needed to feel myself in Gabby again, but I knew she was likely upset, so I'd need a bit of wiggle room.

So, wiggle I did. I slid up right behind her so my throbbing cock was pressed against her ass crack. Ho, I couldn't help but moan. Oh yeah. I felt her tense up immediately and instantly regretted being so forward. I placed my left hand on her left hip and squeezed it affectionately.

"Gabby?" I whispered.

She didn't respond. I rubbed my hand up and down her hip, gently, to let her know I knew she was awake. "It's okay, baby," I whispered, kissing her neck. "It's all right." I continued rubbing the smooth skin of her hip. "Daddy's not going to hurt you. I lost control last night. And I'm sorry."

She said nothing.

"It's just that you're so beautiful," I said, kissing her neck again and tracing my tongue along her shoulder. I put my hand back on her hip and tickled the smooth skin again. "So beautiful," I whispered.

I probably would've been able to keep it together had it not been for that silky smooth thigh. I gripped onto her hip and once again pressed my covered cock to her bare ass, causing her to flinch and pull away again.

"Gabby," I whispered reassuringly, "I told you everything is okay. I was out of control last night, but I'm in control now, okay?"

She still didn't respond, but I felt her tension subside somewhat. Which was miraculous, really, because I was in no more control now than I was the previous night. Perhaps I was a little more determined and calculating this morning, but certainly still unable to think about anything except her pussy.

I moved my hand from her hip to the warm depths of her inner thighs. I avoided direct contact with her most intimate parts, hoping the outer stimulation would propel her to force my fingers onto her clit and into her sweet hole, manipulatively assigning her a portion of responsibility in the act.

Sure enough, after 5 or so minutes of slow tickling of the outer and inner thighs, she slightly opened her legs to grant me further access. I continued to rub her inner thighs without making contact with her outer lips. She started moving her hips around trying to catch my fingers in her slit. I appeased her slightly and ran one finger all the way up to the nub of her clitoris, then I massaged either side of the bud.

"Ohhhh," she moaned. "Yessssssssssss."

That's what I was waiting for. I pulled down my boxers to my knees and positioned my cock at the entrance to her hole. She turned her head towards me and I covered her mouth with mine, pushing my shaft up into her long canal.

"Mmph," she moaned into my mouth. I moved my hands up to her breasts and cupped her left breast as I kissed her passionately, my cock still stuffed in her to the hilt. When I could take it no longer, I started to pull myself in and out of her.

It was heaven. We moaned and kissed in each other's mouths as our bodies slid together. I alternated between her breasts and her pussy, being sure to grant each the attention of my hands. And when she reached back to cup my balls, I knew we'd transgressed the perverted relationship I'd initiated the previous night. We were lovers.

Lovers, oh... That got me hot. I started ramming into her harder, feeling her hot stickyness engulf my cock.

"Oh yeah, baby," I said. I could feel the explosion approaching, and I didn't know how I was going to curb it, so I just started to go with it. The mounting pleasure before the peak was like nothing I'd ever felt. I focused on the velvety folds of her cunt, sliding my shaft in and out, pushing in, pulling out Oh yeah, oh yeah here it comes, fuck it's going to be a big one, oh yeah, FUCK-

And then the bathroom door opened. Fuuuuck. I hadn't even heard the shower stop. But when my wife walked out of the bathroom, I was too far gone. I couldn't hold back and nor did I care to. I locked eyes with my wife, her jaw dropped to the floor, as I grunted and groaned my climax into our daughter. She watched, horrified, as I expelled the longest and best ejaculation of my life into our child, squeezing her perfect breasts as I released.

As Gabrielle and my moans subsided, my cock softened and slipped out of her sweet canal.

The three of us sat in silence staring at each other.


I am one of the lucky ones, lucky enough to have won the lottery and at 18 it was just perfect timing for me as I'd finished school and didn't really know what I wanted to do. This just gave me more time and opened up more options to decide as to what I wanted to do with myself. I knew one thing that I wanted to do though, and that was have fun no matter how it presented itself.

That was 6 months ago and I'd had a good summer of jetting around the world and taking my friends on holiday, enjoying the pleasures that the freedom created by money can bring and the privileges it can also bring. But now the summer had ended and we were all going our separate ways, my friends off to work or university and me .....

Well....... I'm still not sure what to do. I did however find time to buy myself a big house and one for my mum (don't ask about my father) and one each for my 2 brothers and a few other things that I'd always wanted.

I was relaxing on my veranda wearing a simple vest top and jogging bottoms with my laptop on my lap as the old gardener was mowing my lawn on a ride on lawnmower. I clicked onto A social networking website and was just browsing when an advert at the side of the screen caught my eye: "You've tried this now meet someone local to fuck."

"Now there's tempting." I said to myself licking my lips and clicking on the link, the page reloaded with some very scantily clad men and women and a title stating: "Find local people in your area to fuck."

I began browsing through a few of the adverts and to my surprise I found myself becoming excited about possibly meeting a stranger and just having some sexy fun with none of the baggage and strings attached plus some of the guys on the site were HOT. "Well then, best I sign up and start having some fun."

Being only 18 I was still relatively new to the world and enjoyment of sex. I knew I loved sex, I couldn't get enough of it the few times I'd done it but I felt as though over the past 6 months it had been missing from my life. There was so much I wanted to try and to experience but when hanging around with friends you kind of have to tame that side of yourself a little, but now I had all the time in the world and it was time to unleash myself.

I'd recently found myself watching interracial porn in the internet, watching as big black cocks pushed their way into tight white pussy's and how good a white woman looked as she sucked on a black cock. I know it was "acting" but there are things in a woman's face and expression that can't be hidden, and there was a lot of genuine enjoyment and fun being had. It was fast becoming something I wanted to try for myself and now seemed like the perfect opportunity.

I couldn't stop looking at this one porn actor called Lex Steele, he just has the best looking big black cock I've ever seen. So long, so straight, so fat and I was becoming envious of the girls that got to enjoy a black cock like that. The way he controlled himself masterfully, dominating the woman he was with, they'd be worshipping him and his cock. Allowing him to do as he pleased with their body. That made my mind up, I needed to find my very own Lex Steele!

The first thing I had to do on the meeting website, apart from let £20 be taken from my account for the privilege of having a profile, was to choose a profile name. I always found it troublesome to choose a nickname for anything and this was no different, after a little deliberation I went for: Young and wanting cum. Next it was onto the "About me/Describe yourself" section, "Right then, time to try and sell myself a little bit."

Hey, thanks for taking the time to read this. I'm 18, long blonde hair, dark brown eyes, 5'6" tall, slim and tanned, with enhanced 34DD's that are aching to be played with. Sensitive nipples which enjoy a good licking and a nibble. A peachy bum, perfect for grabbing and squeezing, and round the front.....well..... I'll let you find that out.

"That should do the trick I suppose." I said clicking "next" and looking up and watched as the gardener was locking up the barn he keeps the lawn mower in, he was done for the day and I was about to be left alone. I gave him a friendly wave and he returned it with a smile and a wave and got into his old red golf and drove off down the drive, the gates at the end of the driveway closing behind him with a little clang. "Right then, back to business."

It was onto the next section: What are you looking for:

I'm young and relatively inexperienced and I want to experience A LOT more, mainly a big black cock. I'm keen and eager and will give anything a go at least once and if I like it, I'll come back for more. I keep myself tidy down there and I expect the same! Discretion is assured and expected and generally I can accommodate unless you have other ideas, like I said: I'm easy! Give me a try!

I clicked next and the page refreshed and came up with the pictures section, I needed at least 4 pictures to complete my profile and make it go "live". I walked into my bedroom and rummaged around in my bottom dresser drawer and found my 20MP Sony Cyber shot digital camera. "Well 4 pictures then huh."

I was wearing a vest top and took a picture looking down, and then a few cleavage shots in just my blue bra. Then without my bra on and my arm across my boobs, pushing them together and hiding my nipples, making my big 34DD's look big and round and hopefully appetizing.

I slid my jogging bottoms down and twisted round and took a few pics of my bum with my thong separating my cheeks and the final one I took was of my thong around my ankles. I thought it might be classed as artistic and then a full length frontal shot in the mirror, taking care not to get my head in the picture.

I connected my camera to my laptop and uploaded the pictures to it, I then selected 9 pictures and uploaded them up to my profile. It took about a minute for the all the pictures to upload and I was greeted with a successful and congratulatory message: I was a member! Now it was time to start searching for real and see if anyone found me.

10 minutes later I had sent 4 messages to 4 different guys who I liked the look of and I was just about to log off when I noticed I'd received a message myself, I clicked on the menu button and it took me to a message I'd been sent by a user called: BigNBlack.

My heart rate began quickening just as I read the message from him, it was a naughty message and it was ticking all the right boxes for me and then there was a picture of him and his cock. Well, I nearly fell over, he was a good looking guy and his cock was BIG.

I quickly checked his profile out, he was 35 and only a few miles away from me and had met a few people from the site already with good feedback from them all. I replied to him and at the bottom of the message I left my phone number, I hovered over the send button for a few seconds before taking a deep breath and pressing send.

I didn't have to wait long before my phone started to vibrate and ring, it was a number I didn't recognize, my heart rate quickened again and I paused and pressed ok. "Hello?" I said

"Hey, it's BigNBlack, you just sent me a message." A deep voice replied.

"Hey, thanks for calling back so quick," I replied trying to sound composed, a finger twiddling a loop of my blonde hair as I began to idly walk around the room as we chatted, until I finally plucked up enough courage and invited him to mine. "By the way, my name is Tracy. And erm......when do you think you can get here?"

"Hey Tracy, I'm Dez and I'm leaving right now. I'll see you in 10 minutes."

"Beep your horn when you're outside and I'll open the gates."

"Oh....ok then." And with that he hung up.

My heart was really racing now, "Right, best I go and put something sexy and girly on for him as he wanted." I pulled open a drawer and pretty much immediately settled on my bright pink push up bra and matching thong.

I quickly stripped out of my clothes and threw them into the corner of the room and slipped my arms through the loops of my bra and reached behind me to fasten it up. I looked in the mirror and adjusted my boobs so they looked full, round and inviting in my pink bra, I then stepped into my pink thong and pulled it up and got it comfy.

Thinking I needed something else I went back to my lingerie drawer and had another look and found a set of matching pink fishnet stockings "Perfect." I said sitting on the edge of my bed and rolling them up my smooth lightly tanned, toned legs. After a final check in the mirror and tying my blonde hair back into a pony tail I went downstairs to the kitchen.

I found a bottle of Rose in my fridge opened it and filled a glass up and quickly drunk some of it to give myself some Dutch courage, I filled the glass again and calmly sipped at it this time. I could feel my excitement building inside of me, my heart beat was up and my senses on full alert just waiting for the beep of a horn.

And then there it was, I jumped up and pressed the button to open the gates, I looked out the small square window to the side of the front door and watched as an old dark blue Mondeo came edging up the driveway and stopped a few feet away from the front door.

I went to the front door took a very deep breath and opened it as Dez closed the door of his car and started towards me. "Fuck!" He said looking at me.

"Have I done ok for you?" I asked, leaning back against the frame of the door, one leg slightly bent and tucked up under me.

"I'd say." He replied almost bounding up the 3 steps to me, his black arm slipped easily around my back and onto my bum and squeezed me tight against him, my head arching up as his came down to meet mine.

His warm lips touching mine, his minty tasting tongue parting my lips and entering my mouth. His hands felt as though they were all over my body, squeezing, rubbing, touching, and caressing every inch of me as he held me against his firm body still as we stood in the doorway.

Dez wasn't hanging about and had already released my 34DD's and slipped my bra off my arms and onto the floor, his other hand came up and started pinching and rolling a nipple between his finger and thumb. A gentle moan escaped my lips as I thrust my chest up into his face, his tongue and lips clamping on my now hard nipples, he flicked them with his tongue and sucked on them hard.

Still in the doorway to my house a gentle warm breeze blowing over my bare skin, my hand went down to his crotch and felt a monster of a black cock straining at the seams of his jeans trying to escape. I stood in front of him and carefully and slightly nervously unhitched his belt buckle and let it clang noisily to the side as I popped the buttons of his jeans before I pulled them to the floor.

He kicked off his Adidas trainers and stepped neatly out of his jeans, I was kneeling in front of him now and his cock was only an inch away from my face and it was pulling the soft white material of his boxers tight.

I pulled them down and marvelled at the size of his cock, the pictures he'd sent through didn't do it justice, it was at least 11" long and straight as an arrow and pointing straight at me, he'd shaved himself bare down there which added to effect. I took his cock in one hand and then the other and looked up at him and opened my mouth.

Slowly, ever so slowly I edged my open mouth towards the meatiness of his cock, my lips closed softly around his helmet and gave it a gentle suck before pulling away and doing the same again. "You little tease!" He said with a smile on his lips and his hands on his hips as he watched me slowly edge further down his cock with the gentlest of touches.

I wanted nothing more than to gobble his cock hungrily but I wanted to savour my first taste of black cock. I slid a hand down to his balls and gave them a cup, they were big and heavy and I licked down his long black shaft to his balls and sucked on them as I gently stroked his cock.

I could feel my pussy was soaking wet at just sucking his cock, who knows what I would be like when I finally got it inside me. Not yet though, that would wait. I knelt up and pushed my big boobs around his cock and rocked up and down, his cock pushing up through my boobs and onto my willing tongue.

I could taste his salty precum and knew I was doing well. I took his cock back into my mouth, deeper and faster this time, my hands twisting round his thick shaft as I sucked on it well.

I stood up kissing my way up his toned body and turned around and put one hand on the open doorway and reached back and took his cock and put it between my legs and rubbed it against my thong clad pussy, he didn't need asking twice!

He pulled my tiny pink thong down and bent over kissing each bum cheek as he did. Dez then slid a hand up the inside of my thigh all the way up to my pussy, his fingers nudging at my wet opening, spreading it open. I felt his cock edging towards it and I stood with my legs further apart, I looked over my shoulder to see him slowly wanking his cock, one hand on my bum as the other started to guide his cock to my opening.

I felt his big black cock nudging at my pussy and I took a deep breath, he edged forward and I felt the head of his cock push in and then pull back out again. Then he pushed a little further in and pulled it back out again, and then further in.

My juices leaving a white tide mark on his cock, it felt as though it was filling me until he was balls deep inside me. He held me there as I felt his cock throbbing inside me, it was enough to tip me over the edge and without moving I came all over his cock, my moans and screams escaping out through my open front door, my back arching as my body pulsed, speared by his big black cock.

"And that's before I fuck you!" He said with a smile in his voice, he placed both hands on my hips and began to fuck me. Pushing his 11" deep inside of me and then back out, my pussy holding on to it, trying to milk it. His big heavy balls slapping into me, my bum slapping back into him as I pushed back, my boobs shaking back and forth.

"Oh fuck! OH Fuck! OH FUUUUUCK!" I began as I felt another orgasm building in me, this spurred Dez on and he began pounding into me faster and harder. My eyes closed, I bit my lip, I stopped breathing, I tensed up, my nails dug into the wood work, I pinched a nipple and then I let it go. I bucked, writhed, wriggled, screamed and moaned as the intensity of my orgasm pulsed through my body. Even the neighbours might have heard that one.

"Oh jeez." I managed to say as my legs shook beneath me.

"After an orgasm like that it's only fair I cum on your face!" Dez said pulling his sticky, glistening, juice covered cock out of my pulsing pussy.

I wasn't going to say no! I turned and sunk to my knees in front of him and took his cock eagerly in my mouth this time, tasting my juices on his cock. I sucked it deep and hard, playing with his balls as I did, the other hand twisting up and down his long shaft as it followed my mouth up and down, my tongue looping round his helmet.

He let out a few moans of pleasure and then I felt his balls tighten, and tasted some more pre cum. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and shot a long thick jet of spunk right up my face leading from my nose across my forehead into my hair, another jet splattered across the side of my face.

Another blasted into my mouth and I swallowed it down, another jet shot out and landed on my chin. Another on my forehead again, I knelt up and took some more in my mouth, he just wouldn't stop cumming.

He splattered my chin, my neck and down onto my boobs, I was absolutely covered in his hot spunk. He shook the last few drops into my open mouth and then began scooping his cum up using his cock and pushing it into my mouth and I cleaned it off for him and swallowed it all down.

I looked up at him with his cum running off my face and gave a smile and laugh, all I could say was "Wow!"

Dez winked at me and smiled "Don't worry I'll be coming back for more, I've got to dash now though." And with that he pulled up his boxers and jeans and left me kneeling at my front door, exhausted and covered in a lot of cum.

I watched him drive down the driveway, the gates opening for him as he approached them. The gates started to close and then began to open again as my mum's silver Mercedes nudged into view "OH FUCK!" I said my eyes wide as I jumped up slamming the front door shut and running up to my bathroom for a very quick a thorough shower, but with some happy and naughty thoughts in my mind.

There is a small pout to my lips as Master's mouth comes towards me. His deep passionate kiss makes me forget all else as my lips meld to His. I believe I was born to be His. He pulls back quirking an eyebrow.

"Pet, you know business causes Me to travel from time to time, and I will only be gone overnight, so no pouting. Take your vibe and give that pussy of Mine a good strong orgasm for Me."

His large hands descend upon my soft bare shoulders, though all of Me is bare as my Master wishes while we are at home, except for His collar and waist chain. Turning me away from Him I hear and feel a quick crack from His open hand across my arse, sending me off to the bedroom. As I walk, I hear the sound of door closing knowing He's now gone.

My head turns, a soft smile on my lips whispering.

"Travel safely my Master. Come home to Your pet soon."

Entering the bedroom, I light a few candles around the room. The warm comforting aroma of vanilla wafts up. As I am turning the bed down, the thick comforter rolls to the foot of the bed. I lay my soft form onto the silk sheet—they feel cool against my warm skin. I take hold of the thick rubber-like vibe in one hand, wetting the fat tip of it with my lips and tongue, enjoying the smooth skin-like feel this one has. Switching it on to a low/med speed, I draw it down to rub just between my hot already moist cuntlips, moving up to my clit in a slow sensuous circle, hips lifting, pressing to the vibrations.

With my warm cunt cream thickening, I slide the vibe now deep into my pussy, holding the vibe in my hand, legs bending—knees up—feet flat upon the sheets. Driving my hips up and down in a steady fucking motion, my body is now hotter, and wetter, and craving the feeling of this orgasm allowed to me by my Master. I plunge the vibe deep into the hot greasy cunt that belongs to my Master. Pinning my hips back down with a fierce thrusting of the vibe, cunt walls squeezing in a desperate attempt to devour the toy, my cries ring out loud, screams filling the room as my orgasm as it flows hot strong, calling out,

"Thank You Master, thanks for allowing me this pleasure!"

As my body recovers I lie quietly. Small delicious tremors every so often quake my form, keeping my cuntflesh a tingle, my clit quivering and the warm juices flowing. Slowly sleep descends upon me, with thoughts of my Master vivid in my mind lulling His slut into a peaceful sleep. The moon's soft rays filter in dimly through the nearly closed blinds. The candles have kept a low glow within the room. My body turns and my face snuggles into my Master's pillow, which I'd sprayed earlier with His cologne. I breathe Him in as I sleep.

Belly to the sheets, moist warm pussy still slowly sensuously pressing to the sheets in a soft humping motion while in my slumber, arse cheeks moving side to side, sweet dreams of my Master caress my mind. That beautiful dream was suddenly turning to a nightmare. A heavy weight presses down on my body, a hand snakes around me. Just as I am about to let out a scream, I realize this is no dream. An intruder is here in my Master's bedroom. My mind is racing and panicking, my heart is wrenching, and my body is struggling trying to twist out from His clutches. He straddles His thick branch-like legs over my back pinning my arms to my sides.

He is strong. His hand holds a gag that He forces into my mouth and secures behind my head. He works quickly, binding my wrists. I hear the click of the steel, though the inner lining of the restraints is softer—leather perhaps. Panting breaths through flaring nostrils, again His hands come to my head to put a blindfold on me, my protesting groans and grunts mean nothing to Him. I am kicking my legs to no avail. He grabs them, snaps on the same type of restraints, and flips me over like a rag doll. I can feel His menacing presence over me as I lie there naked. Only Master's collar and waist chain darn my body.

My mind is racing with thoughts, each one of my senses heightened.


It is the silk sheet being wrapped around me, nearly smothering me, my body bucking, trying my best to resist. I hear only the sounds this stranger makes—dark, ugly growls whenever I do something to try and spoil His plan. Each time He tightens His grip to let me know I'd best be still. I am flung over His shoulder, my arse pointed up to the sky wrapped in the silk sheet. His movements are meticulous. Aware that we are outside, the coolness of the late night air seeps in through the sheet. My body shivers.

His grip tightens, and I am placed into the seat of a car. First my door closes, then the driver's side opens and closes. I jump in reaction to the noises—all familiar noises yet now in darkness everything feels strange and common noises make me anxious. All I can do is whimper pathetically, as this Man makes no sound. I do not know if He is going to do me harm or what is to come of me. My mind fills with thoughts of my Master, He won't know what's happened to me, and I feel the sting of tears.

We are only in the car a short while before my body is casually flung back over His shoulder. Inside, His footsteps sound heavy—a certain sound like being on concrete—a musty scent—maybe a basement. My body is placed upon a flat surface.

Wood, perhaps - yes..

Smooth, hard, definitely wood..

I feel as if my body is a mass of nervous uncontrolled shivering. The gag makes it difficult to breathe. I have to remember to pull the air in through my nose which is a bit stuffy from my sobbing. The blindfold is wet from my tears. He sits me up a moment undoing the wrist restraints. I breathe a little easier, wiggling my wrists about to try and move. No such luck. This overbearing Man pushes me back down.

Pulling my arms up over my head, he attaches them to a different set of restraints that seem to be connected to the table. My breasts are rising up and down hard and fast. His fingers grab each nipple, rolling them between his fingers, and then giving each one a firm pinch. He takes the restraints from my ankles. I immediately try to kick. He is far too quick—holding both ankles binding one at the corner of the table, spreading my legs wide, binding the other to the opposite corner.

Here I lay before this One—naked and exposed—vulnerable. His fingers move over my Master's waist chain and then up to my collar. I buck and twist screaming beneath the gag until He finally leaves my jewelry alone. I feel delight at a small victory just won, but only momentarily as His fingers now find my nipples once more. Taking one, He pulls and pinches; twists and tweaks. The rosy hard tips ache feeling the sting, yet at the same time I feel the touch of His lips suckling on my other nipple. The mixture of pain and pleasure confuses my senses.

Whimpering, crying, I am not sure if I am in pain or I am whimpering at the soft gentle sensation. He is not my Master, yet His lips carry the same type of warm wet touch upon my breasts. His teeth slowly pull on my free nipple pulling it up as His fingers start to position the clamps. My body jumps. His mouth is covering my clit. He is so skillful; each of His movements is taking my attention off the impending clamps. A thin chain connects the clamps, and it lies between my breasts.

Who was this Man? Did my Master arrange this? Does my Master know where I am? Am I just supposed to submit? No, I want my Master.

His tongue sweeps over my clit again and again. I tell myself no, that I don't enjoy this. So then why are my hips are almost trying to lift into the stroke of His tongue to become one with His mouth? He moves over my moist cuntlips. My senses reel. I feel the first deep plunge of His tongue. He has a mustache. The only sound is a groan developing in my throat. Whimpering, questioning sounding like the word -


Again the pleading sounds begging through my gag iin desperation -

"Master, Master???"

Hoping, convincing myself it must be Him, as my body wouldn't react so easily if this One didn't have such a familiar touch. He probes with His tongue dipping in and out of my warm honeyed cunt. It is then I hear the buzzing sound. I know this sound. His fingers pull at my damp folds as He pushes the vibe deep into my wet pussy. Animal growls comes from deep within His throat, as He feels my cunt accept the large vibe, muscles trying to squeeze around its girth. Feeling tugging on my chained nipples, I am pulled slowly upward feeling the burn and sting. Then I feel something different—the softest feeling one could experience, my head tilting as I concentrate a moment.

A feather..

Yes, that must be it..

Lightly touching and tickling around the areola of each nipple as they are being pulled. My body is a frenzy of feelings, the feather, the vibe, the tugging. More and more whimpering—my body is on fire. Suddenly my whimpers become hard insistent moans. His hand shoves the vibe in harder deeper. I know He is watching me—I can feel His stare, His eyes moving to the dripping of my body's sweat, His pleasure at the way my body is shaking.

Quickly my fingers ball and fist, my toes curl, my mind is in such a confused state of ecstasy that I continue to try and fight off. I will only cum for my Master at His command for His dark and lustful desires. I am His playground, His canvas to create upon. Again and again the vibe is swimming in and out of my fuck hole, and then using a single finger He starts touching me at the valley between my clamped breasts. Slowly He glides downward over the flat of my belly. I pull in a deep breath through my nostrils. My belly caves in. His finger is still on my flesh dragging, and pressing.

He slowly makes His way to my exposed clit—the small protruding throbbing bud of my lust and passions. His finger flicks over it as His thumbs join in the fun. He is pinching and pulling on it, listening to my threatening moan of a denied orgasm bubbling beneath the surface. I listen to His low grunts as He tortures me over and over with His sweet ministrations. His skillful fingers drive me to the edge as I fight off the savage plunging, sweat dripping from every wanton pore of my body. Silently my mind screams out for my Master. My hips are jerking as He fucks me with the vibe now creating a steady intense motion. Each time the vibe is thrust in He rubs my clit with His knuckles. His other hand has moved back up to the clamps tugging lightly on them to listen to more of my muffled whimpering pleas.

As my mind becomes dizzy and blurred, He removes the vibe. The wet sloppy sound of it unplugging my fuck hole makes me crazy. I scream through the gag. I feel His body come to the table settling over mine, my head twisting in a heated protest. Wildly the blonde damp tendrils of my hair slap around my blindfolded and gagged face.

"No, only my Master can take me. This cannot happen. Please."

His fingers remove each clamp from my hot sore nipples. He quickly massages with both His mouth and hands easing the return of my blood flow. I can feel His thick rigid cock between my legs. The bulbous head is pulsing at my pink swollen cuntlips. A fuck hole so hot, wet ready to be fucked hard, my body is shaking.

He rocks forward, His cock teasing at my cuntflesh. I am trying desperately to shift my body but am unable to move. His hands reach up, taking the gag from my mouth. Before I even have my voice back to cry out, "No, please no more." the cunt juice soaked vibe is put into my mouth to suck on and once again I am stopped from speaking. The large toy fills my mouth as I suck the sweet hot taste of my cunt from it. He swipes up the blindfold and hisses out the words through grinding teeth as He rams His cock deep into its home.

"MINE!!! MY whore MY slut!!" my Master's voice strong loud commanding me.

My Master fucks me hard, and His lips come to my ear as my Master growls out throught His feral grunting.

"CUM My slut. Now. Hard. Give ME all you have wanted to release NOW."

I am crying, screaming, and yelling out my desperate need, my want.


As the orgasm that was so torturously, deliciously built up comes hard and fast, it is that moment I know what it is to be in sub space. The euphoric feelings take over my body, and Master and I become one. No beginning or end as we move in a motion so demanding yet so in sync. My mouth presses to the hot skin of His chest, sucking and licking as He slams His cock in and out of the fuck hole He alone owns. Master and only my Master can bring me, His slut to this sublime place.

In one deep solid thrust His cock explodes, thick waves of His hot cum pouring into my cunt, as my hot juice splashes over His dick, blending our lustful liquids. The smell of our sex surrounds us as our bodies drip with sweat, spasms coming one after the other—each one seemingly stronger than the one before. My strong cunt walls milk His cock of its cum. I need to feel my Master's body liquid flowing in my veins.

As He collapses to the table beside me, His lips to my ear, warm breath bathing over my hot skin the sound of His voice vibrates along my flesh, causing the many goose bumps to rise.

"So, my pet, are you happy I didn't really have to go away on business?"

Listening to the arrogant, wonderful sound of my Masters laughter as it melts my heart, whispering in a husky well sated voice.

"Your pet is very happy, Master. So very happy."

I caught the train everyday for work. I was always told to be careful,to be wary of travelling alone. A feat no one enjoys... until now. Routinely I caught the night train back home. I always kept a sharp eye, afraid of thieves or men with unsavoury ideas.

One man definitely stood out. He wasn't young, I'd say in his 40's. He had a beer gut, not in the greatest shape. However I often found him looking at me, making me feel uncomfortable.

"Urgh" I thought, "In your dreams you fat perv."

Soon the looks became more obvious. Night after night I saw him. Inching closer. Until finally, he got what he wanted.

The bus was exceptionally crowded, we were all pressed together. The smell of sweat and the heat filling the air.

I was stood, desperately holding on to the ceiling handles in the hopes I wouldn't fall asleep. I felt someone pressing against my back. And my ass.

"Don't worry about it, it's crowded" I thought.

Soon the pressing sensation increased, almost rhythmic. I felt a hardness. Then I saw the reflection in the window. It was him. He kept a completely straight face, paused, then continued.

Mortified, I remained still. Hoping it would pass. But soon I felt his fingers, travelling up my skirt. I reached out to stop him, he responded by immediately cupping my pussy, grinding his palm into my clit.

I enjoyed it. I didn't want this, but I didn't want to stop it either. And he knew it. He gently ran his finger up and down my moistened pussy through my underwear, then his hand rapidly delved into my pants.

He rubbed my clit harder each time, every so often sliding and teasing at my wet hole. I told him no, and no again. 3rd time was the charm, he rammed two fingers up my cunt unexpectedly, gently weaving in and out. I found myself squeezing and pushing myself onto his fingers, then the bell went off. My stop!!

I gathered myself and took off, as I stepped off the train I saw him sniff his fingers, seeing how wet I'd had been.

I felt ashamed, yet thrilled. I almost smirked to myself as I made my way through the dark side street. Thinking how glad I was that it hadn't escalated. However I heard the footsteps, and attention seeking coughing.

It was him. He'd followed me like a dog tracking the scent. I tried to speed up, however I found myself walking to even more secluded areas. Bait waiting to be taken.

Before I knew it, he had hold of my arm. We were around some garages. He gave me a look, and I stopped resisting. He broke into one of the garages, and pulled me inside. There was a table, a dim light, and a rope strapped to the ceiling. This was HIS garage!!

At first I thought oh god, what have I done? But before I could react, he pinned me against the wall.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you."

I nodded.

"However, I'm gonna fuck you. I want to slide my cock up your pussy and make you feel good. What do you think about that slut?"

Once again, I nodded.


He crammed his fingers up inside me once again. We were no longer confined to the train. We were able to make noise. He had no reason to tease, he thrust his fingers into me as hard and fast as he could.

My juices squelching around his fingers as my back slammed against the wall. He kept his face near mine.

"You like this bitch? It gonna feel so much better when it's my cock making you cum."

He yanked his fingers out of me, making my body shudder. He took my hands above my head, and restrained me. I was hanging from the ceiling, my toes on the floor just enough to spare me any pain.

He literally ripped off my shirt, and wasted no time sucking on my erect nipples. He made his way down and forcefully removed my skirt, tearing off my underwear.

"I'm gonna bury my tongue in your cunt. I'm going lash at your clit until you beg me to ram my cock in you."

He gently flicked his tongue across my throbbing clitoris. Lingering until I found myself desperately thrashing myself at his face, sadly he held my hips back.

He was there, on his knees grinning up at me. Then...holy shit. As promised, he lashed his wet tongue across my clit like a man possessed.

His head was moving up and down so fast as he alternated between jabbing my clit with his tongue and thrusting it into my seeping pussy, moaning into me all the while.

I clamped my legs around his head, so ready to cum. Then he pulled away. He knew how much I wanted to cum, he purposefully denied me that. Grinning away, he spun me around so once again his cock was grinding on my ass. The tip ever so gently pressing against my soaked hole.

"You want this fat cock deep in your pussy?"

I nodded with a groan.

"Say it, say you want me to fuck you hard."

I gave in,

"Yes please, fuck me hard!!"

Before I could finished my sentence, he thrust it in me so hard I nearly got whiplash! He started with slow yet hard thrusts. Getting faster, faster, harder and harder.

Soon his balls were slapping against me whilst I was screaming, my body being ricocheted back and forth by his furious cock.

My legs began to buckle, I felt the orgasm filling inside me, every dirty thing he hissed in my ear bringing me closer to soaking his dick in my juices.

"You like this cock? Yeah you do. Take it you slut, I'm gonna fuck you until you're sore. You want this cock?"


"I'm gonna push this throbbing dick in your ass, you want that?"

I'd never really tried anal before, I was hesitant. I said "No, it might hurt."

"At first but it'll be worth it whore."

He unhooked me from the ceiling restrains, keeping my hands bound, and lay me face down on a thick carpet. I was nervous, but curious. I'd never taken a dick up the ass before, but he was so good. My entire body was pulsating. I was a willing slave.

He lay on top of me, stroking his cock up and down my sopping cunt. He spat on his fingers and circles around my tight anus.

He slowly but surely pushed himself inside.

Not so bad I thought, a mere stretching sensation. Until he gave a second almighty thrush then went as deep as he could possibly go. I yelped out in pain, it wasn't agonising, just unexpected. He held down my arms and told me,

"Relax, just take it. Once you loosen up you'll be dripping wet. Bet I can make you cum from fucking your ass, like a dirty bitch."

He slowly pushed himself in and out. He didn't increase the speed, but he did increase the force. Harder each time, grunting, almost with punishing rage each time.

I felt my ass loosen, there was a pressure building. It felt good. It felt REALLY good. Just when I thought it couldn't get better, he rolled us over. He was laying on his back, I was laying on his front, both of us facing the ceiling.

There was a mirror, I could see myself lying there with a strangers cock squeezing in and out of my virgin asshole. He was right, I was dirty. And I loved it.

He put his hand between my legs and grinned his palm against my clit and putting his fingers inside me. Picking up the pace, cramming his clock up my ass whilst slamming his fingers inside my glistening dripping pussy.

"Come on bitch, all over my cock. CUM YOU WHORE!!"

Harder. Faster, I arched my back, I'd never felt anything like this before. My legs trembled like hell, I needed to release. I saw in the mirror, release came.

I squirted up the mirror, my body jolting almost like a seizure as I had the greatest orgasm. He let out an almighty groan through gritted teeth, before filling my ass with his cum.

He was right.

I certainly was a dirty bitch now.

I sprinted down the hall, running for my life. The sound of my chuck taylor clad feet slapping the ground bounced off the walls, echoing eerily.

"Maria... Maria..." It was a male's voice... I didn't know who he was and I didn't know what he wanted. Either way, things probably weren't going to turn out well for me if I let him catch me. I felt a little sweat beading in my hairline as my thick, wavy mane streamed behind me.

"Maria... Maria..." He was gaining on me. With every step, every breath, every heartbeat. I almost sobbed as I ran down the long, echoey corridors of the abandoned warehouse, leaping over piles of debris and hoping to god I didn't trip.

I had been snooping around, exploring the old welding factory after I'd heard some rumors about a human-bat thing supposedly seen coming and going from this place.

I had been inside the decaying building for about ten minutes when I heard a horrendous cacophony; someone broke down the door I had blocked and began calling my name in the silky, disgustingly fake sympathetic voice.

"Maria!" The proximity of the voice brought me out of my thoughts.

He was only a few paces behind me!!

The corridor was coming to a dead end. I thought all hope was lost, but I saw one last open door on the left. It could be my only salvation... A chance to turn around or find something I could use as a weapon to fight back.

I reached out to grab the door handle, both as an anchor to redirect my momentum and as a way to slam the door shut in the face of my predator.

I felt an arm wind around my throat, jerking me off my feet from the sudden stop and choking me in the suffocating grip. I thought it was a police officer or something like that, until I felt cold, inhuman breath on the side of my neck.

"At last..."

The man shoved me into the room, my feet tangling into various cords and wires littering the floor, he wrenched the door handle shut behind him. The room was lit by an old, dim, flickering lightbulb suspended by a thin wire.

The room appeared to be an old workshop. Shelves lined the upper parts of the walls with damaged and rough counters underneath. Tools of all sorts littered the place along with rusty generators decaying by some of the outdated power tools.

In the middle of the room stood a solid work table the size of a king-sized mattress, metal shavings scattered into the old creases of the over-worked wooden surface. Lengths of heavy duty, rusty chains draped tiredly over the upper half, almost waiting for someone to finish a project they started.

I turned to look at my captor after regaining some of my balance, but my right arm was yanked behind my back, forcing me in the opposite direction of the door.

I was roughly thrown over the table, the man gripping me roughly and bending me so my face was mashed into the metal shavings and splinters of the work table, making my eyes water with the sting. I blinked a few tears away. In a shaky voice, I asked.

"What... do you want... with me?" The man pressed himself against me, leaning over me and completely covering my smaller frame with his.

The man brushed the hair off the back of my neck and nuzzled my flesh before replying in that same, horrifying purr:

"You poked around in the wrong places... And then I smelled you. Your scent was the sweetest I've ever smelled and it drove me..." He pulled his mouth close to my ear and spoke the last word in a breathy, smooth voice, "... crazy."

"...m-my smell...?" My voice cracked on the word 'smell,' much to my dismay. My captor chuckled evilly, obviously enjoying my ignorance.

"Yes, darling. Your smell." What the fuck was he going to do... Eat me...?I struggled wildly, my pinned arm loosing circulation in the vice grip and my other stuck between my torso and the table top.

The man laughed heartily, yanking me up from the table and pressing my body against him. He captured both wrists in one hand in a crushing grip, forcing them behind my back. His other arm snaked over my chest, his rough hand gripping me just under my jaw. His lips were almost touching my ear, cold radiating from them and raising goosebumps along my skin.

"This can be easier for both of us. If you're good, I can be nice and gentle." He pressed his lips against the racing pulse beneath my ear, "or I can be rough and unpleasant if you fight me." He bit the soft curve connecting my neck and shoulder, two particularly sharp teeth almost piercing my skin.

I cried out in pain and jerked, shaking a laugh from him again. He shuffled forward to the table again, forcing me to bend over it painfully, this time sparing my cheek from the metal and rough wood. He spoke again, the chill of his breath causing the small hairs all over my neck to stand on end.

"What's it going to be, my pet?" Bile rose to the back of my throat as he whispered 'my pet.' I refused to respond, scared out of my mind and stubborn enough to want to fight. After a few seconds of silence, the man growled in frustration. He dragged me up onto the table, flipping me so I was on my back.

He motioned to the chain with his finger and a length of chain sprang to his command. It wound around my bruised wrists tightly before two links on each end opened up like the jaws of an angry snake and clamped into the old wood, making a sickly crunching sound like that of breaking bones; after sealing themselves into the table top, they went lifeless, just like they were a few seconds ago.

My arms were securely bound above me, putting me in a somewhat vulnerable state and cutting off any hopes I had of escape. My chest heaved as I panted in fear, my eyes searching for the face of the man behind all this.

I turned my head to my left and there he stood.

The most beautiful sight I had ever seen.

He stood probably around 6'7, dwarfing my smaller stature of 5'4. He was medium boned, muscular, and pale as the moon. He wore a charcoal gray hoodie with a lighter gray graphic tee beneath. His face was sculpted, not overly so, but enough to eliminate any boyishness.

Pale, perfect skin and a symmetrical face... and eyes with blood-red irises and light-absorbing black pupils. Black, spiky hair crowned his horrifyingly handsome face, making a mixture of terror and lust course down my spine, coating every nerve ending and focusing all my senses on him.

He casually leaned over me on the table, speaking in a low, dominating voice.

"Have you changed your mind, darling?" I gaped up at him, his face mostly a silhouette due to the crappy lightbulb hovering above. He raised an eyebrow at me in expectation.

I blinked and closed my mouth, regaining enough of my stubbornness to turn my head away and close my eyes, as if trying to deny his existence. I heard him hiss in a deep, threatening way.

"So be it. I'll have you, either way... And when I'm done, you'll be begging for more." The hairs along my arms rose again, his words stirring something deep within me.

He lept up onto the work table, kicking my legs apart roughly and settling between them. His hips rested against mine and he ground them into me, bringing to my attention something very hard between us.

He dug his cold fingers into the neckline of my white tshirt, ripping it from me, jerking me off the table and startling me with the brutality of the force he used. He gazed down at me, his hands caressing over the lacy white bra. He mumbled "White for purity... White for virginity..." My spine turned to ice. How did he know I was a virgin...?

Then he leaned down, taking the fabric between the cups into his mouth. He yanked back and it sprang free, the bra snapped in the middle, ruined. I was completely bared to him, unable to cover myself or hide from those crimson eyes.

My captor cursed under his breath before almost violently attacking my right breast with his mouth. He bit the nipple between his teeth, flicking his tongue over the hardening peak before sucking the soft tissue into his mouth.

My back arched off the table and I gasped involuntarily at the onslaught. His hand gripped and roughly kneaded the other as he worked over my breast with his mouth. I felt his sharp teeth sliding over my skin threateningly, knowing at any moment they could rip into me if he wanted. My heart pounded with a mix of fear and a rising, unknown desire within me.

He released my breast from his mouth with a wet smack, his dangerous eyes glaring into mine.

"Your heart is calling to me..." He moved forward so that his face was at my neck. He nuzzled the throbbing pulse near my throat, sighing.

"How does it feel... knowing I could drink you dry if I wanted?" He squeezed my breast hard, stealing a gasp from me. His tongue caressed the flesh over my racing pulse; I involuntarily angled my head to give him better access. He murmured appreciatively.

"You smell so delicious..." His teeth scraped over my pulse, drawing a shiver out of me. He chuckled a little, the sound a deep, throaty sound. He spoke softly,

"I could kill you if I wanted... Tear open your throat and drink away your life."

He kissed over my pulse again, lingering and letting his tongue snake out again to caress the sensitive flesh. A small whimper of fear and something else escaped my trembling lips.

"Tell me what you think about that, Maria." My name sounded strange on his tongue.

I licked my dry lips, noticing how his eyes followed my tongue. I spoke, hesitantly, in a quivering voice.

"I think... if that's what you really wanted, you would have done that already." He was inhumanly still for a moment, before a slow smile spread over his perfect face.

"Smart girl."

He squeezed my breast hard again, extracting a gasp from me, opening my mouth to him. He leaned down, capturing my lips with a strange hunger I'd never known before. My mind went completely blank as he pulled away to see my reaction.

I blinked, my brain feeling a little hazy as I stared back at him. I bit my lip, replaying over in my head what had just happened. Is this what a kiss was really like? Then it seemed to dawn on him.

"That was your first kiss?" He looked taken aback for a few seconds. Then his pupils dilated a bit and he growled deep in his throat before leaning back down and taking my lips again. My current situation forgotten, I lay there, trying to sort out how to react, the first time today when I was completely at a loss for words or action.

I let instinct take over. He claimed my bottom lip, sucking gently. I pursed my lips together a little, putting a bit of pressure on his upper lip. His hips ground against me again as he deepened the kiss, his tongue pushing against my lips.

Not knowing what else to do, I let him in and he swirled his tongue around mine, the sensations rendering my mind blank and my body limp. He whispered against my lips,

"That's it... don't fight me." He kissed me passionately, his hand starting to knead my breast again, flicking and rolling my nipple with his thumb while the other slipped beneath my head, gripping the back of my neck as his fingers intertwined in my hair.

He began kissing along my jawline, moving back toward my neck. Each kiss kindled the fire growing just under my skin and I began to feel a thirst within my body I had never known before.

His grinding began to feel good and I moaned beneath him as he sucked on my neck. My arms struggled against the chains, wanting to touch him. He spoke, his words muffled by the sensitive flesh of my throat against his lips.

"Not yet, my darling." He worked his way down my neck, pausing at my breasts again. His face moved away from mine as he maneuvered himself lower over me.

He kissed the soft skin above my belly button, his hands shredding my dark-gray, knee length leggings. He flung the remnants of clothing off the table, dipping his tongue in my belly button before kissing lower. Distress began to filter through the haze in my mind.

I mewled a soft,

"Wait..." My captor paused at his task.

"Trust me, pet." He resumed, kissing softly above my panty line and my hips, silencing any protest I may have had. I felt his hands gently pushing my knees apart, giving him access to my sacred part.

I felt him blowing a steady stream of cool air over me and realized that he had somehow slipped my underwear off me while I was distracted. Before I could protest, he latched onto my sensitive nub and sucked softly, drawing a moan from me.

My back arched from the sensation, my mind completely hazy as I felt his mouth in the place I had never been touched before. My legs quivered and my knees spread a little more, my body inviting him in without my permission.

His tongue swirled around my clit, awakening each nerve ending and setting them each ablaze. I didn't understand what I was feeling, and under present circumstances I didn't care.

He paused and I felt his eyes on my face. Through my panting, I managed to choke out,

"Please... don't stop... ohhhhhh..." His tongue slid up through my folds, turning my legs to jelly and my words to unintelligible moans and groans.

Then I felt something probing uncomfortably at my entrance. I bit my lip as I felt him touching me and stretching me a little.

Then I felt him suck on the sensitive little bud again and I completely forgot any discomfort. My belly was tightening in a weird way, but the way he made me feel I didn't want to care.

He drew on my clit repeatedly and I gasped, moaned, and writhed beneath him. I felt him insert his finger inside me and he stroked my inner walls, adding a new dimension to the sensation he was forcing onto me. The tightening within me kept growing with each second.

He flicked my nub with his tongue as he simultaneously swirled his finger inside me and the tightness exploded within me, unleashing a torrent of pleasure. My senses barely noticed the brief bit of pain as they were overcome by the intense sensation.

I heard myself whimpering softly as the cascade of pleasure began to ebb after a few moments. My heart no longer pounded with fear; the negative emotions temporarily gone as I basked in the glow of the new contentedness I suddenly felt.

Then, I became aware of something wet on the inside of my thighs and dripping down my bottom onto the table; I thought that perhaps I had peed myself and felt my cheeks grow hot with shame. I opened my eyes as I felt a shadow loom over me.

Piercing red eyes studied my face as my heart began to beat normally. He smiled and I noticed his lips were shiny and wet.

"You are absolutely exquisite when you come..." He leaned down to me again, kissing me gently. He tasted different. I swallowed hard,

"What just happened? ...what did you do to me?" I raised my head and looked down between us. His clothes were now gone and he was settled between my legs again. What I saw protruding from him made my eyes widen. He continued, seemingly unhampered by my attention on other places.

"You just had an orgasm. It happens when you feel really good." He paused and licked his lips, the shiny stuff disappearing. I blinked, raising my gaze back to his face, and my cheeks felt hot again as I asked quietly,

"...did I pee?" He laughed.

"No darling. It happens when you have an orgasm." I nodded.

My attention went back to his hips. He answered my unspoken question.

"That, Maria, is my cock and it will go inside you where you felt me touching you a bit ago." I swallowed hard.

"...go inside me?" He kissed my neck softly.

"Yes. I'm going to take you, pet. I'm going to fuck you with my cock." Before I could respond, he shifted his hips and used his hand to guide himself. I felt it pressing against me. I squirmed against him, whispering in fear,

"H-how is that going to fit in me??" I twisted my hips away, trying to close my legs as I felt a little panic. The piercing eyes stared daggers into me. I felt his hands on my hips grip tightly, holding the yielding flesh in a vice like grip. He leaned closer to my ear, whispering threateningly,

"You will not deny me entry. If you submit, I'll be gentle. If not, I can make this more painful for you then it will already be." He pressed his hips forward, the pressure increasing as he illustrated his point.

His eyes seemed to pierce directly into my soul; there was no give to his will and I knew there was no way out of this. After a few seconds, I forced myself to relax, opening my legs to him again. He sighed, his legs trembling.

"Good girl."

Before I could protest, he captured my lips as he thrust his hips forward. I felt a pain like a sharp rubber band snap and I opened my mouth to yelp, but he absorbed my cries with his mouth and kissed me passionately.

He moaned deep in his throat, his body shaking above me. He broke the kiss, drawing in a sharp breath and cursing,

"God you feel so good..." He kissed my pulse again and slowly rotated his hips. I winced at the discomfort; I felt like I was being split in half. He kissed my neck firmly, pulling away briefly enough to apologize.

"I'm sorry love... It's going to hurt for a little bit." There was only one solid question in my mind.

"Is it really inside me?" He moved his hips again and I could feel it moving in me. He began slowly moving his hips back and forth, pulling out a little and then going back in. It hurt at first, but it soon started to feel good like before. The man was still shaking. He murmured,

"You're so tight... So good... I want to ride you hard but you aren't ready... God damn..." He did pick up the pace, however. When he pulled out, I felt a new kind of emptiness that was soon relieved after he surged back in, gyrating his hips.

He hit a really sensitive spot inside me and I moaned again, wrapping my legs around him as he moved within me. He cursed under his breath and pumped faster, harder. It felt so good inside me and I soon wanted him to fill me more, get deeper, go harder.

I struggled against the chains binding my arms down and he lifted a hand, gesturing like he did before. The links disintegrated around my wrists like sawdust and my arms sprang free and wrapped around his shoulders.

My hands roamed over his smooth, muscular back. He hit that spot inside me again and again and my nails dug into his cold flesh. He cursed sharply and pinned me, thrusting inside me harder. His eyes borred into mine and his lips curled into a snarl.

My back arched and I cried out in ecstasy as he kept stroking over that spot. I started lifting my hips in time with his thrusts, hearing his thighs slap against my ass as he buried himself inside me.

He began to furiously fuck me at that point. I writhed and moaned, mewled, whimpered, and groaned beneath him, the way he was taking me so brutally adding fuel to the fire in my core.

"God damn it, Maria!" I clawed his back as he stroked over that spot inside me, my eyes nearly rolling back up into my skull.

Moving as fast as lightning, he gripped my wrists and pinned them above my head, staring into my eyes with a new intensity. He slowed his thrusting and stopped; I groaned in frustration and tried to grind my hips to get friction inside me. He leaned his weight onto my wrists a little, capturing my attention completely.

"Listen to me, Maria." He growled out, his muscles trembling. He began punctuating the words with his thrusting into me, "You. Belong. To. Me." One of his hands gripped my breast again and he loomed over me. His voice grew more intense.

"You. Are. Mine!" I moaned as his words called up a strong desire in my soul, my orgasm, as he called it, building within me.

"Say it!" He ground his hips hard against me, driving his point home. I cried out as he hit me deeply inside. He squeezed my breast hard.

"Say it! Who do you belong to?!"

"You!" He thrust inside me again.

"Tell me who you belong to!" I groaned, my belly tightening dangerously.

"I belong to you!" With that, I came and nearly shattered into a million pieces. I almost screamed from the intensity, a roaring sound rising in my ears and my mind completely incoherent as the tides of hot pleasure crashed over me. I registered his curses and broken sentences,

"Oh god... You're so... Tight... So damn good... Ughghh"

He kept moving inside me, prolonging the orgasm. I found myself sobbing, almost begging him to stop the onslaught which threatened to overwhelm me.

He slammed into me one last time, holding still. I felt something hot erupting within my walls and flooding my tunnel; it felt good.

I opened my eyes and discovered he was staring intently at me. The spurting inside me continued as he leaned down and kissed me deeply.

The kiss lasted a long time, neither of us wanting to stop. Finally, he broke the union of our lips and spoke softly,

"I'm going to mark you now." I blinked, the post-orgasmic haze clouding my mind and any coherent thoughts I had. He sweetly kissed my throat, his cold lips sliding down my searing flesh, cooling and soothing.

He reached the base of my throat and pressed his lips on the side of my neck, just above the juncture connecting my neck and shoulder. He kissed gently before opening his mouth and sucking hard over the spot.

I closed my eyes and rolled my head to the side, my lips parting but no sound coming out. He sucked on my neck, swirling his tongue around the skin in his mouth.

My nerves began tingling again, stirring like embers from a dying fire. My hands came up to the back of my captor's neck, stroking the base of his skull and holding him to me.

After a few seconds, I felt a sharp stabbing pain that quickly subsided and was replaced by a different form of pleasure all together; one that didn't lead to a need for climax. He sucked a while longer, his tongue methodically swishing over the skin in his mouth.

He released and admired his work. Goosebumps fanned out from the area, the sudden cool prickling my over-sensitized nerve endings. He looked up at me, those intense predator eyes smoldering. He lifted his hand to my face, cupping my cheek and stroking his thumb over my soft skin. He whispered, gently,

"You're mine now." I blinked a few times, my eyes welling up with moisture from a mix of emotions; I was pretty sensitive and all the new experiences and crazy emotions was probably getting to me. In a trembly voice, I asked,

"Am I going to be like you now...?"

He kissed my forehead tenderly and spoke softly,

"No, darling. I don't want to Change you. Not yet, anyway."

I opened my eyes to find myself standing inside the abandoned factory. It was quiet and everything had a shimmery, unreal feel to it. Sunlight filtered lazily into the decaying hallway through cracks in the boarded windows and dust motes floated around in the still air.

Blinking a bit in confusion, I took a small step forward. Dust puffed into the air around my shoes as a piece of discarded plywood flattened to the ground under my weight, grinding against the crumbling concrete.

What was I doing here...?

My gut twisted suddenly in panic, the hair on my nape standing on end as my heart rate picked up. Through the silence, that voice called my name sweetly; the sound seemed to swirl through the hallway.

My body moved automatically in reaction, my legs shifting as I started to run. There was no other sound as the voice grated through the corridor like steel on concrete. Terror coursed through me as my running slowed against my control.

I started moving in slow motion, like trying to move through molasses. The harder I tried to flee, the slower I became.

The peaceful, crumbling hallway had changed. It was dark now; the light was completely gone as tangible blackness closed around me. It enveloped my eyes, ears, nose, and mouth as I tried to struggle.

The presence of the voice neared my ear, cold lips touching the lobe as it started to speak. A horrible wailing noise erupted from his mouth, jolting me into wakefulness.

A shock of electricity ran up my spine and I bolted upright, panting hard and shaking in fear. With panic-induced movements, I tore the stifling blanket away from my face, finally taking in a deep breath of cool air as I reached back and slapped the 'off' button of my obnoxious alarm clock to silence the horrible noise.

Cold sweat dripped down my temples as the hairs on the back of my neck stood stiffly to attention. My heart continued to pound in my ears as I blinked a few times and looked around, sighing and sagging in relief as I realized I was in my dorm room.

The mattress creaked and a pillow fell to the floor as I shifted, pulling my knees to my chest and wrapping my arms around them, laying my cheek on top of my right knee. After a while, my breathing started to slow and I didn't feel the cold sweat as much; my heart calmed as I listened to the familiar sounds of morning dorm life.

Pop music bounced through the hall, the lyrics and rhythm of the song clouded with the sound of a hair dryer or two and the slamming of doors as girls got ready and headed to class. I sighed, looking at the clothes strewn over the floor as I felt my body calming, the adrenaline filtering away.

Though I was left with an uneasy feeling, my dream was nearly forgotten as I slid up off my bed, getting to my sock-clad feet on the cold tile floor. After glancing at the clock and seeing the time, 8:33 am, I groaned in annoyance. I was going to be late for class!!

Quickly gathering my stuff for a shower and slipping on my old flip-flops, I hustled into the bathroom and nearly ran into another girl as she left the communal bathroom. I showered fast, not giving the water time to heat up and shivering under the cold stream as I scrubbed myself with soap and lathered my tangled, sleep-mussed hair with shampoo.

Hardly taking the time to properly dry off after I rinsed away the soap and hair product, I threw on my clothes for the day: patterned blue and teal tank and pair of jeans, and wrung out the water from my hair as I hurried back to my dorm room and tossed the wet towel and nightclothes in a heap onto the floor.

Not bothering to look at my reflection, I roughly brushed my hair, cringing as I forced the bristles through the knots and speedily worked out the tangles in my hair. Tossing the brush onto my messy, blanket-strewn bed, I grabbed my back pack off my desk and stuffed the necessary books inside before zipping it shut and throwing it over my shoulders.

Slipping into my shoes, I grabbed my keys and hurried out the door without bothering to tie the loose laces. I ran all the way to class, cool morning air and sunlight brushed over my skin; my usual Chuck Taylors frantically slapped the sidewalk and my laces flopped about as I strode toward the sciences hall.

Swinging open the door and taking the stairs two at a time, I managed to get to the third floor and turn the corner to room 309 by 8:59. I panted hard, turned the heavy handle on the door, pulled it open, and walked quickly into the room.

The other students who had arrived on time stole glances at me, one of them even raising an incredulous eyebrow as I passed. Pulling out the chair and cringing as I squealed against the worn tile floor, I flopped into my normal seat beside my friend, Becky, and began pulling out my books.

It wasn't for a few moments that I realized she was staring at me. I raised my eyebrow and smoothed some stray hairs back into place self-consciously, squirming under her gaze and still panting a little.

"What...?" She looked at me wide-eyed for a few more seconds before leaning close and smirking a little, whispering,

"Somebody had a good time last night."

My brow furrowed and I looked at her, confused.

"What do you mean...?"

Becky grinned and leaned over to retrieve her bag from the floor. She set it on the table top and took her compact out of her sparkly, over-stuffed, black purse. She opened it to me and held the mirror angled to my neck.

I gasped, my mouth falling open in disbelief. A large, deep, dark purple hickey marred my neck by my collarbone. Immediately, my cheeks flushed and I slapped a hand over the bruise, turning away from her and dropping my head to the table top.

As I tried to remember how the hell I had gotten such a mark, my brain started to buzz and a maddening humming sound rose in my ears. The sound of the professor's voice dulled and slowed as if traveling through syrup. The presence of the other students faded; even Becky was forced out of my reality as my brain went into overdrive and my focus shifted to the storm in my mind.

In the next few moments, all of the previous night's events came rushing back to me... The factory, the chains, the man, the rape... The hickey...

My face red and heart pounding with shame, I got up and left the class, stepping outside into the hall. The professor continued teaching, but I felt a few pairs of eyes follow me as I strode up the aisle between the tables.

The heavy wooden door clanged shut behind me and I leaned my back against the wall just around the corner, sliding down until I was sitting. Hugging my knees to my chest, I didn't really fight the urge to make myself small on the dusty floor.

I wanted to cry as all the memories from last night exploded back into my memory and spun me into a whirlwind of emotions. He had taken my first kiss... He had taken my virginity... He had even left me with a huge-ass hickey as a brand of shame...

I shivered, rubbing my palms over my upper arms to calm myself. I wasn't going back into sociology class today... I was too embarrassed by my sloppy appearance and I didn't want anyone asking questions when they saw the tears on my face. I probably wouldn't do well in my other classes, either. Not today, at least...

After a while, I pulled out my laptop and emailed the rest of my teachers for the day that I would not be coming to class. I was 'sick,' I claimed... It was half true, I felt like I was going to vomit.

Closing the lid and neatly packing it back into the bag, I pulled the heavy back pack into my lap and hugged it. I rested my chin on it, the rough and durable fabric of the bag felt a little comforting, as well as the weight of it in my lap.

After a few quiet minutes passed in the empty hallway, I finally got tired of having a pity party on the floor and stood up, throwing my back pack over my right shoulder. Turning on my heal and heading toward the stairs, I began skulking back to my dorm room.

The nice thing about the Science's hall was that it was lit mostly by sunlight; warm sun rays beamed over me as I descended the stairs. Exiting the building, a cool breeze swept over me as I chose the shortest path to the dorms.

I looked down at the sidewalk whenever a stray student passed; there were still tears brimming in my eyes and blurring my vision. My hair fell over the hickey, hopefully covering the dark bruise with a curtain of still-damp red locks.

The initial shock and hurt began to fade, then slowly turned to anger and resentment. I couldn't believe I let him touch me, let alone... Nevermind. I seethed inwardly, especially when I realized I was sore between my legs.

My hands clenched into fists at my sides, my eyes narrowing as I felt helplessly angry. What the hell was I supposed to do now!? I couldn't tell anyone, nobody would believe me. I had showered too; my clothes from last night had also been destroyed and apparently didn't make it back to my dorm with me, so there wasn't even any evidence left to file a police report.

I heard someone walking behind me and I sped up, my eyes tearing up from frustration and defeat. I wasn't about to let someone see me cry like a little girl. The steps on the pavement behind me sped up to match my pace and I felt a cold hand come to rest on my shoulder.

My heart leapt in my chest with fright- it was him! The sole of my shoe ground on the pavement as I spun around, fist primed to break his jaw, but I stopped dead in my tracks.

It was Becky, my friend.

I let out a sigh of relief as I saw her soft brown eyes and her concerned expression, her skin a comforting mocha color rather than deathly pale. She stepped closer and spoke softly,

"Girl, what happened? It's not like you to leave class like that..." She pulled her hand off my shoulder and I stepped forward, hugging her. Her soft and curly hair brushed my cheek and her soft perfume helped soothe me.

Becky was my dear friend; she was always honest with me and caring, sometimes reminding me of a mother hen taking care of her chicks. A little surprised, she wrapped her arms around me and hugged me back. I laid my cheek on her shoulder, murmuring,

"I don't know... I feel strange..." I felt bad for lying, but how are you supposed to tell someone you were fucked by a vampire in an abandoned factory? She patted my back.

"Are you gonna be in class today or do you need me to pick up your homework?" Becky knew better than to pry, just hugging me back and helping me calm down.

"Would you pick it up for me please? I'm not feeling well... I think I'm going to go lie down." Stray hairs tickled my face, the cool breeze stirring them into life as I looked down again. Becky was silent for a moment, before she made a little 'mhm' and began fishing around in her purse again.

"Here... If you're gonna get busy again you should keep some of these around." She held her hand out, a sample bottle of 'morning after' and a few Tylenol tablets in her hand. I rolled my eyes, holding out my hand as she deposited the pills into my palm. She grinned, pointing at the hickey.

"Next time girly, tell him to leave one in a less obvious place." With that, she shouldered her purse and turned on her heel. With a wave, she began walking back toward the main campus. I couldn't help a small smile as I began walking back to my dorm.

A few minutes later, I padded down the hall toward my dorm room, the smell of heavy perfume and microwave popcorn coating the brick walls and tiles floors. Nobody else was around in the hallway; not even the custodian, who had finished cleaning the bathroom while everyone was in class.

The strong smell of cleaning solution cut through the regular smell of the hallway; my dorm room was right across from the bathroom.

The rubber soles of my shoes squeaked on the drab tile of the floor as I half turned, stopping in front of my door, pulling my lanyard out of my pocket, I held up the brass key to my room and lined it up with the keyhole in the heavy old handle of the door.

As I tried sliding the key into it, the heavy wooden slab slid open on silent hinges. I guess my roommate had gotten here first.

As I stepped inside, something immediately felt wrong, making the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. A sort of cold chill whooshed past me, raising goosebumps in its wake as the door closed and locked behind me, seconds before I heard that terrifying voice...

"Hello, pet."

My feet seemed to freeze to the floor, my blood hardening into ice in my veins. There he sat, right on my bed as if he belonged in my dorm room. He smiled calmly at me, irises a deep, bloody crimson.

The asshole was even leaning back a bit, his DC's kicked off his feet under my bed. He looked extremely casual and laid back, wearing a tight, long-sleeved, black T-shirt with grey swirling smoke patterns stained into the fabric. His jeans were ripped over one knee; probably an old, favorite pair.

Just as quickly as it had come, the fear evaporated and was replaced by the growing anger and resentment brewing in the pit of my stomach. I stepped forward, muscles tensing as the rage and hurt grew. The man simply raised an eyebrow as I began to speak in a low, angry tone.

"Who the hell do you think you are, prancing around and taking what you want!? You make sick!"

The bed creaked and I heard fabric scuff the floor; the next thing I knew, he had crossed the room in a trice, his hand was around my throat, and he pinned me roughly to the wall as his hips locked over mine.

His inhumanly cold hand rested on the base of my throat, making sure I couldn't look away from him. Those eyes borred into mine and he leaned down, kissing me hard and hungrily.

My racing mind halted, freezing up and going blank again as my eyelids fluttered closed. I didn't realize I was so tensed up until I started to relax, sighing softly through my nose. Even though his lips were cold... They were soft and comforting.

He chuckled quietly and pulled away, his hand moving from my throat to my cheek, the contact becoming more tender rather than dominating.

"I came because I was worried about you, darling. I do take care of my pet, you know..." Pulling away from the wall, he pulled me into him and laid his cheek on my forehead. Though I really didn't want to be so close to him...

He smelled really good and his body felt nice and solid against mine. Still, I was totally unsure what the hell to do, so I just stood there stiffly and awkwardly. It wasn't long before I decided to voice a question I had been pondering for quite some time. Speaking softly, I attempted to look up into his face.

"I don't even... Know your name..."

He nodded, stroking my hair through his fingers in a strangely intimate gesture as he met my gaze.

"I'm sorry... I never told you, did I? My name is Kaleb." With a nod, I lowered my gaze from his intense eyes; even when he was relaxed, they sent shivers down my spine.

I hadn't yet decided if they were from fear or something else; the second option was firmly shoved out of consideration.

My cheek nestled into his cool, firm chest and I almost laughed at how... Casual... This was. Him hugging me and stroking my hair like we were a couple. My anger quickly bubbled up again; I would be damned if I would let him win submittance from me so easily.

I began struggling in his grip, putting my hands flat against his chest and trying to push him back, attempting to break the relaxed yet unbreakable embrace of his arms around me. Kaleb really didn't budge much, but it made me feel like I was accomplishing something. He looked down at me, raising an eyebrow at my fruitless struggles.

"Mm pet doesn't like my hugs?" I glared up at him, frowning. I was sure my face was becoming flushed with irritation, because my cheeks felt hot from the rage I felt. My reply was much louder and contained a bit more venom,

"I'm not your fucking pet!"

The vampire snorted in dismissal, his fingers threading more roughly into my hair and tangling into a tight grip on the base of my skull. Kaleb tilted my head back to look him in the face, some strands of silky black hair almost hanging over his dangerous eyes. His lips drew steadily closer to my ear as he spoke, the chill of his breath raising goosebumps over my flesh again.

"Yes you are, my girl. You said so yourself when you were screaming for me to fuck you." My cheeks grew even hotter at the memory, an involuntary shiver coursing down my spine and a tingling beginning to grow in the apex between my legs.

I bit my lower lip, swallowing hard and looking back up at him. Those rich, crimson eyes looked back down at me, fully capturing my gaze as a small smile spreading over his lips.

"Mmm you remember now, don't you, pet? Remember how I felt inside you... How it felt to finally let go and submit to me..."

Kaleb's inhumanly cold hand began stroking down my side as he spoke, his fingertips caressing my thigh and leaving goosebumps in their wake while the other stayed firmly knotted in my hair. His fingertips traced down the side seam of my shirt and onto my hip.

They continued toward the inside of my thigh, wasting no time in sliding up and into my jeans. He gently hooked his index finger into my panties and tugged them to the side with ease to expose my sex.

Chills ran down my spine yet again and my temperature rose in a mix of terror and excitement that was starting to become familiar. I shut my eyes tight, pressing my thighs together in an attempt to hinder his hand from searching any further. My voice was a small squeak when I spoke,

"Please... Please don't..."

There was a silence for a few seconds before his hand withdrew from my pants. Kaleb's grip on the base of my skull relaxed and he combed his fingers through my hair, untangling them.after freeing up his hand, he wrapped that arm around my waist and pulled me closer, gently and lovingly.

Opening my eyes, I saw his expression soften a bit before he lowered his face to mine and kissed me again, deeply. My heart stuttered in my chest and my knees went weak, trembling just a bit.

His other arm slid beneath my knees, pulling me up and laying me on my messy bed. The vampire climbed in with me, curling his body against mine and stroking my cheek as he pulled me tight against him.

My scorching skin nestled against his chilled flesh. It was oddly intimate, but at the same time I couldn't have moved away if I wanted to. I was being cuddled... And dominated...

"Why are you fighting me, pet?" He murmured quietly against my neck, nuzzling my pulse and brushing his lips over my earlobe. I closed my eyes, sighing softly and forcing myself to relax as I replied,

"Because I don't know... What to think of you..." He began kissing down the side of my neck, his fang tips tickling my sensitive skin. His hands caressed my sides, brushing over my skin and sliding up underneath my tank top. I closed my eyes, my heart pounding in my chest and my nerves tingling.

"You're mine, darling. Your body knows it. You just need to accept it..." Kaleb whispered against my neck, his right hand caressing over the soft skin of my stomach and his left caressing my thigh outside of my skinny jeans.

I wanted to give in... What he said was true, but a stubborn, niggling part of my brain wasn't about to just submit to someone who was still more or less a stranger to me.

He nibbled on my collarbone, biting softly and scraping his sharp canines gently over my flesh. Goosebumps prickled over my skin, which was becoming more sensitive as he continued to tease it. The sound of his voice, close to my ear, back in the abandoned factory floated back into my memory,

'I could kill you now if I wanted... Tear open your throat and drink your life away...'

Kaleb's hand slid over my bra and he squeezed my left breast, his cold wrist pressed against my flesh over my racing heart. He was making it so hard to focus...

Why did he have to be so sexy...? The monster holding me to him was ruthless and willing to selfishly rape a girl because... What was his excuse... 'Because your scent was the sweetest I've ever smelled.'

His left hand pressed against the apex between my legs, his palm rubbing against the seam of my jeans and pressing it against my clit, using the texture of the fabric to tease me and make me more sensitive.

My eyelids fluttered shut and I must've moaned because he sighed against my nape and began kissing harder, his tongue darting out occasionally and swirling over my searing flesh. My skin was becoming sensitive enough that when a lock of hair shifted off my shoulder, I thought I felt each individual hair gliding lightly over my neck.

I quickly began to forget why I ever wanted to fight this... It was so good... I didn't have any experience with sex, but I'd never known someone could totally just... Take over your own body...

My bra slid up beneath my tank and I felt him tug gently on my nipple, rubbing it and rolling the sensitive peak as he pressed on my breast. As he continued, my brain was becoming foggier as the wonderful, pleasurable sensations became my focus.

There was something... I wasn't... Supposed to do... Something I told myself... Not to feel around him... Some way I was supposed to act... Or not let him have...What was it...?

My jeans were now unbuttoned and the fly unzipped, his hand slipping into my panties and his fingertips sliding into my folds, using just the right amount of pressure in just the right places.

Fuck it. Whatever it was, fuck it... It was too good...

I realized I had been making soft mewling sounds from his touches and moving my hips in time with his hand. My eyelids fluttered open and his tongue curled around my earlobe, drawing it into his mouth and sucking gently before he murmured into my ear,

"Close your eyes, pet... I love the sounds you're making..." Without a second thought, my eyes closed again and I tipped my head back, laying it on his shoulder and turning my face so my forehead nestled into his neck, just beneath his jawline. His lips pressed against my temple and I felt him smiling against my skin.

"Baby girl you're doing so well..."

Kaleb slipped a finger inside me and I arched my back a little, spreading my thighs and lifting my hips, inviting him in. His palm rubbed against my clit, his finger inside me quickly finding that sweet, explosive spot and rubbing at a maddening pace.

Soft whimpering sounds poured out of my lips as I started panting, my mind blank as I gave in completely.

I half-expected him to make some comment, but he stayed quiet and kept playing with me. His right hand kneaded my breasts, rolling and tugging on my nipples occasionally. Kaleb's hips pressed against my ass and I felt the hard bulge in his pants pressing against the back of my thigh. He began grinding on me, matching to my rhythm.

It was insane; almost like we were dancing, like sex with our clothes on. The other girls in the dorms talked about sex, but nothing like this...

Suddenly, the amazing sensation withdrew as Kaleb pulled his finger out of me and moved his hand away from my sex. I groaned softly in disappointment, goosebumps rising along my hip as his chilled hand caressed over it. I felt the moisture on his fingers as he rubbed over my skin, leaving a wet trail across my hip.

The vampire hooked his thumb into my jeans, tugging them down slowly. My nerves had become so sensitive that I thought I could feel every thread in the fabric as it slid down my thighs, over my knees, and slipped off my calves and onto the floor.

My panties were next, and he removed them with the same, deliberate slowness, teasing me. As my panties joined my jeans and the other rumpled clothes on the floor, the hand on my breasts stilled and withdrew, caressing over my stomach instead.

This was different than before... More couple-y. My heart began beating harder, my nerves on fire.

Kaleb murmured in my ear again,

"Turn around, pet." Nodding quietly, I lifted up on my elbow and turned, settling in to face him. His hands settled on both sides of my hips and he pulled me on top of him, hands sliding over my ass and down the backs of my thighs.

He pulled my knees up, making my hips press harder against him. My palms rested flat on his chest, my nails grazing gently over the fabric of his shirt. I looked down at him, biting my lower lip and still feeling fuzzy-minded. He leaned up, kissing my flushed cheek,

"I'm going to take you again, pet." He murmured in my ear, speaking in a gentle but authoritative voice. My heart began racing, the need for more stimulation becoming greater as I felt the warm bulge in his pants pressing against my clit.

Almost as if sensing my thoughts, he grabbed my ass again, pushing my hips down on his and making me grind. His erection rubbed and pressed against my clit through his jeans, drawing a moan from me and sending shivers up my spine.

He cursed under his breath, kissing along my neck and almost devouring my skin. His fingertips dug into my skin as he gripped my hips roughly, squeezing them.

"I'm going to fill that tight pussy of yours. I'm going to make you scream my name and beg for me to let you cum."

I squeaked a little in surprise as he flipped me over, pressing my chest into the mattress. My mind began to clear as I felt a little afraid and I looked back at him with wide eyes.

His movements were fluid and almost predator-like as he undid his jeans and pulled them off, his gaze riveted to my ass. His jeans joined mine on the floor gone, his boxers rapidly joining them as he swiftly pulled them off.

Kaleb pressed his length against me from behind, the warm shaft of his cock nestling between my thighs. His crimson eyes flickered toward my face and caught my eye, the lustful expression on his face making me feel uneasy. I didn't dare move as he leaned down, stroking my spine gently and nuzzling my cheek.

"I won't ever give you more than you can handle." His cold hands rubbed my back and sides as he slid into me, slowly. I felt every inch of his cock, his shaft nearly forcing itself through my tight walls. I gasped a little, closing my eyes and spreading my knees.

Kaleb stayed quiet, the only indication of his pleasure evident as his grip tightened on me while he continued slowly pushing deeper inside me.

He felt... So good...

I couldn't stop a moan, my eyes closing as my head tilted back onto his shoulder. My arms and legs were shaky, trembling from both the pleasure and the growing unease in my gut. Kaleb grunted behind me, pushing in almost halfway before pulling back out and steadily rocking in deeper with experienced and smooth movements.

"Maria... You're so... Damn tight..." He leaned down, kissing along the back of my shoulder as he began slowly and steadily thrusting in and out. I bit down on my lip a bit too hard by accident, the sting seeming to snap a little sense into me.


Wait a second...!!

What the hell was I doing!?

I half-turned, looking back up at him with wide eyes, probably looking something like a terrified mouse trapped under the claws of a cat. My cheeks flushed with shame. He gazed back at me, a slow smile spreading over his lips.

"Oh, pet... You don't know what that look does to me..." My cheeks flushed more as he cupped my chin, keeping my face in place as he studied me.

"Mmmm... That scared look... Those bright red cheeks..." My stomach turned as my mind finally began to clear. How could I have just brushed aside the fact that only yesterday he had taken my virginity against my will!? I spoke out of anger,

"Stop touching me! Leave me alone!!" Pulling my hips forward, his cock slid out of me with a muted, wet, sucking sound. My cheeks flushed a little harder as I tried to move quickly; I expected him to grab me and force me again.

I scuttled out from under him, pressing my thighs tightly together and grabbing a blanket, hugging it to me to cover my nakedness from his intense eyes. I looked back at him with a mixture of disgust, fear, and sadness, becoming afraid of what he would do next.

The vampire's crimson eyes seemed to darken as he stared back at me, his pale, perfect face completely unamused as he sat back on his heels, making the bed creak in the process. His hands darted forward and he grabbed my wrists, pulling me roughly against him.

I was left startled and not exactly sure what to do, as well as without cover because the blanket had slid off of me and collapsed to the floor. Altering his grip so he held both wrists in one hand, his other hand caressed my cheek with icy softness. He spoke softly, but there was no yield to his voice,

"I know I cannot force you to submit... But I will leave you with no other option."

Kaleb let go of my cheek, reaching past me and grabbing the end of my pillow. With a yank, the soft case came free and he immediately tied the fabric tightly around my wrists. I struggled, pulling in his grip and protesting weakly,

"Please...!! Don't...!! I'll be good...!" His movements became less intense as he finished, my wrists bound and hooked on my headboard. My arms stretched above my head just like they had the previous night, though the chains and splintery table was exchanged for a twin bed and pillow case.

The vampire paused and looked at me, the somewhat gentle expression came over his face again. His eyes left mine before he leaned down over the edge of the bed, his hand searching for something. I cringed, turning my face toward a bunched-up corner of my comforter and trying to hide my expression.

Why had I let this go so far...? Why had I given in so quickly...?

Why did I feel like giving in so badly...?

The bed shifted and I felt the air chill a bit; he must be leaning over me. A half second after I felt his hand brush between my thighs, my eyes popped open as I felt something cool and smooth slip inside me. Judging by the feel...

It was 'U' shaped and fitted snuggly, both in and out of me. One end of the 'U' fitted snuggly around my clit, seeming to mold around it, while the other pressed along the frontal wall inside of my tunnel.

I blinked in confusion, turning my gaze and lifting my head to look down between my legs. I saw just a bit of the object; it was a soft purple color and rather smooth. My heart rate began to pick up again and I started squirming with anxiety, making the bed creak beneath us.

My eyes flitted up to his face, seeing Kaleb's calm expression. He sighed quietly, reaching down and brushing his cool fingertips across the apple of my cheek, pushing aside some stray hairs that had fallen over my eyes.

"Calm down... I'm not hurting you." My heart beat so hard in my chest I thought it was going to explode. I couldn't let this happen again!

I tugged harder at my tied wrists, hoping to loosen the knot in my pillow case and get free.

"Do you keep fighting me because you think it's wrong to give in? Like you think you're 'too easy?'" His lips brushed my temple and his fingertips caressed over my skin, nails grazing ever so gently and raising goosebumps over my burning flesh. My cheeks redden and I nod, hoping perhaps I could try talking him out of it.

"I own you... You were meant for this, meant to give in to me." Kaleb shifted a little, kissing along my pulse slowly and sweetly. A little anger flashed through me.

"You sure as hell do not "own" me! I never said yes to you. I don't want this...!" His lips pressed to mine, silencing my words to a muffled whimper as my eyes closed in reaction. It was the strangest thing...

Kisses seemed so simple when you thought of it, but his kisses were so... Complex. This one felt firm and commanding, like a father restoring order between his squabbling children. My thoughts turned to mush once more and I relaxed, my mind calming...

For the moment, at least.

I felt him shift a little and he reached for something with his left hand. There was a muted 'click' and gentle buzzing sensations rippled through me. My brain realized that the 'U' shaped thing was causing it.

So that's what that thing was... A sex toy.

A small part of me felt sheepish for not recognizing it sooner.

My body started to relax from the pleasant vibrating, my cheeks flushing a little as I stilled underneath him. Kaleb's lips separated from mine and he pulled back, looking down at me. My eyes flickered open and my gaze settled on his face; I couldn't tell if he was angry or annoyed or upset...

His expression was blank as he stared down at me, his left hand moving slowly into my line of sight. He held a small, black, round object and he toyed with it a little. With a small smirk, he angled the object so I could see the front of it; it was a remote.

He circled his thumb over one of the two buttons, pressing it after a few moments. The buzzing became a little more intense and I sighed quietly, my hips squirming a bit. My cheeks felt like they were on fire and I closed my eyes.

Not a second later, I felt his cool hand on my jaw, tilting my face up to his. His voice followed soon after,

"Open your eyes and do not close them until I give you permission." Just like his expression, or lack of, his voice didn't betray what he was feeling. It made me a little nervous, honestly...

Not knowing the mood of someone who could easily harm you if they wanted was a pretty persuasive method in getting the desired behavior.

My eyes opened again and I looked back up into his, biting my lower lip to hold back a small moan as the toy vibrated over both my clit and the strangely sensitive spot inside me.

The vampire's eyes were strangely beautiful... Like a sort of Wolfish beauty. His irises were deep, rich crimson. Clear and obviously intelligent. They drew you in but sent instinctual warning shivers down your spine. I did just that, shuddering a little.

Goosebumps broke out over my skin; down my spine, around my ribs, over my shoulders. I thought I saw a small smile twitch at the corner of his mouth, but it was gone so quick there was a good chance I'd just imagined it.

Through the next several seconds, it became increasingly hard to keep my eyes open as the vibrations buzzed through me. My heart rate picked up, I began breathing a little harder. A soft moan escaped my lips and I started to close my eyes and tilt my face away from his.

A sharp slap on the ass drew my attention real quick back to him. I groaned unintentionally, surprised that the sting quickly felt good.

"Kaleb...!" My voice was small and I trembled a little, panting quietly as the toy pushed me perilously close to climax. I swear I saw something mischievous in his eyes a split second before the vibrations completely stopped. I was left with no stimulation of any kind and I was so close...

Finally, what he said earlier made perfect sense.

'I know I cannot force you to submit... But I will leave you with no other option.' My eyes widened a little and I finally understood. He was going to torture me with pleasure. The vampire's eyes sparked again and he allowed a small amused smile.

"You should never try playing poker. You will lose every time... Your eyes are so expressive, I can almost read you like a book." My cheeks flushed from the statement and I frowned.

The tingling and needy feeling between my legs starting to fade. I don't care how long he was going to do this. There was a stubborn need I had to satisfy, I couldn't just lay down and take it... Could I?

Even though that idea sounded oh, so incredibly tempting...

I blinked and inwardly steeled myself; Kaleb's reaction was immediate. The vibration started up again and I gasped, shivering a little.

I could feel moisture dribbling down my ass and getting into my bed sheets, my cheeks heating up. I started to close my eyes again and I felt another sharp sting, this time on the other side of my ass.

The staring contest continued as I started getting closer to climax again, my knees turning to jelly and my breath quickening. I thought perhaps this time I would catch a break and come quickly before he stopped the buzzing, but just as I teetered on the edge, the vibrations cut off again.

I groaned in frustration; how long was he going to keep going??

He leaned down and murmured in my ear.

"As long as it takes... I have all day and all night. We can keep going until then, Maria. It's your choice." I bit my lower lip, panting lightly and squirming, trying to rub my thighs together, trying to grind, anything. I was so close...

Kaleb gripped my knees and held them apart just enough so that I couldn't squirm. I was starting to get desperate.

I felt tears well up as I looked at him pleadingly, my whole body tensed and restless. He'd only denied me climax twice in a row and I was a mess.

He sighed and kept his grip on me, looking me in the eye and keeping that same expressionless face.

"You don't have to torture yourself like this. You know what you need and your body is screaming for it." He leaned close to my ear, the ends of his long hair tickling my cheek. "Just give in, pet..."

I looked back at him, almost trying to tell him just exactly why I couldn't simply 'give in' with my eyes. A few seconds passed and his shoulders seemed to sag a little. Kaleb set the remote down on the bed and he cupped my cheek, the more compassionate look coming back to his face.

"Maria... What is it that you want to hold on to so badly? I need to know."

That stubborn streak came back and I briefly thought about completely shutting down and not answering... I quickly realized, however, just how foolish that would be. I took a shaky breath, the aching between my legs starting to fade again.

"Because you never asked me what I wanted. You just assumed... You just... Took." My cheeks flushed again and I looked over at the inside of my arm, not wanting to look at him. Kaleb's fingertips pressed against my jaw and he turned my face back to his.

His face was still and expressionless, but looking at his eyes told a different story. There was a lot going on in his mind. An awkward silence hung in the air for a while before I spoke again, not sure what his reaction would be.

"I don't... Well... I didn't want this, Kaleb. I can't just 'give in' because you took something valuable from me and you didn't seem to care how that would affect me... Today you came into my damn dorm room and just... Came on to me again... Without asking what I wanted..."

Kaleb continued staring down at me, going inhumanly still again. Several seconds passed, the only sound of my heart beating hard and my soft breathing breaking the silence.

His intent stare was pretty unnerving and I couldn't help but feel like I was wrong in what I said. I was about to look away and start tugging at my tied wrists again when he caressed my cheek, pressing a tender kiss to my forehead. He spoke quietly.

"Oh Maria... Why can't you understand that your body is mine?" My cheeks reddened, my heart beating harder from indignation. He continued, his voice gradually getting harder. It was clear that I had angered him,

"You gave it to me when you decided to explore that factory and came into my domain. You gave it to me when you screamed my name and came all over my cock. You know as well as I do that you want this."

His hand wrapped around my throat, not squeezing; it was more if a dominant gesture. He leaned down, murmuring in my ear, "You are mine. The sooner you realize that, the more your situation will improve."

Not a moment later, I heard the remote click and the toy began vibrating full speed again. My cheeks redden more and I moan quietly, biting my lower lip and pulling at my wrists. Kaleb stared down at me, his crimson eyes glowing a little.

By the time the cycle had repeated five times, I was so sensitive the vibrations almost hurt; I felt empty inside, like I needed him deep within me to soothe the aching need. There was a puddle forming under my ass from my juices as they dripped out of me. My ass was nearly bruised because I had tried to shut my eyes too many times... I couldn't take it anymore.

Kaleb raised the hand with the remote as he shut the vibrations off. My eyes were a little watery as I looked up at him, shaking and nearly panting with need. He raised an eyebrow, looking down at me. I licked my lips, speaking quietly,

"I can't... Take any more... Please..." A smile tugged at the corners of his lips as he stared down at me, making me feel small and a little childish.

"Tell me what you need, pet." The vampire leaned down, pressing kisses over my forehead and down my temple. My flesh was blazing to the touch and the coolness of his skin was a small comfort. My cheeks stayed heated as I slowly started to say the words that I'd shoved back for the last hour.

"Please... I need you to..." I hesitated, wanting to fight it but wanting to give in more than anything. He looked down at me seriously.

"If you don't ask, it won't happen and we will continue this cycle..." I squeezed my eyes shut tight and received a sharp slap on the ass. I gasped and quickly said the rest.

"I need you to fuck me...! Please..." After a second, I tagged something on the end, hoping to maybe make him less annoyed,

"... Sir."

A small smile spread over his lips and the vibrations started up again. I started to panic, thinking he was going to keep teasing me. I started to protest, looking up at him pleadingly. He smiled down at me, one of his hands reaching down and out of my sight line.

I felt his tip pressing to my entrance a second before he slid deep inside of me. I came hard, finally just getting enough stimulation as I felt myself stretching.

"You may close your eyes." My eyes closed gratefully and my head tipped back, my spine arching and toes curling as the best orgasm I'd ever had washed over me. I faintly heard him groaning deep in his throat,

"God, Maria... You're so... Tight..." My spine stayed arched, a long and shuddering moan pouring out of me. He gripped my hips, changing the angle before he began thrusting in and out of me; the combination of how much he filled me and the vibrations dragged the orgasm on for what felt like forever.

My heart hammered in my chest, my nerves on fire and my skin scorching, a thin layer of sweat coating my flesh. It was almost too much; I writhed beneath him, my head straining back into the pillow as my eyes rolled up in my skull beneath my closed eyelids

Kaleb kept moving slowly inside of me, rhythmically working his length deeper and stroking his tip over the vibrating end of the toy, resting against that explosive bundle of nerves inside me.

My body was going limp as I started to come down from the climax; there wasn't any fight left in me. I couldn't form thoughts anymore. Slowly opening my streaming eyes, I realized he had been watching my expression as he kept moving within me.

He smiled, some of his long hair falling in his eyes as he reached down, pulling the toy out of me and setting it down somewhere outside my field of vision. I gasped, still feeling the echoes of the vibration in my nerves.

His hand was there next, his fingertip rubbing around the sensitive little bud but not actually touching it. I was glad... If he tried rubbing on my clit, I may have screamed. Smiling, Kaleb looked down at me and kissed my forehead tenderly, planting little, soothing kisses over my temple and just beneath my ear as his hips continued the steady pace.

His breath puffed against my skin like light kisses as he murmured, "I'm not sure you should scream, pet. Other girls down the hall will hear you. Do you want them to know how good I'm making you feel?"

My cheeks reddened more and my lips parted as if to retort. I hadn't thought about that... I couldn't let them hear; if the girls heard me they would label me as a slut. As he spoke again, I heard the grin in his voice.

"But maybe you should let them know... Let them know you are mine. Let them know how good it is when you give in to me." He kept talking, murmuring dirty things like that in my ear. I didn't think it was possible, but I got turned on again from his words.

My body reacted to his deep voice and his touch and I moaned quietly, my cheeks blazing red. He nibbled on my earlobe, flicking the tip of his tongue over my skin before continuing.

He told me how good I felt and how proud he was of me that I gave in 'like a good pet.' His hands gripped my hips, pulling them back into his thrusts as he began to get rougher.

He made me come again, the pillow case stretching and the stitching creaking a bit in protest as I tugged on my wrists, my spine arching and curving my body into his, my knees spreading, my hips twitching against his.

I moaned his name, panting and writhing a little beneath him as he continued, his thrusts continuing to pick up speed. Kaleb moved one hand to the back of my thigh on my right leg, just below my knee, and pushed my leg up toward my chest.

I couldn't fight him if I'd wanted; my limbs felt like they wouldn't obey me anymore as I completely gave in. He thrust quickly, his head rubbing harder and faster on that sweet spot, hitting it harder and more thoroughly in the position.

Mewling noises poured from my mouth as I panted and trembled under him, hoping to God the girls next door didn't hear me. I opened my eyes a little, breathing hard and looking up into his eyes, almost begging him to stop as I felt another orgasm building up.

Looking down at me, a little sweat beaded on his temples; he panted quietly and claimed my lips in a hungry, passionate kiss. His cock twitched inside me and I moaned against him, shaking a bit and tugging at my tied wrists.

His hands held my leg firmly in place as he thrust quickly, a few more times, before burying his length inside me and erupting. I shook, climaxing again from the sensation of my trembling inner walls expanding, trying to keep in his seed.

He kept kissing me as he emptied out, nibbling my lip occasionally and using gentle but firm kisses. His cool hands left my leg and hip, letting my lower body relax. They slid up my sides, leaving goosebumps in their wake as the lovingly caressed my hot, sweat-slicked skin.

He panted quietly, kissing my neck beneath my ear and purring against my hairline, "You've pleased me today, pet." I closed my eyes, turning my head a little and pressing my cheek to his forehead; I didn't think I could talk anymore. I was starting to feel sore already... Raw and a bit overused.

He smiled, kissing my temple as he reached up with one arm. I felt him tugging at the fabric as the pillow case loosened from my wrists, losing all its tension as he untied it. I didn't move my tired limbs after they had been freed.

I just... Laid there, nestled in the rumpled comforter and pillows as he lay on top of me, still inside of me. I stayed limp, completely exhausted and with an empty mind after getting thoroughly fucked.

Kaleb stroked my cheek, supporting some of his weight on his elbows as he kept me nestled beneath him. There was silence for a bit, before he kissed the dark hickey in the crook of my neck and smiled, speaking quietly. "You're going home with me tonight, pet."

The old white Mazda sputtered and stalled.

"Shit!" The black maned driver said as she coasted to the shoulder of the road.

Once stopped, she tried the ignition again. The starter whined, but nothing fired.

"Shit, shit, shit!" She said again, beating on the steering wheel with each word to emphasize her aggravation.

Her green eyes tried to well up.

"Fuck you, I ain't cryin'," She thought to herself instead, "Not tonight I ain't."

Tonight was Lucky's 21st birthday. It was a sort of inside joke. Everyone called her Lucky, because she wasn't.

And tonight was no exception.

She'd begun the evening out with her girlfriends for a good time, she'd been away from home for months and wanted to cut loose a little before meeting up with her boyfriend for a little private celebration later tonight.

But her girlfriends insisted they visit a hot new bar, none of them had tried out yet, and there he was, locked up with some red headed tart she'd never seen before.

Without a word she had turned and walked out of the bar, gotten into her car and taken off, leaving everyone standing asking what was going on.

A few miles down the road he'd tried to call, she took one look at her cell phone, reading his name in the little blue screen and staring at it for a second before tossing the phone out the window, gearing down and flooring the old Mazda for all she was worth.

That was an hour and about 40 miles ago.

Now she was stuck on the side of a dark two-lane road she barely knew, with no phone and a dead car.

Her headlights shone on a homemade plywood sign that read "Bryce's Bike Shop" with a phone number, and an arrow pointing left and saying "About half a mile, that way!"

According to the sign, the shop was open late, but it didn't say how late or if "late" included Saturday's.

"Might as well give it a shot there Lucky, what else have you got to do tonight?" She thought as she exited the car.

She crossed the road she absently mindedly hit the remote fob on her keys to lock her car.

As she did, the locks went down, and the windows and sunroof opened.

"Fuck it, let'em steal it," She said as she began walking.

As she walked, she noticed the breeze picking up. It was blowing hard enough that she had to take several steps backward to keep enough fire in her lighter to raise a cherry on her cigarette.

As she took a long drag she felt a drop of water, cold and hard strike her cheek.

"Go ahead and rain on me to God damnit," She whispered.

Almost as in response to her dare she looked up into a sheet of pouring rain coming down the road toward her.

"Beautiful, just fuckin' beautiful."

Lucky thought about quickening her pace, but the rain was coming from the direction she was headed, so what was the point.

She could see the lights of the bike shop about 200 yards out, and one of the bay doors on the windward side of the rain was open.

"Finally, a good sign," She thought and did decide to step a little faster as the cold rain began to pelt her slim frame and soak her white silk shirt.

By the time she reached the bay door she was soaked and shivering.

Her green eyes shone like emeralds through her thick limp bangs, and her shirt and jeans clung to her body. She knew her small erect nipples would be highly visible poking through the thin white shirt, she also knew the lightweight mesh bra she was wearing would do little to subdue that, but she didn't give a damn.

She walked in through the open bay door and looked around. There appeared to just be one guy, a kid by the look of him, standing over by a tub of some kind, he hadn't been facing the bay as she walked up, and didn't seem to know she was there.

She tried to announce herself.

"Hey," she said but from this distance he couldn't hear her over the pounding of the rain on the shop's tin roof so she stepped closer finally yelling again once she was within a little less than five feet of the guy.

"Can you help me?" She said louder than before, making him jump and drop whatever it was he was working with in the tub with a splash.

He turned around, white faced and Lucky could see his pulse throbbing in his neck.

"Jeesh, you scared the shit outta me!" he said.

Lucky looked him over, she was right, a kid, 18. But he was cute, and built.

"I'm sorry, my car broke down I'm just looking for some help."

"I'm the only one here right now," the boy said, "Billy, Bryce, this is his shop, he lets me stay late on weekends and work on my bike. I'm trying to get it running in time for.." and he trailed off as he realized she was watching him with a stern angry look on her face.

"Okay, junior, If we're going to have a conversation, I really need you to look me in the face, not the chest, think you can do that for me sweetie?" She said sounding much more angry than she was.

The fact was she was just as intently wondering if there was a piece of garden hose stuck down his blue canvas shop pants, but she was better at concealing it.

"O, um, ok," he said finally, looking her in the eye. "Look, I'm sorry, its just that, your wet, I mean your all soaked and well..."

"Yeah, whatever, lets pretend you've seen a set before and we'll get through this."

From the way his face flushed, Lucky instantly realized that he hadn't actually seen a set before, not in person at least. And she actually felt sorry for having called him out at all.

"Look, do you have some towels? Maybe a shop shirt I can borrow? It's kinda cold in here ya know,"

The kid stammered and stumbled for a second then he came up with the best solution he could think of and went to a box of shop towels and pulled two handfuls of the absorbent blue paper towels and handed them to her.

"Bathroom's over there," he said pointing to a single door in the back of the shop. "I think there's a uniform shirt hanging up front, I'll go see.

Lucky took the towels with a smile, 'Thanks sweetie, just knock if you find one," she said and headed for the bathroom.

Once inside the bathroom she stripped and began to dry herself as best she could with the towels, she couldn't say why, but her mood began to improve.

She was buck naked and grinning to herself in the dingy mirror when the knock came at the door.

Lucky couldn't say what made her do it, but she decided to give the kid a thrill and she threw the door open just as he was about to knock again.

The kid just stood there, looking like a doe in the headlights as she looked and said "Oh great you found one!"

Lucky grabbed the shirt from the kid's stunned hands and kissed him lightly on the cheek before pulling the shirt to her chest and closing the door again.

She shirt smelled lightly of motor oil and gasoline, but it was clean and dry, and about three sizes too damned big.

"What the hell," Lucky thought to herself as she pulled the shirt on and buttoned it down.

It came more than half way down her thighs. "This thing is huge!" She thought as she looked at the name sewn on the left side

"Tiny," it read.

"Oh, that's fits now doesn't it," Lucky thought only briefly realizing it equaled the irony of her own name.

"We don't have a dryer, but there's a shop heater I can turn on and you can dry your clothes out," the kid said through the door.

"Good," Lucky thought, "he's still breathing. I just don't think I could live with myself if the poor kid vapor locked or something."

"Thanks, Hon," She said back through the door as she drug her fingers through her wet, matted hair.

The mention of a heater made Lucky look twice at her underwear.

She didn't want to put them back on. They were cold and wet. But she was a little afraid of catching the kid in the shop sticking them in his pocket, or, God forbid, sniffing them or something if she laid them out to dry.

Finally she just wrung them out good and shoved them in her small purse before stepping out.

"Well, is it me?" She said as she modeled the shirt for her young champion.

The kid looked her up and down, grinning he said, "You look a damned sight better in it than Tiny ever did. I got the heater going, it's over there," he said pointing, "Don't put your stuff too close or it will catch fire."

The kid had moved two unencumbered bike frames in front of the forced air kerosene heater to serve as makeshift drying racks for her.

Lucky couldn't help but be a little touched by his efforts, which also meant she couldn't help but feel a little bad for how she'd treated him earlier.

"Do you have a phone?" Lucky asked remembering the number on the sign.

"Nope. The number on the sign is Bryce's cell."

"Shit," Lucky said as she walked over to see what the kid was working on.

The bike was a long way from complete, but she could see it had very nice lines, or would have, once it was done.

"This your bike?" She asked.

"Yeah, well I bought all the pieces, hopefully it'll be a bike soon, right now its just an aggravating damned puzzle."

"It should look good when you're done, judging by what I see so far."


Lucky caught herself looking back at what she thought had to be a piece of hose down the front of the kids pants.

"Can that be real?" She thought to herself then something about the way the kid moved or looked from this angle sparked a memory.

"I know you don't I?" She asked finally.

"Maybe, I don't know," The kid said, obviously still nervous or confused between the tongue lashing he'd taken when she arrived and the peep show she'd given him.

"I'm Ronnie, Ronnie Miller. You're Lucky aren't you?"

"Yeah, that's me, belle of the ball, grand marshall of the parade and homecoming queen all wrapped into one golden haired beauty. How'd you know?"

"I remember you, from my Freshman year."

Lucky looked at him again, he had the slightest bit of razor stubble on his cheeks and chin, deep set blue eyes and a Roman nose that had been broken at least once. he also had a set of guns that Lucky decided she'd love to feel wrapped around her, but she couldn't draw anything more than a feeling that she'd seen him before from her memory.

Finally she said, "I'm sorry, its not coming too me."

"No reason it should, It's not like we ever hung out, or even spoke, I was about six inches shorter and maybe 80 pounds heavier then. I just remember seeing you around school. You're kinda hard to forget."

Lucky suddenly felt a little uncomfortable as she thought back on those days.

"I wasn't... I wasn't mean to you or anything was I?" She asked suddenly apprehensive about the idea of him taking some kind of revenge on her for something she didn't remember doing. the thought scared her, but made her quiver just a little bit too.

"Christ, what does that say about me?" She wondered.

"No, I doubt you took enough notice of me to even do that. The only time I ever drew any attention to myself was one day when you dropped your notebook in the parking lot and some homework pages started blowing across the pavement. I managed to catch a couple of them and hand them to you."

Lucky suddenly did remember that day, just another of so many wonderful days, the papers had been the first draft of her term paper, and she had been so intent on trying to catch the rest before they wound up in the highway that she'd barely noticed the chubby kid who handed her a crumpled handful of pages as she went by.

"I do remember that, I guess I didn't seem very appreciative. Did I even say thank you?"

"I don't think so."

"Well, now that you've come to my rescue twice, I guess its about time I did so, properly," Lucky said and stepped closer to the kid, kissing him softly on the cheek.

The kid instantly went flush again.

Taking his face in her hands, Lucky felt the warmth of his skin.

"Thank you, Ronnie," She whispered staring deep into him with her dark green eyes before kissing him again gently on the lips.

Lucky didn't mean to, but she found her tongue probing his lips, looking for a way in as she kissed him. When Ronnie didn't respond Lucky pulled back, suddenly ashamed and turning red herself.

"I'm, I'm sorry. Do you have a girlfriend, or something?"

Ronnie stood quietly for a moment, the veins in his scarlet neck pulsing quickly.

"No, no its nothing like that. It's just..."

"I'm not your type?"

Ronnie quickly shook his head

"That's not it at all! It's just all kinda surreal. Like I stepped into an alternate dimension or something."

"I don't know," he said reaching up and running his fingers through his short chestnut hair and massaging his scalp briefly, "Did I hit my head or something? Have I been knocked out by fumes? This can't be real?"

Lucky looked at him, a little concerned until she started to realize where he may be going.

"What do you mean, Hon?" She asked.

"It's just, you know, not believable. A guy's all alone in the shop on a stormy night, when outta nowhere walks the most beautiful girl he's ever met. The woman he had his first huge crush on, and suddenly she's kissing him?

"If somebody wrote that shit, no one would read it," He said.

Lucky had stopped listening at "first huge crush" that was when her heart melted. She also realized that wasn't all that was heating up as she had a mental flash of Ronnie lying in bed stroking that huge cock of his and thinking about her. Suddenly she was wet enough to douse a campfire, But she managed to grin and wink at him.

"Maybe you just have really good karma," she said as she reached out to hug him.

This time he hugged her back and bent to softly kiss her neck.

Lucky let out a satisfied purr as she drug her nails down his back and felt his cock stiffen against her hip.

Ronnie began to gently kiss and nibble at her earlobe and Lucky squeezed his tight ass in both hands and pulled him tighter against her.

She was right, his arms felt great wrapped around her.

Ronnie came up for air and Lucky ran one hand through his hair, holding his head up as she looked onto his eyes and gave him a little open mouthed smile. Wrapping her arms around his neck she pulled herself up and wrapped her legs around his waist before giving him a slow, deep kiss.

This time she not only found an opening, Ronnie responded in kind as he slid his hands under her ass, squeezing her bare cheeks. Lucky squeezed him tighter between her legs.

Finally breaking the kiss, Lucky slowly lowered herself down his body, her legs wrapped around his as she slid down. grinding her pussy against his crotch slowly before setting her feet on the floor.

Lucky opened his shirt a little and began to place small soft kisses over his chest as she reached down and began to firmly caress his cock through his pants. It was definitely real.

Ronnie let out a soft moan as his hips involuntarily pressed against her touch.

Lucky unzipped his pants and reached in, struggling to finally free the big cock in her hand she squeezed and stroked it a few times before finally looking down at it.

"Happy birthday to me!" she thought to herself as she marveled at the present she had unwrapped. It was huge, at least the biggest she had ever seen. It was at least eight inches in length, and thick enough to stop her fingers from touching when she wrapped her hand around it.

"Oh God," She whispered.

Looking up into his eyes, licking a little bit of drool from her lips as she did and said "Pudgy little Ronnie certainly grew up into a big, big man didn't he?" as she gave him a tight squeeze that made him moan and shudder.

"Just relax Hon," She said as she pulled his head down for another kiss before going to her knees and smiling up at him.

She looked his huge cock over as she stroked it with a slow firm hand, wondering if it would really fit in her mouth.

"God," Ronnie moaned as she began to lick up and down both sides of his shaft. Once its whole length was glistening with her spit and slick in her hand she stopped to stroke and admire it again, squeezing out a huge drop of precum Lucky quickly closed her lips over the head of his cock and licked at the droplet, sucking the head wanting more, gently nibbling at the head as she did.

"Be easy with me baby, I don't think I can take it all in," She said before she began to slowly slide his cock in her mouth, stroking from the base to her lips as she worked further down the shaft.

Ronnie cried out her name and Lucky wondered if he'd ever done that as he stroked himself before bed. The idea sent her free hand instantly to her dripping wet slit and she began to rub furiously as she tried to suck him deeper.

After several strokes, Lucky found she was able to get more than she'd imagined into her mouth, she stroked the rest firmly with her hand.

"God, Lucky, I'm going to cum." Ronnie cried and She backed slowly off of him, still stroking both his cock and her own clitt she smiled up at him and said, "That's exactly what you're supposed to do baby," and winked.

"You tell me, do you want to do it in my mouth, or on my face?"

She licked his head quickly again.

When she did, the dam burst and Ronnie almost screamed as a huge shot of hot, surprisingly sweet cum shot against the back of Lucky's throat.

She reflexively closed her mouth and swallowed as a second shot hit her closed lips. Lucky pressed the head of his cock against her face, smearing his juice on her lips and chin before taking him back in her mouth and sucking a third and fourth shot from him.

Her mouth was so full of cock that the juice ran out either side of her mouth as she sucked him deeper.

Backing off of him she smiled up at him as she licked a dripping string of cum from the end of his cock and began to rub her face against his cock, licking him clean as she did so.

Pulling herself up by his waistband Lucky pulled his face down to hers and began to softly kiss along his jaw and chin before pressing her lips to his and kissing him wildly, smearing cum between them.

Climbing him again, this time resting her wet slit on top of his hard shaft she said "When given an option, choosing both is never a bad idea," as she wiped cum from his face with her finger and sucked it clean.

Ronnie just stared, holding her close and tight, looking into her eyes, at her face and chest.

Lucky slowly reached down and began undoing the buttons on her shirt, pulling it open.

"How about a better look, Hon. You can even have a taste if you like," She said as she lifted herself a little farther up his frame and pulled his head down to her chest.

Ronnie gently took her small erect nipple in his mouth, running his tongue over it, around it before sucking it softly.

Lucky moaned as she ran her fingers through her hair.

"That's it baby, God I love that. You can do it a little harder if you want."

Ronnie complied, gently biting her nipple until she let out a soft cry.

"Oh yeah baby. If you keep doing that I'm gonna cum on you," she said as she squeezed him tighter between her legs and ground herself against his hard belly.

Ronnie's hand moved slowly in from her ass, his finger slowly stroking her wet slit as he continued to suck her nipple.

Lucky cried out and began grinding harder against him as she gripped his head in her hands.

Ronnie slowly pushed his finger inside her and marveled at the way her pussy lips clamped around it, sucking it deeper as her body began to quiver, her breath coming in short gasps.

"Use two," she whispered softly into the top of he head as she arched her back.

Ronnie gently slid another finger into her juicy hole and began to slowly press them deeper.

"God!" Lucky screamed as both fingers slid into her past the knuckle, gently stretching her lips and she began to buck against him.

As his fingers bottomed out inside her, Lucky's body seized in a wave of orgasm that left her unable to breathe.

Her juices slowly pulsed over and around his hand dripping down onto his cock and then to the floor where they puddled to reflect the fluorescent lights on the ceiling.

"Fuck me!" Lucky said as part exclamation for what she had just felt and part demand.

Lucky let herself slide down his body again, her wet slit sliding down the length of his cock she drenched it wondering when she might reach the tip with her clit.

When she finally did, she nearly came again as the shock it sent through her.

She tried to stand, found herself rubber-legged and held tight to him for support.

"Are you going to take me on this dirty shop floor, or is there somewhere else you'd like to go?" She asked.

Ronnie looked at her again, still unable to believe this was really happening to him.

"There's a sofa in the back," He said as she began to slowly stroke his cock again.

"Lead the way", she said taking him by the hand and he did.

He led her to the sofa and watched as she let the shop shirt she was wearing drop to the floor, marveling at her tight, little body.

He reached down to undo his pants and she stopped him.

"Oh no, you've got to let me finish unwrapping my present," She said with a wink as she worked down the buttons on his shirt, to his pants working them and his briefs down over his muscular ass and legs. Then she sat him on the sofa, unlacing his boots, removing them then his socks.

Kneeling between his legs she began to kiss and lick up the insides of his thighs, making him moan and squirm.

She quickly straddled his legs, his cock sticking up between them. She stroked it gently and asked

"How do you want me?"

"Yes," was all Ronnie could say.

Lucky smiled.

"I want to see your face the first time you feel my pussy stretched over that big bastard," she said raising herself up and slowly stroking her drenched pussy with the head of his cock.

"If you can help it, please try to let me up before you cum," She said.

Ronnie nodded as he stroked her sides and legs.

She began to rub the head of his cock against her clitt, moaning as she did. Ronnie let out a gasp.

"You like the way that feels?" She asked with a smile, knowing that she wouldn't be able to take it for long herself.

"Yes!" Ronnie said as he squeezed her ass in his hands.

Luck raised her body slightly, almost unnoticeably and said 'Then you're going to love this!" As she pulled herself down onto his cock.

They both moaned and screamed, eyes locked on one another, each pulling the other closer, deeper, as Lucky slid down his cock.

Almost as soon as Lucky felt her pubic hair touch his, she began to shudder and buck.

"God damn! She groaned as she clawed at his neck and shoulders.

Ronnie gripped her ass, trying to pull himself deeper into her still, then struggling to hold her down on him as she began to buck.

Lucky felt him slide deeper than she'd ever imagined. She felt her pussy lips and walls straining to contain the throbbing cock that had been forced into her and before she could even begin to try to ride it she felt the wave of orgasm hit her full force.

"Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! She kept crying as she drew blood from his shoulders.

Ronnie felt her warm cum squirting out over his balls and he stopped trying to hold her down.

She reflexively tried to raise up off of his cock but before she reached the end he quickly pulled her down again, generating another batch of screams and scratches.

Ronnie never imagined the pressure enveloping his cock, the suction created as she tried to pull up and off of him or even the true feeling of having a woman, this woman, in his arms. He was in a kind of sensory overload. Everything was heightened, every sensation from the pitch of her moans and screams to the feeling of her nails biting deep into his flesh to the scent of her cum and their mixed sweat was exhilarating.

Lucky began to cum again within seconds of their finding a working rhythm. Ronnie hoped he could hold out long enough to watch her finish one more time.

Lucky was out of words as she began to rind his cock in rhythm, only able to gasp air as she went up and cry out as she slid down.

Hey eyes locked on his, she watched his face, knowing he would cum soon.

Lucky knew she should pull up, finish him by hand. And part of her really wanted to watch his cum fly up between them like a geyser, to smear it over her chest and belly, or smear it on him and lick it off, but she also knew she couldn't, she had to have him right where he was.

As Ronnie's mouth opened in an almost soundless moan she grabbed a handful of his hair and sat all the way down on him, grinding against him.

"Come with me Baby," she said as she began to groan against the advance of another orgasm, "Pump me full!"

And he did.

Lucky felt his hot cum spread inside her, hitting the walls of her pussy with enough force to make her reflexively tighten squeezing more cum from his shaft.

Unable to speak or even think she buried her tongue in his mouth, both of them moaning against the other's lips as they came in unison for what seemed like minutes.

Finally Lucky collapsed against his chest as they both tried to catch their breath.

For several minutes she felt him still throbbing inside her as he slowly went soft and she listened to his heart race in his chest.

'So, was it what you'd hoped it would be?" She asked with a grin as she traced around his nipple with her finger.

"God, I still can't believe this," he said.

She raised up to look him in the eye.

"I've got to know, did I live up to the expectations of your crush?"

He gently brushed hair out of her face and kissed her softly before saying "And then some."

She snuggled in close to him again and let out a satisfying sigh.

"Good, now I hope you'll let that be a lesson to you."

Video: 𝐖𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐌𝐚𝐟𝐢𝐚 𝐃𝐚𝐝𝐝𝐲 𝐩𝐮𝐧𝐢𝐬𝐡𝐞𝐬 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐢𝐧 𝐜𝐚𝐫 || 𝐊𝐢𝐦 𝐓𝐚𝐞𝐡𝐲𝐮𝐧𝐠 𝐎𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐭 ||

"What?" he asked a little confused.

"That if you're a good boy, polite and helpful, and say your prayers each night, eventually you will get Lucky," She said with an impish grin. "And you're such a good boy, I think you're going to be getting Lucky a lot from here on out."

Hi I'm Amara.

I'm 5'5, nice figure, and tan skin I live alone in the city of Seattle.

I was awoken by the sound of a intruder, I jumped up and grabbed the baseball bat I keep next to my bed.

I slowly left my room to investigate, as I walked past the kitchen I felt someone grab me, I tried to scream and hit them with the bat but it was useless, he was much stronger than me.

He took the bat and throw it on the carpet he then place something cold and metal like on my neck, it was a knife, he whispered " don't move, don't scream or I'll cut ".

I nodded he let go of me and turned me around, he was wearing a black ski mask, he looked me up and down and nodded softly.

He pulled me into the kitchen and forced me face down on the counter, he pulled my sweat pants down exposing my white lace underwear, he felt my ass for a minute and I was frozen with fear.

He pulled them down roughly I shuddered, he lent over me undoing his pants and whispered " have you ever been fucked before "

" No " I said, scared.

"What about the ass?"

" No " again I said turning my head to meet his eyes, he smirked devilishly "don't worry I'll be gentle " he chuckled as he held my hands behind my back.

I felt his tounge flick over my clit that sent my juices flowing, he stood back up and lined himself up with my virgin pussy, it was so wrong but I wanted his cock so badly. He gently pushed trough my hymen, it hurt a little but not much, he slowly increased pressure and speed making me beg for his cock.

He began fucking me hard, with every thrust I slammed back into the counter making my ass and tits juggle, he let go of my hands and grabbed hold of my tits.

He hastily pulled out and flipped me over so I was facing him, he instantly plunged into me harder so I bounced in his cock, I held his shoulders pulling him closer, he tore my night shirt and threw my bra to the floor, he sucked on my tit as he played with the other.

I climaxed feeling him suck my nipples, he kept fucking making me climax 3 more times till he came inside of me. I collapsed on his chest.

" ohh it's not over baby girl " he whispered.

I looked up confused when he suddenly picked me up his dick still in me and placed me on the floor, he pulled out and put me on my knees ass in the air, " wait " he stopped.

I sat up and turned to him. I reached for his mask he didn't stop me, I pulled it off he was a gorgeous man, he smiled at me and pushed me back down to my knees, he mounted me but before he fucked me he took something out of his pocket.

I heard him take to cap off he rubbed a cool gel between my ass cheeks and on my asshole then he slowly ran his cock between my ass cheeks before he roughly rammed it into me making me moan loudly, as he fucked my ass my shoulders fell to the floor allowing more of him inside me.

I orgasmed my body went limp, he kept fucking till his cock twitched he pulled out, flipped me over and shoved his cock in my mouth making me suck till he came down my throat, he picked me up kissed me and said he'd be back, I smiled, he placed me on my bed and left.

The next day I woke up my pussy and ass sore but I felt myself be empty without his huge cock inside me.

I started waiting for him to return, he did with an even better fuck.

October 31st. Worst day of the year. Regular girls dressed up like hookers, and hookers dressed up like regular girls.

Walking down the streets of what had come to be known as Saint Drago's Corner; I kept my eyes and ears open as I looked for potential clients, and listened for sirens. Even if the police weren't coming for me, it was never a good thing to be out and about when the po-po came a calling.

While I stepped across the body of a passed out college kid, a car pulled up beside me. Looking into the driver's seat I could see that the man driving was in his mid to late twenties, and pulling in some serious coin. He was driving an $80,000 car and wearing Valentino cologne.

"Hey honey." I leaned into the car so he could get a better look at me. With my ass on display to anyone who walked by, I hoped he would pick me up. The air was starting to cool off as a cold breeze set in.

"How much?" he asked as he glanced around my shoulder at my derriere.

"How much you willing to spend?"

"Five hundred."

In my head I screamed sold, but aloud I whispered, "done." Hopping into the passenger seat, I waited for him to feel up my leg or make some crude comment about my boobs in that dress. But he did neither. Instead, he drove me back to the hotel he had chosen for the night. Apparently the girl he usually used was out of town on business, so I would have to do.

As we walked into the hotel lobby, he grabbed my hand. His grip was firm as he kept his eyes straight ahead, and led me over to the elevators. Riding with him to the third floor, I noticed that he didn't give me one look over. Ouch!

So once we got to his room, I was ready to get straight down to business. However, he wasn't.

"Please sit," he said.

Listening to him, I took a seat on the bed.

Clearing his throat, he turned his back to me. "I don't know your name, and don't care to. But I'll let you know mine. I am Lord Byron, ruler of a legion of demons known as incubi. I need someone to mate tonight, and I have chosen you."

Stunned, I felt like running, but as he turned around and looked at me, I knew I couldn't.

"You will not speak of this night to anyone, do you understand?"

I nodded as he walked over to me and grabbed my neck. Throwing my head back, he bit down into my throat until I felt like I was going to pass out. The pain definitely hurt, but felt good at the same time.

"You like that, don't you?" he murmured as he breathed in the scent of the blood that was now flowing down the side of my neck. "I'm sure you'll like the rest of tonight as well."

Pushing me down into the bed, he flicked his wrist and my legs opened. Not by choice, but by way of some magic he seemed to possess. Smiling down at me, he slowly unzipped his jeans and let them fall to the floor.

Staring at his large, purple dong that was hanging out in front of me, I knew he wasn't lying when he said he was a demon. Blue veins encircled his cock as stood at full attention, and throbbed against his chest. Walking back towards me, climbed on top of me and grabbed the top of my dress. His hand ripped the delicate fabric apart and left me speechless.

My chest heaved as I looked up at him. I didn't know if I were more scared, or turned on by his forwardness. As I stared up into his dark eyes, his skin color suddenly changed to the same dark, purple hue of his cock. Yep, he definitely wasn't human.

Grabbing my wrists, he held me down on the bed as he slid his cock into me. "Remember, we have a deal," he whispered as he rammed me deep. Demon or not, he felt good.

Closing my eyes, I screamed out for more as he ripped my bra away from my chest with his teeth. The way he fucked me was raw, rough, and animalistic. He pumped himself into me so hard that I thought the bed was going to go flying through the wall.

"Oh, fuck!" I yelled as my pussy walls started to tighten. This crazy son of a bitch was going to make me cum.

"Oh yeah baby," he growled as he let go of my wrists, and grabbed me by the waist. "Cum for me."

As he lifted me up, I met every one of his thrusts head on. Bang! Bang! Unable to hold on any longer, I felt my soul break into a million shards of lust. Shaking violently underneath him, my eyes rolled back into my head as I screamed.

"Good girl," he murmured.

His voice seemed like it could've been a thousand miles away as I just laid there, barely able to think. Opening my eyes, I saw that he was still hovering over me, ramming my cunt into tomorrow with his unearthly dong that looked like a vibrator on steroids. As I struggled to regain my bearings, I found myself being flipped over.

"Yeah, ass up in the air. Just how I like it." Finding myself face down with my ass to the ceiling, I figured that he had used his special demon abilities to get me on all fours. Because he certainly hadn't touched me.

"Ouch!" I screamed as I felt his heavy palm smack down onto my booty.

"Such a tight little ass you have," he said. "Too bad I can't fuck it tonight."

That was a relief. I didn't know if I could take—"Oh!"

He was back inside of me. With his chest bent over my back, he was sinking his cock so deep into me that I could've sworn it was going to cause my stomach to hemorrhage.

Pounding away at me, he held my hips firmly in his oversized hands as his nuts slapped against my clit. And they were huge. Huge and full of cum. Screaming underneath him, I felt my legs starting to buckle as he demanded I cum for him a second time.

Trying to hold myself up, I felt a shiver run through every vein in my body as my mind went blank. Staring up at the ceiling, I felt like I was having one of those out of body experiences as a rush of wetness came flowing out of me and sprayed all over his dick. How the hell had I squirted?

"Mmmm," Lord Byron moaned as his beast of a cock hardened. Feeling it rub up and down inside of me, I didn't know if I could take anymore. Not that he probably cared.

Still holding my hips, he sat up inside of me and told me to push my ass back onto him. "Yeah baby, just like that," he said as I tried my best to please him. He was my customer after all, and he had given me two earth shattering orgasms despite his brash behavior.

As I pushed myself onto him, his cock started to throb more and more. "Don't stop," he breathed as I felt him explode inside of me. His burst of wet, sticky love overfilled my pussy and flowed out onto the comforter as he pulled out of me.

Turning around, I fell down onto the bed and watched him get dressed. After he had put his jeans back on, he reached into his pocket and threw me five, crisp one-hundred dollar bills. "Thanks for the trick. Here's your treat."

"Mia, lunch is ready!" I called up to the second floor. I laid the platter of sandwiches out on the kitchen counter along with a platter of chips and veggies with dip.

Within seconds her and her four friends came running down the stairs.

"Manda, Manda, look what I made!" She said to me holding up a bracelet she made with her friends.

"Awww sweetheart, It's beautiful!" I said taking a look at it closer, it was a mixture of beads and tiny sea shells. "It's for you!" She said pulling on my hand to put it on for me.

"Por moi?" I said surprised. "I'm flattered! Merci!"

Her parents took her to a trip to France a month ago and she was obsessed with the language. I tried to insert little french words here and there that she understood.

She wrapped her hands around me and pressed her face against my hip. I have the best baby sitter ever! She said to her friends as they all grabbed plates and made a mess of my perfect lunch spread. They couldn't care less, they were just hungry.

I couldn't believe it had been three years since I started babysitting her. She was just two when I started, the most adorable little girl. Her mom, Nina, was a super bitch who never had time for her but her dad, Mark, he was as sweet as sweet can be.

I didn't want to take the job, I didn't want to get any job. I was nineteen, just a college girl trying to get by with a balance of good grades and partying. My parents decided I was asking for money too much and decided I needed a job.

* * 2 0 1 5 * *

"Amanda, our responsibility is your education. We give you an allowance and yet thats still not enough! If you want money to blow on partying, you're going to have to come up with it yourself!"

"But mom!"

"No Mandy, I mean it! You're such a spoilt brat and your father's to blame!"

"Great here we go again, blame everything on the parent that actually loves me!"

"Oh grow up!"

It was true, my daddy did spoil me. I was his only girl, I just had to bat my eyes and tell him I loved him and money would be in my hands seconds later but mom was putting her foot down and dad couldn't just give in anymore.

"Look, your dad's boss may have mentioned something about needing a sitter for their two year old."

"Mom! So this is all a set up? You already have something lined up?" I was upset, "Dad's boss? Ain't he like seventy? He should not have two year olds!"

"No, I'm not talking about Ralph, I'm talking about Ralph's partner Mark, he's like thirty or thirty-two or so. Anyway, he's a really nice guy and he sure as hell can use your help! Will you please meet with him?"

"You realize babysitters work nights and weekend? Thats when the parties are happening!" I said bitterly.

"Just meet with the guy would you?"

"Fine!" I rolled my eyes before grabbing my backpack and keys off the kitchen counter and headed to school.


"Manda!" Mia called loudly, "Do we get to go swimming after lunch?" She asked.

"You know what, after lunch, you all get to finish that movie you started from last night and put your toys away then you get to go swimming!"

"Oh, alright!" Her little smile turned into a frown.

"Don't gimme that young lady!" I tickled her little tummy with my finger as she sat finishing up her potato chips.

I sat through the boring Disney movie til it was all over, "Alright girls, time to get you're suits on!"

I said as I got them off the couch and up to the bedroom. Getting them in their bathing suits then getting myself in mine before we headed down to the pool.

The back yard was huge with an in-ground pool. It was almost butterfly shaped. The left wing was a large pool and the right wing, the top part was a jacuzzi and the bottom, a kiddie pool with some of the regular pool bleeding into the middle of that half.

I got in and sat in the kiddie pool with them for a bit then they got to splashing. I got out and relaxed in a lounger overseeing their shenanigans when Mark walked through the glass sliding doors that led to the pool deck. He slowly came fully into my line of sight. He was wearing swim trucks.

"Hey, how's it going with the girls?" He asked as he sat in the lounger next to me.

"They're just angels!" I smiled at him, "I thought you were at an all day conference?"

"That's the good thing about having the wife work at the same company. I can leave when it gets boring and she can fill me in later!" He winked at me.

He was still as charming as he was when i fist met him. When my dad told him that I was willing to meet him to discuss the job, he invited us to a pool party that weekend that he was having.

* * 2 0 1 5 * *

"So Mark is having a pool party this weekend, we're all invited. I know you never go to any of my work things but I figured this is a way for you to meet Mark and his wife and their little munchkin." My dad said at the dinner table.

I sighed deeply, "Sure Dad."

That weekend I was trying to get out of going. My friends were all going to the movies and I didn't want to be at this boring old persons pool party but I certainly wasn't getting out of it and oh boy was I wrong when I thought it was going to be boring.

We got there just after 5pm. The music was blasting. I was expecting some old school party mix but the music was actually current, they were playing all the hottest hit.

There was more younger people there than older adults. There was some pretty hot guys in the pool tossing a ball around. I turned to my dad, "I didn't know your co-workers were all half your age."

"Watch it young lady!" He warned.

My dad walked us over to the grill where Mark was flipping burgers and hotdogs, a drink in one hand. His wife stood next to him, she was hot! She had a perfect hour glass body, fulls breasts, small waist, wide hips. Her complexion was flawless, smooth, white skin. She was wearing a tiny two piece bikini, showing off her curves.

As Mark turned to face us, my eyes lit up. He was tall, about six feet, two inches. He had strong, broad shoulders, short brown hair that was combed back, deep brown eyes and washboard abs. He was slightly tanned. This was one of those couples you see in magazines. They perfectly complimented each other.

"Hey, Joe!" Mark greeted my dad.

"Hey Mark, Nina." He said giving Nina a nod, "This is my beautiful wife Tina and my lovely daughter, Amanda. My son couldn't make it."

Mark complimented my mom then turned his attention to me. His wife whisked away my mom to go get drinks. "Joe! You didn't tell me how beautiful you're daughter is!" He said taking my hand and bringing his lips to the backside of my hand to kiss it, I blushed. He was really hot and he was complimenting me! We were off to a good start if you asked me.

It was a hot that day. I was wearing blue jean shorts and a racer back tank top over my one piece bikini. My mom didn't want me showing off too much in front of dads co-workers. I was five foot, four inches, very slender, small B cup tits and an average sized ass that filled my jean shorts out nicely.

"So, my dad tells me that you may have a job for me?" I said jumping directly.

"Now why on earth would he say something like that?!? He said with a confused look on his face. I was about to be mad if my dad played me just to get me to come to this party.

"Just kidding!" He said and laughed, "Mia is my two year old, she's in the living room with her grandmother. Want to meet her?"

"Sure!" I said.

Mark handed the tongs to my dad and said, "Joe, do you mind taking these off when they're done?" He said before walking off and having me follow him.

Mia was fast asleep on the couch when we walked in, her grandmother was reading a book.

"Well shit! She's asleep! I really wanted you to meet her!" He said. "Look, your dad told me what's going on with you and how badly they want you to get a job and I badly need a sitter. We have someone who comes in and cleans, you don't have to cook, just strictly watch her.

I really need some help, I'm desperate actually so I'm willing to give you twenty an hour.

"Twenty dollars an hour?!?!?" I was shocked, surprised, blown away but my reaction sparked confusion.

"Is that not enough? I'll give you twenty-two!" He said.

"Yes! Yes, most definitely, I'll do it!" We didn't need to talk about anything more. The girl looked sweet, the money was going to be sweeter and if it got in the way of my life, I could just quit. I know, I was extremely spoiled.

"Just don't tell my wife what I'm paying!"

I smiled, "Your secret is safe with me!"

"We should so celebrate!" He said as he walked over to the little bar area of the house.

"Mom, why don't you go hang with Nina for a little bit? I'll watch her." Mark said to Mia's grandma.

"So, vodka? Whiskey? You look like a rum kind of girl?" He asked as he started fixing two drinks.

"You realize I'm nineteen, right?" I said.

"And thats why this glass only has orange juice." He winked and chuckled before handing me a glass.

"Please have a seat." He said.

We both sat on the sofa opposite the loveseat, where Mia was sleeping.

"Here's to you saving my ass." He said raising his glass before taking a drink.

That was the start of it all.

p r e s e n t

"I just want to say thank you for staying the night with the girls last night. I really appreciate it. It saved me from hearing Nina bitch about getting outta bed to tend to the girls." He turned to me and said.

"Don't mention it at all!" I replied.

"What am I going to do without you around here?" He looked at me with the most adorable pouty face.

I was graduating soon and was moving to New York. I honestly didn't think I was going to stick with this babysitting gig but the girl grew on me, the pay was good and I loved being around Mark. I had a bit of a crush on him. I spent most of the three years subtlety teasing him every time he was around and Mia had been occupied.

There was little glances, subtle innuendos, 'that's what she said' jokes and sometimes just showing off my body. I definitely caught him staring a few times but he was married, he knew his boundaries, it was all innocent flirting.

His wife was never home, never had much to do with Mia and certainly not much to do with Mark. She said they spend all day at work together, they come home and have dinner together and there was no need to spend all weekend together too. She was usually out shopping, hanging out with her friends, going to the spa or anything it seemed like to be away from her family.

There was so many times Mark called me last minute because either Nina was supposed to be home with Mia and changed her plans or she was already out and Mark had to go in to work suddenly. It was hard being the owner of the company, thats what I gathered.

It started off as me babysitting for a few hours on Thursday nights, that was their date night. Then occasionally on Saturdays or Sunday evenings. Then Saturday mornings became a regular thing. I would occasionally stay the night when they had two day conference or weekend getaways. The job quickly grew on me. Mia quickly grew on me.

"Are you all packed up for your trip?" I asked. Mark and Nina was going to a five day business conference in Philly. I was staying over with Mia Tuesday through Saturday, they return on Sunday. I was looking forward to it, five days alone in this big house, all these amenities.

"Yes, fully packed and ready. Five nights in a small hotel room with the lady, It could either be miserable or I could get lucky." He said.

"Haha! Weighing in the odds?" I said.

"Unfortunately the odds are never in my favor, with my luck, it'll be more miserable than lucky." Mark laughed.

"Aww you poor thing! I'm sorry! You do always have Pam and Pamela." I joked referring to his hands.

"Even they are tired of me!" He laughed clearly referring to how much he masturbates. I was surprised. Surely Mark and Nina had their problems and they saw each other all the time at work, Nina is a bitch and is always out elsewhere but I figured in their own fucked up way, they still loved each other and certainly still made love.

"Have you and Nina not be having sex?" We had grown comfortable around each other to where this type of conversation was completely ok with either of us. I witnessed many of their fights and many a times Mark vented to me after Nina stormed out about something he did to upset her.

He laughed, "Mandy, I get some maybe twice a month, three times, if I'm really lucky!"

"What a damn shame!" I said, "You're way too hot! Its a shame for a body like that to go to waste!" I smirked. It wouldn't be the first time I've commented on his body, I've actually not tried to hide my attraction to him one bit and at this point, he was all too familiar with these.

He laughed. "I'm just wasting away!" He said dramatically in response.

"Just hang in there! I'm sure it will get better!" I said, in no way shape or form willing to give actual marital advice.

That Tuesday came by and it was just me and Mia. The time passed pretty quietly. Nothing crazy happened all that week, nothing out of the usual, just five year old stuff.

Friday rolled around and my boyfriend, Caleb was annoyingly trying to get me to come hang out with him and his friends. He knew I couldn't go anywhere and It wasn't until Sunday that Mark and Nina were going to be back.

But then I thought of a genius plan! It's Friday; they're not back til Sunday! I figured, I'd wait until I put Mia down for the night then have Caleb over. They would never know! I quickly got on the phone and relayed my master plan to my boyfriend.

Mia and I went shopping later that day. She wanted some new princess pajamas. As we went through the isles of the department store, I discreetly grabbed a white lace babydoll in my size and put it in out cart. I wasn't able to try it on so I hoped to hell it would fit.

As 8pm rolled around, I got Mia ready for bed, read her favorite story and she was quickly asleep. I showered up and got chanced. I slipped on a pair of white lace thongs then the white babydoll.

It was a little tight but Caleb was going to love it! It hugged by body, every curve. It was see through, my hard nipples could definitely be seen and stopped just under my ass. If I bent over, he'd see my ass for sure.

I made my way downstairs to the living room. Heading over to Mark's bar area, I poured myself a glass of whiskey and sat on the couch. It was nearing 9pm when my phone rang.

"Hey baby, are you on your way over?" I answered seeing it was Caleb.

"Actually babe, I think we're going to have to reschedule."

"Umm, what?" I was instantly upset.

"I have this thing with the guys that I promised I'd do for like a week now and they're giving me a hard time."

There was silence as I didn't want to say what I was truly thinking.

"...And I kind of don't want to do it in your bosses house while you baby sit, that's weird."

Trying to sound understanding I said, "I know, I'm sorry I suggested it but I hope you have fun with the guys!"

"You're not mad?" His hopeful voice asked.

"Nope not at all!"

"You're the best! I love you babe!" He said before hanging up.

I was furious! I quickly downed my drink and opted of another. I put on a playlist on my phone and connected it to the bluetooth speaker, setting my phone down at the bar. I sat on the couch and sipped the whiskey as I argued with Caleb in my head. Not before long my whiskey was gone and I needed another. I walked up to the bar again and fixed myself another drink.

As I walked around the counter on the side of the open living room, I reached for my phone. I had three messages from Mark and just as I started to read it, I heard what sounded like him clearing his throat followed by, "Is this how you dress to babysit my five year old?"

I was startled, My hands moved to clench my phone tightly to my chest. I refused to turn around afraid that it would only confirm that my he was standing behind me. My heart beats were quick, my mind racing. The message I started reading had said, "On my way home...airport...left con...."

He must have been trying to tell me he was on his way and with the music playing, I didn't hear him pull in and enter in through the garage. I still hadn't turn around nor said a word. I heard him chuckle, my face beamed bright red. I slowly turned around to see him standing in the open living room, just a few feet away from me. He was smiling, his hands in the front pockets of his black slacks, his dress shirt sleeves rolled up to his elbows and his tie somewhat undone. My hands stayed at my chest as I knew he'd see my nipples if I moved them.

"You weren't supposed to be home!" I finally said, breaking my silence as if that would justify my intentions. "Oh God! Is Nina home too?" I asked in fear.

He laughed, "Relax, it's just me. Nina and I got into a fight, the conference was boring so I left."

Did he just tell me to relax?!? Why was he so relaxed?

"Care to explain?" He said calmly with a grin.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!" I started, "Caleb, really wanted to hang out so I figured since you and Nina wasn't going to be home, I could have him over, I'm so sorry!"

"You invited a guy over?"

"Yes, but he canceled, he's not coming!"

He chuckled, "It's a damn shame!"

I was a little weirded out by his nonchalant attitude while I stood in front of him in lingerie but it was somewhat calming. He walked right over to me and poured himself a glass of whiskey, "So he canceled?"

My panic had only just started to subside. My hands loosened its tight grip around my phone and now moved to fold in front of my chest after setting the phone back down, my body relaxed and I was leaning against the counter.


"I take it my daughter is asleep?" He asked.


I was just waiting for the next shoe to drop but he was as calm as a cucumber the entire time he spoke to me.

"Mandy, What's my one rule?" He asked.

"No boys..." I signed.

"Mhmm!" He hummed, "And what did you do?" He asked.

"Invited a boy over." I answered cautiously.

"You know why thats a rule?"

"No?" I answered.

"Thats for your safety and the safety of my baby girl. You do whatever you do with him on your own time, I'm not paying you to have sex with some guy in my house when you should be watching my daughter. I don't want the task of explaining to your father why I let you have boys over if something were to happen to you."

"I'm really sorry, Mark! I promise you this has never happened before and it will never happen again!" I said as he sat on the bar stool next to where I stood.

He was so calm and so relax, not to mention respectful as his gaze never left my eyes as he spoke to me.

When I first met him, I just thought he was incredibly hot but after three years of working for him, I had a real attraction to him that I couldn't quite figure out. He was so loving and caring towards Mia and I loved seeing that side of him! He was very stern and commanding with his employees as I've overheard multiple work related phone conversations. He was caring, kind and considerate towards me.

"How are you so composed right now?" I asked.

He laughed, "Oh you have no idea how hard i'm trying to maintain that, you should go change."

That was all the fuel I needed. I smiled, "Are you sure?"

"Am I sure of what?"

"Are you sure you want me to change?"

He was stunned that I had said that. He sipped on his whiskey trying to find the right response. I smiled as I moved closer to him. I bit my lower lip, there was an insatiable heat building up in my stomach. I was staring him directly in his eyes with a small smile on my face.

I stopped for a quick second to think about what I was doing, maybe it was the whiskey, maybe I was mad at Caleb or maybe it was the years of flirting and my attraction for Mark but in that instance, I wanted him.

I moved closer to him, I now stood between his legs as he sat on the high stool. My hands moved to fiddle with the collar of his shirt.

"Amanda, what are you doing?" He said firmly.

I smiled, "C'mon Mark, If it's anyone that deserves to be fucked in this house it's you!" I leaned into him, I felt his hard cock press against my stomach through the material of his pants. "I invited another man to be fucked in your house, I think I should be punished!"

I heard myself, in that instance, I shocked even myself, I didn't care that he was married or that I had a boyfriend, I just wanted him. I knew I shouldn't and I didn't know why but I wanted to be his little whore. I wanted to be his dirty little secret.

He looked at me with fiery eyes. His hands caressed my hips then slid around to squeeze and caress my ass.

"You've been a bad girl, haven't you?" He said in a low tone, his lips inches away from my neck, I could feel his hot breath. He kissed my exposed neck softly and repeatedly. I let out a small moan as I felt his touch, as I felt his lips. My hand ran down to caress his hard cock through his pants.

"Fuck, Amanda!" He whispered, his breathing heavy. "All you're fucking teasing over the years, the little outfits you wear around here, all your playful jokes, you knew exactly what you were doing, didn't you?"

I giggled, "Maybe..." with the 'be' sound drawn out.

"Fuck!" He breathed heavily against my neck, I could tell he was still battling it in his head.

"Are you sure you want to do this Amanda?" He asked and I nodded.

"Fuck!" He shouted loudly before he picked me up and brought me over to the couch before he threw me on the couch. He crawled up on me and started kissing me passionately.

He then moved to my neck, kissing me slowly but aggressively. He continued moving down as he cupped my right breast, he licked and bit my nipple through the material of the lingerie. He continued trailing kisses down my body til he got to my pussy.

He ran his hands under my babydoll and pulled my thong off. He sat up and pushed my legs apart, bent at the knees, feet dangling in the air. "Fuck! You're so wet!" He said just looking at my glistening wet pussy.

He dove in and took a long lick at my wet slit then quickly found my clit and started working my clit. He flicked his tongue back and forth over my clit slowly at first then built his speed to where he was going fast. My hips rolled in pleasure.

My moans were loud and frequent, my hips involuntarily gyrating. He wrapped his hands around my hips and locked his fingers together almost stopping my movement of my hips as his mouth remained planted on my pussy, continuing to flick his tongue back and forth. I got up on my elbows as he did this, one hand reached down to grab his hair.

"You need to stop! I'm going to cum!" I moaned to him.

"Mmm" his voice vibrated on my mound but he never stopped.

"Oh fuck! I'm going to cum!" I yelled as he continued, almost feeling as if he started going faster after I told him to stop.

My hand gripping his hair tightly as I felt my orgasm reached its peak. My hips bucked, I laid back onto the bed as wave after wave of pleasure hit me. I tried catching my breath but he continued licking my sensitive clit causing me to shiver.

He looked up at me and smiled before kissing my thighs then my stomach and back up to my lips. I could taste myself on his lips and smell the faint smell of my arousal. I started undoing his shirt. He slid off of me and pulling his shirt and tie off and then he undid his pants and took it off along with his underwear.

"Why'd you do that?" I asked as he got back on me.

"Why did I do what?" He asked.

"Make me cum!"

"Well thats kind of the point!" He chuckled.

"But... I haven't made you cum yet!"

As we talked, I felt his cock against my clit, he was slowly grinding his hips causing the ridge of the head of his cock to slide over my sensitive clit causing my hips to buck but he stopped all movement after my last comment.

"Wait!" He looked confused, "How many guys you've been with?"

"One.." I answered shyly.

He smiled but didn't say anything further.

I smiled, embarrassed, I guess he knew just how inexperienced I was just by saying that one stupid thing.

"What?" I asked but he simply smirked as he continued his movement on my clit. He then slid his hand down between us. He thrusted his hip slowly, slipping the head in, I felt him stretching me out.

He continued to push in me and the pleasure on my face quickly became discomfort as he slid in me to the hilt. He held his position so I could get use to him.

He kissed my neck, biting and sucking on it and he held in me. My breathing calmed a little and he started slowly sliding back and forth. He slowly built up his pace and my pain turned to pleasure as I got used to his size.

He started slamming into me not before long and I just couldn't help but scream. He leaned in, kissing and sucking my neck. The pulled the thin lace cups of the lingerie down to expose my small perky tits.

He groped my tits, he squeezed them then caressed them before taking one by one in his mouth. He sucked on my nipple then started flicking his tongue back and forth quickly on it and that drove me wild as he fucked me.

My back arched off the couch as he please all off me. He reached his arm under my back and around my waist. He pulled me up off the couch. He now sat and had me straddling him. I grabbed onto his shoulders and started bouncing up and down his shaft. He grabbed my waist tightly as I did.

This position, riding him like this was stimulating my clit just way too much. The friction from our bodies, my clit on his bare skin was too much as I felt my hips buck and pleasure ripped thought my body.

My head tilted backwards, Mark held me as my orgasm took over. I couldn't control my screams as he continued thrusting in me. It felt like all the muscles in my body tightened up then released all at the same time. I'd never had one like that before.

Mark kept fucking me. My hips continued to buck from the motion on my sensitive clit. "Hands and knees!" He said.

I got off of him slowly and back onto the couch. My knees rested on the cushion and my hand gripped the top of the backrest. He slid in my still sensitive cunt and start thrusting in and out again. Long, steady strokes at first then fast hard strokes. He was grunting deeper now and he gripped my left hip tightly, squeezed, al most pinching.

"I'm going to cum!" Was all he said before I felt him pull out and then the feeling of hot, sticky cum on my lower back.

It was a normal Friday and I had just came home from School. My parents weren't home yet, as they were working, so it was just me and my dog Milo.

As usual, Milo jumped at me excitedly as I came through the door, which I wouldn't of minded if he wasn't so big! He could've easily knocked me over if I wasn't leaning against the door.

I started to walk up the stairs and he came up behind me and dug his face in my ass to get a sniff. I pushed him away instantly, but I won't lie the pressure and warmth did feel really nice.

I eventually got to my bedroom and shut the door, so that he couldn't come in. I dropped my bag on the floor and flung my shoes across the room, before flopping onto the bed.

I pulled my phone out and start looking through Instagram, as I usually would, but I couldn't get that feeling of Milo out of my head. Just thinking about it was turning me on.

I tried to keep looking at my phone, but just imagining what would've happened if I didn't stop him was distracting me. I had to do something about it.

I switched my phone to the Safari app and started searching the internet for sex stories. My internet blocked any porn I tried to find, so this was the next best thing.

I eventually found a website about beastiality stories and started looking through the different titles and descriptions. One of them stood out to me. It was about a girl getting raped by her dog and it really turned me on and I had to relieve myself.

I didn't have any sex toys, considering I was only young, and touching myself didn't really get me off, so I tend to rub my clit against something until I orgasm. I can't complain.

I picked the corner of my vanity for this "session", so I placed my phone on it facing me and positioned my slit on the corner of the vanity.

As I read the story, I imagined the scene and it happening to me and I humped away until I orgasmed. Usually I have to wait a while to calm my body down, but I was still ready for me.

The only bad part was: my clit was sore and if I humped my vanity any more it would start to hurt. That's when I heard Milo whining outside my door.

I wasn't sure what I was going to do exactly, but I opened the door and let him in. He got excited and started sniffing me all over again, but the scent of my pussy must have been strong because after a few seconds he buried his head into my crotch and I felt him lick me.

That feeling of his rough tongue against my pussy through my leggings was amazing and I needed more. I lay back down on my bed, spread my legs and allowed him to do his thing. Although it was nice, it was getting blocked by the material of my leggings.

My parents wouldn't be home for at least another 30 minutes, so I thought why don't I just take them off.

I removed my leggings and spread my legs again, with only my panties on this time. It took a minute or so for Milo to realise I was inviting him back, before he stuck his face in all over again.

I let the licking continue for another few minutes, but I needed- no I craved more. I removed my panties and that's when the real fun started. I was pleasantly surprised when his tongue entered my vagina.

I wasn't expecting it, but oh I definitely wasn't going to stop it. I put my hand on the back of his head and spread my legs even more.

After another few minutes I came and Milo licked all of my juices up. I couldn't handle any more, so I closed my legs and ushered him out of the room.

I quickly got into my pyjamas, a loose t-shirt and booty shorts, and sat back in bed before my parents came home.

A few hours later, my parents had came home, I had my dinner and I was chilling in bed. I couldn't get that feeling of Milo licking my pussy out of my mind and I imagined what it would be like if I let him fuck me.

I definitely wouldn't be able to handle it, I could barely handle my orgasm from earlier. My mom came to tell me that she was heading out with her friends for a girls night out and wouldn't be home until tomorrow.

We said our goodbyes and I soon went to bed, while my dad stayed up and watched a movie downstairs.

It was the middle of the night and I was fast asleep and my dream soon turned from innocent to me imagining a dog fucking me while I was on all fours.

This was most likely turning me on, as I was enjoying it so much in my dream. It started to feel like it was real and it felt like I was really being fucked. That's because I was, sort of...

This feeling became stronger and stronger and I eventually started to wake up from it. As my eyes fluttered open slightly, I could see the figure of somebody in front of me.

My eyes drifted down to see the outline of the arm near my leg, and I soon realised that they were burying their fingers deep within my pussy. I would have screamed or reacted, but I was enjoying it far too much, so I pretended to still be asleep.

Would they eventually leave or stop? Why were they even fingering me in the first place? Who even was it? I eventually realised that my dad was the only other person in the house, so unless it was an intruder it was my dad who was fingering me.

I had thought about and read about incest before, but I would never ever do it in real life. As my mind continued to question what was happening, I failed to realise that he had stopped fingering me and he was now pulling something out of his pants.

He flipped me fully onto my back, spread my legs and pushed his dick inside of me. I was a virgin, so this was the first time I had ever had a cock inside of me, never mind one of this size. He must have been at least 7 inches long and he was pretty thick too.

He started to thrust slowly in and out of me, maybe trying not to wake me? I'm not going to lie, it felt fucking amazing, but this was my father and I couldn't continue on.

I fully opened my eyes this time and I put my hands on his shoulders to push him away, but I could feel myself beginning to climax so I ended up pulling him into me harder

"Fuck me harder, Daddy" Is all I could muster in my half awake, half asleep state.

"Anything for you, Baby" He said huskily, before ramming his cock deep within me. I had never felt anything like it in my life, but I didn't want it to stop.

"Daddy, I'm gonna about to cum"

"Not yet." With that, he pulled out of me and stood up.

"What are you doing?! I was about to cum!" I yelled at him. He said nothing and grabbed my arms pulling me up off of the bed with him.

He spun me around and pushed me against my vanity, so that my face and chest were flat against it and my ass was sticking out. I pushed himself against my ass cheeks and started rubbing himself up and down my slit, dry humping me.

I started moaning louder than I had before and I was really enjoying what he was doing. After a minute or so, he circled the head of his cock around my pussy opening and pushed in.

As he thrusted into me harder and harder, the table shook more and more banging into the wall. With the combination of all of that, I came harder than I ever had before and I screamed before my orgasm subsided.

My dad continued for another few seconds before I felt him collapse onto my back, breathing heavily. He pulled out of me, put all of his clothes back on and walked out of the room.

I was still leaning against the vanity for support because I knew my legs wouldn't be able to support me if I stood up. I heard him grab his keys, open the front door and walk out.

He got into his car and drove away, without saying a word.

I guess that was the end of that...

She walked into his office knowing what this meeting was about. Earlier that day, Sarah had received an email from one of her professors wanting to discuss an important topic. While the email didn't specify what the topic was, Sarah knew her last paper was below standards.

She had just started dating someone and, while she knew she shouldn't, Sarah was putting less effort into her school work and more into her new relationship. She knew a poor grade on this assignment would jeopardize her educational career and she was ready to work hard to make it right. She was going to buckle down and complete whatever her professor assigned her in order to bring up her grade.

As she entered, Sarah took in her surroundings. It was a large office, walls lined with large bookshelves and diagrams of the human body. In one corner was a couch and small coffee table for more casual meetings. Directly in front of her was a massive oak desk cluttered with papers and knickknacks. Behind the desk sat Sarah's professor, Dr. Brian Harris.

Dr. Harris was a genius. He had made countless contributions to medical science and developed a new method to treat patients with degenerative muscular diseases. He had been offered many jobs at a variety of prestigious universities but ultimately chose this one partially because of its reputation but mostly because of its perks. He was given a hefty salary, large office, access to any equipment he needed and as many grad students as he wanted. Making it all more impressive, Dr. Harris was the youngest professor at the university. Being only a few years older than most of his students and very good looking, Brian had a reputation for sleeping with some of his pupils. The university knew about his extracurricular activities but chose to ignore them. With all the potential Dr. Harris had, the university wanted to do anything they could to keep him on staff, even if it meant dismissing some accusations from female students.

Sarah knew of his reputation but found it hard to believe the university would cover up something so scandalous. Never the less, Dr. Harris was a man and Sarah came prepared. Hoping to influence her professor's decision, Sarah chose her clothes carefully. She picked out a white blouse with buttons up the front that could be undone to show a bit of cleavage while still remaining professional.

She paired with it a sleek black skirt that began high on her waste but stopped mid thigh. Combined with her 3 inch heels, Sarah looked professional but definitely turned heads walking through the building. Taking a seat across from Dr. Harris, Sarah definitely caught his attention. She was in a happy relationship so she wasn't going to sleep with him but it's hard for a man to disagree with a beautiful woman.

"Mrs. Walker, I think you know why you are here," he began. "This last paper of yours was an absolute joke." He tossed the paper across his desk and it landed on Sarah's lap. "If this is the quality of work you are capable of, I don't know if there is a place for you at this institution. This is the type I would expect from high school students, not a 20-something grad student." Sarah diverted her eyes as she began to tear up from his berating. "I don't know what to do with you."

"Please give me another chance, Dr. Harris; I'll do whatever you ask. I can't get kicked out of school. My parents will kill me." Sarah pleaded while trying to hold back the tears. "I'll do anything."

This was not going at all like she had planned. Completely embarrassed and made to feel as tiny as an ant in front of her professor, all Sarah could think about was leaving as soon as possible. She didn't want to be in this office a minute longer than she had to.

"Here is what we will do," started Dr. Harris. "I will give you one week to rewrite this paper. If after one week this isn't the best paper you ever wrote, I will send my recommendation to the school board to drop you from the university. Understand?"

"Oh yes, Dr. Harris. I understand completely," Sarah stammered as she stood up and headed towards the door. "Thank you so much! I won't let you down."

"Not so fast Mrs. Walker."

Sarah stopped at the door wishing she could just open it and leave.

"I have given you a chance to make up for your mistakes but that doesn't mean we are through. You still need to be punished for getting yourself into this situation," Said Dr. Harris. "Lock the door."

Sarah's eyes widened as she turned the lock on the handle of the large wooden door.

"Turn around," ordered Dr. Harris as he stood up and walked around his desk. "Do you know happens to girls who misbehave?"

"I don't know" said Sarah meekly.

"I think you do" encouraged Dr. Harris looking down on Sarah like a hungry dog looks at a scared kitten.

"I promise I don't," Sarah replied.

"They get spanked," he said with a smile. "Girls who misbehave get spanked." Dr. Harris turned a chair to face Sarah and sat down. "Now, are you going to accept your punishment or do I need to make a call to the school board?"

A thousand thoughts ran through Sarah's head. She didn't want to get spanked but she needed to stay in school. What if her boyfriend found out? What if Dr. Harris kicked her out anyway? There was no way to know but in the end she had to risk it.

Sarah timidly walked towards her professor. "Good choice," began Dr. Harris. "Lay down across my lap, Sarah." She complied; her arms and head hanging down on one side of his lap and her legs on the other. Her skirt pulled tight against her ass in this bent over position. "I don't want you making any noise. I'm going to continue spanking you until I feel you are properly punished. If I hear any sound out of your mouth it will only get worse for you. Do you understand?"

Sarah nodded her head hoping her professor would be gentle.

SMACK! Even though she knew what was about to happen, the first hit took her off guard. Without meaning to she let out a yelp. "What did I tell you about staying quiet?" Dr. Harris scolded while lifting up the back of her skirt, exposing her white lace panties. "Now it's going to hurt even more. Keep your mouth shut!"

SMACK! Sarah was better prepared for this hit and managed to stay quiet. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Her ass burned from the repeated abuse. SMACK! She didn't know how much more she could take. SMACK! Tears streamed down her face. SMACK! As much as she hated it and hated to admit, the spanking was making her pussy wet. Sarah was angry at her body for betraying her. Bent over the knee of her professor, ass red under her panties from the beating, Sarah felt a wet spot begin to form in her panties. Dr. Harris must have noticed it as well because his paused from the spanking and began to rub is hand over her warm ass.

"It seems as if our naughty girl is enjoying herself," he said sliding his hand between her legs to feel the wetness in her panties.

"Please stop!" begged Sarah reaching back to try and block his hand.


"Obviously you don't know how to keep your mouth shut," boomed Dr. Harris. "I guess we will just have to find something to fill it," he continued pulling down Sarah's panties with one hand while holding her down with the other. Sarah squirmed and kicked but in her compromised position there wasn't much she could do.

Dr. Harris balled her damp lace panties and pressed them against her lips. "Open," he commanded. Sarah shook her head. "Now!" he demanded as he angrily pressed them harder against her lips. Again Sarah shook her head in refusal.

Sarah let out a gasp has she felt 2 fingers dive deep into her dripping pussy. The gasp was all Dr. Harris needed to stuff the gag in his student's mouth. Sarah could taste herself as her tongue pressed against the wet spot in her panties. Keeping his hand over her mouth, Dr. Harris resumed his assault on the helpless grad student's pussy. His fingers slid in and out of her easily, coating his hand in her juices.

"I knew you were enjoying this, you little slut," he said as he pulled out his dripping fingers and again smacked Sarah's rosy pink ass.

As she squirmed, Sarah quickly realized the spanking was having a similar effect on Dr. Harris. She could feel his hardening cock pressing through his pants into her stomach. It was difficult to tell from her position but Dr. Harris was much larger than her boyfriend. His cock continued to grow as her alternated between fingering and spanking his student. Each smack made Sarah's ass burn and become a more red. But her ass wasn't the only thing on fire. Her pussy was aching with desire as Dr. Harris continued to fondle her.

Keeping one hand covering her mouth, Dr. Harris used his other hand to grasp Sarah's hair and pull her to her feet. He spun her around so she was backed up against his desk. "I hope you can now see what happens when you disobey me. You are to keep your panties in your mouth and follow my instructions silently and without hesitation. Understand?" Dr. Harris directed.

Sarah nodded and kept her mouth shut has he removed is hands from her mouth and hair.

"Good," he said, "I want you to remove your shirt."

Sarah's eyes widened but she stayed quiet. Slowly she brought her hands to the top button of her blouse. As she began to unbutton, she regretted her clothing choice. Underneath her thin white blouse was a white satin and lace bra that matched the panties stuffed in her mouth.

One by one Sarah undid the buttons, each one exposing more and more of her chest and stomach. Once the last button was undone, Sarah let her blouse fall to the floor at her feet. Standing in front of her professor in only a bra, skirt and heels, Sarah felt very exposed.

Dr. Harris smiled as he gave her his next instruction, "Lift your skirt and spread your legs. I want to see my naughty girl's wet pussy."

Spreading her legs, she gripped the front of her skirt with one hand and lifted, exposing her shaved pussy. Sarah was horrified when she felt the wetness in her pussy begin to drip down her leg. Her face turned as red as her abused ass. Dr. Harris reached forward and slid his hand over her wet hole. Sarah stood there unable to move as a shutter ran through her. Her professor's hands probed her wet slit and rubbed her needy clit. She couldn't believe how aroused she had become being forced to expose herself.

"Now turn around and show me your hot ass," He demanded. Sarah complied reluctantly as he grabbed her by the hair and pinned her against the desk. Handprints were clearly visible on the poor student's bottom. She could feel the outline of his hard cock pressing between her cheeks. He forced her head down until her breasts and head were pressed against his hard desk. Unable to move Sarah could only listen as he unzipped his pants and removed his raging cock.

Gently his massive rod parted Sarah's wet lips and slipped deep into her pussy. A muffled moan escaped her panty filled mouth. Slowly at first, Dr. Harris fucked his student. In and out, each time reaching deeper and stretching her tight pussy open more.

As Sarah began to accept the giant intruder inside of her, Dr. Harris picked up speed, slamming his body into the young coed. Thrust after thrust he pounded his cock into her warm wet pussy. Every time he buried himself into her, he would press against her ass, reminding Sarah of the spanking she just received.

He pulled back on Sarah's hair as her thighs slammed into the edge of the desk. She would surely have a bruise to explain to her boyfriend after being rammed into the desk repeatedly.

Sarah gripped the desk as she felt the first of her orgasms swell up inside of her. Her pussy clamped down on his cock as waves of pleasure washed over her. Sarah's orgasm only encouraged him to fuck her harder.

After her third orgasm, Dr. Harris pulled Sarah to her feet by her hair. Weak from exhaustion, she immediately collapsed to her knees in front of his desk. Just because Sarah was done didn't mean Dr. Harris was. Before she could realize what was happening, Dr. Harris removed the panties and forced his slick wet cock into Sarah's mouth.

Again she tasted her own juices on her tongue. Filling her entire mouth, Dr. Harris pressed on sliding back into the poor girl's throat. Sarah instinctively tried to pull away but found her head was pinned between his cock and the equally hard oak desk.

Sarah gagged as he fucked her mouth and throat with the same energy and force as he had just fucked her pussy. She did the best she could to breathe through her nose as he relentlessly filled her throat with his massive cock.

Soon Dr. Harris let out a moan and Sarah gripped his thighs as he shot stream after stream of hot cum down her throat. Not giving her a choice, he forced her to swallow his massive load. As he withdrew himself from her throat, Sarah could taste his semen on his cock as it brushed over her tongue.

She sat on the ground, propped up against the desk trying to process what had just happened. On the floor of her professor's office she sat half naked in a puddle of her own juices, tears running down her face, ass and pussy aching, her stomach full of her professors cum. Was staying in school really worth all of this? How was she going to explain the bruises on her thighs to her boyfriend?

Dr. Harris threw Sarah her blouse and told her to get dressed. Weakly she put the shirt back on and began to look around the room for her panties.

"I will be keeping these," said Dr. Harris, holding her wet balled up panties in his hand.

Slowly Sarah stood on weak knees, grabbed her essay and walked to the door. Each step she took, she could feel her pussy leaking down her leg. It was going to be a long walk home. On the way home Sarah realized every time she worked on her paper this week, she would be reminded of what just occurred. Hopefully she would be able to finish her paper without getting too turned on.

"Spread your legs, babe," said the star quarterback to the cheerleader.

Lance Leo was a man who got what he wanted. Today, the teen stud craved a taste of Tori. The busty blonde had a killer body that looked great in skintight jeans. And those jeans looked even sexier when they hung from a chair next to her bed.

The stallion-hung Casanova slapped on a Magnum XL. Tori lay and spread for him. He grasped her ankles and positioned himself between her legs.

"Are you ready for the 'Lance Leo Experience'?" he smiled gleefully.

"Lance," she mildly scolded. "Has anyone told you that you are really are full of yourself?"

"Yes, I have heard that. And soon you will be full of myself too."

"I heard that joke last time we got together," she retorted. "You need some new material."

Maybe he did. But Tory had no reason to complain. The cocksman dutifully showed up she texted him for a booty call. The cheerleader broke up with her boyfriend (again) so he knew an invitation for rebound sex would be forthcoming. That's how things worked with the other 11 members of the varsity squad. Lance had become their goto guy for getting it on when they found themselves between boyfriends.

In theory, an attractive homecoming queen had other options besides Lance. Peoria Tech boasted over 1500 students. However, Lance Leo had certain qualities that endeared him to the cheerleading squad.

"Oh, my GAWWWWD!" Tori cried out. "I'M COOOOOMMMMMMING!!"

Lance only had sheathed himself halfway into the jaws of his lover's snatch. He felt the strong buzz of an ego-boost coming on. When you could make a girl climax this easily, how could it not go to your head? Nonetheless, Lance kept his wits.

Having a big dick felt like driving a large truck that beeped when it backed up. You had to maneuver it very carefully, like parking in a tight spot. Lance knew just how to handle a girl like Tori. He slowly advanced upstream with short little love shoves so she could adjust to his size. Finally, his knob hit a barrier.

"Holy shit!" gasped Tori under her breath.

"What happened?" asked Lance. He knew exactly what happened but played dumb.

"You bottomed out," she beamed. "Baby, do you have any idea how much I missed that?"

He barely had given Tori seven inches so far. But that suited her fine. Lance never met a girl who could take the whole thing. He always had as much cock as a lady secretly desired in her wanton heart. And when the teen encountered a genuine size queen, she learned to be careful what she wished for. Lance had been armed with a lethally seductive weapon that reduced even the most demanding vixen to a quivering mass of tangled limbs.

While Lance might have had to steer himself a bit more slowly into a woman, he never would have given up owning his monster truck of a schlong. Driving a big one was the best feeling in the world. Because after you slid into that tight spot, you could head out on to the highway. You started out slowly at first but the speed naturally accrued. And within a couple minutes, your massive piston would be pumping with the momentum of a 10,000 horsepower engine behind it.

Lance sensed the force and power of his heavy thrusts. They made a wet, raunchy squelching sound as he plowed into her. Tori stiffened and shuddered each time he hit bottom. Her eyes rapidly blinked as a second orgasm thundered through her body. Whatever tacit hostility she harbored against the promiscuous Lothario had been forgiven and forgotten.

The source of her forbearance was not difficult to identify. Lance could do things to Tori that other men could not. His lover writhed on the bed. Her heart pounded in her chest like a jackhammer. She cried out his name in breathless ecstasy. Whether or not she might see him again, no one could deny the intimacy of this isolated moment in time.

Lance also found their reunion inspiring. He vowed to ravish this beauty like no woman had been ravished before. That would be no small feat. The so-called 'The Lance Leo Experience' consisted of an hour of foreplay, followed by multiple hours of intercourse. The virtuoso guided his partner through a multitude of positions, seeking those that maximized her pleasure. Of course, he also took requests. So when Tori asked for doggy, Lance delivered.

She had been on all fours for nearly an hour when he sensed a vibration on the bed. It emanated from the front pocket of his jeans. The garment lay somewhere behind him. As he continued to pound Tori, Lance discreetly reached backwards to search for his phone. It took nearly a minute to find it.

"Where the fuck are u?" flashed the screen. The clock read 5:15. Uh-oh...

Lance picked up the pace and slammed full throttle into Tori's snatch. His efforts pushed her into Orgasm #17. Normally, he would have been delighted by her noisy and enthusiastic response but the message disconcerted him. He tapped out a text while continuing to pound Tori at a steady rhythm. Multi-tasking proved difficult. He couldn't type with one hand and his prick was deflating rapidly.

"What are you doing?" panted Tori, still recovering from her climax.

"Listen, babe," he told her with as much contrition as a shameless playboy could muster. "I'm really sorry. I'm late to football practice."

"Football practice?" she asked. "Isn't today a Sunday?"

"Exactly. We gotta bear down for the championship," he explained while swiftly pulling up his pants. It took him under a minute to dress. He had practice. Lance often had to make a quick getaway if someone's parents came home when he was romancing a date.

"Aren't you going to kiss me goodbye?" she asked. The orgasm had muted her annoyance but did not conceal it entirely.

Lance gave her a perfunctory tongue kiss before running out the door.


Sandra leaned against the side of her van. The parking lot of the library had emptied for the day. She looked at her phone for the tenth time in half an hour: 5:30. She thought Lance stood her up until getting his text a few minutes ago. Still, the message only stoked her rage to a jaw-clenching boil. Lance didn't apologize. He just wrote, "Be there in 15, sugar."Sugar!What a dickhead.

The Afro-Asian beauty did not suffer fools. With an hourglass figure and a triple-D chest, she invariably bent guys to her will. If any of them got cute, the black belt bombshell practiced her judo skills on their sorry ass.

Of course, Sandra's propensity to violence had consequences. She already became known as the school psychoeven beforesending the captain of the wrestling team to the hospital. Next time, he would ask permission before putting his hand on a woman's butt.

Her date's motorcycle finally rumbled into the lot. Lance dismounted and walked toward her with a smug grin pasted on his face. Despite her angry glare, his manner betrayed no fear. Without breaking stride, he closed in on her for a wet kiss. Her head swerved to the left to give him a faceful of cheek to smooch.

Sandra normally would have slugged a guy for coming on that strong but his affection had not been discouraged in the past. Though she did not go all the way with Lance yet, they had experimented with each other. She had toyed with the idea of going further today but his casual tardiness infuriated her.

"Hey, babe," he chuckled. "Something the matter?"

"You said 5pm."

"Football practice ran late."

"Don't bullshit me. It's Sunday."

Sandra knew exactly what detained him. Lance stank of pussy and perfume. He wasn't even trying to lie.

"Whatever," she sighed. "Where's your algebra textbook?"


"I said I'd help you study for the exam tomorrow. Where's your textbook?"

"Aw, damn," he replied. "I think I lost it or something."

"Are you fucking kidding me?"

"Sorry, babe. I thought the algebra thing was just like... you know..."

"A polite way of saying 'let's fuck.'" Sandra snapped, finishing his sentence. "No, if that were the case, I would have called you up and said 'Hey, Lance, come to the library at 5pm so you can fuck me.' And maybe you would have showed up on time. Instead, I just waited here half an hour to do you a fucking favor!"

Sandra was lying. Obviously, the algebra exam had been an excuse. She even bought Magnum XL condoms so Lance could fuck her that night. But the prospect both excited and repulsed her. Despite a strong physical attraction to him, Lance had been cursed with numerous deal-breakers that left her ambivalent.

First of all, the two of them did not share a single interest in common. They literally had nothing to talk about. Secondly, Lance was dumb even by Peoria Tech standards. What kind of a senior had to take remedial algebra? Thirdly, he cared about nothing besides women, weed, and football. Finally, Lance was going nowhere in life.

Though the teen powerhouse excelled in athletics, he did not conform to the stereotype of a typical jock. Lance occupied an even lower rung on the evolutionary scale. He exuded a thuggish vibe with his chain wallet, long hair, noisy motorcycle, and streetwise manner.

Had it not been for his stellar performance on the gridiron, the juvenile delinquent either would have been expelled or simply dropped out of school. As for Sandra, she had applied to Stanford and already charted out a career as a tech entrepreneur in Silicon Valley.

Yet none of this diminished her longing for him. Sandra struggled against this animal impulse but also grew to understand its origins.

First of all, Sandra liked men...in theory. She dug their strength and courage; the force of their muscular hips slamming into her body; the texture of their stubble brushing against her chin as they kissed. Blah, blah, blah... However,in practice, none of them measured up to her exacting standards.

Sandra wanted to be with someone stronger than her, an over-amped alpha male that ferociously protected his mate. Right off the bat, that excluded 99% of men. Even the captain of the wrestling team proved no match for her. While Sandra may have pined for protection, she actually took pretty good care of herself.

In truth, Sandra did not want a man so much as asuperman. She desired a genetically flawless heartthrob of almost comical proportions. Nonetheless, Lance came shockingly close to that impossible ideal. He towered over her at six-and-a-half feet tall.

The teenage powerhouse already won bodybuilding competitions against grown men in their 20s. Every aspect of his physique checked a box on her secret wish list: a V-shaped torso, massive guns, eight-pack abs, and a round butt with ripped glutes.

And then came the little details. He spoke to a woman in a panty-staining baritone that dripped with testosterone and confidence. His smoldering visage belonged to a shirtless heartthrob on the cover of a romance novel. And she loved those big, strong hands that roved all over her body when they kissed.

But what really moved her dangled below the belt. Lance had a ten-and-a-half inch cock. Sandra shuddered to think how much she obsessed over this sordid detail of his anatomy. The only reason she even considered dating Lance was due to the size of his penis.

Sandra was a highly disciplined individual in her academic pursuits but she had been cursed with a voluptuous body that craved big cock. She wanted nothing more than for a savage manbeast to nail her ass to the bed with his massive fuck club. This primitive urge was utterly irrational and completely inevitable.

Sandra wanted Lance so badly that it scared her. And perhaps that fear explained why she kept him at arm's length. Sandra's momentary eruption of anger did not curb her desire in the slightest. In fact, it only sharpened the sexual tension that defined their unlikely courtship.

"Listen, babe," Lance finally answered. "Maybe we could reschedule."

"Yeah, whatever," she told him coolly. "I gotta go. I have to prep for the SAT's next week."

Sandra already got a near-perfect score on the tests but that was the best excuse she could invent on short notice. She got back into her van without even a goodbye kiss. As Lance and his motorcycle shrunk in her rearview mirror, Sandra pondered her decision. Had she just dodged a bullet or turned down her deepest sexual fantasy?


"Why did she get so mad?" groused Lance. "I was only half an hour late."

"Do you really need me to answer that?" Morgan asked skeptically as he followed her into a Victoria's Secret.

Normally, Lance would never have met a chick at the mall. Visits to Morgan occurred in her bedroom. The playboy hooked up with the head cheerleader on Sunday nights. Along with hot sex, she always dished out a generous amount of gossip on the girls he banged that week. That's why Lance really wanted to see her today. He wanted to vent about Sandra. And then fuck Morgan at a motel after she bought lingerie to model for him at Victoria's Secret.

Unfortunately, his blonde confidante seemed distant tonight. In fact, her attitude seemed to border on hostility.

"Do you think I ought to apologize to her?" he asked.

"Maybe you should apologize to Tori," she scolded.


"You sort of hurt her feelings today. She said you skipped after getting your rocks off."

Actually, Morgan bent the truth just a bit. She heard Lance made her comeseventeen timesbefore he skipped. The cocksman got away with murder because of his mad bedroom skills. Lance acted so brazen in his womanizing that no girl took him seriously anyway. The cheerleaders simply accepted him at face value. He was a gigolo that could be enjoyed as a guilty pleasure from time to time.

For her part, Morgan enjoyed his company between boyfriends. He was shameless but refreshingly honest. And getting fucked by a stallion-hung Adonis definitely beat her vibrator. Nonetheless, someone needed to put him in his place.

"Lance, we gotta talk," she began.


"A lot of people at school are talking about you."

"What are they saying?"

"You're getting a reputation as a 'size king.'"

"A what?"

"A size king. That's like a well-hung dude that actively looks for hookups with size queens."

"What's wrong with that?"

"Because you're wearing tight pants to show off your package. It's kind of pervy."

"Babe, it's not the pants. It's the size. I just got really lucky in that department. Don't hate the player. Hate the game."

"See, that's what I mean."


"You've got this preposterous sense of entitlement. It's wearing thin. You are treating the cheerleading squad like your personal harem."

Lance tried to restrain a smirk. He secretlylovedthe idea of a harem. His ultimate sexual fantasy would be to have a no-holds-barred orgy with all twelve cheerleaders after winning the state football championship. He had thought through his imaginary thirteensome to the smallest detail.

After beating the other team 72-0, a stadium-sized bed would be erected in the football field for Lance's victory lay.

As the all-female crowd cheered him on from the stands, he would chuck his helmet to the ground, strip off his uniform, and climb on top of the colossal mattress. The naked cheerleaders would mount one another to form a human pyramid, wagging their asses at him in lewd invitation. And, over the next eight hours, Lance would fuck each and every girl into cross-eyed oblivion. The scoreboard would tally the rocketing number of vaginal orgasms he yielded from his team.

Lance wisely kept his lewd thoughts to himself. But Morgan zeroed in on his orgiastic ambitions anyway.

"And stop asking every girl you know for a threesome."

"A what?"

"A threesome!"

"Hey, that's a good idea. Would you like to try that?"

Morgan rolled her eyes.

"Listen, babe," he countered with studied nonchalance. "I'm just helping a few bi-curious females explore their sexuality. Women in love can be a beautiful thing."

"Bye!" Morgan replied abruptly before walking away.

Lance admired her ass as she exited the store and perhaps his life. His phone vibrated with a Tinder notification. He pulled it out to figure out his plans for the evening.


Sandra saw her court-mandated psychiatrist on Mondays. Dr. Joffe assessed the progress of her anger management skills since she beat up the captain of the wrestling team.

"I had sworn not to see him again," his patient confessed. "But when Lance asked me for help on his algebra test, I saw no harm in meeting him at the library."

Dr. Joffe looked at her skeptically.

"OK, fine," she continued defensively. "I wanted to fuck him."

"I thought we were making progress, Sandra," chided the doctor. "You previously called Lance a 'black hole of toxic masculinity.'"

"I didn't say that. I said he wasn't a pussy."

"You also said your family would 'lose face' if anyone heard about your relationship with him."

"That's true but so what? Don't you get it? I never wanted the violin lessons. I never wanted computer science camp. I never wanted tiger mother and father breathing down my fucking neck. I am me, not the 'good girl' someone else chose me to be."

Dr. Joffe feverishly took notes.

"If you want to call that 'teenage rebellion,' go ahead. For once in my life, I'd like to make my own decision. Maybe Lance is not the safest choice or the smartest choice but, at least, it's mine."

"So you're looking for a thrill?"

"I'm looking for an orgasm. And maybe it requires a bad boy with a big cock."

"Did you not agree that your desire for 'unattainable' men derived from a lack of self-esteem?"

"Stop putting words in my mouth. You know damn well I won't take any shit from Lance. If I ever dated him, you damn better believe he'd clean up his act."

"And you think he would do that?"

"Yeah," smiled Sandra defiantly. "You know why?"


"Because I'm special, dickweed. Men like him are easy to control. And I'll change him as sure as he is born. So don't tell me I suffer from daddy issues."

"So why did you hesitate?"

Sandra paused. She had trouble revealing the truth even to her shrink. Yes, Lance got her hot and bothered. The 'hot' part was cool. The 'bothered' part was not. She craved him so badly that it scared her. To use an old cliché, it felt like flirting with disaster. Could she control him? Probably not. Would he control her? Probably so.

Before daring to approach him, Sandra had stalked Lance for a month. The huntress studied her prey carefully. Tracking his movements with a GPS device planted underneath the wheel well of his Harley, she avidly followed his private exploits from the cab of her windowless van. He slept with a staggering number and variety of females: cheerleaders, emo chicks, teachers, exotic dancers, and cougar divorcees.

As her surveillance grew from days to weeks, Sandra got bolder. She left her van to listen in on his lovemaking. Behind the door of every cheap walk-up motel, sounded the cry of an ecstatic woman in heat. Though barely 18, the master of seduction had learned how to drive a female berserk with pleasure long before he learned how to drive an automobile.

Part of that success was owed to the youth's ten-and-a-half inch ladykiller. Lance probed his lovers in the most thrilling of ways. He was fully aware of his forbidden gift and that awareness manifested itself in a preternatural self-confidence. The ladies of Peoria Tech referred to it as "big dick energy." When he flirted with a woman, Lance possessed the smile and swagger of a man with an enormous penis that knew how to use it.

Lance's persona both repelled and fascinated her. Outside of scoring touchdowns and pumping iron, the student athlete dedicated his entire life to sex. In a twisted way, Sandra admired his focus. The foxy valedictorian also strived for perfection in whatever endeavor she undertook. But their commonality ended there. Sandra loathed his vulgarity and smug hedonism. However, she wondered if those very flaws also fueled her longing for him.

Though the archetype captivated the popular imagination, an authentic Casanova was a truly rare phenomenon. And she hardly expected to encounter one at a high school in flyover country.

"Sandra?" asked Dr. Joffe. "Are you listening to me?"

She looked at the clock. Thank God the session was almost over.


Lance finished football practice around 5pm. He scanned his most recent texts to decide which chick to bang that night. His phone vibrated with a new message.

"Hey," wrote Sandra.

His fingers hovered motionlessly over the touchscreen. Should he text back? There were risks. Sandra not only had stalked him. She had bludgeoned him with a large dildo during a routine hook up that went awry. But, worst of all, the psycho-babe hadn't put out. He never got further than a hand job with her. Maybe that explained his decision to reply. She not only had piqued his libido. She piqued his curiosity.

Lance never met a girl he couldn't close within a few hours. Sure, there were tons of prudes at his school but they all steered clear of the playboy. Like it or not, his mouth watered at the prospect of strange trim. Undressing a girl for the first time felt like unwrapping a present on Christmas morning. The anticipation delighted him.

Lance imagined himself with Sandra in the back of her windowless van. She had outfitted the vehicle like a mobile boudoir with a queen-sized mattress that lined the floor of the storage space. It definitely beat the backseat of a Trans Am. There would be plenty of room for both of them to play. Lance almost could see her expression of bliss as he sank himself into the hilt.

"Hey," he wrote back...


Sandra set their date for 8pm the next day: dinner and a movie. It had been a huge concession on Lance's part. He never went on dates. However, the cocksman had a reason. Lance wanted to fuck Sandra come hell or high water. He respected her too much not to.

All his life, Lance never found a woman that could keep up with him in bed. The multi-orgasmic megastud was bigger, stronger, faster, harder than anyone... He did not merely seduce females. He conquered them. Lance made his girlfriends squirt, faint, and weep tears of joy. And they all came back for more. Despite their public distaste for womanizers, the ladies filled his dance card with requests for repeat performances.

Lance soon gravitated towards threesomes because two foxes made better matched his prowess. Even then, the champion cocksman aspired to reverse gangbangs in which an even greater number of females joined forces in bed to indulge him. In truth, his desires knew no limit. The teen fancied himself as an erotic superhero dedicated to the carnal satisfaction of a sex-starved womankind.

On the other hand, Sandra possessed an unequaled ferocity about her. The woman proved willful and wanton, a seductive black widow spinning an invisible web from which no man could escape. Sandra represented a challenge in a game that Lance found increasingly easy to win.

He arrived at the Italian restaurant two minutes after 8pm. She didn't. Lance stood awkwardly by the hostess station by the entrance. A foxy blonde waitress made eyes at him from across the room. He banged the looker a few months ago but forgot her name.

"How many in your party?" asked another server, a Rubenesque Latina with a cute smile.

Lance held up two fingers.

"Too bad," she half-joked. "I get off in an hour."

Lance got a table by a window with a scenic view of the Peoria Mall parking lot. The Latina babe brought a menu, a glass of water, and a napkin with her mobile number scrawled on the back. Lance pocketed the napkin in case his date didn't work out.

"So who's the lucky girl?" asked a voice behind him. With an air of presumption, the unknown blonde took the seat across from him.

"Sandra Kong," he told her point blank.

"Wow," she gushed. "That takes balls."

"It's just a date."

"And the Titanic was just a ship."

The blonde stood up to leave after leaving another scrap of paper on the table.

"Don't worry," she told him "I wrote down my name in case you forgot it."

"Thanks, uh..."


Suddenly, Jill's expression paled. Neither of them saw Sandra approach the table.

"Get the fuck out of here," she hissed. "Or I'll call the manager."

Sandra took her seat. She snatched Jill's scrap of paper, crumpled it into a ball, and flicked the wad off the table. Lance and Sandra eyed each other like two boxers in the ring. He flashed a smile. This was going to be fun...

"So now what?" he asked with genuine curiosity.

"You order some food and we talk," she explained with a condescending air. "Haven't you ever been in a restaurant before?"

Truth be told, Lance hadn't been inside one for ages. The place bummed him out. Truth be told, he wanted to grab his date by the hips, fling her onto the table, and fuck her in front of all patrons.

"What are you thinking?" she asked.

Lance just grinned again.

"Yeah, I thought so," purred the she-devil with just a hint of a smile. "But that's so not happening tonight."

"Wanna bet?"

"I'd hate to see you lose."

"Then why are we here?"

Sandra pulled a shiny new book out of her laptop bag: "Beginning Algebra."


Lance didn't mind when Sandra stalked him. He didn't mind when she tied him up in the back of her van and forced him to eat her pussy. He didn't even mind when she almost broke his nose with a large dildo. To a point, all of those episodes were sexy in a perverse way. However, tutoring him in math constituted a unique form of torture. Lance would have left long ago had it not been for the fact he was failing the class. And if the star quarterback couldn't muster a D+, the coach would have to bench him for violating academic probation.

Sandra scribbled out yet another equation on her notepad. Lance couldn't make heads or tails out of the numbers. Numbers were way harder than letters. At least, he could sort of read stuff like a "Stop" sign or a stroke story on Literotica. But algebra problems left him dizzy. Even worse, his inability to grasp the subject matter made him feel inadequate. Lance had become accustomed to winning in life. He scored touchdowns, won bodybuilding competitions, and slept with any female he desired. Obstacles were annoyances to be avoided, not overcome.

Sandra noted his frustration with no small satisfaction. Everything had gone according to plan. Instead of teaching him remedial algebra, she intentionally tried to confuse her student by discussing advanced mathematical concepts like logarithms and partial derivatives. She spoke very quickly and did not allow him to ask any questions.

Sandra watched him slump in his seat as her lecture droned on. His customary smirk evaporated long ago. Just like she hypothesized, the straight-A vixen could use his intellectual weakness as a cudgel to break him down. But humiliation was not her endgame. Sandra didn't hate Lance. The alpha queen just wanted to control him. So she loosened her metaphorical grip on his balls just a tad.

"Let's try something different," Sandra told him. She wrote out a simple equation on her notepad:

5.5 + x = y

"This is what we call a function. It's the relationship between two variables, x and y. Do you understand?"

"I'm confused, babe," he lamented "I thought math problems were supposed to involve numbers. 'X' and 'Y' are letters, aren't they?"

"OK, let me simplify this," she answered patiently while writing out another equation:

5.5 + x = 10.5

"But there's still that one letter."

"Yes, that's right. It's a letter. X is a variable. It's a substitute for a number."

"You mean like a substitute teacher?"

Sandra rolled her eyes. Was he really this fucking dumb?

"OK, let's consider this equation in real world terms," she purred with a wicked smile. "Let's say that a girly man's penis measures a measly 5.5 inches. And, in contrast, a porn star's big stud cock measures 10.5 inches. What would be the difference in length?"

"Five inches," Lance answered without a second thought.

"Exactly," smiled Sandra as the flat of her heel gently stroked his crotch under the table. "In a given situation, you might even call this variable the 'x-factor' because it has the most significant impact on the outcome. You feel me?"

"Yeah, the x-factor separates the men from the boys," beamed her pupil.

Sandra nodded affirmatively while continuing to play footsy with him. Whether or not he would pass his algebra exam, Lance now seemed more at ease. The himbo clearly liked to talk about the size of his penis.

Sandra grabbed the check.

"I'll get this," she announced without giving him a chance to pay for dinner. "We're going to be late to the movie."

The Uptown Theatre was only a two-minute stroll from the restaurant. Sandra briskly walked through the parking lot a few paces ahead of Lance. Her body language blinked in neon lights: "Look but don't touch." Lance admired her ass as she sashayed toward the old movie palace. Even from behind, he could see the generous swell of her breasts sway to and fro. He hoped he finally would fuck her tonight."

"Two for Fellini's '8 ½'," she told the cashier at the box office. Lance had never been to this particular theatre. The Uptown wasn't a multiplex. It had only one screen inside a vast 500-seat auditorium. Sandra led him upstairs to the balcony. They were alone.

The lights went down right after they found their seats. The screen lit up with the opening credits."

"Babe," Lance noted with genuine astonishment. "What's wrong with this film? It's in black and white."

Sandra didn't dignify his question with a response. She already had seen the film but chose it specifically to bore her date. Fellini would go completely over his head. And that guaranteed he would start making moves on her in a matter of moments. No sooner had the credits finished than she felt his arm sliding past the nape of her neck and draping itself over her far shoulder.

Sandra secretly enjoyed his advances. His muscular arm felt just as heavy and powerful just like she had hoped. He was incredibly strong. Sandra had researched Lance online and found several blog posts about his winning streak in statewide bodybuilding contests. At the age of 15, he already beat 19 year-olds in the teenage division. Now at 18, Leo filed a request with the National Physique Committee to participate in the adult competition. Their decision was pending.

Though the fetish embarrassed her, Sandra had a thing for bodybuilders. The obsession originated from the tomboy's fascination with comics. In her earliest sexual fantasies, she imagined herself as the female swashbuckler Red Sonja, the comic book lover of Conan the Barbarian. The girl fantasized the pair would go on dangerous adventures at the end of which the barbarian stud would make sweet love to her with his legendary manhammer. Sandra's predilection for meatheads made no sense but a woman could no better choose her taste in men than her sexual orientation. You just had to deal with it.

With his arm still draped over her shoulder, Lance's fingers crept downward. He dipped his finger underneath the spaghetti strap of her backless dress and plucked it provocatively. Perceiving no objection, his fingers ventured along her Tail of Spence, the fleshy region of her chest that connected her underarm to her breast. Lance wasn't quite fondling her boob but he almost was. She admired the ladykiller's artistry. It was a subtle approach. This seemingly innocuous route led directly to more forbidden parts of her body.

Sandra reached for his hand, grabbed the middle finger, and yanked it back as hard as she could. "OW!" yelped her date. Having seized him by the finger, she forcefully twisted his arm up and off her shoulder.

"Are you nuts, lady?" he gasped. "That fucking hurts!"

Lance got up and moved a couple seats away. He turned on the light of his cell phone to examine his aching digit. His expression had turned sour. The vixen wondered if she had gone too far this time. Had Sandra learned nothing from all of those anger management sessions? Unable to undo the damage, she switched on the charm.

The jezebel took the seat next to him. "Here, let me see," she whispered to him. Lance reluctantly gave her his finger. "Poor baby," she cooed. "Let me make it better." She lifted his finger to her lips and lightly kissed it. Ever so gently, Sandra sucked the tip. Lance smiled. His entire body relaxed except for his big throbbing cock. She began to suck it more aggressively. Without exaggeration, Sandra was blowing his finger. A moan sounded deep within his broad chest.

Lance had never dealt with a lady in Sandra's league. In his naughty world of easy pussy, even the biggest knockouts proved to be knockovers. Given his notoriety, any approach on the part of a woman carried an implicit invitation for sex. However, Lance knew better than to interpret her finger-sucking as an opportunity to escalate too quickly. He didn't want to get punched in the face.

Sandra finally pulled his finger out of her mouth with an audible pop. She stroked his chin, gently turning his head to face her. Sandra's gaze smoldered. Her enigmatic smile hid the answer to a question that baffled him: Would he get laid tonight? The jezebel leaned into him for a kiss.

Almost as soon as their lips made contact, Lance took charge. His hand palmed the back of her head and guided her forward. Her mouth opened just enough to let his tongue slip in and out. Lance's assertion of command seemed less a matter of intent than a manifestation of a dominant nature. He wasn't trying to show off or prove himself. The teenage rakehell didn't know any other way to behave.

Sandra pulled away to break their kiss.

"You're pretty good at that," she negged. "For a stoner jock."

"I haven't heard any complaints."

The wily temptress shifted gears yet again

"I doubt you would," she whispered seductively into his ear. "After all, are you not Lance Leo, star quarterback and playboy extraordinaire? What girl would not yearn to sleep in your bed?"

Lance could not restrain a smile. Having tickled his vanity, her fingertip traced the salami-shaped bulge that ran along his inner thigh.

"I bet you nailed a lot of girls with that monster," she sighed with exaggerated awe.

"Flattery will get you everywhere, babe."

"Not in my pants it won't," she told him deadpan. "Watch the fucking movie, meathead. I like guys who like Fellini."

Lance stared straight ahead of him. He had reached an apparent stalemate with Sandra. Not even this preposterous movie date appeared likely to gain him entry to her succulent pussy. The teen stud wondered if he could bail. At this time of night, he usually found himself balls deep inside a more appreciative companion.

From within his front jeans pocket, Lance's cell phone vibed seductively against his dick. He already knew the import of the messages. Booty calls usually began around 9pm. Even though Morgan had cut him off from the cheerleading squad, she lacked the power to call a schoolwide sex strike. He still had a large female fanbase.

Lance ever so carefully pulled out his smartphone to discretely scan his texts. It read like a pornographic Tumblr feed. Girls sent him a lot of nudes. However, his eye gravitated to a message from Morgan: "Hey, good luck with your date tonight. Honestly, I hope you find what you are looking for."

Without any warning, Sandra grabbed his iPhone and shoved it inside her purse.

"Haven't you ever been to a movie theatre?" she hissed reproachfully. "No texting."

With his phone confiscated, the movie seemed to drag on forever. Sandra eventually put her hand on his knee but Lance didn't take the bait this time. Whatever game she wanted to play, it had been rigged for him to lose.

The lights finally came up. Sandra hopped out of her seat.

"C'mon," she told him. "You can walk me back to my car."

"And what if I don't?" he pouted.

"Then you don't get your phone back."

She had a point. He got up.

This time, Lance quickly walked ahead of Sandra. She noted his brusque manner. Clearly, the dude just wanted to put this evening behind him. Her stomach tightened with a sudden pang of regret. Yeah, he was dumb. But even dumb people had feelings.

More importantly, he looked hot as fuck. Lance dressed down for their date. He wore jeans and a tank top that showed off his tapered torso and powerlifter arms. She initially disapproved of his casual attire but it suited him well. With a body like that, the muscular Adonis didn't need to wear much anything at all.

The parking lot had emptied save for Sandra's white van and Lance's motorcycle. He headed towards her vehicle.

"Well... it's been interesting," he told her wistfully. "Can I get my phone back now?"

"Only after you kiss me goodbye."

Her date groaned. Lance had endured enough of her "Lucy and the football" routine for one night. Lance leaned down and offered a chaste peck on her cheek, the kind a 10-year old gave to his clingy grandmother.

However, no sooner had he pulled away than Sandra grabbed him by the shoulders, spun him around, and backed him into the wall of her van. She stood upon the toes of her stiletto heels and planted a scorching kiss on the mouth. Her hips bumped and ground against his crotch with the seductive power of a burlesque queen.

Lance's willpower melted like butter in a frying pan. He could feel the blood draining out of his head and into his inflating monster. It seemed as if his massive organ deprived his brain of an adequate blood supply for rational thinking. Though his medical theory might have been dubious, he clearly thought with his dick.

With his mind on autopilot, Lance quickly reverted to form. Without a second thought, his hands snapped forward, grasping her flared hips, fingers sinking into the soft flesh of her luscious bottom. Before she could react, he pivoted, spinning the two of them around to reverse their positions. Her back hit the side of the van with a metallic thump.

Lance pinned her hands against the van and closed in for another kiss. Sandra marveled at their difference in size. Standing six-and-a-half feet tall, the superstud resembled a human wall of muscle and cock. Sandra felt his jeans tent with an obscene bulge. Noticing her reaction, a wicked grin spread across his face. "If you liked Fellini's 8 1/2," he gloated. "You're gonna love Lance Leo's 10 1/2!"

Quick as lightning, Sandra kneed him in the groin. Lance staggered back a couple steps and clutched his privates in exquisite agony. Not even the mightiest brute could withstand such a vicious blow. Lance's expression grew angry and ominous. She had violated the most sacred part of his body.

Lance's exuberant masculinity had a dark side. Its name was violence. Beneath the façade of an ultra-hedonistic playboy, lurked a modern-day savage of animal passions. A man like him could fight as easily as he could fuck. Not even the biggest jocks at school messed with Lance. She heard he had ties to biker gangs. They hired the alpha thug as an enforcer to settle disputes.

"MOTHERFUCKER!" thundered the raging manbeast. Lance wound up his arm and smashed his fist into the side of her van. He clearly hadn't aimed for Sandra but the damage still unnerved her. The powerful blow left the indentations of his knuckles in the metal sheeting.

"Did anyone ever say that you look sexy when you're mad?" Sandra asked him without missing a beat.

Lance didn't answer. He stood his ground with crossed arms.

"So here's the deal," she told him. "I want to lie down for a minute. You either can get in the van or go home." With that, she unlocked the back door and got into the back of her vehicle. Lance hesitated. Some heinous shit could go down in there. Then again, he'd never find out what could have been. So Lance crawled inside.

"Shut the door," she told him. He did. The interior became pitch black. The space wasn't uncomfortable though. A queen-sized mattress covered the entire floor.

Sandra paused for a moment. She listened to his breath and the pounding of his heart. Lance felt so close that Sandra could taste him. She reached out and touched his thigh. The contact startled him. He drew back.

"Don't be scared," she reassured him. Sandra sidled up to him on all fours. She lightly caressed his muscular arm with a fingertip, tracing the contour of his peaked bicep. The supersized limb was a fifty-bound battering ram. She had no doubt his fists broke bones. And, truth be told, it turned her on. She wanted to make love to the biggest, baddest boy in town.

Despite all her dating jitters that night, Sandra suddenly felt completely in her element. In the darkness, the introspective teen had transformed into Red Sonja, a warrior woman of pagan desires. But, unlike the comic book, she would embark on the sort of adventure that lay outside the bounds of the G-rated Marvel Universe.

To understand Sandra's sexual fantasies, one had to be familiar with the sword-and-sorcery tale of Conan and Red Sonja. In the comic, the male-female barbarian duo joined forces to conquer evildoers in the Hyborian Age. However, to Sandra's eternal disappointment, the superheroine never hooked up with Conan.

The comic book had an explanation for their emotional distance. Though the pair fought together, Sonja proved fiercely independent and often defied her companion. They endured a very tense relationship and even came to blows on occasion. To complicate matters, Conan was attracted to Sonja but she always rebuffed his advances. The swordswoman vowed never to lie with a man who could not defeat her in combat.

Despite this backstory, Sandra embellished the narrative in her own mind. In return for his pledging eternal loyalty and allegiance, she eventually would offer herself to Conan. And together, the comic book heroes would attain sexual Valhalla.

Lance wasn't Conan. He was a horny teenager that used his big dick as a ticket for a lot of casual sex. Yet the darkness allowed Sandra to dream. She could be someone else in another time and place.

"Take it out," Sandra ordered.


"I want you to show me your dick."

Lance hesitated. No girl ever spoke to him so directly.

"Hey," began Sandra. "I just want to make sure you're OK. I didn't mean to kick you in the balls. Not that hard at least."

Lance still felt unsure. Would she bite it off or something?

"C'mon. Don't be a pussy."

Sandra heard a zipper. Lance pulled down his pants. She reached down between his legs and grabbed his tool, first with just one, then with two hands. She had seen and touched him before but the contact still sent a chill up her spine. He was fucking massive.

"Looks OK to me," she told him in flirtatious voice that hid her mounting excitement.

"How can you tell?"

"Because you're hard as a rock," laughed Sandra. He laughed a bit too.

"Listen, I'm sorry for hurting you like that. Let me make it up to you."

With that, Sandra slowly stroked his shaft with both hands. The organ felt hot and heavy in her grasp. Even in the dark, she sensed his size. It made her clit throb. Sandra had been with other men and there was no comparison.

"Like what you see?" he asked.

"We're in the dark," she told him curtly. Though technically true, Sandra preferred the darkness for another reason. It cloaked all the desire in her eyes, the burning urge to feel his gigantic prick thrusting inside of her. If he knew how badly she wanted him, the game would be over.

Sandra leaned in. Lance felt her hot breath against his cockflesh. Her tongue reached out, flicked his glans, and traced the underside of his shaft. She hawked up a glob of saliva and spat on his dick, letting it dribble down his length. Lance moaned as she flicked, dragged, and gently pushed her wet tongue along his prick. The teen stud couldn't believe what was happening. He was going to lay Sandra Kong!

The anticipation of impending sex caused his prick to lurch upward, smacking her right on the nose. The cockslap wasn't painful but its force startled Sandra. She grabbed the base with both hands to immobilize his love muscle. It felt like wrestling a python.

Having steadied his rod, she moved her head back, yanked it downward, and aimed the fist-sized knob at her open mouth. Not missing a beat, her head snapped forward and engulfed him.

"Oh, fuck!" Lance growled in a rumbling baritone, his senses immersed in pure pleasure as inch after inch sank into her hot, moist mouth. Sandra's jaw tensed up as she descended. Lance was forearm-thick from head to tip. But the vixen had an iron will.

Sandra paused to relax her throat muscles. She breathed through her nose. Suddenly, the jezebel shoved her head downward, forcing the rest of him down her throat. "Holy shit!" he groaned as her lips reached the base of his cock. No girl ever took the whole thing.

Lance took long and deep breaths, sustaining the ecstatic tension that seethed in his loins. He could have blown his load then and there. While the teen stud loved having a stallion-sized prick, women struggled to perform fellatio on him. He barely made it past their lips before they gagged on his knob. But Sandra had honed her skills for weeks on an oversized dildo. The fellatrix dedicated her body and soul to the erotic art of deep throating. She wanted to blow him away... literally.

Sandra bobbed her head up and down, listening to his labored breath. Though blowing a dude supposedly demeaned a woman, she felt more empowered than degraded. Sandra owned his dick. He never had met a woman like her before.

Without warning, her mouth slid up and off his straining erection. "Please, babe," he moaned desperately. "Don't leave me high and dry." Sandra ignored his plea. Lance didn't ask again. The psycho babe was calling the shots... for now at least.

Sandra shimmied out of her jeans. She tossed her damp panties at his face. The van filled with the heady aroma of ripe, moist cunt. Sandra lied back on the mattress and spread her legs. "Eat me," she told him simply.

Lance didn't hesitate. He practically dove between her open thighs. Sandra let out a faint moan as he positioned his face at her junction. Lance ran his tongue along the crease between her pussy and thigh. Her flesh possessed a smooth texture, freshly waxed without even a day's growth of stubble. She must have shaved for tonight. Lance brought his head to lick her other crease.

Lance hoisted Sandra's thighs off the mattress, spreading her wider for greater access to the jezebel's juicy sanctum. His tongue skimmed her wet folds, swabbing the pussy nectar along her slit before stopping just short of her throbbing clit. Lance paused, letting her excitement mount. She bit her lip in anticipation.

His tongue gently flickered against her pleasure nub. Her clit twitched with lust as the tiny organ emerged from its hood. Sandra's head tilted back and her entire body relaxed as his tongue bat her love nubbin to and fro with the skill and accuracy of a boxer on a speed bag.

Sandra grabbed two fistfuls of his long hair and shoved his face deep between her thighs. Despite his dim-bulb demeanor, Lance possessed remarkable oral prowess. Sandra did not expect much from a guy like him when it came to eating pussy. She hooked up with women for that. But Lance knew just how to stroke her with his gentle yet seductive touch.

The teen heartthrob was not unaware of his talent. Though most guys provided only the most cursory of cunnilingus, Lance loved to get under the hood of a chick and perform the dirty work she needed to get off. Though the cocksman's promiscuity earned him substantial notoriety, it also gave him a lifetime of experience on how to please a woman down there.

Sandra might have been a prickly pear of a woman. But under the skin, she tasted sweet and juicy. Lance simply devoured her, sucking her soft folds into his mouth, his tongue darting in and out of her hole before plunging all the way inside.

A loud gasp escaped her mouth. No lover, male or female, had pleasured her so skillfully. Lance had a long, flexible tongue that hung past the bottom of his chin when fully extended. The serpentine organ could assume virtually and shape or angle inside a pussy.

Sandra felt his tongue curve upward as it stroked the front wall of her vagina. "Oh, my God!" she cried out. Sandra knew immediately what his tongue had uncovered. Lance was stroking her G-spot with the tip! Sandra barely could find the elusive spot with a specialized sex toy but the oral virtuoso had closed in on it within seconds.

"Harder," she demanded in a quiet voice. Lance withdrew his tongue and plunged a finger - a big one - into her twat. The metal floor of the van creaked loudly as her back popped into an arch. Her breathing deepened with raw hunger.

"You like that, babe?" he rumbled. Sandra didn't answer. Her head spun with unfamiliar but delightful sensations. She felt her legs twitch and her nipples harden into diamond-tipped spikes. Noting her excitement, Lance decided to proceed slowly. With his legendary size, skill, and stamina, the superstud knew he would make Sandra experience things she never experienced before. The headstrong beautymight not like him but she would desire him before the end of the night.

The teen stud fingered her slowly, long tantalizing strokes with just enough pressure to stimulate her Gräfenberg. "Faster," she finally told him. Lance gradually picked up the pace and added a second finger. As the gentle strokes transformed into aggressive finger thrusts, Sandra heard wet, sloshing noises come from between her legs. She never felt so moist and open down there.

Just when Sandra thought her pleasure had plateaued, Lance dipped his head between her legs and gave her throbbing clit a long, wet lick. Her body tensed up instantly. By stimulating the two focal points of her sexuality at the same time, Lance flipped a switch in her mind and body. She screamed at the top of her lungs and humped his face like an animal in heat. Sandra no longer cared about the stigma of slumming with a low-class teenage gigolo. She needed to quench her eighteen-year hunger for a real man.

The playboy sensed her desperate lust with delight. She wanted it as badly as he did. Without a second thought,

Lance planted his mouth on her clit and gently nipped the bud with his lips. "AUUUNNNNNGHHHH!" growled Sandra as he sucked, nibbled, and tugged at her pulsating love nipple.

Basically, the virtuoso was giving her a clitoral blowjob. Combined with the dance his fingers performed on her G-spot, Lance thrust her into an erotic delirium where nothing was forbidden and everything was permitted. Her thoughts dissolved as an enormous pressure built in her molten core. She sensed the mass of her impending orgasm and its dimensions almost scared her. The jezebel grabbed a fistful of bedsheet in either hand and braced herself...

Everything went black for an instant. When Sandra came to her senses, she found herself screaming profanities that would have made a porn actress blush. Her fingers clawed the mattress, her toes curled, her hips flew upward, her back stiffened. Then every muscle in her body contracted so hard that she barely could breathe. The heated moment seemed to last forever as a riptide of pleasure tore through her quivering flesh.

With his tongue and fingers skillfully operating her erogenous triggers, Lance sustained her climax for an unusually long time. The sensations were simultaneously amazing and unbearable. It felt like touching the sun. The sexual prodigy had brought her into contact with an infinitude of bliss that she had only glimpsed in her most heated moments.

Suddenly, Sandra felt like she would piss herself. The urge to pee didn't alarm her. She knew her body. Lance had stimulated the glands beneath her G-spot. They had swelled up with female ejaculate. After one particularly well-aimed stroke of his index finger, her pussy burst open like a broken water main, dousing Lance's face in love nectar.

"Fuck yeah!" Lance spurred her on. "Squirt for me, babe."

Sandra could not help but admire his enthusiasm. Any other guy would have freaked out at having his face soaked like that. But her response actually invigorated the ladykiller. He doubled down on her box, wallowing in her pungent liquidity.

With a deep groan, she lurched back against his hand, forcing his fingers further inside. Lance luxuriated in her velvety warmth. Her gates had opened. She would not be able to resist him much longer. His fingers withdrew all the way to the tips and thrust inside harder. They pulled out and shoved in again. He was fucking her now.

Another wave of pleasure pounded her body. Sandra felt her vaginal muscles clamp down and blast another powerful jet of female ejaculate. "Oh, my God!" she blurted out in a high-pitched cry, startled by the volume of her voice.

Her hips instinctually drew back from his probing fingers, retreating from the overwhelming stimulation. Before she could get away, his free hand grasped her thigh. Lance didn't grab it forcefully. Rather, he offered a steady hand to guide his lover through her tempestuous climax.

Sandra marveled at how big and strong his hand felt wrapped around her hip. His fingers latched onto the front of her hipbone with the thumb wrapped all the way to her spine. His grip seemed light but his left hand firmly held her in as his right finger-banged her twat.

Sandra closed her eyes and imagined them together. The sexy manbeast would get behind her, grasping her butt with those big hands, and fill her again and again with his huge fuck club. The vixen would not have to conceal her secret with him. Sandra loved big dicks. He would give her the pounding she had craved all her life. Just the thought of that stirred something magical in the very core of her body. Its magnitude and intensity rendered her almost helpless.

Sensing her excitement, Lance withdrew his fingers and grasped her thighs, prying them wide open and burying his face in her gash. His long tongue darted inside her pussy. Her vaginal muscles clamped down, drawing the organ deeper inside her body until he unfurled himself to the root. Without a second thought, he stiffened his tongue and stabbed her G-spot with the tip. "Oh, Lance!" Sandra cried out, using his name for the first time during their encounter. The ladykiller held her as tightly as he could as she bucked and writhed against his face.

Sandra didn't make a sound. A tsunami of white-hot sensation exploded out of her center. Her ears thudded with the pulse of blood, the pressure so intense that her eyes felt like they would bug out of their sockets. As Sandra's climax peaked, the intensity paralyzed her. The wave didn't recede, it just seemed to grow and grow until a blinding light flashed behind her eyes.

When Sandra came to, she never felt so relaxed. Even the vixen's best orgasms always left her wanting more. Yet she actually feltsatisfiedfor the moment. No, the willful jezebel had not submitted to the Lothario. Rather, she simply hadlet go.

Lance switched on the dome light in the storage area. The playboy didn't wear anything but a smile as he searched the pockets of his jeans for a condom. Sandra must have passed out because Lance didn't acknowledge her. "Fuck," he muttered to himself. "Where are the Mags?" Lance knelt down to rifle through the sheets.

Sandra stayed quiet and just gazed at him. His physique caused her heart to skip a beat. He shaved everywhere besides a small tuft of hair above his groin. His smooth skin glistened under a light sheen of sweat, making his muscles look that much more hard and ripped. Then her eyes drifted to his crotch. His limp schlong dangled all the way to his knees. Even at rest, she never had seen one that big.

Lance slowly turned around and met her gaze.

"Do you like what you see, Sandra?" he asked her point blank.

She didn't say anything but gave the slightest of nods.

"It's okay to look. I know I'm not like other guys. Sometimes girls get curious because I happen to be a bit above average."

"Does it ever bother you to be different?" she asked him with genuine interest.

"Not really," he answered. "To be honest, I like being me." Lance's response felt self-assured but not smug.

A moment passed. Lance lay down beside Sandra on the mattress. Her hand crept up his right arm, tracing its contours and rigid definition.

"Why are you always flexing your arm?" she asked him. "Are you trying to impress me?"

"What do you mean?"

"Like right now. You're flexing it."

"No, I'm not."

"Your arm feels hard as a rock. You're clearly flexing it. Can't you relax around me?"

"It's not flexed, babe," he told her. "This is flexed."

Lance raised his right arm and clenched his fist. Even with his forearm at a 90-degree angle, his bicep looked huge. As Lance's arm began to bend inward, the muscle grew from the size of a grapefruit to a melon. Sandra just stared at it for a few seconds. She had fantasized about guys with guns like that but never saw one up this close.

"Can I touch it?" Sandra asked hesitantly. Her heart raced as she awaited his response. Sandra's reserve surprised her a bit. Why didn't she just feel up his arm if she fancied it? But Sandra had made more of a confession than a request. She was a slut for muscle.

"Go ahead and touch it, babe," he finally told her. "Don't be shy." Lance hadn't judged her. Sandra reached out to his arm and squeezed the peaked bicep in one hand. It felt like a boulder. She brought over her other hand to encompass its full mass.

"Incredible," Sandra whispered to herself in a voice so low that not even Lance heard it. "How is this possible?"

Lance heard her question.

"Cause I lift weights every day. I can bench 400 pounds."

"Why do you work out?" she asked curiously.

"Dunno," he smiled. "It gives me something to do when I'm not banging chicks."

Sandra's expression soured after the last comment so Lance changed the subject.

"Check this out," crowed the teen hunk. He knelt in front of Sandra and thrust his chest in her face. She stared into the deep canyon between his hard, massive pecs. Lance flexed his chest, causing the slabs of muscle to grow even larger. "Touch them," he murmured. "I know you want to." Sandra laid her palms on his pectorals. The slabs of muscle rose and fell in her grasp. But, more notably, his nipples became erect. Her touch excited him.

Lance slowly un-flexed his chest but his act had just begun. He was a master of muscle control and had perfected the art of the pec dance. He relaxed and contracted his pecs, causing them to twitch and bounce as if the muscles had a mind of their own. Then the teen tensed up his chest and caused the breastplate of muscle to ripple in little waves. Sandra actually could feel the striations of his muscle fibers move beneath her hands.

"You know," she began with just the hint of a flirtatious smile. "This is sort of ridiculous."

"You mean, 'ridiculously sexy,'" he countered.

Lance wasn't wrong. His parlor trick might have been cheesy but it turned her on.

"Now for the grand finale," he announced, scooting back from Sandra. "You're gonna love this."

Still on his knees, Lance closed his eyes and took a long deep breath. As he exhaled, his chiseled abs tensed and his limp dong lurched upward before falling against his thighs with a meaty slap. The teen stud slowly inhaled another lungful of air, his expression demonstrating absolute focus. Lance contracted his pelvic floor, pumping blood into his organ. His prick leapt higher this time. It did not fall back to his knees but stood under its own weight, wavering at a quarter-mast.

Lance repeated the process, slowly ratcheting his tool upward. With each breath, he grew longer and thicker. The size intimidated Sandra yet his calm demeanor neutralized her fears. Lance had lost his usual smug attitude. He almost seemed meditative.

Lance opened his eyes. Neither of them spoke. It wasn't necessary. The moment had arrived. Taking the initiative, Sandra went to the glove compartment and took out an unopened box of Magnum XL condoms. She pulled out the strip of rubbers and opened one of the wrappers.

Though Sandra had thought a lot about intercourse with him, she had no idea about how to suit up his erection. The process began smoothly. Grabbing the base of his prong in one hand, her other stretched the rim of the rubber over his fat knob. It barely fit. She then tried to roll the condom down his shaft. No go. He was simply too thick. As she struggled, his boner lurched upward again with a fresh surge of blood and split open the latex. Fuck.

"Let me do it," Lance told her quietly. He tore open another wrapper and sheathed himself in one smooth motion. Sandra noted how quickly and easily Lance suited up. The playboy definitely knew what he was doing. Though she maintained a defiant attitude, his hedonistic expertise intimidated her. The ladykiller would compare her to other women he had slept with. At the same time, his wealth of experience got her hot. There would be no adolescent fumbling with a guy like him.

The fox lied back on the mattress and spread her legs. Lance climbed between her thighs and lined up his rock hard python with the Sandra's wet slit. Her spine tingled with a frisson of excitement. His body oozed testosterone. Yet Sandra felt strangely in her element. She had become Red Sonja to his Conan.

Lance leaned down and gave her a long and tender kiss. As they made out, he slowly ground his the underside of his erection against her moist gash, exerting a delicious pressure against her clit. "Fuck me," she whispered under her breath as they broke their kiss.

The teenage rakehell knelt up between her legs. He playfully slapped his fuck club against her pussy. Each smack packed much more force than she expected. As if sizing her up, he laid his fuck club along the length of her lower abdomen. His fist-sized knob reached way, way past her navel. Where would he put it all?

Sandra could not help but feel a bit anxious at that moment. The buxom bombshell lay on her back, legs spread as wide as she could manage as the rakish brute loomed over her, his visage chiseled with an expression of absolute concentration, his torso flaring wide like the hood of a cobra, perfectly defined from his jutting pecs to the eight-pack abs that led to the ten-inch pussy magnet which sprang out of his loins.

Lance looked simply incredible. He was an X-rated version of Conan with his comic book physique and obscenely large phallus. Sandra had no doubt the alpha stud would fuck her to an inch of her life. The normally guarded female felt oddly aroused by her vulnerability. The size queen finally found a man worthy of claiming her.

The teen hunk pushed his hips forward, the tip of his fuck spear nosing into her labia. She literally quivered with anticipation. With another gentle thrust, Lance wedged his cockhead into the jaws of her snatch. His abs tensed up into blocks of granite as he bore down on Sandra, prying his lover open bit by bit, until his big knob popped inside of her quinny. Sandra could not help but gasp aloud. He was way, way bigger than any guy she had before. Her pussy had never been stretched like this.

"Relax, babe," Lance whispered in her ear. "We're gonna take this really slow. This ain't about me. It's about you."

"Isn'tabout me," she corrected him. "Ain'tis not a word."

They both laughed a bit before he pushed in a few more inches. Sandra began to quiver again. Her clit throbbed and her nipples grew stiff. She was already on the verge of coming. Lance sensed her excitement. His lover jammed her eyes shut and slowly breathed in and out. Her vaginal walls twitched rhythmically for a couple beats as a wavelet of pleasure radiated from her loins and washed over her body. Lance kept still until she opened her eyes.

"You like that?" he beamed. She nodded weakly from her minor orgasm. "Good. You're going to be doing a lot of that tonight." His words felt more like a statement of fact than a boast.

"More," she whispered under her breath. "I want it." Sandra flinched at the tone of desperation in her voice. She could no longer conceal her burning urge. Lance shoved in another two inches. He went deeper than any partner had ever gone before, touching forbidden places that remained out-of-reach to other guys. Sandra felt like she was losing a second virginity to him, as though everything the ingénue experienced so far in her love life had been a mere prelude to what would happen tonight.

Sandra lightly squeezed her walls against his shaft. His pole felt like a bar of steel. Lance wasn't just huge. He washard. She ventured a firmer squeeze. His unyielding erection didn't budge in the slightest. Sandra clamped down on him with all her strength. She performed Kegel exercises every morning and had enough strength to push a guy straight out of her vaginal cavity. But Lance's alpha cock stood its ground.

"Fuck, yeah," the teen stud murmured in his sensual baritone, as she flexed her vise-tight walls against him, every hot and wet fold of her luscious interiors milking his meat. Lance had plunged himself inside hundreds of girls and each pussy felt delightful and different wrapped around his cock. But of all the women he ever loved, none of them pleased him like this babe. If Cinderella had been a big dick playboy, Sandra was his glass slipper.

Lance paused for a moment and slowly breathed in and out.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Letting you adjust," he lied. "I'm pretty big for you." In truth,Lance had to adjust. He could have blown his wad in her right then and there.

"I'm good," she told him. "Keep going."

Sandra's depths felt genuinely alive. Her vaginal muscles twitched against his shaft and rippled in powerful waves that no red-blooded male could endure for long. Lance prided himself on his control. He distinguished himself as a marathon lover, one reason so many females sought out his company. But no woman tested his resolve like Sandra. Lance moaned quietly as her twat gripped his tool with a particularly strong spasm. He had to keep moving before she finished him off.

As Lance resumed his inner-journey, he felt the rim of his condom slip inside Sandra's pussy. That marked an important milestone. Fully unrolled, a Magnum XL condom measured 8.15" and exposed the last couple inches of his supersized shaft. However, he almost always bottomed out before reaching this point.

"Keep going," she ordered him.

"Are you sure?" he asked.

"Do it."

Lance marveled at her hunger. While he could get nine or ten inches into a girl on occasion, it required effort and never happened on the first date. Sandra felt deliciously tight but her vagina seemed nearly bottomless. The well-hung Casanova had never encountered a partner with such a deep cervix.

Sandra winced just a bit when he finally hit her barrier.

"Sorry," he whispered.

"Sorry for what?" she asked. "Because you have a big dick."

Lance smiled. He had begun to realize his date was a major size queen.

"Babe," he winked. "I think I was built for loving you."

Lance carefully maneuvered himself even deeper. The final inches would be explosive. Though the plebeian playboy knew next to nothing about gynecology, he had developed an impressive expertise of female sexual anatomy through his prolific exploits. In particular, the ladykiller acquired a sixth sense for pinpointing a lover's erogenous zones. If Sandra didn't know about her deep spot, she was about to find out...

Sandra noted the steely determination in his gaze. Along with unadulterated lust, his eyes betrayed utter dedication to her pleasure. She then glanced between her legs at the point where their hips met. With one last push, he hilted his mighty weapon inside her body.

Lance felt the tip of his prick slide into her cul-de-sac. Known to sexologists as the "posterior fornix," the juicy nook lay deep inside a chick. When greatly aroused, her cervix lifted upward in the vagina in order to allow access to the hidden passage. And after it opened, the fornix extended deep into the female body to accommodate a large sex organ.

Few guys knew or cared about the cul-de-sac but it played a central role in Lance's phenomenal lovemaking. Not only did the canal allow him to plunge his tool much deeper into a lover. Her deep spot resided in the secret cove, the ultimate wellspring of vaginal orgasms.

Sandra's entire body shivered with anticipation. The teen stud had entered her holy of holies, a place a no girly dick had a hope in hell of reaching. She could barely touch the spot with a dildo. But Lance's ten-and-a-half inch ladykiller nailed it dead center.

The well-hung Adonis leaned down and planted a firm and commanding kiss on her lips. He felt both rough and sensual just like a true man ought to be. As they made out, she felt it throbbing inside of her, her walls clinging to every ridge and vein. Even at rest, his tool exerted a subtle dominance, stretching her, filling her depths, scratching an eighteen-year itch that burned within. Out of nowhere, Sandra found herself shuddering and writhing beneath him. Just feeling that fuck club buried inside her depths had triggered a powerful orgasm.

Lance rose up, still joined to the groin with Sandra, as a thundering climax roiled her voluptuous body. He had to perform nearly ten minutes of steady inward thrusts and gyrations but she had taken the whole thing. No girl had ever done that. He wasn't exactly in love but it meant something.

Sandra loudly exhaled as Lance drew his hips back, unsheathing his weapon with tantalizing deliberation. His slow pace amplified and intensified her internal sensations. She could feel his flared helmet tugging against her tender walls, the friction causing little sparks of pleasure inside her channel. Then he suddenly reversed directions and drove himself forward.

Sandra's back instantly snapped into an arch. Her mouth gaped open in a silent cry. She clenched her fists so hard that her nails dug painfully into her own flesh. A shockwave of pleasure rocketed up her spine and exploded in her skull. The brute force of the crescendo left her wide-eyed and breathless, drowning in a bottomless sea of pleasure.

Lance watched Sandra come on his cock. The sight excited him but the urge to fire his load had dissipated. The sexual athlete had entered a calmer headspace as he focused upon his illicit mission. He would give Sandra the best fuck of her life. Such a feat required absolute concentration and dedication. Just like football, sex was a contact sport and the champion cocksman played to win.

After her orgasm finally subsided, the teenage stallion pulled back again until only his knob remained lodged in her snatch. Without warning, his hips hammered forward, claiming her most intimate depths. A long, low, throaty moan exited her lips. Lance didn't pause this time. His hips drew back again and plunged once more into her wet, warm pussy.

Lance continued his thrusts and withdrawals, pounding her in a slow, torrid rhythm. Unlike most guys, he didn't rush. The well-hung Casanova didn't need to. Every stroke rocked her to the core, as his tool rode roughshod across her vaginal nerves and bottomed out in her cul-de-sac. The next orgasm hit. Hard. Sandra jammed her eyes shut, bracing for the impact. Stars exploded behind her eyelids. The orgasm felt like it blew out the back of her skull.

Sandra finally opened her eyes and gazed up at Lance. His skin glistened with a light sheen of sweat that accentuated his chiseled physique. The veins that capped his boulder biceps popped and pulsed with power as he plowed into her. His abs flexed inward on each outstroke. She also noted his groin was coated in a thick layer of pussy nectar. Sandra must have squirted all over the mattress during her last orgasm.

Lance picked up the pace, hammering the lusty size queen with his forearm of a phallus. His dark long hair fanned out in waves, framing his smoldering visage of animal desire. Sandra could feel the entire van rocking on its shocks as the raging manbeast slammed into her.

"Come for me, babe," he urged her in a whisper. "Do it."

And just like magic, her body seized up with yet another climax. But this time, the rakish brute sustained her at a fever pitch with his savage thrusts. Another peak lit up her nervous system before the last one even died down. The orgasms just kept coming. By either luck or skill, he tapped the deepest part of Sandra's vagina, drilling his big dick into her mother lode of pleasure.

As her thoughts dissolved into raw sensation, one impression persisted. No, she hadn't fallen in love with him. But the two of them shared an almost elemental connection. They were fire and ice, steaming up the windows of her van with the heat of their coupling. No matter how much she scorned the low-class Lothario, Sandra couldn't deny Lance was a literal force of nature. This hurricane of a man was ravaging her and she loved every fucking minute of it.

"Oh, Lance!" Sandra cried out, her voice quavering with emotion. "I want you."

Lance flashed a sexy grin. Tonight came about as close to heaven as he could get in the back of a van. Sandra wasn't just the hottest chick at Peoria Tech. The buxom jezebel had starred in his sexual fantasies for months. And, after months of heartache, he had finally claimed his prize. And she wasn't just wrapped around his finger. Lance had her wrapped around his cock.

As Sandra finally came down from her high, she couldn't help but notice his smug expression had returned. It looked like the smirk of a playboy who thought he gained the upper hand. Why had she called out his name like that before? The concession had emboldened him. Sandra would need to put him back in his place and quickly.

In a flash, the black belt bombshell slid backwards and decoupled from Lance. She sprang upright and assumed a defensive crouch. It happened so quickly that he didn't have time to react before she shoved him violently against the back doors to the van. His grin vaporized.

"It's my turn to have fun," she whispered in his ear. "Get on your back." It was a command, not a request.

Lance obediently lay down. His massive 6'6" frame occupied most of the mattress. Yet despite his bulk, Sandra loomed over him with an almost ominous air. His heart pounded with both terror and excitement as she climbed on top of her prey. With feline grace, the vixen positioned her crotch directly above his towering erection, braced her arms against his muscle-bound chest, and lowered her hips. His prick sank into her like a knife through butter.

"Listen, babe," she mocked him. "In this van, we do woman on top."

Lance was hardly in a position to complain. Sandra had to do all the work up there. He could lie back and watch the show. The temptress slid down his pole nice and slow. Her lips pouted in an "O" as she wedged his big knob into her cul-de-sac. That's all it took to get her off. She had a very erogenous deep spot.

With her arms still braced against Lance's pecs, Sandra dug her nails into the breastplate of muscle. She ground her crotch against his hips for a few seconds and then froze up. The vixen's tight velvet cunt clamped down on him with startling force. Her silence was deafening. Lance knew Sandra wasn't a screamer. But her face didn't lie. The babe was blissed out.

Sandra came so hard that it hurt. Her quinny contracted in a violent rhythm against his rock hard python, each squeeze sending a jolt of pain and pleasure up her spine. The size queen was still adapting to that forearm of a phallus. His girth stretched her walls farther apart than any dildo, its uncompromising dimensions glutting her deepest hungers.

Each subsequent contraction became less painful and more joyful. And there were so many of them! With other guys, the spasms began to weaken after a few seconds. But Lance had struck her orgasmic jackpot. The contractions were getting stronger and stronger. They made her head spin.

Lance gripped Sandra's hips to guide her movements as the jezebel worked his length in and out of her hot box. She soon went Category 5 on him, her big jugs bouncing violently up and down. The sight provoked an almost Pavlovian response in his loins. The alpha thug was no rocket scientist to begin with. But a pair of flying F-cups turned him into a drooling idiot. His time was about to come.

Desperate for release, Lance began hammering his hips upward, nailing Sandra's deep spot on every thrust. She responded by double-timing her ass up and down his pole, jamming his knob into her fornix. The last thing he remembered before his climax was her face. Sandra's expression became carefree and gleeful. It might have been the first time the ice babe ever looked truly happy.

Sandra humped his crotch harder and harder to push him past the point of no return. A well-aimed stroke nailed her deep spot, triggering another squirting orgasm. The stone cold fox came apart at the seams. Juices gushed out of her pussy like a river and doused his balls and thighs in love nectar. Her limbs thrashed in every direction with only his towering prick keeping her body anchored in position.

Before she could fall off of him, Lance's big palms slipped under her butt and he began to hoist her body up and down his ten-inch shaft. As her lust-crazed delirium plateaued, she noted his strength. Sandra might have remained on top but Lance had taken charge. His grip tightened and the rakish brute began to jerk himself off with her body, whipping her up and down like his personal sex toy. However, his burst of aggression ended as quickly as it erupted.

"MOTHERFUCKER!" he thundered. "I'M GONNA COME!"

Lance let go of Sandra's hips as his body arched into the air, his massive frame supported entirely upon his head and heels. His butt rose a foot off the bed with Sandra still mounted upon his pole. She braced her arms against the ceiling of the van to stay balanced and pushed herself downward, cramming every inner inch of her quinny with big, hard cock. She locked her ankles underneath his ass and gripped his waist in a scissors hold. The ride was about to get rough...

Sandra felt him pulsating inside of her. His hips bucked once, then twice, and a massive load of spunk surged up his mighty prickshaft. Sandra marveled at the heat and force of the blast. Even with a condom, she could feel him toss off inside of her. The eruption lasted nearly twenty seconds before it tapered off. For a moment, Sandra thought he had finished but Lance experienced orgasm on a different order of magnitude. That only had been his first wad. Suddenly, his glutes tensed up again and he fired an even more powerful jet into her depths.

"FUCK, YEAH!" he boomed in a deafening yell. "I'M COMIN' BABE!"

Sandra ground her hips against him in frenzied circles, trying to churn out his cream to the very last drop. Yet Lance seemed almost inexhaustible. No sooner did his muscles relax than his ass flew off the bed again and his prick blasted another round. The oversized cargo van lurched up and down on its rear shocks as the teen stallion thrashed about the mattress. Sandra fell on top of his chest. She hung on to his broad shoulders for dear life as the final waves of bliss crashed against his body.

The two of them just lay still for a few minutes. The dim interior of the van remained silent, save for their panting breaths and pounding hearts. Sandra opened her eyes. Noticing her gaze, a big smile spread across his face.

"That was so fucking hot, babe," he rumbled in his oily but undeniably sexy baritone. "I'm gonna be your back door man, make love to my girl every night."

It wasn't the most romantic thing Sandra ever heard but she graded on a curve when the dude had a ten-inch cock. At least, Lance seemed to mean what he said. The alpha thug was too dumb to be deceptive. His words sort of put her at ease.

Whatever stupid thing he might say next, Sandra had developed a chemical attraction to him. Her veins flowed with oxytocin, the love and bliss hormone that bonded a woman to a man when she came. And he had spiked her dopamine levels so high that her body floated on a cloud. It didn't matter what he made her think. She loved how he made herfeel.

Lance rolled to her side, gently unsheathing himself from her luscious interiors. He noted with satisfaction that his Magnum XL hadn't slipped off despite their tempestuous encounter. The fit was snug but it stayed firmly in place. Sandra's eyes widened with fresh astonishment. He unloaded so much spunk into the condom that the tip had inflated into the size and shape of a large onion.

Her gaze did not go unnoticed.

"Yeah, babe," he chuckled. "Everything you heard about me is true. I spunk more than the rest of the football team combined."

Lance unrolled his bloated Magnum XL. He swiftly and neatly tied off the rubber. It looked like a small water balloon. He opened the back door to the van and flung it into the bushes. Lance turned back to face Sandra. That annoying smile of his widened even further.

"Why are you grinning like a moron?" she asked, unable to conceal her amusement.

"Cause I got a fine babe in my bed and the big dick she craves."

His riposte was about as subtle as the riff to an AC/DC tune. But he did not lie either. Lance was a man of simple pleasures.

"And this party is just getting started," he added, fishing out the long strip of condoms out of the bed sheets. The teen stud tore open another wrapper and suited up his erection faster than she could say "male sex god." Even after two hours of penetrative intercourse and a superhuman discharge of high-octane spunk, Lance remained hard as a rock.

Sandra actually could feel her vagina tenting for him as he crawled between her legs. Her cervix retracted deep into her body, lengthening and widening her passage for his invasion. Lance leaned down and planted a scorching kiss on her lips. It was a gigolo's kiss, skilled and charming. Yet Sandra wanted him all the same. She quietly moaned with longing.

"You thought it would be easy, huh?" he whispered into her ear as his loins probed the junction of her thighs. "I ain't done with you, babe."

"Iam notdone with you,"laughed Sandra, correcting his speech again. Lance ignored her and pushed forward. His immensity consumed her, stretching apart her walls, plumbing her most intimate depths. No other man had what it took to make her feel this way. Tonight was going to be alright.

A long howl splits through the night air.

Her breathing was coming in short painfully ragged breaths. Blind terror caused her heart to slam against her chest as a sheen of perspiration covered her skin. She could hear her pursuer coming up quickly behind her, ready to devour her. She ran through the forest, trees flying past her as she searched frantically for some form of escape.

Seeing a creek, she thought of losing her scent by running upstream. Frantically resisting the urge to scream or cry, she continued to run for her life, knowing he wasn't far behind her.

He continued to follow her, sniffing, and inhaling her scent. Her scent called to him like a siren's song, enticing him to feast, luring him to taste her delicate flesh.

The hunt fired his need as he followed her through the forest, amid all the twists and turns. Following her scent to the creek, he realized she went up the creek to try to lose him and he growled in carnal lust as he prowled up the creek sniffing both sides or the bank for teasing whiffs of her. Finally, catching her scent, back on the bank, he continued his hunt, relentlessly.

A howl peels the night again, the full moon sets the scene.

Cold shivered down her spine and fear threatened to overwhelm her as a howl split the silence of the night. Running in earnest she started looking for higher ground, maybe a tree to climb, or some shelter to hide in... there had to be some form of sanctuary somewhere.

The brilliant scent grew stronger as he got closer, the meandering grew less and less, knowing his prey was tiring, focused on just evading. He ran faster to get to her, going to higher ground as her trail lead him.

Her heart was slamming against her ribs... breath coming faster and faster as she felt him gaining on her. Desperation spurred her on... panic began to set in.

Deep breaths filled the barrel of his chest, which is how he kept breathing her in. His tender morsel was so close he could actually taste her. He saw her shadow, just on the edge of tree lines ahead of him.

She could almost feel his breath at her neck, she dodged frantically to her left. She sensed him nip at her heel, just missing her as she dodged and heard his guttural snarl as he turned, hot on her heels. She didn't waste any time by looking back ... She was running like her life depended on it... because it did. She leaped over logs and through the brush ... gasping for air...

Licking his chops, his eyes were focused on her. The thrill of the chase gave that extra speed burst needed to snag her ankle and trip her up. He saw her tumble and roll to the ground, He ran past her slightly, encircling her.

She rolled to a crouch, all the while keeping her eyes on him... panting trying to think of a way out. Too afraid to take her eyes off on him.

Moving, circling he sized her up, noticed the stance, the breathing, her eyes were alert and wide with fear. Without hesitation he lunged for her, wrapped her in his wings while his arms captured her, proud of the fight in his tender morsel.

Struggling against him, her body bucking, they rolled together, but she was unable to loosen his hold on her arms.

Pinning her down to the ground, he licked her cheek. She froze and looked up at him and began to shiver in fear and anticipation. Seeing her response, his eyes flashed, nostrils flaring, he flipped her over, facing the ground, his body pinned her down and quickly responded to her bodies heat.

Growling, he licked her neck up to her temple, tasting her skin, inhaling her scent and mounted her from behind. Shredding her pants, he removed all barriers. Driven wild by the chase, his hard shaft also, hunting and conquering its prey.

Her back arched uncontrollably as he entered her, causing her ass to tilt up. This provided him with better access, which he took full advantage of as his breath hissed across the back of her neck and cheek.

Teeth bit into the back of her neck as his hips angled to slam every inch of his throbbing cock into her warmth, stabbing into her depths, working to seed her, breed her... claim her.

As she felt his teeth at the back of her neck, she shuddered. The primal act... so carnal, sent desire coursing through her veins. As he slammed into her, she couldn't hide her soaring passions.

With a feral intensity, he whispered, "Mine. When you cry a name, it will be mine! No one else's...MINE!"

Breaching her cervix, with a gutteral growl, low and rolling like the distant thunder, then louder, pealing the night air as he roared to the heavens and the gods, "Mine!"

Trembling with desire and passionate need... She couldn't deny him... She knew who she belonged to as she moved her hips with longing.

Slamming her hips and stomach into the ground, he pounded into her again and again.

Her body throbbed with an unrelenting delicious ache... need... hunger...

Giving her everything he was, everything he had, his wings draped over her body as the rush continued to build. In return, she took all that he was, all that he had to give. She was eager for his seed... her body was close to the edge and continued to build.

With a primal growl he bit down harder, marking her and making her his.

Her head went back against his chest and shoulder. She could feel the muscles move, the scent of him filled her senses... She practically sobbed with desire as her needs grew and built.

He continued to slam into her wet pussy faster and faster, his balls tighten and cock throbbed as his seed exploded into her fertile womb. Visceral primal hunger was driving him to ride her.

She was surprised to hear her own voice... begging and pleading for release.

Breeding her, the violent eruption of his cum filled her quivering womb.

She felt his cum slam against her walls,... and she knew she was his to seed.

Biting her shoulder, sinking fangs deep, rending flesh, he drank of her blood as he filled her with his seed. Growling softly, "Mine. All mine. You belong to me! Give me what is mine... cum for me!"

"Tenebra!" She cried out his name as wave after wave of pleasure crashed over her.

He felt her walls clenching, milking his cock and coaxing every drop of seed into her fertile pussy.

"Tenebra!!" The name was torn from her and he kissed her lips as she screamed his name. He reached around and gently massaged her clit helping her to ride the waves of passion, sobbing his name helplessly. Eventually, she collapsed breathlessly, spent and weak.

His great tail wrapped around her throat and he gently cradled her in his arms. His tender morsel was a wonder to behold, glorious in her passion. Looking down at her his grip tightened on her protectively as he took wings into the sky. She held onto him without fear, knowing she was secure in his arms.

He took them home, to the rabbit hole, their personal chasm of safety.

"Tonight was the night," Nell thought nervously, as she unbuttoned her work blouse and unzipped her black pencil skirt, letting it slide to the bathroom floor.

Looking at herself in the mirror standing in just her matching red lacy bra and panties she hoped he would like her body. She had worked out for the passed several weeks preparing for this night. As she stared at her body in the mirror her mind floated back to when they first talked.

They had met in an online chat room for Doms and subs. She was new to this lifestyle but very curious. His name was Lee and he had captured her interest immediately. That first night they had talked for hours. It had started off with the typical stuff at first, what you look like, can you send me a pic, what are you into, etc.

They traded pictures, both decent. It was her favorite picture of herself. It showcased her medium length dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. She was wearing her favorite yellow summer dress that showed off her legs and just the right amount of cleavage.

He had loved the picture, telling her that "her 34C breasts were a perfect handful and her dress accentuated her small waist and tummy." He had thought her smile was sweet and innocent but had betted that her true nature was anything but.

His picture had turned her on, even though he was fully clothed and there was nothing sexual in the picture. He exuded an air of control and strength that was very appealing to her. He was dressed casual in jeans and a black t-shirt that showed off his broad shoulders and strong arms.

A set of strong arms and hands on a man was a huge turn on for Nell, and she couldn't wait to feel them around her controlling her movements, pinning her down, and touching her in ways she had only read about. But the most arresting part of him was his eyes.

They were an intense blue that made her never want to look away. With his strong jaw and cheekbones, those gorgeous eyes, his dark hair, and his body, his picture made her nipples tighten up and she got goose bumps all over her imagining what he could do to her with his body.

She realized she was rubbing her breasts over her bra as she was lost in thought over their first chat. She had to be careful she was told she could not cum until he told her. She unhooked her bra and slid her panties off to join the pile of clothes on the floor and stepped into the hot bubbly water in her large bathtub.

Tonight would be the first night that they would be together as Master and slave, though they had met several times before. As she relaxed in the bath she looked up at the clock and smiled when she realized he would be there in just less than two hours.

As she lay in the hot water she thought back to the meetings they had had before. The most they had done was heavy kissing, soft petting, and some light control to test her. She loved every moment of it.

When they had gone to this nice restaurant in town a couple of weeks ago he had ordered her meal for her and sat next to her with his hand on her thigh the whole time, teasing her. He would inch it closer to her crotch then pull away, driving her mad.

The only time he touched her between her legs was to check to see if she had followed his orders about not wearing panties. When he found out she obeyed he rewarded her with a bite of his cheesecake and a very intimate kiss in front of everyone as they were getting up to leave.

That kiss told everyone and herself that he owned her. She had walked out of there blushing to her ears but yet wanting more. She had tried to entice him to continue on the way back to her house but he just laughed softly and shook his head as he dropped her off.

They had met four other times since that time at the restaurant and he had always been just as withholding and in control. It drove her mad! The last time they met they were going out for a drive and he had told her it was time to see if she was ready to be his slave. She was ready and it took all she had not to beg him to take her right there in the car.

"Nell, you will give me a key to your house and tomorrow I will come over at eight. You will be bathed and shaved clean. You will be waiting for me in the hallway on your knees, head bent, and nude. Your legs will be spread so you will be exposed to me. I will inspect you, humiliate you in the process, hurt you if you need to be punished, or just for fun. Do you want this and understand this all Nell?"

"Yes Sir, I do. I will follow your orders and be waiting for you. I have been waiting for this moment for a long time Sir. I am nervous and scared, but very excited. I cannot wait to feel you inside of me, to have you touch me, and control me."

He smiled at her softly and thanked her for her patience as he drove up to her house. "One more thing pet, from this point on, till tomorrow you will not pleasure yourself or cum without my presence. Is that clear?"

"Yes Sir, very clear, I will not pleasure myself. I will wait for you."

He kissed her passionately goodbye, letting his tongue explore her mouth while he grabbed her breast roughly. He walked her up to her door swatted her ass on her front porch in broad daylight and walked back to his car smiling to himself, knowing she was blushing again.

Thinking about his command not to pleasure herself brought her back to the present and she realized she was fingering her pussy. Even in the hot water she could feel how wet and hot she was. She looked at the clock again and realized she had just over an hour before he came over.

She knew she shouldn't but she was so nervous and touching herself relieved a bit of pent up energy. Nell continued fingering her pussy, sliding two fingers deep inside her, closing her eyes, enjoying the sensations that were spreading over her flat tummy and shaved pussy. She was so lost in her pleasure she didn't notice that Lee was standing in the doorway watching her, scowling.

"Well this is not a good way to start now is it slut?" Lee demanded softly.

Nell about jumped out of the bath. She screamed in surprise sloshing water all over the floor. "God dammit you scared the shit out of me!" "You are early!" She yelled at him, still a bit in shock. But quickly regretting her words and her actions knowing she had been caught.

"Oh God, Sir, I'm so sorry! You surprised me and I forgot myself! I was so nervous about tonight, and I was thinking about all the times we were together, and I needed to relieve myself a little. I know you said I wasn't allowed, but I wasn't even thinking Sir, I'm so sorry!"

"Shut up!" He interrupted her ramble. "It does not matter how nervous you were. You did not need to touch yourself, you wanted to, and by doing that you disobeyed me. It is okay though, you will learn your lessons on what happens to little sluts who disobey their Masters from the get go."

He strolled over to the side of the tub and removed his black shoes and socks, and took off his blue shirt. He looked so powerful and masculine standing over her in just his dark jeans, she thought. "Since you can't seem to follow the simple order of bathing yourself I will do it for you. Sit up straight, Nell."

She sat up, scared and excited at the same time. She wanted to beg forgiveness but knew talking right now was probably not a good idea. She yelped as he grabbed the back of her hair and pulled her hair back. He kissed her mouth brutally. He used his teeth to bite her lips, and his tongue to gag her.

It was a punishing and bruising kiss. He let go of her hair to fill his hand with shampoo and began to scrub her hair roughly. His nails scratching her head and his fingers pulling on her hair, she whimpered in pain. "Please Sir, you are hurting me, I'm sorry!"

"I will hurt you if I want, Nell," he whispered in her ear, "You know what to say if you want me to stop. Just remember if you say your safe word we stop everything for tonight and you have to wait until I'm ready to try you out again."

She closed her eyes in resignation and tried to focus on the pleasure that was sure to come later. Shampoo was running down her face and in her eyes and he dumped cups of water over her head, making her gasp for air and sputter out water. "Now lay down my slut, legs bent and spread."

She hesitated only a minute but it was enough for him to push her back and slap her thighs apart. She was beat red with humiliation. She was completely exposed and it made her cunt so wet. Her rock hard nipples gave away her pleasure at his treatment of her and he laughed at her and gave her wet pussy one hard slap. She squealed but kept her position.

"Now since you were too busy disobeying my rules to wash yourself properly," Lee said, "I will have to finish washing you myself." He lathered up some soap on a washcloth and started washing her face. He rubbed the rough washcloth slowly over her eyes and down her cheeks, giving them a few good slaps with the wet cloth.

He grabbed her ears one at a time and pulled and scrubbed them clean as well. "Let's see if your face is clean now." he said as he bent down to her. He ran his tongue behind her left ear giving her the shivers all over. He kissed and licked all over her ear, nape, cheeks, and mouth.

She was squirming in the tub, wanting to feel him kiss her all over her body. He suddenly pulled away and stood back up. He unzipped his jeans and took his pants and boxers off and tossed them on the other side of the bathroom. He was hard and she stared at him with wanting.

He climbed in the tub with her straddling her waist on his knees. Lee took the bottle of body wash and held it high above her breasts and squirted the cold gel over her nipples, breasts, and tummy. She didn't know it was possible but her nipples got even bigger and tighter.

She reached her hands up to touch his hard cock but he slapped them away. "No, no my naughty slut, my cock is for your mouth later, and if you are a good girl then maybe your ass." With the wash cloth he began his rough assault again on her torso. He pinched her nipples hard; pulling and pinching till they were red and swollen. He leaned over and bit her right tit. He bit till he heard her scream and he had left an imprint of his teeth. "Feel like disobeying my rules now whore?" Lee asked.

"Maybe Sir," Nell saucily replied.

He slapped her tits hard for that remark but laughed at the same time. "You are very naughty indeed and could use a good hard beating I think."

"Whatever you think is best Sir."

"Throw one leg over the tub, Nell. Spread yourself wide for me. Let me see your dirty little cunt."

She did as she was told, shivering out of both embarrassment and because the water was losing its heat. Lee sat back against the tub for a moment and just started at her cunt. He didn't say anything at first; just examined her. She tried to shift a bit under his stare but he held her hips tight with his hands.

After a good five minutes of him scrutinizing her he suddenly shoved 2 large fingers up her wet cunt. She was ready for him and he knew it. She moaned in pleasure and he slapped her thigh. "This is not for pleasure yet slut!" "You are still being punished!"

"I'm so sorry Sir, it's just that you feel so good, and I want you so bad!" Nell whined.

"Soon enough Nell." He whispered. He took the wash cloth and started rubbing her pussy with it. It felt like he was going to rub her raw. He pinched her clit with cloth till she screamed again, and then decided she needed to be cleaned inside as well.

He wrapped the cloth around one of his fingers and started fucking her cunt with it. Like the slut she was becoming she was moving her hips against his fingers trying to get more. He slowly started to push the whole cloth up inside of her. She felt full but he kept shoving it deep inside her cunt till it all but disappeared. "Now you keep that inside of you baby girl, you hear?"

"Yes Sir, "she moaned.

He stood up and got out of the tub and found another washcloth. He soaked it with soap and water and helped her out of the tub as well. "Nell, I need you to get on the floor on your knees with your stomach hanging over the tub, so you are half in and half out." She did as she was told, shaking now from the cold and nerves.

She was clenching her pussy tight, not wanting to let the cloth start to slip out. With her bent over the tub and her ass sticking out for him to see he spread her ass cheeks and washed them thoroughly. He even slipped the cloth in her ass rimming her with his finger making sure she was all clean.

This was the ultimate humiliation for her, being degraded and bathed like this. She loved every minute of it. As she was trying to control her moans of pleasure she felt the wet rag being slapped against her ass, hard. She cried out in surprised pain as he slapped her ass again and again with the wet cloth.

He would wind it up and fling her ass with it like high school boys do to each other in the locker room. She could feel the welts rising on her butt and it felt like it was on fire. He didn't let up for at least five minutes of non stop slapping. She was crying at this point and begging him to stop. He was enjoying watching her ass jiggle with each slap and her tits bounce as she wiggled in pain.

Finally Lee stopped and leaned over her bent wet body. "Are you sorry my dear?"

"Yes, Sir. I'm very sorry Sir. I'll listen to you from now on. I promise Sir." Nell cried.

"Good girl. Now stay just like that." He stepped into the tub and walked in front of her with his cock hanging in front of her face. "Now suck it slut!"

She ran her tongue from the base to the tip of his long hard cock. She took him all in her mouth and sucked hard on him; running her tongue all around him. He started to fuck her mouth hard, shoving his cock down her throat. She choked a few times and had spit running down her chin.

He grabbed her hair and fucked her mouth even harder; forcing his cock so deep that her nose was pressed against his stomach and she could barely breathe. He finally pulled out of her mouth and gave her a reprieve. He pulled the cloth out of her pussy to have a flood of her pussy juices run down her thighs. "You enjoy this, don't you Nell?"

"Yes Sir, I do."

He walked back around to her ass and rubbed his wet cock all over her ass. "I told you that if you were a good girl I would fuck your ass, and I think that you have done very well for your first punishment, Nell. " "Finger your pussy with as many fingers as you can fit inside while I fuck your pretty ass baby doll."

Nell worked four fingers into her tight pussy. Fucking herself deep as she felt his cock push against her anus. She felt him enter her slowly and it took all she had not to cum right then. He pushed all of his cock inside her ass and began to fuck her gently this time; letting her have her pleasure. "When I tell you to come, Nell, I want you to come."

"Yes Sir, thank you Sir."

He could feel her muscles tightening and knew she was losing her control. "Now Nell, cum NOW!" With that command, she came hard. Her pussy muscles clamping around her fingers and her whole body shaking with her orgasm. He suddenly pulled out of her ass and stepped in front of her again.

He shoved his cock in her mouth making her clean it off from her ass. She was disgusted but still turned on by such a lewd act. She sucked him off, tasting her ass on him, making herself cum again. "Climb back in the tub and lie on your back slut!" He commanded.

She did as she was told just as he sprayed her face, tits, and stomach with his cum. He leaned down kissed her mouth and whispered in her ear, "such a good little cum slut." With that he got out leaving her on the tub floor exhausted, and turned on the cold shower.

"Now finish washing yourself like you were told and then join me in the bedroom, slut." She lied there shivering from the cold water, shaking from her orgasms, and blissfully happy, hardly able to wait to see what was coming next.

"We are gathered here today for a most joyous union." The priest had a kindly smile on his pale thin lips.

I smiled nervously behind my veil, trying not to glance at my loving soon to husband. The truth behind my nervousness was a lot more than innocent, and had more to do with the man that stood directly behind my loving fiance James.

His name was Isaac and he had a hard ebony body that was twice the size muscle, and length wise as James. I glanced at him then looked away just as quick, deciding to rest my eyes on the floor. I wasn't sure what it was about Isaac but something about him frightened me, that and what he did to me mere hours away from the wedding,

I suppose I should start where it all began.


I was standing in front of a full length mirror, examining how I looked in my wedding dress.

I'm what many have accused as being a model but in truth I've always been your average Southern Belle with pale skin and long flowing blonde hair, and dark green eyes. One thing I've always been uncomfortable with was my full D breasts and the way they stood out. I noticed how guys would always stare at them, with thinly disguised hunger.

Many of my girlfriends would often say, "Damn Kathy! You are one beautiful woman, I wish I was as good looking as you sugar!"

Yet despite all the claims of beauty, I never really saw much in what they said.

I now saw what my friends meant. On a whim I decided to slip my more traditional bridal panties off and slipped on the white see through ones. It wouldn't hurt to be a little naughty tonight, I was getting married after all! With a sigh she went through the painstaking process of making myself look flawless. I could care less if my friends thought I looked beautiful, I was determined to make this -

A loud knock at the front door interrupted my musings.

I stood nervously, feeling a twinge in my stomach as I thought for sure it would be James's mother who never seemed to care for me all that much. When I opened it I nearly closed it again but instead said with a smile that showed off my pearly white teeth, "Hey Isaac. What can I do for you?

Isaac had that ever cocky smile on his thick lips as he sized me up like I was some whore, rather than his best friends soon to be wife. I hated that look but whenever I brought it up, James would just shrug and say Isaac did that to all the girls. Finally James told Isaac to back off when I pestered him enough, but still the bastard would do it whenever James wasn't around. It looked like I would have to have another talk with my husband after the ceremony.

"Damn girl, you are one fine looking bitch." His eyes were drinking me in with a hunger that scared me.

I still couldn't get over the fact that my loving James's best friend was black. He had a coldness to his eyes that bespoke of purpose but I was still puzzled what this was exactly.

"Mind if I come in for a bit?"

Isaac was a very intimidating man so when he asked, I found myself shrugging and letting him come in. I wasn't even sure why I did this, but I trusted the man.

"Can't believe Jimmy's marrying a pretty woman like yourself." His voice was awash with emotion that I still didn't understand at this point. He was still looking at me with a hunger I knew was raw lust and it made me feel uncomfortable.

"He doesn't like being called Jimmy." I replied back rather snappishly.

"Ya don't like me do you?" His question was mildly put, but I still felt a chill creep up my spine.

I decided at this point to level with him. So as I was painting my lips a lighter shade of red lipstick, I decided it was time to level with the man.

"To be honest with you, no."

"No? Come on, you haven't even given me a chance!" He sounded upset, but I wasn't about to back down. "It's cause I'm black aint it?"

"Don't be ridiculous!" I snapped, although there was more truth to this question than I cared to admit. "I don't like the way you're checking me out all the time. Even now, after getting married in no more than two hours you are here. That isn't very nice to James or respectable to me."

"Shit! Can you blame me?" His voice was a growl, it scared me more now as I realized that I was alone with this guy that I barely hung around with. "Yer one of the sexiest girls I know. Shit as many girls as I've fucked, I've never had a hot bitch like yourself."

I didn't even bother to turn around, just concentrated on making sure I looked sexy in the little mirror. I was clearly feeling irritated as I hated when someone used the B word. Not to mention how Isaac seemed to love to lust after me, even though he had his fair share of women to pick from. With a sigh, I put the lipstick down and turned, and bit off a cry at the sight that greeted me.

Isaac was completely nude with the exception of his socks. This was startling enough, but what kept my eye was how Isaac was fully hard and with a penis easily twice the size and three times as thick as James. Far from provoking lust, I felt a rage building instead.

"Get dressed and get the fuck out of this room!" I nearly screamed, my eyes still looking at that damn big dick that seemed to hypnotized me against my will.

"Fuck no!" He growled, approaching me with a coldness that never left his eyes.

I knew immediately that Isaac meant business, this wasn't the friend I was accustomed to seeing. His cock was bouncing freely around, but the sight that would be nearly comical was sheer terror for me. I was bound and determined to get the hell out of here.

Panicked I tried to run passed Isaac but he had effortlessly captured me in his powerful arms. I wasn't going to let him have me so I fought fiercely back as he proceeded to bend me over and lift my wedding dress over my hips. He fingered the crotch of my panties lightly, causing me to whimper.

"Love these panties." He grunted, before fiercely ripping them off that caused me to cry in protest. "Quiet or I'll have to seriously hurt you."

I had little choice so I bit my lower lip, and closed my eyes as I felt his hands finger my pussy. It was a disgusting feeling. The fear of what this man would do to me if I fought held me back from putting on much of a fight. The fear that this bastard would rape me crossed my mind more than a couple of times, but I wasn't going to try and run and make it worse, not yet anyway.

He expertly parted my pussy lips with his finger, causing me to instinctively shudder. I felt a dull ache in the pit of my stomach as I had little doubt what this bastard would do. I thought he would tear off my wedding dress, but instead he was fine with me keeping it on. His hands felt like a monsters paws as he patted my ass, and roughly massaged it till I cried in protest.

"I- You're not going to get away with this!" I tearfully sniffled as Isaac continued to take his time with me. "When James finds out about this, he'll hate you for life!"

"James?" He chuckled as if I said something funny. "Oh please! I've been fucking every white bitch that he's ever dated and he's yet to know about a one. You'll be no exception. I have a feeling about you, and I'm almost never wrong."

I couldn't begin to fathom what he meant by, "I have a feeling about you," and I didn't really care. All I cared about was getting out of this in one piece. The only thing that seemed to work was dialogue, so this is what I'll try and do."

"Wh-What do you mean that you've fucked every white bitch my James had been dating?"

"It's what it means," His breath smelt like onions as he hoarsely whispered in my ear, "Every girlfriend, which I admit yer little Jimmy have had, have been few and far between, I've fucked raw. The idiot was never the wiser."

I didn't know how to respond to that. All I knew at this point in time was that I had to find a way out of this man's clutches. The only idea that I had through my racing mind, was to talk him out of this.

"Pl-please let me go..." I wanted to run, but I was afraid that he would hurt me. "I-I"

"Shhh!" His hiss was insistent and angry. "I know you want it baby. Just keep your mouth shut, and let me do what you've been wanting."

I simply didn't know what Isaac was talking about. The fear at the pit of my stomach grew to fruition as he forced me on my knees, so my pussy was faced directly towards my soon to be rapist.

I wanted to fight, and to this day I will never be able to explain why I gave up. I suppose I was scared of him, afraid of his powerful black body that represented everything I was taught to be weary of with men. It could also be that huge cock between his legs, and the fear that he would put it inside of me was compounded by the realization that if I fought too hard, that he would hurt me.

James was way smaller than this guy. I of course never measured it, but it always reminded me dimly of a little boys. I know such thoughts were unbecoming from a woman just about to marry him, but I just couldn't help but make those types of comparisons. I was never a woman that needed a huge cock, as a matter of fact I considered a big penis silly and unrealistic. Something that adolescent boys dreamed up to compensate for something that they lacked, and equally immature girls who had complained about their significant others lack of skills.

I clenched the floor, as I felt the tip of his huge black cock penetrate my very tight pussy. An unwelcome jolt traveled up my spine. No way this monster would fit inside of me, and I tried once more to plead with my attacker.

"I-Isaac please stop," I clinched the carpet harder as I felt more of this thick black cock part, and sink further into my folds. "I don't know wh-what you thought about me being interested in you, but you are just wrong. I love James and want to spend the rest of my life with him. I'm a faithful woman to my loving husband who just wants you to stop."

"Yer pussy says other wise." His voice was thick with emotion that I couldn't begin to describe. "Yer wet and it wants more, I think."

I groaned loudly in denial as he sunk more of his huge cock inside of me. My body may have betrayed me at this point, but I was determined to get him to stop.

"What about James..." My voice was shaking as I felt myself treacherously begin to adjust to Isaac's massive size. "I'll tell him that you raped -"

"Go ahead," he was chuckling at my empty threat. "Tell him and I'll simply claim that you tried to come on to me. He'll believe me, who doesn't really? James is always the gullible fool. Oh and besides yer hubby loves you, but he don't trust you completely."

My mind was blank at what else to say as I felt more of that cock going inside me, the stretching of my pussy was painful, but their was a sweet ache to it that bothered me. I couldn't be enjoying what Isaac was doing to me, besides being the best man, he was my James best friend.

Yet, as he pressed more of himself inside of me I could feel every inch of this man's huge cock and it scared me when I felt his balls finally pressed against me. He was balls deep.

"Damn you took every fucking inch!" Isaac was stunned at how much he managed to get inside of me. "It took me at least ten minutes but I'm all the way inside of you."

"Okay!" I replied with gritted teeth. "You've had your way now stop."

He responded by pulling till only the tip was inside of me, and violently thrust forward, the sound of flesh slamming against flesh filling the room.

I felt my mouth instinctively open as all I could see was stars, my fingers painfully bit into the carpet. I was thankful that he only did that once. My wedding dress was covering my head, hiding the look of confusion as his cock was deep inside of me. He didn't seem to move for a while after that first violent thrust, and I hoped he just came and would roll off of me. Instead much to my horror I felt him open the back of my wedding dress and half of it was down my shoulders, without further ado he unhooked my bra.

A moan of unwelcome pleasure fill my mouth as I felt his hard black hands grasp my full breasts. I was scared as he slowly proceeded take me. His huge black cock slammed in and out of my white pussy, every movement tormenting me with pleasure as pain as I begged him to stop the entire time.

I'm ashamed to say that I came more times than I could possibly count. The orgasms were nothing like I've ever had in my life, James simply couldn't compare to this larger than life black man. I never felt such orgasms from James, in fact I never, ever had an orgasm with James. It was something I would never admit to with anyone, not even my best friend.

"God you are one tight bitch." He grunted savagely as he continued slam against me. "I swear you were a virgin."

I felt the blood rush to my head, and deciding I bit my bottom lip. I wasn't a virgin of course, but I never had a man like this. His cock stretched me in ways that no man, definitely not James ever stretched. Not to mention Isaac touched places I never even knew existed.

"J-just stop -- OH!"

I broke off whatever I was going to say as an Earth shattering orgasm wracked my body. I saw stars as Isaac didn't even pause, just continuously pummeled my pussy without mercy.

As I recovered from several other smaller orgasms, I found myself crying out for Isaac to stop. I needed to get away from this black cock, so I reminded him sharply that I had a wedding that I needed to go to.

I hated myself as I felt furthered stimulated as he paused his heartless poundings. I half wondered if he was ever going to finally cum. James would have been passed out, while Isaac wasn't even done yet.

"We got an hour and a half to go, sweet thing."

I was ashamed to admit that pleasure radiated throughout my small white body, as he resumed rolling those hips and continued the pounding of my small white pussy with his big black cock. I wanted to escape, run for my life if I could, but another violent orgasm wracked my body. I bit my bottom lip this time, so as not to give this monster the satisfaction. It did no good as a moan, unbidden and unwanted came from deep inside of me.

"Gonna cum in that fuckin' pussy." He groaned with an impeding release that was undeniable, and equally dreadful.

"Noooo!" I hissed, clenching my teeth. I knew that that there was simply nothing I could do to stop him, he was just too strong for me.

"UHHHHHHH!" His grunt was a grunt of primal force, as with one brutal push against me, he unleashed his cum deep inside of my unwilling white womb.

I cried in one last protest as I felt that hot seed pour into me.

Thoughts of whether I might be pregnant already flooded my mind. This was my most fertile time of the year, it was one of the single most important reasons that today was planned for the wedding. Me and James were planning on having a family shortly after. There was simply no way I could keep it, James would divorce me in a heart beat...

"Damn that was fucking good!" Isaac whispered, kissing me on the lips. I tried to pull away, but his strong hands wouldn't let me.

Every moment of having this bastard inside of me was a painful experience and I wished he would withdraw, but instead he just laid there, his cock lodged deep inside of me. I had to wonder if that was this bastard's plan, to get me pregnant before his supposed best friend, my soon to be husband would even have a chance.

Finally he pulled out, chuckling openly at the crude sloshing sound his cock made as it left my pussy. I just laid still for a long moment, trying to catch my breath when a loud knock caused me to jolt to my feet.

"Dear? it's James! I heard noises and was wondering if you were okay. Is it alright if I can come in?" His voice was filled with concern.

Looking around, I spotted the closet at the side of the room and gestured hurriedly for Isaac to hide. He looked equally spooked and did what I said, opening the closet door, and tightly closed the door. For my part, I hid all the evidence of what just happened and slipped some silken, more conservative panties on before turning to answer the door.

"Everything's alright honey," I said sweetly.

I still couldn't believe what I was doing, standing here after being taken savagely and not telling the man that I would be taken my vows with. The orgasms were fresh on my mind, coupled with the guilt of having to fight my response to Isaac's rough treatment.

"That's great." James gave me a smile as he made his way inside. "I'm so glad that we're finally getting married after all this time. I'm not sure though why we had to wait a full month before well... you know... have sex. I mean we've had sex before and suddenly you wanted to wait?"

"It's because I want tonight to be special, like our first time together." I spoke truthfully, although tonight was not going to be special, not with what I just went through.

"I guess..." James looked visibly doubtful about my explanation. "Hey I wanted to let you know that the ceremony is going to be an extra thirty minutes late, due to my mom being late for the reception."

"Oh?" I said with a certain amount of disappointment. "Well I hope that your mom isn't too late."

"Well..." James looked uncomfortable before doing something bold by reaching and pulling his zipper down as he said with what he imagined was seductive, but sounded boyish to my ears, "I was thinking maybe since we have a little bit of time you and I could..."

I stared at James's rigid penis, noticing how much smaller it was compared to Isaac's. Just a tiny amount of pre-cum dripped from its rigid head. I couldn't help but grasp it, noting absently that his head didn't even peak out from my small hand. He was more a boy compared to Isaac's considerable girth. I doubt he was even close to being average in girth, let alone length.

"No." That simple word that came out of my mouth surprised even me. The truth was I didn't want him to see or possibly know that his best friend just came inside of his loving soon to be wife. I didn't want him to even suspect. "I'm sorry dear, I just think it would be best to wait till tonight. Now go to the altar and wait for me. Okay? It's bad luck for you to even be here."

I watched as my betrothed zipped up his pants, and left with an irritated look in his blue eyes. James was the man that I would marry, but I realized that I would be forever altered in ways I couldn't begin to describe. The scar of being taken, no raped would be a more apt word, would be in my life forever.

I turned, and nearly gasped in surprise as Isaac was standing nearly right behind me.

"We're gonna do this a whole lot more, I think."

I didn't know how to respond, just stared at Isaac's now fully nude body. The lust in his dark eyes scared me as I knew he was going to demand sex from me. As you may have guessed I found my eyes not locked on his eyes so much but also by that huge black cock swinging between his legs. The bastard was hard, again!

"No fucking way we are!" I snapped, feeling more emboldened as I realized what I just did. Not only did Isaac force himself on me, but he also came deep inside of my pussy. In my haste to hide the evidence and get rid of James, such thoughts were completely out of my mind. Not only that, but I also denied the man I was to marry sexual pleasure. "James is to be my husband and your his best man so why don't you go wait for him at the altar while I get ready."

"Not before you suck my dick." His hand reached down and waved his hard rigid cock back and forth while giving me that cocky grin that I was really growing to hate. "One last time before you walk down that aisle and kiss yer little white hubby."

I gave him a defiant look with my arms crossed around my ample chest. I wasn't going to put out for this monster, but my eyes were strangely drawn to that huge dick between his legs nonetheless.


"You heard what I told my husband." I sounded weaker than I wanted to, and hated myself for it. "Besides I have to go and walk down that aisle to kiss the man I love. I'm not doing any such thing! Now please leave."

His brown eyes were cold as he stared into my blue ones as he said with every word clipped and angry, "You didn't hear me. I want you to suck my dick nice and slowly or I will show and tell your husband everything. Do you understand?"

"I -- what do you mean you will show?"

A chuckle at my expense. "I hid a camera in here. Now do what your told or I'll have to get rough with you again. You don't want that do you?"

I was speechless as I realized that if Isaac was telling the truth, then he had some serious leverage to use against me. Everything was now out of my hands and now in Isaac's.

Nervously I got on my knees as my small white hand grasped his incredibly large cock. The contrast between my white skin against that black smooth cock was startling, not to mention the way my diamond ring glittered ever so tentatively against the overhead light. I wanted to bolt in fear, but instead I slowly jerked this bastard off.

"Shouldn't I at least take my wedding gown off?"

"No, keep it on. It looks fucking sexy with you all dressed up about to get married and sucking my dick like a nice little slut.."

I glared at him in disgust, but I continued to jerk him off slowly. With some reluctance I placed my tongue against the head, tasting his salty pre-cum. Amazingly it wasn't as nasty as I imagined it to be. Yet it was highly doubtful that I would even be able to fit the whole thing in my mouth. I wouldn't even begin to know how to get half of him down my throat, yet I had to try.

It took some attempts, but I managed to get his big cock down my throat. A gagging sound filled the room and I began to pull away, when he pushed me back in place.

"Don't even think of pulling away!" His voice a hiss.

I couldn't believe how I was doing something that I just denied to my soon to be husband. This was so wrong, yet I felt... as I continued blowing this bastard, a sort of stirring in my loins that most disturbed me. What kind of woman was I to allow this man to not only cum inside of me, but also being coerced to give him a blow job.

"Damn ya feel amazing." A grunt, his hands shook some as held me steady as I slurped on his cock.

It took ten long minutes, that felt like an eternity for him to unleash his cum deep down my throat. I held myself still and drank every drop that would look like eagerness to the casual observer, but was in reality just me trying to prevent any cum to touch my dress.

As Isaac got dressed, I brushed my dress in place. I glanced at myself carefully in the mirror to make sure no evidence of what just happened showed. As I was doing so, Isaac simply stood at my side with a nasty little leer that made me shiver.

"This is just the beginning." He was openly gloating, his beefy arm clasped me close to him. "We're gonna be doing a lot more of this for now on."

I didn't know how to respond to this, so I decided to just keep my eyes on the mirror. I knew I should have pushed him away and say more in the way of defiance, and reestablish my love towards James. Instead I wondered how long I would be able to keep this a secret, horrified at the thought of James finding out about what just happened, and may very well continue to happen.

"Don't worry about James," he said with that usual cocky swagger that threw me off. "The boy's an idiot. I didn't lie when I told you I've fucked every single one of his girlfriends and he was never the wiser. He aint the brightest man around. That's for sure."

"What if I get pregnant?" I whimpered at the horror of my situation.

"Doncha worry about that. If I get you pregnant you'll get an abortion and he'll be none the wiser."

I flushed as I was conservative when it came to the issue of abortion. All I could hope for is that he didn't get me pregnant and I could start up taking the pill again. James wanted to have kids but I simply couldn't risk it at this point. No, that would simply have to be another thing I would have to deny to the man I professed to love.

Mercifully he left my side and the room, but not my thoughts.

Bradley slammed the door to her room and leaned back against it, gasping for air. Shit, shit, shit. She held out her hands -- they were shaking. She couldn't believe she'd just had a screaming match with her employer. For the past two months she and Parker MacKenzie had coexisted peacefully in the large, empty house.

She cleaned and looked after the grounds, and he spent all his time in his office working. Occasionally she'd bring him coffee, a tray of food, and once or twice she'd helped him out with some dictation or filing. They'd developed an easy camaraderie, neither feeling the need to speak much. It was the best summer job she'd ever had, quiet and solitary.

Until she'd been cleaning the master bedroom and found the file with her name on it. Puzzled, she'd sat on the bed and opened it. It was like a condensed biography. Every detail of her life, every foster home she'd been in, every school she'd attended, lists of friends and teachers -- everything right down to her favorite foods.

Stunned, Bradley simply sat there for several minutes, trying to figure it out. Why on earth would he have a file like this? Then anger, swift and hot, flooded her. She'd never been so angry in her entire life. Clutching the file, she'd gone up to his office, barged in without bothering to knock, and tossed the file on the desk so that the contents spilled all over the place, some of it cascading into his lap.

Parker glanced at her calmly, the phone to his ear. "Let me call you back, Mike." He hung up and sat back, waiting.

Bradley couldn't believe he was so calm, so cool. "What the fuck is this?" she asked, gesturing at the mess of papers.

"This is none of your business."

Bradley stared at him. "My life is none of my business?"

"Bradley, I do background checks on everyone who crosses my threshold. I'm careful."

"You're invasive."

The argument escalated from there, until they were shouting at each other. Bradley had never in her life had a screaming fight with anyone. Ever. But for some inexplicable reason she found her temper boiling over, completely out of control. Finally, some dim corner of her brain still operating on common sense told her it was time to leave. Turning, she'd stormed out of his office, ignoring him as he shouted her name, and run up to her room.

Now what? She had to pack her things. There was no way she could finish out the summer here. Feeling over heated and overwhelmed, she headed for the bathroom.

Bradley bent over the sink and splashed double handfuls of cold water onto her face. The argument had left her flushed, her dark green eyes blazing as though she had a fever. The back of her neck felt hot, and she trickled water over it, hanging her head down, with her thick dark curls shutting out the rest of the room like a curtain. She took deep breaths. She couldn't believe she'd actually shouted at him like that. Her heart was still racing. She sipped at the water. Her throat was tight and aching.

Shit. He'd expect her out first thing in the morning, most likely. She'd have to find a new place to stay and a new job asap. Sighing, Bradley straightened up, placing her palms on the counter, eyes closed, trying to gather her thoughts. She opened her eyes and looked at her reflection -- and over her shoulder she saw Parker, standing in the doorway.

Startled, she froze, and stared mutely as he walked up behind her, his eyes locked on hers in the mirror. Before she could react, he placed his hands over hers on the counter, and she felt him press against her back. She started to pull her hands away, but he pressed firmly down, holding them in place. He was still looking into her eyes in the mirror, and the expression in them made her stomach feel heavy and tingly with unease.

"What are you doing?" she managed, but it came out strained, almost a whisper.

He turned his head and bit her neck.

"Jesus!" Bradley wrenched her arms free and spun around to shove him back. They struggled briefly, and then he had her arms behind her back, forcing her wrists up between her shoulder blades so that she struggled to stay on her toes to ease the pain. He held her wrists with one hand, and with the other he grabbed a fistful of her hair, and kissed her. Bradley writhed, trying to escape his grasp.

"Stop!" she managed to get out.

Parker laughed. "Impossible," he said. "Walk." And he spun her about, wrenching her wrists so that she cried out and staggered. He guided her out of the bathroom, into the bedroom, kicking the door shut behind him. He threw her down onto the bed. She immediately scrambled for the other side, but he caught a fistful of her shirt and hauled her back.

She turned to face him, bringing her right elbow up and ramming it into his jaw, and followed it up with a hard left hook. Parker shrugged the blows off. Gathering two fistfuls of her shirt, he ripped it apart and tossed it aside. He fell on top of her, pinning her squirming body to the mattress.

They thrashed across it, fighting fiercely. He didn't hit her -- he didn't have to. He was nearly a full foot taller and at least sixty pounds of solid muscle heavier. It was like punching a wall; he never even flinched. In the midst of blocking her wild blows, he somehow managed to unbutton her jeans, and plunged his hand into them.

Bradley gave a ragged gasp as his fingers pressed between her thighs, immediately finding her most vulnerable spot. She abruptly stilled, as though if she didn't move he might not either. Their faces were centimeters apart; his dark brown eyes looked into hers with something very akin to amusement as his fingers gently explored her.

"Parker, please stop," Bradley whimpered, pushing in vain at his arms.

Parker laughed softly, kissing her lips gently. "Say that again," he murmured against her mouth.

"Please stop," Bradley said with careful enunciation. Her throat was closing up, threatening tears, and she clenched her jaw in an effort to hold them back.

"Spread your legs."



"Stop!" she shouted, erupting again in a frenzy of kicking and clawing.

Parker rose up on his knees, and bodily lifted her and threw her down on her stomach. He held her down with a hand to the back of her neck and peeled her jeans off as she thrashed and struggled. He removed every last scrap of her clothes, and then one-handed, he yanked his own shirt over his head and pushed his jeans off. He rolled her onto her back again. It was a magnificent fight to pin her down again.

She was remarkably strong for a slender thing of only 18 years. Parker had to damn near break her arm before he managed to cover her body with his again. Still she strained so hard that it was like lying on a bucking bronco. Parker wrestled her arms to the mattress, pinned them there. Her breasts, so soft and full, pressed against his chest, and he longed to find out what they felt like in his mouth. But that would have to wait.


She shook her head wildly, tears streaming down her face.

"Bradley!" he shouted.


"Look at me! Look at me!" Parker waited until her panicked eyes were on his, and then said, "That's it. Just look at me." And he plunged himself into her.

He hadn't expected her to be a virgin.

Bradley screamed. One loud, piercing shriek, and then she bit it off, pressing her face into his neck. Parker held her as she struggled to breathe, waiting for a little of the tension to ease out of her. After a while he tilted her head back and kissed her. Her nails were punching bloody crescents in his biceps.

"I didn't know."

"You didn't ask," she said, her voice trembling.

"I'm sorry."

"No, you're not."

He smiled. "No, I'm not." He moved inside her, gently. "Christ you feel good." He positioned himself carefully, and then pressed into her, rotating his hips in a circular motion. He was rewarded by a quick gasp, her eyes widening slightly. He propped himself up on his elbows, her wrists still clasped firmly in his hands, and kept up a steady rhythmic friction against her clit, watching her face intently.

She gave an occasional half-hearted struggle, but after a few minutes her writhings were of a different nature. Her eyes grew unfocused, her breath came quicker. She began moving her hips, just a little, to match his rhythm, pressing herself harder against him. She made a small sound, and he smiled, bent his head to kiss her neck and whisper, "That's it."

He closed his eyes and reveled in the feel of her young, firm body moving in time to his, arching up to meet him. A few seconds later she was panting, straining up towards him. He felt it when it happened, felt the pulsing contractions deep inside her, felt her stomach quiver beneath his, felt her entire body lift and shudder with the force of the orgasm. She cried out near his ear, and his hands tightened convulsively on her wrists. He kept moving until he'd wrung a sharp, gasping cry from her. Then he stilled, and lifted himself to look down at her again.

Bradley looked up at him, amazement written clearly on her beautiful features. A forgotten tear escaped from the corner of her eye and slipped down into her hair. Parker finally released her wrists, and she lay there, still tingling with the aftermath, unsure of what to do. He bent his head and kissed her.

She didn't respond, and he gently pried her jaw open with his fingers, and slid his tongue into her mouth. He began fucking her with long, slow strokes. She was impossibly tight, and incredibly hot. Some little sound came out of her, and he caught it in his mouth like honey. He thrust harder, and she made the noise again. Parker gathered her up in his arms, holding her tight, feeling her mouth finally come to life beneath his, and he forced as many sounds from her as he could, gradually increasing his pace and force.

He buried his hands in her hair, clutched tight fistfuls of it, and finally gave in to his desire, pounding into her as hard and deep he could. Now she was crying out loudly, her head thrown back, her nails digging into his back and leaving long, angry red welts. The orgasm built slowly, and when it thundered through him it forced a guttural cry out of him, bowing his back so that he strained to be as deeply inside her as he could get.

It was one of the strongest orgasms he'd ever had. It left him shuddering and gasping. He collapsed on top of her, burying his face in her hair while his heart tried to hammer its way out of his chest.

They lay there for long, quiet minutes, with only the sound of their heavy breathing to fill the silence. Bradley felt her heartbeat gradually return to normal. She felt slightly unreal. Parker's sweaty weight atop her kept her firmly pinned, and though he was no longer hard, he was still inside her, in that fiercely aching place between her legs. Bradley shifted slightly, and winced. Parker lifted himself and looked down at her.

"Are you okay?"

Bradley stared at him a moment. "No."

Parker carefully moved off her, and went into the bathroom. She heard the shower turn on. In a moment he re-emerged, and held his hand out. She eyed it, then slowly took it, and let him help her up. She gritted her teeth as she stood and limped into the bathroom. She got into the steamy shower, and Parker followed her. She refused to look at him, briskly soaping herself up. He didn't say anything, merely washed himself, but after he was done he took her gently by the shoulders and turned her towards him.

"Look at me."

Bradley looked at his feet. It was the first time she'd ever seen them bare. Slowly, her eyes traveled up his legs, to his now flaccid penis, past his flat abs, his broad chest and muscular arms, all the way up to his handsome face. It was the first time she'd ever seen any man fully naked and up close. She looked into his eyes and suddenly her chin was quivering. She looked away. Parker grasped her chin lightly and turned her face back up to his. He looked into her green eyes, like two leaves trembling with raindrops. He waited.

"Why did you do it?" Bradley asked finally, trying and mostly failing to keep her voice from shaking.

"Because I wanted you. And you wanted me, but you wouldn't admit it."

"But why... like that?" She pushed his hand away and lowered her face as she started to cry.

Parker pulled her close and wrapped his arms around her, rocked her gently from side to side. "The fight, I suppose. All that fury and passion. You're magnificent when you're angry, you know that? As soon as you started yelling I wanted to take you on the floor, right there. Honestly.... I think you wanted me to."

Bradley pulled back a little and looked up at him with a slight frown, her eyes dark and undecided. Suddenly she reached up, gripping him hard by the back of the neck, and pulled him down to kiss him hard. They kissed fiercely, bruisingly. Parker pushed her up against the slick tiled wall and lifted her legs, wrapping them around his waist.

Their hands flew over each other, gripping, kneading, scratching. Their lips met savagely as he thrust himself inside her again, too impatient to be gentle. She gave a ragged cry against his lips, but pulled him in tight with her legs. Mixed noises of pain and pleasure filled the shower. Parker groaned as he came again, leaving him feeling weak and shaky. He leaned his forehead against hers, trying to catch his breath.

"Does that mean... you're staying?" he panted.

"Would you let me go?"

He met her eyes. "I'd bar the windows and brick up the doors. You're not going anywhere."

She nodded. "I figured."

For Christ's sake. Tabitha had tried every possible way to get her dad's attention that she could think of within reason. She had dressed in clothes that were probably unsuitable for any age or body build, she had even dressed in such few clothes that she felt she was campaigning for a nudist resort. Yet still, her father paid no attention to her. Tabby was getting tired of trying to seduce her moral-bound dad with no results.

"Maybe he just needs to realize his daughter is a woman, and that my feelings have quite changed towards him," Tabitha wondered aloud. She sat down on her bed, laying down on her back with a flop, her blonde hair fanning out against the white comforter.

As she sat there and planned, her thoughts twisted between ways to get her dad to notice her sexually, and how horny she had been for him lately. Daddy, in his forties, graying hair but robust body. Her father was very attractive, always eating healthy and keeping a pretty firm body for his age. Perhaps trying a little harder than usual to stay up with the times and look somewhat fashionable. Father, John, Dad….Daddy.

It had all started back in the fall, on a morning when she was in her usual rush to get to school. Senior year had been very stressful, cutting down on her socializing until she rarely had time for her boyfriend, Jason. He had gotten so fed up with her attitude of putting school ahead of, ahem, giving him blowjobs, that his nature towards her changed.

He was no longer a loving boyfriend, but rather someone always pestering her for a screw. It was as if he knew his days were numbered, and he wanted to make the most of them.

That morning, she got a phone call from Jason. It was short, and to the point. "I don't want to date you anymore, Tab. It's like dating my mother. You don't give a shit about me or my needs." Tabitha's mouth had dropped open when she heard that. His needs! With a curving left eyebrow, she let loose on her newly exed boyfriend with a vehement rage, sparing him nothing. The conversation ended when he called her a frigid bitch and hung up on her.

Although Tabitha was tough for her age, 18, she wasn't made of stone. The words hurt her feelings, and even worse injured her sexuality. While listening to the dial tone, tiny tears arose in the corners of her eyes only to gently fall down her cheeks. She dropped the phone and rushed to the family room, sitting on the couch with her hands covering her face while she sobbed.

Her father entered the room, in his business suit, ready to follow the mother's earlier leave to work. As soon as he saw his daughter crying, he rushed to her side to try and comfort her. She leaned over him, her face on his chest leaving wet tear marks as she cried out what her ex boyfriend had said to her. Her father kissed her forehead, her cheeks, telling her it would be alright.

Tabitha was calming down, her tears had lessened, but her grip on her father hadn't released, nor had his on her. He still had his arms tight around her, trying to comfort her with fatherly words of wisdom and tender kisses on her cheeks.

"Honey, it will be okay. No, don't cry. Plenty of other boys out there. I never liked him anyway," John said to his daughter. She laughed, her mouth turned up to him as he was going to kiss her on the cheek. Their lips connected, her mouth slightly open from her giggles. Tabitha's soft lips pressed closed over her father's, almost sucking on them in her surprise. Her grip on his arm tightened, as did his around her waist.

He opened his mouth slightly to say something, only to feel Tabitha's wet lips sinuously glide over his lips. With faltering movements, John kissed harder at his daughter, forgetting whom he was kissing, just taking delight in this young nubile girl's body pressed against his, and her lips moving softly against his own.

Tabitha made a small noise, almost a squeak of surprise and acceptance and closed her eyes, kissing back at her father with farther opened lips and a wet tongue. She had taken the initiative to feel her father's lips with the tip of her tongue. It was Tabitha that pushed her Daddy's lips open with her wet sliding tongue, to enter his mouth and roll around his teeth.

Her father pressed harder against Tabitha, almost pulling her on top of him, one of her legs curling up over his legs and against his waist. They feverishly caressed tongues together, Tabitha passionately pushing her tongue under her father's, over and around his tongue, making her Daddy shiver against her.

His tongue reached out towards hers, his hands clenching and wrinkling her shirt. She teased her daddy, making him put his tongue out into her mouth, and then to John's surprise, started sucking his fleshy tongue with heavy breathing and barely perceptive moans.

Her chest was pushing up against his, rubbing his own. John swore he could feel his daughter's hardened nipples. She started to straddle his pelvis, her mouth still working his, her head turning side to side to get in deeper kisses. With a gasp, he pushed his mouth away from hers, turned his cheek to his daughter. She whispered something he couldn't hear, and started kissing his neck, running up his jawline with her tongue.

"Tabitha, stop! For God's sakes, stop! This isn't right…we can't!" John stood up, causing his daughter to fall to the ground. He straightened his tie, looking down at his daughter, who was wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. Her whole body was shivering, her legs spread wide apart from the fall, one of her legs tucked under her.

Her father could see her white panties peeking out from her skirt, almost begging for some sort of attention. With a confused shake of his head, John started to say something to his daughter, faltered, and headed out the door. She could hear the tires of his car give a squeal as he skidded out of the driveway.

Tabitha put her hands to her cheeks and forehead, feeling a slight sweat and how warm her face felt. She still hadn't started breathing calmly. What was it that just happened? She gathered her books, and with weak legs got in her car to drive to school. All that day through school, her thoughts drifted to the passionate kiss she had shared with her father.

Of all people, her daddy. The man who made her, raised her, cared for and loved her. It was all very new to her, the feelings, but by the end of class that day, she had accepted and decided that what she felt was normal, fine, and…in her opinion, totally hot.

The only problem was….how did she get her Daddy to feel the same way? Tabitha rolled over onto her stomach, propping her head up on her hands, her brow furrowed in thought. That had been in the fall, and it was now mid winter.

All this time, she had been flaunting her body in front of her daddy, trying again to make him act the way he did that morning. The day after it happened, she had tried to talk to her father about it, only to have him leave the room before she could even describe how it made her feel. She knew her daddy had liked it, otherwise why did he let the kiss linger so long?

With a sigh, Tabitha slid her hand between her body and the bed, visualizing what her daddy would look like without his clothes on. With deft fingers she slipped her hand inside her panties, quickly finding her firey clit. She undressed him in her mind, or rather, made him strip for her. She visualized her father with a lustful expression, and tented business pants.

Yes. Coming home in his suit, loosening that tie, ripping open his shirt while she sat there with spread legs and a hand between those spread legs. Her hand moved faster, the gravity of her body on her hand crushing her hand hard against her clitoris, making her pelvis start thrusting slightly into the bed.

Mmmm, in her mind she had him in his underwear, no wait, make that really tight bikini underwear, yeah….and a big banana shaped outline in it. Tabitha bit her lower lip, smiling as she changed what her daddy was wearing and doing until it had her massaging her clit in a frenzy. Fantasizing that he was there, standing in front of her, masturbating…oh, stroking it fast.

Tabitha mouthed the words she was thinking, do it daddy, do it, stroke it fast for your girl. Her hips were rotating now, her mouth wide open, her pussy getting closer to releasing that pressured heat. Her tongue curled inside her mouth as she came, giving little grunts of pleasure quietly.

Her fingers were soon soaked with her slippery wet cum. A soft creak murmured outside of her half opened door, causing Tabitha's eyes to fly open. She saw a shadow pass by the door, big enough to be her daddy's. She knew her mother didn't get home until later, and wondered how long her daddy had been near the door, and if he had stopped to listen or even watch.

"Mmmm," Tabitha moaned with a smile, turning over onto her back, her hand remaining deep in her panties. Her teeth sank into her lower lip, biting down, as she thought dirty things about her daddy. Maybe he had touched himself at the door, watching her. She had to find out. With reluctance, she got off her bed and crept to her door, pushing it open wider. The hallway was empty, dark and very silent. She walked over to her parent's room, being careful to avoid the telltale creaks in the wood floor.

Strange, her father's door was shut. Her parents always had it open. Tabitha pressed her face against the cool painted surface, trying to listen. She breathed as quietly as she could, her eyes narrowing as she listened. She was about to give up, when she heard a soft grunt. Tabitha smiled, wondering but having a pretty good idea what her daddy was doing in there. She tiptoed away, her hand tight over her mouth to keep her pleased giggles from giving herself away.

The next day, Tabitha chose her outfit especially geared to get her father to at least look at her differently. She pressed her hands against the front of her pleated black skirt, pushing it flat against her thighs. It barely covered her pert little ass, certainly it didn't cover much when she was moving. She looked into the full-length mirror at her ass, flipping her skirt up to show her tiny lace panties.

The bra was a sheer lace, dark against her creamy skin, thin enough in parts for her nipples to show through. She put a white short sleeve shirt over it. Looking in the mirror, she could see her bra right though the white thin material. Tabitha swayed gently from side to side, her hands playing over her firm breasts, checking to see if the bra was pushing them up enough.

She had decided to wear her hair down, and applied dark makeup around her eyes, giving her gaze a sultry feel. With a deft move of her hand, her lips became a glossy wet tone. Tabitha looked one last time in the mirror, her hands running under her skirt to feel up her leg and to the cleft of where her ass and thigh met, for smoothness. Very smooth, cool legs to the touch, just as they needed to be for times when they are wrapped around someone's head.

Her mother was out of the picture, away for the weekend, visiting her sick aunt. Normally Tabitha would have gone with her mother to visit her relative, but for this weekend she had other, more active plans. Checking her clock on the wall, she saw that her father had to be home by now. She skipped down the steps, her heart thudding in her chest with anticipation.

"That you, sweetie?" Her father called.

"Well, it's not Mom, for sure," taunted Tabitha.

Her father shook the newspaper he was reading, and looked up at her. His dark eyes loitered on her body perhaps a bit longer than what was fatherly. The places he looked at the longest on her, were certainly not a fatherly thing to do. As soon as his gaze had connected on his daughter, he swallowed, his head shaking a bit as he looked her up and down. John licked his lips before he spoke.

"Isn't that attire, a little risqué?" John ventured.

"Well shit, Daddy, all the girls wear it at school," Tabitha replied with pursed full lips.

"Young lady, you will not speak like that in this house, and certainly not to your own father," John admonished. She threw her head to the side, looking at the ceiling with a bit of girly defiance. Her father watched her, carefully placing the newspaper over his lap, as she sauntered over to the couch he was sitting on. God, how her hips swayed.

Every step Tabitha took she made sure to exude sex. There was no denying in John's mind that his daughter was very grown up, and very much like a cat in heat.

"Oh daddy, don't be a silly little stud," Tabitha purred. Her father looked confused at her reference to 'stud' but refrained from commenting on it. She had moved over to the arm of the couch, and sat upon it, her legs leaning over the side. With a temptuous smile, she raised one leg up, so that she could rest an arm on her knee.

Her socks were black to match her skirt, mid calf, wickedly tight around her muscular legs. From her new position, her daddy could see most of her underwear, but couldn't see all of it, the black lace fading into her black skirt. He would have to stare in order to make anything out, and he knew that would be very obvious. With a gulp, John continued to watch his daughter move on the couch's arm, until she was straddling it, looking over her shoulder at him.

"What are you reading, Daddy?" Tabitha questioned. She slowly started rubbing her lower region against the arm, propping her upper body up with her arms. Her movements were small, but noticeable to John. Her mouth opened a little, her pink tongue running itself over the front of her teeth. A sweat suddenly appeared on her father's forehead.

"Just some news, darling. I mean, Tabitha." John stuttered.

"Hmmm, you can call me darling, daddy. You can call me a lot of other things too, if you have a mind for it," His daughter whispered

"What was that?" John managed to croak out. His hand settled on the paper, making sure it was planted firmly on his crotch. It seemed Tabitha was finally having the desired affect on his body. Her father was a man after all, and his daughter was being utterly devious with what she was doing to the arm of the couch.

Tabitha had increased the rhythm she was applying to the couch, her pussy getting wet from the friction, the hardness of the couch pressing high up against her clit. By now her skirt had rose above her thighs, gathering in the front of her, between her legs. Her shapely ass was in full view to her father, the twin globes flexing with her movements.

John watched in alarm as his daughter, with her head turned, licked her own bare arm. What in the hell was his daughter doing? And why was she doing it looking at him? He held the newspaper in front of him, rushing into the kitchen, saying something about needing a drink.

Tabitha smiled, quickly running a hand down to rub at her pussy through her panties, then got off the couch to follow her poor, desperate daddy. As she walked towards the kitchen, she made sure to undo a few of the top buttons to her shirt. Her breasts were held high by the bra, the rounded tops jiggling slightly as she walked into the kitchen.

Her father was pouring himself a glass of brandy, his hands shaking slightly. As he heard the click of shoes on the kitchen tile, he turned slowly, one hand holding the glass, the other moving to cover his front with the newspaper. Although he tried to look nervously away, he couldn't help but watch his daughter's slow cat-like walk towards him.

Tabitha did walk slow. In fact, she milked every move of her hips, and every throb of her pussy between her legs. If this was going to happen, it was going to be as hot, as wet, and as perfect as she could make it.

Her seductive look was trained on her father's face, watching him like a prey. She had never been so aggressive in her life. Frankly, it made her twice as hot to pursue her father in this way. She was going to have him, whether he wanted to or not.

"Daddy, you DO look like you need a drink. Here, let me help you." His daughter strolled up to him, not stopping until her front pressed the newspaper between her father's body and her own. She took the glass of brandy, and placed it to her full lips. With a content look in her eye, she took a drink, filling her mouth, and then leaned forward, one hand snaking behind her father's head, pulling his face closer to hers.

Ever so slowly, she rubbed her cheek against his, as her father's body quaked against hers. Turning her head slightly, she rubbed her lips against her father's, until he half opened his mouth to moan. Whether it was in enjoyment or fear, it was not yet known. As his lips parted, Tabitha pressed her lips against his, opened her mouth, and let the warmed brandy slowly sift its way into her father's mouth. He had no other choice than to drink the brandy.

His daughter's mouth covered his, the savory taste of the alcohol giving him a light headed sensation. Her tongue was quickly inside his mouth, moving about, trying to find her father's tongue. John had pulled back his tongue, scared to have a reoccurrence of that one morning, but soon gave in to his daughter's persistent tongue thrusts.

He kissed her back, his head angling opposite his daughter's, shoving his tongue hard against hers, pushing her tongue back into her mouth so he could explore the cavern of her humidly wet mouth. His teeth scraped against her lips, his deep kiss getting more insistent, matching her lust and passion.

With a strangled moan, the newspaper fell to the kitchen floor, scattering in a black and white pattern. Tabitha pressed her stomach against her father's crotch, rubbing side to side, ever so slightly, taking delight in the hard organ she felt hiding in his pants. Her father threw all his caution to the wind, roughly grabbing at her ass, pulling her harder against him. They matched eachother's thrusts, dry humping eachother moaning into eachother's mouths, saliva spreading across their lips.

"Ooh, I feel something here daddy, right here," Tabitha teased, her stomach rubbing fast against her father's bulging pants. John threw his head back and gave a deep moan.

"God, this shouldn't be happening…I shouldn't be doing this," He cried out. By this time Tabitha had taken the liberty to slide a hand between their mashed bodies, gripping his outlined cock through his pants.

"Oh, fuck yes!" Her father moaned, suddenly changing tune. He rotated his hips, cock caught up in his daughter's grip, the rubbing causing a fury of great sensations. Tabitha smiled at her father's strained face, who's mouth had formed an O as her other hand crept between his legs to fondle his heavy ball sac.

"Mmmm, Daddy, you can't say no can you? You can't deny me this time." Tabitha enticed her father with her tongue, pushing his head to the side, licking up and down his neck, going to his ear to suck at it, darting her pointed tongue into his ear, her breathing hot, muffling everything inside her father's head.

"I have to take my pants off, baby, my cock hurts inside these pants."

"Ooh, take them off Daddy, take those pants right off!"

"Oh God, oh God," John moaned. His fingers fumbled and clutched at his belt, his chin pressed down hard against his neck as he looked to remove his pants. With a hurried push, his pants fell to the ground, exposing his cock which stuck out lewdly from his tight white underwear.

Tabitha had stepped back, her mouth open as she smiled and exhaled her lust, removing the few buttons left on her shirt. With a seductive look, she let her shirt fall to the ground behind her. She stepped back into her father's arms, pressing her stomach hard up against her father's impressive bulge.

Her muscular stomach was smooth and cool through the underwear against his burning cock. Tabitha pushed her pelvis against her father until her hips touched his hips. Her mouth hungrily sought her father's, her erratic breathing spreading humid air all over his cheeks as her tongue whipped across his lips. John's hands dug into her bare back, slowly skidding down to grab her ass through her skirt, pushing her harder against his thick, pulsating cock.

Tabitha broke the kiss she so wetly was sharing with her daddy, "Oh Daddy…that must be for me. Is that because you like how I look?" Her lower lip pouted out sexily, as her hips started a slow gyrating dance against her dad's hardness, his hands the whole time holding her firm ass steadily.

She kneeled in front of him, her face an inch away from the bulging material. She smoothed the underwear hard up against her father's cock, so she could see the sexy outline of his shaft, and the larger rounded shape of the cockhead. Tabitha wet her lips, saliva gathering on the cupped form of her tongue, as she began licking her father's cock over his underwear.

John was gasping at this point, his fingers digging into his daughter's thick hair, holding onto handfuls of it. His cock was throbbing and jumping in his underwear, under the hard press of his daughter's insistent tongue. Tabitha slipped her fingers down her stomach, under her skirt and into her panties, fingering that hard nub of a clit that was begging for her attention.

Her pussy was so wet that it felt greasy to the touch, making it hard for Tabitha to get a hold on her clitoris. Her fingers swept over it again and again, her knees grinding into the linoleum floor of the kitchen.

Her father had by this time had enough of the cock teasing. He pushed her face away and ripped his underwear down which was wet from Tabitha's saliva. With a loud grunt, he wrapped his hands around the back of Tabitha's head, his fingers digging into her hair.

John was beyond comprehension as he thrust his cock towards his daughter's mouth, its thickness standing out lewdly from his body. His cockhead bumped against her lips, the purplish head swollen and wet with precum. He spoke to his daughter in his desperate need, the words hissing out from between his clenched teeth.

"Here girl, this is what you want isn't it? You want daddy's cock don't you…take my cock baby, take it deep." John pushed his cock against her lips, relieved to feel Tabitha open her mouth and welcome it with her tongue.

She licked that cock like she had been wanting it for years. Her tongue lashed it softly, working up to a hard, urgent tongue bath. She was moaning with need, her hot breath cascading over her daddy's cock, making her father want her to take it deep into her wet cavernous mouth.

"Daddy…daddy, I've wanted you soooo badly, you wouldn't believe it," Tabitha groaned, as she continued to lick and prod at her father's cock with her moist tongue. Her fingers had found the wet walls of her pussy, pushing against the soft lining, feeling her fingers get sucked in tight by her spasming contractions.

"Ever since that day on the couch, and how good and manly you felt Daddy, I haven't craved anything but you. I've dreamed of your cock, I have woken up with my pussy sopping wet and had to touch myself," Tabitha took charge of her father's cock as soon as she said her hot words, hungrily sucking in his cock, her mouth working over the head until it bumped hard against the back of her throat.

"Ohhh, baby girl, I need you so badly." Her father's fingers tightened in her hair as he slowly started pressing his cock into her mouth, his ass moving away from the kitchen top, bending his knees so he could push deeper into his daughter's waiting mouth. John moved his hands away from his daughter's head so he could remove his shirt. His hips kept moving all the while, his thrusts into his daughter's mouth becoming savage.

Tabitha was moaning, her wetness leaking over her silky thighs, trickling down between her legs to her knees. She shuddered, her body nearly convulsing as she felt her pussy tighten violently around her fingers. A rush of hot cum broke loose from her pussy, coating her fingers and gathering in her palm.

She quickly put her hand up to her daddy's face so he could see what he did to her. John kept fucking her face as he grabbed her hand and hungrily licked her cum off of it. His tongue thoroughly found every bit of wetness, sliding between her fingers, causing new tingles to erupt from his daughter's tight pussy.

"Fuck baby, Daddy needs to fuck you right now, or I will come all down your lovely throat," her father growled. Her father's naked body loomed over hers, his cock springing from her mouth as she gasped. Tabitha couldn't take her eyes off her father's cock which was wet from her saliva and almost bursting with hardness. It bobbed in front of her face, his arousal so deep that it's dark head faced the ceiling.

John grabbed his daughter by the shoulders, pulling her up to him. He pushed down the cups of her bra, his fingers feverishly plucking at her hardened nipples. Tabitha was stroking her father's cock in her soft hand, her fingers daintily caressing his swollen balls. The kitchen was silent except for their arduous breathing and intense moans.

"I have to feel your wetness, Tabby. Daddy wants that sweet pussy," John sank two of his fingers deep into his daughter's pussy, making his daughter moan with how uncontrollable his actions were. She knew that she had him now. With her father's fingers gyrating deep inside her pussy, she knew that he would be only minutes from putting his hard dick in the same place.

"Lick my tits, Daddy! Lick my tits!"

John lowered his head, making animalistic noises of need as he sucked on Tabitha's stiff little nipples, his mouth trying to take in all of his daughter's breasts. His head wagged between each breast, sucking on one while the other hard nipple was flicked and massaged with his wet fingers.

He was driven wild by the taste of Tabitha's cum on her nipples. His fingers had only a few seconds ago been deep in his baby's pussy, stroking the soft wet tunnel. Tabitha's father cried out in a deep moan as his daughter countered his actions by tugging and stroking his cock quickly.

He held back a little, tormenting his hot little vixen of a daughter, not wanting her to make him cum in her hand. With slow teasing movements, he outlined his baby's aureoles with the tip of his tongue.

"Mmmm, Daddy stop teasing me, please!"

Hot breath poured out of John's mouth as he clamped his lips over his daughter's hard nipple and sucked. Tabitha threw her head back and mewled, held up only by her father's strong arm around her back, and the fingers that had returned to fuck her deep in her pussy.

She could feel his cock pulsating. While he had been sucking her tits, he had maneuvered his cock until it was between his daughter's legs. John's cock had slipped underneath his daughter's black skirt and was throbbing against his daughter's soaked panties.

The feeling of her intense humid pussy heat caused any last resistance John had to break. He ripped his daughter's panties down, pushing his cock up against his daughter's wet pussy.

Tabitha didn't have anymore time than to step one foot out of her panties before her father lifted her with his hands planted on each ass cheek. Her lusting daddy positioned his cockhead against her pussy lips, and with a small thrust, managed to slip his straining helmet into his daughter's pussy.

"Ohhhhh, baby you are so fucking tight," Her father moaned. He eased his shaft slowly into his daughter's confining pussy, the tightness nearly causing him to cum before he had a chance to really fuck her. Sweat was glistening on Tabitha's upper lip, and her eyes had closed the minute her father had placed his cock at her wet entrance.

"Look at me," John commanded his daughter. Tabitha's eyes snapped open, her fantasy dreamworld was coming true, and her father was demanding her to see the intense look on his face. Her daddy slid his cock into her pussy, his breath hissing out as he felt his young daughter's wet box grasp tightly around his shaft. Tabitha's weight made his cock slide deep into her, gravity pushing his balls up against her ass.

John ground his cock hard against his daughter's pussy, his baby's legs wrapping around the small of his back, her underwear swinging lewdly from one of her ankles.

With small swivels of his hips, he felt his cockhead touch the end of his daughter's blazingly hot pussy. Tabitha let her head dangle back from her shoulders, her eyes glazing slightly, her body going slack, but her pussy clenching tight like a vise around her daddy's hard shaft.

"Ohhh, I want this so badly, Daddy! I've wanted to feel this for so long, oh God, ohhh God!"

"Fuck yes baby, I know you've had sex before, so I'm going to pound you hard right now, uhhhm, cause Daddy needs it." John started thrusting into his daughter right away, his shaft moving slower than he wanted, because his baby's pussy was so tight. Tabitha's body was shaking in her father's arms, every nerve in her body craving her father to pound her hard with his thick cock.

"Fuck me harder, Daddy. Fuck me until I scream," Whimpered his little fuck slut. Her ass was pressed against the edge of the counter, scraping as her father gave her just what she wanted. She pressed her pussy down against her father's erratic thrusts, her eyes looking into her father's own crazed stare. With a vixen like tongue roll, she urged her father to cum inside her tight little cunt.

"Put that hot cum in me, right now, I want to feel it."

Her father hissed his response, his breathing had become strangled with moans, "Nooo not yet baby, Daddy needs to make his little Tabby feel really good."

John pressed Tabitha up against himself, feeling her breasts mash up against him, her hard nipples getting lost in the hair covering his chest. With his cock still inside of her, he ran to the kitchen table, laying her partly down on it, leaning over her, not missing a second to resume stroking into her.

His mouth hung open as he pounded his cock far up into his baby's pussy. Wet sucking noises from his daughter's tight pussy filled the echoing kitchen amid moans of lust. Tabitha screwed her eyes tight, her tight cunt squeezing on her father's hard shaft as he slammed his body weight hard against her.

Gone were the thoughts of how society would handle such a lewd occasion. John just wanted to empty his tight balls into his slutty little daughter's womb. Tabitha was moaning and tossing her head from side to side, her long hair fanned out over the table. Her father's stomach slapped against hers while he tried to get his cock farther into her. From his tiptoes to his knees on the table, her father slowly moved himself on top of her, his pounding on her tight cunt never ceasing.

Their bodies were square upon the kitchen table, Tabitha's legs were wrapped around the small of her father's back. She could feel the quick wet sensation of John's tightened balls smacking between her legs. John's daughter was breathing in hard spurts, she was ready to come, her pussy drooling wetness around her father's thick shaft.

"Daddy don't stop, I need this, I'm so close!" Tabitha wailed. John was beating his cock into his daughter harder, his own time drawing nearer with each and every thrust. His testicles had tightened until they were drawn up hard to his shaft. He could feel the warm milky cum churning at the bottom of his shaft, so close to release.

"Ahhh Tabby my little pussy cat. Tabby like a pussy…must be the reason we named you so, you're daddy's hot little pussy…mmm you like that? Yes, be daddy's little wet pussy, give daddy something to shoot his come into, ah! Ohhh mm yes, fuck yes," John muttered to his daughter. He felt his daughter's pussy tighten around his cock, her body rigid for a few seconds, before she started screaming her hot exploding orgasm.

John opened his own mouth to gasp and moan, giving one last thrust into his daughter, driving his cock deep into her convulsing pussy. Stream after stream of come flooded her little hole, coating her walls with thick white come. Tabitha gripped her father's shoulders with her hands, squeezing his back muscles as he pounded his spurting cock into her pussy.

"Daddddddyyyyyy, fuck your cum in your little girl!" Tabitha howled in a heaving moan. John gripped his little girl's long hair, grabbing handfuls of it as he pressed his thick cock deep into his baby. Hot breath floated over Tabitha's face as her father emptied the last drops out of his swollen balls into her hot little pussy. He leaned down and licked and kissed her face, his tongue pushing into her mouth with insistent need.

Their sweating bodies pressed against eachother, making Tabitha's breasts stick to her father's chest. Arms were woven tightly around sides, their legs tangled with John's hard cock still throbbing inside his daughter's pussy. Their mouths burned in feverish kisses, saliva spreading wetly over cheeks and lips as both daughter and father used tongue and lips. Finally, after their bodies had somewhat cooled down, they stopped their wanton stroking of mouths and slowly caressed eachother's heaving bodies with searching hands.

"Mmm Daddy, this was just what I wanted. We can do this whenever you want my young body." She reached between her legs, feeling her father's softening cock slowly slip out of her, his come and her wetness trickling out of her pussy. Tabitha's hands wandered over her father's body, touching his face and running her fingers over his lips. John sucked her fingers into his mouth, licking and tasting their combined sticky flavor.

"Oh God, Tabby, I'm going to fuck you anytime that your mom isn't around. I'm going to wake you up at night with my cock pushing at your little cute lips." John kissed her cheek, his body weight sinking over next to her on the table. Tabitha's hand reached over to stroke at her father's soft and sticky cock. Closing her eyes she fell asleep with her leg around her father, her hand still curled around his shaft.

"So I'm coming over to your place in thirty minutes, and then we'll head out to the drive-in movie." Shaun said to me over the phone, clearing things up.

"Sounds like a plan." I answered. We said our goodbyes and then I hung up the phone.

Tonight was a Saturday night, and yesterday was my birthday, but my best friend Shaun wasn't in town until this morning. Tonight is his way of making it up to me for missing my twenty first birthday.

I turned around inside my room and made a beeline for my closet. Shaun has been my best friend since the third grade when he was fat, and I had braces and pigtails. We had both grown up a lot since then.

Shaun grew up to be a very attractive man. He was popular amongst the women, and he knew it. He has so much confidence, but it seems as if he's not really interested in women. Maybe he's gay?

Even so, I would still like to dress to impress. After all, it is still my birthday weekend.

I grabbed my Lacey black see through shirt, and a black bralette before putting them on. I paired them with light blue jeans and black ankle boots. I didn't bother with my wild curly black hair, but I did use black eyeliner to line my sea green eyes.

I just sprayed a little perfume on me when I heard a car horn from outside.

I quickly grabbed my jacket and flew out the door, locking it behind me. Once I was inside Shaun's car, I turned to him and smiled.

Shaun smiled back at me and said, "you look as beautiful as ever."

My smile widened in a silent thanks, and he peeled off into the direction of the movies.

I snuck glances at him every once in a while, and saw that he had gained a little more muscle on his lean body. His black hair was a little on the messy side in a sexy way, and he wore a smirk on his chiseled face.

He was perfection.

We pulled into the drive-in and Shaun insisted in paying for the both of our tickets. "My treat." He winked at me, before slowly driving to find us a perfect place to park.

Couples, and teens looked at Shaun's Mercedes Benz, but his tinted windows prevented them from seeing us.

We finally found a spot in the middle of all the cars, and the screen was directly in front of us, displaying previews and ads.

"Do you want any popcorn or something to drink? I'm going to walk to the concessions." Shaun asked me. I shook my head no, and he got out of the car.

I watched him leave before turning back to the previews. The viewing was loud, but I rolled down the windows anyways, so we could get the full affect.

As I was rolling down Shaun's window, something shiny caught my eye on his door. I stuck my hand in the little pocket on the door and found a few CDs and some papers. When I pulled out the shiny thing, it was a small foiled wrapper. I gasped as I stared at the condom.

'Maybe it's just an extra from his trip? Yeah, that's got to be it. We're just friends!'

My mind was swirling with questions, when I saw Shaun approaching the car. I quickly stuffed the condom into the pocket, and sat back in my seat.

He opened the door and got in, peering at me weirdly. "Hey, the line was way too long, so I'm going to wait for it to die down a bit."

"O-oh, okay." I said in a small voice. 'Act natural!' I thought to myself.

"Are you okay?" Shaun asked me in a confused voice, his eyebrow raised as he glanced at my hands.

I looked down to see my hands clenched in really tight fists. I jolted in shock, and attempted to breathe out slowly. I slowly loosened my hands, and gave Shaun an easy smile. "I'm totally fine."

He chuckled at me before relaxing back into his seat.

I don't even know why I'm freaking out so bad. I need to remain calm. I don't even think Shaun thinks of me that way. He sees me as more of a younger sister. Yeah.

The movie starts and the lights that were lighting up the field we are all parked on went out. A cool breeze wafts through the car, relaxing my tense body.

And that's when I feel Shaun's hand on my thigh. Aw crap.

"Uh Shaun?" I said, turning to him with an awkward ass smile on my face.

"Hm?" He turns to me, his eyebrows raised in question. "Did you need something?"

"What are you doing?"

"Watching the movie."

"That's not what I mean."

"Then what do you mean Sierra?"

I groan before turning back around and trying to relax again. Thirty minutes into the movie, and I somehow ended up in the back seat with my knees up to my chest, cowering in fear.

The movie was scaring the hell out of me, and being in the dark was not helping. A jump scare happens and I yelp a little, hiding my face inside my jacket. The actress's screams pierce my eardrums.

The door next to me opens, and I jump a little. Shaun slides in next to me and closes the door behind himself.

"I almost forgot how much of a scaredy cat you actually are." He laughs at me.

"Oh shove it." I gritted out, annoyed.

I scoot a little closer to Shaun and lay my head on his shoulder so I can hide in it when the music becomes intense.

He lifts his arm and wraps it around me, pulling me closer to him. This was normal for us. We have always been comfortable enough around each other, and we've always been super close. But seeing that condom earlier made me nervous.

If Shaun were to try to have sex with me and I agreed, he would be my second time. My first time was awful. It hurt, and the guy came after ten minutes, and fell asleep on top of me. I was pissed. It wasn't at all how the movies and books said it would be.

Shaun's hand is currently on my side, rubbing me gently. This soothes me a little and gives me courage to peek at the screen. The sound was muffled a bit and I noticed he rolled the windows up.

"It was getting chilly." Shaun explains to me after I ask why he rolled the windows up.

His hand slid up under my shirt but stayed at my side, rubbing it in small circles. I bite my lip and decide to not say anything. I didn't want to make it any more awkward than it already was.

Then he starts lightly scratching my side, but instead of tickling me, it makes me feel hot. The spot where he is touching my body tingles and shoots signals straight to my pussy. I clench my thighs together, and nibble on my bottom lip.

His hand slides out from my shirt, and he turns to me. Before I could question him, he molds his soft lips onto mine. His right hand comes up to cup the back of my head, holding me in place as he devours my mouth. His left hand is sliding up my things, and up my ribcage.

He then grabs my hefty boob and starts kneading my flesh. I gasp as a shock zips through my body, and he immediately plunges his tongue into my mouth, and explores.

I'm breathing heavy through my nose, and I feel my body actually push itself closer to him. He pulls me so that I'm straddling him, and pulls my shirt off along with my bra.

One of his hands grab my ass, and the other holds my tit in place as he sucks on my nipple. His tongue swirls around it, and his lips tug on it.

I let out a throaty moan as my head falls back. I absentmindedly begin grinding my lower body onto him, needing the friction.

He kisses up from my boob up to my neck and leaves a trail of love marks. I moan softly. His mouth meets mine again and our tongues are making love to each other.

Both of his hands are on my ass, and he uses them to grind me against him the way he likes. He kneads my ass, and I pull away to breath. My elbows are on his shoulders, and my head is thrown back. Our grinding gets more aggressive, and I feel myself becoming wetter than I already was.

In one fluid motion, I'm on my back with my legs wrapped around Shaun's waist who is now on top of me. He grabs my pants and underwear and pulls them off of me in a quick motion.

I shiver as I realize how vulnerable I am to him. I am now completely naked, and I lay bare at his mercy.

He sucks in a breath and his eyes widen as he gazes down at me. I couldn't imagine what he sees. My lips feel bruised from our fierce make out, my curly hair a wild untamable mess. My breasts moving with each breath I take, and my pussy glistening with the evidence of my arousal. I must look a sight.

"You're the most stunning woman I have ever laid eyes on." He mumbles to himself.

My eyes widen in surprise. He takes my nipple in his mouth and massages it with his tongue, causing me to squirm with need. He kisses slowly down my stomach, and my eyes lock to his as he travels lower than my navel.

Green eyes clashed with blue ones as he kisses my thighs lovingly. He bites me and I gasp, before I whine.

His hit tongue dips into my pussy, and I bite my lip as he tastes me. His tongue is guiding my weeping nectar into his mouth. And then his tongue circles my clit in slow motions. My eyes roll to the back of my head, and both of my hands grasp on to his hair.

I start to constantly moan, and my thighs are trying to close on him, but his big powerful hands prevent them from moving.

"Shaun!" I call out as he sucks on my clit and begins to flick it with his fast tongue. "Ooooh... Ah.. ahhhhhhh."

I'm lost in a sea of riveting pleasure and I can do nothing but accept the torture he is putting me through. My head whips from side to side as I grind my pussy onto his mouth.

"Fuck!" I yell, as I grind faster. My hands grip his hair harder and I'm using it to fuck his face harder. "Mmmmmm."

Shaun's tongue focuses on my clit, and I can do nothing but squeal, as I feel my body tightening up with a wave of intense orgasmic pleasure. "Shaunnnnnn... Mmmm... Ooooh."

He laps up my cum, cleaning me thoroughly. I shiver from small waves of pleasure that still attack me.

He climbs up my body, I can see that his clothes were taken off at some point. He wears a cocky grin on his face, but awe is shining in his eyes as he gazes at me.

He slowly kisses me, and I slowly kiss him back, my body relaxed from my orgasm.

He lowers his hips on to mine, and I can feel his cock gliding through my slick folds. He braces the top half of his body with his elbows, and his hands are gripping my hair tightly as he kisses me.

The head of his cock provides friction for my clit, and I become horny all over again. He's breathing heavily into my ear from the pleasure he is receiving. He hips move a little faster, and I start to grind up into him. He moans, and starts to furiously hump me.

All you can hear are the sounds of Shaun and I panting, and the wet sound of his dick sliding against me deliciously.

"Please." I beg him, my eyes searching his, as I ask him for something I'm not even sure that I want.

With a slight shift of his hips, his bulbous head prods my opening. He reaches down and grips the base of his dick, using his hand to rub his head up and down my slit. He focuses on my clit for a few seconds before he's guiding it back to my opening.

He shoves forward a little and I can feel him parting me. He pulls back a little and slides forward, half of his cock inside of me. He pauses and his body tenses up.

"Oh fuck." He moans, before pushing himself all the way in to the hilt.

I'm breathing hard and letting out little moans, trying to adjust to his size. I grip his shoulders tightly, and I urge him to move.

He pulls out an inch and shoves back in. We both groan. He pulls out halfway, and goes back in.

He thrusts into me and soon we find a rhythm we are both comfortable with. Soon the car is filled with the sound of his hips meeting mine.

I kiss his neck and nibble on his ear. He grunts and starts to roughly fuck me. His hips start to slam into mine and I groan loudly, meeting him thrust for thrust.

"Oh fuck me!" I yell excitedly.

His hands grab my shoulders and he starts jack hammering into my body, moaning loudly repeatedly as I moan as well.

"Oh uh uh uh uh huhhh." I groan out loud.

He bends down and bites my neck hard, without breaking skin, and he thrusts into me wildly seeking his release.

"Shaun!" I shout as something builds inside me. "Ohhhh fuck."

He leans back and places my legs over his shoulders, and his hands grip the backs of my knees, opening me up wider for him.

He grunts wildly as he pistons in and out of me. "Oh yes baby.. ohhh fuck.. oh yeah.. come on baby."

"Ah, fuck me daddy!" I shout, and with two sharp thrusts from him, I explode all over him.

His moans grow louder as he slams into me, and he shouts my name as him cums inside of.

His hot seed shoots through me and splashes around in my insides.

His hips are still moving slowly, and we are both moaning softly. He shoves himself as deep as he can inside of me and another spurt of cum shoots out as he groans.

He pulls his dick out of me as it goes limp. My body is shaking, and I look at Shaun to see him covered in my juices.

"You squirt on me." He said with amusement. "That's never happened to me before."

My eyes widened in embarrassment. "Oh shoot."

He pulls out a box of tissues, and we clean ourselves up a bit before putting our clothes on.

"So what does this mean?" I asked him.

He stared down at me with a blank expression on his face. "It means..."

Samantha knew she shouldn't have been messing around with that ouija board, not in an abandoned house of all places. But it was just so tempting, and her friends were the ones who tempted her in the first place, so really it was their fault, not hers.

Something had replied to her that first night, using the board. She was shocked at first, but quickly grew intrigued. She told it nothing about herself, and it revealed nothing about itself in return. But being alone in that house, only a candle illuminating the darkness as she talked to a complete stranger who sounded suspiciously interested in her was addictive. She kept returning every night she could, and their conversations began to turn borderline flirty, almost playfully sexual.

Until it grew aggressive. It pushed her for answers, asking her her name and where she lived. Scared, she refused, and in response, the candle blew out. The house began to shudder and groan, and she ran out, terrified, vowing never to return again.

Samantha thought she'd never encounter the being again. And for a while, she didn't.

She didn't realize it was taking its time to hunt her down.

After a few weeks, strange things began happening in her home. Doors opened and closed, lights flickered, and she swore she heard footsteps one night. It wasn't too frequent, so she forced herself to believe that it was just her imagination.

Until one night, she saw him.

He manifested right in front of her, a demon clad in a suit. He looked mostly human, save for the horns atop his head, and his red eyes - but above all, he looked really, really fucking hungry. His forked tongue flicked out, licking his lips as they curled into a smirk, an expression of triumph upon his face as he looked at her, murmuring, "There you are."

That was the face of a predator having caught his prey. It was the face of someone who'd been waiting for so long to get his way, and who finally had what he wanted in the palm of his hands.

She couldn't find the words to say or her voice to speak with.

He took a slow, careful step towards her as if testing the waters, and she instinctively took a step back, fascination yet fear in her eyes. The demon easily towered above her - with those broad shoulders and muscular arms, he could do anything he wished with her. The thought of it scared her and somehow at the same time.

Her attempt at evading him only served to rile him up even further. As he approached her, she continued to step back, until finally she found herself close to the door and ran.

She knew she had no chance but she still ran. Adrenaline coursed through her veins as she sprinted through her house, panting, eyes wide. She heard his footsteps behind her, close but not too close. She was closing in on the front door and she thought maybe a miracle would happen, she'd reach it and escape in time-

In the blink of an eye, strong arms wrapped around her, and Samantha found herself pressed to his chest. "You didn't think I was gonna let you get away that easy, did you?"

He'd let her think she had a chance, only to crush her hopes. The thought of it left a sour taste in her mouth and made her body tingle at the same time. She struggled, trying to squirm out of his grip somehow, only to his amusement. He chuckled, low and almost raspy, as if watching her helplessly try to escape would make taking her even better.

In the blink of an eye, she was no longer at the front door but in her bedroom. Taken aback at the sudden change of surroundings, she stopped struggling, and in a second he had her pinned against the wall. She cried out as her back roughly met the hard surface, and before she knew it, his lips were on hers and his hands were on her shoulders, holding her in place tightly.

In complete contrast to his soft lips, he kissed her roughly, bit her until she gasped and his tongue found way to her mouth. her hands instinctively latched onto his shoulders, and somehow, in the midst of his hand snaking up her shirt, she started kissing back.

His hand felt almost like it burned her skin yet sent electricity throughout her entire body. She felt his sharp nails rake up her chest, and he tore the fabric off of her instantly. He was thoughtless and impatient, wanting only one thing from her - and the thought heightened her arousal even further. She whimpered as he ripped her bra off, and felt fear. Fear and arousal intermingling with each other, her head telling her she didn't want this while her body told her she needed it.

As he fondled her breasts, almost pinching her firm nipples, she felt something hard against her leg. It was all too much for her - the feeling of his skin on hers, his lips and his warm breath on her face, the fact that she was still pinned against her will to a wall - and a soft murmur escaped her mouth, "Stop..."

His hot gaze shifted from her chest to her eyes, and a hint of a scoff played at his lips. "Say that again."

She hesitated, confused and unsure. In that moment of hesitation, he made quick work of her pants and slipped his hand into her panties. She gasped once more, her hands digging into his shoulders. His fingers played with her clit, flicking it and stroking it until she couldn't hold back her moans.

"Say it," he said, his tone mocking and cold. "Tell me to stop."

She didn't want it to stop. He was touching her in every sweet spot she had. She was like a puppet in his hands, to do with as he wished. And the only thing she hoped for was that he wouldn't stop.

And then he did.

He stopped.

"No," she said, eyes wide,

"No? You told me to stop."

She saw he was about to move away, and pulled herself closer to him out of desperation. "No, no, please, I don't-"

"Don't what?"

"I don't..." She swallowed her pride, looked away from him and said, "I don't want you to stop..."

"Really? Then what exactly do you want?" he asked, knowing exactly what she wanted, yet taking great pleasure in watching her beg for it. "Look at me and tell me what you want."

Her mind was a mess as she looked up and met his fiery eyes. A smug expression rested upon his face, and those red, red eyes of his looked at her like they saw right through her. She blushed, out of embarrassment or arousal, she couldn't tell which it was anymore. All she knew was that being in his presence was burning her up, and she needed more of him.

"I want... I want you to keep touching me, I want more of you, I just want you to.. To-"

"To fuck you?" he finished, thankfully making it easier for her. His face was so close to hers, she felt his breath on her skin. His hand reached downwards, finally touching her again, and she moaned, almost melting into him. He stroked her, giving her exactly what she needed as he continued, "An intruder appears in her house, treats you like you're nothing more than a possession of his, and all you want is for him to have his way with you."

"Yes, yes, I want it, please." the lust had clouded up her thoughts and she didn't even hesitate to admit it.

He stepped sideways, and pushed her to the floor in front of him. She cried out, looking up at him, scared yet desperate for more.

"Get on the bed," he ordered, looking down at her as he unbuckled his belt, "So I can fuck you like the slut you are."

She wasted no time in moving onto the bed, getting on all fours, her pussy wet in anticipation. She felt his weight on the mattress behind her, a hand firmly gripping her waist as he positioned himself and thrusted into her.

She cried out at his size and his roughness, but he took no notice of it.

It was almost animalistic, how hard he fucked her and how carelessly. Even as she gripped the sheets, biting her lips so she wouldn't shout out, he continued ramming into her, pushing her body forward with each thrust.

Soon, she adjusted to his pace and his size and began to moan. As she did, he grabbed her hair and pulled, eliciting another cry from her. Hearing her cry out in pain was what got him off more than anything else, and knowing that turned her on even more.

He kept thrusting into her, going even faster now as she shuddered and moaned, helpless against him. One of his hands had her hair in a tight fist, and the other on her waist, his nails digging into her skin. Each rough movement he made sent her further and further over the edge, until finally, she arched her back, closed her eyes, and cried out as she came. Her orgasm washed over her entire body in waves, and the sensation of his dick ramming into her as she came heightened it even more.

Soon after, he came too, his dick pulsing and his hot semen in her. She felt empty as he pulled out of her, staying there for a few seconds, before he got up. She stayed on the bed, a sweaty, hot mess, panting and exhausted while he simply buckled his belt up and let out a satisfied sigh.

Leaning over to her, he took her chin in his hand and pulled upwards until she met his eyes. "You know you're mine now, don't you?" he whispered, red eyes burning into her soul.

So a demon had tracked her down, broken into her house and used her, and now claimed she belonged to him. Was this how things were going to be from now on? Was there nothing she could do to stop him?

For now, she simply nodded, too weary to do anything but accept her fate.

It was Bill's arms that I noticed first. Tattooed, muscular, solid, dark chocolate. I knew my curves would fit in them and I'd melt. Into a puddle. Like the one between my thighs whenever I looked at him, whenever his kind eyes made contact with mine.

I remember the first time we met. He shook my hand and I was in awe of his strength, his warmth. Even though our jobs were at opposite ends of the building, we developed a friendly rapport. We had been checking in and flirting with one another for over seven years. I applied for a job in his department and was promoted. This would mean a lot of travel, and mostly all with him.

We arrived at the hotel and our rooms were right next to one another. Adjoining rooms. It had been so long since I'd been away. I had just buried my Dad and had no one to call at the end of the day to say I'd arrived safe. No one to say to me, "goodnight, I love you."

I was channel surfing when I heard a soft knock at the adjoining door. I climbed out of bed, finger combed my hair and listened against the door. "Nanc?" he whispered. "Are you okay?" I unlocked the door and there he stood in a tight white v neck undershirt and navy pajama pants.

"You're wearing my shirt," he said as he leaned against the door jamb and looked me up and down.

I became self-conscious, remembering that all I was wearing was a white v neck shirt as well. I bought men's 2xl tall to make sure my ass was covered but it still ended a good four inches above my knees.

"I could hear you flipping channels and I wanted to make sure you were okay. It's 2 am and with the time change and the long flight, you should be asleep by now. Need anything?" he asked.

And I did. I so needed to go up on tiptoe, wrap my arms around his thick neck, inhale his scent, feel his heat. Would he let me? He was the one who had knocked on my door in the middle of the night. He was the one looking me up and down.

"Bill..." I stepped forward slowly. And he met me half way. His right arm went around my waist and as I went up on my toes, he bent and pulled me close. My chin was on his shoulder, his face was in my neck, my breasts were resting high on his chest, his cock against my belly button. It had been so long since I'd felt cock and I'd never felt anything like the steel that was rubbing against me, like the heat that was radiating off of him.

"Baby..." he whispered.

"Please don't let go," I whimpered.

He pulled back just enough to look me in the eye, his left hand cupping my face. There was nothing in the world like his whiskey eyes. His thumb brushed my lips and I opened for him. I sucked on the tip, tasting his salty skin. He inhaled sharply.

"You deserve gentle," he said. "I'm gonna try but I can't promise."

And he lifted me, right off my feet and pressed me against the open door, pinning me with his weight, never looking away from me, wrapping my legs around his waist.

His lips brushed mine softly, nipping the corners of my mouth before settling on the middle. He flicked my bottom lip with his tongue.

"Are your nipples the same color as your lips? They are the prettiest pink I've ever seen. Are you pink everywhere? I can't wait to suck on you...your tongue, your tits, your clit, your pussy." And he kissed me. He consumed me with his mouth, his tongue, opening me wide to dance with him.

I couldn't keep my eyes open. I was on fire for him. His loving touch, his way of talking dirty but making me feel cherished, alive. My hands went from his shoulders to the base of his neck, up his naked skull. I ground my pussy against him, dampening his shirt.

His mouth moved to my cheek, my temple, my forehead.

"You're so wet for me. I feel you, I smell you." And he pulled my shirt over my head.

My breasts thrust forward, aching for his touch. He looked at them, buried his head in my chest and used his hands to push them together to cradle him.

"Please...." I whispered.

"Tell me, Nanc."

"Taste me, Bill."

"Where? How, baby?"

"With your fingers, your mouth, your teeth. Please suck on me," I begged.

"Your beautiful pink nipples, so hard for me." And he lifted my left breast, blowing on the already tight tip, flicking it with his tongue, circling it over and over before finally sucking it inside. And I watched. I watched his sexy chocolate mouth tasting me, pulling me into the hot, wet cavern of his mouth. His teeth caught the tip as his eyes watched me. My head dropped back against the door and I begged for more.

"Finger me, Bill. Rub my clit and make me come," I breathed.

"Don't rush me, baby," he sighed as he switched to my right breast. "I just started tasting your sweet tits."

"No one said you had to stop sucking. I just need you everywhere. I've waited so long. I've dreamed of your fingers in my bald, pink pussy. Like vanilla, chocolate and strawberry all together," I moaned as I pressed my naked heat against his t-shirt.

He reared back at my words, looking me in the eye. His pupils were dilated. I could tell I was driving him as crazy as he was driving me.

"Your pussy is completely bald, baby?" He looked down but at this angle, my tummy was in the way. I tried to unlock my legs from his waist but he pressed me against the door.

"We're not going anywhere, yet. We're staying right here for a while longer. I'm going to lower my pants and lower your hips and nestle my dick against your wetness. And when I'm fully coated in your juice, then I'm going to stretch you. I'm going to feed you all of me. You're going to grip me and ride me and we're gonna fly so damn high before we shatter all over one another."

He never stopped staring at me as he did what he said. I shuddered as his cock made contact with my smooth, wet skin. He tucked the shaft under me so I was dripping directly onto him and the head was inching up toward my ass. Nothing had ever felt as good as his steel.

He fed his index finger into my mouth. His thick fingers that I could not wait to feel inside of me. When it was completely coated with my saliva, he pulled it out and began to rub my ass. That sensitive hole that only I had ever touched. He kissed me intensely before dropping his head to my right nipple, watching me as he took turns biting me and sucking me. His finger was rubbing over my tight taboo hole, barely inching inside of me.

"Bill..." I gasped as more of my juice coated his cock. I couldn't be any wetter unless I was squirting. He felt my release and I felt him become even harder before he inched his fingertip into my ass. I moved more, trying to get it all inside of me.

"Easy, little one," he warned as I dropped lower and sunk his thick digit straight into my ass. He wiggled it inside of me and I cried out.

"I want you, baby. Please don't torture me." And I rode that finger. He withdrew it to the tip and shoved it back in.

"I can tell no one's ever been in your ass, baby," he smiled as he pulled back from my tit. "Never had anything but your little finger in that tight hole? We have to make my cock fit in your tight pussy before we make your ass gape. And it will gape from my fingers and from my cock before the night is over."

I gripped his shirt, pulling it over his head. I scraped my fingernails across each of his nipples and I twisted them as I bent and bit his neck, leaving a mark on him before sucking it soothingly. He gently tugged me back by my hair trying to stop me but I switched to the other side of his neck, marking him there as well.

That did it. He pulled me off the door and carried me over to the bed, dropping me on my back and spreading my legs wide open, pulling his finger out of my ass. I missed that finger immediately. I pushed my ass off the bed, presenting and raising myself toward him.

"Tell me, Nanc," he moaned, looking at my pussy. "Be explicit and tell me."

"Bill, suck my clit and finger my ass. I want to feel you everywhere, sweetie. Get me ready for your big cock." And for the first time, I looked down and I saw him, his black steel standing straight up, pointing past his belly button, coated in my juice with pearly drops of his own cum dripping down the tip.

He dragged his fingers thru my slit, wetting them. He pushed my knees toward my chest and dropped between my legs. I felt his index finger enter my ass and he sawed it back and forth. He spit on my ass, adding more wetness as he brought his middle finger to my tight hole.

The next time his finger retreated, he tucked them both together and began to rub. I came up on my elbows to look him in the eye. He met my gaze and pushed, slowly inserting both digits into my virgin hole. He spit some more and then shoved some more and the pain was the most satisfying pain I had ever known as both fingers entered me, side by side, rubbing nerve endings I had never known existed.

He splayed his left hand on my belly, his thumb seeking out my clit, and he rubbed. He found my kernel and he rubbed as he gaped my ass with his two thick fingers. And I screamed. Over and over, I cried out his name, pleading for him never to stop.

"Bill, your mouth, please. Eat me, baby!!!!"

And he lowered his mouth and licked my slit. Rubbed my clit, licked my slit and finger fucked my ass. And I shook, and I creamed as I came, and when I thought it was ending, it began again. And I squirted. For the first time in my life, I squirted.

And Bill drank all my juice. He slurped it up like a man in a desert, dying of thirst. I reached down and held the hand on my belly, the one rubbing my clit. And I rubbed his head with my other hand, pressing him into my most intimate place as I raised my hips towards his face, never wanting the pleasure to end.

And he rode it with me. He never let go as I flew and I shattered over and over again. I finally dropped to the bed and he slowly pulled his fingers from my ass, bending down to lick and soothe the empty hole. He lifted his head to look up at me and then stood up, pulling the sheet over me.

"I'll be right back," he said before disappearing into his room. I had just started to drift off when he nudged my arm to hand me a bottle of water. When I opened my eyes, his chocolate cock was right in front of me.

"I'd rather drink you," I drawled.

"Oh, you will, Nanc, but for now, drink your water." He climbed into bed next to me as I moved into a sitting position.

I sipped my water as I ran my hands over him...his arms, his shoulders, his rippling back. I couldn't stop looking at him, his cocoa skin against my Irish white freckles. His arm went around me and pulled me close. I looked down at his cock.

"How big are you?" I asked.

He laughed. "Eight inches. Not the biggest around."

I finished my water and sat the bottle aside. I got on my hands and knees between his thighs.

"You don't have to, baby."

"I've wanted this for seven years," I told him. I looked him in the eye and I licked the tip. I swirled my tongue around it like it was an ice cream cone. And then I took long leisurely licks up and down all sides of the shaft. And I tasted him and I tasted me on him. And together, we tasted incredible. The tip started to ooze and I stabbed it with my tongue, tasting the pure essence of Bill. His hands twisted in the sheets as he watched me.

"Guide my head down, baby. Put you in my mouth," I whispered.

He looked me in the eye and his hands went in my hair and he croaked, "Open for me." And I did and he fed me his dick. Nothing ever tasted or looked as good as his black cock filling my mouth, slowly easing into the back of my throat before easing back out and then shoving back in. On and on this went until I pressed down for more and I started to gag.

He tried to pull out and I wouldn't let him. I felt him weighing heavy in the back of my throat and I loved it. I loved this man for being gentle, dirty, tasty, caring. And God, I loved his cock. I pulled back and let some saliva run out of my mouth and coat him, and then I sucked back and forth, like a woman starved. And I used my hand to stroke the remaining three inches that I couldn't take and I cupped and cradled his balls and squeezed.

"Fuck, Nanc! I'm gonna explode. You have to stop or I'm gonna cum down your throat," he warned, holding my head.

I hummed in appreciation and pleasure.

"You want my cum? God, I fucking love your tight, wet mouth. Drink me and I'll have more for your pussy, baby. Your pretty pink pussy and your tight ass. Fuck! Here it comes, baby. Suck harder, squeeze my balls. Get ready for my cum....ahhhh, ahhhh, ahhhh!!!"

And I drank it all. No one had ever tasted like him. No one had ever filled me. And I continued to softly stroke him as he collapsed and I laid my head on his hip, licking him gently, knowing I'd never get enough of him.

He stroked my neck and shoulders and I dozed for a bit. I woke as he pulled me up to lay me against him. He squeezed my ass cheeks, spreading them as he ground my pussy into his groin. I nuzzled into his neck, breathing him in.

"You're amazing, Nanc. I knew we'd be explosive together. Tell me what you want next, baby."

I sat up on his chest, looking at him. "You on top of me, inside me. I want your weight on me, your whole body wrapped around me, covering me, keeping me safe, taking me, thrusting deep. Fill me with all of you."

He grinned and rolled us until I was on my back, gazing up at him, and I reached for his face. He pulled my thighs high up on his hips and he rubbed his cock along my folds, spreading my juices all over me, all over him. And then he gave me the tip. He was so wide, I felt like I was a virgin again. The tip stretched me and I moaned. He looked at me in concern and I grabbed his hands and place them on my breasts.

"Squeeze and push," I said. And he sunk inside of me, inch by inch, as he squeezed my tits and gave me everything I wanted, every part of him. He touched places no one, no toy, ever had before and I could hear us.

Our joining, our wetness, and I rose to meet him, needing his weight. He lowered his right hand and rubbed my clit with his finger, and I fell back onto the bed and I came. I screamed and I came and I coated him and he fucked me so softly. And when my orgasm passed, he dropped his weight on top of me and he pounded me, hard.

"You're gonna come again for me, Nanc. I want to make you squirt, to feel your juice pouring out of you as I fill you with my hot cum. Listen to us. Listen to how wet you are for me, how much my dick loves gliding thru that silk, filling you full. Your pussy was made for my cock, baby. It's a perfect fit. It's home for me and I'm never going to stop fucking you."

Our nipples rubbed together and I grabbed his ass, pulling him in as deep as he could go.

"Oh fuck, Nanc, I'm going to burst inside you, fill you with my seed. I love our skin together, our colors. I have never seen, never felt anything like this. So beautiful, baby."

And his cock began to jet and pour hot cum inside of me and I exploded again, cumming all over his hot steel. He kissed me, our tongues colliding over and over again. He pumped me six times with bursts of cum and I felt it pouring out of me, soaking the sheets. I caressed his back as he lay on me, both of us trying to catch our breath.

"I know I'm heavy, I'll move in a minute, sweets," he gasped.

"I'm not letting you go," I whispered and I hugged him tighter.

About an hour later, he entangled himself from me and when I resisted, he pulled me into his arms and carried me into the shower. We washed one another off and stood under the hot water, hugging. Never had I been in a more intimate embrace.

We towel dried and went into his room to snuggle under the sheets. We kept touching one another, not wanting to ever lose contact. He was spooning me when I felt him reach behind and open his bedside table.

"Lay on your belly, baby," he whispered. And trusting him completely, I rolled to my belly. He squeezed some lube on my ass and began rubbing. Once my hole was coated, he introduced one finger and began gently sawing it back and forth. After a few minutes, he pressed a second one against it and twisted. They sunk inside me, stretching me. But this time, it wasn't enough.

"Don't wait, Bill. I want your cock," I moaned.

"Come on, Nanc, you can be more descriptive than that," he teased.

"I want your cock in my ass to the root, baby. I want you to stretch me. I want you to pound my ass like you pounded my pussy. Please make me fly. My body is all yours. I trust you, Bill," I pleaded as he double-fingered my ass.

"Do you want three fingers?" he asked.

"No, I want your cock," I whispered.

"I can't hear you, Nanc," he teased. "Do you want three fingers or my tongue?"

"No, I want your big black cock to plunge into my tight asshole and rip me apart until I fit you. Make me yours, gape me. Fill me with your seed, Bill!"

And he spread my cheeks wide open and he fed me his eight inch snake inch by fat inch and it was painful in the best way. He got all the way in and he pulled out, and plunged back, and pulled out and plunged again. And he was fucking my ass and I was moaning and screaming and crying because he was my love and I had him completely. I had given all of me and I would be his forever. He owned all of me, my body and my heart.

"Am I hurting you?" he asked, noticing my tears, and I shook my head no.

He pulled out, flipped me to my back, pushed my legs up and looked me in the eye as he stuffed that big chocolate dick all the way back up my open asshole.

"You're so hot, baby. I love your mouth and your pussy and your asshole." And he rubbed my clit and I flew apart, shaking uncontrollably until I couldn't catch my breath. And he remained still until I could breathe again and then he pounded me into the mattress, holding me tight to his chest and his cum boiled out of him and filled my ass in five hot jets.

His mouth met mine and we kissed so gently. I felt happy, peaceful and alive and I loved him with every part of me and I prayed he would never leave me.

And then he spoke.

"I love you forever, Nanc. You're mine. Always. And I'm never letting you go."

She couldn't fully explain it, all she knew was that she needed her daddy's cock inside her really bad.

This feeling had been building inside Abby for the past couple of months after she had caught her dad fucking his now ex-girlfriend Emma. Her dad had dated her for maybe eight months before he broke up with the 30 something brunette, but Abby was never told why they had split and she had wondered about it for a while as it seemed to have happened out of nowhere.

But three months before they split up Abby had come home early from a sleepover she had been at with her girlfriends when she had gotten into a fight with them about how they talked about her dad. Abby hated how they talked about him like he was just a boy their age that they wanted to fuck them, like he wasn't her loving father who had raised her alone since her mom up and left them when she was a kid.

They always talked about how sexy her dad was, and even though she always told them to drop it -- that they were gross -- she knew her dad was a good-looking man. It was kind of hard not to notice especially when you lived with him and he would cook breakfast shirtless some mornings.

He was a tall man, maybe 6'3'' and muscular -- her dad was an ex-professional football player and was still built like one. He had thick dark near shoulder length hair that he always said needed to be cut but Abby and Emma had both told him it looked good and to keep the messy look. She had often heard Emma comment on the stubble on his face saying she hoped he never shaved it off.

Abbey looked more like her cheerleader mom; a petite but curvy redhead. She used to get teased about her breasts when she was young because they had grown so fast that by the time she was twelve she was a c-cup. Everyone used to call her tissue-tits as they never believed that she had been that developed at her age.

And short of pulling her top down to show them her breasts she couldn't prove it and she had known that was why some teased her -- they had wanted her to flash them. She had told her dad who had gotten really close to hitting a boy that would not leave her alone. Her daddy was her protector and whenever she had a nightmare or was teased in school she would stay in his bed and they would watch Disney movies before she would pass out in his safe embrace.

But as she got older that had been happening less and less. She didn't need her dad as much anymore and she wasn't a little kid that could just jump into bed with him anytime she wanted.

But even though she was now 18-years-old she sometimes -- like the night she had the fight with her friends -- just needed a hug from her daddy to make her feel better, and so she had gone to her father's room hoping to cuddle with him but she had been so distracted by angry thoughts about her friends that she had missed the raw sounds of sex coming from beyond his open bedroom door.

Even though she never had sex or ever seen or heard anyone having sex before that moment a primal instinct inside her instantly knew what was happening in her daddy's bedroom.

She had hesitated from backing away mortified at what she was suddenly privy to after hearing Emma scream about how big her daddy's cock was and how much she loved it pounding her pussy. Her hesitation frightened her for a moment because that hesitation gave life to the realization that she was curious about what was happening in his bedroom; she was curious about what it looked like when her daddy pounded his big cock into his girlfriend's pussy.

Abby felt a blush spread from her cheeks down her whole body making her shiver when her own innocent pussy tingled in curiosity. She squeezed her naked thighs beneath the skirt she wore together before slowly walking to the slightly ajar door and gently pushing it open another inch or two giving her a view that would change everything in her world.

Her handsome 42-year-old father was completely naked with sweat dripping tantalizingly down his tanned muscular back, the candles lighting the room caused his hard body to shine and gleam as his hips rhythmically thrust down into the dripping hairless pussy of his moaning girlfriend.

He stood at the end of his bed with his back to the door so Abby had a perfect view of his tight ass driving down into and out of his girlfriend's wet embrace. Emma's ass was nearly hanging off the bed but her dad held her behind her knees pinning them to the bed on either side of her chest so she was basically trapped as her dad's balls slapped her ass with each downward slam of his hips. Abbey could see his thick cock and balls between his spread legs that were braced against the end of the mattress for leverage in his movements.

"Fuck Ethan don't stop," Emma had begged, a desperate tone coating her voice.

"That's it baby, cum for me. Cum on my cock like a good girl," her dad practically growled and his voice had reminded Abby of the times he had been angry with her. It was a deep bass that seemed to originate in his gut before building to a growled command to'be a good girl'and'go to bed'or to'get home now'. It had made Abby shiver and she realize her hand had travelled to in between her thighs, lightly tickling up until she reached her soaked panties and the feeling of the wet material had made her heart pound and her pussy ache for touch.

Just after a debate in her head on whether to turn and leave or to stay and sate the need her pussy was throbbing with had ended with her dipping her hand into her panties in anticipation, Emma had suddenly cried out as her dad shouted, "fuck!"

Abby had watched as her daddy's hips pounded furiously into a screaming Emma and she could see even by candle light as Emma's pussy began pulsing around her daddy's cock in orgasm. Her dad suddenly stopped and threw his head back before growling and roughly slamming into Emma's dripping pulsing heat once, twice, then three more times and Abby watched in awe as his ass clenched and relaxed as he growled and spurted his hot seed inside her.

He had then slumped forward letting go of her knees and catching himself on the mattress. He had slowly pulled his softening cock from inside Emma and Abby watched in amazement as her daddy's thick cock just seemed to keep going before finally being fully removed followed by a gush of their mixed cum trailing down Emma's ass as her pussy pulsated. Soon Emma began cooing to him to lie down with her and Abby quickly but silently backed away.

She had then quietly left the house and gathered herself before entering once more with a loud slam of the door to signal to her dad and Emma that she was home. She had raced to her room before locking herself inside and frantically removed her skirt and panties before diving on her bed and rubbing her little aching clit to orgasm, she had screamed her pleasure into the pillow on her bed and lay there in a state of bliss for an hour.

After that surprising encounter she had touched herself to the image of her dad fucking Emma until two months later when it had lost its exciting thrill and halfway through pleasuring herself with her fingers the image changed from the memory of them fucking to her taking Emma's place and being pounded into the bed by her father who growled at her to'be a good girl and cum for daddy'.

She had exploded, her orgasm was so strong she had no voice and she silently screamed as her body had bowed from the bed and she was sure she had blacked out for a second. After a long while of coming back to earth she had realized what she had just done. She knew it had been wrong to touch herself to the memory of her dad fucking his girlfriend, but to come so hard to the imagining of him pounding his big cock into her tight little virgin pussy was crossing a line she knew she could never jump back over.

And so, after a week-long shame filled fight against doing it once more she had given in and had since been fantasizing about her dad fucking her every way she could imagine for the past six months. But now, it again had lost it's exciting thrill -- even though she always came hard when she thought of it -- and she needed something more.

After watching every 'daddy daughter' porn she could find that was for free she had thought about getting a dildo and fucking herself with it but had decided against the idea; she didn't want the first time with a cock inside her to be a rubber one and she didn't know how she would get one without somebody finding out.

She had thought about getting a boyfriend as she knew she was pretty enough to be able to find one to her liking quick but she knew they would be nothing compared to her dad who had years of experience, plus she wouldn't feel safe with a random boy and she didn't want to be used like she knew they would. She knew she was being hypocritical in not wanting to be used while looking for someone to use so she could replace her dad but she didn't care; she felt she was allowed to be selfish with her virginity.

She had come to the conclusion that she didn't want to settle for anything less than her daddy being the one to take her virginity but she knew if she brought something like that up with him he would probably send her to therapy and never be able to look at her again -- her daddy was a good man and had never looked at her as anything other than his sweet innocent little girl. But she was so horny all the time and being around him constantly was near torture -- some mornings she had to restrain herself from jumping on him and begging him to take her on the kitchen table.

And then inspiration had struck in the form of a porno she had orgasmed to; a girl had tied her brother to the bed while he slept and had then fucked herself on him. He had woken up quickly and tried to get her to stop but by then it was too late and it had felt so good that he had surrendered to the pleasure and began to participate to his sisters delight.

Abby knew this was crazy, but she had felt as if she was going crazy the past few months and she knew if she could get her daddy to surrender to the pleasure it would be worth it. It was either this or go out and find an older man to fuck her and she knew her daddy would not want her doing that. So she planned and changed her mind about a dozen times until one night when everything was in her favor for this to happen perfectly, she decided to execute her plan.


Sometimes her daddy would take sleeping pills before going to bed -- but not very often as they made him feel groggy the next day -- and that night when she saw him swallow down the pills her heart began to race in her chest. Her daddy would be out like a light and fall quickly into a deep enough sleep she should be able to get him tied down before he woke up to stop her.

After her daddy retired to bed she raced to her room to get ready. She wanted to look and smell her best and so she showered quickly -- making sure to trim the little thatch of red hair above her already pulsing clit -- before massaging her cherry scented lotion into her pale skin. She made sure her curls were loose and bouncy, and her fingers and toenails her favorite shade of pink.

She pulled her little pink nightie on making sure her cleavage was on show between her red locks before quietly making her way down the hall to her daddy's bedroom door. She listened at the door before she snuck into his room with the cotton belts from her old dressing gowns in hand and stopped at the end of his bed to admire his sleeping form.

He was conveniently positioned on his back in the middle of his king bed with one arm nestled on the pillow beneath is head and the other resting on his lightly haired chest. As she silently tip toed around to the head of his bed she couldn't help but lick her lips at the sight he made sprawled across the white rumpled sheets.

Her eyes travelled down his tanned muscled chest and abs following the dark trail of hair leading to the neat thatch just visible above the edge of the sheet and she could see the shape of her daddy's thick length concealed beneath its light weight.

She bit her lip and made herself focus and after tying one end of the purple sash around one of the thick metal bars on the headboard she carefully moved her daddy's big hand and positioned the other end of the belt beneath his wrist. She kept an eye on his face for any sign's of waking; having no clue what she would say if he woke up to see his sweet little girl tying him to his bed while wearing her shortest nightie that barely covered the curve of her ass which clearly showed that she wore no panties beneath the light pink material.

She gently tied a knot that she had learned online that prevented him from easily removing his hand while also making sure not to hurt him if he struggled to free himself which Abby was sure he would. But before completely tying the knot and risk waking him she crept to the opposite side of his bed and after holding her breath as she lifted his heavy arm from his chest to the pillow beneath his head she repeated the process of tying him to the headboard.

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This time however she finished the knot and made sure both ends of the pink belt were secure. Her heart galloped even faster than it already had been -- which was disconcerting even for someone as young as her, she might just give herself a heart attack by the end of this night -- when he grumbled something and moved his head to face her but she breathed a sigh of relief when his eyes stayed closed in sleep. She then went back to the purple belt and finished the knot with little fuss before making sure again that he was completely secured.

She went to stand at the end of his bed as excited anticipation flooded her veins but she also felt the fluttering of nervous butterflies in her tummy at what was about to happen. Abbey knew it was going to hurt when she forced her daddy's engorged cock inside her virgin pussy and that he would eventually wake up from his deep sleep and be very angry with her, but she pushed those thoughts from her mind afraid if she thought too hard about what she was doing she'd back out.

She took a breath before grasping the end of the sheet covering her daddy's lower half and slowly pulled it towards her to reveal his soft cock nestled against his thick thigh and his heavy balls resting between his spread legs. Abby swallowed in desire and awe at the male form; at her daddy's naked body which she was seeing properly for the first time by the light of the full moon shining through the window along with the hall light that crept in the door she had left slightly open for a quick getaway.

She licked her lips as she slowly and quietly knelt on the end of the bed between her daddy's legs and after waiting for a moment to watch if he awakened to the shifting of the mattress she crawled up between his thighs until she could go no further. She rested one elbow on her knee for leverage as she leant forward to get a closer look at her daddy's sex.

She reached her other hand out and hesitated before softly touching the shaft of his circumcised cock and she was surprised at how soft it felt. Her heart raced and her skin shivered as she traced her finger along a vein up to the head and watched as it moved making her jerk back in surprise. After checking her daddy was still asleep she gaped at his member before touching it once more.

She gently caressed him with the tips of her fingers and noticed how he began to harden a little and as she explored the underside of the head he twitched once more making her smile because she realized she'd discovered a spot he found sensitive.

She gently explored him some more before moving her touch down to his balls curiously, she gently cupped him and watched his cock jerk and made a note of it before she got bolder and griped her daddy's hardening cock in her hand. She began to move her hand up and down his shaft but it felt awkward and dry so she went to spit in her hand but changed her mind and blushed as she sat up and reached between her legs. She rubbed her dripping pussy on her hand soaking it before gently gripping his cock and finding it much easier to stroke him as her hand glided along his thick length smoothly.

She pumped her hand around him and watched in fascination as he grew bigger and hardened in her hand. She could tell he wasn't completely hard and even after cupping his balls and nearly having another heart attack when her daddy moaned in his sleep he still wasn't the rock-hard length she needed to fuck herself on.

She kept her eyes on her daddy's handsome face as she licked his tip and savored the salty tang his pre-cum bloomed on her tongue. She kissed him next before caressing her wet lips around his head and down the side of his shaft before hungrily licking back up to his head. She pumped him with her hand again while her tongue explored his balls before tentatively talking one into her mouth.

She felt her daddy's cock harden and jerk in her hand at the same time he groaned aloud and tilted his hips instinctually, and the view she had of him from her position of him sprawled hard and naked across his bed made her pussy clench and gush in need.

The sudden ravenous hunger she felt for his cock had her forgetting to be so gentle and quiet when she took his cock head between her lips and sucked him into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around his head savoring his flavor before pushing her head down to take more of him inside her. As she bobbed her head and sucked and licked him like she would her favorite lollypop she knew he was fully hard and ready for her pussy but she was enjoying herself too much to stop now.

She suddenly choked when her daddy roughly thrust his hips making her gag on his cock when it hit the back of her throat harshly and after removing him from her mouth to catch her breath she looked up to see he was thankfully still asleep. She wanted to try and deep throat him so she took him back into her mouth and pushed him as far as she could down her throat and he pumped his hips making her gag again but she stayed there only for him to thrust again and then again.

He continuously make her choke on his thick cock but she couldn't fully deep throat him -- he was too big and her mouth was too small, maybe with practice, she thought before completely taking him from her mouth and she realized she had made a mess in her distraction. Her lips and chin, and her daddy's cock and balls were drenched with her saliva and his pre-cum, and she knew she had dripped her arousal to soak into the bed sheets beneath her.

She touched herself to find her pussy wetter than she'd ever been and so very sensitive, and as she brushed her swollen clit with the tip of her finger she gasped and nearly came from that alone.

She needed him now, she needed her daddy's cock inside her. She had waited so long for it and she had never felt more horny and out of control than she did in that moment. She straddled her daddy's waist and when her pussy glided along his throbbing length she moaned aloud. She froze and bit her lip as her daddy groaned before his blue eyes fluttered open lazily, his hands jerked in the restraints grabbing his attention and he looked at his wrists tied to the headboard with a confused expression.

Abbey watched as he finally noticed her straddling him in her little nightie with her wet pussy throbbing against his hard cock.

"What...? Abby sweetheart, what are you doing?" he rumbled in confusion and she noticed there was no trace of sleep anywhere in his tone or his eyes anymore; his predicament clearly jolting him to full wakefulness.

"I'm sorry daddy but I need this, I need your cock inside me," she pleaded with him to understand.

"What! No Abigail, get off me right now," he growled but she just shook her head no.

"Please daddy, I'm so horny. I can't stop thinking about it, about your big cock," she moaned and grinded her clit against his cock that she noticed had softened in his shock and so she continued to glide her soaked pussy up and down his length.

"Christ!" he growled at her, unable to help the hardening of his cock from her actions. "Sweetheart please, daddy can't help it so you need to stop, this isn't right."

"I don't care. It's either this or I find some older man to take my virginity and I don't want to do that but I'm sooo horny daddy. Please!" she whined.

"You better not find some older man," he warned her, his eyes flashing in anger making her gulp and her clit throb, and she grasped the end of her nightie and pulled it of her heated body and threw it on the floor.

"Baby," he groaned and dropped his head to the pillow before looking back up at his daughters blushing naked skin. Her generous breasts were mouthwatering and he noticed her hard-pink nipples were the perfect size and when he looked down and saw her little pussy with a small thatch of red hair rubbing against his leaking cock in need he whimpered -- a sound Ethan had never heard himself utter before.

"Fuck, baby please. I'm too big for you, it'll hurt. Can't you just read a smutty book and touch yourself or something," he pleaded.

"I have, it doesn't help daddy," she whimpered, "I need you." She sat up and grasped her daddy's cock and lined it up to her little virgin hole and tried to relax her muscles.

"Wait wait wait!" he begged her. "You're gonna hurt yourself baby,stop," Ethan stated in his commanding voice making her halt with wide innocent eyes. "Just untie me and--"

"No," she interrupted him with an adorable scowl on her pretty face.

"Abby," he growled dangerously. "Only one hand so I can help."

"Uh uh," she groused. "You'll get free and punish me."

"Oh you're definitely getting punished baby girl, there's no doubt about that." Her daddy locked his hard eyes on her own and she gulped in fear at his threat. "But if you stop now, the punishment won't be as severe than if you go through with this." He stated and she knew he was telling the truth. Abby seriously considered it for a second because her daddy could be scary sometimes but she knew he would never truly hurt her so she shook her head at him before grasping his cock and lining him up once more.

"Abby please,fuck!" he growled as her tight heat strangled the sensitive tip of his cock as she pushed down onto him.

She whimpered as she braced her hands on his muscled chest and slowly lowered her little pussy onto his cock. "You're so big daddy," she gasped as she pushed his cock head into her tight little hole. "Ow!" she cried as her walls were forced to stretch around his thick girth. "It hurts daddy," Abby whimpered, her eyes misting in pain as she continued to push down on his throbbing cock.

"I know baby girl, you gotta stop. Daddy doesn't want to hurt you." His wrists jerked against the restraints.

"No I don't wanna." She shook her head. "I need it daddy, I need your cock real bad," she whined as her face scrunched up in pain.

"Okay, okay!" Ethan gave in with a growl knowing she was determined, and he didn't want her first time to be so painful, he didn't like seeing his little girl hurting and he especially didn't like that it was him hurting her. He was her father -- he was supposed to protect her not take her virginity, but he knew it was going to happen whether he liked it or not so he decided to guide her and hopefully make it as painless as possible for her, because the thought of some strange man sticking his dick in his innocent little girl made him want to murder someone.

"Stop for a second baby and I'll help you, okay?"

"You will?" she asked with a hope filled voice as she halted her descent down his cock just as she reached her virgin barrier. "I'm not untying you." She scowled suddenly.

"No baby," he chuckled at her pouting face. He couldn't believe he was in this situation, couldn't believe his sweet daughter who had never even shown an interest in any boys or girls was suddenly doing this to him. "I'm not asking you to untie me. I just need you to slow down for a bit and do as I say, okay?"

"Okay," she murmured after a slight hesitation.

"I don't want you to hurt so I need you to touch..." he gulped, hardly believing what he was about to tell his daughter to do. "I need you to rub your clit sweetheart."

Her eyes widened at her daddy's instruction only now truly believing that it wasn't some trick and he really wanted to guide her. She gasped as her fingertips brushed her clit and she watched her daddy's arms strain and his throat work as he watched her fingers pleasure her little clitty.

"That's it sweetheart, nice and gentle," he murmured, his voice making her soak the head of his cock in arousal. "Now pull me from your... your pussy slowly, before pushing back down on it gently."

She did as he said and moaned at the feeling her daddy's cock gave her as it stretched and caressed the sensitive walls of her pussy.

"Don't push down too far baby, we're not gonna break your hymen yet," he spoke in a strained voice. "That's it, good girl," he breathed as he watched his sweet little girl work her tight hole up and down his dripping cock head.

"Does it feel good for you daddy?" she questioned with a husky yet innocent sounding tone of voice that made his balls tighten.

He knew he shouldn't be enjoying this, that if he was a good man -- a good father -- he wouldn't even be able to stay hard during this, but he couldn't ever remember being this turned on and when she moaned and called him daddy in her sweet voice he felt like exploding and coating her virgin walls with his seed already.

He couldn't remember the last time he had been afraid of coming early, most likely before his daughter was even born.

"Y-Yes sweetheart," Ethan stumbled, knowing he shouldn't encourage her but she clearly wanted him to enjoy it as well and he couldn't lie to her. "You're making daddy feel so good."

She gasped as she pushed harder against her virgin barrier each time she glided her pussy down her daddy's cock. "I want all of you inside me daddy, please," she moaned her plea.

"Okay, but we have to do it quick and hard baby girl. Like when daddy use to remove your band aids when you scuffed your knee, do you remember?"

"Uh huh," she affirmed and bite her lip as she continued to push down his thick cock in need.

"On three you're going to push your hips down hard and fast, and daddy's going to thrust up into your pussy, okay baby girl?"

"Okay daddy," she breathed and locked her eyes with him trusting him completely and she saw his eyes soften as he recognized the trust and love for him shining there.

"One," he breathed as she continued to softly ride the engorged tip of his cock.

"Two." He swallowed as she pulled off him until his cock head just rested inside her, and when she began to take him back inside her he locked his dark eyes on her wide doey blues and said.


She slammed her hips down onto her daddy's as he braced his feet on the bed and harshly thrust up into her tight little pussy at the same time. She screamed and gasped at the spike of pain her daddy's cock created as he broke through her virginity so roughly. She fell onto his chest tucking her head into his neck as he breathed deeply beneath her. She whimpered in pain feeling too full, too stretched from the foreign invasion throbbing inside her.

She felt his heart pounding against her own and realized she was crying tears of pain and shock, they leaked from her eyes to drip onto her daddy's neck.

"Abby sweetheart talk to daddy."

"It hurts," she sniffled as she nuzzled into the safety and warmth of her daddy's neck and chest. She felt him turn his head and kiss her head lovingly making her hold him with her arms tightly.

"I know but you knew it would, I warned you," he reminded her and she nodded against him. "Hard part's over now, it won't always hurt baby. You'll be okay," he softened his tone.

She lifted her face from his neck to look him in his dark blue eyes and wipe her tears away before pecking him on the lips. "I love you daddy," she murmured against his open mouth enjoying the feeling his stubble created as it tickled and scratched her soft skin.

"Aw sweetheart, daddy loves you too. More than anything in the world," he rumbled softly against her curious lips. She darted her tongue out to trace along his bottom lip before doing the same to his top lip. She softly kissed around his mouth and lips tentatively and moaned when his tongues touched her own and they began to swirl the tips of their tongues before she sucked him into her mouth just like she had with his cock.

He groaned as their lips clashed and he thrust his tongue into her mouth repeatedly and she found herself beginning to feel pleasure instead of pain between her spread legs and she squeezed her pussy around her daddy's cock experimentally. He moaned into her mouth before she pulled back and braced her hands on his chest once more. She bit her lip at the sting she felt mixed with the pleasure as she pushed further down onto his cock, wanting him to be balls deep inside her.

"Easy baby, take it easy," her daddy warned her and she pulled back instead of trying to take all of him inside her before lowering herself once more.

She continued to bob up and down on his cock gradually replacing the pain for an amazing sensation that had her gasping and quickening her pace.

"Oh daddy," she moaned as she rode him, taking him deeply inside her before pulling him nearly completely out, she experimented by circling her hips and grinding her clit against her daddy. When she found the perfect rhythm that seemed to hit a spot deep inside her that made her eyes nearly roll into the back of her head she began to play with her hard little nipples.

"That's it baby girl," Ethan groaned and thrust his cock into her, following her rhythm. He had been so transfixed watching her learn to ride him that he had just laid there and let her do what she needed but he couldn't hold back now and he continuously thrust up into her making her moan and gasp. His balls tightened even more as he watched her play with her pink nipples as she bounced on his cock but when he began slamming up into her little cunny she had to release her nipples and brace herself on his chest so she could follow his movements.

"Yes daddy, fuck your little girl," she gasped, her pleasure filled eyes boring into his with a need to be fucked hard. He growled and strained against his tied wrists wanting nothing more than to grab her hips and pound up into her before throwing her beneath him so he could take control and show his little girl just what she had gotten herself into.

She felt amazing wrapped around his cock, and he knew he'd never be the same after this moment. He wouldn't let anyone but him inside her little pussy and their relationship would change forever. She wasn't just his sweet girl anymore, she was his lover now too.

"You ride daddy's cock so good sweetheart," he praised her in his deep husky voice and watched as the words hit her and he noticed how much she loved them. "You daddy's good little girl baby?"

"Yes daddy, I wanna be good for you," she whimpered and she could feel a growing pressure build in her lower stomach and it had her riding him harder and faster the sound of slapping skin loud in the room. "I wanna be yours, only yours daddy."

"You are baby, fuck. daddy only wants you, only wants your little pussy wrapped around his cock. You like fucking daddy's big cock sweetheart?"

"Yes daddy, you're so big I'm gonna cum," she whined and he new he wasn't about to last much longer himself.

"Cum baby girl, cum on daddy's cock like a good girl," he growled deeply and pounded his hips up harder, hearing his balls slap her ass as she bounced down onto him.

"Yes yes yes, fuck daddy!" she cried and her back arched as her hips began quickly grinding balls deep on her daddy's cock as she fractured into millions of firing nerve endings. She moaned and screamed her intense release to the ceiling while her body shook and her pussy strangled his cock making him arch and roar as she milked him of his seed causing his throbbing cock to spurt inside his baby girl's orgasming pussy, coating her walls and womb, marking her as his.

He felt her fall onto his heaving sweaty chest and felt her pounding heart and heavy gasps against his sensitive skin. They lay there for a moment to catch their breaths and bathe in the blissful after effect an intense orgasm created.

"You okay sweetheart?" he murmured into her red curls and he felt her nod against his chest before lifting her head to gaze at him and he saw with male pride the doey satisfaction after a good fucking shining in her blue eyes.

"That was amazing daddy," she spoke in a soft contented voice. "You're amazing," she blushed before kissing his lips making him chuckle. They kissed languidly exploring each other's mouth as he began to soften inside her and he realized he'd have to get her on the pill soon because this was definitly happening again.

She sat up and began to pull him out of her still pulsing hole, "Wait sweetheart, lean back and let daddy see the mess you made," he smirked when she blushed in response to his teasing.

She leant back on his spread knees and braced her feet on the mattress and spreading her knees before pulling back and letting him slide out of her little cunny. He watched as his seed spilled from inside her with a pink tint to it and he noticed some blood smeared on her thighs and he knew how much of a good man he was not when he enjoyed the view she made -- when he enjoyed seeing the evidence of his claiming her, or -- he amended with a smile -- the evidence of her claiming him.

"Beautiful, you're so beautiful baby girl," he said in a low timbre making her blush once again.

She crawled from the bed and winced from the pain she felt begin to throb deep inside her. She looked at her daddy to see him staring at her with darkening eyes and she swallowed as she watched his face transform from satisfaction into anger.

"Untie me now Abigail, you remember I warned you you'd be punished if you did this. It's time to pay up and I promise you it won't be a punishment you'll enjoy for very long," he threatened and it both scared and excited her because although she knew her daddy would never seriously hurt her she also knew that he was a strict man and would follow through with his threat and make her pay for practically raping him.

"Abigail!" she jumped at his shout, her heart beginning to gallop in her chest and she quickly pulled on her nightie and hesitantly walked to his wrist tied to the headboard.

"I'm sorry daddy," she murmured with her most innocent eyes and face hoping for leniency but her dad just tilted his head and gave her a look conveying that he knew exactly what she was doing and she was an idiot if she thought it would work.

"No you're not, but you will be. Now untie me," he spoke in a steady and deadly quiet voice that scared her more than his shouting at her would have, and instead of completely untying him she loosened one wrist and bolted from his room.

"Abigail!" she heard him roar in irritation and anger as she ran down the hall to her room. She scarpered inside and slammed her bedroom door closed before locking it and running through the dark room before diving into her bed and hiding under the covers like she had done when she was a kid.

A minute later her heart slammed in her chest when she heard her daddy stalk down the hall before banging his fist against the wood of her door making it jerk and creak.

"Open this now Abigail!" he roared making her flinch and her pussy pulse. "If you don't open this door I'm going to kick it in," he warned her before banging three more times.

She heard an almighty crash as her daddy kicked open her door and she curled up into a protective ball and squeezed her eyes shut when she heard him slam the door closed and stalk to her bed after he had clicked on her bedroom light to find her.

She whimpered when she felt the bedcovers fly off of her and she just lay there while she waited for her daddy to pounce on her but he did nothing.

She listened to his heavy breathing and the sound of him balling up her blanket and throwing it in her comfy chair she sat in when she read her books and she flinched when she felt his big hand grip her ankle before releasing it and walking to the side of the bed she was facing and sitting down next to her.

She eventually peeked out at him from behind her hand to see his naked back in front of her and when she looked up she saw him looking at her from over his wide shoulder causing her to gasp and cover her face once again. She heard him chuckle at her childish antics before she felt him shift towards her and take her wrists in hand to pull away from her face but she just kept her eyes closed.

"Look at me," he said, and it was only his soft voice and the fact that his hands were holding her wrists so gently that had her doing what he said and opening her eyes to look at him fearfully. He moved a hand to her head and stroked her hair from her face, beginning to untangle the knots in her red curls which made her relax into her soft bed.

"I don't want you to be afraid of me sweetheart," he soothed her and she gripped his other hand and kissed it before tucking it between her pillow and cheek for her to nuzzle into. He chuckled lovingly at her sweet action and continued his brushing of her silky curls.

He had always loved and admired her hair and he had always done this for her to her delight, and it made him wonder how his sweet girl could go from wanting her daddy to brush her tangled hair into silky locks to wanting him to take her virginity.

"Baby, why did you do it? What brought this on?" Ethan asked, suddenly desperate to know why this had happened.

"I saw you," she murmured and looked away from him with a spreading blush. "I saw you with Emma."

"I don't understand," he said as he frowned in confusion.

Abby sighed before speaking, "I came home early one night about three months before you broke up and... and your bedroom door was open and I saw you fucking her." His brows raised in surprise -- having no idea when this happened or even suspecting that it had.

"I was going to leave but..."

"But what?"

"But I couldn't move, I liked watching you pin her to the bed and..." She swallowed and looked up at her daddy to see him watching her curiously and he treaded his fingers into her hair to scratch her scalp before nodding for her to continue.

"I realized I was about to touch myself while watching you pound your cock inside her, and then you both came and it looked..." she shrugged self-consciously, unable to find the right word to describe it.

"I left the house for a couple minutes and when I came back inside I slammed the door so you'd think I only just got back, and then I went straight to my room and thought about what I saw and touched myself till I came. It felt so good."

"I remember now," he said with a faraway look in his dark blue eyes.

"You do?"

"Yeah, you acted very strange the next few days, I wondered what was up. But this doesn't explain how you ended up going this far Abby, explain it to me," he said and even though his voice was soft she could hear the command to make him understand her crazy out of character actions.

So she explained the sexual awakening she had experienced the last few months and how hard it had been to be around him constantly and not be able to get anything close to what he had done with Emma. She told him her thought process on going from cumming while thinking of him fucking Emma to her taking Emma's place and being fucked by him and how much she had wanted it.

Then she told him how she had come to the conclusion that she wanted to have sex but she didn't want to settle for anyone less than her daddy and so she had hatched her plan after watching a porno and decided tonight was the night. He was very surprised to hear he had slept through a blowjob from his daughter and his face made her giggle.

"My little evil mastermind," he grumbled teasingly making her blush. "Are you sore baby girl?" he wondered after a moment of watching her sweet face blush adorably.

She looked down and nodded, she could feel a deep throbbing inside her and after her daddy caressed her pink cheek with his thumb he murmured for her to not move before leaving the room. He returned a minute later with a bottle of water and some painkillers she used whenever she got her period and she noticed one of the pads she used in his hand making her blush further.

They had only ever discussed her period once when she had first gotten it and he had been just as embarrassed and uncomfortable as she had been but he had silently looked after her each time she was having a bad month since then.

"Here take these," he handed her the pills before putting the pad on her nightstand and opening the bottle for her. She sat up and popped them in her mouth and swallowed them down with the water and watched as he closed the bottle before placing it next to the pad on the nightstand.

"How are you going to punish me daddy? When?" she asked and was annoyed to hear the quake in her voice.

He sighed before answering, "Not tonight, you need to rest. But soon because you did a bad thing to daddy--"

"But you said you liked it," she interrupted him and he glared at her. "Sorry," she lowered her head in contrition.

"I did like it, a lot. And I'll have to live with that and deal with the consequences myself but I'm still your father, and you did a very bad thing Abigail. You deserve one hell of a spanking," he growled.

She felt tears pool in her eyes, she hated disappointing her daddy and had always hated when he was angry with her. She nodded and sniffled as he placed the blanket back over her and tucked her in for the first time in years, she had missed this she realized.

"Goodnight sweetheart," he kissed her forehead and caressed her hair before switching off the light and leaving her alone to think on what she had done.

Even though she was upset she had disappointed her daddy and was now afraid and nervous about her impending punishment she couldn't say that she regretted what she'd done, she was eager to do it again and she prayed her daddy would let her. Just remembering the feeling of his throbbing cock pounding her little hole to orgasm was enough to make her begin to get wet once more.

She may have gotten into something she didn't fully understand and she may pay the consequences for that, but her daddy had no idea just how much his little girl would turn his world upside down, and how much they would both relish the ride along the way.

As the light peeked into the bedroom through her blinds, Cheri rolled over. She loved how warm and comfy her bed always felt in the mornings. She reached for her phone and checked her messages on Literotica. Wow, what a night, she had 47 messages from the previous night alone.

She'd logged into Literotica last night and posted that she was doing a group Skype call. The guys had poured in to talk to her on Skype and a few of them had gotten her to turn on her webcam. As she chatted with the guys and showed off her sexy body, she basked in the warmth that came from being the center of attention for a group of horny and appreciative guys.

She'd played with her tits and pussy and showed off everything for them while they talked and she teased. As always, she got more worked up by the desire coming from the guys. She'd played with herself and brought herself off twice in front of them, and then said her goodbyes and logged off for bed.

Now she was answering messages from the previous night, all of which were from very excited guys who wanted to fuck her. She had a very loyal following, and she loved that.

After answering the messages, she started playing with herself. At 28 her body still looked as if she were only 19. She was tall for a girl, measuring in at 5'10" and she kept in shape by swimming every day. Her tummy was flat and tight, with some definition.

Although she normally wore a size 36E bra, her breasts were firm and luscious, with nice small but perky nipples sitting atop. And she had an ass to die for. Some call it a bubble butt, but most guys just stand there with their mouth open and dick hardening. Her pretty face was framed with long brown hair and set with deep blue eyes. She took pride in maintaining her body, and she got so much pleasure from it.

As she continued to play with herself, rubbing her huge tits, playing with her nipples, pinching, rolling, pulling on them, her other hand sliding down her flat stomach, lower, lower, circling her hardening little clit, and fingers going inside her hot, wet pussy. She thrust a few times and came on her fingers. She was so horny, and she needed to get fucked, now.

She picked up her phone and slid a few screens over, tapping her Tinder app. As it opened, she tapped her preferences. She set her distance to find guys that are 18 - 22 within 15 miles, and she changed her profile to say she was a horny girl that needs a younger guy to fuck her better than her boyfriend can. In truth, she'd broken up with her boyfriend a few months earlier, but she found that most of the younger guys performed better if they felt they were competing.

As she started swiping across the profiles, she began to get hits from the guys. There was a guy that messaged her, Brandon, and what he said surprised her. "I know who you are!"

Her heart skipped a beat. How did he know her? She had to find out so she started chatting with him. It turned out that he had seen her in the mall a few times and had wanted to fuck her but hadn't had the courage to approach her. Now that he knew what she wanted, he had a newfound courage.

"You really are a slut, aren't you?" asked Brandon.

"I'm just horny right now," she replied. As they chatted, he was relentless. He asked to come meet her, she gave in. After giving him her address, he said be there in 5. She panicked, and jumped out of bed. She quickly found a black thong, black mini skirt, and a white long sleeve yet lowcut top.

She didn't bother with the bra, and she went to her bathroom and quickly brushed her teeth, washed, and fixed her hair and makeup. As she was putting on shoes she heard the doorbell. She grabbed her keys and bag and headed out, meeting him at the door. When she opened the door, his eyes lit up. "Let's go," he said, and they went to his car.

As they got in he said "Do you want to go anywhere special? Or just someplace quiet to do this?" Cheri told him that anything is fine, so he pulled out and started driving. His right hand found her leg, slid up her thigh and started rubbing her pussy.

As she moaned he pulled his hand back and reached up and squeezed her tits. She moaned some more, she loved having her tits played with. He reached inside her shirt and started squeezing her tits and playing with her nipples. He then pulled back his hand and unzipped and said "suck my cock."

Always an obedient slut, she quickly undid his belt and unbuttoned his jeans and reached in to pull out his hardening cock. She leaned over, laying on the seat, and started sucking his cock. As she sucked, he moaned, and reached down to pull up her skirt and play with her ass.

The more she sucked, the more he played with her. His fingers found their way inside her thong, and into her pussy. He was fingerfucking her wet pussy while she was doing her best to deal with his cock thrusting up into her mouth.

She felt him start to swell even more, and throb, and his hand left her body and came to rest on the back of her head. His breathing shortened and he said "ohhhhh that's it, suck it you little whore!!" With that he started blasting his load down her throat. She sucked as much as she could into her, swallowing every drop that she could, letting some escape her mouth and run down his balls.

As he started to relax, he pulled into an abandoned trailer park. It had been empty for years and he knew he could park in the back without being seen. She kept sucking his cock since it hadn't softened any, and after he parked he pulled her off him.

"Get naked," he told her, and she quickly complied. He opened the door and stripped out of his clothes and opened the back door, and tossing his clothes on the floor of the car, he told her to get in the back seat. As soon as she was naked she climbed over the seat and got in the back. He pushed her down on her back and spread her legs. As he climbed in on top of her he aimed for her wet pussy.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" she asked. "No." was all he responded with. "Condom! You have to wear a condom." she said. "I don't wear condoms with whores." he replied.

As she panicked she said "I'm not a whore!" Brandon's reply was quick: "Yes, you are! You just swallowed a load from a guy you don't even know, now you're naked in his back seat, you're a whore, chill out!" As he pushed forward, she felt the head of his cock contact her lips and start sliding into her.

She started pushing back "No, you need to wear one!" she yelled. But he just kept pushing. As he pushed in and out of her, deeper each time, her pussy started to spasm and she felt her orgasm hit. She'd always orgasmed extremely easily, and her body was now betraying any hope of resisting this onslaught. She came around his cock as he started fucking her at a speed only eighteen year-olds know how to maintain.

As he slammed into her pussy over and over, her head kept hitting the arm rest on the door, her huge tits jiggled over and over, and his mouth clamed onto one of her nipples and he sucked. His back arched, getting his huge cock deeper and deeper into her.

She felt him hitting her cervix, over and over, battering it and threatening to unload right at the entrance to her womb. She was moaning, screaming, cumming; she couldn't even focus due to his assault. Her body was in pleasure, her mind in a panic, and she had no concept of time.

As he continued to thrust into her, he reached for his phone from the pocket of his jeans on the floor. As he fucked her, he messed with his phone, and began to take pictures of her beneath him. He was messing with his phone, and she asked him what he was doing. "I'm showing my buddy the whore I found." he said. After that he put down his phone and really started fucking her hard. Stroke after stroke, he seemed relentless.

"I've always wanted to fuck you, you little whore!" he said as he slammed into her again, and he started to swell up and began to shoot wave after wave of scalding hot cum deep inside her pussy. "Take it, you little slut! It's what you wanted, bitch!" Brandon's words were lost on her as another orgasm washed over her.

She hadn't heard the other car pull up, but her head moved back when her door opened, and she saw his friend standing over her, his cock already out. It was huge. Brandon's was bigger than most she'd seen, but this guy had a cock she'd larger than any she'd ever seen.

"Wow, she fucking hot! Fuck those tits are huge!!" remarked his friend Jake. She felt Brandon's last few spurts inside her as Jake lowered his cock against her face and said "Suck it whore!"

She opened her mouth and Jake started facefucking her for all he was worth, gagging her and going down her throat, his big heavy balls slapping her face each time he thrust in. With that Brandon continued to fuck her. She was amazed he was still hard. The two fucked her for close to ten more minutes and Brandon said "Why don't you fuck her for a bit, I wanna cum on the slut's face."

Brandon pulled out and walked around the car, and once he got there, Jake stopped playing with Cheri's tits and pulled out, dragging his cock all over her face. Cheri was blown away at the size of it, it was huge, and she wasn't sure she could take it.

Brandon replaced Jake's cock, putting his own in her mouth, and began facefucking her again, grabbing her tits and playing with them. Jake, meanwhile, had gone around and climbed in on top of her and started forcing his huge cock up her used pussy.

She screamed around Brandon's cock as Jake forced his way in aggressively. Jake grabbed her hips and started fucking her as hard as he could, slamming into her cervix with each thrust. Brandon's cum was sliding out around Jake's cock, making a mess on the seat of the car.

With all of this, Cheri lost track of everything, and her body relaxed, making it much easier for the two boys to work her over. Thrusting continued on both ends of her body. At some point, they'd flipped her over on all four and really gone at her.

Just as she felt Jake start to explode inside her pussy Brandon went off down her throat. She was being filled from both ends, and all she could do is try to keep up. Her big slutty tits swayed violently back and forth as the two 18 year-olds tossed her around on their cocks like a rag doll. When it was all finished they both pulled out and caught their breath.

Cheri got out of the car and grabbed her panties and tried to wipe up the cum leaking from her pussy. As she focused on cleaning up, she heard laughter, and noticed they were both leaving. As her bag and clothes landed on the ground near her, she saw them both pull off down the road. "Thanks for the fuck, you whore!" shouted Brandon.

It was going to be an interesting walk back to the house, thankfully it wasn't very far, and she always had pretty good luck hitch-hiking. She figured she could probably get some more fun before getting back home, and the day was just beginning.

I looked around before entering the abandoned warehouse and heading towards the back. I stepped around and over some old machinery and rusted tools before getting to a back room and unlocking it. I heard the sound of metal chains rattling around and smiled before slamming the door, getting a small squeal and the chains stopped rattling. I came around the corner and saw my beautiful winged capture shaking with fear.

"P-please let me go. Y-you have tortured me enough. P-please!" she said, trying to back away from me as I came closer to her. I smirked at what she said and finally got inches away from her and ran my finger along her jaw bone.

"Most people wouldn't call what I've done to you torture my pet." I told the blue eyed light brown haired angel. I reached out and stroked her pure white wings, which made her whimper and shake more in fear.

I stepped back and looked her over, like I did every time I had come in here. She had the perfect body, with size D breasts, a nice firm ass, and tantalizing curves. I reached out and traced those curves with a finger, getting another lovely whimper from her.

"P-please." She begged, trying to move away from me again even though the chains on both her ankles and hands prevented her from moving much farther than the place they were bolted to.

"Oh I plan on pleasing you and myself. You will be begging for more by the time I'm done." I said with a smirk, twisting one of her nipples and making her gasp.

"Please! I can't with your kind! I'll become fallen! Please I beg you! Spare me! Please!" She begged me, tears running down her cheeks. I groaned and reached down to pinch her clit, making her whimper again.

"You should know by now my pet that we demons will not be persuaded by begging. In fact it just turns us on more." I said before leaning down and capturing one of her nipples in my mouth. She tried to get away, struggling to just get my mouth away from her. I ran my nails down her sides while biting her nipple, making her cry out.

"Please! I will give you anything you want! Just please don't take this away from me!" She begged, sobbing. I was almost tempted to ask her what she had to offer but I am not a demon of greed. I am a demon of lust and her absolutely fuck sexy body was all I wanted. I leaned in close my lips less than an inch away from her ear.

"What I want is to fuck you until I can't fuck you anymore. I haven't had a girl as fucking beautiful as you in such a long time and I plan on enjoying every minute of it." I whispered hotly in her ear before sucking on her earlobe. She started sobbing again and I captured the other nipple in my mouth, sucking and nibbling on that one while she cried and begged me to stop.

"Please God, save me!" She cried out, making me cringe slightly. I rolled her clit between my fingers for that and reveled in the sound of her cry of pain and I swore I started to hear pleasure start to mix with it.

"He hasn't sent someone to save you yet my pet. What makes you think he will send someone now?" I said before nipping her neck and making her whimper again. I ran my hands slowly over her body, gently grazing her nipples with my thumbs and then slowly moving down her stomach.

She started to pray out loud so I silenced her with a kiss, which she tried to pull away from but I gripped a handful of her hair with one of my hands to keep her lips against mine. I didn't mind that she didn't participate in the kiss but did think it was rather arousing when I finally managed to slip my tongue in her mouth and she bit it. I pulled away from the kiss then with a smile and then slipped a hand down to rub her clit.

"N-n-no! Please stop!" she half cried, half moaned. I smirked at that and started to suck on her breasts again while continuing to rub her clit and along her slit, never actually entering her but teasing the hell out of her. I felt her get wet as I did this and smiled, pulling my finger back to show her the small bit of moisture on my finger.

"It seems like someone is enjoying themselves." I said with a smirk as she started to cry more.

"No. No. No. P-please let me go. Please. I don't want this. Please." She begged, trying to close her legs and pull away from me more. I smirked and forced her legs apart, making her whimper and beg more. I then knelt down in front of her, wanting to taste the taste of an angel. I licked along her slit, moaning at the delectable taste of her most precious parts.

"You know if He didn't want his angels fucked he wouldn't have made you taste so good." I told her before starting to suck on her clit, making her cry out more and shiver. I reached around and grabbed her ass, pulling her closer to my lips as she struggled against me. She continued to cry and beg for me to stop but after a few minutes all she could do was pant and whimper.

She started to shiver slightly and I reached up and pinched and pulled at one of her nipples. I smirked as I heard a small moan escape her lips and increased my efforts. Soon she was shaking more and little moans escaped between whimpers. She started to pray again so I nipped at her clit which made her cry out.

"Dear God! Please help me! I'm going to explode!" she exclaimed before crying out in orgasm. I smirked and licked up all her juices until she was panting and shaking slightly. I kissed up her body to her ear.

"You just had your first orgasm love." I whispered in her ear, which made her whimper and start to cry again.

"Please God, forgive me." She cried. I smirked and bit her neck, which made her cry out and then whimper. I then stepped back and started to slowly unbutton my shirt. She turned her face away when she saw me do this and whimpered again so I grabbed her face and forced her to look at me.

"Keep your eyes on me sweetheart. Or else." I said before stepping back again and finishing taking off my shirt, showing off my well defined abs. She was blushing and her eyes kept darting away and then looking back. I smirked and then locked eyes with her, making sure she was paying attention before pulling off my pants and boxers.

My rock hard member was revealed to her and her eyes went wide and she blushed before she quickly looked away. I went back to her and captured one of her nipples in my mouth again, sucking on it lightly which made her whimper again. I reached down and rubbed her clit while doing so and after a minute I started to hear little moans between the whimpers again.

After a few minutes of this I reached up and unchained her hands. She looked at me with confusion before I gently pushed her to the ground, being careful not to be too rough and going down with her, making sure her head didn't hit the ground.

She tried to push me off of her and I sighed and grabbed her hands, chaining them to the ground. She started to cry and beg for me to stop again but I was too far gone. I needed her body and I needed it now.

"It will hurt at first but then it will feel amazing." I whispered into her ear, the tip of my dick at her entrance. She whimpered and cried more and I kissed away the tears before slowly sliding into her. When I felt her barrier I quickly pounded through, knowing that that was the best way to do it.

She cried out in pain and her beautiful white wings started to fade to black as she screamed in horrible pain. I held her through it, waiting for it to stop. Finally she stopped screaming and was just crying so I started to slowly move in and out of her. I captured one of her nipples in my mouth again and started to suck on it lightly.

I heard her whimper and then moan weakly and smiled, increasing my speed just a little. She was still crying but I could hear her small moans of pleasure as I kissed up her neck, nipping a few places before kissing her lips gently. It surprised me slightly when she hesitantly kissed me back softly.

I ran my hands slowly and gently down her sides and she shivered slightly and moaned through the kiss. I deepened the kiss and then licked her lips, asking for entrance. She hesitantly opened enough for my tongue to slip into her mouth. I thrust against her a bit faster and harder and she moaned more, sucking lightly on my tongue.

My hands slide slowly up her arms as I decided to try something. I unchained her hands and then slid my hands back down her arms and started to play with one of her nipples. She moaned and slipped her arms around me hesitantly. I pinched and pulled at her nipple while she ran her hands lightly down my back.

I closed my eyes, enjoying her touches and the sounds of her pleasure and surrender. Soon she cried out in another orgasm and I fed on the wonderful energy of it. I clung to her tightly and orgasmed as well. When I came down from it I nuzzled her neck gently.

"That was amazing wasn't it, love?" I said with a smirk before kissing her neck gently.

Seth sat in the fifth row in theater. He watched and was almost mesmerized by the dancing nymph performing on stage. The theater was large, and the ceiling was high. There were several balconies lining the gigantic establishment. A large chandelier hung from the ceiling, emitting a very low light on the audience.

Applause rang out across the room as the ballet came to its conclusion. People stood up giving the performers a standing ovation. Seth stood as well, clapping his hands. His ice blue eyes were still upon her, the beauty of the stage. She was amazing. Even walking she had the grace and elegance of a goddess. He reached up running his long fingers through his thick, medium length, brown hair.

Akordia Lirit was one of the most well known dancers in northern Europe. Seth fell for her the moment he laid eyes on her. Every curve of her body as she danced seemed as if it were painted by a perfectionist. He watched as she bent at the waist taking a bow.

His eyes drifted over her slender form, lingering on her small well rounded backside. He shook his head. He just wasn't sure he could hide in the shadows much longer. His need for her was growing and he was finding it more and more difficult to fight his wicked urges.

* * * * * *

Akordia moved off stage. She wore a rather tight light blue leotard and she was itching to get out of it. She loved dancing and though the attire was light and airy it was tight and revealing. She glided down the hall to the dressing rooms. As she moved along, she reached up unpinning her long raven black hair, letting the silken strands fall down her back in a mass of curls.

It wasn't just the leotard that had her moving so quickly. She wanted to see what her secret admirer had left for her in the dressing room this time. She smiled and nibbled her bottom lip anxiously as she moved down the hallway.

She couldn't believe it had been six months sense the first time she received something from him. There were always three roses, and a little note. Of course being the person she was she had many admirers. But none like him. He was always so smooth with the way he wrote his letters. They were romantic. The letters made her heart beat quicken, and her blood run hot through her veins.

Never once had Akordia responded to his letters, but he still kept leaving them. She bounced lightly on the balls of her feet as she struggled to get her dressing room door open. She felt like a young child waking up on Christmas morning, and all of her gifts were just beyond the dressing room door.

Akordia pushed the door open, not bothering to close it. Her eyes shifted straight to the desk against the wall where she saw the three bright red roses she'd been waiting for. She let out a tiny giggle and ran toward them.

She felt a little childish but she couldn't seem to help herself. She seemed to have a crush on a man who she didn't even know. She didn't know what he looked like; even his name was a mystery to her. But it just didn't matter. He was her secret admirer. She reached down and picked up the small white card that lay over the steams of the roses.

Anxiously, Akordia opened the card ... but there was nothing there. Not a single scribble of ink. She pouted, her bottom pink lip jutting outward. What was her admirer up to tonight? He had left the roses as he always did, but he wrote nothing in the card. She leaned her hip against the desk looking down at the card rather disappointed.

* * * * * *

A smile curled the edges of Seth's mouth as he stood in the door way of her dressing room. He was enjoying the view of her back toward him. His eyes moved up her body, taking in the alluring sight of her slender legs and slightly muscular thighs, her round firm bottom, and narrow hips. He loved her hair; normally she danced with it up in a tight bun. But now that it was down and he was starting to fantasize about running his fingers through it.

Seth reached into the pocket of his jacket pulling out a long thick piece of black cloth. Quietly he stepped forward. He was almost saddened by the look of disappointment she had as she look down at the blank card, but her disappointment would soon come to a pleasurable end. He moved up behind her and quickly placed the blind fold around her head, over her beautiful sapphire eyes.

Akordia nearly jumped out of her skin as she felt the cloth slide over her eyes. Who in their right mind would wander into her dressing room and . . . it hit her then, as his finger tips ran gently down her face. She took in a shuddering breath.

This was why her admirer had not written anything in his card. She heard him move away from her and shut the door. She jumped at the sound. A slight tinge of fear ran through her as she heard the lock turn. She really didn't know this man, for all she knew he could be a psychotic rapist.

Seth moved back to her after locking the door. He ran his hands over her shoulders and down her arms. "Don't be afraid, my love. The moment you ask me to stop I will." He whispered the words into her ear. His breath was hot against her cool skin. Seth smiled as he watched her. He was afraid she would immediately tell him to stop, but she said nothing.

Feeling his lips so close to her ear, Akordia shivered. She considered telling him to stop, but if he was a psychotic rapist he wouldn't tell her he would stop if she asked him to. Besides, she was rather enjoying this. She could not see him, didn't even know what he looked like but somehow it didn't matter. He was so close to her. Akordia took a trembling step back so her body pressed against the front of his.

Seth took in a sharp breath feeling her back press against his body. Her round firm little ass rubbed against him nuzzling in to the cradle of his hips. He reached up brushing a bit of her black hair to the side. He began to kiss at her neck, her skin was so soft, it was even better then he had imagined. He nibbled lightly at that most sensitive spot where her neck met her shoulder.

Akordia bit down hard on her bottom lip. She whimpered, the sound seeming to almost echo through the large dressing room. Every part of her body seemed to become engulfed in flames the moment his lips made contact with her bare skin. The thought of not knowing what he looked like or what he might do next sent waves of excitement dancing through her body like tiny bolts of electricity. She tilted her head to the side giving him better access.

"Do you know who I am, my love?" His voice was deep and melodic with a thick accent. It sounded almost Romanian.

She smiled as her imagination took flight and thought perhaps it was Dracula who stood behind her seducing her. "You're my admirer." her voice was hardly above a whisper as she was simply unable to speak properly. She had a hard time getting any words to form.

Seth smiled and continued to kiss along her neck. His hands moved to her narrow waist pulling her against him more so that she could feel his hard-on straining against the fabric of his pants. He wanted to see what was hidden beneath that leotard. His hands slid slowly up her sides and then to her arms. He gripped the leotard along her shoulders and gently began to peel it off of her, pulling it down along her body and exposing her bare back to him.

The cool air hit Akordia's heated skin causing her to shiver under his nimble fingers. She felt his hands begin to move over her skin, caressing her softly. His hands were magical, almost electric as they slid along her skin. It was as if little tiny bolts of lightening zapped from his skin to hers and then back again.

The air seemed thick in the room. It was almost hard for Seth to breath. He was moving very slowly, exposing just a tiny bit of her skin at a time so he could take in every feature, every dimple, and mole. He wanted her body to be imprinted in his mind for all time.

He moved the thin material off of her arms and then to her waist. He got to his knees behind her pulling the offending leotard further down her body; exposing her bare ass to him. He leaned forward and started to kiss at the small of her back as he carefully pulled the leotard down her legs.

The moment the leotard slipped off her body her large dark pink nipples hardened. She ran her hands down her body, even touching her own skin sent waves of desire lapping at her already heated body. She let out a small whimper feeling him kiss at the small of her back.

The fact that she didn't even know him was exciting making it feel as if liquid fire ran through her veins. She was trembling with anticipation. When the leotard fell to her ankles she stepped out of it and kicked it aside with her small foot.

Seth was pleasantly surprised to see that she was wearing nothing under the leotard. But then again he doubted she would have been able to. It was too tight and would have shown a bra or panty line. He stood back up running his hands up her body. His lips found her neck again and he trailed kisses to her ear and whispered to her. "Tell me you want me Akordia."

"I want you." Akordia's voice held a sense of urgency, as if she was unable to wait much longer. There wasn't a hint of hesitation.

There seemed to be some sort of electricity between them, fueling their desires, igniting their passions. Seth had only known this woman through her dancing, but he was amazed by the intense feelings he had now. He took a step back and removed his jacket tossing it aside. He then removed his tie and started to unbutton his white dress shirt.

Akordia could hear him fussing with his own clothing. She didn't take the blind fold off, still rather enjoying the feeling of the unknown. She turned carefully placing her hand on the desk next to her to steady herself. She was facing him now, she could tell.

Reaching out blindly she placed a hand on his chest. She could feel he was still wearing his shirt, but it was unbuttoned now. Akordia reached out with her other hand and she started to touch and caress his chest and abdomen. He was slender, and muscular, that much she could tell. He also had no chest hair and his skin was soft and smooth.

Seth groaned as Akordia touched him. Her hands left a trail of burning tongues licking along his skin in their wake. His black dress pants were beginning to feel tight and uncomfortable as his large member strained against the material. Every second that passed was a deep pleasurable agony.

Her hands glided up his body to his neck, her fingertips touched his strong jaw lightly. She liked what she felt so far. Akordia nibbled her bottom lip and moved forward pressing her lips to his chest. She realized then that he was a great deal taller then she was, at least six inches. She ran her hands back over his chest and then to his shoulders sliding the shirt off of his body.

Seth smiled. He knew now that she really wanted this, perhaps as much as he did. There was a fire in him that was building hotter with her every touch. He placed his hands on her waist and he pulled her against him. Lifting one of his hands he found her chin and tipped her face up.

His mouth found hers in a greedy, hungry kiss. His tongue pushed past her lips and danced with hers. She tasted liked warm honey and spring time. His tongue swam in her mouth probing every corner finding each hidden spot.

Reaching up, Akordia wrapped her arms around his neck pressing her breasts against him as their lips met; her hard aching nipples brushing against his strong muscular chest. He was an amazing kisser making her weak and wanting.

She hoped this would not be the only night her secret admirer came to visit. She didn't want this to end. She could feel in his kiss alone the passion that lurked within his soul. As his body pressed harder against her, she could feel how hard he was. She let out a small chuckle behind the kiss and her hands moving up, fingers running through his soft hair.

He ran his finger tips down the center of her back, causing her to squirm against him. Every cell in his body seemed to be screaming, seemed to be want to reach out and touch her. He didn't know how much teasing he was going to be able to endure. This woman was setting him on fire. He broke the kiss and started to kiss along her shoulder, his teeth scrapping along her fair skin. One of his hands began to venture down her body toward her heated core, which he hoped would be wet, and inviting.

Akordia whimpered again as she felt his teeth graze her skin. She could feel his hand sliding near forbidden area's of her body. Every muscle in her body became rigid with anticipation. What was he going to do with her next? "I don't know how much more of this I can take," she whispered softly, her voice trembling,

He could hear the almost pleading tone in her voice, the need to be taken and pleasured. His fingertips tickled along her soft, slightly muscular thighs. Then he found the silken patch of black curls between her legs. His index finger parted the folds of her pussy lips, and he started to rub at her moist slit. She was wet, dripping. He started to back her up toward the desk.

Akordia let out a soft moan of pleasure as he probed between her thighs. His finger had found the core of her pleasure, teasing her all the more. As she backed up toward the desk she felt the cold wood against her backside. She wiggled back onto the desk sitting on the edge, as he continued to kiss at her shoulders.

The desk seemed just the right height too for all sorts of naughty pleasures. Her hands quickly moved down his body. She still wore the blind fold, she couldn't even tell if the lights were on, or off. She took a hold of the front of his dress pants and then started to fumble with the button and fly, trying to free his swelling cock.

With groan Seth removed his finger from her dripping pussy. It was a bit difficult for him to probe with his fingers when she was at that angle. He looked down watching as she fumbled with his pants. His eyes were on her watching her every move with an intense gaze. "Tell me what you want, Akordia." His voice was raspy as she pushed his pants off of his hips and they fell to his ankles.

"I want you inside me." Her voice was deeper now and sultry. She wanted him, she needed him badly. She knew how wet she was, she knew how much this man, this stranger was turning her on, lighting fires inside of her that she didn't even know could be sparked.

Seth moved his hands to his own waist pulling his boxer-briefs off of his hips. He reached down stroking himself some. Akordia reached out and wrapped her slender fingers around his long hard shaft. He gasped feeling her touching him.

She started to stroke him, the head of his cock tickling against her clit as she did so. Her other hand reached up to the back of his neck pulling him down so she could whisper in his ear. "I want you to fuck me." She nipped playfully at his ear lobe.

He pushed her hand away from his swollen cock and with one fast thrust he entered her, with a low groan. She was incredibly tight, more so then he expected. One of his hands moved to her breast grabbing it firmly. He rolled her hard pink nipple between his thumb and index finger.

Akordia screamed, not only in pleasure but in pain. She had not made love to a man in a long time, and he was much larger then she thought he was when she was stroking him. Her inner walls gripped him tightly. His hand on her breast, teasing her nipple caused a low moan to roll from between her luscious lips. Seth started to move out of her, and then he slammed his hips back into hers again.

They moaned almost in unison. Both their bodies began to moisten with a thin layer of sweat brought on by the intense heat building between them. As Akordia's tight pussy adjusted to his size he started to move faster. His hips smacked against hers with every pleasurable thrust.

One of her hands moved to his back, her nails started to dig into his flesh as wave after wave of pleasure lapped at her body. Her other hand tangled in his hair. She pulled his head down so she could feel her lips against his. This time it was her tongue that pushed past his lips.

Seth grabbed a hold of both her thighs. Pushing him self into her and then pulling out. He could feel the pressure in his cock building already. He groaned under the kiss, he could feel her tightening around him. He knew that the pressure in her was building probably just as fast. He tore his lips from hers and bent his head to her neck biting at her skin hard.

Her nails dug into his back and scalp as he bit her. She screamed out tilting her head to the side giving him more room. He was plunging into her deeper and harder now. She could feel herself coming to the edge, she was nearly there. A shiver ran up her spine.

Seth felt her tighten more around his throbbing cock. He started to move faster, releasing the grip he had on her neck. One of his hands moved up her back and through her hair. Finally feeling the silky strands he so longed to touch earlier. Her moans grew louder as he continued to thrust in and out of her tight core juices dripping out of her pussy and around his throbbing cock.

Akordia threw her head back and screamed out loudly. Her orgasm hit her hard and fast nearly catching her off guard. Her nails dug deep into his skin as explosions seemed to go off in her head.

She could feel her juices spilling over him, lubricating her entrance even more for him and wetting the desk beneath her. She's never had an orgasm so intense in her life. Her inner walls contracted and pulsed around him attempting to milk the pleasure from him.

The moment he felt her start to orgasm he slammed harder into her small seemly delicate body. He groaned loudly feeling her tighten around him and pulse hard.

He nearly came right then and there but he bit down hard on his lip. He was not ready to stop fucking her yet. He never wanted to stop. He reached up pulling the blind fold off of her.

She looked at him now, for the first time. Her Sapphire eyes were only half open and filled with passion. She was surprised by the way he looked. He was shockingly handsome.

His ice blue eyes seemed to dig right into her soul. She continued to shake with after shocks. Her moans echoed through the dressing room. She licked at her suddenly dry lips as their eyes locked.

Seth just couldn't stop looking into her stunning eyes. He liked her much better without the blind fold. Her lust filled gaze seemed to hold his captive. He felt every muscle in his body begin to tense. He could not hold back any longer.

He had to let go. He groaned as he started climax, his cum shooting deep inside of her. His thrusts slowed but he started to go into her harder, feeling the sizzling white hot lightning of pleasure pulsing through his veins.

"Akordia!" He moaned her name as his climax hummed through his body. His eyes never once left hers. Sweat began to trickle down the side of his face. His thrusts slowing all the more as their combined juices dripped out of her in a slow steady trickle, but he didn't pull out of her. He loved the feeling of being buried inside of her. He leaned forward nuzzling his head lightly against her shoulder breathing heavily.

Akordia smiled wrapping her arms tightly around him holding him close to her as if they had been long time lovers. Together they took in ragged breathes attempting to control their breathing. One of her hands went up and she began to stroke his now damp hair. "What's your name?" She asked, still panting for air.


Jennie was a brat; an eighteen year old well developed brat, but a brat nonetheless. She didn't really mean to be a brat, but she really disliked being told what to do. She especially disliked being told what to do by her mother's boyfriend. He really was a nice guy who had inherited her as a dependent by virtue of being with her mother. He just had different ideas on raising kids, especially a teen daughter, than her mother did.

As far as Jennie could tell, her mother's idea of raising kids was to just let them do whatever they wanted to do so long as it didn't interfere with her doing whatever she wanted to do, which was to go to bingo a lot and avoid making any decisions.

Mike's ideas on raising kids seemed to include a lot of curfews, rules and disapproving of the friends Jennie chose to hang out with. Jennie knew he meant well but she had a wild streak in her that probably came from her mother. So overall, although she liked him most of the time, she didn't like him much when he laid on the discipline.

His discipline usually involved sending her to her room and not allowing her to go out, although once he completely lost his temper, threw her over his knee and gave her three quick slaps across her bum. Although she was wearing jeans at the time, it stung like the dickens and once, after smoking some pot she and her friends managed to buy, she had imagined Mike spanking her in her school uniform skirt.

In her fantasy her skirt had ridden up until her white panties were exposed and her bum had jiggled and wiggled as he spanked her. In her fantasy Mike hadn't stopped at three spanks either. He had given her ten or more good solid smacks and when he was done he had rubbed her bum gently with his open palm over her panties. He had rubbed her as he explained to her in gentle tones how he hated having to punish her like this and how he never wanted to do it again.

Jennie had shaken herself out of that fantasy completely taken aback at the vividness of it. What surprised her most was how wet she was from the fantasy. Her panties were completely soaked and she thanked God that she was wearing jeans that night; otherwise her friends might have caught the aroma of her wet pussy emanating from beneath her skirt.

Jennie thought she could smell it herself, but being high, she wasn't really sure. Luckily her friends never noticed it; at least they never said anything about it.

One thing that had changed after having that fantasy was that, although she had grown used to wearing a pair of athletic shorts over her panties and under her uniform skirt, she had begun wearing just the panties under her skirt, the way most of her friends did. In fact, the next time she went shopping for underwear, her selections had been more brief than anything she had worn before that time.

She reconciled the change in style as part of growing up. Gone were the conservative white cotton panties; now she frequently wore smaller French-cut panties and even a thong or two from time to time, although she did wear the white cotton panties on occasion.

The school uniform certainly flattered Jennie. She was about five foot four and had been blessed with a petite frame. Her breasts were small, a 34 B-cup but were topped with small bright red nipples that reminded her of strawberries when they were hard.

Jennie never liked her own body very much. She wasn't as thin as her friend Cathy. Cathy weighed just over 90 lbs and could fit into clothes that Jennie could only dream of. Cathy's body was as slim as slim could get. Her figure reminded Jennie of many of the singers and actors she saw on TV all the time. They were all so thin and she often dreamed she could be as thin as they were.

When Jennie looked at her own tits, she told herself that her friend Melanie had much bigger tits. Melanie's chest at 36C was massive compared to just about every other girl in their school. She was even bigger than some of the teachers. Melanie's figure too was much more curvy than Jennie's. Jennie had watched Melanie from behind once while she was walking away and was amazed at the wiggle she produced.

Jennie had tried to catch glimpses of herself walking from behind at times but that was virtually impossible. She was much too shy about it to ask any of her friends whether she wiggled when she walked or not. She reasoned then that her wiggle couldn't possibly be as good as Melanie's.

The only section of her own body that Jennie thought was better than any of her friends' was her bum. Round and firm, she thought it looked good regardless of which panties she wore or whether she was wearing jeans or a skirt. She frequently admired it in the mirror after a shower, though sometimes when she did, thoughts of Mike's hand slapping her there drifted into her mind.

Each time that happened she would push those thoughts out of her head with a force of will. She also told herself those thoughts made her angry.

That's what she told herself, even though her pussy usually became wet when she thought about that incident; especially the part where he rubbed his hand gently over her white cotton panties. Sometimes she remembered him rubbing over her panties as part of what had really happened and had to mentally correct herself each time.

When she got high it was virtually impossible to separate the events in her fantasy from the events of the actual spanking. Her mental state would drift wildly from intense anger at Mike to an indescribable sense of pleasure as she imagined his hand sliding gently over her bum. For this reason, when she knew she and her friends were going to get high, she always wore jeans, just to make sure that her excitement would not become apparent to any of her friends.

Mike didn't think too much about Jennie, although he had noticed when she brought home the French-cut panties from the store. He couldn't help but notice because she had showed them to her mother when she got home. Jennie had been extremely pleased with her purchase but her mother just grunted something unintelligible when Jennie showed her the new lingerie. Mike had seen the incident from the other room and felt sorry for Jennie upon seeing Debbie's unemotional response.

He had moved in with Debbie against his own better judgment five years ago just after he had turned thirty and he had mostly regretted it ever since. Debbie was not a very good girlfriend. She nagged most of the time and she slept on the couch three or more nights a week, so it was pretty obvious what her thoughts on sex with Mike were.

Recently she had taken to going to bingo; a lot! She went at least four or five times a week. When she did go, she would stay all night. The first session was at 7:30. The next was at 10:00. The final session started at 1 am and didn't finish until after 3. Consequently Mike stayed home alone a lot.

Mike didn't mind being alone. He certainly enjoyed it more than he enjoyed being with Debbie. In some ways, he enjoyed being with Jennie more so than with Debbie. Even though Jennie was a brat, she was a nice girl with an infectious laugh and a big smile that made most people smile back; at least when she wasn't being a brat.

This night, Mike was alone and watching TV, Debbie had gone out about five minutes after he had gotten home and Jennie had not been home when he got there. It was Friday night and finally after 11:00 he felt like getting a little high. Neither Debbie nor Jennie knew about his stash in the back of the freezer, which was just the way he liked it.

Knowing Debbie as he did, he thought she would forbid him from smoking pot in the house, not because she didn't want Jennie to see it, but just because it would be just one more joy in life that she could deny him.

He had just finished packing a small amount of pot into his pipe and was holding a lighter to it when Jennie walked in the door. As was her habit, she was moving single-mindedly toward her bedroom through the kitchen. She moved very quickly and there was very little time between her opening the front door until she was breezing through the kitchen doorway.

This time she glanced quickly at Mike sitting at the table as she passed by, fully intent on spending as little time talking to him as possible. She stopped dead in her tracks and stared at him with wide eyes as he inhaled on the pipe.

Mike, knowing she had caught him in the act, didn't bother trying to hide what he was doing or pretending it was something other than what it was.

'Hey.' he said with a nod.

Jennie's mouth opened in shock and she put her hand over it as her eyes grew wider.

'How's it going?' Mike said casually.

'Oh my God!' she said in an awed tone.

Mike frowned and sighed heavily. 'It's not the end of the world you know. It's just pot.'

'Oh my God!' she repeated.

'Oh get over it would you!' Mike said with a laugh. 'So it's pot. Did you think you and your friends were the only ones who'd ever done this?'

Again Jennie was shocked. She had been so careful to make sure that her parents knew nothing about her pot smoking.

'What do you mean?' she said, trying herself to be casual.

Mike laughed again and put the pipe on the table in front of him.

'Come on,' he said. 'Did you really think I didn't know about it?'

Jennie blushed and tried to protest her innocence one more time. Mike's laugh irritated her and she ground her teeth in frustration.

'Come on,' he said, still laughing. 'Forget about it and have a seat.'

Thinking she was in trouble, she sat at the table with a grunt and crossed her arms over her chest. At the same time she put her lip out, pouting furiously. She was in no mood for one of Mike's lectures and she was determined to act the brat to the limit.

'Oh stop pouting!' he said with a grin. 'If you don't stop pouting, I won't give you any of this.' he said, pointing at the pipe full of weed in front of him.

For the third time in as many minutes, Jennie was shocked. Her petulant expression morphed instantly into wide-eyed surprise.

'What!' she asked in disbelief.

'That's better,' he said. 'At least it's better than pouting. Now do you think you can close your mouth and make your eyes a little smaller than dinner plates?'

Jennie immediately closed her mouth, not realizing that it had been opened at all. She looked at Mike in confusion and then at the pipe he had now picked up and put to his lips. She watched as he lit the pipe and then inhaled deeply.

He closed his eyes and held his breath for a moment and then exhaled with a happy expression on his face. He sat back absorbing the feeling and then opened his eyes and grinned at her once more. He held the pipe out to her and she took it in her hand feeling uncertain.

'Okay, your turn,' he said. 'Just don't tell your mother for God's sake! If you tell her she'll make both our lives a living hell, not that it's that far off now.'

She opened her mouth in shock once more and then laughed. She had often suspected that Mike wasn't very happy with her mother. Now she knew he wasn't and the knowledge made her feel like they had shared something important.

'Okay,' she said. 'I promise not to tell her.'

She put the pipe to her lips and sucked on it but got almost no smoke out of it. She looked at it in confusion and sucked even harder; still she got no smoke from it. Again she looked at it, puzzled. She and her friends had always rolled their pot into joints and she had never used a pipe before.

Mike held the lighter to the bowl of the pipe and lit it.

'Try it now,' he said. 'You have to light it with almost every haul.'

She nodded slightly and inhaled sharply. Almost immediately her face turned red and her eyes watered as she gasped. She coughed heavily and her throat felt like it had been set on fire. Mike patted her on the back lightly and got some water from the sink. He rubbed her back gently and held the water out to her. She took it and gulped almost half the glass down to soothe her throat.

'Oh my God!' she gasped. 'How can you do that? That's awful!'

She continued to cough and hack and Mike refilled her water glass three times before her throat stopped burning.

Mike continued to rub her back and she finally stopped sputtering. She smiled at him, grateful that he hadn't laughed at her, although he was grinning at her inexperience with smoking from a pipe. His hand was big and comforting as it passed over her back and she had an odd sense of camaraderie with him at this moment.

'Feeling better?' he asked.

She nodded and smiled again and picked up the pipe from the table.

'Can I try this again?' she asked.

He smiled and held the lighter to the bowl of the pipe once more.

'Now this time breathe in slowly,' he said. 'If you take it in slowly, you can tell how hot the smoke is and inhale only as much of it as your throat can handle.'

She took it in, her throat still burning slightly, but was able to take a good deal of the smoke into her lungs. She handed the pipe back to Mike and he took his turn. Together they finished off all the pot in the bowl and then sat back contentedly. They were both staring into space and grinning and then Mike stood up.

'Okay, I'm going to change into my pajamas.' He said. 'And I suggest you do the same young lady. Smoking from a bowl is much more potent than smoking from a joint and you probably won't feel much like changing clothes before bed if you put it off too long.'

Jennie grinned stupidly and giggled.

'Stop telling me what to do!' she said. 'I'm eighteen now and you can't tell me what to do anymore.'

Mike shrugged and smiled.

'Suit yourself,' he said. 'You'll hate yourself in the morning though when you wake up in your nice clothes.'

Jennie looked down at her clothes and realized she was wearing her brand new silk blouse. Also she was wearing her new jeans for the very first time and they were perfect just the way they were. Mike was absolutely right that she wouldn't want to sleep in these clothes and she muttered angrily to herself.

'Okay fine!' she snapped at him.

Mike grinned again and wandered away to change.

By the time he came back down stairs Jennie was sitting on the couch watching TV. He smiled to himself when he saw that she had indeed changed. She was now wearing an oversized T-shirt that was pulled half-way down her thighs. He vaguely wondered to himself whether she was wearing the white cotton panties she had grown up with or if it was one of the sexier French-cut panties she had bought recently.

He sat down on the opposite end of the couch from her and asked her what she was watching.

'I don't know,' she said, 'some movie.'

Mike shrugged and turned his attention to the TV too, although he couldn't get his mind off of Jennie's panties. For some inexplicable reason, he just had to know which panties they were. He knew it was the pot at work. It had a way of affecting you. If there was something minor on your mind, the pot had a way of making it into an obsession.

Questions that you could normally shove aside as irrelevant became matters of the utmost importance; the irony being that once you found out the answer, you frequently dismissed it as irrelevant a few minutes later and then promptly forgot about it.

For her part, Jennie had gone to her room and removed her blouse, carefully hanging it in the closet. She then removed her jeans and hung those up with equal care. She then removed her bra and pulled her oversized T-shirt on. She stood in front of her full-length mirror and held the shirt up over her tummy to study the thong she had worn under her new jeans.

She wondered whether she should leave the thong on and turned in the mirror to study the reflection of her bum. Although she liked the way the thong accented her bum with the cheeks completely exposed, her mind wandered to the spanking that Mike had given her just two years before.

Once again she thought of his big gentle hand rubbing over her white cotton panties, just as he had rubbed her back when she choked on the pot a few minutes before. For reasons she couldn't explain, she removed the thong and drew a pair of white cotton panties from her drawer and pulled them on. They were clean and smelled fresh.

The feeling of warmth and comfort they provided was almost surreal. She imagined Mike's big hand rubbing across her bum and she felt the goose pimples creep over her entire body. She shook off the feeling and then, wearing just the T-shirt and the white cotton panties she went to the living room and turned on the TV.

As they watched TV, both their minds wandering erratically, they kept sneaking glances at each other. Mike kept looking at her legs wondering if she might shift her position so he could at least get a glimpse of her panties; then he could settle the question in his mind once and for all.

Jennie kept taking furtive glances at Mike's hands, imagining them rubbing across her bum. The more she thought about it the more jumpy she became, unconsciously moving her bum back and forth into the couch. When the tension became unbearable, she shifted her position, much to Mike's delight, bringing her knees toward her chest and turning slightly away from him so she could lean against the arm of the couch.

Mike was now staring at her bum intently, trying unsuccessfully to see beneath her T-shirt. Although her new position had pulled her shirt up toward her bum, it had not risen high enough for him to glimpse her panties. As he stared he suddenly realized that he had a hard-on. It was well hidden beneath his bath robe and his pajama bottoms but it was definitely there.

He came to the conclusion that, between the pot and thinking too much about Jennie's panties, his cock, his recently neglected cock, had responded with an erection that wasn't going to go away until it was dealt with. He decided then and there that he was going to have to jerk off in bed later on, because he certainly wasn't going to be able to sleep like this no matter how high he was.

On a whim he stood up and began walking toward the kitchen. He stopped suddenly and turned toward Jennie.

'Do you want some more pot?' he asked.

She looked up, not understanding the question at first, and then grinned widely.

'Yeah!' she said happily. 'Good idea!'

Mike smiled and got the pipe and the baggie of weed. He returned to the couch and packed a small amount lightly into the bowl. He lit it up and then lay back with his lungs full of smoke. Jennie took the pipe from his hand and then she too laid back. They exhaled the smoke slowly and grinned at each other. After the pipe was done Mike returned the pipe and baggie to their hiding places and then slouched on the couch beside Jennie.

'You know what?' he asked in a serious voice.

'What?' she replied with an equally serious tone

'I need to know something,' he said.

'What?' she said. The pot was having its effect on her too. Being as high as she was, she wanted nothing more than to help.

'I need to know which panties you're wearing,' he said. 'It's been bugging me since I sat down. Is it the plain cotton ones or the French ones?'

Jennie grinned and grabbed the bottom hem of her shirt. She picked it up as far as her tummy to show him her white cotton panties, feeling absurdly happy that she could answer his question.

Mike looked at the panties and nodded sagely. He studied them for a moment and then sat back.

'You know,' he said. 'I think those white cotton panties suit you; much more so than those French-cut panties you got.'

Jennie, surprised at what he said creased her eyebrows and thought for a moment.

'Really?' she asked. 'I thought boys liked the other ones better.'

Mike frowned slightly and pursed his lips as he thought. The pot was making both of them much more stupid than they normally would be.

'Well,' he began, 'that's true I guess. But I've always been different. You know some men really go crazy for lingerie; myself, I prefer a woman to be naked. So maybe more men prefer those French-cut panties you've been wearing lately. Personally I think the plain white cotton panties are... more friendly.'

Jennie nodded and thought to herself again.

'Do you really think so?' she said, leaning forward earnestly now. She looked down once more at her panties and absently fingered the elastic waistband.

Mike reached forward and rubbed his hand across her hip from the side of her bum to the top of her thigh.

'Yeah, they feel better when you touch them and they have an appeal,' he said. 'I like the look of them. When I see thongs and these really brief things that some women wear, I think of strippers. I've never had sex with a stripper so they don't do much for me. I've had sex with lots of women who wore plain cotton panties so maybe that's why I think they're more sexy; and I don't think of you as a stripper either, so I guess I just think you should be wearing something that normal women wear.'

'You've had sex with lots of women?' she asked incredulously, 'how many?'

"I don't think I've ever counted,' he said. 'I guess at least a few dozen, maybe more.'

Jennie smiled and then looked at Mike shyly.

'Do you remember when you spanked me two years ago?' she said slowly, trying hard to get the words out.

Mike frowned and shook his head vigorously, as if he were trying to shake an unpleasant thought out of his head.

'Why do you want to bring that up?' He asked. 'It was a long time ago and I was angry.'

'I know,' she said with a blush. 'I was a brat that day and I guess I deserved it.'

Again Mike shook his head and then looked away.

'There's something I need to ask.' She said, reaching out and touching his arm.

He looked at her and frowned deeply, wishing she had never brought the subject up.

'When you did that,' she said slowly, 'did you... um... did you rub your hand over my bum when you were done?'

Now it was Mike's turn to be shocked. In his mind he could clearly see himself rubbing his hand across her bum. He could see her bent over his knee as his hand gently passed over her white cotton panties. Although he knew she had been wearing jeans that day, he could clearly see her wearing her school uniform skirt, the skirt raised over her back and her bum clad only in those white panties, wriggling and squirming as he rubbed it.

He became aware now that his cock, hard earlier from trying to see her panties, was now throbbing with need. He was sure there was probably a drop of pre-cum oozing out of the head and he looked down to see his pajama bottoms tented upward; as he looked down, so too did Jennie. She saw the front of his pajamas bulging upward and her mouth opened in amazement. She watched as the bulge twitched rhythmically and then looked Mike in the eye.

Mike returned her gaze and shifted uncomfortably, pulling his bath robe closed across his crotch to hide his hard-on.

'Uh,' he stammered, 'I... uh... No I didn't rub you.' He said shakily.

'Oh.' she said with a slight feeling of regret. 'I don't know why but sometimes I thought you rubbed my bum after you spanked me; and you told me that you were sorry but I had to be punished.'

'Oh.' Mike said weakly.

'It felt good when you did it,' she said with an encouraging smile, 'at least... when I thought you did it.'

'Oh.' he repeated. 'Really?' he finished lamely.

'Yeah.' she said and then smiled broadly. 'I kind of liked it. It made me feel good.'

Mike gulped and put his hands over his throbbing cock. Unconsciously he started to rub it slightly and he gulped once more.

'You liked it?' he said weakly, 'really?'

Jennie shifted her position and was now turned fully toward Mike with her elbows on the couch beside him and her head resting on her hands. Her knees were drawn up underneath her and her bum, covered now by her T-shirt, was sticking up in the air.

'Sometimes I imagine that's what you really did I guess,' she said with a shy smile. 'But sometimes I imagine that I was wearing my school uniform instead of my jeans.'

Mike almost came in his pants when she said that. The thought of her having the same vision as he, her bent over his knee in her school uniform while he rubbed her bum was just too much. He gulped once more and said nothing.

From her new position she was looking slightly upward to see his face. She lowered her gaze and saw his hands covering his bulge. She saw also that one of his hands seemed to be moving slightly. Already beginning to get wet from their conversation so far, she felt a sudden surge in her pussy and she knew that she was absolutely soaking right now. Her freshly cleaned white cotton panties were definitely going to need washing now. Once again she looked him in the eye.

'It's kind of dumb.' she said with a smile. 'I know I was wearing jeans that day and it stung, but I remember it as a good thing sometimes.'

'You mean because I rubbed you afterward?' he said, trying to bring his voice under control.

'Yeah, you rubbed it to soothe the pain after.' She said.

'But I didn't do that!' he protested.

'No.' she said and Mike could hear the regret in her voice when she did. 'I just imagined it.'

'Would...' Mike began uncertainly, 'would you like me to?'

Jennie's eyes popped open with surprise; surprise and excitement.

'Really?' she said happily. 'Would you?'

Mike tried to think about consequences; he tried to think about maturity; he even tried to think about Debbie. It was no use. The pot and his throbbing cock won the argument hands down.

'Yeah sure,' he said with a confidence he didn't feel. 'After all, I probably should've done it two years ago. Maybe then it wouldn't have hurt you so much.'

Jennie gave him one of her winning smiles and then crawled forward to lie on her tummy across his lap. She looked at him over her shoulder, still smiling, and then tugged the bottom hem of her shirt up as far as her lower back.

Mike returned her smile and then looked down. His hands shook slightly as he brought them up to hover over her bum and he just stared at the white cotton panties laid out before him. Gulping again he rested his one hand on the top of her thigh and then tentatively touched the cotton fabric stretched across Jennie's well rounded bum. Jennie was still watching him expectantly and she wiggled a little bit when she finally felt him touch her.

Slowly and very haltingly, he started rubbing gently. She grinned contentedly and then laid her face down to rest on her crossed arms. She wriggled a bit and his cock, hard and throbbing, stuck straight up through the pee hole on the front of his pajamas and wedged solidly in between her thighs.

Both of them felt it and Mike became nervous that she might get angry. Instead, she wriggled once more, sighing softly. Mike groaned softly himself as his cock rubbed against the inside of her thighs. He set up a rhythm, moving his one hand back and forth steadily. To his delight, she swayed with his rhythm, moving her bum and her thighs with every stroke. Mike was in heaven.

So was Jennie. She could feel his cock pressing against her thighs and she repositioned herself slightly so the head of his cock was now rubbing against the lower lips of her pussy. Even though the cotton panties were between her pussy and his cock, still it felt wonderful! Already soaked from the inside by her pussy juices, her panties were now getting soaked from the outside by Mike's pre-cum.

With both of them so high from the pot and from the mutual feelings of pleasure they were receiving, they both closed their eyes and allowed themselves to be carried away by the moment.

Mike's one hand was rubbing rhythmically across Jennie's bum and his other hand was now stroking the inside of her thighs all the way from the top of her knee to the crevice between her pussy and her anus.

Jennie was moaning openly now. She started moving her hips up and down, grinding her panty-clad pussy against Mike's cock. Mike started moving his hips too, thrusting upward to meet her. With the hand that was rubbing her thighs, he pushed right up against the elastic hem of one of the leg holes of her now drenched panties.

He wormed his finger inside and then pressed against her pussy lips. Jennie immediately spread her legs wide and pressed against his finger trying to ease it inside her. Needing no encouragement Mike pushed his finger in and Jennie groaned in pleasure. Mike grasped her panties and pulled them down to her ankles. Jennie raised her hips to help and then lowered herself once more to grind against Mike's cock.

Mike gently eased Jennie into a sitting position on his lap, facing him with her legs straddling him. She reached down and held his cock steady and then lowered her pussy onto it. Both of them sighed heavily as he entered her. They looked hungrily into each other's eyes as their hips began to move together. For the first time their lips came together and, at first tentatively and then passionately, they began to kiss.

Not very experienced with boys, Jennie was amazed at how Mike could make a kiss so erotic. The boys she'd had sex with mostly just closed their eyes and grunted a lot when they fucked her. She began to think that only people in movies kissed while they made love. Now she was experiencing a real kiss for the first time. She was beginning to wish that they had kissed a lot earlier.

Mike probed her mouth gently with his tongue as his cock probed her pussy. Sometimes he would push past her teeth to mingle with her tongue. She was used to that sort of kissing. When he gently pressed his tongue against the outside of her teeth and licked softly against her gums he felt her shudder.

When he brushed his lips against her cheeks and her eyelids she moaned and mewled softly. When he touched the tip of his tongue to the outside of her lips she sighed and trembled.

With the feelings Mike was giving her, Jennie wanted to speed up their fucking. She started to buck heavily against Mike but he put his hands on her hips and steadied her motions, slowing her down to an agonizingly pleasurable pace.

He lifted her T-shirt over her head and gazed almost in wonder at her youthful body. Slowly and with reverence, he leaned forward and gently sucked her right nipple into his mouth. It was hard and the scent of her perfume came faintly to his nose as he licked at it. She moaned loudly and put her arms around his head, drawing him into her breasts. He placed one hand under her left tit and slowly rolled the nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

He nibbled and suckled on her right nipple and continued to caress her left tit. He lowered his other hand to her bum and pushed his finger between her thighs from behind. He gently massaged her perineum and he felt her shudder. She tightened her grip on his head and screamed out in pleasure. Her body convulsed and her hips bucked against him furiously.

He smiled to himself as he felt her cum and then he held her lovingly, kissing her on the lips and gently rubbing her back. He leaned back to look at her and smiled once more. She was still shaking and there were tears in her eyes. She was gasping for breath and her chest was heaving with each gasp.

The look in her eyes was one of both confusion and utter astonishment. It occurred to Mike that she had never had an orgasm before; at least not a proper one. He guessed that she may have brought herself to orgasm a few times but none of the boys she had been with had been able to do it for her.

Jennie was flabbergasted. Her mind, still whirling from the pot, was almost overwhelmed. Although the fucking had felt really good, she had never in her life experienced the kind of pleasure Mike had given her with his lips and his hands. She thought she was in heaven as he suckled her breasts, tweaking her one nipple while nibbling on the other.

When he placed his finger between her pussy and her anus and rubbed in a small circular motion she almost passed out. In fact, she wasn't entirely sure she hadn't passed out. Now here she was, gasping for breath and sweating furiously as they looked at each other. She could almost feel the room spinning and she was grateful that Mike had his arms around her so she couldn't fall backward.

Mike lifted her gently and then laid her down on the couch. He stood up and removed his bath robe and his pajama bottoms. Now Jennie was seeing him naked for the first time. For a man pushing thirty-five he was in pretty good shape. His stomach, although a little soft, was almost flat.

His arms and shoulders were well defined and Jennie could tell that he was probably a lot stronger than he looked. His legs were muscular and solid and his cock was hard and throbbing. His groin was covered with both his own and her secretions. His pubic hair was matted flat and his balls were swelling larger than any of the guys she'd seen naked before.

He lay down beside her and took her in his arms. They kissed for a long time and Jennie was in heaven. He kissed her on the lips, on the neck and on her breasts. He even kissed her hands and arms. He started at her fingertips, licking and nuzzling the pads of her fingers and kissed his way up to her shoulders, then her neck and finally to her lips. By the time he parted her thighs and placed his cock at the entrance to her pussy she was on fire.

He entered her and started the painfully and agonizingly pleasurable slow rhythm he had guided her into earlier. She wrapped her legs around his hips and her arms around his neck and held on like there was no tomorrow. With each stroke forward fireworks were going off in her head and her breath was pushed out of her. She wasn't even aware of the noises she was making.

Mike was enjoying the noises she made immensely. Hearing her mewl and sigh and coo with every stroke made his cock harder and longer, or so it seemed to him.

After what seemed like forever he began to feel the cum boiling up from his balls. He rolled his eyes back in his head and started pushing into her harder and harder with each stroke. She gasped and groaned and made unintelligible noises, each one more absurd than the previous one. Mike was steadying his upper body with his arms outstretched, his hands planted in the couch on either side of her head. He was grunting himself now and thrusting into her steadily.

Suddenly he growled and the fierce expression on his face almost scared Jennie. He was staring into her eyes intently and his lips were drawn back in a rictus. He grunted again and then Jennie felt the explosion inside her. She felt him spasm and at the same time she could feel the tremors of his cock erupting inside her.

She felt an intense heat as his sperm coated her insides and he grunted again. Once again she felt his cock spurt and that was when her own orgasm hit. She began to shudder from head to toe and they held each other tightly as the spasms threatened to throw both of them off of the couch and on to the floor.

After a full minute Mike finally looked up. They were both coated in sweat and he could feel their mingled juices flowing over each other's groin areas. His cock, spent and flaccid, was pressed against her sopping wet pussy, the head still partially inside and swimming in a mixture of his sperm and her wetness.

She opened her eyes and they looked at each other. They were both still pretty high, though the exertion of fucking had burned off a good portion of the THC flowing through their blood streams. They smiled at the same time and then kissed once more. Mike sighed contentedly and stretched. He looked once more at Jennie and saw that she looked upset about something.

'What's wrong?' he asked.

Jennie frowned and tears started to gather in her eyes.

'What's wrong?' he asked again. 'What is it?'

She started to sniffle and sat up, her expression becoming more agitated.

'What are we going to do?' she said finally.

'What do you mean?' he asked, his brain not working properly yet.

'What about my mom?' she said with a sob. 'What are we going to do?'

Mike's eyes opened wide in understanding and then he frowned. He sat up himself and stared at the floor while he tried to think.

'What are we going to tell her?' she said, the tears now running freely down her face. 'I can't just tell her that we had sex. I never want her to find out!'

Mike looked at Jennie and nodded slowly.

'Yes you're right,' he said. 'We can't tell her.'

Jennie sighed with relief and then looked at the floor herself for awhile. After a long time she looked up again.

'Does this mean we can never do this again?' she said sadly.

Mike frowned once more and then shook his head.

'No, I don't think so,' he said. 'I don't see any reason for us not to be able to do this again; just so long as your mom never finds out.'

Jennie smiled brightly and hugged him tight.

'Good!' she said excitedly. 'I was hoping you'd say that!'

Jenna's heart was beating wildly as she looked through the microscope. The magnified cells collided madly into each other on the glass slide. Her breath quickened as she realised the significance of what she was looking at. Jenna removed the slide and inserted another from her samples. The results were similar.

"Oh God! Oh wow!" Jenna mumbled softly to herself. "I've isolated it. Now I only have to test it."

Dr Jenna Sinclair had spent the last 3 years of her life working on this project and now she was finally close to fruition. At 30 years of age, she was one of the younger scientists working here and definitely the youngest with a Doctorate. Jenna had always been fascinated with Biology and it had seemed like the logical choice to major in it at university.

She excelled at the University of London and even before graduation she was offered a place at Cambridge to do her Masters and then her Doctorate.

Almost as soon as she finished her Thesis, at age 28, she had been offered a position as a research fellow in the prestigious SimBioTech Corp in America. Her work focused on physiology, in particular the different enzymes in blood and the differences or similarities between different animals and humans.

It was during the course of this study that she had stumbled onto something. Something that she had worked on in her own time and that had taken up a large chunk of her life. She had kept it a secret from the other researchers. It was mainly due to this secrecy that she was forced to work long hours, to ensure she was alone and away from prying eyes.

Jenna labelled the test tubes and placed them inside her own secure receptacle. Each scientist had their own secure storage area to prevent contamination of their work as well as to ensure a certain amount of propriety.

Although each scientist would be credited for their own work, it was a condition of their contract that ultimately SimBioTech would maintain first rights to any new discovery or enhancement.

She took a deep breath as she placed a syringe into one of the test tubes and withdrew 5ml of liquid. She capped the syringe and unscrewed the needle before screwing a sealing cap back on to the syringe. She then slipped it into her coat pocket. Jenna sealed her receptacle and then picking up her briefcase, walked briskly out of the lab.

Her heart beat a little faster as she hoped the security sensors wouldn't pick up the syringe in her pocket. She calmed down a little as she remembered she had removed the metal needle so there was no way the sensors would pick up on plastic.

The only risk was the chance of a full body search and no researcher had suffered the ignominy of that had in the two years she had worked at SimBioTech. Her breath and hearbeat finally returned to normal as she walked out of the sliding doors of the facility and into her car. She noticed she was sweating slightly and Jenna turned up the air-conditioning as she drove home.

Jenna's mind was working overtime as she drove, thinking about the possibilities she may have unlocked. Yet the biggest question was how the enzymes would work on a human. It may have no effect. Worse still, it could have disastrous effects. That was why she had decided that she would have to be the test subject. She would test out her discovery on herself and she would bear whatever consequences it brought. Good or bad.

Her thoughts took a breather as she turned into her house. Quickly she made her way upstairs and removed the syringe from her pocket. She stared at it and felt her heart beat quicken again. Carefully she placed the syringe on the table before throwing off her clothes and heading into the shower.

She felt her tight and tired muscles relax as the warm needles of water pounded her. She luxuriated in the warmth of the water as she soaped herself, feeling the grime and dirt of the day wash off her. Jenna squatted down and relaxed her bladder, feeling the wave of release as her urine sprayed out.

She watched the dark yellow liquid flow along the floor and wrinkled her nose as the strong smell of her urine wafted up. The colour and smell was an obvious sign that she hadn't been drinking enough water. She made a mental note to consume more water as she soaped her vaginal lips, washing away her urine and collected secretions from the day.

Towelling herself dry, she stood in front of the mirror. "Dr. Sinclair. Dr. Jenna Sinclair." She said softly to herself as she looked at her reflection. "Too brainy for the hunks and too sexy for the geeks." That had been the story of her life. At 5'7" and 120 lbs, Jenna cut a very attractive figure.

She had been a gymnast at school and she still worked out regularly. She smiled as she remembered how, when she was in her prime, she could put her ankles behind her ears. Pity she was still a virgin then and didn't use it to her benefit. Jenna was still pretty lithe and flexible and she was sure if she tried, she could do it again. There just hadn't been a reason of late to have her legs in such a splayed position.

Her body was well proportioned, not like the gymnasts of today that had muscular upper bodies. Her breasts were firm and round and she was proud of her 34C bust. Her hips had just the right amount of flare to them and her butt was nice and tight.

Jenna turned this way and that as she admired herself. She noticed how pale her skin had become with all the indoor work and made another mental note to spend more time out in the sun.

She cast her eyes down to the table where the syringe was and she took a few deep breaths. Her breasts rose in time with her breaths and she sat down slowly. Jenna pulled her shoulder length, black hair away from her face and tied it into a pony tail. She sighed as she thought of the gravity of what she was going to do.

The fine hairs on her hands were bristling with nervousness as she picked up a cotton swab and cleaned the reverse side of her elbow with alcohol. She deftly picked up the syringe and popped the cover, screwing on a new needle on to it.

Jenna looked at herself again in the mirror. "This is it Jen." She said softly as she pushed the needle carefully into her arm and plunged the syringe, filling her vein with the enzymes. Her arm felt warm as the enzymes flowed through it but that was only to be expected. She withdrew the syringe and discarded it carefully, flexing her left arm as she did so.

"No turning back now." She said to herself again. "Its been done...."

**** ** *****

Jenna slept soundly that night. So soundly that she woke up half an hour late. "Damn!" she grumbled as she looked at the clock. After a quick wash up, she pulled on a fresh pair of cotton panties and a lacy white bra. Her firm, ample tits allowed her to wear those thin lacy bras she was so fond off. They enveloped her breasts snugly and provided just enough support and modesty yet allowed them to jiggle as she walked.

She threw on a beige blouse over her black skirt and wrapped a brown sweater around her shoulders. Fortunately she wasn't one for too much makeup and in fact didn't really need it at all. She only really put on makeup when she was going out with the result that she looked like a Goddess. A simple touch of lipstick, like she swirled on this morning, was enough to bring out her gorgeous features. She pulled her hair back together and tied it up into a pony tail with a scrunchie and she was ready to go.

Jenna jumped into her car and sped off, hoping she wouldn't make it too late to work. Fortunately traffic was light and she pulled into her parking lot only about 5 minutes late. She smiled and waved at Stuart, who had himself just gotten out of his car, as she turned the ignition off. Stuart made his way around to the Jenna's side of the car, standing a little away from the door.

"Morning Jenn." He smiled warmly as his eyes darted to Jenna's legs, swinging out of the car. "Hey." Smiled Jenna as she swung her knees out of the car, keeping them pressed firmly together. She was well aware where Stuart's eyes were focused and she wasn't going to give him the pleasure of looking at her knickers. "Looks like we're both running a little late today."

"Yeah, well fortunately the lab isn't too fussy about time." Stuart replied, finally looking up at her face. "Busy day today?"

"Depends what the bosses have for us." Jenna responded. She wasn't taking any chances of her secret research getting out so she would have to play dumb, as if she wasn't working on anything special or different. "Anyway, I have to run. I'm already late for a meeting."

In actual fact, there was no meeting. She just wanted to get into the safe confines of her lab and run some more tests. She turned to look at Stuart again as she walked away from him. She caught him staring at her shapely, swinging ass as she walked. Poor guy, she thought to herself as she made a mental note to be nicer to him. She liked Stuart and would have spent more time with him if not for all the time she spent on her research.

Stuart was one of the nicer scientists in SimBioTech. He hadn't been accorded the title of researcher yet but in all essence, did practically the same amount of work as all the other researchers. He always had a smile on his face and Jenna had to admit that his face was pretty nice too. In fact, Stuart had a nice physique too.

Just under 6 feet tall, he was blessed with jet black hair, broad shoulders and twinkling brown eyes. He also had a butt that he joked 'most women would die for.' Jenn had never worked out if he meant that his butt was so nice that women wished they had one like his or if he was making reference to his sexual prowess.

She smiled at this thought as she reached her private lab. She entered and locked the door behind her. She set up her microscope and drew some blood from her arm. Her heart started to quicken as she analysed her own blood. There was no mistaking it.

The enzymes had combined with her own blood. She tested her temperature. It was normal. Her blood pressure was also normal. So far all her vital signs were normal. Jenna jotted down the measurements in her notebook along with sketches of the patterns reflecting from the microscope.

She continued to note down the measurements for the next five days. There were still no other signs of whether the experiment was working or not.

Six days after injecting herself with the enzymes, Jenna awoke feeling thirsty. Her mouth and throat felt dry the same way it did after a night of heavy drinking. She gulped down two glasses of water before she felt herself quenched.

"Hmm...no alcohol and yet I feel dehydrated" she thought to herself as she searched for a pen and paper to record this effect. Her body felt warm and flushed as well and Jenna slipped a thermometer into her mouth. Her temperature was normal but she still felt flush. Two side effects seemed to be happening.

"Maybe I just need a shower." She thought to herself.

Jenna slid into the bathroom and pulled of her clothes. As she peeled her panties off, she noticed that the gusset of her panties were clotted with her secretions. She inspected herself, pulling aside the hairs of her pussy to find her vulva red and swollen.

Side effect number three! Or was it three AND four? She decided to note it down together as "a large amount of vaginal secretions coupled with redness and swelling of the vulva."

It was at the exact moment that she wrote this finding down that she felt her pussy muscles spasm slightly, sending a quiver of excitement shooting through her. Her nipples grew stiff and hard, more stimulated than she had ever known them to be. Jenna noted down this reaction as effect four.

"Dehydration, feeling warm and flush, a wet and swollen pussy and now erect and nipples" she said quietly, reading back her notes. She softly brushed her erect nipples and noted they were extremely sensitive. Jenna turned on the shower and luxuriated in the hot spray.

She soaped herself vigorously, paying special attention to the thick bush of hair covering her pussy. The hairs were matted with her secretions and she soaped her mound thoroughly.

She let out a soft moan as her fingers brushed against her clitoris. Like her nipples, it was hard and engorged. She teased her clit lightly before allowing her fingers to dip into her slit. It was hot and wet. Jenna bit her lower lip as she moved her fingers inside of her, thrusting her hips back and forth as she fucked her fingers.

"God! I'm so horny!" she moaned as her fingers danced wildly within her. She turned to face the jet of water, thrusting her hips our so that the jet of water pounded on her clit.

"Aahh....oh yess....ohhh...." she cried out. She had three fingers inside of her now, digging deeper into her seething hole. The warm jet of water on her clit was sending shudders through her body. She was moaning loudly now as her other hand moved up to clutch her breasts. Her body suddenly tensed and she let out a scream of pleasure as a hot wave of release engulfed her body.

"Yeeeaaggh....ohhhhh......oh yessss....yesss...oh awwww!!" Jenna closed her eyes as her body quivered and shook with orgasm. She pulled out her fingers and noticed they were caked in thick white goo. The smell of her sexual arousal was thick in the air, even with the shower still running. With a weak smile on her face, Jenna finished washing up and towelled herself dry.

As she opened her drawer to get her undergarments, she realised she was still horny. Not only was she horny but she was also feeling extremely sexy about herself. She chose to dress to fit her mood, taking out a seldom used frilly lace white panty. She picked out a lacy sheer white bra and put that on, noticing that her nipples were still erect and poked out hard at the bra cups.

Jenna then picked a short, flared black skirt and a thin white blouse. The lace of her bra showed through the white blouse and her erect nipples made dents in the blouse. This was definitely out of character with Jenna but she was feeling so sexy, she didn't care what the others at the lab may think of her.

She decided to brush her hair out today rather than tying it up in a pony tail like she normally did. She put on a little lipstick as usual and admired herself in the mirror. Just letting her hair out changed her look considerably. "Won't they be surprised at the lab." She sniggered to herself.

As she drove to work, her whole body seemed to be on fire. Her extra sensitive nipples seemed to brush against her bra with every movement and her pussy felt like it was releasing liquid lava. The lacy material of her sexy panties didn't help with its lack of absorbency and she could feel her juices coating her thighs.

As she pulled into the parking lot, she noticed that Stuart had just arrived as well. "I wonder if he times his arrival to match mine." She thought to herself, then dismissed it as she realised there were many times that she had reached work when Stuart was no where to be seen.

She saw Stuart walking up to the car door and she smiled wickedly to herself as she flung the car door open. She placed one leg outside, allowing her skirt to ride up while she pretended to be looking for something. Her legs were splayed wide open and she knew Stuart would be getting a good look at her sexy panties. She held her legs open just long enough to appear that she was doing it unconsciously before she slid the other leg out daintily.

Jenna looked up at Stuart and smiled sweetly. "Morning Stu."

"Uh..yea. Hi. Morning!" Stu replied, trying to avert his gaze. Jenna glanced quickly at the crotch of his pants and noticed it was tented up slightly. "Mmm...so I gave him a hard-on" she laughed quietly to herself.

"You look different" Stuart said, rather lamely.

"It's my hair." She replied, teasing her long locks. "I let it down. You like it?"

"Uh Yeah. You look good" Stuart replied, fumbling his words as he stared in awe at the new Jenna. 'But it's not just your hair, there's something different about you."

"Really now." Jenna giggled. "Maybe we can discuss it further sometime. I'll give you a call." She didn't even wait for a response but just sashayed off to her office, leaving Stuart staring at her wiggling hips.

She walked confidently to her office, noticing the appreciative looks she got from her male co-workers and some bitchy looks from some of the women. Once in her office, she checked her temperature and blood pressure readings. They were both normal. She took out her notebook and jotted in another entry – "Rise in confidence." That made 5 effects.

She was still feeling all the other effects, especially the hot flushes. Jenna locked her door and pulled her skirt up. She felt her panties – they were soaking! She pulled down her panties slightly to inspect her pussy. It was even more red and swollen than this morning.

She made more notes and compared her notes to her research. The effects were in tandem with what was expected, especially the vaginal secretions and swelling. And she was getting more and more horny by the second. The mornings release had hardly satiated her and on the contrary had only managed to stoke the fires.

Jenna decided to focus on her work. She was a little behind on her actual work assignments having gotten carried away with her own private research. She unlocked her office door and sat down to finish off two reports. The work helped to keep her mind away from her body's lustful cries but the heat emanating from her loins kept sexual thoughts perpetually playing in the back of her mind.

Just as she was getting finished off one report and was about to check on her bodily readings, Jake Watson walked in. Jake was the Chief Executive Officer of SimBioTech. A chemist by training, he had devoted many years of his life to research in Universities and had finally moved into the more lucrative area of private funded research. At 56, he was extremely distinguished looking and still had a trim figure.

"Hows it coming along Jen?" he asked "Pretty good Jake." Jenna replied, "almost finished off the Digestive Probiotics research." "You look kind off flushed." Jake said with concern. "Are you alright?" "Y-Yes." Jenna responded, a little too quickly she realised. "Everything's fine."

Jenna realised that each time she looked at Jake, her breasts started to tingle. Suddenly her back seemed to arch and her hips jerked outwards. Jenna made a conscious effort to control her spasms. Then it happened again, as if she was thrusting her hips in a dance.

Jake was explaining something to Jenna but her mind was too focused on controlling her spasming legs. She realised that each time she looked at Jake, one of her legs spasmed. To make it worse, the tingles had spread from her breasts to her pussy.

She also noticed that her sense of smell seemed to have become extremely acute. Jake's cologne teased her nostrils and she could even smell his musky sweat. The hot flushes seemed to envelope every inch of her body and all her senses seemed to be heightened.

"You smell good." She heard herself say. Her back and hips were spasming even more now and she was surprised Jake didn't seem to notice. She could smell herself too. The whole room seemed to smell of her sexual juices.

"Uh..Thanks, I suppose." Jake said, confused at this sudden compliment from Jenna. "Is something wrong Jenna?"

"N-no... I mean.... No" Jenna muttered. Her mind had become cloudy, filled with a desire that she could no longer control. Her body was craving fulfilment although her mind was telling her that she couldn't do anything. Not here. Not with Jake.

"Jenna?" Jake had come forward and had placed his hands on Jenna's shoulders. "What's wrong? Your hips seem to be twitching. Is everything okay?"

"Uh.. yes... I mean no. Oh God you wouldn't understand." Jenna cried, trying desperately to control her feelings. Her body was slowly taking control over her mind.

"Tell me. Maybe I can help" Jake said, still confused. Jenna buried her head in Jake's shoulder, her arms clutching his tightly.

"This stays between us." Jenna hissed. Her body had taken over now. She needed it and she needed it now. She needed to be fucked.

"Yes, of course" Jake replied. "What is it? What's wrong?"

"Fuck me. Fuck me now. Don't ask questions, just fuck me!" Jenna pleaded. At the back of her mind she knew this was wrong and that she shouldn't be doing this. Not here and most certainly not with Jake but she couldn't help it.

Jake was not one to ask questions when given the opportunity like this. He had spent many days secretly checking Jenna out and fantasising about her. Yet, he would never make a pass at her or do anything to jeopardise their relationship. But her asking him to fuck her, in fact almost pleading to be fucked was a different thing altogether!

He unzipped his pants slowly as Jenna cleared the table with one sweep. She unbuttoned her blouse and lay on the table. Jake took in a deep breath as he saw how erect and long her nipples were. Raising her hips, she pulled her skirt and panties down in one smooth move.

Jake had removed his pants now and his cock was stiff at attention. He leant over to lift her legs and Jenna helped by spreading them. He looked at her red swollen pussy and let out a low grown.

"My God! Look at how swollen you are!" Jake cried out. "and your soaking....!"

"Just fuck me Jake. Please! I need it." Jenna pleaded.

Jake slid his cock slowly into her hot seething pussy. He had never felt anything so tight before! Although she was so well lubricated, her pussy was tight and hot.

A hot, wet, tight cunt! Jenna hissed as she felt his cock spear its way slowly into her. She could feel every inch of his cock separating her swollen pussy walls. It was pure pleasure as she felt his hairy balls finally smack against her vulva.

"Fuck me Jake. Fuck me hard." Jenna moaned. "Don't be gentle with me. Just fuck me!"

Jake needed no further prompting. He grabbed her shoulders as Jenna wrapped her legs around his ass. He started thrusting deep and hard into her, knocking the breath out of her with each thrust. Jenna moved her hands upward to remove Jakes hands from her shoulders. She placed them on her breasts, urging him to squeeze them as he fucked her.

His hands covered her breasts and he squeezed them. He pinched her nipples hard, eliciting a sharp cry from her. He grabbed her breasts and used them as leverage as he sawed in and out of her pussy.

Jenna's mouth was wide open in an 'O' as Jake hammered hard into her. She drummed her heels into his ass, urging him deeper and deeper into her.

"Aaooooohhh....yesss...yessss....fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!!" She cried out. All sensation was focused in her battered cunt and her whole body felt like it was nothing but a big, pussy with a thick cock satisfying it.

"Cummm...gonna cummm....cum with me...please....cummm!!" Jenna mewled, almost incoherently.

Jake could feel the spunk building up in his balls and he thrust harder into the beautiful girl lying like a whore under him.

"Unnh...gonna cummm" Jake cried out.

"Fill me! Fuck me and full me with your cum" Jenna wailed. "Fill me like the bitch I am!"

Her gutter mouth was all it took to drive Jake over the edge. He slammed into her and his cock throbbed and spasmed as he shot his load into her.

"Oooohhhh Yeaaaahhh...yessss...." Jenna cried out as her own body spasmed and shuddered with ecstasy. She felt her pussy clamp down on Jakes cock, milking every last drop into her boiling pussy. Her pussy seemed to clamp and spasm many times, leading her to another mini orgasm.

Jake stayed deep within her until her pussy stopped clenching and he slowly withdrew his cock. He looked down at her pussy hair all matted with both their juices.

"That was so hot Babe!" Jake enthused.

Jenna smiled weakly up at Jake. "Thank you. You don't know how much I needed that." One hand moved automatically to cover her leaking pussy while she draped her arm ove her breasts. The attempt at modesty didn't go unnoticed and Jake averted his eyes as he pulled on his pants.

As is often the case after hot, unplanned sex, reality set in and Jake started to wonder what had really caused this sudden sexual wantonness from Jenna.

"Um..Jenn? What exactly just happened?" Jake asked tentatively. "W-Why did you need it so bad?"

"Shhh!" Jenna replied. "Please. No questions and please keep this between ourselves. Someday I hope to be able to explain all this. For now, please just consider it a favour among friends. Okay?"

"Um, yeah. Okay." Jake responded. " I suppose it's the least I can do. Um..call me again if you need help." He continued lamely, trying to make a feeble joke. "Anyway, I suppose I should get going."

Jake paused at the door to turn back and feast his eyes once again on the nubile figure lying on the table. Jenna didn't respond as she watched her boss walking out of the lab. She pictured what a sight she must make, lying with nothing but her blouse hanging open off her, with her cunt dripping cum.

She reached backwards for some cotton swabs and cleaned herself up before swinging off the table and heading into the toilet. She was thankful that each lab had a private toilet and she was able to fully clean herself up without leaving the confines of her lab.

After cleaning herself up she made more notes, adding in her heightened smell and spasming back and hips. That made seven side effects. And of course her increased sex drive – but that was the main purpose of the experiment!

Jenna consulted her research again, poring over her notes. She finally found it. Her spasms of the back and hips were a signal trait known as the Lordosis Behaviour. It caused the spine to arch downwards, making the genitalia elevated and more easily accessible. Obviously the experiment was working. She was displaying all the traits of estrus.

She recalled the careful study that she had done. How she had carefully extracted the blood of cats and dogs and then spun them in a centrifuge. This had enabled her to isolate and then combine the enzymes that she required. After controlled tests with lab rats and special computerised simulations she had injected herself with it. And now the results were proving spectacular.

She was a bitch in heat!

She made a mental note to fuck on her fours the next time, since she was displaying acute signs of Lordosis. She imagined herself on her fours, her hips pressing themselves downwards involuntarily, awaiting a cock to take her from behind.

Jenna felt a gnawing in her stomach as she thought about getting fucked again. She had really enjoyed the fuck with Jake. The enzymes had altered her physiology to make it the most sensational fuck she had ever received. Even though she was still feeling horny, she knew she had to see how much she could control herself.

Perhaps she had injected herself with too strong a dose. Briefly she considered taking the antidote. But if she did, she would never know how far she would go and how to perfect her experiment into a drug. A drug that would make her millions!

She had only one concern. Estrus, or the condition of a bitch in heat, lasted anything from 4 days up to 15 days!! If she was so horny on the first day of the Estrus Cycle, could she last for 4 days? And what if it went up to 15 days? She knew however that she had to see the experiment through. She was a bitch in heat and she would stay in heat for as long as she could!

The rest of the day passed by in a blur. She kept herself busy with her work research as well as doing more research into Estrus and documenting her own reactions to the experiment. Experiencing estrus was by far more meaningful and produced far more substantial data than anything she had read.

Sexual urges wracked her body every time she took a break from her work and so she concentrated hard on her work and on controlling herself. Soon it was time to go home and with a sense of relief, Jenna locked up for the day.

She had a quick dinner outside and then proceeded home. On reaching home, she prepared herself for her shower and performed her self examination again. Her panties were wet with her juices and her thighs were crusty where her secretions had dried up.

There was thick globs in her panties that she figured were a mix of her juices and Jake's semen. Her vulva was still red and swollen. Jenna briefly considered shaving her pubic hairs but decided she had better not add any extra factors of stimulus to the experiment.

Jenna showered and washed herself thoroughly. She put on a fresh, clean pair of panties and continued with more documentation if the days events. Tired out and trying to fight the urge to play with herself, Jenna fell asleep.

Jenna awoke just before her alarm sounded. Her hands were between her legs and her panties were soaked through. Jenna recalled vividly the dreams of the previous night. It had been one long fuck fest with different partners.

Partners who didn't seem to have faces but she could remember their cocks piercing into her. It was like one long porno movie in which she was the main actress. No wonder her panties were so thoroughly soaked.

"Day two" she mumbled to herself. "It hasn't even started yet and I'm already so fucking horny."

She showered and dressed herself, again picking out sexy clothes to suit her mood. She went with black lace panties, a tight red knee length skirt and a form fitting brown blouse. She decided she wasn't going to wear a bra today just because she felt like it. She wore her hair brushed out again and drove to office.

She was early today and there was no one in the car park when she got in. She noticed her sense of smell had increased further and she could pick up smells from almost 50 meters away. She also noticed that she could distinguish smells a lot better.

In fact for the better part of the morning, she noted down who was going past her door purely by their smells. She smiled to herself as she picked up Susan's scent mixed with the distinc odour of semen and pussy juice. Susan had been fucked in the morning before coming to work!

Jenna managed to keep her raging lust in check, primarily because she stayed in her office the whole day, away from the male species.

She realised that the male scent drove her crazy, especially in close range. Even behind the closed doors, she could smell the men when they walked past and her body would start to ache with lust. Her pussy would secrete even more juices and her nipples would ache. She noted all this down of course in her little note book.

By the time the clock signalled the end of her working day, she was a soaking mess. Still she prided herself in the fact that she had managed to maintain control and had not just given in to her lustful feelings. One thing she did notice though was that the more she deprived herself of succumbing to her lustful needs, the more confident and brazen she became.

As luck would have it, Stuart was leaving at the same time as Jenna. She cursed softly under her breath as she knew she would have to be in close proximity with a man – something she had been trying to avoid.

"Hey Jenna!" Stuart called out. "Didn't see you the whole day."

"Hi Stu," Jenna smiled, groaning inwardly as she felt her nipples engorge and her pussy start to drip. She noticed Stuart staring at her chest and she knew that he was looking at her protruding nipples, especially since she wasn't wearing a bra.

Jenna's head felt light as she chatted with Stuart. She seemed to be on remote control and was obviously capable of carrying out a sensible conversation, although she really didn't know what she was saying. Her nostrils were picking up the strong pheromones emanating from Stuart's body. She could smell his sweat as well which was turning her on so much. And what was that? She could smell the odour of sexual excitement on him. She couldn't resist it any longer. She had to act on her heat.

"Would you like to come home with me?" She asked out loud suddenly. "Just follow my car."

Not even waiting for an answer, she jumped into her car and drove, noticing that Stuart had quickly followed behind her. She drove carefully yet quickly back to her place and ran inside, leaving the front door open. She knew she was behaving like a brazen hussy, but she couldn't help it. She peeled off her clothing, only leaving her panties on and walked back into the living room.

Stuart was standing looking dumbfounded as Jenna knelt before him and undid his trousers. The sweaty, sexual smell of his crotch sent spasms to her pussy as she opened her mouth to take his cock in. Stuart groaned as he watched Jenna swallow his cock. She gave his cock a few good sucks before she pulled off him and sat on the couch, legs splayed.

"Lick me Stu." She begged. "Lick my pussy."

Stuart was not going to question his good fortune. Here was gorgeous Jenna, someone he had been trying to date for the last few months, begging him to lick her pussy.

He knelt at her feet and peeled off her panties. He was surprised by how red and swollen her vulva was but even more so by how much juice there was dripping out of her. Stu leaned forward and licked along the furrow, from her ass right up to her clitoris. Jenna jerked spasmodically as his tongue ignited more fires inside her.

"Oohh yesss....Oh Godd...lick me. Don't stop....yessss!" She cried out. Jenna lifted her legs backward, almost in a tuck and offered her pussy up to Stuart. His cock lurched in his pants seeing Jenna in such an obscene position. Her feet were practically behind her ears, offering him unobstructed access to her quim. He licked harder and faster, dipping his tongue deep into her gash. He scooped up her juices with his tongue, enjoying the pungent yet fruity taste of her.

"Mmmpph...mmmpphh..ummmm..yeeeahhh!" Jenna moaned loudly as she lifted her hips to Stuarts sucking mouth. "That's it! Yes...Yes...suck my cunt...Oh Yessss!"

Her body started to tremor and her screams grew louder as Stuart licked with wild abandon. He face was glistening with a mixture of his saliva and her juices. Jenna suddenly bucked upward and screamed loudly as her body spasmed wildly in orgasm.

"Oooaahhhhh yyyeaaggh.....Godddddd" She screamed out loudly, enjoying the wild orgasm tearing through her body. Her thighs continued to shudder and tremble as she released her legs and brought them back to ground. She touched Stuart's cock which was hard as rock. Jenna stroked it slowly as she turned herself on the couch and raised herself on all fours.

"Now fuck me." She practically commanded. As she said this, her Lordosis reflex kicked in and automatically her back arched downwards, lifting up her hind quarters and offering her gaping pussy to Stuart. On her fours, her pussy was perfectly aligned with Stuart's cock. He grabbed her hips and with one lunge forced himself inside of her.

"Unnnhh...Yesss!" she cried out as the hard rod of flesh impaled her. "Fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

Stuart ploughed his cock into her throbbing pussy. Each inward stroke caused Jenna to grunt out loud and his cock made slushing noises as he rammed it into her soaking pussy. Stuart's cock was encased tightly in Jenna's swollen pussy. She started moving her hips back at him, urging him further into her.

Stuart suddenly stiffened and rammed hard into Jenna.

"Ah..Ahh...gonna cummm! Aaahhh" he moaned.

"Nooo! Noooo....Oh god no..." Jenna wailed as she felt his cum splattering her insides. "Damn you, I haven't cum yet."

"I-I'm sorry" Stuart apologised as he felt his cock softening inside her. "You were just so hot, I couldn't help it. I'm sorry."

"I'm so hot Stuart. So horny." Jenna cried, almost in tears. "Do something, stick your fingers in me, something! I need to cum!"

Stuart looked at Jenna's body, throbbing and spasming in need. She wasn't lying and she wasn't just horny. This was different. She must be on some kind of drug Stuart reasoned. Jenna was mewling incoherently now, filthy words coming out of her mouth.

Staurt felt his cock rising again but it still wasn't hard enough. He looked around the room and found a candle sitting in its stand. He reached over and grabbed the candle and stuffed it into Jenna's pulsating cunt.

"Ohhhh....yeah....dont even tell me what it is...just fuck me with it!" Jenna squealed.

Stuart fucked her with long, slow strokes of the candle. He noticed that her juices were dribbling down her thighs. His cock stirred more wildly this time. A few more strokes of the candle and he was back to being rock hard. Jenna was moaning and thrusting her hips backward. He timed his withdrawal of the candle and insertion of his cock perfectly.

"Awww...that's your cock! I can feel the heat. God Stuart, its so hard.!!!" Jenna squealed in delight.

Her backward thrusts became more intense as Stuart wrapped his arm around her waist. His fingers danced across her clitoris as he sawed his cock in and out of her. Jenna was shaking her head from side to side, crying out in ecstasy as her body responded wildly to the sexual gratification. She raised her head and moaned loudly as her body tensed.

"Yeeaaggh...Cumming...Oh Stuart I'm cumming....aawwwwww!"

Her entire body started to convulse and shake. Stuart stopped fucking her briefly as he felt her pussy clamp on to his cock. Her pussy squeezed and milked his cock and just as it relaxed, he started fucking into her violently again.

"That's it Stuart! Don't stop! Whatever you do, don't stop! Keep fucking me hard! Oh God I'm gonna cum again.....!!"

Her body shook and convulsed again but this time Stuart didn't stop fucking her. He ploughed his cock deep and fast into her trembling body. She started to gurgle as wave after wave of a powerful orgasm shook through her. Just as she came down from one orgasm, another one shook her body. She kept on cumming as she finally felt Stuart slam hard into her and his hot semen scalding her pussy walls.

She collapsed hard on the sofa as Stuart lay buried in her. Slowly she felt him pull out of her and she could feel his cum dripping out of her. Her body was still trembling and she buried her face in the sofa, enjoying the afterglow.

"Stay with me tonight Stuart?" She asked softly. "I can't be alone. Please stay with me."

**** **** ****

Jenna got fucked another 3 times that night. In between their sexual activity, Jenna explained everything to Stuart. She explained that she needed someone to stay with her and keep and eye on her for the next few days until the Estrus wore off.

She explained that she didn't know how far her 'heat' would take her but that she wanted to see it through to completion. Part of the deal was that Stuart would get to fuck her while he stayed with her. He had to understand though that she may be getting fucked elsewhere as well.

She couldn't help herself from fucking others – not while she was on heat, and not while she wasn't willing to sacrifice the experiment.

Stuart was supportive. After all, who ever imagined he would even get the chance to fuck her once, let alone on demand?

The next three days went off well for Jenna. Her sense of smell hadn't increased further and she was coming to terms with her new found lustiness. Knowing she had Stu to take care of her needs kept her in check.

She would fuck Stu in the morning before going to work and then at least twice throughout the night. She was amazed that she didn't feel tired with all the sex. Even more amazing was that she didn't feel sore either. Her pussy seemed to recover quickly, ready for more.

Stu wasn't coping too well though. He was getting tired and his cock was sore with all the activity. He was almost reaching the stage where he was finding it hard to accommodate Jenna, but somehow, he still made it.

Day seven of her Estrus cycle came along and Jenna saw no signs of it receding. Stuart was a little tired this morning but she needed some satisfaction so they ended up doing a 69. She managed to cum twice on his mouth and fingers before his cock erupted in her mouth. Being Saturday, Stuart rolled over to have a snooze while Jenna went to wash herself up.

During her regular morning inspection, she was surprised to find her vulva now a fiery red. It was as almost as if it was raw and scalded. She felt no pain however. Her secretions were also much more, practically coating her pussy and thigh. There was a strangely sweet smell emanating from her pussy as well. Her nipples were not just sensitive today, they were practically aching.

Jenna wasn't sure if her pussy was really emanating the sweet aroma or if it was just her heightened sense of smell that was picking it up. Her heart rate was also higher and the hot flushes seemed to be intensifying. Jenna wanted to ask Stuart if he could get the sweet aroma too but he had already left to go home for the day and wasn't due back till later at night. Jenna noted everything down in her notebook.

Jenna went outside to take out the garbage and she spied her neighbour sitting in his porch across the street. Mr Johns was a sweet older man, almost touching 60. His wife had passed away a few years ago and he lived with his three sons. The boys all worked in the construction company that their father had set up.

Jenna hardly saw the sons as they always worked long hours and when they weren't working they were out with their friends. It was useful having Mr Johns across the street as he always helped her with minor repairs and fixing appliances. She waved cheerfully at him and he smiled and waved in return.

As soon as he acknowledged her, she felt a knot in her stomach and that all familiar feeling. Just as quickly, she realised that she was extremely horny.

She bit her lip and looked down at the ground as she put the garbage in the bin. Still averting her gaze, she ran back into the house. She tried to call Stuart but she couldn't get him.

She was almost feverish with lust now and the thought crossed her mind if Mr Johns might just be able to fix her appliance. Jenna knew she was traversing dangerous territory but she was so horny. She needed to get fucked.

She quickly changed into a short skirt and a tube top. No bra, no panties. She picked up an old toaster that had been damaged previously and she ran out and across the road. Mr Johns was no longer on the patio and Jenna hoped he was inside.

She rapped on the door and waited, her body already craving sex. She heard footsteps and Mr Johns opened the door.

"Well hello Jenna." he said. "Bright and early this morning huh. What can I do for you?"

"Uh. This toaster..." Jenna mumbled. "Seems to be on the blink. I was wondering if you could look at it?"

"Why sure. Come on in." Mr Johns said, his eyes growing wide as he noticed her nipples protruding out of her tube top. His cock started to swell in his pants as he led her to the sofa. "Take a seat. Can I get you a drink?"

"N-no. I'm fine thanks." Jenna mumbled. She parted her legs slightly, trying to give Mr Johns a look at her pussy. If he didn't take the signal soon, she would just have to tell him the truth. Tell him how she needed to be fucked.

Mr Johns could see right up her skirt to her hairy pussy. He swallowed hard and carefully placed the toaster down. He looked hard at Jenna who looked at him with a glazed look in her eyes. Mr Johns knew that look well. His wife often had that look after he had sucked her and just before she begged him to fuck her. "Stick that hard cock in me lover" she would say to him. His cock throbbed harder as he reached down to grab Jenna's hand.

"Its not your toaster that needs fixing is it?" He grinned at her, as he pulled her up. "I don't know why and I'm not gonna ask, but perhaps today is my lucky day."

Jenna nodded almost in relief. Pulling herself away from Mr Johns, she pulled her tank top over her head in one smooth motion. Her breasts shuddered as her shoulders came back down. "Take me Mr Johns. Do what you want with me."

"Call me Dave." He said softly as his hands reached out to cover her breasts. "No need for formalities if were gonna fuck." He lowered his head to suck her nipples and Jenna's responsive moan caused his cock to jerk harder in his pants. Dave peeled her skirt off her and pulled her to him.

He kissed her softly and she melted into his arms. Her lips parted, kissing him back urgently. His tongue slipped into he mouth and teased her own tongue. They kissed like teenagers and Jenna felt her already wet pussy turn leaking copious amounts of fluid.

She was pleasantly surprised that Mr Johns was kissing her and not just fucking her like the other two men had. She knew she didn't need the foreplay when she was in such a state of arousal but it was nice. And it was nice of Dave to take the time to seduce her when it was apparent she didn't need any seduction.

Jenna's hands moved to unbutton Dave's shirt and then to pull down his pants, all the while still kissing him. She was mewling softly with his kisses as she pressed her naked form against him, her nipples brushing his hairy chest. She slid down his body, giving it small kisses till she reached his stiff cock. She fisted it in her hands and knelt on her fours. Again the Lodorsis reflex kicked in with her hips arching upward to offer her wet pussy to Mr Johns.

He had never seen anything so erotic or sensual in his life. Normally he had to work hard on a woman to get her so worked up but this beauty was offering herself up to him. He positioned himself behind her and slid his cock into her gaping hole. It was wet and hot and enveloped him nicely. He let out a low groan as he worked himself into her.

"Mmm...that feels so good Mr Jo..uh Dave." Jenna sighed. "So good."

Dave moved in and out of her slowly, enjoying the warm wetness. Although she was well lubricated, she still felt tight. He began to thrust into her deeply now, relishing the slapping sound as his groin met hers. He could also hear the soft squishy sounds her pussy was making as he fucked into her. Jenna lowered her elbows to the floor, bending her upper body and her head down to offer her ass even higher to Dave.

"Uhh..yess..Uhh...oh fuck...oh....unnnh.." She groaned softly.

"What's this?!" The voice that called out interrupted their pleasure. "Looks like Daddy's getting some nooky."

Jenna looked up to see Danny, Simon and Andrew – all at home for a change – standing in front of her. Dave had stopped fucking in and out of her but was still buried deep in her cunt.

"Oaahh...Don't stop Dave. Please Don't stop." Jenna cried out in frustration. Her hands reached upwards, urging the boys closer to her.

"I'm gonna cum." Dave moaned. "Can I cum in your mouth?"

"Then one of you boys fuck me!" Jenna cried out, almost pleading. It didn't take the boys half a minute to undress. Dave moved to Jenna's mouth and she took him in willingly as Danny entered her from behind. She could taste her juices on Dave's cock and it turned her on even more.

Danny wasn't as gentle as his father and he fucked her fast and furiously. It was exactly what Jenna needed and she hissed and groaned on Dave's cock.

Dave didn't last too long and soon spurted his load into her mouth. He didn't have much cum for an older man but his taste was strong. She swallowed every drop, feeling it hot in her stomach, as Dave's cock slowly deflated and withdrew from her mouth.

With her mouth free, she was able to concentrate on the feelings in her pussy again.

"God yes! Fuck me ....fuck me good." She screamed. "Fuck me Danny!"

Andrew had moved to her mouth and she licked his cock softly. He urged himself forward trying to force his cock through her mouth but Jenna turned her head.

"No, please. You can fuck me too. All of you can fuck me!" She cried out, not wanting to waste a cock in her mouth.

Danny was dripping with sweat as he finally let out a soft cry and plunged deep into her.

"Oh fuck Jenna... Fuuucck!" Danny cried. His cock swelled and he withdrew it to spew his load all over her back. The hot liquid splashing on her back ignited her own fires and Jenna let out a loud groan as her body throbbed and convulsed.

"Cover me with your cum! Ohhhh I'm cummmminggg"

Her body was still thrashing as she felt another cock enter her. This was thicker than Danny's but not as long. She looked around to see who it was to find it was Andrew filling her with his cock. Andrew's cock spread her nicely and she started to cum again after a few strokes.

"OOohhh aaah.....yyyeeeaaagghh!!" Jenna screamed." So good...just keep fucking me! Oh yessss!"

She was going wild with sexual delirium. Her entire being was focused on sex and nothing else. Every fibre in her craved with sexuality. Andrew was still fucking her and she still craved more. She turned to Danny.

"Let me suck your cock." She cried out.

"What about me??" Protested Simon.

"Fuck my ass!" Jenna moaned, completely consumed with lust. "Fuck all my holes! Just fuck me!"

Danny moved forward to her mouth and Jenna sucked and slurped on his semi flaccid cock. She felt Andrew withdraw from her pussy and then position her body so that he entered her pussy from underneath. She felt Simon's cock pressing against her asshole and she sucked hard on Danny's cock as she felt Simon press hard against her ass, forcing his cock into her.

Jenna screamed loudly but her scream was muffled by Danny's cock. Her ass felt like a red hot poker had been jammed into it but surprisingly, the pain receded very quickly. The three brothers worked up a rhythm and her body was buffeted with three cocks working together, filling every fuckable hole in her body.

Her body felt like it was connected to an electrical current. She felt tingles from her ears right to the soles of her feet. She was nothing but a fuck machine and she was loving it. Orgasm after orgasm swept over her and if her mouth wasn't so crammed of cock, she would have been screaming out her pleasure.

Just as she was about to climb the peak of another orgasm, she felt Andrew and Simon tense unleash there torrent of cum into her.

Her body responded with jolts of pleasure and her muscles spasmed and tensed. Danny let out a loud groan as his cock spit viciously into Jenna's mouth. He mouth was half open in a silent scream and some of his cum dripped out the sides of her mouth. Andrew and Simon slowly pulled out of her with a popping sound and Jenna let her head collapse to the floor.

Her ass and pussy were leaking the juices of two men and her own juices. As if by reflex, she put her hand behind her to scoop out their mixed juices and brought it to her mouth to lick it. Just like a bitch in heat she thought to herself with a half smile.

The four men lay as if in a daze around the room. Jenna felt fulfilled but still there was a yearning in her. She wanted more. She wasn't completely satiated at all. Far from it, she felt like she needed to fuck all day!

"Do you mind if I spend the weekend?" She asked the dazed foursome quietly. "let me just call Stuart and let him know...."

** *** **

The weekend went by in a wild orgy. Jenna lost count of the number of times she got fucked and by whom. She only knew that on Sunday evening she had a gang bang session much like the events of the first day. Just like with Stuart, she had briefly explained the changes caused by the experiment to the Johns family. Unlike Stuart, they had no interest at all in the details of the physiology but had all the interest in her hot wanton body. That suited Jenna fine.

She returned to her home late Sunday night and when she awoke on Monday, she noticed that her urges had receded somewhat. She had obviously peeked with Estrus over the weekend and she quickly made notes paying special attention to the length of days that Estrus kicked in and when it peeked.

She lost all signs of Estrus after 12 days but her enhanced sense of smell stayed for 14 days. The hot flushes and secretions stopped almost immediately after 10 days as well as the redness of her vulva. It was almost beautiful to look at once it went back to its pale fleshy skin tone with bits of pink. She smiled to herself as she looked at a picture she had taken of her red fiery vulva. It looked like she had applied lipstick to it.

Once she had returned back to full normalcy, she worked to isolate the enzyme further and reduced the dosage to a manageable level.

She did further tests with it on herself as well as giving it to some of the friends for their own usage. She managed to remove all the side effects and adjust the Estrus level combined with an enhancer so that it took effect in 10 minutes and lasted for just a couple of hours. It was a high tech women's version of Viagra.

She also developed an instant antidote to ensure that the Estrus tablet was not used as a date rape drug as well as in the event that for some reason you wanted to stop the effects. Once she was convinced that everything was in place, she announced to Jake what she had done.

She showed him her research and finally explained to him her behaviour that day in the lab. Jake was extremely excited by her results and applied for FDA approval immediately. After a few months of testing, they received FDA approval and the Estrus drug was marketed. Jenna Sinclair made more money that she had ever hoped for.

The icing on the cake came when she was flown to Sweden in early December.

"Presenting the Lecture for The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for her discovery and isolation of the genetic enzyme that causes Estrus; and for significantly modifying this enzyme to be used safely by human females. I present to you, Dr Jenna Sinclair."

Jenna rose from her seat. She looked ravishing with full make up on and her hair let down. She was also wearing dangly golden hoop earrings. The only strange this was her outfit. She was wearing a long button down coat dress – that looked something like a mix between an overcoat and a trench coat.

She slowly made her way to the podium and addressed the crowd. She began her lecture, explaining how she had isolated the enzyme; the tests she had performed and the modifications she had made. She finished with these words.

"It has been my said that words and diagrams that you see in presentations and lectures do not fully explain anything. There is no better teacher than experience." She said as she slowly unbuttoned her coat to reveal a sheer golden cocktail dress underneath.

The dress was so sheer that you could see her naked form quite clearly underneath it. Her nipples were hard and long and they poked out at her dress. All eyes were riveted on her – especially the fiery red lips of her shaven cunt that stood out like a beacon shining through her dress.

"I'm currently in a state of Estrus." Jenna continued. "This is the original dosage that I used in my experiment. I am a bitch in heat and this is the optimum day of the Estrus cycle. I need to be fucked. Fucked hard and long by everyone and anyone who wants to. Fuck me like the bitch in heat that I am."

There was a wild commotion as men rushed up on to the stage as she slowly pulled the dress off her and seductively squeezed her breasts.

"Oh.." She cooed into the microphone, "I brought some samples of the tablets for the women that are interested."

There was another wild commotion...

It was around the midnight hour on a hot summer night when I began to feel restless. I would feel small, cold gusts of wind, but it was rather unusual even for a fast moving ceiling fan. I would hear strange voices in the night, unlike any voice I heard, along with a chuckle that was almost menacing.

At first I thought it was just in my head, but it eventually carried on for days. Eventually I was awaken by a touch and a kiss on my forehead. It wouldn't be my parents because I lock my door at night. I opened my eyes and saw a shadowy creature with glowing red eyes and dangerous claws. I was about to scream, but he covered my mouth to prevent any sound coming out.

"Shh. Don't be scared. I'm not going to hurt you, much. If you scream, I'll ravage you senselessly and give you something to scream about. Is that clear?"

I nod and whimper in reply. He eventually removes his hand, and transforms into a more human looking appearance, still keeping his eyes red, and has now only one voice instead of multiple voices. I then ask him my questions.

"Who...What are you?"

"I'm just merely an incubus, nothing more"

"Why are you here? How did you get into my room?"

"I'm an entity beyond that of being normal. I was also summoned by your presence.""What presence?"

"You're repressed, my dear. And knowing that you're a virgin is what drew me closer to you, my pet. I would enjoy having you and being your first."

He would then strip me of my button up pajamas, then of my black bra and panties. I was now left bare in front of him and growing red from the embarrassment. This made him utter a chuckle.

"How adorable. Please, there's no need to be shy, this will change by the time I'm done with you."

I felt cold gusts from the fan on my nipples as he began to kiss my up from my stomach to my lips. He began to indulge in my mouth, his tongue showing dominance.

I tried resisting, and moved my mouth away, but he cupped my face to look back at him. I kept my lips close, but he bit my bottom lip to seek entrance in my mouth again. He began moving down my body by nipping at my earlobe, to my neck, to my collarbone making hickeys, and made his way to my breasts.

"Pl-Please, stop! I don't want this!" I stammered.

"Your body seems to be telling me otherwise." He replied as he was about to take my right nipple into his warm, wet cavern.

He started by kissing and then swirling his tongue around the nipple. He then suckled on it and bit it gently, causing me to let out a whimper. He began giving the other nipple the same attention, while using his fingers on both nipples. I tried resisting, but his hands acted quick to pin my arms down as he continued to move his mouth down my inexperienced body.

He eventually made his way to my virgin entrance and stared into it. I began to turn an even darker shade of red in embarrassment of the way he was staring. He then used his long tongue to lick from the base down up, and rolled the tip of his tongue around my clit.

"Ah-ha, Oh~!!" I moaned, then causing him to chuckle at the response.

He eventually let go of one arm to insert his finger in my entrance, and I use my free hand to muffle my moans. He inserts one finger, curls it inside and sees my juices gushing out, causing me to whimper louder.

"God, you're tight!" He points out. He then inserts another and scissors my walls inside, pumps them further and faster.

He continues to suck on my clit while pumping and curling my fingers and moaning into my entrance. He continues to do this until I climax. He climbed up my body to kiss me to taste myself. He took a hold of my hips, then positioned himself between my legs and positioned his member at my entrance.

He then began rubbing his cock through the lips of my pussy to where the tip repeatedly hit my clit, coating his cock in my juices. I began to get scared, because he was rather big. My eyes were remaining closed due to the pleasure and fear I was feeling, and he forced himself into me, causing me to moan and scream.

"Oh god, you're so fucking tight!" He groaned in my right ear, as he covered my mouth to hide the scream.

He started off slow as my walls began to clamp on his hard, throbbing cock. He eventually set a rhythm and began to speed up. My moans would then get louder and out of pace. He would chuckle at the sight of me, a virgin now indulging in sex with an incubus. He would then reposition me to where my left leg was over his right shoulder, and his cock would go in deeper and hit my lips harder.

The sounds of sex was then flooding my room as my bed creaked and he rocked my body back and forth. His balls would hit my ass with a loud smacking sound repeatedly, and increasing the speed of his thrusting.

He then switched positions with me where my elbows were on the floor and my hips, ass and pussy were still on the bed presented to him. He then thrusted back into my cunt, and growled as he entered back into my warmth. He then explained to me that this was to quiet the springs in my bed.

My cunt was getting wetter as he continued his animalistic fucking. My tongue was now sticking out of my mouth as I moaned, he then giggled at the sight that I'm being fucked like a crazed sex kitten. This guy didn't want stay in one position for too long though. He handed me a pillow for my head and told me to turn around.

He began fucking me upside down, my breasts were bouncing like crazy, the sounds of his balls hitting me drove me to the brink of insanity. He eventually slowed down, but the thrusts were more powerful than the last and the sounds were getting louder.

I was getting close to the brink of climax. He then pulled me up on top of him to ride his cock, he told me to move back and forth. My back was to him and his hands were on my ass and hair to pull me down further on his cock, I could feel the head hit my g-spot over and over again.

His left hand went to fondle my breast and pinch and turn the nipple, causing me to wince at the new pleasure. He then turned me around and sat up so his mouth can suckle on my breasts, his left hand on my back, his right on my left hip, to get me to start bouncing up on down. I came on his cock while this was happening, and saw my juices drip down onto his balls.

He would then lean forward slightly, so I was off balance and started thrusting hard and there was now a wetter sound to when his balls would hit my ass. He would then quickly and forcefully take his cock out of me and fuck my doggie style. Then came a loud, harsh, spank to my ass which excited me. He giggled and continued to spank my until I was marked red. His balls began hitting my pussy. My breasts also were swaying back and forth in rhythm of his forceful fucking.

He then pulled me up by my neck in a soft and gentle motion. He stood up and pulled me to the mirror to watch what he was doing and to see my face. I took notice of how his cock kept disappearing into my pussy and how he pulled it in and out quicker now. His hand now back to my nipples, his teeth bitting on my shoulder to draw to blood.

I eventually came while watching him thrust into my cunt. He then bent me forward, I had to place my hands on the wall and mirror and mouth, he then forcefully grabbed my hips and thrusted harder into my g-spot to try to bring me to multiple orgasms in front of myself.

"My, what a dirty little whore I've turned you into." He said in a menacing and condescending tone. "You're my little sex kitten, no one else's."

He took my sex crazed body back to my bed, and came back with my black panties and two belts. He gagged my mouth with my panties and used the belts to tie my wrists to the bedposts. He sat behind me grabbed my thighs to pin them down on the bed beside his legs and widen my entrance and began to fuck me even more senseless than before. He bit my ear and told me,

"I'm going to fill you up with my cum, there's no getting out of it. Understand?" I nodded in reply. "Good, you're the perfect one to plant my demon seed into." With this, he continued to thrust harshly into me until he came into my awaiting pussy.

It felt like a major load he was dumping into me and I came for the last time that night. He groaned and chuckled as he finished releasing into me. He then untied my wrists and pulled the panties out of my mouth and kissed me. I then climbed on top of him so my cunt would grind against his cock.

For a goodbye gift, I put my mouth around his cock to clean my juices off of him. I eventually got to the base of his cock and nearly gagged on him, then took my mouth to his balls to clean him. He kissed me again before leaving me alone surrounded with my lust driven body. I then fingered myself for his load and licked it from the tip of my fingers, thinking to myself,

"God, I hope he'll came back".

I will never forget the day that I finally got to meet Charles. I had found his blog on Tumblr, which was all about the abuse and degradation of women, but that's what drew me to it. Reading over the page though, I could see a difference between his twisted stories and the way he spoke to women who sent him messages. He was respectful and helpful, which was a breath of fresh air compared to similar blogs. Eventually I got the courage to message him, and a relationship evolved.

Over time, Charles and I got to know each other very well. I learned that he was a business man who ran his blog to escape from daily life, and I told him all about my college experiences and how I wanted to be a teacher.

I also shared my most intimate thoughts and desires with him, which luckily he shared as well. As time went on, Charles learned all about my desires to be abused, choked and beaten, and used like a common whore, not for my pleasure, but for his. As the days went on, and our discussions grew more and more intense, I finally asked him a big question.

"Why don't you come visit me in North Carolina?"

He was quick to agree, stating that he had business there in a couple of months, and would love to finally meet me. We discussed when he would be coming and what kind of fun things we could do, finally and agreed to meet at a hotel in Raleigh. He made the reservation and put me down as his guest so I could be there waiting for him when he arrived.

I had shown up earlier that day, and gotten myself settled in, ordering a bottle of wine and two glasses for when he arrived. I was dressed in a form fitting skirt which showed the curve of my hips nicely and stopped just above the knee, and a dark brown buttoned shirt.

I had taken a lot of time to get my makeup just right, and I left my blonde hair down but tucked back behind my ears. I wanted to look sophisticated but slutty, and looking at myself in the mirror, I was quite happy with the way I looked!

We had discussed all kinds of dark and twisted things that I desperately wanted him to do to me when we met, but I assumed that the first night we would take things easy. I never could have imagined how wrong I was.

When I got his text saying that he was downstairs, my heart started beating. In a few minutes I would be meeting the man I had grown so close too, who knew everything about me, and all of my darkest, dirtiest secrets.

As I set there, wondering if I should have the wine poured and waiting, I heard a knock on the door. This was it! I crossed the room as quickly as I could in a skirt and high heels, and opened the door to see Charles's smiling face. He was even more handsome than he looked in his photos, with broad shoulders, dark brown hair and hazel eyes which could make a girl fall in love.

"It is so nice to finally meet you Alex, I've waited a long time for this!"

I was still trying to find the right words to say when his hand wrapped tightly around my throat. Gasping for air, I clawed at his forearm, trying feebly to escape as he pushed me into the room. Holding me at arm's length with his hand still around my throat, Charles looked all around the room that he had paid for, before finally looking at me. He looked up and down my body and finally at my face which was starting to turn blue as I slowly slipped towards unconsciousness.

"We are going to have some fun, you and I. You look lovely by the way. It's a shame I'll be ripping those clothes off of you. If you were smart, you would have seen this coming you stupid little slut."

I don't know how long I was unconscious. I woke up in pain as I felt Charles's hand slapping against my body. My face was stinging on both sides from where he must have slapped me first, and I could feel I was gagged and blindfolded, unable to see where the next blow would land.

I didn't have to wait long until I felt him slap my 34C tits, first one, and then the other. As I cried out in pain, I heard him laugh as he gripped both of my pierced nipples tightly, twisting them hard and ripping another scream from behind the ball gag.

"So good of you to finally wake up, you were out for a while, which gave me plenty of time to set everything up." As I listened to his words, trembling in fear of another attack, I realized that my hands and feet were both bound, and I was completely naked, with my body laying spread eagle, completely exposed.

I felt my skin flush red, realizing that Charles could see every inch of my bare flesh. "Don't worry Alex, the safe words and gestures we established before are still in effect, so you can stop any time you need. But I know how eager my little slut is..."

With those words my world exploded in pain as something rough cracked against my exposed pussy. I screamed in agony and tears rushed down my face, barely able to register what was happening before the whip cracked against my vulnerable lips again and again.

Charles continued to whip my pussy for what seemed like hours, as I screamed and cried, yanking desperately against the ropes around my wrists as my body tried to escape the pain. Through it all though, my mind was racing, realizing how incredibly wet I was, and how much I needed more abuse.

Just as I was on the verge of passing out again, the whipping stopped. For a few silent moments, I didn't know what was happening. All I could hear in the room was my own pitiful sobs and my body tried to acclimate to the fire that was burning in my cunt. In as much pain as I was, I didn't notice when Charles climbed on the bed, positioning himself between my outspread thighs until I felt his flesh bump against mine.

"I thought about this moment a lot Alex, but I never imagined how beautiful you would look with your face covered in tears like that."

He didn't give me time to comprehend his words before I felt the head of his cock brushing against my raw clit. I could tell he was stroking himself while running his meat up and down my slit. I was embarrassed by how soaked I was from being beaten, but I also desperately wanted him to fuck me. I needed his cock more than anything in the world, but he wasn't satisfied yet.

With one hand he pulled the ball gag from my mouth, while sliding two fingers into my sopping wet cunt. He then ran his fingers across my lips, taunting me in the process. "Did you enjoy being beaten my little slut? Do you taste how turned on your body is from the pain of my toys? Don't bother answering, we both know the truth. But I do want you to open your mouth Alex. Open your mouth and beg me to fuck you."

I couldn't stop myself from what came out of my mouth, and in hindsight, I don't think I wanted to stop myself from saying it.

"Please Sir! Please fuck my worthless cunt, I need your cock inside of me, please fuck me until you cum!"

Charles started fucking me before I was finished begging, his cock slid into my pussy with one stroke, burying himself in me. I had never felt a cock like this before, his girth pressed hard against my insides, stretching me out painfully.

Without bothering to give me time to get used to his size, he started fucking me furiously, pounding into me like the gifs I had always seen on his blog. He didn't care about me or my pleasure. I was nothing more than a wet hole for him and I loved every second of it. Despite being bound, I did my best to rock my body down meeting his every thrust, feeling my orgasm build up.

As I came, I screamed his name, begging him not to stop using my cunt, and he didn't. He continued to drive into me, eliciting a scream with every thrust until finally I felt his body tense up against me. As he drove himself deep into my pussy, I could feel every strand of cum burst out of him, pushing me over the edge into a mind shattering orgasm.

I woke up several hours later, unbound and covered up with Charles sleeping with his arm curled around me. Rolling over in his arms, I kissed him on the forehead. As his eyes opened, I smiled at him and kissed his lips for the first time.

"It's nice to meet you too Charles. I've waited a very long time for this!"

Hello, I'm Gus and I'm addicted to sex and beer. Well, I wouldn't consider them addictions persay. More like my two favorite pastimes. And to be honest, I prefer both at the same time. Pussy isn't the same without drinking a few ice cold beers first.

Unfortunately I've been in a pussy dry spell for a few months now. My favorite working girl, Lola, left town a couple months ago and I've been too depressed to look for anyone new. She knew just how I liked it: young, innocent, messy, and pussy-to-ass. Being a hooker, Lola was obviously the opposite of innocent, but she would always wear pigtails and feign knowledge of sex. "Mister, what are you doing? Why are you touching me there?" It drove me wild! I've been mostly sitting at home alone masturbating to schoolgirl porn and drinking beer since she left.

I got a call from my stuck up sister-in-law. She needed me to watch her daughter while she was in the hospital getting a medical procedure done next week. Probably a butt lift knowing her. I begrudgingly agreed to watch her daughter, but as soon as I hung up, I passed out and forgot all about it.

About a week later, there was a knock at the door. I answered it to find that it was raining outside. Standing on my porch was a teenage girl dressed in jeans, an oversized t-shirt, flip-flops, and...pigtails! She was soaking wet and carrying a duffle bag. I thought, "This must be my lucky day! Maybe Lola sent me one of her friends as as gift." As I stood there drinking in the sight and licking my lips, the girl said awkwardly, "Uncle Gus? It's me, Lucy. My mom said I could stay with you while she's in the hospital." Oh man, I'd completely forgotten!

I ushered her in the door. "Of course, of course! Just a momentary lapse in memory!" I said. As she stepped into the house, she crinkled her nose and clutched her bag tighter. I looked around and saw my house from her perspective: blinds drawn, and beer cans and porn boxes littering the floor. And I was far from wholesome looking: 50 years old with a stubbly face, wearing a wife beater top, and I hadn't showered in at least a couple days. I could see how she'd feel uncomfortable, but it was too late; she was already inside.

I took her bag and gestured for her to sit on the couch. Lucy was the epitome of innocence: petite and pale, maybe 5-foot and 100 pounds. She was pretty, but awkward. From what I remember her as a child, she didn't have many friends. Her jeans and t-shirt were conservative and juvenile. The more I stared at her, the more aroused I felt. I hadn't felt this way in months, so it was nice to know I still had a normal sexual appetite.

We chatted on the couch for 10 minutes. She was a senior in high school, just turned 18, and her mom was in the hospital getting a tummy tuck. My guess was close! I told her I was between jobs and feeling a little sorry for myself. Lucy wasn't sympathetic because she was feeling sorry for herself too: her mom was a nightmare, she had no friends or boyfriend to speak of, and her applications had been rejected by two colleges already. We were quite the pathetic pair.

As we were chatting, a lightbulb went off in my head. I could pretend to be the fun, understanding uncle and act like I'm helping her out. When in reality, I'll be helping myself into her pants. The more I thought about it, the better the idea became. I mentally devised a 4-step plan.

Step 1: get her drunk. "Lucy, I know a way we can both feel better. Beer."

She said, "I don't know Uncle Gus, my mom is very strict about me not drinking. What if she finds out?"

"Your mom won't know. She asked me to watch you, so she must trust me."

As Lucy pondered my proposal, I grabbed two beer cans and cracked them both with lightning speed. I handed her one and started chugging the other. Lucy watched with interest then decided it would be fine. She tried chugging like me, but ended up choking and sputtering. "The key is to relax the throat," I told her. She tried again and downed the whole beer. She's a quick learner, I thought devilishly.

After we'd each had 5 beers, she said, "Uncle Gus, I feel great! Why haven't I tried beer sooner?! You're such a cool uncle. We should do something crazy! Like go swimming in the rain." With that, I knew it was time to implement step 2: fun uncle.

"Lucy, I have an even better idea; let's turn this whole room into our own slip-n-slide!" She knit her eyebrows and said, "What do you mean?"

"I mean I'll cover the whole floor with a tarp, then we can slip around on it like one of the slip-n-slide amusement parks. And instead of water, we'll use something else. I think I have some baby oil around somewhere. It'll be way better than swimming in the rain!"

"Oh my God, that will be so cool! My mom would never let me do that in our house. But I just remembered that didn't bring a swimsuit."

"That's okay. I don't have one either. We can just go in our undies. It's casual around here," I said. She seemed convinced.

So I set up the tarp and began pouring baby oil all over. I had plenty leftover from my messy fuckfests with Lola. Lucy reluctantly stripped down to her bra and panties. They were simple cotton with little flowers on them. The whole scene was so tempting, I almost jumped her right then. But I had to play my cards right, so that she didn't tattle to mom. So I did my best to keep the bulge under wraps. I myself stripped down to my boxers.

I sat down in the recliner and told her, "Go ahead and try it!" So she took a running start and slid across the floor. "OMG, this is so fun!" She took another few slides while I watched. "Uncle Gus, this oil is saturating through my underwear and making a mess."

"Well go ahead and take them off. I don't mind. Here, I'll do the same." With that, we were both naked. I still sat there while she spun and slid around like a child. As much as I tried keeping the bulge at bay, he wanted to come out and play. Lucy's toned, nubile teenage body was glistening with oil. She had perfect size-C tits with perky little nipples, and not much pubic hair naturally, just a small downy mohawk. With all the beer and the naked 18-year-old girl writhing around in front of me, my head was swimming with dirty thoughts. My dick sprang to attention and starting throbbing.

Lucy said, "Uncle Gus, come on down here and slide with me. It's so much fun!" She must be so innocent that she doesn't know about hard-ons because mine was VERY obvious at this point. She stood up, grabbed my hand, and started pulling me towards the tarp.

"I need to get greased up before I start. Can I have some of your oil?" I asked slyly. She nodded, so I pulled her towards me sitting in the chair. "Okay rub some of your oil on me." So she started using her hands to rub oil on my calves and shoulders. "No no, like this." I grabbed her and smeared the front of her body on my chest. She understood, so started rubbing her body up and down mine. "Yeah, thanks! I'll be ready for the slip-n-slide soon."

I couldn't believe this naive little hottie was rubbing her body up and down mine without even knowing what she was doing. It felt so good. Every time her tits rubbed against my cock, I felt another pang of passion. If she kept this up, I'd blow my load early.

Step 3: messy pussy fucking.

"Great work, Lucy! Now let's play a game. It's kind of like riding on a horse, and it feels really good." So I grabbed her thighs and pulled her up onto my lap in a straddle facing me. She smiled at me waiting for the game to begin. I sunk my hands into her juicy ass cheeks and began sliding her pussy lips up and down my cock.

"Uncle Gus! What are you doing?! Is this sex? Are you trying to have sex with me?!" Lucy exclaimed.

"No Lucy! I would never! I'm your uncle. I'm just trying to feel good. Doesn't this feel good? Have you ever had an orgasm?" She shook her head sheepishly. "Well, you don't want to leave for college without knowing what an orgasm feels like, do you?"

She pondered and said, "You're right, this does feel good. And I would like to have an orgasm. Thanks for your help, Uncle!"

Whew, that was a close one. So I kept grinding. She started breathing harder and began to help with the sliding. Her tits bounced in my face, so latched onto one and started sucking. She threw her head back and moaned. I circled and slurped and sucked with all my might. She was panting and moaning.

While she was occupied, I "accidentally" let my dick lower a little bit and while she was grinding, she skewered herself on my shaft. She let out a small cry and looked at me confused. So I kept sucking her tits and slowly starting moving in and out of her. She was super tight, but the baby oil she smeared from her tits to my dick was perfect lube and I was making progress. By the fourth pump, I was all the way in. Lucy looked uncertain, but with the beer, tit sucking, and lube, she relaxed quickly.

Oh man, I was fucking her! I was fucking my petite teenage niece. She was way tighter than Lola. After Lucy relaxed, she started pumping her legs to help. I looked down watching my shiny shaft go in and out of her tiny little pussy.

After a few minutes of bliss, Lucy started pumping faster. "Oh my God, my crotch is tingling. It feels so good! I think maybe I'm about to orgasm. ...Yes... Oh my god...More...More...This is it!" She pumped her body up and down furiously while I suckled her nipple. And with that, she orgasmed harder than any girl I'd ever fucked. She closed her eyes and shook and screamed for 30 seconds. After she was done, she basically fell off my lap onto the tarp.

I still hadn't come yet. I prefer to come in the ass. Step 4: ass fucking

"Uncle Gus, what happened? Did I orgasm? That was the best thing that's ever happened to me!" While Lucy was rambling on about orgasms, I subtly flipped her over and put her on her all-fours. This scenario was better than any porn: doggy style ass fucking with a virgin. I rubbed my hands on the tarp to get more lube and rubbed it on my cock. Then I started innocently rubbing her back, slowly getting lower, eventually rubbing between her ass cheeks, all while Lucy wasn't paying attention.

When both of us were lubed up enough, I slowly and subtly began pressing my cock into her asshole. It wasn't until I was halfway in that Lucy even noticed. She stopped talking, whipped her head around, and looked questioningly at me. Well, it was now or never, so I shoved my cock all the way in. She squealed and tried to squirm away, but I held her hips tight. I said, "Shhh, shhh, little Lucy. Uncle Gus hasn't felt good yet. It's not fair, is it?" So she stopped struggling.

I eased my dick gently into her ass a few more times, then when she seemed used to the idea, I started driving it in harder and faster. It was a tightness that I had never experienced before. Lucy's ass was swallowing me up! She started getting into it and pushing back against my hips. I reached around and played with her dangling tits. She grunted and moaned. I found her clit with one hand and began massaging it. Lola had made me an expert in clit stimulation.

Lucy became wild with arousal again. She screamed and pushed hard back into my hand. I knew we were both getting close to coming. I watched my glistening dick pump in and out of her virgin ass. "Uncle is going to orgasm soon. Can you clench a little for me? Oh my God, yes!" I started pumping harder and faster, slapping her backside with my balls. "You're doing so good little Lucy! ...Yessssss!!" And I buried my come deep in her ass. At the same time, Lucy screamed "Oh my God!" and bucked and shuddered while dissolving into another intense orgasm. Then both of us collapsed into a heap on the floor.

After a few minutes of recovery, Lucy said, "Thanks Uncle Gus! Now that I've orgasmed, I feel more prepared for college. Now I know what to expect when a guy takes my virginity."

I looked at her puzzling at what she meant. Oh man, she didn't know that I just had sex with her. Maybe she'll have figured it out by the end of our week together. And by then I'll definitely be over Lola.

See? Nothing is better than sex and beer.

This is not a nice story.

There are two ways it can be told. The short way, and the slightly longer way.

A hand over a mouth, a dark place underground, wide eyes, naked skin, sex, begging, spanking, kicking, shouting, sweat, even -- yes -- blood. There: the short way.

If you want to come quickly, scroll down a while and start there. After all, for all of you, a story is all this will ever be; you'll never be able to experience what we did. That's ours. But if you're in the mood to take a few minutes, if you want the true, fucked up, physical story of how the darkest fantasies can become reality, it starts now.

Let me rewind a few months. Two figures stand on a dimly-lit platform. Two little birds in the night sky that circle and disappear. The only sparks of color are the orange train times on the screens, and the lit end of a cigarette held by one of the figures; the smaller one.

Or was it a cigarette? The smell of cannabis drifts down the platform. He turns and squints down the darkness at the small figure.

It was the girl. He had seen her several times before. He'd thought she'd been smoking weed last time, as well. But he hadn't been totally sure. On a fucking train platform, what a stupid place to smoke. She could get high all she wanted in the privacy of her own home, but doing it there was just asking to get caught.

Always in the same big jacket, with the same big back-pack. The same bare legs- wait. No. She was wearing stockings. She had a thin black line down the back of each leg, and he could make out a possible black ring of lace around the tops of her thighs. They didn't match the rest of her outfit. Had she been wearing them last time?

No, it definitely wasn't a cigarette. He walked towards her down the platform. She was listening to headphones and smoking, oblivious to his presence. Now he was closer, he could also see that it was too long to be a cigarette.

Her expression was vacant, like her mind was in the sky. Her face was tilted to the side. It was a pretty face. Her hair was tied back, and he could see the pale curve of her neck in the dark light.

She didn't notice him approaching.

Although she would have recognized him if she had. The man on the penultimate train. Slightly unshaven, always in a shirt, messy-ish hair, looked her in the eyes instead of up and down. She knew him. He had potentially had noticed her smoking weed, which she had made a mental note of. Something about the way he looked at her made her uncomfortable. His eyes. He was good-looking but there was something cold about him.

Waiting for the train was the first opportunity for her to get high after a long fucking day at work.

She always packed her clothes for the night out afterwards in her backpack, and changed into them as soon as the shift was finished. Most of the time it finished too late for her to go out anyway. There was no point spending money at a club that she'd only get to spend a couple of hours in, and no point turning up to a party where everyone was already a good five hours drunker than her.

She thought she wasn't innocent. She wasn't eighteen, like he had guessed she was. She was twenty-one, and in her opinion those two years had made a big difference.

She liked to think she was pretty sexually experienced. She'd tried all that bondage stuff before. She had lain there, desperately trying to think herself into orgasm, making sure not to tug on the badly-tied fabric around her wrists for fear of pulling it loose, imagining a scene from a film or a teacher or a manager at work, but finding even those boring.

'And all the only good ones,' she'd tell a friend in a resigned, world-weary tone, 'All the ones who know how to fuck a girl, well, they're all fucking dicks.'

There it was. The paradox. The ones who'd get a bit drunk and rough, pulling her hair or throwing her down on the bed, making her heart beat with excitement; they were the ones who treated her like shit.

She'd just been through a break-up, and had decided at twenty-one that men were a lost cause. She had decided to "get to know herself" and was trying to avoid meaningless sex. It wasn't going well.

'Put your hands round my neck!' She'd scream at the latest failed rebound inside her head, while they thrust away fruitlessly. 'Please, just call me a slut or something! Jesus, at least blindfold me so I can pretend you're that guy who-'

'Put it out.'

She could see the man on the platform's lips moving but couldn't hear him. The headphones were playing music too loudly. She stared at him blankly.

'Put it out.'

She blinked.

'What?!' She asked, her voice loud over the music. She grabbed the wire on her headphones and yanked them out of her ears.

'Put it out.'

She suddenly recognized him. It was the man who'd noticed noticed her getting high. Shit. She dropped the half-smoked spliff to the ground. The ground was damp. It hissed.

'That's a fucking stupid thing to be doing,' he said.

She looked him up and down.

'Are you undercover?' She asked, stuffing her hands in her pockets and glaring.

He considered the question, one eyebrow raised.

'What're you going to do, run away?' He said.

He saw under the oversized coat she was wearing a tiny black dress. And yes, definitely stockings. She had a small bruise on her thigh. She noticed him noticing. She looked to the side.

'Take off your backpack.' He told her.

Her face changed.

'Why? You're going to search me? I don't have anything on me, look man, it's just been a long day at work.'

He stared at her expectantly.

She reluctantly took off the backpack, offering it to him. He shook his head and motioned to the ground. She put it on the floor, looking nervous and confused.

Her heart was beating fast. She knew her weed was in her bra, not her bag. She wondered whether she should ask him to see his badge.

'Turn around.'

He said it so assertively and matter-of-factly that she obediently began to turn around.

She realized what she was doing.

'Wait, what?'

'Turn the fuck around.' His voice was low and precise in the darkness behind her. 'Now.'

A deep, warm, nervous feeling raced through her. For some reason, she stayed facing away from him. She stood completely still.

'Put your hands on the top of the bench.'

She closed her eyes while she did it. Thoughts raced through her head. What's he going to do, what's he going to do, what's he going to do...

Of course she knew.

He left her waiting for a good few seconds.

When his hand met the cheek of her ass the only sound she made was a small gasp. Another few seconds passed before she came back to reality.

She whirled around, staring up at him accusingly.

'You're not a fucking policeman!' She said, outraged.

He couldn't help it. He started laughing.

The train pulled up of the night in a rush of light and noise. Her eyes met his for an instant before she turned and ran onto it, leaving her bag on the platform floor next to him. Once she was on the train she hurried down the deserted carriages, to get out of sight quicker.

She had known he wasn't an undercover policeman from the moment he'd sworn at her. Something in his voice had changed. Something had changed in both of them in that moment. And that last look. His eyes, his expression... he had stared at her like he was in slow motion, like in a scene from a film, like it was the last look she'd ever get...

So now the two versions of our story had begun to combine, for a brief moment, at least: like the spark of something strange that flickers only in the silent minutes before the second-last train.

The next few months involved him asking certain people for certain rather delicate favors, a bit of thinking, and a lot of reading. For her, they involved very little. Shifts at work, a bit of shit sex, and a lot of frustrated nights alone in her flat.

She had started smoking weed in public recklessly, like she was uncatchable.

And, she had had a weird dream, that made her worry for a few days, before she finally gave in and locked herself in the bathroom at work and closed her eyes tight and allowed herself to think about it as hard as she wanted for a few minutes...

This is where the story starts to get less nice.

She had been fired from that place. She never took the penultimate train home anymore.

But he knew where to find her.

A few facts that can change lives:

She kept a diary. She believed this diary to be at a friends' house. It was at this house that she had stayed the night after the platform incident, not wanting to be alone. She never mentioned the event to her friend, or to anyone. That day, she suddenly stopped writing her diary. It had mostly been full of boring stuff, facts she thought she'd forget one day, little drawings, strange dreams, sexual fantasies that seemed too private and weird for Microsoft Word. But she suddenly lost the desire to write it the day she met him.

Even in her unconscious, it was like he was filling a gap.

Is it ironic that the loss of her diary led to the loss of her life, or at least, her freedom?

A few facts that give you someone's life:

Her diaries were in the bag. She had not left her bag with her friend. It had stayed forgotten on the platform, next to him.

How could she have forgotten such a central part of the story?

So tonight, he knew what bus she'd be waiting for. All her stories had become his. Her worst fears, her truths, her childhood, her postcode. And she has absolutely no idea, and did not work it out until much later.

This part of the story takes place underground, somewhere where nobody can hear you, before she got to know him at all.

She is tied up. Arms pulled behind her. Her wrists in the small of her back. Rope pressing her arms into her body. He can control her movement with how much slack he gives to the rope in his hand, the other end of which is knotted around her wrist.

She is on her knees. Her legs are tied together and bent under her. A rope hangs between her ankles and her wrists, making attempts to stand futile. She is kneeling down in front of a shallow container of water.

The container only needed to be shallow. It was surprisingly easy to thrust her face down and press her face into the floor. It was only a few inches between air and drowning.

He wasn't going to kill her. But he knew she didn't know that. He needed her to be tired, and he needed her to respect him. He was stronger than her, but not by enough to keep her down if she really wanted to fight him.

Before he did anything, he had to humiliate her, and a face in water every time she got nasty was efficient enough.

He had said nothing to her yet. She had been allowed to say whatever she wanted. She was saying all kinds of things. He had heard most of them before.

'Who are you?' She sobbed. 'Why are you doing this?'

It was like a dream she had had. She had been the victim of some kind of interrogation, a captured spy. The man in her dream had slammed her face into the water but she had refused to give away her secrets. It was just like that. Except in reality, it was her who was asking for answers.

Before this point in the story, she had made a promise.

He had met her at the bus stop. She was smoking again. He had not come with any rope, any chloroform.

She looked down, and up, waiting for him to speak. She tried to look like she wasn't interested. But she couldn't believe he was here again, right in front of her.

'You'd do whatever I fucking wanted.'

He said it almost laughingly, in a quiet tone, as if surprised him.

'W-what?' She stuttered. She felt blood rushing to her cheeks. She shifted nervously from foot to foot, and he had the same urge to look anywhere but at him, as if he would see right into her if she did.

'You're a fucking little slut.' He sounded more sure of himself now. His voice was lower, harsher, more derisive. 'I could do whatever I wanted to you.'

Her heart was pumping. This was exactly like something she had written in her diary. A guy at a bus stop... she looked down. She was wearing her peach-coloured underwear. Like in the story she'd written. Did he know that?

She looked around desperately for someone. Another human would have put the whole thing in context. She would have been able to tell him to fuck off, or laugh right back at him, or even hit him.

It was like a nightmare, but she had never felt more electrified.

'Which one is it?' Despite her efforts, her voice was little more than a whisper.

'What?' He replied, not understanding.

Suddenly, she made herself look him straight in the eye. Despite the intensity of the moment, she was relieved to see that he looked like she remembered. Or was it how she imagined? His eyes were that same colour.

'You said I'd do whatever you wanted.' She said. Her small face was earnest even though her voice was shaky. 'Then you said you could do anything you wanted to me. That's not the same. Which one is it?'

For a moment his face showed an unidentifiable expression.

'You're cleverer than you look.' He said. A half smile flickered across his lips, and then disappeared. 'It's the latter.'

She looked confused.

'The second one.' He explained.

She considered.

'If it's that one, then it's up to you then really, isn't it?' She said.

That was it. Fourteen syllables. Is that enough to justify what happened after? Well, who said a sonnet is fourteen lines? Who can really say what justifies a fantasy?

So here she was. The wet-haired girl in front of him was spluttering and gasping. Her front was soaked. He could see goose bumps on her smooth skin. That small bruise on her leg was forgotten. She closed her eyes. She was exhausted.

She had said stop in a hundred ways, but had never once said she took it back. She was his to do with as he pleased.

He untied her and let her recover for a while, her limbs spasming as life returned to them. He pulled her clothes off. She gazed up at him, relieved the water had stopped. She had not properly feared for her life, but the sensation of water up her nose had been pretty horrible. She felt almost drunk.

'Take off your clothes.' He said.

By now she was almost relieved to get out of them. They were heavy and cold, and her aching limbs struggled to get them off. By the time she got down to her underwear she was shaking, but some of her strength had returned.

'Fuck you.' She muttered. She had called him every name under the sun, but now mainly stuck with the conventional ones. 'You're a fucking psycho.'

'Take them off.'

She realized it was the first time she would be naked in front of him. He was still fully clothed. She glanced up at him for an instant. How old was he? What did he do when he wasn't abducting girls from bus-stops and making their nightmares come true?

He came over to her. She flinched. She was still in a pile on the floor, her sodden clothes strewn around her. He ran his fingers lightly along the rope-marks on her arms. She shivered, in a different way to the cold. Softly, he reached around her and unhooked her bra. He pulled it off her arms, then pushed her gently onto her back and pulled down her knickers, following his hands with his mouth, not touching her but just so she could feel the breath on her skin. She moved her feet to allow him to take her pants off. She hoped momentarily that he didn't look too closely at them: him thinking she'd been wet would have been the ultimate embarrassment at that moment. She began to blush again.

Then she kicked him in the face as hard as she could.

There was a moment of utter stillness. She could have sprinted to the door, but she just sat and stared at what she'd done. The door would have been locked anyway.

He staggered to his feet. A small, bright bit of blood showed on the side of his mouth.

'Oh kiddo.' He said, smiling a smile that made her suddenly feel very nervous. 'You shouldn't have done that.'

'I'm sorry.' She said, edging away across the floor. 'I didn't mean to.'

Her eyes were incredibly wide, and her lower lip was trembling. She suddenly looked very naked. He stared down at her.

And noticed her right hand edging towards the leg of the chair in the corner.

'I won't do it again.' She said weakly.

'You're right on that one.'

He predicted it before she did it this time. When she grabbed the leg of the chair and slid it as hard as she could across the floor towards him, he knocked it out of the way easily.

'Alright, you little whore.' He said. 'Enough of playtime.'

He dragged her to her feet and pushed her up against the wall. She struggled violently. He pulled a plastic tie out of his pocket and tried to loop it around her wrists, pulling her arms behind her back again. She squirmed and cried out, feeling his body pressing her into the wall. It was the first time she had felt so much of him against her. Did he have an erection?

She jerked her wrists away, trying to escape the looped plastic. Roughly, he pulled her around, keeping her arms pinned together behind her back. He shoved a loose black hood over her head and managed to get the tie tight around her wrist. She made small angry noises but was either too weak or too aroused to stop him.

He slapped her squarely in the face. The hood stopped her from seeing it coming. The noises stopped.

He pushed her away from him, turning her around. She stumbled backwards, up against the wall. She stood there nervously, moving her head around blindly in the blackness of the hood. She took a few tentative steps to the left and he grabbed her bound wrists and dragged her back against him. His cock was hard, she could feel it.

He grabbed her neck with one hand and ran his hand roughly up and down her naked body with the other. Her skin glowed as she arched and struggled under his touch.

He moved his hand down to her pussy and stuck two fingers roughly inside her.

'I bet you're used to guys treating you like a fucking princess.' He hissed into her ear. She gasped. She couldn't help it. He pressed against her g-spot hard, and she gave a desperate small moan. 'There we go.' He muttered. 'You're a fucking little slut. You've always wanted a guy to own your ass. Tell me I fucking own you.'

She moaned again.

He tried to stick a finger in her ass.

'Stop!' She shrieked, but he'd already stopped.

'Who'd have thought.' He laughed. 'Miss hardcore-drug-taker is scared of taking it up the arse.'

She was silent.

'Ha. We'll save that for later.' He laughed.

He stopped finger-fucking her and bent her over roughly. He unzipped his trousers and pulled out his dick. He rubbed the tip of it against her wet opening, grabbing her arse with both hands. She pushed back against him, trying to get him inside her.

'Tell me I own you.' He said. She was on her tiptoes, pressing herself back against him.


'That'll do for now.'

He thrust inside her, filling her completely. She cried out. He was bigger than she was used to.

But one thrust was all she got.

'Alright.' He said. 'Now back to that chair that you liked so much.'

He ripped the hood off her head, and grabbed her by the hair, making her eyes water. He pulled her over to the chair, setting it on its feet. He said down and in one swift movement pulled her over his knee.

'Noooooo!' She was pleading, not demanding.

'Oh, I think so.'

'What are you going to do?!'

'Come on, baby. You're not that dumb.'

Her naked body was spread helplessly over his knee, hands still tied behind her back, ass completely exposed.

'You can't!'

'Now.' He said. 'Is it a good idea to be telling me what I can and can't do right now?'

'Fuck you!'

He put his hand on her ass. He didn't hit her, just touched her skin. She suddenly went completely still and rigid.

'It hurts more if you tense up.' He said. 'Your loss.'

He started spanking her hard, one hand on the small of her back to keep her in place.


'For fuck's sake. I can see I'm going to have to gag you.'

He picked her underwear up off the floor. He rubbed it between her legs, then reached down and thrust it into her protesting mouth.

'If that comes out, you're fucking dead.'

He began spanking her again, even harder. She started kicking after only a couple of minutes.

'You've got a shit pain tolerance for someone with so many Marquis de Sade-worthy fantasies.' He said.

'What the fuck!' She said through the beginning of tears. She had spat out the underwear. 'What are you fucking talking about?!'

'And a shit vocabulary for someone who studies English.' He said.

'You fucking swear more than I do!'

'Aw, is it not fair?' He said patronizingly. 'Is it not fair that you're over my knee, getting spanked like a naughty little girl?'

Before she had time to reply he had thrown her off his lap onto the floor. She collapsed onto it in a painful pile. He grabbed the underwear and walked over to her.

Her eyes were smudged with make-up. A strand of her hair was plastered to her sweaty cheek. He reached down and grabbed her face hard.

He shoved the underwear in her face.

'I know this is very hard for you to understand, since you're clearly far more fucking retarded than previously assumed, but I told you to keep these in. In fact, I threatened to kill you if you didn't. We'll assume I was being metaphorical just this once, you dumb slut.'

He let go of her. She opened her mouth expectantly.

'No, you've lost your chance.' He said. 'You're getting something else in that stupid mouth of yours. Clearly it's good for fuck-all else.'

He grabbed the back of her head and shoved his dick deep into her mouth. He pressed it hard into the back of her throat, making her choke and her eyes water.

'Look up at me while you choke on my fucking cock.'

She gazed up at him, the picture of humiliation. He spat down into her eye.

Momentarily blinded, she gagged violently as he thrust his dick even further into her mouth.

He fucked her face roughly. Then he noticed her hand. It was between her legs.

'What is wrong with you?!' He slapped her face, hard. 'Do you not understand what's going on here? I can see we have a lot to go through. But that's enough for today. Don't want you getting too excited. It's not even Stockholm Syndrome. You're just a fucking little whore.'

He grabbed her by the neck, pulling her to her feet. He pushed her up against the wall. Her feet dangled above the floor. Within a matter of seconds, her vision began to splinter into blackness and she could feel herself slipping into darkness.

'Please!' She tried to shout, but only a small croak came out.

When she came to, she was already tied up.

She was on a bare mattress on the floor, with no cover. Her arms and legs were stretched out into the four corners. He had made her put on a white shirt, like a piece of school uniform. It had two front pockets, and into these he had put two small vibrating bullets. The tight shirt pressed them against her nipples. The skirt he had put her in was up around her waist from her squirming. Her pussy was completely exposed; her legs stretched wide open, completely vulnerable.

'I might come back and fuck you later. Try and think about what you've learnt today. Bye, you little idiot.'

He began to leave.

'Please don't leave me!' She cried. He hesitated.

'How old are you?' He asked. 'It was the one thing I couldn't figure out.'

He could almost hear her thinking.

'I'm, um, fifteen.' She said in a tiny, innocent voice.

'Hah'. He shook his head, smiling. 'You are so full of shit.'

Just as he closed the door he heard the shout.

'I'm twenty-one! But that doesn't make this legal!'

She lay in the dark, breathing deeply. The sound of his footsteps faded. All she could hear was her own breath and the buzz of the vibrators against her aroused nipples. She remembered his look at her over his shoulder as he left, a half-smile. Like the smile a conspirator would smile, a partner in crime.

Her arms and legs had already begun to wait. She wondered desperately how long she would be waiting for him. She started to imagine the tortures he would subject her to, he could keep her there forever if he wanted...

Who knows.

Maybe it was a nice story after all.

Elizabeth ran through the streets, her skirts swishing, giving away her location. The streetlights were out; there was no one to see her, no one to hear her scream. The footsteps behind her were drawing nearer. She could hear nothing over the frantic beating of her heart. She rounded the corner of the alleyway and screamed.

He was there, waiting for her, she turned to run but his reflexes were too quick for her, she felt his claws wrap around her wrist. The blood trickling from the cuts they made. He brought her wrist to his mouth and tongued the blood off.

"Can't waste any now, can we?" he rasped.

She tried to scream, but her throat was too dry, he pinned her to the wall and she was too weak to resist. He swept the escaped strands of hair away from her neck, leaving it bared for him.

He smiled, flashing his fangs at her. His eyes turning to that eerie crimson red as she saw his fangs elongate to enable him to sink the sharp points into her. He pinned her shoulders to the wall and forced his thigh between hers, trapping her well and truly.

Tears of fear she had thought long run out began to silently trickle down her face, her eyes silently sending out one last plea for mercy. She did not want to die.

His smile grew wicked and he ran his eyes over her body again, she grew hot under his stare, she would rather die than be defiled. She felt his hand creep up and massage the inside of her thigh before slipping inside her.

"Ahh," he sighed, "A virgin, you'll fetch a good price."

As her pulse quickened it seemed to draw his attention back to her neck, where the beat was visible.

She looked up to the stars, they had betrayed her, shining no light for her to see to escape. The moon hung, a pale shadow, as if ashamed it had not helped her plight.

She felt a sharp pain at her neck as he finally sank his fangs into her. Elizabeth gasped as an unexpected heat flowed through her body. She began to grow weak as he sucked her life force out of her. Her vision clouded and she slumped in his embrace.


When Elizabeth woke she found herself tied naked to the wall. Her arms were chained above her head, pushing her breasts up, and her legs were tied apart to rings in the ground spreading her open as if for inspection.

She heard murmurings as the stage she was on suddenly illuminated, apparently to show her off to the waiting men.

Dozens of red eyes glowed at her from seats as the vampires took their fill of her body. A vampire appeared next to her and announced to the crowd.

"Lot 2669 kindred, a natural redhead, with an hourglass figure, she's small and should be easy to control. With the added bonus of being a virgin for those of you out there hunting mates, or maybe sport."

A slow rumble of amusement ran though the crowd as several of them surged forwards to get a better look.

"As usual the elders have first choice so I invite them up here to take a look and investigate this new acquisition. We have small samples of her blood for those of you who like to try before you buy."

Elizabeth watched through blurry eyes as about twenty males ascended the stage. All of them grabbed samples of her blood that had been drawn from her body earlier. She watched as they tasted it, some of their eyes dulled a little and they left the stage, a few had eyes that did not change but three of the vampires had eyes that flared gold for just a second when they tasted her blood.

They were the first to come and stand closer to her. Finally the remaining vampires either joined them or left the stage. After a few minutes there were only seven vampires left on the stage.

The auctioneer stood next to her again. "Now kindred you are invited to touch this beauty, see what you think to the texture of her skin, the temperature, the pulse beneath."

One by one the vampires filled up and ran their hands over her cheek and the curve of her waist, every time she tried to turn away from their touch, to avoid those questing hands but it was useless. A further two left the stage.

Elizabeth felt the pierce of a needle in the muscle of her neck and watched as a slow smile spread over the vampires still stood by her.

"In a moment the aphrodisiac will kick in kindred and you will be able to scent her, see if you feel you are compatible."

"You evil parasites! What the hell are you doing to me, please just let me go!" she moaned as a wave of heat washed over her, making her pussy contract around air. She felt dampness between her legs and as the vampires inhaled she watched their reactions again, hoping all would hate her and she would be freed.

All their eyes glowed brighter as they breathed in her scent, and the auctioneer invited them to touch her breasts to see if they approved.

The first vampire stepped up and ran his hands over her breasts then sneered and left the stage. The second ran his hands over her and then squeezed them gently, causing an involuntary moan. The third did the same and was rewarded with the same reaction. The fourth vampire ran his fingers over her areolas and then viciously pinched them causing her to jerk and scream.

There were now three vampires left.

The auctioneer invited them to sit as he flashed the initial price over her head. £5,000.

"A fairly cheap starting place kindred, do I hear 10?"

All three nodded.




When the bid rose to £70,000 the mean vampire dropped out. That left two more.

One was a brunette, lean muscular build, with eyes that flickered grey every few seconds. The other was blonde, built like a god, with rock hard muscles, and eyes that flickered to an icy blue.

"Kindred there are two of you left, equal in years, you may now continue to bid or you may fight for her, the winner will take her home."

"He will not!" Elizabeth yelled indignantly.

She was ignored.

The vampires opted to fight it out and she watched them circle each other.


Will hadn't planned on coming to the auctions tonight, he wasn't looking for a two second bunny, he had been searching for his mate.

As he walked past the door he caught the scent of aroused vampire, and stuck his head round the door to see why they were so fussed. The girl tied up was indeed a fine piece of work.

He was going to turn back and leave when her scent carried across the room to him. It was his mate! And some other vampire had caught her and sold her to the auction house.

His eyes turned a dull red with anger as he made his way to the front of the crowd.

"Lot 2669 kindred, a natural redhead, with an hourglass figure, she's small and should be easy to control. With the added bonus of being a virgin for those of you out there hunting mates, or maybe sport."

He growled angrily, no one but he was going home with her tonight, he didn't care if it cost him everything he owned and placed him in debt she was his.

"As usual the elders have first choice so I invite them up here to take a look and investigate this new acquisition. We have small samples of her blood for those of you who like to try before you buy."

Will was among twenty of the elders that got up to take a chance of claiming her.

He picked up a vile of her blood and inhaled its unique scent, then tasted it. It took all his self-control not to moan out loud, her blood was like ambrosia itself.

"Now kindred you are invited to touch this beauty, see what you think to the texture of her skin, the temperature, the pulse beneath."

He was one of the first to touch her. Her skin was smoother than silk, slightly cool to the touch, he could hear her heart pounding with fear as she tried to avoid his touch.

"In a moment the aphrodisiac will kick in kindred and you will be able to scent her, see if you feel you are compatible."

Will dug his claws into his palms, almost drawing blood as he struggled to fight the instinct that screamed possession.

"You evil parasites! What the hell are you doing to me, please just let me go!" she moaned.

A stab of pity ran through him as he watched her futile struggle against a drug that had been tried and tested for centuries. Then as a wave of her arousal washed over him hunger for her body writhing beneath him replaced every other thought.

There was only himself and three others now. He watched as Derik left the stage. He softly palmed her breast wondering at the softness of it before withdrawing as she moaned. Then watched James do the same thing and heard her moan for him too. He had to prevent himself from decking Charles when he saw him hurt her.

The auctioneer invited them to sit as he flashed the initial price over her head. £5,000.

"A fairly cheap starting place kindred, do I hear 10?"

Will nodded, as did the other two.

"15," They all nodded.

"20" They all nodded again.

"40" Charles hesitated before nodding like the other two.

When the bid rose to £70,000 Charles dropped out and left the stage. That Will and James. Both their reactions had appeared to be the same, could they both have the same mate? Never! Never share!

"Kindred there are two of you left, equal in years, you may now continue to bid or you may fight for her, the winner will take her home."

"He will not!" Elizabeth yelled indignantly.

Will loved her spirit, he only hoped he wouldn't break it when he broke her in.

They opted to fight it out and began to circle each other.


Elizabeth watched as Blonde struck first, lethal claws inches from Brunette's neck, Brunette countered and caught Blonde's stomach. Thick black blood seeped onto the floor.

Brunette caught the Blonde with a vicious upper cut to the chest at the same moment that the Blonde managed to slice Brunette's thigh to the bone.

The fight continued, both of them coming off injuries before the Blonde finally conceded. The Brunette accepted the victory without a smile. The auctioneer decapitated the Blonde, apparently because he lost, though the Brunette didn't look happy about it.

"Lot 2669, property of William Taylor." The auctioneer declared.

Elizabeth watched as the Brunette, William Taylor approached her. He smiled softly at her. She felt the cuffs holding her open as he undid the locks telepathically. The feeling came back in a rush and she slumped into his arms as her legs gave way.

"Please," she whispered. "May I have your cloak? I don't want to be paraded." Her eyes were lowered to the floor submissively.

She felt a top and a pair of jeans cover her body as he took her small hand into his larger one to lead her away.

A pair of trainers appeared on her feet and he led her through twisting, turning alleys before finally reaching a beautiful Victorian house.

Once they were inside he closed and locked the door and turned to face her. She saw a deep longing in his eyes before he turned from her and led her down some stairs into a basement.

The basement door swung shut behind them and she found herself in a room that seemed to contain little more than a massive four-poster bed.

She felt his presence move from in front of her to directly behind, though her eyes could not perceive him move. His hands landed lightly on her shoulders and he gently massaged her shoulders, before turning her around and placing a gentle kiss upon her lips.

That gentle kiss had her moaning as the aphrodisiac from earlier stirred and came to life.

He moaned back and took her mouth in a fiercer kiss, bringing one hand up to massage her breast through her top while the other secured her waist, preventing her from moving back.

He slipped the hand under the top and captured her nipple in his fingertips, teasing it until it felt like a little pebble, and then lavished attention on the other.

He dissolved her clothes away again and took his with them. Now she could feel exactly how much he wanted her. He kissed her more passionately before nibbling a path down to her neck, where he nipped her lightly with his fangs. Though not enough to draw blood.

He felt her stiffen and smelled her fear return.

"Are you going to kill me?" she asked quietly.

"No love," he assured her, "I'm going to give you immortality and love you forever."

Before she could respond to that he dipped his head down and took her nipple into his mouth, pinning it in place between his fangs as he flicked it with his tongue and her body turned to jelly.

One hand attended the other nipple while the other stole down to run through her pubic hair before finding her clit.

She jumped and moaned as his fingers came into contact with her treasure. He pushed her back onto the bed, her back arching up to keep her nipple in his mouth.

He pulled back and she felt the loss immediately before he laved his way down her body, stopping at her belly button then continuing on until it reached her pussy. Once there he growled as her scent filled his nostrils and latched onto her clit as if it was his lifeline.

Elizabeth gasped at the intensity of the feeling as he circled, sucked and licked her clit with that clever tongue. His moans vibrated through her and in no time at all she experienced her first orgasm. The world exploded in a shower of stars as she fought for breath, her hip bucking, begging incoherently for him to fill her.

He slid back up her body as the afterwaves were leaving her and with no warning sunk his fangs into her neck, drinking a little of her blood. She screamed as his fangs pierced her flesh before they released a hormone that triggered off a second orgasm.

She bucked and ground against him as he drank his fill. Then he closed the wound as was kissing her again. The coppery taste of her own blood was on his tongue. Then his blood filled her mouth as he cut his tongue on his fang.

She tried not to swallow it but too much welled up. With his mouth on hers there was only one way to get it out of her mouth, so she swallowed the blood, grimacing at the fiery aftertaste.

He smiled and praised her and she felt an absurd sense of achievement and a girlish impulse to smile and giggle with pleasure at having pleased him.

He trailed down to her sex and she moaned again, "No, I beg you, I don't have another in me,"

He ignored her.

Then quite suddenly she felt his tongue inside her opening, thrusting as if mimicking a more personal act.

She cried out in pain as his tongue pierced her hymen. He drank the blood it released and she heard him roar through his own orgasm as she passed out.

When she woke she was nestled in his arms, she felt relaxed. She shifted slightly and her buttocks collided with his massive erection.

She turned to look at him. His handsome face bore a smile as her hands tentatively explored his chest. She gingerly touched his penis, noticing the way it throbbed. The thing must be about nine inches long, and at least two or three inches thick!

He moaned as she ran her fingers over it, fascinated. He couldn't take any more and rolled her so that he lay nestled in between her thighs. She sighed as his weight settled on top of her.

His hand tested her entrance gingerly, surprised to find her wet with anticipation as he kissed her deeply.

He circled her clit with the head of his penis, teasing her every now and then by pausing at the entrance as if to enter her before moving away again. She moaned and thrashed, wanting to be filled for the first time in her life.

"Invite me in." he said quietly.

She froze as curiosity took over, "I though that was if you wanted to enter someone's house," she said breathlessly.

He chuckled, "Tales often get details wrong,"

She opened her mouth again, but he caught it in a kiss that sent her moaning, wanting him with a need that verged on desperation.

"Invite me in," he repeated.

Elizabeth looked deep into his eyes, seeing a love shining there that she had never seen a mortal show, feeling an answering love begin swelling in her own chest.

She let her legs fall open and managed to whisper out, "Please, fill me."

He thrust into her with one sure movement and then held there, allowing her to stretch around him, seeing the bliss on her face as her muscles tightened around him, drawing him in deeper.

He withdrew and then pushed in again and heard her sigh softly. His control was slipping and soon he pistoned in and out of her quick enough to steal her breath. He played with her clit as he felt his own orgasm welling up.

They burst over the pinnacle together and he stayed buried deep inside her until the shudders had ceased for both of them and then took her mouth in another gentle kiss.

"Welcome to eternity," he whispered to her.

I limped into the locker room and looked around for Bob. It was the middle of practice but I had tweaked my groin on a hurdle and Coach had sent me inside to get it worked on by the trainer. I didn't complain too much. All the girls on the track team whispered about Bob when no one was around he was fresh out of college and gorgeous. He wasn't cute like the boys in my senior class, he was a man with a smile that could make anyone tingle. I didn't care that he was years older than my 18.

I popped my head into the training room but I didn't see him. I called out his name and spun only to find him standing right behind me holding a stack of towels. I jumped and he reached out to steady me. I could feel the skin on my arms tingling where his hands had grabbed me.

"I... uh... need a massage." I stammered out and immediately realized how that sounded. My face flushed red and I looked down at my feet. Bob just chuckled as I explained, "Coach sent me in here for one. I strained my groin on a hurdle." He slid past me into the training room and set the towels down on one of the tables.

"Hop up." He waved a hand at the massage table. I limped over and tried to slide on. I got about halfway onto the table when harm hands gripped my waist and suddenly I was on my back on the center of the table. I looked up at his face, which assessed me with a cool intensity. I had never been bothered by it before but my running spandex and sports bra suddenly seemed like inadequate barriers between my body and his piercing gaze.

I quickly explained what I had been doing and what the pain had felt like and which side was feeling sore. He took it all in making a few notes on a clipboard and then set it down and turned to face me again.

"Alright," he started rubbing his hands together. "I'm gonna start with some stretches and we can see what your mobility is like and then we can go from there." I nodded, suddenly very nervous.

Bob's hands grabbed my calf and thigh and slowly pulled my knee upwards to my chest saying, "Tell me if it begins to hurt." I nodded again. My thigh was pressed into my stomach and all I felt was a mild tension which although uncomfortable couldn't be construed as pain.

He nodded as I explained and then returned my leg to an upright position so that my stomach and thigh, and my thigh and shin both created 90 degree angles. He pulled my knee sideways and I blushed as I opened my hips to his gaze. He got about 20 degree before I felt pain and I yelped "Ouch!". Bob slowly moved my leg back down to the table.

"Looks like you strained your adductor muscles," he explained to her. "I can rub you down and then we'll ice today to keep down the swelling and we can reassess tomorrow. Sound good?"

"Sounds great!"

His hands started at my knee and worked their way upwards. I realized with a start that his hands were moving closer and closer to my pussy. It was hard to feel embarrassed about that though because his hands were working magic on my thigh. He was halfway between my knee when his hands slowed to a stop and were resting on my thigh.

"The pain was a little higher," I mumble and then add without thinking "and more inside my thigh." I could feel blood rush to my cheeks as I realized what that sounded like but Bob's face didn't even alter. He simply nodded and slid his fingers lower between my legs. I felt my legs part just slightly at the touch. I closed my eyes reveling in the pleasure of the massage but his hands came to a stop again and I urged him "Higher." He didn't argue, simply did as I instructed until his hands were on top of my spandex.

I knew that meant he was only a couple inches away from my pussy and it was confirmed when his hand brushed up against my mound. I looked up and his business like expression had cracked just a little. I thought he looked rather embarrassed by the accidental brush. I should have been embarrassed too, but for some reason his touch had only made my pussy tingle. He pulled his hands away abruptly and spun to grab his clipboard.

"That's good for now." He handed me an ice pack without making eye contact and I settled it into place biting back a moan at the coldness pressed intimately against me. He rushed out of the room then and I closed my eyes to wait.

By myself, I began to feel a little bit of embarrassment as well. Bob was a professional and only doing his job. It wasn't his fault I was getting turned on by his touch. I felt properly embarrassed of my feelings by the time he returned in 15 minutes.

"Take off the ice now," he instructed from the doorway and I did tossing it across the room. He looked torn, and I waited for him to speak. Finally he blurted out, "Do you want some icy hot?" I must have looked confused because he added as an explanation, "It will soothe your muscles, and it feels nice." I nodded without thought. I didn't know how many more nice feelings I could take but I couldn't seem to forgo the opportunity to have his hands on me again.

He squeezed a dollop of the gel onto his fingers and then massaged my inner thigh where it wasn't covered by my spandex shorts. His hands felt startlingly hot on my cold skin and without thinking I spoke.

"A little higher," and then shyly, "Remember?" He pulled the hem of shorts away from my skin and slid his other hand underneath. He rubbed in circles that slowly got larger until I felt his fingertips brush the edge of my thong, my body jumped automatically and I cursed myself when his hands pulled away. I could see his adam's apple bob and Bob rushed away telling me to rest my leg overnight.

I slid off the table onto wobbly legs and wondered what the hell was wrong with me.

The next day at practice I suited up, but Coach said I couldn't practice unless Bob cleared me. I was torn between shame and excitement as the locker room cleared out leaving Bob and me alone again.

I hopped up onto the table, my leg was feeling significantly better at that point. This time I was wearing my rundies, running underwear, instead of my spandex shorts. I told myself it was because it was a warm day and not because I wanted Bob to see me in them, but I knew that it was a weak lie.

Bob went through the stretching again, and I had more flexibility than I had the day before, but it still wasn't 100 percent. While he massaged my thigh, I asked him about his family (two brothers), his age (25), his wife (none), his girlfriend (none). I knew I wasn't being subtle exactly, but I also didn't really care. It was harmless. When he handed me the ice pack this time, he stayed in the room and we chatted. He was doing paperwork at his desk, but every once in a while I would catch him dart a glance at my body then turn back to his work. I was thrilled, I knew enough about men to be able to tell when one was checking me out.

When I handed back the icepack after 15 minutes, I didn't wait for him to offer before asking for icy hot.

"Do you want to put it on yourself?" He asked an almost undetectable tremor in his voice.

"I like the way you massage it in." His adam's apple bobbed once, twice. I grinned. I guessed even a high school senior like me could make him nervous.

He rubbed it in where he had previously and I let my head fall back and appreciate the tingling sensations, on my thigh and in the pit of my stomach. He pressed a little to hard and my hips jerked to the side as he hit a tender spot. Unfortunately, his hand slipped and he wiped a large glob of icy hot onto the side of my pussy. We both froze, staring at each other with panic. Then I felt it, a slow tingle building to a monumental burn. He'd gotten icy hot on pussy. My eyes widened and I choked out a small squeak.

"Get it off!" I cried, waving my hands in a blind panic. It hurt like the devil. The stinging went way beyond any pleasurable tingle of arousal. He ran to the sink and covered a towel in water. I came to my senses enough to realize that the icy hot was mostly on top of my rundies and I managed to pull them down over my ass to mid thigh by the time Bob had spun back around.

He hesitated for a second and then looked at my pleading face and rushed over. He pulled my rundies off my legs completely and tossed them aside. He bent over and gently ran the warm, wet towel down the crack of my pussy. He grabbed a clean part of the towel and did it again wiping from the center outwards.

His eyes were glued to his task and I realized after a minute that the burning had subsided to a pleasant tingle. Bob's eyes were glazed and his wipes were slower and more deliberate at that point. I should have told him to stop but I didn't.

One swipe brushed against my clit and I moaned. The sound seemed to break Bob from his reverie and his face flushed with the realization of what he had been doing. I grabbed his wrist, not letting him pull away. He looked up at me with panic.

"Thank you," I said wanting to reassure him, "I just panicked." He nodded. He pulled his hand away and walked away giving me time to walk quickly to my locker and get out a clean pair of running shorts. I joined the team, telling Coach that Bob had said I could only do a light workout. Thankfully no one seemed to notice that I had changed clothes.

The weekend meant that I didn't have practice for 2 whole days. What was normally a welcome reprieve suddenly felt like a never ending torment. I couldn't wait for practice on Monday. Monday morning, I shaved my pussy put on some makeup and sat through all my classes daydreaming about Bob's warm, talented hands.

I faked a limp in front of Coach, and he ordered me to do a checkup with Bob before practice. I tried to hide my grin and busied myself with braiding my hair as I waited for the locker room to clear out.

Bob was very clearly nervous about what had happened the previous day.

"I don't know what I would have done without you," I murmured up at him, stroking his bicep as he stretched my leg. My flexibility was back at 100 percent and he put my leg back down on the table gently.

"You're looking good I think you can go ahead and do a full workout today, as long as you're aware of your adductors." I pouted realizing that he was trying to get out of touching me anymore than he had to.

"No massage?"

"I don't think you need one." He wouldn't make eye contact with me.

"What if I want one?" I asked and his eyes jerked up to meet mine. I smiled coyly and ran a hand down my taut stomach and trailed my fingers along the crease where my thigh met my hips. "I'm a little sore right here." His adam's apple bobbed, a sight I was learning to love.

His hands worked magic and I let myself enjoy the massage, moaning low when he hit a good spot. His hands moved up higher and higher, until even though he massaging my thigh still his pinky was rubbing against my pussy. I didn't bother holding back anything.

I sighed and whispered "Oh God's" and "hmm". I knew that we were both aware of what was happening and so I encouraged him where I could. I held myself perfectly still, trying not to spook him but I couldn't keep my hips from twitching forward occasionally trying to find the source of the pleasure I was feeling.

I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter, but Bob wouldn't actually touch my pussy. Something fell off the benches in the locker and Bob stepped away quickly. My hand replaced his and it only took a few strokes of my pussy before I was shuddering through an orgasm on the table. Bob's eyes were glued to my hand between my legs and when my orgasm subsided, I hopped off the table and sauntered away satisfied. I knew then that Bob wanted me as badly as I wanted him.

I practiced normally for the rest of the week smiling at Bob whenever I saw him. I wanted to give him time to think about what had happened, I wanted him to miss me, to dream about me, to think about me. I wanted him to be ready for me.

At the end of the week Coach cancelled practice early and as I left the locker room, I saw Bob sitting in the training room going through papers. I walked all the way out to my car and then pretended I had left my chem book in my locker. I shooed my friends on and went back to the locker room. It was blissfully empty.

I dropped my bag on the floor and strode into the training room closing the door behind me. Bob turned to look up at me startled. Neither of us said a word as I locked the door and closed all of the blinds until we were well an truly alone. Even if someone came back to the locker room, they wouldn't be able to see us.

"How's your leg doing?" He said, finally breaking the silence. I hopped up onto the table and spread my legs as wide as I could and dangled my feet over the side.

"Good thanks to you." His mouth gaped open as his eyes dropped down to where my pussy strained agains the spandex. "I was thinking though that maybe you could massage it just in case. I don't want it to get stiff over the weekend." I lingered over the word stiff. We both knew that the massage was just a flimsy pretense, but he still hesitated.

He nodded silently and trailed his hand from my knee to hip and repeated. He massaged from my knee his hands barely pausing along the way as the raced up. He paused when he reached the top of my thigh and turned to look at me. I looked up at him and nodded, suddenly shyer than I had been a minute ago. That was all he needed.

His palm cupped my mound and I arched my back at the pleasure of it.

"I gave myself a massage last night," I whimpered as he rocked the heel of his palm against me. "I like it better when you do it." He held down my hip in one of his big hands and let his other brush up and down the side of my pussy. His other rubbed up and down my pussy making me shiver. I knew that he was in total control of my body, and I liked it.

"How's this?" he croaked pressing down on her clit. My moan of pleasure was as good of a response as any and repeated himself. "I wanna see you," he whispered. Before I could blink my spandex were on the floor. I didn't even have time to feel embarrassed.

His hands were back on me in a second, pulling my pussy lips apart and baring me to his hungry gaze. His eyes blazed and then his finger was inside me, stroking me and teasing me until I was wordless. He pulled his hand away and then I was even more full, he added another finger and his thumb brushed against my clit making me jerk.

"Oh fuck," I moaned.

"Okay," he promised. I giggled. I could feel myself getting closer and closer to an orgasm. Before I could get there, he pulled his hands away. My mind scrambled to make sense of my sudden emptiness and he pulled the straps of my sports bra down my arms exposing my breasts to the world. I shimmied my arms the rest of the way out and he leaned over licking one nipple then the other.

I reached out and unzipped his pants trying to wrestle them off his hips he chuckled at my failed efforts and pulled them down, he stepped out of them on climbed onto the table still licking and sucking on my breasts. His boxer tented obscenely and I reached inside. His cock was hard, but still somehow soft to the touch and ran my fingers along it marveling at the way it felt in my hand.

He jumped off the table, whipped off his boxers and then jumped back on. Then he was kissing me, and he laying on top of me touching every part of my body. I could feel his cock pressed against my stomach and his hands in my hair. I felt breathless. Bob pulled away from me and looked down between his bodies.

His cock was in his hand and he was aiming it at my pussy. He slid into me in one thrust burying his cock in my pussy. His cock felt so different from my dildo at home, warmer and better and then he pulled out and thrust back in and all comparisons fell away. This was something completely new.

"Again," I begged. He complied. We didn't say anything while we fucked. There was no need. I was floating and then I felt his teeth close around my nipple pulling me back down to earth and I came, smothering my cries against his t-shirt. His hips sped up to fervor. With a cry of "Oh fuck!" he pulled out of me and fisted his cock spurting stream after stream of cum onto my stomach. I watched it pool in my belly button and then looked up at him. He sat back on his heels and stared at me.

I could barely catch my breath and my body was still humming with pleasure. I stared back at him and smiled. He didn't smile. He reached out splayed his hands across my abs. His hands rubbed in circles, like he was rubbing his cum into my skin. He slid them up and massaged my breasts.

I grabbed one of his hands and brought it to my mouth pulling him forward. I sucked each of his fingers into my mouth and licked his palm clean. His eyes were rapt, and I loved that I could make him lose control like that. His cum didn't taste good, but it didn't taste bad either I decided.

"I should clean you up," he said, his tone implying that he didn't exactly want to. He rolled off the table anyways and wet a towel in the sink. He cleaned my pussy tenderly and the warmth of the towel felt soothing to my swollen lips. He wiped the cum out of my belly button which I was grateful for, but when he lifted the towel to wipe the rapidly drying cum off my boobs I stopped him.

"No, leave it." He didn't ask questions and I was glad because I had no idea why I liked the idea of his cum staying on my skin. I pulled my sports bra back on and found my spandex on the floor. He was buttoning up his pants when I leaned forward and kissed him. The kiss was gentle and our tongues tangled lazily against each other before I pulled away.

"See you on Monday," I called over my shoulder as I unlocked the door and left. He nodded at me a grin creeping across his face.

"I look forward to it."

At 18 years old you think you can take on the world; that you're immortal. Usually something happens that, in no uncertain terms, tells you that you're wrong. A broken bone, or a near-death experience in a car, or...

...or your Mom suddenly dying. One moment she was with us and life was good, and the next she was being rushed to the hospital. Soon after she was dead, the victim of a brain hemorrhage. The doctor said it could have happened to anyone.

But it wasn't just anyone...it was Mom! My Mommy...

Dad took us back home after we left the hospital. It was just him and his two daughters now...well, stepdaughters. He had met Mom 11 years ago, when Stacy and I (I'm Robyn) were just 5 and 7, and they had married almost 2 years later. We didn't remember our biological dad (BioDad, as Mom used to call him), who took off before Stacy was born. In our minds Cal was our Dad.

It took a while for all of us to get to sleep that first night. I just lay in bed, tossing and turning. Finally, it was 1 AM and I had to pee.

As I left my room I could sense someone was in the kitchen. My eyes adjusted to the light and I could see Dad shuffling about in there.

"Dad?" I called. He turned to me and seemed to pause. I moved closer. As I did so I realized he wasn't wearing a shirt. And a moment later I realized he also wasn't wearing pants...or underwear!

"Ack!" I gurgled, averting my eyes. "Dad! What're you doing in here, naked?!" He didn't answer. "Dad?" I turned back to him, keeping my eyes on his face. He just stood there.

"DAD!" I yelled.

He dropped like a stone. As he hit the floor he started screaming and screaming, his limbs flailing. Stacy bolted out of her room, looking as terrified as I felt.

I was about to call 9-1-1 when Dad stopped. Just...stopped. No movement, no noise. I leaned close and could hear him breathing slowly. He was asleep.

He seemed to be okay so we covered him with a blanket and went back to our own beds, frightened and confused.


In the morning Dad asked if he had been sleepwalking last night, as he had woken up on the kitchen floor. We said he had, and told him what had happened.

"I'm sorry girls," he said, looking extremely tired. "I used to do that when I was growing up; haven't done it in at least 15 years. Hopefully it won't happen again, but if it does please don't try to wake me. My doctor said that the shock could..."

We waited. Dad looked sheepish. "I have a heart murmur. A shock like that and I could have a heart attack. Just leave me to wander about...maybe lightly direct me back to bed, but no loud noises or jolting, okay?"

Stacy and I looked at each other. We could lose Dad too! We turned back to him and nodded. We would make sure he stayed safe.


We stayed home from school and Dad from work for a few days. When one of us would cry the other two would group hug so we could share strength. Dad hadn't sleepwalked since that first night.

When the day of the funeral arrived we buried Mom and said our goodbyes. The rain made it seem like the whole world was crying, not just us. During the reception I decided to ask Gran, Dad's Mom, about his sleepwalking.

"Oh dear, he's doing that again, is he?" she asked, looking around for Dad.

I took her hand. "Gran, is it true that waking him up while he's sleepwalking could kill him?"

She looked sad. "Yes, dear. I thought he grew out of it, but the recent loss of your Mom must have affected him deeply." She thought for a moment. "He'll need your help Robyn. Please do what you can for him." It seemed like she wanted to say something else, but instead she patted my hand and turned away.


That night I awoke to the sound of the kitchen chairs being moved around. I grabbed my bathrobe and went to see what was going on.

Dad was in the kitchen again, as naked as before, moving the table and chairs into a new configuration. I realized as he pushed the end of the table against the wall that it made more space in the kitchen's dining area, but now there was only room for 3 chairs. Was his subconscious trying to adapt to the new family dynamic by doing this?

When he was done I whispered that he should go to bed, and I gently steered him that way. He complied and then I did likewise.


Dad didn't sleepwalk for a couple of days, and then one night I awoke to find that I was not alone in my bed!

I turned to see him sleeping next to me in the dim light coming through the window from the street lamp. He was just sleeping, not in that weird in-between state. He was, again, naked.

He was on top of the covers and I was under them, so I just let him sleep there and returned to dreamland. In the morning he was gone.


Dad, Stacy, and I returned to work and school, respectively. It was hard, but the familiarity of school made it easier as the day went on.

Not so for Dad. He was already home when we got back after school. He said he broke down and cried during a meeting and had to come home. We hugged him and had a good cry together.


In the early morning I woke up with "the itch". I decided to have a shower and take care of it while everyone else slept. As the warm water cascaded down my (if I don't say so myself) sexy teenaged body I played with my clit and dipped my fingers into my pussy as my other hand tweaked one of my nipples. Soon I was gasping and shaking as I came. It was a relief to experience some pleasure after the horrible week I'd had.

I dried off, tied the towel above my boobs so it hung like a short dress on me, and then opened the bathroom door to let out some of the steam that was fogging up the mirror.

That fogginess was why I didn't see Dad coming up from behind me until his arms were around me, one hand going to my left boob while the other slipped under the towel, sliding up my thigh towards my pussy. He started to kiss the back of my neck.

"Oh!" I cried out in surprise, and then I mentally cursed myself. Despite this sudden crazy assault I realized that Dad must have been sleepwalking again, as he had never touched me in a sexual way; not ever. I needed to stop him, but not wake him up!

Except...his hand was manipulating my clit by this point. My towel had fallen to the floor, and his other hand, unblocked, was now squeezing my boob. I was completely naked, with my likewise completely naked stepfather sexually assaulting me in his sleep!

"Daddeee..." I hissed.

"Oh, Diane..." I heard him whisper, "I miss you baby."

He thought I was Mom! What could I do?

I felt something hard bump the bottom of one of my butt cheeks, and I jumped. That...was that his cock?

Dad was actually pretty good with his hands. He was making my clit and boob feel really good. That, combined with the passionate kisses on the back of my neck, was starting to make the pleasurable feelings stronger than my fear.

Throw water in his face? Call out for Stacy? All of those would probably wake him up. Oh, right...

"Dad, go to bed," I said quietly but forcefully.

In response Dad lowered his hips and I felt what was definitely his hard cock move under my butt and forward, the tip just about reaching its target. No, he mustn't! "Dad..." I started to repeat.

Dad pushed my head forward over the sink, bending me over and giving him a better angle. I felt the tip of his cock nudge between my pussy lips.

NO! I tried to move to the side but by this time he had transferred his hands to my hips, shoving my pelvis forward into the front of the sink and holding me fast.

I felt his cock start to push into me slowly. "Daddeee, nooo..." I said, but not too loudly. My vagina was well lubricated from my shower masturbation; there was no pain as he pushed more of his cock inside me. In fact, I'm ashamed to say it but, it actually felt good!

'No, not good,' a voice somewhere in the back of my mind cried, 'this is bad!'

Daddy pulled his cock out a bit and relief washed over me, but only for a moment before he pushed it back in harder, sinking it even deeper inside my hot, wet channel. I gasped at the sensation that I had only felt once before with a boy that had caught me in a weak moment a couple months back. That, however, had been with a condom, and this felt even better skin on skin!

No condom...oh God...as Dad once again pulled back a bit and then thrust even deeper inside me I struggled to remember my monthly cycle. Why couldn't I think straight?

Dad thrust a few more times, getting deeper and deeper inside my possibly fertile pussy each time. Finally, he was pressed against my butt cheeks and his cock was all the way inside. I felt so incredibly full!

He moved his hands from my hips up to my breasts, squeezing and pinching. I really like playing with them when I masturbate...this additional pleasure didn't help the situation.

Dad started to thrust into me, slowly at first. I was gasping, overwhelmed by the pleasurable stretching feeling of his thick cock sliding in and out while my boobs were being groped and my nipples tweaked. My mind, overwhelmed by pleasurable sensations, was no longer trying to work out how to stop this. Drool slipped out of the corner of my mouth.

Dad was now thrusting harder, getting a good rhythm as my hips rebounded off of the sink and back into his next thrust.

I felt it coming, a wave of energy rising like a tide from deep within my sex, growing with each thrust. 'No,' I said to myself, 'no, I can't cum on Daddy's cock...'

The overwhelming sensations, combined with the thought of the forbidden thing Daddy was doing to me, set me off. I grunted, pushing back at his cock as it sawed into me, his thick shaft touching me where no one else ever had. "Aah!" I gasped, my pussy squeezing again and again as wave after wave of pleasure rolled over and through me.

Finally, shaking, my orgasm subsided. Miraculously, Dad hadn't cum inside me while my pussy was massaging his cock, but his thrusts were getting faster, almost feverish in their intensity.

I could think better now. I couldn't tell him he was fucking his own daughter, but...

"Cam, honey," I said in what I hoped was close to Mom's voice, "pull out, okay?"

Dad was really ramming it into me by this point. It was starting to feel good again.

"Please, honey, pull out!"

He was close...so close...

I had another idea: "Let me suck you off!"

Dad pulled out suddenly and turned me around. My legs, like spaghetti, couldn't hold me up so I fell to my knees. Dad's purple cock, which I could only describe as turgid, was right in my face.

I quickly took it into my mouth, or at least as much as I could get in my mouth, which was a little over half. I sucked on it, tasting salt from a dribble of liquid which came out of the tip. I had never given a blowjob before, so I didn't know what to do besides suck.

With a frustrated sound Dad grabbed my head and started to thrust into my mouth. I did my best not to choke as his cock hit the back of my throat repeatedly. Within a few seconds Dad grunted and a torrent of hot, thick liquid blasted into my mouth. Some of it went directly down my throat. Some spilled out from the sides of my mouth.

Another spurt, this one smaller, splashed against the roof of my mouth, and then another. Finally, I pulled back and Dad's cock slipped from my mouth. The last spurt from his cock sprayed lazily on my boobs. A splash of pearly white spilled out of my mouth, down my front and onto the bathroom tile as I coughed, choking, trying to swallow the rest.

Dad left the room. Within a few minutes I could stand again, though shakily. My entire torso was a sticky white mess, from my breasts down to my pubic hair.

Ack! Dad's cum was soaking into my pubes! I had to get rid of it quick! I got back into the shower, blasting hot water on me and scrubbing hard to get that stuff off.

When I was done I toweled off again, though this time I made sure to keep the door locked, and thought about what had happened. Dad had fucked me! But it wasn't actually Dad...he thought I was Mom. Is it rape when the rapist doesn't know he's raping? I didn't have an answer for that.

What I did know was that Dad's sexual prowess had brought me to a shattering orgasm. What did that mean? I had never thought about Dad in a sexual manner before, but his intensity, the taboo aspect of what we had been doing, and that big cock...

I didn't have an answer for that either.


I was eating breakfast when Dad's voice sounded from behind me.

"Hey, sweetie, how are you this morning?"

I jumped.

"Oh, sorry, didn't mean to startle you, Robyn," he said, getting some oatmeal.

I watched him as he got his breakfast ready, searching for any sign that what had happened earlier was purposeful rather than subconscious. He noticed me looking after a few minutes.

"Everything okay?" he said, concerned.

"Yeah," I said carefully, "just...sore." It was true; his cock had really stretched me.

Dad came to the table with his prepared oatmeal. "Don't overdo it, honey. Too much exercise can be bad for you too."

As he ate breakfast I excused myself and headed to school.


Dad was actually in his early 30's. Mom had been older, almost 40, when she died. I thought about Dad, his smile, his hugs...trying to recall all the warm familial feelings as I sat in class.

Then, unbidden, the feeling of him pressing me against the bathroom sink as he sawed his cock into me, making me cum, washed over me. My nipples instantly got hard and I could feel my pussy start to lubricate.

I had trouble concentrating on my work. I crossed my legs, rubbing my thighs together, trying to scratch "the itch". Finally, I excused myself to the washroom where I quickly rubbed one out.


When I got home Stacy and Dad were hugging on the couch, crying. They beckoned for me to join them. I hesitated, still remembering the last time Dad had touched me.

Seeing the confusion on their faces, I took a breath and sat on the other side of Dad, hugging him. His arm came around my shoulders as he and Stacy continued to cry.

His touch was warm and supportive; not at all sexual. If he wanted he could have moved his hand lower to my bum or slipped it around my back a little further to caress my breast and Stacy wouldn't have noticed. He did neither.

This was the real Dad, the supportive, loving man who had come into our lives so long ago to raise children not his own. I relaxed against his chest.


That night I awoke to a hand on my hip, pulling my butt back into the little spoon position. The big spoon, of course, was Dad, his hard cock nested between my butt cheeks and his hot breath on the back of my neck.

Not again! I thought. Why hadn't I thought to wear clothes to bed?

Dad's hand slipped between my thighs and his fingers started to caress my pussy lips and clit. In my post-sleep brain fog I realized that I had just been woken from a sexy dream where a man who looked a lot like Dad had been fucking me from behind, much like Dad had done that morning. My pussy was already wet, and once Dad noticed that he shifted his hips down, his cock slipping out from between my butt cheeks. I then felt the tip of it nudging between my pussy lips.

I tried to move my body away but his hand had returned to my hip, holding me in place. I struggled to twist, to free myself. Dad grabbed my hip tightly and used it to leverage himself up onto his knees, trapping my lower leg under him. He grabbed my upper leg and pushed the knee high. He then returned his cock head to between my vaginal lips, pushing insistently.

"Nooo..." I moaned.

His cock slipped into me, the lubrication produced during my sex dream and the leverage this new position afforded him making it easy. I gasped as my stepdad's thick, hard penis once again entered my inexperienced love channel, stretching it to accommodate. I also again felt the first stirrings of forbidden pleasure.

Dad pulled out a little - I knew better than to think he was pulling out this time - and then he pushed in again, this time hard, knocking the wind out of me. His cock rushed deep inside me, almost hurting as it stretched out the deepest parts of my vagina. Then, instead of pulling back for another thrust, he started to grind.

This was new. Because the base of his cock was right against my pussy lips, as he rotated his hips his cock angled itself deep inside of me, its head and hard shaft caressing the walls of my pussy. It slid along my inner flesh, first to the right, then upward, to the left, and then down towards my butt, which also caused the base of his cock to apply pressure to my clit. It felt incredible!

He did it again, swirling that hard dick and stirring up overwhelmingly pleasurable feelings deep inside me, where only he had touched.

I was gasping. Something was approaching, like an oncoming train, deep inside my body, the tunnel it was traveling through vibrating harder, harder.

And then I was cumming. I cried out in pleasure, my body shaking as my stepdad's incredible rotation technique gave me the greatest orgasm I'd ever experienced.

Before that orgasm finished Dad started to thrust into me. My cum was extended by the unrelenting jackhammer that my Dad's cock became. Soon he was pulling almost all the way out before jamming it home. I could swear I could feel his babymaker hitting my cervix.


Mom had gotten a hysterectomy so she wouldn't have any more kids before she had even met Dad. I'd never asked, but I was pretty sure that Dad was fully functional in that department, and my healthy young body definitely was!

After what happened that morning I had calculated out that today, while not the most fertile time of the month for me, was still a dangerous day in my cycle because sperm could live inside the female body for several days. I couldn't let him cum inside me!

"Cam, honey," I called back to him. "let me suck you off."

It worked again! Dad pulled out of me, leaving my vagina feeling suddenly, almost disappointingly, empty, and flopped onto his back next to me. I quickly rolled over, between his legs, and grabbed his cock.

I had done some Internet research on blowjobs, just in case this ever happened again. Using what I had learned, I licked the head of his cock while jacking the shaft with my hand. After a bit of that I opened my mouth wide and engulfed as much of it as I could. I experienced a perverse feeling of pride as I heard Dad groan in pleasure.

Research is one thing, but experience is another. While I had the know-how for a blowjob it seemed I wasn't very good at it. I couldn't get my mouth down Dad's cock very far before gagging, so half of his shaft was neglected.

After a few minutes Dad made a frustrated sound and sat up. He hooked his arms under my armpits and pulled me forward, onto his lap. I could feel the hot, hard shaft of his cock under my pussy.

"No..." I said, trying to get away.

Dad pulled my head down and started to kiss me. I was so surprised I didn't even think to stop him. His tongue snaked into my mouth. Dad was a good kisser and I had never been kissed like that before. Soon I started to return the kisses. My body felt so hot!

I felt one of Dad's hands move down between my legs. I felt the head of his cock once again nestled between my vaginal lips. We continued to kiss. My nipples were tingling. It felt good, so good.

Dad's arms encircled me tightly. I felt so safe right then. He would never hurt me, I knew. He pulled downward. I felt his cock slide into me again, easily. I gasped into his mouth. We continued kissing, more passionately this time.

I felt Dad's hands on my hips again, urging me to move. I pulled up, feeling the skin of Dad's hard cock sliding along the inner walls of my wet pussy. Then he urged me back down and I felt that wonderful friction again, but with the added pleasure of his cock filling me up.

He urged me up and down on his cock a couple more times before I took over. We hadn't stopped kissing. I felt better than I had ever felt before in my life; happy, fulfilled. I loved my stepfather.

Dad moved his lips down to my neck and I started to bounce on his cock harder. I felt his hands move to my breasts. I was so close...

Any thought of the danger from what we were doing was gone from my mind, washed away by the pleasure of making love to my stepfather. As one of Dad's hands massaged one of my breasts his other tweaked my other nipple.

That did it. I slammed my pussy down on his cock and groaned as electric bolts of pleasure shot from my breasts and clit and penetrated deep inside of me, meeting where the head of Dad's cock was. My vagina spasmed around that hard prong, squeezing it, caressing it, demanding that it give up its precious cargo.

Dad grunted and I felt his cock somehow grow bigger. "Oh!" I gasped as it throbbed. I felt a spreading warmth deep inside me, and it heightened my own orgasm as my almost fertile reproductive system nursed the potent seed from my stepdad's cock. "Ohhh!" I cried, shaking as it throbbed again. Another splash of my Dad's seed was injected where nature intended for it to go. All the while my pussy rippled around my Dad's erupting member, urging more and more of that forbidden babymaking substance to go deeper inside me.

Finally, I collapsed onto Dad, shaking uncontrollably. I could still feel his cock, weakly spurting out the last of his cum, probably right against my cervical opening.

"Uh...uh...uh..." I wasn't shaking as badly now, but it still hadn't stopped. I had never felt anything like that before.

After some minutes I was able to climb off of Dad. A splash of semen came out of me as his cock slipped out. I was suddenly afraid.

"Noo...noo..." I whispered, trying to get it out of me. I rushed into the bathroom and sat on the toilet, using gravity to help. After a few minutes the sperm stopped coming out and I dabbed the remainder away with toilet paper.

When I got back to bed Dad was softly snoring. I couldn't really blame him, as he had technically been asleep throughout the whole encounter.

'What's done is done,' I thought as I climbed into bed and nestled my head into the crook of Dad's shoulder.

I didn't sleep right away, thinking about what I would do if I got pregnant. Tell Dad? That could kill him!

When I was tired enough I whispered to Dad that he should go back to his own bed. He did so, and then I was alone.

I cried myself to sleep.


In the morning Dad actually looked happy, although when I asked him about it he said he didn't really know why; he just felt good that day. He went off to work, bewildered. I knew why: he was getting laid, even if it was happening while he slept.


That night I wore jeans and a flannel shirt to bed. If Dad came in I'd make sure they stayed on. What happened the previous night could never happen again!

Sure enough, I was awoken to Dad pawing at me in his sleep. He massaged my breasts through the shirt and kissed the back of my neck, both of which felt nice, but I kept my grip on the button of my jeans and didn't let him take them off.

Finally, Dad left the bed. Thank God, I thought.


Dad came to my bed again the next night. As before, I didn't give him what he wanted, and told him to go back to bed. He did so.


Next morning, Dad looked terrible, like he hadn't slept. We were worried. When he got home he said he had been reprimanded for not paying attention, and for his poor attitude. Those dicks! The man had just lost his wife!


For the third night in a row I turned Dad away from my bed. I almost felt sorry for him, but what we had done could never happen again!

A few minutes later I heard Stacy scream. NO! I rushed out of my room and into hers. In the dim light I could see Dad was on top of her, though it seemed that he hadn't been able to do anything sexual yet.

"Daddeee!" Stacy yelled. I rushed forward and clamped my hand over her mouth. She looked at me in shock, but I was looking at Dad's face. He had paused...was he waking up?

I had to act. I grabbed his face and planted my lips onto his, kissing passionately. I felt him immediately relax, and then start returning the kisses, his arms going around my back.

"Robyn?" Stacy sounded scared and confused, understandably.

I broke the kiss and whispered to her, "He's sleepwalking and looking for Mom. I'll take him back to his room, okay?" I turned back to Dad. "Come on, Cam. Let's go to bed."

Dad followed me and I took him back to his bedroom. Once there he started to try to undress me again.

What could I do? If I didn't make him happy he's molest Stacy, and maybe even lose his job! I helped him remove my shirt and jeans, and then we climbed onto his bed.

'Okay,' I said to myself. 'This time I'm going to give him the best blowjob he's ever had.'

But Dad pushed me onto my back, got in between my legs, and dropped his face into my crotch. I gasped and lay back, experiencing cunnilingus for the first time.

"Holy shit! I'm going to give you just a half hour to stop that," I whispered to him jokingly, and then I lay my head back, enjoying the new sensations.

Dad was as good at licking pussy as he was at kissing, although now that I think about it there is some crossover between those skills. He alternated between flicking my clit with his tongue, dipping his fingers into my pussy, and then swapping so his tongue was in my puss while his fingers manipulated my love button. He made me cum on his tongue within a few minutes.

"Uh...uh...uh..." I moaned as I came down from the orgasm. Okay, now I was going to suck him...

...off! Dad was between my legs in a flash, kissing me. No...I had to stop this...

I stopped the kiss. "Cam..." I said softly, "Let me suck you off, okay?"

I could feel his hard cock at the entrance to my vagina. A small part of me wanted him to push it in.

He did. "Oh!" I gasped, not expecting him to actually do it. He didn't want a blowjob. Oh no!

Due to his saliva and the lubrication produced by my orgasm, Dad's cock slipped into me easily. Within a few thrusts his cock was buried all the way inside me again.

He resumed kissing me as he thrust into me again and again. His hands moved to my breasts, kneading and lightly pinching the nipples. Damn my boobs! Why did they have to feel so good when he did that? I passionately returned his kisses. I could feel another orgasm coming on.

I whispered to him, "Please...I don't...I don't want to get pregnant."

Upon hearing this Dad made an animal sound. He grabbed my legs and bent them back. I didn't think it was possible, but he managed to hook them over his shoulders! I was now bent in two and, oh God, his cock actually felt even deeper than it had ever been before!

"Nooo..." I moaned as he started thrusting harder, faster. I couldn't move, trapped under his body as he used mine as a surrogate for Mom's. I suddenly remembered the occasional comment from Dad over the years that it was too bad he and Mom couldn't have a baby due to her operation. I had said the exact wrong thing when trying to get him to stop!

I was having trouble breathing in this position. Dad was nibbling my neck now, his own breath ragged as he rammed his hard cock into me repeatedly. It hit the end of me again and again, knocking at the door to my womb, the pain of the assault on my cervix somehow combining with the pleasure of his incredibly hard member as it slid effortlessly into me, bumping my clit on each thrust.

I felt the energy build from deep within me, expanding outward from my deepest recesses. My breathing rate increased as I gasped, my hips shaking, my body laid open to my handsome, sexy, sleepwalking lover as he took me.

"No...noo..." I moaned. This was the absolute worst time of the month for him to cum inside me, but I was pinned! Daddy was going to cum inside me and make me pregnant! He was going to put his baby in my belly, and there was nothing I could do...

...other than to try to wake him up...but that could kill him!

These perverse, forbidden thoughts bounced about in my head as Daddy rammed his primed babymaker into me again and again, the pleasure he was forcing on me messing with my thought processes. There was a part of me that wanted this, wanted both of us to cum, and fuck the consequences.

That part won out. The buildup of energy within me culminated in a supernova of pleasure. I cried out as I came on my stepfather's cock, shaking uncontrollably under him as he continued to piston into my unprotected and definitely fertile body.

My orgasm set off Dad's. He grunted, his cock expanding inside me. It was now a battering ram against my baby gate, and that gate would not hold. I felt the rush of heat within me, as his rich, sperm-filled semen inundated the deepest part of my vagina, and it only made me cum harder.

My cervix opened and closed, kissing the tip of Dad's cock as we came again and again. Hot, potent cum splashed against the entrance to my uterus, some of the spurts shooting straight through. The excess pooled all around my cervix as it spasmed, trying to draw all of the dangerous sperm that it could find into my defenseless womb.


I woke suddenly, not realizing where I was. Someone was on top of me, their cock in my pussy! My initial panic quickly subsided as I realized that I must have passed out from my last orgasm, and Dad must have fallen asleep after...

...after he...oh God...

Dad's cock was keeping all of his seed inside my very fertile pussy. My legs had managed to slip out from under him but the rest of me was still stuck. I swear I could feel his semen dripping through my cervix and into my uterus as we lay there.

"Dad- er, Cam, honey," I said into his ear. "I need to go pee."

Dad grunted and rolled to the side, his softening penis slipping from inside me as it did so. Once again I experienced the feeling of emptiness. My body seemed to want his cock to stay inside it. 'Bad body!' I said to it.

In the bathroom I sat on the toilet for several minutes trying to get any of Dad's cum to drip out. Barely anything did. His swimmers were going for the gold, it seemed.

I was going to get pregnant! A LOT of Dad's sperm were right now deep inside my healthy teen reproductive system, looking for the egg I knew was either already there or soon would be.

Images from a movie in health class went through my head. I envisioned some of Dad's sperm finding my egg, not caring that it was his stepdaughter's, and attacking it, digging in with their little spermy heads. Soon, one would win out, piercing the layers and injecting that DNA load to mix with my own.

I gasped, a little orgasm running through me. My nipples were hard. I rubbed my belly lovingly. Whatever happens, happens, I told myself.

I grabbed my clothes and then went back to my own bed.


I slept in the next morning, since it was the weekend. Stacy slipped into my room to ask about what had happened the previous night but I didn't say anything beyond that I had put Dad back to bed. She looked unconvinced and I wondered if she had actually heard us fucking. I didn't ask though.

That afternoon I found Dad on the couch watching TV. I curled up in his lap, something that I hadn't done in years.

"Everything okay, sweetie?" he asked, putting his arms around me.

"Just hold me, please?" I whimpered.

He did. Even though I was in his lap and I could feel his penis under me, it didn't stir. This was a completely different man from the one who had been fucking me at night.


I went to bed that night without clothes, as I had done prior to the whole sleepwalking thing. I didn't want Dad to try going after Stacy again.

Unfortunately, this meant that I didn't have anything I could use to delay his advances. I had been tired all day and when I went to bed I had conked out quickly and slept soundly.

I dreamt of a faceless man slipping his cock into me as I slept, filling me up with his seed and not caring that I was unprotected and fertile.

When I started to wake up Dad had already gotten his cock inside me and was sliding it in and out vigorously. My sleepy brain was flooded with pleasure from the dream and a real fuck that was already halfway through.

I was lying on my back with my knees up. Dad was lying on his side under my knees, sawing his cock into me and holding one of my thighs for leverage. The fingers of his other hand were expertly manipulating my clit. I was already well on my way to orgasm.

It felt so good! My nipples were very hard and I started to pinch them as he pleasured me with his wonderful dick. I squeezed my breasts, a mixture of pleasure and pain hitting me as I realized that they were kind of sore.

Dad's breathing rate increased, as did his thrusting. I was getting close to cumming as well.

'Wait,' I thought, 'wasn't there a reason that we shouldn't be doing this?'

But it felt so good, so right! I started to roll my hips, trying to get his cock to scrape along my g-spot as he thrust into me. 'Yes, there!' Dad's cock hit the right spot and I gasped, pinching my nipples harder. A flitting thought crossed my mind: 'Why are my boobs sore?'

'Because I'm ovulating!' came the response.

'Oh yeah...this feels so good...'


'Don't let him cum inside you! You'll get pregnant!'

'Mmm, a baaaby...' I replied dreamily. I was so close...

'We don't want to make a baby with Daddy!'

'I'm probably already pregnant from last night, so what's one more load? It's going to feel so gooooood...'

Dad jammed his cock into me hard, holding it as deep as possible as he grunted. As his hot cum shot deep inside me it set off my own orgasm, silencing the voice of reason. My spasming channel urged the seed from my stepfather's cock, drawing it as deep as possible inside my welcoming reproductive system.


When I awoke in the morning Dad was gone and I realized that something had changed inside me. I felt fantastic, energized and happy. I considered this, and then my blood ran cold as I realized the probable cause.

I quickly jumped onto the Internet and searched 'what does conception feel like'. Sure enough, women described feeling full of energy, their boobs being sore, and a sensation like their uteruses were bruised.

Yes, it did kind of feel bruised in there, but given how my cervix had been assaulted for the last couple of days that was understandable.

I looked at my belly. Schrodinger's baby is in there or not, I thought.


My period didn't arrive, of course, and I had morning sickness for several days. I bought a pregnancy test shortly after that and it confirmed what I had already guessed: I was carrying my stepfather's baby.

Dad still fucked me almost every night. I didn't deny him, since I was already pregnant. It's not like I could get *more* pregnant. By this point I was addicted to his cock too.

I finished out the school year and graduated with B honors. My tummy hadn't started to show yet, so I looked great in the yearbook.

During the summer, though, I started to fill out and it was difficult to hide because of the heat. Everyone was wearing shorts and tight t-shirts and there I was wearing big, baggy clothes.

Finally, I couldn't hide it any longer and Dad asked me if I was pregnant. Crying, I said yes.

"Whose is it?" he asked. "You haven't been hanging out with any guys for months, as near as I can tell."

"I can't tell you, Daddy," I replied, still sniffling, "you'll kill him."

Dad didn't like that answer but he didn't push.


At some point I recalled my conversation with Gran at Mom's funeral reception: "He'll need your help Robyn. Please do what you can for him." Did she know about his night-time, um, amorousness? I wondered if there was a story there. Maybe I'll ask her one day.


Now, 6 months later, Dad still visits me in my bed almost every night but it seems he knows I'm pregnant and is careful not to be too rough, so as to not hurt the baby.

I think Stacy might know the truth about the baby but she hasn't said anything. We don't seem to be getting along as well as we used to, though, so I don't know what's going to happen there.


I went and curled up in Dad's lap while he was sitting on the couch. His strong arms surrounded me.


"Yes, sweetie?"

"Can we raise this baby as if it was yours and m-Mom's?" I looked up into his eyes.

"What about the father?" He had asked about him occasionally, and I still refused to tell.

"He's not around," I replied, half-truthfully. It was daytime, after all.

Quiet day in the book store. One browser that Ann could see, and she returned to her surreptitious reading behind the counter, keeping an eye on the browser - a woman with long, brown-blonde hair. She was a semi-regular in the store, and Ann knew she'd be over with her purchase before too long.


Until the bell hung over the door rang, a silvery tinkle. Ann looked up as the new customer entered the store. Tall man, wearing an overcoat. He wandered through the stacks, heading always in the direction of the woman browsing the shelves.

Ann smiled a little; obviously not here for the books. Midday assignation, perhaps? Both were in what might be called business attire, although the woman's skirt was a little shorter and tighter than she'd ever have considered wearing to work. As she watched covertly, the man made his way over to the woman, one hand in his pocket, speaking to her quietly then putting his free hand on her arm. A few more quiet words, and she put the book back on the shelf, walked with him out of the store.

Lucky, lucky, lucky, Ann thought, then returned to her book.


The gun hadn't come all the way out of his pocket; it hadn't needed to. Ellie had blinked at the glimpse she'd gotten of it.

"Just act normally," he said. "Behave, and no harm will come to you. Now put the book back on the shelf and walk out of the store. Don't run, don't try to signal anyone for help. Understand."

Light-headed, she nodded, put the book back and did as ordered.

The street wasn't too busy - the book store was in an out-of-the-way location, with not much through-traffic. Very few passers-by too, and none of the few even glanced sideways at the apparent couple walking down the street.

"Just keep walking," he said. "We're aiming for that dark green car up there, see?"

Ellie nodded, not trusting her voice.

Closer to the car, he pulled out a set of keys and pressed a button; lights flashed, and she heard the 'clunk' of locks unlocking.

"Get in the passenger seat," he said.

She did, sitting frozen as he walked around to the driver's side. Keys in the ignition and all the doors locked again with another solid 'thunk', but he didn't turn the engine on. "Open the glove box," he said. "Give me what you find in there."

Ellie swallowed, did so, and sat staring at the pair of handcuffs - matte black metal, cold, purposeful. He took them from her, directed her to sit forward in her seat and face away from him, with her hands behind her back. She shivered at the touch of cold metal on her wrists and the ratcheting sound as he fastened them.

"What - what are you doing, what do you want?" She'd found her voice, a tiny squeak.

"Shut up," he said. "You don't speak unless you're responding to a direct question. Now, sit back; I'm going to put your seatbelt on; I'll be leaning across you, and you might think that would be a good opportunity to attack me. That would be a bad idea - all you'd do is annoy me and you couldn't get out of the car with your hands cuffed like that anyway." He smiled a little. "Plus, I still have that gun...."

So she sat still, trembling, as he seatbelted her in, started the engine and drove off.

Traffic was a blur to her, twenty minutes of confusion as he drove, not allowing her to speak, until he pulled into a garage, the door closing automatically behind them. Her wrists and arms had begun to ache from being cuffed behind her so, in one way, she was grateful the ride was over. Now that it was, though...what now?

He got out of the car, and Ellie watched him apprehensively as he circled the car, coming around to her side and opening the door.

"I'm going to lean across you and undo your seatbelt," he said. "Same caution as before; don't even think about trying to knee me in the head or anything."

She might be able to knock him out like that - but it was a big 'might'. Not certain enough; better to wait for another, more certain, chance. The seatbelt retracted smoothly and she, anticipating, started to stand. His hand on her shoulder stopped that. "Not yet."

He dipped into the overcoat pocket again and her eyes widened; a collar of broad, black leather, metal leash already attacked to a D ring at its front. He let the leash unwind.

"Lean forward," he said.

She did, feeling her hair falling forward, exposing the back of her neck. The collar settled in place around her throat. She felt its weight, closing her eyes as he locked it in place.

"Get used to the way that feels," he said. "You're mine now; my property. You obey me, you belong to me. I'll train you - you obey me."

She shivered as he took up the end of the leash.

"Out of the car, slave, and follow me."

He led her through the house to the bedroom, taking one last item from his coat pocket; a large, heavy padlock that he used to attach the end of the leash to the wrought iron at the bed's foot.

"I don't underst..." The word turned into a yelp as his hand came down hard on her ass.

"You don't need to understand anything," he said. "All you need to do is realise a few things. First, I've just kidnapped you; you are in my power. You're my possession. If I were you, I'd obey; you have a great deal riding on your ability to please me from now on, slave."

"My name..." Another yelp.

"Your name is whatever I say it is," he said. "Right now, I say your name is 'slave'. That may change." She felt his hands on her ass, caressing instead of spanking, working up under her skirt and finding the bare skin beneath. "In fact, given how you're dressed - or not dressed - I may change it right now, to 'slut'. You're asking for trouble, dressing like this. That's one reason I picked you, you know - always in short skirts, and I've always wondered what you wore underneath them."

Ellie felt his hands working the skirt up over her hips, and dropped her head, face flushed. "Please, don't..."

Another hard spank, making her cry out. "I think you need a lesson in how to obey my orders, slave. I've told you to be quiet, but you keep ignoring me."

A quiet, metallic sound; the handcuffs released. Then a sudden, hard shove, pushing her forward into the bed.

"On the bed, face down."

She obeyed as best she could. The leash meant she had to turn around so her head was at the foot end of the bed. Something wrapped around one ankle - more leather, a leather cuff being padlocked into place. The rattle of chain, her foot being dragged backwards and another padlock chaining it into place. The other ankle then, treated the same way; when she kicked out, it didn't do any good, only earned her another smack. Wrists were next, fixed in place the same way, leaving her spreadeagled face down on the bed, skirt bunched up over her hips, shirt still in place.

"Excellent," he said. "Just one thing...." The sound of a drawer in the nightstand being opened, and then metal against her skin - scissors, he was cutting her clothes off, starting at the hem of her skirt and working his way upwards, cutting through her shirt and bra, baring her back.

"Much better." Satisfaction in his voice. "Now, lesson time. Today's lesson is obedience, slut; I ordered you to be silent unless ordered, so the punishment should fit the crime, I think."

The sound of rummaging in the drawer, and he walked back to her head holding...it looked like a big ball of firm red foam centred on a leather strap. "Ball gag," he said. "It should keep you satisfactorily quiet. Open wide."

When she tried to resist by clamping her mouth shut, he dealt with it by the simple expedient of pinching her nose shut until she had to open her mouth to breathe. Once she did, it was a simple matter for him to force the spongy ball into her mouth and buckle the strap around her head. Ellie could feel the gag distorting her mouth, puffing her cheeks out - and reducing her protests to a series of barely audible squeaks.

He disappeared from her field of vision for a few moments, and reappeared holding something new. Whatever reaction showed on her face - Ellie suspected it was wide-eyed terror - seemed to please him, for he swung the flogger in front of her eyes several times. Black and purposeful as the handcuffs - she felt her eyes go wider. "Please, don't," she tried to say; all that came out was a faint 'eeh oh'.

A step or two backwards. "Are you ready, slut?" he asked. A pause while he listened to her attempts to beg him not to use the flogger on her, she'd do anything if only he wouldn't hurt her - then he swung.

Red hot stinging strike across her shoulders, and she yelped around the gag. That was only the first in a series; he started across her shoulders, worked his way steadily down her body to the bottom of her ribcage - skipped a bit, then picked up again, laying a steady pattern of strokes from her ass down her legs to the back of her knees. Every stroke brought a new cry around the gag; her body bucked in her restraints as she pleaded for an end to the punishment, promised to be silent when ordered....

"Now you know what to expect," he said, "the real punishment will start. You determine how long it lasts, slut - as long as it takes you to last five strokes without a sound. Do that, and your punishment is done. You'll have learned your lesson about silence as well, I suspect."

Without warning, he swung the flogger again, and she cried out when it struck her ass. He tut-tutted; "Have to do better than that, slut."

She lasted the next three in silence, gasped too loudly on the one after despite her best efforts; he started the count again. One in silence, another cry; the count started again. This time she managed to last the five strokes without noise, every muscle tense with the effort of staying silent.

"Good slave," he said when a few moments passed after the last stroke without noise. "Good girl. You'll be more obedient now, right?"

She nodded frantically, choking back a whimper as she felt his hands running down her back - a hint of nails on tender skin, making her twist to try and get away. Shoulders, back, ass, legs - then working his way back up her legs to her pussy. She couldn't stop the moan as his fingers invaded her roughly, deep in her for a moment; her hips bucked.

"Very wet - 'slut' is becoming more and more appropriate for you by the minute," he said. She shook her head in denial, moaning again as his fingers thrust into her more deeply, easily - however she tried to deny it, she was aroused and his fingers were finding the truth of it. She shifted again, this time trying to work herself onto his hand, feel his fingers fucking her more deeply, increasing her arousal - he withdrew sharply.

The sound of locks being undone, her ankles being freed. "Up on your hands and knees, slut," he said, reinforcing the order with a solid spank. She obeyed, guessing what was coming next - the guess confirmed when she felt him kneeling behind her, heard the sound of a zip being undone. The feeling of his cock touching her pussy, just barely, then the head penetrating slightly. "For this, you can make as much noise as you want - or as you can, anyway," he amended. "One thing, though - no coming without permission. Do you understand?"

She made a vaguely affirmative noise - it turned into a muffled near-howl as he thrust into her, penetrating her deeply at one stroke. He rested there, hands on her hips, for a moment, then withdrew and thrust in again, just as hard. He took her that way, hard, driving into her - she could hear him gasping with effort, growling. His hands dug into her hips, fingers flexing to draw her back onto his cock as he drove into her harder - she could feel her climax building, and bit into the gag, trying to disrupt its course, moaning around the gag - then hearing him order her come, releasing her. She did, crying out - felt him come just behind her, maybe triggered by the way her cunt tightened around his cock...hard thrusts as he came in her...

He stayed there, buried deep in her for long minutes afterwards, before withdrawing. She whimpered a little at the feeling of his cock leaving her, and stayed waiting as he left the room. Come, her own juices - she wanted to collapse.

He returned, holding a cloth in one hand, something she couldn't make out in the other. "Lift up your head," he said, and she did.

"One more thing to fix." He unbuckled the gag, scrubbed at her lips with the cloth, then showed it to her. She could see streaks of the lipstick she'd put on that morning, a demure creamy coral shade that she'd always favoured.

The other object he was holding turned out to be a lipstick tube - bright red. "This is much more appropriate for you, my slut," he said, and applied it heavily. "This is what you'll wear from now on. Every day. Say, 'yes, Master' if you agree."

She drew breath. "Yes, Master."

He kissed her on the forehead. "Good girl. Now sit up."

She gathered her feet under her and knelt; he unlocked the chains that led to her wrists, settled beside her and held her close. "Happy birthday, little one. Enjoy the experience?"

Ellie laughed a little, leaning into him. He'd promised her something special for her birthday - not that she'd expected this. Flowers, possibly - a book, maybe. But not this. "I did." She nuzzled into his throat, kissing and licking. "Thank you." She'd talked a little about it months before, a new experience in their relationship. "I didn't expect you to remember."

A grin; she felt it. "Now, that book you were looking at in the bookstore...."

She looked down at the ruin of her clothes on the floor. "I think I'll need to find something else to wear."

"That's easily fixed," he said. "This, though," and he touched her lips with a fingertip, "this stays."

"Yes, Master." She rolled backwards, stretching, then seeing the gun on the nightstand. She picked it up - plastic. "Nice touch," she said with a grin.


Ann looked up as the silver bell tinkled. Same couple, and they headed for the same shelf the woman had been browsing earlier. She was dressed differently, Ann realised - the red lipstick suited her. And the body language between them said clearly that the interruption to her browsing had been a good one. Ann smiled - and then the expression froze as the woman bent over to pick up the book she'd been looking at earlier. Short skirt - it rode up as she bent, giving both Ann and the man a good view of...red stripes along the woman's thighs, red as her lipstick...

Claire woke up in a fog, the last thing she remembered was taking a sip of tea, and then ... black. She sat up in bed, but that was the extent how much she was able to move: her legs remained flat on the bed as if tied to an invisible weight.

Once she had fully woken up, she looked out her window to see that it was pitch-black outside. She then noticed a man standing at the foot of her bed. He was tall and handsome, with alabaster skin, raven-black hair, a sharp face with a chiseled jaw, and bright green eyes that were both piercing and reassuring; he was dressed in all black.

"Who are you?" Claire asked, surprised that she wasn't scared of the stranger.

"My name is Robin," his voice was smooth and intense, "and I'm here to help you."

"Help me? How?"

"By making you beautiful, and making you mine. I've been watching you for some time Claire, you're lonely and you have been your whole life. You don't have anyone whom can trust or depend upon: no friends, no family, and no lovers. You don't have money or fine things, and you certainly don't have beauty.

I know you think that your life has no value and that it would make no difference if you just ended it. Well I'm here to fix all that. You see Claire, I'm a warlock -- a powerful warlock. My powers have given me great wealth and adventure, but they cannot give me love, and that is why I have come to you.

There is a ritual I can perform, that will transform a ... homely girl such as yourself into a creature of perfect feminine beauty, and bind her to me in deep, pure love. Its effects are permanent and irreversible, and the woman upon whom I perform it must submit willingly.

I'm offering you a chance to abandon your mundane life for one of pure pleasure. I will give you four days to make your decision, if you chose to go with me, then at sundown on the fourth day, stand at your window with this candle burning on your windowsill," he pulled a long red candle out of his sleeve and placed it on the footboard. "The choice is entirely yours Claire."

As soon as Robin finished speaking, the room changed from night to day in a matter of seconds, with Robin's form fading with the shifting light until he was gone completely. The weight was lifted off of Claire's legs. She jumped up out of bed, and went to her foot board.

She picked up the candle and examined it, Claire knew she didn't own any like it, so there was no way she could have left it there. "That was real," she whispered to herself. Claire went to the bathroom and looked at herself. Robin was right, she wasn't beautiful: she was barely over five feet tall, her chin was small and pointy, just like her nose, and the rest of her face was flat and plain; her skin was pasty and blotchy -- not smooth and milky like Robin's.

Puberty had been especially tough for Claire. When many of her peers were blossoming into womanhood, growing luscious, full breasts, and fertile, round hips, Claire's figure remained pathetically boyish. Even now into adulthood, she had no hips to speak of, and droopy breasts that barely filled an A-cup.

Making things worse, her parents had died when she was only a toddler, forcing her to be thrown in-and-out of foster homes, giving her no sense of connection to anyone, or anything. With no one to provide her with guidance, Claire became a terrible under-achiever, and just barely graduated high school, consigning her to a life of menial labor. Now that a handsome stranger had literally offered her a way to magically change life, what should she do?

Four days later, Claire returned home from what she hoped would be her last day of work. She sat on her bed watching the sun go down for almost two hours, when it had just begun to dip below the horizon, she stoop up, placed the candle on the windowsill, and lit it with a match.

As she stood there wondering what was supposed to happen, the black smoke from the candle drifted up into her nose. Claire thought that it smelled sweet, then ... black.

She woke up in a large bed with silk sheets, in a dark room she didn't recognize. She was naked. "Claire." She turned and saw Robin standing at the side of the bed, he was just as handsome as she remembered. "Claire, it's time."

He took her hand as she got out of bed, then led her out of bed and down a long hallway. "I want you to know," Robin said as they walked, "that this will be entirely painless. You will remember your life before, but I promise you will not miss it."

They came to a pair of tall wooden doors, Robin opened them to reveal a domed room with the full moon shining through a window in the ceiling. A pentagram was drawn on the floor in chalk with an unlit brazier at each point, and a bed covered with myrtle flowers in the center.

"What am I supposed to do?" Claire asked timidly.

"Right now," Robin answered, "just stand still." Next to his feet was an ebony box, he opened it, stuck his hands inside, and pulled out two handfuls of rendered fat. "I'm going to rub this on you." Claire complied, letting Robin rub the greasy stuff all over her body: legs, stomach, breasts, arms, face, and even into her kinky brown hair.

When Robin finished he pulled a silk cloth out of his pocket and wiped his hands clean. He knelt down to close the box, and picked up the golden cup next to it. "Drink all of this." Claire obeyed, it tasted like just plain water. He led her to the bed and told her to lie down - she obeyed, and the silver light of the moon shone in her eyes.

Robin pulled five gold coins out of his pocket and placed them along the length of Claire's torso, while he did so, Claire felt her head begin to grow hazy. Robin made a gesture with his hands, and all of the braziers lit simultaneously. The last thing Claire remembered, was Robin beginning to repeat a three-line verse in a language she did not recognize, and then, for a third time ... black.

When she woke up she was in the dark room again, only this time the curtains were open, letting in the daylight to reveal the deep red color of the walls and the beautiful statue of the Venus de Milo on her right. Her body felt different, and yet, somehow right.

Her nose was filled with a smoky-sweet smell again, she touched a hand to her cheek to feel that it was as soft and smooth as the bed's silk sheets. She turned her head to the left side of the bed to see Robin smiling at her. "Hello Miranda."

"Who's Miranda?" She asked, smiling. Her voice was different too, it was softer, sexier; not squeaky and harsh like it used to be.

"Why you are of course."

"Yes, yes I am." She sat up in bed and looked dreamily at Robin, admiring him as her one true love "Did the ritual turn out okay?"

"It turned out exactly as we hoped it would. Do you want to see what you look like now?"

"Yes!" Miranda pushed back the curtains and let Robin take her hand. Standing up she felt much taller, and now moved with a natural, sensual grace as she walked to the other end of the room.

When Robin pulled the sheet off of a full-length mirror, Miranda saw that she was just as he had promised: a perfect vision of feminine beauty. Long, fine hair fell down her back in golden waves, framing a face like that of an angel, with high cheekbones, full, supple lips, and eyes the same blue as a summer sky. Her creamy-white breasts were huge and plump, and sat high on her chest; and her lithe waste tapered to wide, feminine hips.

"Are you happy?" Robin asked.

"Yes!" She squeezed her breasts, savoring the firm weight of them. "Are these double Ds?"

"Triple actually."

"Triple Ds?"

"Yes," he answered in a satisfied tone. "36 triple Ds, with a 24 inch waste and 38 inch hips." Miranda turned around to look at the reflection of her ass, it was a perfect apple shape: high, tight and plump. She kneaded the thick flesh with her fingers, then gave each cheek a playful smack. "I always wanted a badonkadonk," Miranda said with a smile.

She turned to where Robin was standing, but he had disappeared. She quickly turned her attention to her dripping pussy. It was as though Robin's mere presence had lit a fire within Miranda's sex, and she couldn't resist exploring the moistness within herself.

She began by slowly stroking the outsides of her lips, then, with firm but gentle fingers, rubbed the inside walls of her cunt, slowly at first to savor then sensation, then quickly. Miranda then moved on to her clitoris, she rubbed the fleshy knob in between her thumb and forefinger, her breathing growing faster and deeper as the movement of her fingers increased.

This was the first time in her life that she knew pleasure. All the nights Claire cried herself to sleep; all the times in the locker room girls had called her "flatsy" or "mosquito-bites" meant nothing -- Claire was dead, and Miranda had taken her place.

When she finished, and a lightning bolt of ecstasy shot through her, Miranda collapsed onto the bed in erotic bliss. Miranda's pleasure had been so intense, that she actually nodded off, when she woke up, there was a pink dress laid out on the bed next to her, and a note from Robin.

"Get dressed and meet me downstairs," it said, "I'm taking you out to dinner." Miranda slipped on the dress, along with a pair of sexy black stilettos which Robin had also laid out for her.

She examined herself in the mirror, and liked what she saw. The dress was short to show off her long, toned legs, and the tight fabric clung beautifully to her womanly curves, while barely containing the weight of her hefty bosom.

Robin took her in a limousine to a fancy restaurant. On the way to their table, more than one man was reprimanded by his wife for taking in the captivating swell of Cassandra's breasts, or the arousing curve of her back-side. Once seated, Robin and Miranda began a delightful evening, dining on rich food, and enjoying lively conversation which repeatedly returned to Miranda's newly enhanced assets. "Do you have a new favorite body part?" Robin asked.

"I loved it all," Miranda answered. "But if I had to pick ... I'd say my breasts."

"They are beautiful. Are they heavy?"

"They are, but I like it. I love that I finally have a woman's body." Miranda slid her hands down her sides, whilst also biting her bottom lip sensually and making bedroom eyes at Robin.

Staring at the pale man in front of her filled Miranda with feelings of love and lust that were deeper and purer than any that she had ever thought herself possible to feel as Claire. The hold he had on her was warm and intangible, and assured Miranda that no pleasure in the world would be greater than that which she would receive by giving herself completely to Robin.

"You look like a goddess." Robin told her.

"I feel like one." When they got back into the limo, Robin could barely get the door closed before Miranda unzipped his pants and pulled out his huge cock. The member was at least ten inches long, and two inches thick. Miranda quickly got to work, sliding her lips over the thick, throbbing head, and down the long shaft, instinctively knowing where to suck, and where to lick.

She moved her full lips up and down, savoring the girth and length of Robin's manhood with her tongue like it was sweet candy. Then, when Robin reached the pinnacle of pleasure, he exploded, filling Miranda's mouth with his warm seed, which she swallowed gladly.

Once back home and in their bedroom, the pair quickly removed their clothes, and took in the beauty of each other's bodies: Miranda's was soft and curved, while robin's was lithe and chiseled; both had the same flawless ivory skin. They embraced, kissing passionately and sliding their tongues in and out of each other's mouths.

Robin took Miranda's huge breasts into his hands and began kneading them with his firm but gentle fingers, he then moved his mouth into her cleavage, mashing the soft flesh of her tits around his face. "Oh Robin," Miranda moaned. "That feels amazing. God I feel like a woman for the first time in my life."

They moved to the bed. They intertwined their legs as Robin slid his twitching cock into Miranda's moist, awaiting cunt. They pressed their chests together so as to be as close as possible. Robin began slowly, stroking in-and-out to get into a rhythm, then, as he felt Miranda's sex growing tighter around him, he sped up, pumping with intense, masculine force.

Their breathing grew deeper and faster with each thrust, as beads of sweat poured down their perfect bodies, and wave after wave of passion washed over their bodies. "Ooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh," they cried in unison as they finally roared into climax, waves of cum gushed out of Miranda's pussy, as Robin shot thick ropes of semen into her womb.

They were no longer two individuals, they were kindred erotic spirits, bound together through the magic of pure, sensual pleasure. They collapsed onto the bed in ecstasy, still entwined in each other's arms. "I love you Robin." Miranda said in between gasps. "I love you too Miranda."

From then on, Miranda lived the good life of a warlock's lover, traveling to exotic locales to enjoy adventures with her beloved, exploring new ways to please herself and Robin.

To reward Miranda for her love Robin showered her with the luxuries which she had always wanted, but had never been able to afford when she was Claire: cars, fine jewelry, and expensive clothes. What Miranda loved best were the designer jeans which displayed her perfect bubble-butt, her "tasty cakes" as Robin would refer to them when he grabbed her from behind before ravaging her then and there -- that was what Miranda loved most: being taken, surrendering herself completely to Robin, and to pleasure.

Miranda couldn't imagine a life more perfect. One night, Miranda was preparing herself in the mirror before heading into the bedroom with Robin. She was wearing a pink-lace bra with matching a matching thong and garter belts. As she adjusted her melon-sized breasts, her reflection changed, she saw herself as Claire again.

"You look beautiful." Her reflection said.

"Thank you, are you happy with the decision I made?"

"I am, there's no way my life would have ever nearly as amazing as the one you chose. Before Robin, I was nothing, but now I'm a goddess. Go in there and thank him for the gift he's given me." Miranda's reflection changed back. She smiled at herself in the mirror, turned off the light, and went into the bedroom where Robin was waiting for her. "Are you ready?" Miranda asked.

"You know I am." Robin answered with a smile.

"Good, because I'm going to rock your world."

"Mark!" Susan called from upstairs.

Unbelievable. My dick was already in my hand and I was 10 minutes into a masturbation session. My sister always had the worst timing.

"What?!" I yelled from my room downstairs.

"Come up here!" She yelled back.

"Can it wait?!" I asked, trying to keep my concentration. A few seconds passed in silence and I thought I was in the clear.


I let out a sigh and proceeded to tuck my privates back into my pants. There was no use trying to salvage this situation. Susan's annoying voice was the ultimate boner killer.

I ran up the stairs to find Susan leaning against the door to her room. She was wearing her only pair of gym shorts and an old tee-shirt that used to be our father's. Her blonde hair was pulled back and tied up in a messy bun. I could tell she had just finished working out.

Sweat glistened off her skin and she was breathing a little heavy. It's a little weird to say, but my older sister actually has a nice body under all that ragged clothing. Her breasts are small but perky and she has a tight stomach. Her real strength, however, is her ass.

It's big, round and sticks out no matter what she's wearing. Even now I could see it pressed firmly against the frame of her door. I knew I shouldn't be thinking about these things, especially not after I had just been pleasuring myself, but I was horny and couldn't help it.

"What took you so long?" she asked, like I was her servant or something.

"I was doing homework" I lied.

"Uh huh," she said with a certain doubt in her voice, "well I just wanted to let you know that Steph will be here any minute now."

"Great," I groaned.

Steph, or Stephanie, was Susan's girlfriend. That's right, my sister was the head of her soccer team, her favorite hobby was camping and she has every word to every t.A.T.u. song memorized. My sister was gay as hell, but Steph... Steph was a whole new level of gay.

Steph was a short and angry little thing that had more ink and piercings on her body than an entire biker gang. She was rude, had the vocabulary (and voice) of a sailor and always had something to say every time she saw me. "Hey Mark, you drop your balls yet?" She would say, pointing to my crotch.

Or "Hey Mark, wanna smell your sister," she'd joke, holding her finger up to my nose. I honestly had no idea what my sister saw in Steph. Susan was tall and fit and clean while Steph was short and boyish and far from sanitary. I hate to admit it, but Steph actually looks a lot like me. We're the same height and practically have the same crew cut. Just that thought made me want to shave all of it off.

"Just let her in, okay?" She pleaded, grabbing my shoulder.

"Why can't you?" I asked.

"Look, just open the door for her and tell her to come upstairs, alright? Can you do this one little thing for me?"

I loathed the idea of having to greet Steph, but I could never say no to Susan. I don't know what it is, but I am completely whipped when it comes to my sister.

"Alright," I said, "I'll come get you when she's here-"

"No!" My sister suddenly interrupted. "That's alright Mark, just tell her to come upstairs. Okay?"

She was acting a little weird, but I thought nothing of it. I nodded my head and rushed back downstairs to finish what I started. The whole time the image of Susan in her stretched out gym shorts slipped in and out of my mind. It was weird, I know, but I can't help it. Susan was one of the hottest girls I knew, sister or not.

I could barely get started again before I heard the doorbell ring. Steph, I thought. And just like that my dick was limp once more. The doorbell rang another five times before I reached it. I swung it open and there was Steph, smoking on our front porch.

"Hey limp dick!" She shouted cheerfully. An unfortunate coincidence.

"Hey Steph."

Steph shoved past me and strolled into the house. She snubbed the end of her cigarette in the potted plant next to the door.

"Is Susan here? She said she wanted to give me something?"

"Yeah," I said, "She told me to tell you she's upstairs."

"Cool, cool" she said with a thumbs up.

"Uh, hey. Is there a bathroom close by?" Steph grabbed hold of her stomach, "I have had the worst shits today."

I could feel the vomit trying to climb its way up my throat. I wasn't joking about the sailor thing.

"Down the hall on your left," I said, trying to choke my breakfast back down.

"Thanks" she said as she power walked towards the bathroom.

"Go tell Susan I might be a while!" She shouted over her shoulder.

Yup, that's Steph.

I walked back up the stairs trying to think of the best way I could embarrass Steph and make Susan sick in one fell swoop. Before I got half way up I could hear the unmistakable sounds of discomfort and misery coming from the bathroom downstairs. Great, I thought. I'll have to brick that part of the house off now. I reached Susan's door and knocked. "Come in!" her voice called from the other side of the door. I opened it and walked in to find Susan on her bed. Completely nude.

Susan on her... bed completely... no clothes...

I was stunned, completely paralyzed by fear of what I had just walked in on. There on the bed right before me was my older sister, buck naked. She was lying on her back, propped up against her headboard and spread full-eagle. I was about to apologize and run out of the room, but then I noticed something strange. She was wearing some kind of cloth around her eyes. It was the tee-shirt she was had on earlier.

Suddenly, everything clicked in my mind, and I understood what was happening here. Susan was trying to surprise Steph with an incredibly sexy display. And boy was this incredibly sexy.

"Steph?" Susan called out to the room. I had been silent for a while now.

Without thinking I closed the door behind me and stepped forward a bit.

"There you are," my sister smiled. I could see everything from this position, her perky pink nipples and her cute little pussy were completely on display for me.

"Come over here" Susan said, waving me closer with her finger. My brain was mush, my legs moved on their own. I was now inches away from my sister's exposed body. Susan wiggled her bottom half a little, she must have been very excited for this. I could see she was already a little wet. My sister's pussy was wet!

"What are you waiting for Steph? Don't you want a little taste?"

This is wrong, I thought. She's my sister, my gay sister! I thought I would walk out of the room, head back downstairs and jack-off. I would let Steph come up here and never think about all this again. But as I thought about these things my body was already crawling up onto the bed. I lowered my head to my sister's pussy and took a deep breath in.

"Oh!" Susan squeaked.

I took my finger and gently prodded at her folds. This is it. I'm really touching my sister's pussy right now. I had never dreamed my first experience with this would be with Susan, but I really couldn't complain! I could have stayed like this for an hour, but Susan was getting impatient.

"Common already," Susan moaned. He forcefully grabbed me by my hair and shoved my face into her crotch. My mouth was now wrapped around her hole. I could feel my sister's warm, wet pussy soak into my taste buds. The sensation was incredible. I started licking up and down in a steady movement. I could feel Susan's nails dig into the back of my head as I prodded her folds with my tongue. My sister's pussy was surprisingly sweet. The odor of it filled my nostrils.

"Ooooooo fuck Steph," Susan moaned. Suddenly she lifted her bottom up a little.

"Now lick this hole," she teased, spreading her cheeks apart to reveal her asshole.

I couldn't believe my own sister would be into something that kinky. I wondered if this was something her and Steph normally did... or if I might be getting the first experience...

I grabbed the bottom of Susan's legs and pushed them back towards her stomach, then I placed my mouth right above her anus. Again I was shocked to find it didn't smell at all bad. I slowly started licking my sister's butthole.

She started making cute noises that sounded like moaning and laughing at the same time. I swirled my tongue around her cute hole, getting faster and pushing it in a little deeper each time.

"You really like my ass- don't you?" Susan teased between moans. I gave her ass a small smack in response.

"I thought so," she said, flipping over to her stomach, "So why don't you grab your favorite toy and get to work on this." Susan wiggled her fat butt in the air and I thought I might lose it there. But what was this toy she was talking about? Was it a dildo, or some kind of vibrator? Maybe a paddle? I frantically searched around the room but couldn't find anything.

"In the top drawer!" Susan chimed in, "where it always is!"

I reached into the drawer, my hand sifted through Susan's underwear until I grabbed hold of something hard. I pulled the object out to find it was a dildo after all. But not just that. Attached to it was belt with buckles and straps. It was a Strappon! Susan wanted me to fuck her with a strappon...

But that wouldn't work at all! I couldn't put this thing on with my erect dick getting in the way, and Susan would know in an instant if it wasn't attached to me. I looked at the dildo in my hand, a big veiny thing with a pair of balls on the bottom.

That's when it clicked again for me.

I popped the dildo out of the ring on the harness and slipped it on, shoving my dick through the ring instead.


I ran back to the bed and positioned myself behind Susan. My dick was harder than it had ever been in my entire life. I let it rest at Susan's wet entrance, allowing it to brush against her folds. "Mmmff" She moaned into the mattress. What the hell and I doing, I thought. Am I really about to trick my lesbian sister into taking her own brother's cock?

Yeah I was.

I pushed forward, splitting my sister's pussy apart.

"Fuck!" Susan yelped as I drove my aching cock deeper inside. I bottomed out and stopped moving. I wanted to take this moment in- I wanted to burn the image of my dick inside my sister's pussy forever into my mind. I started pumping. Hard. I was losing all control of my body. Susan's pussy was the warmest wettest thing I've ever felt, it squeezed at my shaft and swallowed every bit of me.

"Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh!" Susan yelped with each thrust.

I'm fucking my sister, my SISTER, who has never had a real dick inside her! My gay as balls sister is enjoying her little brother's dick! I couldn't take much more. Susan's thick butt bounced against me, rocking me back and forth. I grabbed hold of her cheeks and slammed them towards me so I could reach deeper inside.

"Oooooo Steph! Fuck me!," my sister begged, "Fuck me hard!"

I wasn't going to last long. I pushed deep into my sister a few more times and then I came. I came hard, shooting my load deep inside. It must have gone on for at least a minute. Susan orgasmed with me and we both collapsed on the bed. My face was lying pressed against Susan's ass. I watched with pride as my juices leaked down her crack from her pussy.

"Mmmfu fu fu, that's was amazing," Susan purred.

"What's this?"

Susan reached back and pinched some of my seamen between her fingers. My heart sunk deep in my chest.

"Did you use a lube?" Susan asked, tugging at the shirt wrapped around her eyes. I was already stumbling out the door, slamming it shut behind me. I tumbled down the stairs and ran smack into Steph.

"Whoah, limp dick! Where you going in such a hurry? And where are your clothes?!" Steph looked at me in horror.

"And is that my..."

I still had the harness strapped around my waist, my sore cock poking through the ring. There was no way in hell I was going to explain this away, so I decided to try something else. I wiped my finger across my dick. Then I held it up to Steph's nose.

"Hey Steph," I said.

"Wanna smell your girlfriend?"

Dan Gardner didn't believe in elves. He also didn't believe in leprechauns, pixies, UFOs, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, or Santa Claus, so he certainly didn't believe in genies popping out of bottles like you saw on reruns of old TV shows. When he found the old lamp buried in the sand of the local beach one morning as he was working it with his metal detector, he put it in his backpack without giving it a second thought.

Later that afternoon he dumped his backpack out to look at what he'd found, and the lamp tumbled out at his feet. It looked like something out of an old Arabian Nights fable and had seen better days, but he thought that it would make a good conversation piece once it was all cleaned up. He took it over to the sink to wash it off before he started polishing it. After he'd washed the sand off he wrapped it up in a rag and took it over to the couch to dry it off.

He had only rubbed it two or three times before the lamp started to vibrate in his hands, startling him so that he dropped the lamp at his feet. It jiggled and bounced on the floor as it vibrated harder, and then a plume of light blue smoke shot out of the end, filling the room with a cloud that smelled of jasmine. Dan coughed once or twice, waving his hand in front of his face to clear the smoke away. It took several moments for the smoke to clear, and when it did his jaw dropped at what he saw.

Standing before him with her hands on her hips was an honest-to-God genie, and what a genie it was! The genie was a woman, and she could have been the twin sister of his favorite adult big-bust model, Pandora Peaks!

She had the same eyes, the same lips, and the same spectacular body – narrow waist, flat stomach, shapely legs, firm ass and, of course, those spectacularly huge and gravity-defying tits!

They were round and firm, standing out proudly from her chest, just like he'd seen in all the pictures of Pandora Peaks. She was wearing the same type of genie outfit that you always see female genies wearing – a short purple velvet vest, a thin light purple middie top which stopped right under her breasts and did very little to conceal them, and the veil-like pantaloons that you could see right through, also light purple.

The outfit was finished off by a little round genie hat and little genie shoes that ended in curled points. She was standing with her feet apart, hands on her hips, her huge round breasts barely contained by the flimsy material of her outfit. He could see the perpetually erect nipples poking through the material of her top. She was smiling as she looked down at him, sitting on his couch with his mouth hanging open.

"What, you've never seen a genie before?" she said, snapping him out of his trance.

"Huh?" he replied, still amazed at what he was looking at.

"A genie – you know, like 'Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves,' that kind of thing," she said.

"Uh, no – no, I've never seen a genie before," he said.

"Well, you have now. So, what will it be, Master?" she asked, still standing in front of him.

"What will what be?" he asked in return. The genie gave him a puzzled look as she replied.

"Boy, you don't get out much, do you, Master?" she asked. Dan shook his head, still in shock and not believing that he was actually talking to a real, live genie. "You get three wishes in return for freeing me from the bottle. But before you make your wishes, there are some rules you need to know about."

"Rules?" Dan asked

"Yes, Master, rules. Nothing in life is totally free, you know." She shifted her stance, folding her arms beneath her massive breasts and standing with her weight mainly on one leg as she continued.

"Rule Number One: you can't wish for more wishes. Three wishes to a customer, that's it.

"Rule Number Two: I can't raise the dead. There are some things that even a genie can't do, not to mention that it's too creepy to even contemplate.

"Rule Number Three: I can't kill anybody. You want someone dead, do it yourself. But don't ask, 'cause it ain't happening.

"Rule Number Four: I can't make anyone fall in love with you. You're gonna have to do that yourself, too. Any questions, Master?" Finally snapping out of his trance, Dan replied.

"Yes, I have a question."

"Shoot, Master."

"Why do you look like Pandora Peaks?"

"Is that her name? The name of the female whose form I chose?" the genie asked.

"Yes, it is," Dan said. "She's a model - a woman who makes her living getting her picture taken," he explained.

"I chose this form so I wouldn't scare the pants off you when I appeared, Master," the genie replied. "I took it from your subconscious memories; I chose the one that took up the most space in that part of your subconscious. And I must say, this 'Pandora Peaks' takes up quite a lot of space in your brain!" she said, smiling. "Is my form not pleasing to you, Master? I can change it if you'd like," the genie said.

"No, no, no, your form is just fine! Believe me, it's just fine!" Dan replied, looking her up and down for the first time since she'd appeared. The genie smiled as he looked at her.

"I'm glad you approve of my appearance," she said. Noticing the growing bulge in his crotch, she smiled and said, "And I see that your approval is growing as we speak!"

Dan was embarrassed as he shifted in his seat, trying to hide his growing erection. "Well, you're the one who showed up looking like Pandora Peaks! I can't help what my reaction is, you know."

"Yes, those things do have a mind of their own, don't they?" the genie said, her eyes clouding over a bit as she looked at the bulge of his cock through his pants.

Shaking her head, the genie said, "Well, where were we? Oh, yes, the wishes. What'll it be, Master? Fame? Fortune? Women? Those are the usual requests whenever someone lets me out of the bottle."

"I don't want any of those," Dan replied, catching the genie off-guard.

"You don't?" she asked, puzzled.

"Nope. What I want will bring me all of those, and more," he said.

"I can't wait to hear this," the genie said, smiling that famous Pandora half-smile. "And remember, you have to make it in the form of a wish."

"Easy enough," Dan replied. "First, I wish my cock and balls were twice as big as they are now, but proportional."

"By 'proportional' you mean not just long but equally as big around, right?" the genie asked.

"Right. Proportional as they are now, just twice as big."

"Okay, got it. One king-sized set of family jewels coming up!" she said, standing upright and putting her hands back on her hips. "You might want to stand up for this," she advised. "It could get a little uncomfortable, not to mention painful, if you don't have enough room to grow, so to speak!" Dan stood up as she suggested, and with a snap of her fingers Dan's first wish came true.

Dan felt a tingling wave of heat rush through his groin, and he felt his shaft and balls expanding and getting heavier. He looked down and saw the now-visible lump in his shorts and smiled. When he looked up at the genie he saw that she was staring at the lump in his shorts, too, and had a strange look in her eyes.

She caught herself and shook her head slightly again, and then asked, "Okay, Master, now what would you like for your second wish?
"I wish to have the stamina to stay hard for at least an hour if I so choose." He could have sworn he saw the genie gulp when he said this.

"An hour?" she asked.

"At least an hour," he replied, and she gulped again.

"Wish Number Two coming up," she said, and she snapped her fingers again. Another flash of tingling heat swept through him, only this one felt...deeper.

"And for your last wish, Master?" the genie asked.

"For my last wish," Dan said, looking her right in the eyes, "I wish to be able to shoot three times as much cum per orgasm as a normal man."

This time he was sure that he heard the genie gasp, and he saw her eyes widen slightly and her mouth drop open. She was also slightly panting for breath as she said, "Three...three times as much...Your wish is my command, Master!"

A third tingling flash went through him, this one running down the underside of his shaft and circling around his balls before running up his spine and fading away. He looked down at the noticeable lump in his shorts and then looked up at the genie; she, too, was looking at his crotch, her mouth open slightly. She was finally able to pry her eyes off his crotch before speaking.

"I have to ask, Master...just how big were you before I granted your first wish?"

"A little more than six inches," Dan replied, "which means when I get hard now I should be..."

"A little more than twelve inches!" the genie finished the sentence for him, her eyes wide and locked on his crotch.

"And about as thick around as my wrist, if you granted my wish correctly," he said.

"Oh, I did it right, I can guarantee you that," she replied, still staring down at the huge lump in his crotch. "You got exactly what you wished for. But then again," she said, looking up at Dan with a strange look in her eyes, "I don't suppose it would hurt to make sure, would it?"

"No, I don't suppose it would," Dan replied, feeling his newly-enlarged cock start to twitch. Playing her game now since he knew what she wanted, Dan said, "But just how do you propose to make sure?"

The genie looked up at him and said, "I think I have a pretty good idea of how to do it, Master!" She walked over to him then and kissed him long and deep, her tongue snaking into his mouth while her hand found the lump of his cock. She rubbed his hardening shaft with the palm of her hand as she kissed him, her tongue dancing with his, and Dan reached down and grabbed her by her round, firm cheeks and pulled her close to him. He could feel the mounds of her firm, massive breasts pressing into his chest as they kissed. His cock grew hard quickly beneath her touch, and she squeezed his heavy balls through his pants to encourage it along. After several long moments, the genie broke the kiss and stepped back from him, leaving them both short of breath.

The heat in her eyes was plain to see as she took off the short vest she was wearing, dropping it to the floor. Then she pulled her top up over her breasts and slipped her arms out of it, taking it off over her head and dropping it next to the vest. Her huge round breasts bobbed and swayed with her movements, and her nipples were hard and erect.

Dan's cock was now fully erect, and he could feel the head pressing against the waistband of his shorts as it strained for release. He looked down for a moment and was amazed at the size of the lump pressing against his shorts.

He looked up at the genie again as she slipped out of her flimsy pantaloons, her eyes locked on his erection. She tossed them aside and then stood before him, hands on her shapely hips, naked except for the little genie hat she still had on her head.

"Your turn, Master," she said, a 'come fuck me!' smile on her face.

Without a moment's hesitation Dan slipped out of his shoes, pulled his t-shirt up over his head and dropped it on the floor, and then reached down to unfasten his shorts. He wasn't wearing underwear, so when he opened the waistband of his shorts the bulbous head of his mammoth cock popped out.

He let his shorts fall to the floor and then stepped out of them, his now-huge cock bobbing with his movements. He saw that the genie's eyes were wide with amazement and her mouth was hanging open as she looked at his cock; he looked down and was himself startled at what he saw.

His cock was huge, thick and hard, pulsing slightly as the blood rushed through it. Dan had gotten exactly what he wished for – his cock was a little more than twelve inches long, as thick as his wrist, and was proportional in every way. The veins stood out prominently along the shaft, and the head was flared and full, a drop of pre-cum oozing from the slit.

His balls were equally as big, hanging low beneath his shaft, heavy and full with cum. The shaft was standing nearly straight up, and he had the feeling that it would stay that way for a long, long time.

At least an hour.

"My God, it's huge and it's so...it's so beautiful!" the genie said, transfixed by the sight of the massive cock in front of her, "I have to have it!"

"Think you can handle this much cock?" Dan asked, still playing with her. She looked him dead in the eye and her response let no doubt.

"Master, I've been locked up in that bottle for more than a thousand years, and at this point there's no cock too big for me to handle!"

Then she walked over to him and kissed him again, long, hard and deep, her tongue snaking inside his mouth and dancing with his. She reached down and gripped his huge cock with both hands, squeezing it and pulling on it, then sliding one hand down to cup and squeeze his big, heavy balls.

Dan let his hands travel up and down the body of the woman he'd lusted after for so long, knowing that it wasn't really her but not caring. He lifted her giant round breasts in his hands, marveling at their weight and fullness. He tweaked her nipples between his fingers and then tugged on them, making her gasp.

He slid one hand down her flat stomach as she tugged and pulled on his cock, sliding her palm over the head and spreading the slick pre-cum around. She gasped again when he slipped a finger between her outer lips and found her very wet, and she jumped when he let his finger slide across her clit. She squeezed his cock hard in return.

She broke off the kiss and dropped to her knees in front of him, the telephone pole of his cock right in front of her face. She licked the underside of the shaft from the base all the way up to the top and then back down again, sliding her smooth, wet tongue over his smooth-shaven balls.

She tried to suck one of them into her mouth but it was just too big, so she licked her way back up to the head of his cock and then slipped it into her mouth. It barely fit, it was so big, but she managed to engulf it completely. She swirled her tongue around the mammoth head of his cock, making Dan moan with pleasure as he rested his hands on her shoulders.

She slowly slid her lips down the thick length of his cock as much as she could, but it was too thick and too big for her to get much more than three or four inches into her wet mouth. Still, Dan was impressed.

"Wow! I didn't think you'd be able to do that," Dan said as she slid her mouth back up his shaft, releasing it from her mouth with a sucking pop. "I thought it'd be too big and thick for you to get any of it in your mouth!"

"If you liked that, you're gonna love this!" she said, and then she ran her tongue up and down the side of his cock. When she got to the spot just behind the flared head, she opened her mouth and her tongue snaked out, sliding under his cock and then wrapping itself around his shaft.

Her tongue slid around and around his thick pole like a snake, encircling his hard shaft again and again. He watched in amazement as her tongue continued to grow in length as it wrapped around his cock until nearly half of his shaft was encircled.

Then the genie tightened her tongue around his cock and started to move her head up and down, sliding her wet, slippery tongue up and down the length of his cock. Her tongue gripped his pole tightly as it slid up and down his length, and he knew that she could make him cum like this if she really wanted to!

After a few minutes of tugging on his cock with her snake-like tongue the genie released her grip on him, her tongue slipping around his shaft in retreat and back into her mouth. She licked her lips as she looked up at him, smiling. Dan was absolutely amazed.

"How in the hell did you do that?" Dan asked, amazed.

"Hey, I'm a genie; I can do anything I want!" she said, looking up at him with a mischievous smile. "And right now I want to wrap my tits around this monster cock of yours before I fuck you and see just how long you can stay hard and how much cum you can shoot!"

With that she stood up and led him into his bedroom, grabbing onto his cock and leading him with it. Once there she pushed him onto the bed and quickly climbed on between his legs, her huge breasts sliding against his thighs as she moved up to wrap them around his cock.

He held his cock up for her as she lifted her huge breasts up with both hands and wrapped them tightly around his cock. His cock was huge but so were her breasts, and nearly all of it disappeared between her massive tits. Just the head was visible, and the pre-cum was flowing like a stream from the tip.

She slid her big tits up and down the length of his shaft, tit-fucking his huge cock and getting her mounds slick with his pre-cum. She lowered her mouth to the head of his cock and sucked on it as she slid her tits up and down his length, squeezing them tight around his shaft. Dan just lay back and watched her work, enjoying the sensations rippling through him as she fucked him with her massive breasts.

After several very pleasurable minutes of this, the genie released his cockhead from her mouth and looked up at him, the lust plain in her eyes.

"I could make you cum like this, but I think I'll save that for later!" she said, releasing his cock from between her tits. It slapped down against his stomach as she quickly climbed up on top of him, her huge breasts swaying back and forth as she moved. She positioned herself above him on her hands and knees, then leaned down and kissed him hard, her big breasts pressing against his chest as she pressed her mound against the underside of his cock. He could feel her wetness flowing out of her slit and coating the underside of his shaft as she slowly slid it up and down against his cock. She broke off the kiss and looked down at him, fire in her eyes.

"And now, Master, I'm going to fuck you!" she said breathlessly.

"I wish you would!" he said. She smiled a wicked smile as she replied.

"You only get three wishes, Master," she said as she sat up and then squatted above his cock, lifting the huge shaft up and rubbing the head between the outer lips of her pussy, "I'm doing this for me!"

And with that she lowered herself down on the monstrous cock, the bulbous head pushing apart and then slipping past the swollen outer lips, stretching her opening as it slid inside her tight, wet tunnel. She closed her eyes and moaned as she pushed down with her hips, slowly sliding down on the massive hard shaft, feeling the huge flared head slide deeper inside her pussy, stretching her to the limit as it filled her. She gasped and panted for breath as she spoke.

"My God, this thing is huge!" she moaned as she slid further down on his cock. "I love it!" Dan watched in amazement as she took his huge, thick cock deeper and deeper inside her tight, wet pussy with one slow, deliberate motion, pushing down with her hips, her pussy stretching and expanding, until she had more than two-thirds of it inside her tunnel.

She paused then, panting for breath, and Dan could feel her inner muscles shifting and twitching around his shaft as she adjusted to the massive pole inside her. Her pussy was tight on his thick shaft, and very wet.

"Oh my God," she gasped, "your cock is so big! I've never felt one so big before!"

"Why not just make your pussy bigger so it can fit better?" Dan asked.

"Aahh...." She gasped as she slid down a little further, "Wouldn't be as much fun...for either of us...oohh...would it, Master?"

"Can you take it all like this?" Dan asked.

"Hey," the genie replied, panting slightly, "Like I said before, I'm a genie...aaahh...I can do anything I want, and right now...I want your big cock inside of me...all of it!"

A look of determination crossed her face, and looking Dan straight in the eyes she sat straight up and impaled herself down onto his massive cock, taking all of it inside her pussy. She threw her head back and cried out with delight as his long, thick cock filled and stretched her pussy;

Dan could feel the firm cheeks of her ass resting on his big, heavy balls and he could feel the head of his cock pressing hard against the end of her tunnel. Her pussy was hot, wet, and very tight wrapped around his cock.

He looked down at her sitting on his hips with his huge cock completely inside her pussy, and he could have sworn he saw a long bulge in her abdomen in the outline of his cock! He felt like he had died and gone to heaven.

The genie leaned forward and rested on her hands, placing them on either side of his body. Her huge, firm breasts rested against his chest and he could feel the hard pebbles of her nipples poking into his skin.

"Now let's see about that hour of stamina you wished for," she said, gripping her pussy around his shaft.

"At least an hour," Dan replied, reaching up and grasping her mammoth breasts with both hands. He lifted her breasts up to his face, sucking first on one nipple and then the other as she moaned and began sliding up and down the entire length of his thick, hard shaft.

Her pussy was hot, wet and tight around his cock and she knew just how to use it, sliding up his pole until just the head was trapped inside her, then sliding all the way back down and taking his entire length in one long, fluid motion. She gripped and squeezed his cock with her inner muscles as she fucked him, milking his cock with every stroke.

She moaned with pleasure as the massive meat stretched and filled her pussy over and over again, and she felt the sensations building inside her.

"Oh, Master," she moaned as she slid up and down on his cock, "I'm gonna cum...all over your big, hard cock...I'm gonna cum....mmmm....I'm gonna cum NOW! AAAHHH!!"

She came hard, and Dan could feel her ass twitching and her pussy muscles clamping down on his shaft as she came, never slowing her motions, continuing to slide up and down on his massive cock, taking all twelve inches of his thick pole inside her with every stroke.

He squeezed her huge, round breasts hard as she came, and he felt her pussy clamp down in return. She came long and hard, so long that he thought she'd never stop cumming, but she finally did. Her massive orgasm left her gasping for breath and covered with a fine layer of sweat.

"Oh, my God!" she said, slowing down her movements but not stopping, "That was great! I thought I'd never stop cumming!"

"Neither did I," Dan replied.

"You gotta remember," she panted, still slowly sliding up and down his shaft which was still rock-hard, "I haven't had a hard cock inside me in more than a thousand years! I have a lot of pent-up energy to get rid of!"

"How many times can you cum?" Dan asked, his hands still squeezing and massaging her huge tits.

"Back-to-back or total?" she asked, still slipping up and down on his cock.

"Both," he said, pulling on her nipples. She moaned in response and then replied.

"Back-to-back, my record is three. Total, my personal best is ten. But then again," she said, pausing her speech to catch her breath but not stopping her motions, "I've never had a cock like this one inside me before, and I've never been with a man who could keep up with me, either!"

"That sounds like a challenge!" Dan said.

"Just stating the facts," she replied, looking down at him and smiling. She cocked one eyebrow and then said, "So, wanna break some records, Master?"

"Is that a wish I hear?" Dan asked, smiling in return.

"Yes, it is," she replied, smiling back.

"Remember," Dan taunted, playfully squeezing her breasts, "you have to make it in the form of a wish!"

The genie laughed and then said, "Okay, Master, I wish that you would fuck me with your huge cock and make me cum more than I ever have before!"

"Your wish is my command, genie!" Dan said. He gripped her firmly by the waist and held her there as he pushed up with his cock, going deeper than ever inside her already-filled pussy.

She cried out as he filled her and continued thrusting up and down, holding her fast while he pushed his massive cock in and out of her pussy. She braced her hands against his chest as he fucked her from below, driving his cock in and out of her in firm, steady strokes over and over again, quickly driving her to the brink of orgasm.

"I'm...gonna....cummm!" she panted, and then cried out again as her orgasm hit. Dan continued thrusting as she came over and over again.

"Aaahh...one....." she panted, "mmmm....here cums another one....aaaahhh!" she cried as Dan continued to stroke her pussy, driving his cock up hard.

"Oh God! Another one....aaaahhh!!" She cried out loud as the third powerful orgasm rocked her slim body. Dan could feel her pussy muscles twitching and fluttering around his thick shaft, and he continued thrusting upwards.

"Again....oh....yessss.....here it....cums....again!! AAAHHHH!!" she screamed as her fourth orgasm hit, followed quickly by another one.

"Oh...oh...give it to me...hard...yes...here it is...FIVE!" she grimaced with pleasure as the sensations rippled through her body.

"Now it's time to go for the gold!" Dan said, and before she could recover from her fifth consecutive orgasm he flipped her over onto her back, quickly moved in between her legs, and grabbed her by the ankles.

He lifted her feet up next to the sides of his head, his mammoth cock pointing right at her open pussy. She reached down and guided the head against her opening and then he pushed, thrusting in hard and deep, burying his massive pole inside her pussy with one thrust.

Dan fucked the genie hard, holding her ankles up as he drove his cock in and out of her in long, deliberate strokes. Her massive breasts bounced around on her chest like two beach balls caught in a rip tide as he slammed his cock in and out of her tight, wet pussy.

She reached up and grabbed her breasts with her hands, squeezing them together and pulling on the nipples as Dan drove in and out of her. She came again and again as Dan fucked her hard and deep, holding her legs up by the ankles the whole time.

Then Dan let go of her ankles and dropped down on top of her, mashing her huge round breasts between them. He slid his hands under her firm ass and gripped her asscheeks in his hands, squeezing them hard as he continued thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy.

She wrapped her legs around his waist, clamping them tight around him as he fucked her and just held on as he drove her to orgasm again and again. At one point, she clamped her mouth down on his shoulder and sucked hard, intent on giving him a world-class hickey as a souvenir.

This only made him thrust harder and she came again in response, crying out with pleasure and leaving her gasping for breath beneath him. He released her ass from his grip and held himself up above her, smiling as he looked down on her while he continued thrusting in and out of her pussy.

"My God," she panted, "you're a regular fucking machine! You're gonna fuck me to death!"

"Well, you know what they say," Dan said, also panting for breath, "be careful what you wish for, because you just may get it!"

With that he sat up and pulled out of her, his huge thick cock glistening with her juices. He reached down and flipped the genie over onto her stomach, then grabbed her by the hips and stood her up on all fours. He quickly moved in behind her and guided the bulbous head of his cock back to her pussy and pushed, thrusting into her again.

Then he grabbed her by the hips and began really pounding her, driving hard and fast, thrusting his long, thick cock in and out of her pussy in long, hard, deep strokes.

"Oh! Oh my God, yes! Yes! Fuck me harder! Harder!" she screamed as he pounded in and out of her, gripping her tightly by the hips. He kept up his motions as the genie began cumming over and over again, crying out with each orgasm. He pounded her continually in long, deep strokes, pulling back on her hips as he thrust forward.

He could feel his balls banging against her clit as he fucked her and she came again and again. Her big, heavy breasts slapped against each other with the force of his strokes; all she could do was grab two handfuls of sheet and hang on!

She lost track of time, but not the number of times she had cum. When she finally couldn't take any more, she begged him to stop.

"Okay, okay!" she panted between thrusts, "Please, I can't take any more! You've...unh!....fucked me so hard....aaagghh...please, cum for me! Unnhh...aagghh...cum for me....I want to feel you cum!"

"You're not only gonna feel it," Dan replied, "you're gonna see it!" Then he flipped her over onto her back and mounted her again, driving his thick cock into her once more.

She reached up and grabbed his nipples between her fingers, pulling and pinching on them as he drove his huge cock in and out of her sopping, stretched-out pussy. She was intent on making him cum, and she didn't have long to wait. She could feel his cock widen inside her and knew that he was going to explode at any second. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled on his nipples hard.

Dan cried out as his orgasm hit with a force unlike anything he'd ever experienced before. He thrust forward as his cock exploded deep inside the genie's pussy, immediately flooding her with an ocean of cum. His cock was shooting in long, intense spurts, and he could feel the cum racing out of his big balls and up his shaft to spew out of the end of his cock.

The genie could feel his cock throbbing and pumping inside her pussy as it filled her up with cum. After the third long spurt Dan pulled out of the genie's pussy to finish shooting his load all over her stomach and breasts. She quickly grabbed his spurting, shooting cock with both hands and pumped it, squeezing the cum out of him.

He came over and over again, shooting stream after stream of hot, thick cum all over the genie. By the time he finally finished cumming, the genie's breasts and stomach were covered with long, thick streams of white cum. She continued pumping and squeezing his cock with her hands until the last drop slipped out of the tip and dropped down onto her stomach.

Then, finally, she felt Dan's mammoth cock begin to soften. She let it slip out of her hands to plop down onto her mound as Dan sat back to catch his breath. She was covered with cum, and he was covered with sweat.

"So," Dan panted, "how was that? Did we do it?" he asked, and the genie's smile answered his questions before she spoke.

"We sure did! I came five times back-to-back, and came a total of twenty-two times!" The pleasure was evident on her face as she spoke. "But how about you? How long did you stay hard? I kind of lost track, the way you were fucking me!"

"I glanced at the clock right before you sat down on me. According to the clock, we went at it for an hour and ten minutes!"

The genie smiled in response. "Like I said, Master, I can guarantee my results!"

"You certainly can!" Dan replied. "Now I guess we ought to get cleaned up, huh? I've made quite a mess all over you!"

"My God, I've never seen so much cum! But please, allow me!" the genie said, and snapped her fingers. Instantly they were both clean, dry, and fully clothed; Dan was sitting on the couch in the living room and the genie was standing in front of him, hands on her hips, a big grin on her face.

"Master, I must ask...how will your three wishes grant you fame and fortune? I can see how it would draw women to you, but I don't understand how the fame and fortune will happen."

"Simple, genie. I'm going to become a porn star. With equipment like this, I can't go wrong!"

"No, you certainly can't!" she said, moving over to sit next to him on the couch. "You sure gave me the fucking of my life, and I've been around for a very long time!"

"Speaking of being around for a long time, what will you do now? Do you have to leave right away, or can you stay for a while?" Dan asked.

"Why, Master, if I didn't know better, I'd say you were asking me to stay here with you!"

"Well, would that be so bad?" Dan asked, blushing a bit.

She smiled at him as she said, "No, Master, I don't think it would be bad at all. Actually, I think it would be rather fun! On one condition, of course," she said, putting a finger to her bottom lip in mock thought.

"And what condition would that be?" Dan asked. The genie looked at him out of the corner of her eye as she replied.

"On the condition that you use that big cock of yours on me like you just did any time you want!"

"That's gonna be a lot," Dan said, smiling at her.

"Would that be so bad?" she asked, smiling.

"No, I don't think it would!" Dan replied.

"Say, Master, would you like to see the inside of my lamp?" she asked, her eyes lighting up at the thought of getting him onto her very own round bed and not letting him up until they'd set another new record or two.

"Can we get out when we want to?" Dan asked.

"Sure we can! Only a curse can keep me in there, and I don't think you're going to put a curse on me, are you?"

"Certainly not!"

"Good! Then let's go!" she said, and snapped her fingers.

With a flash and a puff of smoke they were gone, the scent of jasmine hanging in the air of the now-empty room, soft laughter coming from the lamp on the floor.

It wasn't auspicious for a relationship; he wasn't quite...right.

Not that there was anything wrong with him per se, because there wasn't. We had met online through one of those dating apps; he was sweet and funny and intelligent.

Normally he would have been perfect, but I needed something...more. I enjoyed the relationship, but it was nearing six months and I knew he was getting impatient to take things to the next level. He never said it, but I could tell, and I just wasn't feeling it.


It was supposed to be a break-up dinner actually. The plan was to have a light meal and let him down gently, but I had a meeting to run late and had to cancel. When he suggested we meet at my place—he'd cook and we would have a quiet evening in—I didn't have the heart to say no.

He was enthusiastic about it, and the promise of not having to cook or order out was too much of a temptation. So while I finished up some paper work he stopped by for my key and, with a quick peck in the cheek, was off to get started.

I sighed. I would just have to do it tomorrow instead.

The drive to my house seemed longer than usual that evening. My house sits just outside of city limits, in a more rural part of the county. Normally I enjoyed the drive, just me and my thoughts while I decompressed, but I felt a twinge of guilt as I pulled into the drive and saw his truck sitting there.Tomorrow, I told myself. I would tell him tomorrow, but tonight I was going to enjoy a meal I didn't cook and an evening of good company.

The house smelled heavenly when I opened the door, roasted meat and spices with a tang of citrus, causing my stomach to rumble.

"Smells delicious!" I called, kicking off my heels at the door and dropping my keys in the bowl on the stand. "I'm going to shower if I have time."

"Be done in about twenty." I heard his voice from the kitchen before he leaned around the doorframe, a strange expression on his face. His typically relaxed, open features seemed a little strained, his smile a little tight.

He knows, I thought with an inward grimace.He knows I was going to break things off with him today, and he's upset.Ughh. I hated making people upset.

"Are you alright?" I had to ask, to see how he was taking this. I didn't want to hurt him, but if things weren't working... well, it was better this way. He didn't answer, just arched his eyebrow at me and pointed a sauce-coated spoon down the hallway as a silent gesture to get going.

The shower was lovely, the heat soothing. It took a little longer to get my hair dry than usual, but eventually I emerged, wrapped in my fluffy bathrobe since I had left my evening clothes in my bedroom.

He startled me as I left the bathroom. For some reason I hadn't expected him to be there, I thought he'd still be in the kitchen and his sudden appearance caused me to jump slightly. He seemed a little tense, imposing. His expression made me uneasy. He looked almost predatory.

"Oh! Just give me a minute and I will be dressed. Is dinner ready then?"

He didn't respond, just watched me with a slight smirk. My pulse picked up as I tried to reason through his strange behavior. Perhaps it was the bathrobe—I needed to get dressed ASAP—so I edged forward toward my bedroom. The door I saw was slightly open. I frowned at it as I padded forward. I was sure I closed it when I left that morning. I always did.

A few more steps and I pushed the door completely open, stepping inside. Everything looked fine, except...The bottom drawer of the nightstand was open.

I felt a stab of panic. Oh no. That's where I kept...things. Personal things. Personal things I didn't want people to see... especially the boyfriend I was on the verge of dumping.

My intent was to turn around and ask if he had been in my bedroom—what kind of person snoops through someone's home while they're gone?—but just as I registered the thought to do so, I felt him behind me. So close I could smell the faint lingering scent of aftershave.

I stiffened, wary. Waiting. He was making me nervous, even more so since his discovery of my secret. I wasn't sure what he was going to do—confront me? Call me a freak or threaten to expose me to my family, friends, colleagues?

But he just leaned down until his breath was in my ear and whispered, "You have three minutes for find a way out of this house. Find it and I will walk away without a word. If I catch you...you're mine."

I shivered involuntarily, feeling the color drain from my face. Not only had he found out, he'd set a trap. For a second I stayed frozen, a whir of emotions and thoughts as his words settled.

One exit. Three minutes. His if I failed. Tingling flush spreading through my body, turning my face pink and causing a faint dampness in my nether regions.

Oh god. I wasnotgetting aroused by this.

I was sure he wouldn't actually hurt me if I refused. I could deny his terms, tell him I didn't want to play along. I wasn't sure what the options would be from there—would he leave? Would we sit down to dinner and pretend nothing happened?

Would I want that?

These thoughts collided in the space of seconds. He continued to watch me, waiting on me to reach my decision. I could refuse or I could accept his terms...knowing what the outcome would be if I were caught.

My decision must have shown on my face, because he smiled wickedly at me.

I did the only thing I could do at that point.

He was taller than me and stronger, so I knew I couldn't outrun him for long. I would have to be quick. I had to find the exit. I didn't care that I was in a bathrobe or that it was still daylight outside. I didn't have close neighbors so that didn't matter; all I could focus on was finding a way out.

Down the short hall, a quick turn into the kitchen (ignoring the rumbling of my stomach), where the door was locked. I cursed softly, back-peddling to the living room. I could hear him behind me, causing my adrenaline to spike his footsteps came gradually closer. I panicked, my hands fumbling with the knob of the front door, fighting to get it open.

Footsteps, much closer. Slow, measured, even. He wasn't in a hurry, confident that I wouldn't find the door he'd left unlocked.

I turned, watching him exiting the hall. He was closing in; I would have to hurry if I wanted to get past him to the rest of the house.I should have started there,I thought. How much time did I have left? I knew I had wasted time on the door, trying to force it open.

Maybe if I could draw him further into the room...I could duck past him and make it to the back.

With this in mind I edged toward the sofa, eyes locked on his as he moved slowly toward me.

Judging the distance between him and the hall as sufficient, I made my move, darting forward suddenly. All my attention was focused on reaching the hallway. If I could make it there, I could get to the back of the house...there had to be an escape.

I was so focused on my escape I didn't hear him behind me. An arm snaked around my waist, pulling me backward in a single swift motion. I squealed, struggling futilely while he tangled his other hand in my hair, pulling my head to the side.

"Time's up, little girl." His breath was in my ear, making me shiver. "You are mine now."

My heart lodged itself in my throat. I was suddenly full of panic, struggling against his hold, afraid of this side of him that I had never witnessed before. Normally he was so mellow and easy going. This was unlike him, and it frightened me.


As hard as my logical mind tried to deny it, I couldn't ignore the pulses of pleasure spiking through me. Was it the game that was so arousing to me, or the sudden change in his demeanor? Could it be both?

He kept his grip firm, dragging me down the hall and into my bedroom. I stopped fighting his hold, which wasn't showing any signs of easing. There wasn't really a point anyway; he was stronger than I was, his hold unyielding. I shivered, feeling his breath on the sensitive skin below my ear as he nuzzled my neck, feathering kisses down to my shoulder and up again.

"Mm. Such a bad girl. I've read all those naughty things you fantasize about, I know you are soaking wet. What's to stop me from bending you over and taking you now?"

"Please..." I was afraid of him doing just that, despite my arousal. I decided I didn't have a choice, I had to tell him my secret.

"Please? Please what, little slut?"

"Please don't...I can't...please."

Suddenly I felt his teeth on my skin, nibbling and biting, causing my legs to become watery and my pulse to quicken.

"You can't? Seems like you want to. You do want to, don't you?"

I did, desperately. His shift in attitude had sparked my submissiveness, making me wet and aroused. But I was also nervous and anxious. I had to say something.

"Please...I'm...I'm a virgin." I waited, my breath held.

His mouth stopped abruptly, his arm flexing convulsively. I could tell he wasn't expecting that; his body tensed as he processed the new information. I could almost feel him thinking, weighing the options. He could let me go, pretend this never happened, and resume our mundane courtship. He could walk away. Or he could continue.

Without warning he released me, roughly pulling my robe off and throwing it somewhere behind him. Before I had the chance to try to cover myself he bent me over, face-first onto the bed. I tried pushing away but he grabbed my arms, twisting them behind my back and forcing my face back down. Struggling was useless, my wrists were securely clamped in one of his hands. Twisting away merely made my arms ache with strain; within a few minutes I had exhausted my avenues of escape and resigned myself to whatever he had planned.

"Comfortable?" His voice sounded amused now, his free hand running across my hip. I relaxed. If he was amused, he wasn't likely to hurt me. At least, I didn't think he was.

"You ran from me, little girl." He still sounded amused, but with a definite edge again. "Bad little girls get spanked."

His words had barely registered when I felt the first swat. I squealed, a faint stinging seeping into my flesh. I squirmed again, trying to escape, but he refused to let go. Holding me tightly he continued, alternating cheeks while I gasped and cried.

Eventually the spanking ceased. His hand roved soothingly across my hot skin while I struggled to catch my breath. It was far more intense than I had imagined it would be.

"Enjoy that, little girl?" He still sounds amused, but I know better than to feel relaxed now. I shook my head, hiccupping slightly, catching my breath. He chuckled, his free hand sliding down to cup my mound. It was swollen and hot; his fingers lightly probed between the folds, feeling the wetness there.

"Liar," he whispered.

Releasing my arms he took a step back, rummaging in the bottom drawer of my nightstand. I remained where I was, flushed and embarrassed and incredibly aroused. I thought about standing to ease the ache in my arms but he hadn't told me to, and I didn't want another spanking. Or worse. And at this point, I wasn't certain what he would do.


He was close behind me again, leaving me no option but to climb onto the bed. The coolness of the sheets felt heavenly against my flaming backside as I sat. With an imperious gesture he motioned for me to lie back; I complied, smiling softly as he fastened a leather cuff around my wrist. Gently he pulled my arm upward, attaching it to the metal headboard. I sighed, feeling my apprehension melt away. Bound this way felt natural. Like I was where I was meant to be.

Perhaps it was.

He noticed my calm, grinning at me as he ran his fingertips across my skin. Down my arms, spreading out to caress my chest, my sides; down my stomach, over my thighs. Soft currents of sensation traveled throughout my body at each caress, counterpoint to the stinging heat. Barely touching, his fingers skimmed across my body.

Finally his fingers found my core, sliding between the slick folds. I moaned and arched against him, seeking more; he continued with light, feathery strokes, but avoiding my most sensitive and attention-seeking nub of flesh. I arched, growing ever-wetter and more swollen, hips shifting, trying to maneuver his teasing touch to where I needed it most.

Ever-so-lightly his finger tip stroked across my clit, causing me to gasp. Pleasure shot through me. His teasing had left me exquisitely sensitive, each touch sending shocks of sensation through my nervous system.

He grinned wickedly before dipping his head down to place a light kiss where his fingertip was a moment before. Sharp pleasure ripped through me, causing me to thrust upward and gasp. Chuckling he began kissing my nether region slowly, tongue sliding between the folds, occasionally flicking over my engorged clit.

I moaned and fidget. His fingers spread me open while he licked and suckled, pressing his tongue into my opening. I groaned loudly as he moved back up to my clit, working a finger inside me. My muscles tensed and I knew I was close to cumming but you raised up before I reached the precipice.

"Don't you dare cum," he growled. He wedged a second finger inside, stretching me, curling against my g spot and making me whimper in desperation. "If you cum without permission I will have to spank your needy little clit, girl."

My soaking, throbbing pussy spasmed at his words. It was sinfully erotic, tapping into one of my deepest fantasies.

"You like that, hm? What a filthy girl you are, little slut."

I moaned in response.

Once again he dipped his head to my clit, wrapping his lips around it, his tongue dancing across the sensitive flesh. I squealed, hips thrusting toward him as his fingers working my g spot. I begged and pleaded, frantic with need.

Thrusting his fingers rapidly he lifted his head long enough to give me the command. My body tensed, muscles convulsing while I shuddered, his mouth once again ravishing my sex, drawing out my release.

For several long minutes I was aware only of the aftershocks of my orgasm. Eventually the haze began to fade and I became cognizant of his movement, realizing he was removing his shirt and jeans.

I watched as he climbed astride me, felt the heat of his skin against mine as he straddled across my hips. His cock was warm and hard, resting against the plushness of my abdomen and I glanced at it and away again, feeling bashful. He laughed at my shyness.

His hands were soft and soothing as they slid over my skin, caressing and teasing. Gripping my hips he raised me up, running his cock up and down my sopping slit.

"Look at me." His voice was soft, but firm. My eyes opened, locking with his; there was heat in his gaze that made me tremble. "I want to memorize your face as I possess you for the first time."

Heart pounding, my eyes widened as he gently placed the tip against my opening, pressing forward slightly. I stiffened and he paused, waiting for me to relax again. I couldn't help but to tense as he gradually sank into me, a faint burning as he stretched me causing me to wince. He was patient, waiting until my expression eased before pressing further inward.

Finally he halted, his hip against my thighs, completely embedded. My eyes fluttered closed as I registered the feeling of the head of his cock pressing against my cervix. I felt impossibly full, exquisitely aware of each pulse and twitch as he waited for my body to adjust.

Leaning forward, his hands slid across the skin of my stomach and upward while his lips captured mine in a passionate kiss. My breath caught as he rocked gently, sliding out slightly before sinking back in, gradually moving faster as he trailed nibbles down my throat and across my chest. I was lost in the feeling of him above me, caressing and kissing and thrusting; the sensations colliding and swirling, consuming me.

His pace increased, slowly at first, accelerating until he was driving into me. Again and again and again, his hands on my thighs, his mouth fluttering kisses across my neck and shoulder. I could feel him moving inside me hard and fast, feel his lips on my skin, hear his breath in my ear.

My muscles tensed. I was close again, breathing harshly as he continued thrusting. His hands slid down my hips and under me, gripping my ass and lifting me upward; I arched upward, suddenly convulsing as my second orgasm swept over me. With another hard thrust he buried himself deeply, the head of his cock hard against my cervix.

"Mine," he growled, his cock swelling and twitching as he erupted inside me.

For a long moment we simply laid there, heartbeats and breathing settling gradually, his hands absentmindedly tracing designs on my skin. After a few minutes he unsnapped my cuffs, pulling me in a loose embrace. I sighed softly, feeling sleepy and content, but not quite able to cover the rumblings of my stomach.

I felt his chuckle more than I heard it. "Is that a hint?"

"You are the one who cooked all that delicious-smelling food earlier." And besides, it had been a long time since lunch. I was justifiably starving.

"Well, let's feed you little girl." He stood, tossing my robe to the bed before rummaging for his jeans. "You'll need your strength for the things I have planned for you."

It all started with a lap dance.

My buddy Charlie had been bugging me every day for the last two weeks to head out for a night on the town with him.

I'd just gotten out of a relationship a month ago and Charlie had taken it upon himself to, as he put it, "help me transition out of the doldrums of monogamy and into the sheer awesome joy of swinging bachelor bliss." Charlie's kind of an idiot.

But he was right about one thing. It was time to stop moping around. So, I put on a nice shirt, ran a comb through my hair, and headed out for a night of bachelor bliss.

Now I just assumed that we'd hit up one of the bars in town and flirt with drunk girls, but as Charlie shifted into park, the large neon sign that read "Centerfold" told me that he had a different plan in mind. I was a little reluctant, but Charlie told me that he'd chosen this place especially for me. "Dan," he said. "These women are gorgeous. They are naked. And they are here to dance, for us. For you and me Danny-boy. The least we can do is watch."

Made sense to me, so I followed him in. We got a couple of drinks and some bills from the bar and took a booth close to the stage. Every seat up front was filled, so I figured we'd chill for a while until we got a chance at the stage. "Noelle" was announced over the loudspeaker, and I turned around to see if this place was worth the cover charge.

It was. This girl was nothing short of a goddess. Even in the dim light and haze of the crowded club I could make out her sleek blonde hair, her full ripe breasts, her tight flat stomach, and her plump, but firm ass. She was a very enthusiastic dancer too, working the pole like an acrobat, writhing and thrusting on stage as eager patrons dropped dollar after dollar on the stage. Unfortunately, about half-way through the last song of the set, I felt the beers I'd downed earlier that evening catch up to me and I darted to the bathroom.

I cursed my now empty bladder as I walked out of the crowded bathroom, hoping that the set I'd just seen wasn't Noelle's last for the night. Charlie was there to meet me as I opened the door.

"Dude," he said grinning. "I am officially the best friend you've ever hand. That girl you were drooling over before you took off. You are getting a dance from her, right now. You can thank me later."

"What about you?" I asked.

"This half-Asian chick asked me for a dance while you were in the can. I've got this thing for half-Asian chicks."

"Cool, whatever. Let's go."

We hurried to the back of the club as the next dancer finished her set. We paid the bouncer and each of us took a seat in a pair of plush leather chairs. Charlie gave me a thumbs up as his half-Asian stripper made his way to his chair. I clapped my knees in anticipation as Noelle turned the corner, but as she got closer, the look on my face turned to something other than anticipation. You see, as she came face to face with me, I finally got to see her face, and I was shocked to realize that I knew this woman.

It was my sister, Courtney.

We blinked at each other for a few seconds. She didn't seem to know what to do any more than I did. She glanced furtively at the bouncer, who nodded. I glanced furtively at Charlie, who also nodded. We look back at each other, both realizing that there wasn't a way out of this that didn't involve a lot of explaining. She straddled me, her full, bare breasts pressing into me as she leaned into me.

"We'll talk later, ok?" she whispered as she untied her top.

"Sure," I breathed hoarsely as it slid off of her breasts.

The music kicked on. I don't remember what song, but it started out slow. Courtney swayed slowly back and forth, arching her back, causing her breasts to heave up and down as she breathed. As the music picked up, she turned around, grinding her ass hard against my cock, which was rock hard, incest be damned.

As she thrusted against me, I placed my hand awkwardly at her waist, fighting the urge to grasp something lower. Before I knew it, she spun around again, pushing herself further up. Her breasts dangled inches from my face. I could make out the specks of glitter that adorned her nipples, which stood erect.

Courtney drove her pelvis into mine, effectively dry humping me. She arched her back again, looking me straight in the eye, and then she leaned forward, making her nipple graze my lips and cheek. If I hadn't known any better, I would have sworn that she did that on purpose.

As she continued to massage my cock through my jeans, it dawned on me that only a few layers of cloth were keeping me from fucking my big sister. Worst of all, I knew that I didn't want it to end, especially when she grasped my hands and drew them up to the swell of her beautiful breasts.

Eventually, it did. As the song faded out, Courtney withdrew from my lap. Beads of sweat glistened her neck and cleavage, and I was pretty sure that she was panting slightly, though I could barely hear over the sound of my own heartbeat. She smiled slightly, picked up her top and walked away quickly. I staggered out of the chair, barely managing to return the high five that Charlie eagerly awaited.

I had just gotten a lap dance from my older sister. Half-sister technically; we had different fathers. I was still trying to process this, but to Charlie, the night was still young. Some seats opened up at the stage and we sat down in a couple on the side. He was nice enough to smack me over the head as a reminder to get my singles out for the next set.

Of course, "Noelle" was the next girl to take the stage. I got what I wished for anyway. Courtney came out in a cowgirl outfit, complete with hat, boots, and frills. She saw me right away, so I expected her to avoid our side like the plague.

Instead, a few pole tricks later, her little pink cowgirl hat was on my head and her pussy was in my face. I couldn't understand it. We didn't tip any better than anyone else at the stage. She made a show of moving around the stage, but she spent the overwhelming majority of her time on our side.

We stayed for a few more sets after that, but I was afraid that if Courtney took the stage again I would need some paper towels. I talked Charlie into bailing and we made our way to the car. Charlie was way too hammered to drive, so he passed the keys to me. Watching my sister dance had left me sober as a judge.

I let Charlie crash on my couch. I didn't think there was any way I'd be able to fall asleep at that point, but it was one in the morning by the time we got to my apartment. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I was out.

Not that I slept all that well. Every time I went to sleep I'd hear Courtney screaming in delight as I plunged deeper into her, fucking her like it was the only thing that mattered in the world. I'd wake up in a clammy sweat each time, sickened and ashamed that I wanted nothing more than to screw my own sister.

By the time the next morning came around, I felt like I'd been hit by a train. Charlie on the other hand was in a great mood. He handed me a cup of coffee, grinning like a fool.

"So," he asked slowly. "Did you have a good time?"

"Uh huh," I grunted.

"Do anything crazy?" he asked slyly.

I was starting to get suspicious. Charlie was with me pretty much the whole time. What could he be alluding to? "Like what?" I asked.

"Oh I don't know," he said smugly. "Maybe, get a lap dance from your sister?" He proudly held up the picture of me and Courtney that normally hung on my living room wall.

My stomach dropped. "You knew, the whole time?" I asked, my hands shaking.

"Of course dude. I told you I picked out this place just for you," he said, smiling triumphantly.

"What! How? Why? Dude!?" I sputtered.

"March 25th, 2007. I looked at this picture and said, 'Danny-boy, are you hitting that? This girl is unbelievable.' You said, 'Dude, that's my sister.' I said, 'Sister or not, that girl is fucking gorgeous. Please tell me you've at least seen her naked.' You said, 'Of course not, don't be gross.' I said, 'Oh get off our high horse. I'll bet you twenty bucks that if you had the opportunity to see her naked, you'd take it.' You said, 'Yeah, sure. Whatever Charlie.' Booyah!" Charlie exclaimed with fervent energy.

"You tricked me into getting a lap dance from my sister just to win a bet!?" I yelled incredulously.

"Yep. By the way, you owe me twenty bucks, " he replied calmly.

"The lap dance cost twenty bucks!" I screamed.

"And it was the best twenty bucks I ever spent. Or you ever spent, I guess," he said, laughing.

I was fuming. Charlie had played his fair share of practical jokes over the years. Hell, I'd even helped with a few of them, but this one took the cake. He must have sensed my fury, or at least noticed the blood vessel that was throbbing in my temple, as he tried to calm me down.

"Oh come on. What's there to get worked up over? Siblings see each other naked all the time," he said cheerfully.

"When they're little kids, maybe!"

"Ok, so you put it off a little. No big deal. I made out with my cousin at a bar once. Didn't notice that it was her until she wrote her name down by her number. It just made Thanksgiving a little awkward, that's all."

"Ass in G-string grinding into my crotch. Bare breasts dangling in front of my face. Sister! How do you not understand how that's different?" I asked incredulously.

Just then my phone rang. I glanced down at the caller ID. Courtney's picture and number popped up.

"It's Courtney," I said flatly.

"Ask her if she does private parties. Dude, ask her," he said eagerly.

"Charlie, go home," I said with exasperation.

"Don't forget, you owe me those twenty bucks," he said as he walked out the door. As it clicked shut I slid my phone open.

"Hi Sis," I said, suddenly weary.

"Dan, we need to talk," she said, straight to the point. "Can I come over tonight, around seven?"

"Sure Sis," I replied.

"Ok, see you later Kiddo." She hung up.

I slid my phone shut again and sunk into my couch, resigning myself to me most embarrassing conversation I would ever have. I clicked on the TV, not really caring what was on. I had a lot of time to kill before Courtney got here, and I wanted it to pass as quickly as possible. You see, in spite of the horror and humiliation of the situation, my mind still drifted to the pucker of her lips, the luscious curve of her tits, and the taut flesh of her ass. I wanted those thoughts put to rest, and quickly.

The hours passed. Around lunch time I caved in to temptation and relieved myself, thinking only of my beautiful sister as I furiously pumped my cock. It gave me a brief reprieve from being out of control horny, but that wasn't much comfort.

My head was now clear enough to remember what it was like growing up with Courtney. She was a few years older than me and spent a lot of time with her dad, so we weren't all that close. She always called me Kiddo too. I hated it when I was younger, but by the time I was in college I was used to it.

I had no idea that Courtney was a stripper. I guess I should have put two and two together. She was never shy about her body. Despite our mother's protests, she refused to wear a bra. Something about constricting blood vessels, cancer, etc. This of course got her a lot of male attention. I had to admit it even got a little of mine, especially on a chilly day. Around the house she refused to wear anything more than a T-shirt and panties. Said it was always hot. Fair enough.

Aside from that, she seemed to have a lot more money than your typical grad student. Most off the college students I knew drove beaters, ate ramen, and had half a dozen roommates. Courtney lived alone in a furnished loft and drove a late model Mustang. Well, now at least I knew how she paid for it.

As much as I wanted to get this over with, by the time six o'clock rolled around I was sweating bullets. I knew that my relationship with Courtney had been forever changed by that night, and I wasn't eager to discuss it. Despite my wishes, time didn't stop, or even slow down, and before I knew it there was a knock at the door. I took a deep breath and opened it.

"Hey Kiddo," she said, glancing sideways. She seemed about as willing to make eye contact as I was.

"Hi Sis," I replied. "Come on in."

I took her coat and hung it up as she sat down on my couch. The cold weather gave me a quick reminder that Courtney's anti-bra stance was still alive and kicking. Her silky blue camisole appeared to have a pair of small buttons in strategic position. I decided that ogling my sister's tits was probably a bad way to start this off, so I quickly averted my gaze.

"So," she said slowly.

"So," I parroted, not knowing what to say.

"I guess you know what I do for a living," she said flatly.

"It doesn't matter. It's just a job."

"Thank you," she said, looking down at the floor.

"Did you know I worked there?"

"I had no idea," I said truthfully. I was willing, but not exactly eager to go into the details of how I'd ended up at that club. Charlie was an idiot, but I liked him, and I was pretty sure he'd be less fun without balls.

"I guess the real question is, why did you buy a dance from me?" she asked.

"Charlie bought it for me," I replied quickly.

"The guy Tasha danced for?"

"Yeah, that guy." I assumed Tasha was "half-Asian girl."

"I thought I recognized him. That's why I went through with it. I didn't want to make things weird in front of your friend, and I didn't think he knew who I was. Plus, my boss was watching and he does not like it when you turn down a dance for no good reason."

Now, Courtney and I aren't that close, but I've been around her long enough to tell when she's lying. And if she wasn't lying, she at least wasn't telling the whole truth. Especially since she was leaning forward, giving me an even better view of her abundant cleavage. I had to get to the bottom of this.

"Why did you hang around us when you were on stage?" I asked. It was my turn to be direct.

"I worked the whole stage," she said, suddenly defensive.

"Yeah, you did a lap or two, but you spent most of the time with your snatch in my face," I retorted. "And it wasn't like you had to make me fondle your tits or anything. You could have given me a so-so lap dance and it wouldn't have made any difference."

"Don't act like you didn't enjoy it. Why'd you stay through my entire set? I don't know if you're aware of this little brother, but you tipped better than anyone else did. I was just doing the job I was paid for!" Courtney said angrily.

We both just glared at each other for a while. Except for the content, this was oddly reminiscent of some of the fights we had when we were kids. Suddenly, I had to laugh. I couldn't help it. I started cracking up at the sheer absurdity of the situation. Either Courtney was on the same page or the laughter was just contagious, but pretty soon she was rolling on the floor with me.

It took a few minutes, but eventually we calmed down. Courtney leaned up on her elbows and hovered over me, looking me straight in the eye. "Dan," she said. She never calls me Dan. "This meant something. I'm not sure what, but I don't think either of us is going to have any peace until we find out what."

My mouth was dry. "What did you have in mind?" I croaked.

She walked over to my sound system and switched on a CD. "I think it's time we had another dance," she said, smirking.

"Ok," I said, trying to keep the excitement out of my voice.

It was a slow song, again, I don't remember which one. I was transfixed as Courtney drew the sheer silk camisole up and over her naked breasts. Tossing it aside, she turned around and bent over to unzip her skirt. As it dropped to the floor, it revealed her beautiful bare backside and tight snatch. I understood that she planned the whole thing, and wanted this just as much as I did. She strolled over me, leaning towards me as she rested her hands on my hips.

"Lose the pants Kiddo," she ordered. "I don't like rubbing against denim."

"Yes ma'am," I quipped with a mock salute. In a second they were off, and as Courtney began to straddle me, only a thin layer of cloth separated her neatly manicured cunt from my hyper-stimulated cock. Her left breast hung less than an inch away from my nose as she started grinding into me.

I couldn't help myself; I instinctively took an erect nipple into my mouth, gently sucking on it and teasing it with my tongue. Courtney didn't seem to mind a bit, she writhed in pleasure, grasping the back of my head, pulling it forcefully into her breast. I returned the favor by grasping her ass with both hands, drawing her further up into my lap. She wrapped her legs around my back, bucking back and forth. My boxers became warm with a sticky dampness, and when she finally dismounted to show off her ass, I saw that her glistening engorged pussy was responsible.

She leaned into me, driving her ass cheeks into my pelvis. I reached up and grasped he breast with my right hand, gently massaging it as I rubbed her inner thigh with my other hand. She arched her back, allowing me to kiss her neck and whisper in her ear.

"I like watching you dance," I said softly.

"I like dancing for you," she replied.

With that she stood up again and turned to face me. She grabbed me by the hand and pulled me up to stand with her. I reached both hands around the back of her head and drew her into a deep kiss. I savored the feeling of her tongue dueling with mine and gently teasing my lips. Eventually we needed air and we withdrew from the kiss. Neither of us said anything. Courtney gestured down toward my boxers and in an instant they were on the floor. With that, she pushed me back into the chair, where I sat ready to finish our dance.

I had the choice between an office chair with arms, and one without them. I'm so glad I went for the latter. Courtney stepped over my legs, preparing to mount me. As she slid down, I could feel the heat radiating from her cunt as it inched closer and closer to my cock. As the tip of it touched the outside of her lips, I knew I would never look at my big sister the same way again.

I didn't think, I didn't figure out the implications, I didn't even acknowledge that I was a millimeter from committing incest. I just went with it. I relished every sensation as she bore down on me. I could feel all of the warmth, the slick wetness, the friction as her pussy lips settled down at the base of my cock. I was inside her, and it felt good.

We paused for a moment, enjoying the connection. I looked into Courtney's eyes, looking for a lot of different things: anxiety, doubt, regret. Instead, I saw only two. Lust...and love. I saw such love in her eyes that I couldn't believe it. It was as if we had just fulfilled something that had been hanging over our heads our entire lives. I knew because I felt it to. I loved my sister in ways I couldn't even describe, and the look on her face told me she felt the same way. I drew her into another kiss which she reciprocated in earnest.

Unconsciously, we began bucking into each other as we kissed. We'd crossed the line; now we were fucking. I was fucking her. I was fucking my sister. All the distinctions, the lines I'd accumulated throughout my life were suddenly blurred. I was fully aware of what I was doing, but I was no longer freaked out by it. It no longer seemed wrong. Courtney apparently felt the same way.

"Fuck me Kiddo," she gasped. "Don't stop, don't stop."

I could hear our thighs smacking together in rhythm as she bounced up and down on my lap. My crotch was soaked with her juices, and I desperately tried to fuck her deeper and harder. I took one of her nipples into my mouth again, biting down slightly, pushing her over the edge. Her cunt spasmed around my dick, sending a new shockwave of pleasure through me.

"Holy shit Sis," I breathed.

"I'm cumming. I'm cumming" she cried.

She continued to spasm on top of me over and over again. It was either one long orgasm or a whole bunch of them, I wasn't sure. She wrapped her legs tight around my back, forcing me deep inside her. Courtney's cunt squeezed my trapped cock as she continued to spasm, making me lose control. I came deep inside my sister, sending her screaming with a mind-blowing orgasm of her own.

We sat on that chair for a while, completely entangled, my cock slowly losing its rigidity inside her. She leaned down and kissed me, softly, gently, like a lover and pulled herself upright. Gravity took hold and the mixture of our juices ran slowly down her leg. I stood up with her and took her hands into my own.

"I don't want this to end," she said softly, her voice cracking. There were tears in her eyes.

I stroked her cheek gently, and she met my eyes, smiling. "No one has to know," I said.

"No one has to know," she repeated tenderly.

Another stinging slap.

Burning skin in crisp Autumn air. The fan blowing cool over her bare bottom gives her shivers of delight.

"Crack." The sound and the heat strike the bare skin of her behind at the same time. Sear the nerves up her spine.

The room shimmers with need. Liquid splatters against her thighs and a stream of fluid gushes from her sex. Her legs press sinuously against each other, highlighting her curves and rounding her ass into inviting half globes.

His knee pushes her hips up as his arm swings down. "Smack."

She cries out this time. The fire dancing across her buttocks, the sound sending eruptions of need and moisture from her. The sensations taking her over.

His hand in the middle of her back keeping her from wrenching away, his knee at her pelvis holding her in place. And his palm burning her skin. Snapping. Slapping her ass. The sharp sounds and hot flashes as arousing as the feel. Her squirming and writhing making him harder. The feel of him against her naked flesh.


And another. "Crack."

Stinging and burning. A glow that flares from hip to hip and straight up to the top of her head. And out.

She feels a flood pouring from her sex. The feel of it puffy and openly waiting for whatever he desires. It aches for him. His fingers. His mouth. Any bit of him. Calls for them with twinges of need and want.

Still the spanking goes on and on. She has long since given up struggling. Exhausted, her hair lank against her cheek, her breath bunched; little puffs of sputtered air puffing out like a guttering candle.

Up against her body, where it lies wriggling against his knee, pushing up into her squirming lush need, his full hardness presses. Reminding her that somewhere at the end of her ache, he awaits.

He will take her there at the last peak like a ravaging animal. Growling and groaning. Thrusting his lance deep into her. He'll not be tamed or turned or bartered with. He'll take all that he wants. Demand it.

Another gushing from her soul. An outpouring of fluid and desire and hope. She feels his throbbing. Longs for it inside her. She wriggles on his knee. Her stomach rubbing his hard dick. She grinds into it, tries to stroke it with her body. She wants it inside her so badly.

The searing red skin feels taut. His hand striking her ass burns new with every crack poking through her psyche. A flood shoves out of her open sex with each new jolt of fire.

The spanking goes on and on. She can't believe her body keeps shivering at every pause. Her insides spasm at each sound. She thinks that surely, she would become desensitized at some point. Immune to it. Every slap on her ads, though, sends her writhing with more intensity than the last.

His groans when she squirms across his hardness. His gasps when she cries out. His sigh at her moans. The slap of his hand on her bare tender flesh. Drive her constantly on to new heights.

She thinks that surely by now, her body would have lapsed into exhausted glimmers. She can't believe it reacts so intensely even now. At the movement of air when his arm raises. At the push off his knee against her hips. The bunch of his thigh when he pushes his hand down toward her pooched out ass.

The burning skin sends a deeper searing through her clitoris. She could cum, she realizes. She could just lose it. Right now. If she thought he would allow it. If he would grunt in her ear. "Cum for me now."

He's made it clear she's to wait for him. He wants her to climax only when he says. If he told her to now, though, she'd collapse in a screaming bundle of nerve and flame. His word would drive her completely over the edge.

"Cum for me now," is all it takes. When he tells her, she melts. Before the sound has fallen softly to the floor, she dissolves into a million shivers. She nearly disintegrates thinking of his voice speaking the words into her ear.


Trying to escape the orgasm forcing its way to the top, she thinks of yesterday. The start. For this time. She squirms. Feels his hardness pushing up. Seeking her wet opening. She wants so badly to accommodate it. To take it inside.

He walked through her door yesterday just after nine in the morning. As he'd told her to do, she waited in the chair. Naked. Uncertain and abashed and wanting. The cloth seat absorbing a steady stream of liquid from between her legs.

The legs that involuntarily uncrossed the moment the doorknob turned. She'd been sitting there, crossing, twitching, tapping, jiggling and straightening her knees. As soon as he opened the door, though, her ankles spread apart as though answering his summons.

The lock clicked behind him with a wave of sensation. Nerves and fluid. Tingling that shoots off in every direction as he steps casually toward her, sets his case down, unbuckles his pants and pushes his quickly hardening penis between her lips.

She takes it greedily. Her fingers hungrily reaching for his balls and his clothing. One to pull closer and the other to push at the floor. Her tongue dances with a lavish rhythm. The hummings and gasps of contentment. Of finally getting to touch him. Hold him. Give herself over to him. Her body melts, running out through her heart into a pool for him.

He pushes deeper into her throat and she gobbles all of it. Hard and smooth, she tries to tell him how much she wants it, but it slides so easy and so far into her. "Just the way it shoves into my wet hole." She thinks to herself. More liquid gushes from her groin.

When he grabs a fistful of her hair, she all but cums. The shivers start at her center and splay up and down and pierce her in every direction. Her knees shake and she moans around the thick hard dick he keeps pushing at her.

He grabs her busy hands. Stops their flailing. One trying to press cum from his balls out through his rod into her thirsting, gulping throat, one trying to get his pants clear of the shoes stuck to the floor.

He captures the one on his scrotum first, wraps it with athletic tape, winding it around and around. Then yanks her throat down onto his throbbing tool and when her other hand jerks up, snares that one, taping it snugly to the other. Now she squirms. She can't help it. His cock pinning her in place, shoved in her throat and kept there with deft pressure from his hips makes her need flood her senses.

His hand in her hair yanks hard, shoving him deeper. "Make yourself cum." His voice is low and demanding.

She jumps to obey. Her hands fly to her lap with a jerk of her shoulders. Her fingers delving into her delicate folds to find her stiff nub even as his fist tightens in her hair. Her neck stretches as the pads of her digits send sparks of mercury through her body.

"Cum fast and hard. Or it'll be your only time." His tone as threatening as his words, she feels his cock pulsing in her throat. As she thinks of it billowing huge jets of hot spunk down into her stomach, she explodes. Virtually without warning. Her mind elsewhere, her body responding to its own needs. She tries to cry out in surprise, but her mouth is too full to let more than garbled noises out.

"Good." He says, and warmth spreads through her heart. "That's a good girl. That's exactly what I want."

She shouldn't feel so elated by his praise, she thinks. She should be stronger, more independent than that, but the feel of his approval lights a flame in her center and she takes his cock even deeper into her throat, swallowing around it, milking it. Wanting the burst of his jism to drown the beating of her heart.

As she feels his member jerking and throbbing, growing thicker and harder, he grabs her by the wrists, rips her throat off his twitching hard on and all but throws her over the edge of the couch two steps away. Her ass up in the air and thighs kicking together, he pushes the middle of her back down and tears her open in one huge jab of hard length.

She is so wet and swollen, she takes it all. His whole member right to the hilt. She feels it split her cervix and thump into the very end of her. A deep ache that sends her out over the edge into madness. His balls thud against her opening. She screams and jolts her body. Flailing wildly. Wanton and wet.

Her ass pushes at him. Eagerly. All on its own. She can no more even try to control her body than to stop her breath. He shoves deeper. Pummeling her into senselessness. The blossom opens far inside her heart. A flowering that bursts forth with a sound filling her ears like ocean waves. Or moaning. Or screams. Orgasm shakes her elbows and knees loose from her arms and legs.

His hands have her hips. Pushing up to spread her sex wide and pulling close to grind his balls into her dripping pussy lips. She feels them trying to grab and take everything in. Like she does his rod. The way her body so willingly takes anything he pushes at her.

She feels her bones wrack. A rag doll gripped in the teeth of his lust and tossed about in the rage of his need. Just where she wants to be. In the very heart of that storm. He jabs deeper and her body shivers through another wave of mind numbing orgasm.

She is lost somewhere in a monstrous sea when he yanks himself from her, takes hold of the wrap keeping her wrists joined and half drags her to the bedroom. She tries to walk as well as her legs can carry her, but they are as limp as her every muscle and he is insistent on keeping her moving.

At the side of the bed, he presses her to sit. Forces her head to his groin, though she hardly needs the invitation. His hard shaft glistens with her desires. Drops have formed under the mushroom head. She licks at it as it slides easily between her lips.

She is ravenous. Eager and unfulfilled. As ferocious as he, taking her bent over the couch like a beast in heat, she is his equal now, suckling at his hard pole. Taking it whole. The taste of herself soaked into the smooth skin intoxicates her. Awakens her to a world of dreams she never before imagined.

His hands are fully in motion. Pulling on her hair while the other tugs his shirt off. Reaching for her breasts as the other frees his legs from shoes, socks, pants and underwear. Her own hands, tied together by the wrists, grapple with each other for his balls and skin. One wants to stretch over his ass and pull him deeper down her throat, the other wants to stroke his thighs and delight in the bunching of his muscles. Or fondle his sac, squeezing and toying with the bundles it holds while the other hugs his calves into her torso.

He pulses in her throat like the beat of her own heart and her soul throbs an answering tempo. Her moans in time to the strokes exactly as though he still held her by the bottom and pierced her very being again and again.

Her back jammed to the bed, her legs splayed, she feels the outpouring of her essence pooling underneath her, saturating the carpet. He has her completely in his hands now. One wrapped around her chin, cupping her and trapping the jawbone as he drives past her tongue. The other smoothing her cheek, brushing her hair back, tenderly keeping her gasping.

More gushing as her thoughts split between the two hands. One gripping her firmly, forcing her to take what she aches for. The other softening her. Gentling her. Taming her.

The two extremes send her into convulsions. Goose pimples erupt over her entire body. Her legs want to grasp at him, but he moves his feet so they are locked wide open. Her hands grab at him, but the fingers fluttering over her face take hold of her wrists, his cock yanks from her mouth and her arms are trapped above her head on a swift movement. Complete with his hard length shoving right back in past her teeth and tongue as his palm keeps hold of and deliberately guides her face to his groin.

His groan pushes shockwaves out before it in the still air of her inner reaches. A balloon is set loose inside, blowing up to impossible proportions. She feels the pressure building and squirms in anticipation of an explosion like she's never felt before.

She can't believe she's about to cum without her genitals being touched. "Another first," she thinks to herself. Already she's had so many she's lost track. First time to have sex in a chair. First time over a couch. First time to make herself orgasm for someone else - or even with them in the room knowing she's doing it. First time to have sex on the first date. First time to be taken from behind. The list is already nearly endless and it just keeps growing. As the balloon bursts and her body shakes with release, he pinches her nipple for the first time and the sensation explodes beyond her wildest fantasy.

She cries out in an anguish she wants never to end. Her first time cumming with a cock in her mouth. As the thick pole muffles her screams, her other nipple is plucked, pinched and twisted until she is writhing. Seated against the mattress, legs out, nowhere to turn, her back arches in agony, need and electric desperation. Her buttocks lift and slam onto the thick carpet. His cock pistoning in and out of her mouth.

He grabs a furious fist of her hair and shakes her loose from his hard tool. "You know why I need you to suck my cock good." It's not really a question.

"Yes. Because you last longer fucking me if, if I do it good."

"Very good." His praise warms her smile. "The better you do it, the longer I last." She smiles even broader and reaches her head forward to take him back in.

"I want to fuck you for hours." She feels a gush of fluid from her groin and warm tingles running through her spine. "You like that, don't you?"

"Yes." She is starting to feel uncertain. He usually only talks to her like this when he is making her feel something he wants her to feel.

"You want to please me, don't you."


"That's what you're here for, isn't it?"

"Yes." She knows this to be true. She wants nothing more than to please him. Pleasing him gives her everything she needs and wants. Pleasing him gives her mind blowing orgasms and indescribable experiences. His pleasure is her utter devastation. Shattering her completely and letting herself scrape up whatever pieces she can manage and put back together. Already, her very heart is pouring out of her and she can no more stuff it back in than she can reach out and grab his cock with her mouth right now. She tries. Her mouth opening and closing like a fish needing water, she struggles forward towards him.

His fist holds her flat. A handful of hair keeping her from budging more than tearing a few strands will allow. "You're going to tell me what I want to hear from you before you get what I want from you." He growls.

"Yes." She pleads. "Anything."

Desperation is showing in her voice and she feels it deep inside her entire being. "I'll tell you anything you want to know."

"Yes." He says threateningly, "you will."

His hand gives her head a slight shake before grabbing her up and forcing her to her feet. She is off balance and unable to fully stand, but he spins her and shoves her roughly over the edge of the mattress. She gasps with surprise and even a little fear. At the same time, a rushing stream of liquid soaks her thighs and makes her squirm. She can't believe she is so wet and needy.

He slaps her ass and she screams in shock and ecstasy. Again. And again. She feels the heat and the delight running down her legs.

"Being willing to do anything is not the same as being completely mine." Another slap on her bare skin.

Her body is squirming and she is unable to help herself. The moisture and the simmering warmth combine to drive her wild.

"I will take what I need from you." His voice is harsh now and she feels the tone like another slap, but this one on her cheek.

"I will take what I want. All I ask of you is to give it to me."

A big "YES" flairs in her mind and she wants to speak it out, but the next slap brings forth a scream instead.

"I want you to give yourself. As best as you can. Your body already surrenders itself to me. I want your mind to do so as well. I won't have you holding back or withholding part of yourself from me."

Another slap makes her scream again. The surprise and the burning make her legs flail in complete abandon. "Yes. I will give you anything." Her voice is wanton in her ears. "Everything. Take me. All of it." She means it.

Suddenly she is split open. He has penetrated to the very heart of her in one ferocious stab. He is so hard and strong, she feels it all. It rips through her opening and tears into the inner muscles right through the little ring of her cervix. Forcing it to widen and surround his smooth flesh. She cries out.

His hands grab and bunch her buttocks as he jams his hard member in deeper and harder. He's like a warm smooth rock of delicious skin pounding into her. She loses track of how much, how hard, how many. The feeling takes her over and she is going to burst into climax beyond her imagination.

He yanks her head back by the hair as his cock rams even deeper. "Don't you fucking dare cum until I tell you."

She nearly does with the sound of his voice telling her this and it's only with the most violent struggle within herself that she stops the bubble from blowing up into a thousand shattering explosions.

"I will take your orgasm when I want it." His tone send waves of fury and spasms through her every nerve. She would cum from his words alone if he told her to. "I will tell you when you may cum and you will be punished if you do not keep to that."

"Yes." She manages. Her body wriggling like an eel out of water. She tries to hold onto thought or feeling, but it is like grabbing fistfuls of river water. Sensations, however, run rampant through her entire being. Her very soul shimmers with ache.

He pounds her mercilessly. She cannot focus on anything but the deep guttural thrusting and the all consuming thudding even further inside her body. Gasps and moans fly from her mixed with half screams, keening and even grunts as he strikes sensitive and incredibly delirious areas so far in her that she never knew such places existed.

Suddenly, it stops. He yanks her back, pushes her to the floor, back to the bed again and shoves his cock down her throat in one competent motion.

His groan sends waves of molten pleasure circling her intestines. She lives to please him. The hours that have already passed in his hands, being so completely taken. In such wanton destruction. With such force and ravaging fury. She can only abandon all pretense of wanting to do anything but be his.

He steps between her legs again and forces them wide open. She feels the damp underneath her from the last time she sat here and feels the flow of moisture crescendo. The pool is growing beneath her buttocks and will only get worse.

His hands reach down and take her tits into a fondling embrace. One after the other. Gripping as much as will fit, shifting until all of it has been massaged, then pinching the nipple until she wants to yell for more. He does this over and over until she wants him to either tear them off her in vicious need or give them his full attentions. Either one at this point will work for her. She can hardly concentrate on his cock the way he keeps toying with them.

She tears her