Bowl of Beauty Peony (2022)

24-36" tall x 24-36" wide. 'Bowl of Beauty' is a single-flowered peony instantly recognizable by its bright pink outer petals and frilly yellow centers. This deer-resistant, long-lived, easy-care perennial is excellent for foundation plantings, landscape beds, and perennial gardens. Plant once and leave it alone to flourish! Huge blooms open in late spring to be 7-10 inches across. Cut flowers before they open to enjoy indoors for up to two weeks. When flowering is finished, simply cut back the bloom stalks to the ground and enjoy the foliage for the rest of the summer. Leaves stay green all season and make a nice backdrop for other, later-flowering plants. Grow 'Bowl of Beauty' peonies in full sun in well-drained soil. Barely cover the eyes when planting. If they're too deep, they won’t flower. Like other garden peonies, Bowl of Beauty plants are deer resistant, so perfect for adding spring color for areas where deer are a problem.

Growing Peonies: If you live where peonies grow, its the same every year in late spring. Certain homes have them in beds, borders, along drives--and anywhere they grow, they create probably the most beautiful clump of flowering of the whole season. Big, usually fluffy flowers in glossy green foliage.

Perennial peonies are what experienced gardeners call investment plants. They're some of the most permanent landscaping you can buy. In fact, many continue blooming beautifully for over 100 years. Once they're established, they're as hardy and dependable as oaks, creating a fantastic season of bloom in your yard year after year.

Planting Peonies Adding peonies to your garden is not difficult. All you need is full sun and good soil. (In even partial shade, the bloom will be scant or non-existent--keep them out in the sun!) As most gardeners know, the roots look like a bunch of carrots--thick long tapering tuber-like masses that increase every year. Feed them, water them, and the clumps will expand rapidly, and more and more blooms will result.

Types of peonies: The standard perennial peony species is Paeonia lactiflora but within the species, there are thousands of hybrids old and new. And there are several flower types:
Single Peonies are the huge, wide-open ones with just one row of overlapping petals. Like huge poppies, they create dinnerplate-size beauty that's really unmatched in the garden. The singles are less frequently seen in American gardens because of our passion for petals-people just prefer the doubles. One of the most famous singles is the breathtaking Krinkled White, an old classic and still a big favorite.
Japanese Peonies, not to be confused with Tree Peonies which often come from Japan, is a flower form somewhat similar to the singles, but with a more elaborate center. A great example is the big favorite, stunning Bowl of Beauty, with glistening cherry red petals petals plus fluffy yellow center, creating spectacular color contrast.
Semi-double Peonies are just that. They have the basic bottom row of large petals seen on the singles (often called the guard petals), but on top, there are more shorter petals, developing from the center. A great example is the beautiful red Edulis Superba.
Bomb Peonies are the ones with the guard petals flat and large, with a pile of petaling sitting upon them-sort of like a fluffly snowball sitting on a plate. Some of the most-loved and dramatic peonies are bombs including the magnificent Laura Dessert and the dramatic Raspberry Sundae As these two illustrate, there are bombs of various shapes and sizes. With Raspberry Sundae, the large bomb not only adds size and height, it gives the overall bloom a stunning palette of three colors-white guard petals, a collar of yellow, and then pastel pink making up the center. In Laura Dessert, the coloring is all white, with a hint of lemon yellow in the bomb.
Double Peonies are probably the most popular, and the most widely planted. Excellent examples are the famous Victorian introduction, Festiva Maxima with its snowy white flowers with red flecks, and Sarah Bernhardt, the all-time popular double pink with huge flowers and great fragrance. Other popular doubles are the red Karl Rosenfield and white Shirley Temple.

Video: Bowl of Beauty peony.Beautiful peony.How to grow in North Texas.Zone 8a.//Small garden

There's really no end to a gardeners pleasure with peonies. They're all good for cutting. The foliage stays glossy and green all summer long, and they attract almost no pests. (Don't confuse the standard perennial peony with the Tree Peony, a separate group. Tree Peonies are more shrub like, and don't die down completely each winter.)

Staking: This is important, since once a peony is established, the heavy flowers are often too heavy for its stems. You don't have to stake them, but if you don't, you're going to have big beautiful flowers nodding down in the mud. So once you have a healthy clump, use peony rings to keep them upright. The rings are simply wheel-like wire arrangements that stand up over the peony like a little wire table as the plant sprouts in the spring. With upright supports, the peony ring is placed so the shoots will grow up through the round wire bale. Of course, the foliage quickly hides the ring, and you have a beautifully-supported clump well before the flowers open. Where to find Peony Rings? has great ones which I've used, and I recommend them.

More Information
Item Package Size

Bag of 1

Common Name

Garden Peony Bowl of Beauty

Botanical Name

Paeonia lactiflora Bowl of Beauty


3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Video: Bowl Of Beauty, My Backyard Peonies...

Light Requirements

Full Sun

Flower Color


Flower Size

6" flowers

Mature Height

24-36" tall

Estimated Mature Spread

24-36" wide

Growth Rate


Video: Bowl of Beauty Peony

Bloom Time

Late spring to early summer

Planting Depth

Plant the roots 1" to 2" below soil level with the eyes (buds) pointing up.

Ships As

Bare Root


Green bushy mound of foliage.

Soil Type

Loamy Soil

Soil Moisture

Average, Well Draining

Video: Paeonies in my garden. How to grow them


Deer Resistant, Rabbit Resistant, Low Maintenance, Fragrant Flower / Foliage, Good For Cut Flowers, Great For Mass Plantings

Ideal Region

Northeast, Midwest, West, Pacific Northwest

Planting Time

Spring / Summer, Fall

Neonicotinoid Free

Yes - Learn More

Poisonous or Toxic to Animals

Some parts poisonous if ingested. Toxic to dogs, cats and horses.

Video: Peony Primavera, Butter Bowl and Bowl of Beauty comparisons

Ships to Hawaii, Alaska & Canada



How tall does peony Bowl of Beauty grow? ›

'Bowl of Beauty' makes excellent cut flowers with a long vase life (over a week) if cut in bud. Enjoy a magnificent bouquet of pink peonies at home! Reliable and vigorous, this herbaceous peony grows in a lush, bushy mound of glossy, mid green, divided foliage reaching up to 24-36 in. in height (60-90 cm) and 24-30 in.

Is Bowl of beauty a tree peony? ›

They bear large, often double flowers in whites, pinks, reds and yellows. Unlike tree peonies, herbaceous peonies die back to ground level in winter. Paeonia lactiflora 'Bowl of Beauty' has incredible pink flowers with a central core of tiny, strap-like petals with a wonderful fragrance.

How do you grow a peony beauty Bowl? ›

Bowl of Beauty peonies should be planted in soil that has good drainage; however, peonies are very hardy plants. The Bowl of Beauty can usually survive even in light, heavy, sandy, clay, or moist soils; however, you'll yield the best result with well-drained, neutral soil.

Where do peony bowls of beauty grow? ›

Best in a deep, fertile, humus-rich soil that is moist but well-drained in a sheltered position in full sun or partial shade.

Is Bowl of Beauty Peony herbaceous? ›

Paeonia x 'Bowl of Beauty'

A choice cut flower. An herbaceous perennial.

Are peonies gardenias? ›

Gardenia is a full-petalled peony with flowers in the shape of a rose. The outer petals are light pink and the inner petals, when fully bloomed, are ivory white. This combination of colours is also knows as blush white. This peony has strong, red stems and healthy leaves.

What is a peony Bowl? ›

This fragrant, floriferous Hoogendoorn hybrid has award-winning, single, fuchsia-pink flowers filled with frilly pale lemon-yellow staminodes that mature to white, as the collar petals pale in intensity.

What type of peony is Shirley Temple? ›

'Shirley Temple' peony is the famous fully double white, named after the super-popular child star from the 1940s, and still a big favorite. The Peony is an extremely long-lived, hardy, shrub-like plant.

What are Itoh peonies? ›

Itoh peonies, which are crosses between herbaceous peonies and tree peonies, grow well over a wide range of climates and feature stunning foliage, giant blooms and a bounty of available colors. Hardy in Zones 4-9. Dig into the fabulous beauty of the Itoh peony, and you'll encounter an inspiring story of perseverance.

How do you propagate peony roses? ›

Cut the faded foliage back and lift the plant with a garden fork. Remove as much of the garden soil as possible and with a knife cut off sections of the crown. Each section should have at least three buds and plenty of root. Replant straight away in the garden.

What is sorbet peony? ›

Peony Sorbet. The lush, fully double, 5” bomb-shaped blooms of Sorbet are irresistibly beautiful. It has pink guard petals that erupt with elaborate, flouncy layers of pinkish-ivory petals and pink petals.

What color are Kansas peonies? ›

The vivid crimson flowers of Peony 'Kansas' are borne on exceptionally strong stems. The show is glorious in the garden or in a vase. This old variety has been around since 1940 and it's still widely considered the very best double red Peony.

Is Sarah Bernhardt a tree peony? ›

An all times favorite, award-winner Peony 'Sarah Bernhardt' (Paeonia lactiflora) is outrageously beautiful in bloom!
Hardiness3 – 8 What's My Zone?
Plant TypePerennials, Shrubs
Plant FamilyPaeonia - Peonies
ExposureFull Sun, Partial Sun
Season of InterestSpring (Late) Summer (Early)
15 more rows

How tall do Paeonia lactiflora grow? ›

They aren't going to grow like triffids and take over your garden; most will get to about 80-90cm tall and about 60-80cm wide. They die down in winter before emerging in the spring to delight you for another season (this does not apply to tree peonies, whose woody stems are present all year).

Is Karl Rosenfield peony fragrant? ›

Peony 'Karl Rosenfield' (Paeonia lactiflora) are fragrant, shrubby, clump forming, herbaceous perennials. They can grow to 3′ tall and equally as wide. Large bright red or magenta flowers bloom from late spring to early summer and give off a sweet aroma.

How do you plant a sorbet peony? ›

Plant in full sun in moist, well-drained soil, barely covering the eyes to ensure plants bloom. Sorbet peonies are long-lived perennials and will last for decades. Deer-resistant. Foliage persists throughout the summer and offers a bit of fall color.

How do you plant Felix Crousse peony? ›

Enjoys full sun or part shade in rich, fertile, medium moisture, well-drained soils. Peony plants grow best in full sun but will tolerate some light afternoon shade. Provide a sheltered location.

Can you grow peonies in Hawaii? ›

Enjoys full sun or part shade in rich, fertile, medium moisture, well-drained soils. Peony plants grow best in full sun but will tolerate some light afternoon shade.
Hardiness3 – 8 What's My Zone?
Plant TypePerennials, Shrubs
Plant FamilyPaeonia - Peonies
ExposureFull Sun, Partial Sun
16 more rows

Do peonies like shade or sun? ›

Peonies need at least 6 to 8 hours of sun each day, though some protection from hot afternoon sun in zones 8-9 is helpful. Choosing an area with good air circulation is essential as well, to help prevent fungal diseases.

Do peonies spread? ›

They grow as tall as three feet and have a spread of between two and four feet depending on various factors. What is this? Sometimes you'll see tree peonies being utilized in people's yards, too. These are a bit different and the spread can differ wildly depending on the tree.

Can you plant peonies next to hydrangeas? ›

Can you plant peonies and hydrangeas together? As peonies flower earlier in the season than hydrangeas, they can make lovely planting companions. Once they are over, the plant will begin to die back, making way for hydrangeas to shine. Peonies thrive in full sun or partial shade, and prefer a sheltered spot.


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