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  • BEAUTY DIVA LONDON Diva Eye 4 Piece Professional Brush Set (1)

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Beauty Diva London

BEAUTY DIVA LONDON Diva Eye 4 Piece Professional Brush Set

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Perfect your eye looks with this cruelty-free brush set for eyeshadow and eyeliner.

You Will Love the bold orange shade of these brushes. These Brushes Will feels bright and fun compared to the more subdued shades & Type of Brushes in the industry. Beauty Diva brushes have decent heads on each brush which is perfect to grab shadows or any type of Powder pigments well enough to hold just right & just long enough to apply. The weight of these brushes make them feel nice & easy to hold.

The set Comes with a domed head Brush, fluffier and slightly flat blender Brush, an angled short Brush, and a domed flat Brush.

All You Need To Create The Perfect Looks Year Round!


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BEAUTY DIVA LONDON Diva Eye 4 Piece Professional Brush Set (3)BEAUTY DIVA LONDON Diva Eye 4 Piece Professional Brush Set (4)

Hermosa, de buena calidad, demoro un poco en llegar

BEAUTY DIVA LONDON Diva Eye 4 Piece Professional Brush Set (5) BEAUTY DIVA LONDON Diva Eye 4 Piece Professional Brush Set (6) BEAUTY DIVA LONDON Diva Eye 4 Piece Professional Brush Set (7)

It came very well packed. It's beautiful, just like the original photo. I love it! I'm so glad. I recommend the seller

BEAUTY DIVA LONDON Diva Eye 4 Piece Professional Brush Set (8) BEAUTY DIVA LONDON Diva Eye 4 Piece Professional Brush Set (9) BEAUTY DIVA LONDON Diva Eye 4 Piece Professional Brush Set (10)

Super beautiful! The quality looks very good, hopefully it will continue. I'm on time and all very well with the seller. Thank you so much! I recommend buying this item. Greetings!

BEAUTY DIVA LONDON Diva Eye 4 Piece Professional Brush Set (11) BEAUTY DIVA LONDON Diva Eye 4 Piece Professional Brush Set (12)

The product arrived ahead of schedule and in great condition as described in the pictures. Thanks to the winner.

BEAUTY DIVA LONDON Diva Eye 4 Piece Professional Brush Set (13)

Let customers speak for us

from 256 reviews

Wow! Where do I start?

This beautiful monthly box arrived packaged beautifully. I signed up for the 3 month non-subscription plan and got the 1 free box monthly box too from the promotion which is on the way as I write this however, I did receive my first box and like I said, This company completely out did themselves! I hope every month is like this. The box arrived within 3 days after I ordered and the items came exactly as Describe in the listing and picture. This box had every type of skincare item I needed to start my daily skincare treatments. I would suggest jumping on this now as you do not want to miss out on the free box promotion. I highly highly recommended! Just do it already!!!

Kaylynn Johnson


Love Estée Lauder!

Arrived quickly and this Estée Lauder lipgloss / lipstick (whatever you wanna call it) is amazing, the color is exactly what I was looking for my sister wedding and it wasn’t to over the top with color. It looked great and I received many compliments.
I highly recommend this item especially if your not into lip products to much and not sure what’s what in lip products than this should be your go to as its not a bright bold color but a more natural looking subtle lip. Adds just enough pop without being to overwhelming.

Stacy rials


Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Lip Gloss # 115 Flash Fire, Full Size Unboxed

This stuff is absolutely the best!

If you want the best there is in skincare and you have super sensitive skin like me, than this is it! This stuff is magic, pure magic in a jar I swear, it says give ‘em 30 days and they will give you healthier skin and that’s is so so very true, I stopped wearing my COVERGIRL true full coverage foundation and my powder compact. Now, I wear only a primer but it’s a blur primer from Laura Geller and I use the Icy primer from ? Sol?(I forget) face primer - this stuff is great too! I put it on an my face and even toned and flawless, I wear that plus liner, lashes which by the way, yea; Facetreasures does have the best lashes and you get a free little makeup bag with a few products and I also wear mascara. Ima show a before and after in another week so people can see the difference. And yes! it’s true, Liv tylor swears by this stuff and it’s all she talks about. I seen all the videos so I can confirm it’s all facts



Astara Blue Flame Purification Raw Anti aging Mask 2oz each.

Always In Stock! Fast Shipper!

Excellent Product, Fast Shipping, Priced Right For My Budget. Will Buy Again. Recommend

Olay Fan!


Great Product Service & Support!

Real Reviewer Here: I Normally don't do reviews and I kept getting these e-mails asking for my opinion and one day I purchased from e-bay and got beat, I was so livid so I came across Facetreasures searching the web. I Ordered 3 of these since they (Marc Jacobs) are now out of business, it's been hard to find the real deal and i've been robbed so many times on eBay with fake items, I Get so frustrated and tired of risking my money. When i across this site and couldn't believe how many high end items they had priced below retail, I was kinda hesitant at first but I'm glad I took the chance buying one of these & I Absolutely love all the items I've purchased from this store ever since. Now I do not need to worry if I'm getting the real deal or not, I Literally spend my entire check here weekly! Everything Is so worth the money and fairly priced right. I Would say, JUST DO IT! Great Company.



These verses the others, No Match!

These Mac Lashes are life! If you want lashes that actually look real and make your eye pop than this is the one pair you can NOT LIVE WITHOUT, Trust! Low stock all the time and i always rack up when I see these. If these are sold out chances are I bought them all! I highly recommend!

tisha williams


MAC Makeup Mega Star Eyelash Set

Great kit!

I love love love this lip kit, it’s EVERYTHING! Can’t wait till I get paid, I’m buying 1 of each type and color. I highly recommend!

Tatty b


Smells amazing

What a great combo and I added an additional Victoria Secret sugar scrub item “pink” doesn’t even carrier any longer . I love how these people have what’s no longer available or hard to find items. If you need something special that you love but can’t find, chances are they may have it! My coffee shop sugar cubes been discontinued for over a year now and I asked could they find it and the next day I received an email stating “it’s available if I still want to purchase the item?” I was pleasantly surprised,I’m sure Facetreasures may have what you need or they can find it for you for without charging an additional fee. I highly recommend and the gift box arrived quickly, packaged beautifully, I will be back for more soon.

Jennifer L


Victoria Secret Sunset Sorbet With Aloe Duo Spa Set

What a great box

Get glowing is an understatement with this curation of items this month. May is a great month, I highly recommend!

Jalissa adams


Power C Glow Starter Beauty Bundle

As Described, fast shipping, great packaging!

Beautiful! Received quickly, was shipped same day and came earlier than Anticipated, was a great gift for Mother’s Day. It looks so pretty on my mothers neck, I decided to buy one for myself as a special treat. I highly recommend, don’t miss out, just do it!

Julia whitehead


Great for the manly man!

This stuff is great, I stole it from wifey and now we argue over who used all of the product-lol! True story, so now I ordered my own and hide it from her! A definite for men and it works wonders on tough skin. Great for breakout around the beard also, clears right up by the next day and gets rid of bags under the eyes, this item multi tasks on the skin.

John Williams |||


Astara Blue Flame Purification Raw Anti aging Mask 2oz each.

Great set.

If you love your lip products than this is a “must have & must get” for your lippi collection! Great to gift also.



Beautiful set

I received this for free using the promo code and I enjoyed this set more than the original purchase that ended up gifting this item for free! Sounds crazy but it’s true! I’m a big fan of butter London so I was glad when I received this.



Butter London Limited Edition 4 piece Crown Jewels Makeup Set

Absolutely stunning!

I Was a little skeptical to say the least but I’m so glad I purchased this beautiful necklace because once I received it, I was so surprised at how beautiful this necklace is! Wow, don't waste time just do it! You’ll be so glad you did!

Erica Johnson


Stunning Gold Lips Encrusted CZ Rhinestone’s Pendant Necklace

Facetreasures Mask it and Just Glow

Eric Ledner


Facetreasures Mask it and Just Glow

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