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Studio: » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 8/19/18

Anal Beauty Vol. 10 | (1)

Anal Beauty Vol. 10 | (2)Anal Beauty Vol. 10 | (3)Anal Beauty Vol. 10 | (4)

XCritic'sAdvice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time: 2 hours 36 minutes

Date of Production: 2018

Anal Beauty Vol. 10 | (5)

Genre: All Sex; Anal; 18+ Teens

Condoms: No

Anal Beauty Vol. 10 | (6)

Audio/Video: Shot in 4K Ultra HD

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Little Caprice, Lana Rhoades, Blair Williams, Natalia Starr, Haley Reed, Summer Day, Chris Diamond, Justin Hunt, Marcello Bravo, Jean Val Jean

Bonus Scenes: No

Anal Beauty Vol. 10 | (7)

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Cumshot Recap; Feature Trailer; Website Info


Anal Beauty Vol. 10 | (8)

Czech delight Little Caprice covers the latest installment in the Greg Lansky Anal Beauty series. In Anal Beauty 10, she gets bent over the kitchen island and fucked deep and hard in the ass by Austrian stud Marcello Bravo. Her flirting with her husband’s boss, Marcelo, has left her ass hole stretched and gaping after a deep drilling from his hard dick. She’s fed a load of jizz when he pops in her face following their intense fucking. Lana Rhoades opens the flick in what may be the hottest scene in the movie, fucking her celebrity crush Chris Diamond’s huge cock. His squat thrusting, doggy style drilling deep in her ass hole sends her into endless anal pleasure. The close-ups on her gaping ass being pumped by Chris’ prick missionary style are hot to watch. The remaining two scenes are hot threesomes featuring Blair Williams, Haley Reed, and Justin Hunt in the first one and Natalia Starr, Summer Day, and Jean Val Jean in the second one. Both of these scenes turn up the heat on the anal action, but Natalia and Summer’s takeover of Jean’s cock is the hottest one of the two with lots of ass to mouth action with Jean’s cock going from one girl’s ass hole to the other girl’s mouth. I highly recommend this movie. It’s another Lansky homerun in his Tushy brand series.

Scene 1: Lana Rhoades and Chris Diamond

Anal Beauty Vol. 10 | (9)

The amazing Lana Rhoades opens this flick, taking a big cock in the ass from Italian stud Chris. She’s sunning at the pool, looking incredible, as her favorite celebrity, DJ Flawless, eye fucks her. Lana is the girlfriend of a talent manager and meets celebrities from time to time. Flawless is her biggest celebrity crush, and although Lana knows she would never cheat on her boyfriend, she just doesn’t know what she would do if she was ever alone with Chris. Her boyfriend leaves her and Chris alone for an hour and that’s all it takes. Chris surprises her from behind and tries to kiss her. “I can’t do this,” she tells him, but Chris pulls her dress open, revealing her tits. “I know you want to, baby,” he says. They kiss passionately then Lana drops to her knees, pulls his swim trunks down and puts his big, hard cock in her mouth. She holds it with both hands and starts sucking it, but Chris soon takes over, holding her head in place while fucking her mouth and making her gag. “Stuff my mouth,” she begs him. Lana spits up all over his cock then looks up at him with her big beautiful eyes and smiles. He drills her throat some more, pinching her nostrils shut and making her gag again. It’s what she loves.

Anal Beauty Vol. 10 | (10)

Anal Beauty Vol. 10 | (11)

After making a drooling mess all over Chris’ cock, she stands up and gets her pussy finger fucked. The couple makes their way to the bedroom where Lana makes her fantasies about DJ Flawless come true. She sits on his big cock cowgirl style, wrapping her pussy around it as she rides up and down. His dick fills every inch of Lana’s cunt, making her cream all over it. “Take that pussy,” she moans as Chris drills her twat. Lana climbs off and sucks Chris’ cock then is ready to take it in her ass. She guides it into her ass hole for cowgirl cock riding. Chris stuffs her cavity full of cock then watches her climb off and do ass to mouth again. Lana is ready for more cock in her tight ass and she sits on it again reverse cowgirl style but giving Chris a hot view of her ass slamming up and down on his pole. “Fuck my ass hole like I’m your blow-up doll,” Lana says. “Show me what that cock can do,” she adds. Chris squats over her gaping ass hole and drills it deep with his big dick, opening it wider and wider with every thrust. He finishes her ass hole off in missionary position, pounding her hole like w well-oiled piston. He squats over her again, sending his cock balls deep in her ass. Chris pulls out and blows his load all over Lana’s mouth. She swallows his spunk and tells him they should fuck more often whenever her boyfriend is away.

Scene 2: Blair Williams, Haley Reed, and Justin Hunt

Anal Beauty Vol. 10 | (12)

Blair is a strong leader and knows she needs to pass her leadership skills onto her employee Haley, who has been distracted lately. Haley’s boyfriend has been fucking around on her and she can’t stop thinking about it. “Have you fucked anybody lately,” Blair asks her. Haley hasn’t, and Blair knows that’s just what Haley needs. Blair ends their business meeting and brings Justin into the room, explaining to Haley that she should use Justin’s cock to forget all about her problems with her boyfriend. Blair takes control of this threesome, instructing Haley on what to do. Haley kneels and sucks Justin’s hard cock. Blair steps in, telling Haley she’ll show her how it’s done. Blair deep throats Justin’s prick, gagging and choking on it before handing it back over to Haley. While Haley sucks it, Blair licks his balls. The girls continue to share the cock sucking and ball licking duty. “We’re gonna fuck the shit out of you,” she tells Justin. “Yeah, we are,” Haley adds.

Anal Beauty Vol. 10 | (13)

Haley is the first to get fucked. She sits on Justin’s dick reverse cowgirl style while Blair fingers her clit. The boss Blair rides his dick cowgirl style next, slamming her pussy up and down on it. Blair waits to suck his creamy cock right out of Blair’s pussy then she sits on it reverse cowgirl style, this time taking it up her ass hole. Justin stretches her tight ass hole out, drilling it with his cock. Blair watches Haley’s ass get fucked then both girls share in cock sucking again. Blair takes his dick in her ass doggy style as Haley lubes it up with her spit. Squat thrusting, balls-deep doggy action happens next deep inside Blair’s ass hole. Then she lies on her back for missionary fucking up the bum. Blair’s little ass hole is up next, getting pounded and stretched by Justin’s prick. “Fuck that little ass,” Blair cries out. Justin bangs her ass then pulls out quickly, popping all over Blair’s face and in her mouth. The girls cumswap, kissing each other and forming threads of spunk between their lips.

Scene 3: Little Caprice and Marcello Bravo

Anal Beauty Vol. 10 | (14)

DVD cover girl, Little Caprice, has a hot tryst with Marcello in this scene. The Czech-born starlet is a sexy bombshell who loves to flirt. Her latest flirt is with her husband’s boss, Marcello. When Marcello and his wife were at Little Caprice’s house for dinner, she flirts with him in the kitchen, bending over in front of him and giving him a good look at her ass. She is surprised one day when he comes back to her house for his cell phone. “No more games,” he tells her. “I want you.” He bends her over the kitchen island, pulls her dress up and starts fucking her doggy style. Little Caprice’s flirting has landed her a hard cock in her ass from Austrian stud, Marcello. He spanks her ass cheeks, turning them red just before sticking his dick deep inside her ass hole. “Fuck it,” she screams as he works his cock deeper inside her cavity. Marcello slams harder and harder in and out of Little Caprice’s rectum, then he pulls out and feeds her his cock in ass-to-mouth fashion. She licks his shaft like an ice cream cone then puts it in her mouth, showing how greedy she can be.

Anal Beauty Vol. 10 | (15)

More anal doggy fucking is followed by reverse cowgirl up the ass, making Little Caprice’s mouth and ass hole gape open. “Open my ass,” she tells him. He spreads her pussy lips open while drilling her bum. She cums during an intense round of banging, then climbs off his cock and sucks it. She gets on all fours for more doggy the sends Marcello’s dick on a deep dive in her ass. He squats over her tight ass hole and pumps it with his prick. She lies on her back and opens her legs wide, inviting him to fuck her ass hole some more. He pounds her sphincter and makes her ass hole gape wider until he fills it with jizz. Little Caprice squeezes his load out of her ass, making for a warm anal creampie.

Scene 4: Natalia Starr, Summer Day, and Jean Val Jean

Anal Beauty Vol. 10 | (16)

Natalia was married to her husband Jean for two years. She was never in love with him. She was always in love with his money. When Jean gambles all his money away, Natalia cheats on him with a man that satisfies her cunt. But now that the affair is over, she is back in love with Jean and works hard to convince him. Jean is not so sure he can trust Natalia again. She wants to make it up to him and show him that she’ll do anything to get him back. She invites Summer over and pays her cash for an anal threesome that’s bound to win Jean over. He gets naked and waits in the bed with his cock hard. Natalia and Summer walk in, dressed in their sexy lingerie, putting a smile on Jean’s face. They join him in bed, making out with each other. He promises to fuck both hard. The girls lie on their stomach near the edge of the bed with their mouths open as Jean fucks their throats. Summer is first, and Jean keeps thrusting his dick further and further down her throat until she gags and drools, leaving strings of spit hanging from his prick. Natalia loves watching the way her husband throat fucks Summer. He moves to Natalia’s throat next, banging it until she dribbles then it’s back to Summer’s gooey mouth and back and forth.

Anal Beauty Vol. 10 | (17)

Natalia sits on his face and screams out in pleasure from the sensation of Jean’s tongue lashing her pussy. “Don’t make me cum yet,” she cries out. Summer sucks Jean’s cock at the same time, then both girls share the meat. “I wanna see him fuck your pussy,” Summer tells Natalia. She sits on her husband’s cock cowgirl style and rides his pole. Summer spreads oil all over Natalia’s ass, getting it ready for the anal stretching that’s to come. She spanks Natalia’s ass cheeks and tongues her ass hole while Jean stretches her twat. Summer pulls Jean’s cock out of Natalia’s pussy and sticks it in her ass. “I wanna be your anal slut,” Natalia moans. Jean pounds the dirty little whore’s sphincter. “Fuck your wife,” Samantha yells. Natalia counts her lucky stars when Jean bangs her bum reverse cowgirl style and Summer fingers her pussy. The doggy style drilling deep in Natalia’s ass is the hottest part of the scene. Both Summer and Jean tongue fuck Natalia’s gaping ass hole then Jean pumps it in squat thrusting, balls-deep action. Jean pulls out of Natalia’s ass and puts his cock in Samantha’s waiting mouth. Deep missionary fucking up Natalia’s ass stretching it wider than ever, making it gap. He bangs her tiny little ass hole until he blows his load deep inside it, filling his wife’s anal cavity with cum. Samantha cleans up Natalia’s anal cream pie, licking Natalia’s ass hole and Jean’s cock.

Final Thoughts:

Anal Beauty Vol. 10 | (18)

I highly recommend director Greg Lansky’s ass gaping flick Anal Beauty 10. This Tushy brand series never disappoints with its sexy, insatiable starlets and its top-quality production. Czech beauty Little Caprice is the flick’s DVD cover girl and her anal cavity gets thoroughly searched by Austrian cocksman Marcello Bravo. He starts his search by fucking her ass doggy style over the kitchen island, then squatting over her bum and drilling it doggy style in the bedroom. She’s fed a warm, fresh load of cum that satisfies all her cravings. Lana Rhoades opens the movie sunning at the pool and fantasizing about her celebrity crush, Chris Diamond who has been eye fucking her the whole time. When Lana’s boyfriend leaves these two alone, Chris makes his move, introducing her mouth and tight ass hole to his big thick cock, drilling both until they cream. Blair Williams and Haley Reed fuck Justin Hunt in the first threesome of the flick, capping off a tense business meeting that leads to ass hole relief for Haley. The closing scene of the movie features another threesome, this time with Natalia Starr, Summer Day, and Jean Val Jean. This scene has the most ass gaping footage of the flick as Jean stretches open each girl’s rectum with his dick then he pulls out and stuffs the other girl’s mouth with it. The Anal Beauty series never disappoints and always leaves each girl’s ass hole agape.

Anal Beauty Vol. 10 | (19) Anal Beauty Vol. 10 | (20)
Anal Beauty Vol. 10 | (21)
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