21 Best Sims 4 Couple Pose Packs (2022)

Sometimes, your Sims have themost adorablerelationship and you want it to be displayed.

You are not to blame.

Even though I was the one orchestrating their relationship, I still get giddy watching my Sims do a couple of things.

Although the preinstalled and programmed couple poses in Sims 4 look great, they can become repetitive.

Sometimes, you just want to give your photos a little more flavor.

Gotcha covered.

These are some of the most creative Sims 4 couple poses.

21.Waiting under the Tree by Sciophobis

21 Best Sims 4 Couple Pose Packs (1)

Here’s a pack of wintery/Christmassy couple poses for Sims 4.

These two Sims are enjoying the winter spirit, and the love flowing between them.

You don’t need a gift to get the pose pack, but they can be yours without one.

They are still amazing!

20.Pose Pack by Stefaniaonlinda: I Still Love You

21 Best Sims 4 Couple Pose Packs (2)

Spending quality time together is what good couples do.

This pose pack shows how two Sims can look together while they are close to one another.

They gaze at the stars and hug, kiss, and look at each other, wondering about their future.

We could not ask for more.

19.Chaleara: Wedding Couple Poses

21 Best Sims 4 Couple Pose Packs (3)

Although technically this is a wedding pose it can still be used as a couple of poses.

This pose captures Sims on their journey to happily ever after.

There are a few different poses in the pose pack, and they are definitely worth looking at.

18.Harperelya – In Love Couple Pose Package

21 Best Sims 4 Couple Pose Packs (4)

It’s impossible to predict when passion and crazy love feelings will take over.

This is exactly why the pose pack was created.

You can either ask your Sims to take a selfie on the floor or kiss each other over the kitchen counter.

You have the option to choose!

17.Adorable Sims 4 Couple Poses By Un1con35

21 Best Sims 4 Couple Pose Packs (5)

Here are some Sims 4 couple poses that younger Sims can do.

These 8 poses can be used to create cool photos of teens and young adults.

These poses are playful and fun, which is exactly what you want.

(Video) How to Use Poses in The Sims 4 📸 // Sims 4 Tutorial

16.Smily Cuteness: Expecting Cute Cuple Poses

21 Best Sims 4 Couple Pose Packs (6)

The expectation of having a baby is one of the greatest joys for a couple.

This pose pack will allow you to set your Sims up in a way that captures the joy of having a baby.

You can have the father close to your Sim’s belly, or you can hug them both.

It’s a great photo opportunity in any case!

15.Sweet Couple Poses By Katverse

21 Best Sims 4 Couple Pose Packs (7)

This is one of the most stunning couples of pose packs you will ever see!

This pack features two Sims, in a peaceful and comforting embrace.

There are 4 variations that can be used to express 4 different looks.

However, they all look the same.

14.Kiss me as you do – Sims 4 Couple Poses by LENINA_90

21 Best Sims 4 Couple Pose Packs (8)

Sims 4 love the “Kiss Me Like You Do” couple poses.

These poses show the love and passion between Sims.

These poses are amazing and I cannot recommend them enough.

13.Argumenting 3!Sims 4 Couple Poses By Pandorassims4cc

21 Best Sims 4 Couple Pose Packs (9)

These are the perfect couple poses for Sims who are sad.

The pack includes three poses with the Sims seated on the couch.

You can see their sadness and are arguing.

This is a great way to add realism and authenticity to your game.

12.Kit-Cat-Sims’s Kisses Pose Pack for The Sims 4

21 Best Sims 4 Couple Pose Packs (10)

These are our favorite romantic poses!

These are the perfect poses for romance!

This is a great pack to use for outdoorphotography.

Make a day of it!

11.Shall We Dance?Pose Pack – The Sims 4

21 Best Sims 4 Couple Pose Packs (11)

These poses will portray your couple as an elegant and fun couple.

The pack includes five poses that range from happiness to elegance and seduction.

This pack is for the younger couple who frequents clubs and dances on the floor.

10.Even though by simmering berlin

21 Best Sims 4 Couple Pose Packs (12)

This article is ending with my favorite pose pack.

It was very close.It was difficult for me to choose a favorite if I’m honest.

However, theEven Althoughpose pack from simmer berlin’sSet #14made me feel heavy and depressed – but in the best possible way.

I love dramatic, sad stories.The six poses in this set, which I believe totals six, fit so many narrative possibilities.

Even thoughisn’t exactly marketed to be a couple’s pose pack.

The versatility of the poses and their execution make the set versatile enough to work in many scenarios.

It can be difficult to determine the height of the teleporter placeholders. Placing them flat on the ground will cause your Sims to sit a foot or more below the floor.

It’s possible.

It took me about four to five clicks to get my Sims comfortable on a half wall.

Additionally, theCigarette Accessoriesthat simmer berlin has linked in the description work perfectly.

9.Sad Conversation by mandarinsims

21 Best Sims 4 Couple Pose Packs (13)

This review will begin by stating that Sims 4 CAS is not my best.

Sims are not my forte.

Many of my TS4 Sims are randomly generated EA townies that have been slightly altered and pumped full CC makeup, hair, and skin blends.

The problem with the expressions may just be me.However, I noticed that the facial expressions I used to apply these poses by mandarin sims weren’t quite in line with the name of the pack.

A pose set calledSad Conversationwould have many sad faces, downturned lips, and exaggerated looks.

My Sims looked a bit dissatisfied and slightly confused.

It’s something I think would still work for most players. Especially if you like custom Sims 4 expressions that aren’t overexaggerated or cartoonish.

Sad Conversationsin this instance is a great package.

The emotions in most poses are subtle, but they still stand out.The execution is also still quite amazing.

8.Picnic for Two Pose Pack from katverse

21 Best Sims 4 Couple Pose Packs (14)

Even though I love the dramatic, tense, and bittersweet, I also enjoy happy endings.

Happy endings for the sweet, romantic, “omg, they found each other!”!” kind.

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What usually happens is a happy ending.

Lounging on the beach in comfort, taking long walks, or having a casual picnic.

Yes, that’s right – I will introduce thisstunningcustom post by katverse (basically, the queenfor cute custom Sims 4 poses).

ThisPicnic For Twofeatures some of my favorite positions and the most tender, loving expressions I’ve ever seen grace the digitally-generated faces of two Sims.

The whole energy of the pack comes down to “two souls in unconditional, pure love.”

It hits differently, I promise.


The best part about this is that it doesn’t have to be outside.

I set up my Simsnext to a fireplace, and it became a romantic wine-and-dine night.It worked exactly as well, I believe.

7.RJ – Couple Poses 11

21 Best Sims 4 Couple Pose Packs (15)

Do you want to increase tension and romance?

Sim A begs Sim B to give him a chance.Sim B isn’t really there for it. But a few choice words and thesmallestbit of pushing and Sim B’s putty in SIM A’s hands.

This custom couple poses by RJ will appeal to those who find this storyline compelling.

Look at these preview photos. Tell me that they aren’t from a stereotypical romance/rom-com movie we have all seen at one time or another.

The gentle finger-under-the-chin, the trying-to-remain-stoic expression, the “I know you still love me” grin… it’s all there, and it’s allflawlesslyexecuted.

The creator also includes a handy diagram showing where and how to place the placeholders for teleporters so the poses are correct.Thanks

This is something that more creators must do, I swear.

6.Take a Walk Pt 2 by Andromeda sims

This Sims 4 custom pose set captures the emotions and interactions of a relationship.

Talk A Walk Pt.Talk A Walk Pt. 2 by Andromeda­sims is pure fun.

The expressions are gentle, the postures charming, and the overall vibe is positive.


This is a great choice for either a casual and sweet story or a bittersweet confrontation.

Again, narratives are my favorite.If the idea is brilliant and the execution is beautiful, I won’t say no.

Andromeda-sims received a hugeyesin this instance.

Talk A Walk Pt. 2 is the same as Eclypto’s Old Roads pose pack.The height difference is now integrated into 2.

You don’t need additional height sliders. Just plug and play to take beautiful pictures.

5.Soulmate Selfie Pose Set 1 by Veiga SIMS

21 Best Sims 4 Couple Pose Packs (17)

See?Do you see?

This one is by Veiga Sims. It’s one of those sweet-and-simple couple poses that work well witheverything.

Maxis Match, Alpha CC, and a mixture of photo skinned features, classified hair… it will look stunning with these poses.

This is one of those custom pose packs you can pull out at will to use for any story or concept.

The set only contains three poses, making it one of my favorite packs. However, the quality is definitely worth it.

4.Sims.Babe: Back to Front Couple Pose Pack

21 Best Sims 4 Couple Pose Packs (18)

This is a custom pose set that you can use to express a particular concept or theme.

This means that the poses aren’t very generic.

They can’t be whipped out if you just want to take a few shots of your Sims.

(Video) The Sims 4 | Pose Making | Family Pose + Link

Youcould.It’s entirely up to you.

The poses were unique to me.These are not the usual default poses that two people would take if asked for their photos.

isa metaphor for the content’s creativity.

But I digress.TheseBack-to-Frontposes by Sims. Babe was voted the cutest.

Theyshowthe type of relationship in which one partner is very bubbly, exuberant, and touchy while the other is quite the opposite.

3.Eclypto: Old Roads Posepack

21 Best Sims 4 Couple Pose Packs (19)

This pose pack is heavier than the other two.It speaks to me as a romance/drama addict so I had to include it.

Even the name ”Old Roads” is enough to give me crazy painful love story vibes.Alwayshere for that storyline.

Although these custom poses by Eclypto may seem simple, they tell a lot with just four poses.

The hand placements work well with the facial expressions. I find the height adjustment cute.

Sims can talk while walking, but there are not many of them (given that they can’t do it in-game).

This is the best, most artistic.

This pack is a great addition to your pose gallery if you like this look.

2.Instagram Couple Goals Pack by Error404Phillips

21 Best Sims 4 Couple Pose Packs (20)

These poses are more casual and cooler than the previous set, but they’re still a little bit more raunchy.

Don’t be afraid to be completely sexually explicit.

These poses allow for a bit more contact.

A little bit of disregard for personal space.

It’s okay, it’s a selfie.It’s a selfie.You have to squeeze it in there.

These poses arevery high quality, despite all jokes.

Although the concept isn’t too new (I have another “couple selfies” pose pack on my list), the execution is superb.It’s also quite large.

Three sets are included in the package file. They include funny, cute, or romantic.

For a total of 15, each set includes five couple poses.

It is a bit difficult to find theTeleport Any SIMplaceholder.

You will need to flip the accessory (Left Hand, or Right Hand) around a few times.

It’s worth the effort if you have the patience and time to put it together.

1.Prom Night Pack by Katverse

21 Best Sims 4 Couple Pose Packs (21)

Yes, I am starting this list with some custom poses that are very predictable considering the theme.

ThisProm Nightposes package by Katverse is a great choice.

Most people have at least one high school party in their teens, most likely prom.

It doesn’t matter if it was a night that you will always remember or one you wish to forget.

The kat verse pack iscrazyexact in that it perfectly reproduces the awkward default pose that every awkward teenager takes in pre-prom photos.

There’s the ”hugging your date,” the ”hug from behind” and the ”glance at my partner in this chair looking so handsome.

It’s all there.

(Video) Where to find the best Sims 4 CC


How do you pose a couple in Sims 4? ›

How To Use Pose Player For Couples - YouTube

How do you choose a Sims 4 pose? ›

Press on one of the Sims. Select Pose by Pack. Choose the pack they want their Sim to pose. Repeat the same thing with the rest of the Sims.

How do you group pose in Sims 4? ›


How do you pose multiple Sims? ›

Select each Sim, go to Pose by Pack and scroll down the list to find the pose pack you want to use. Each Sim in the pose has their own clip you need to select. For example, a pose with two Sims will have two clips listed; one for each Sim. Creators will usually clearly label which pose and which Sim a clip is for.

How do you pose multiple Sims in blender? ›

Posing with Multiple Rigs of Your Choice
  1. Navigate to the rigs and pick the second one you want to use. ...
  2. Select all of the parts in that folder that begin with the letters the rig itself begins with. ...
  3. Now you should see the second rig highlighted in orange in your 3D view. ...
  4. Select the second rig, and hit g to grab.

How do you do CAS poses? ›

HOW TO USE CAS POSES (for thumbnails & edits) | Sims 4 Tutorial

How do you use Andrews pose player? ›

In-Game Posing in The Sims 4 using Andrew's Pose Player - YouTube

How do I install Andrews pose player? ›

How to Install and Use Pose Player & Sim Teleporter | The Sims 4 Tutorial

How do you get your Sims to pose Sims 4 Moschino? ›

Just let one click the tripod, choose the two people they want to take a photo with, and set the timer. The three individuals will walk in front of the camera and pose together.

How do you get CC on Sims 4 ps4? ›


How do you open pose mode in Yandere simulator? ›

This mode is activated by pressing the ? key which will open up the easter egg menu, and then pressing the R key. From there the player can select a student to pose by walking up to them and holding down the E key. This will bring up a menu where the player can perform several actions that are involved in the mode.

How do you get different selfie poses in Sims 4? ›

You simply need to install the two main mods – Andrew's Pose Player and Teleport Any Sims mods and then to add poses that you like.


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