15 Celebrities Who Ignore Bras (2022)

Going braless has been on trend since the 60s. There is no better feeling than letting the girls out after a long day but don't limit the look to after work. Recently that trend has begun to surpass music festivals and loungewear. We are seeing certain celebs rock the free-boob look for day and even evening. They are shopping braless, clubbing braless, and attending red carpet events braless too. These ladies are unashamed and most of them look pretty amazing that way. Who cares if they get blurred on TV! Thanks to the paparazzi, we still get to watch our favorite girls rock this look with style. Age doesn't seem to be a factor. We see ladies from 18-50 letting their girls greet the world. Check out which celebs seem to do the braless look best. Which lady makes this look the most fab and which ones should give it up?

15 Jennifer Lopez

Having a Vegas show seems to be the latest thing for celebs as they get older. JLo may have embraced this aging tradition as she just wrapped up her All I Have residency, but at 46 years old she certainly does not look her age. Jennifer let it all hang out in this braless plunging dress, showing everyone that age is not a factor. She is no stranger to a braless night out. In fact, this diva wore a similar dress to the opening of the show. This leaves us wondering if JLo ever wears a bra or perhaps they are frowned upon in Vegas. Somehow this mom's assets seem to defy gravity! She also left the bra at home when she appeared on Watch What Happens Live NYC in Feb. and host Andy Cohen had no complaints. Jennifer proves once more that she has no fear of the nip-slip!

14 Selena Gomez

Not only does Selena find bras unnecessary, she chose to use her most recent braless look to reveal a hidden piercing. She is wearing what could be a slip dress or a nightgown but the secret is definitely out. Who Knew?!? She is no stranger to the braless trend. Selena was just braless during a concert in Singapore and has sported numerous red carpet looks sans bra. In her video, Good For You, she never bothers putting on a bra and we see the star braless again at the 2016 Grammy's. Her December 2015 InStyle shoot was done totally braless and we see Selena in a very natural state. She also left hair and makeup out the window for this one. Leaving her bra behind for evening wear is common for Selena. We see this at the 2015 AMAs , VMAs, and at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. It can actually be difficult to find a pic of Miss Gomez with a bra on!

13 Kylie Jenner

It's not hard to catch this 19 year old braless. As a social media queen, Kylie shows us almost every outfit she wears. She goes braless often for photo shoots and evening wear but sometimes she chooses this look for the day. We have seen enough braless selfies on Instagram and snapchat, that we are all familiar with her nipple ring. Kylie shows off her braless look again in the ads for her new Majesty lip kit. The pics feature Miss K wearing nothing but a thin white tank. She doesn't always use the bra free life to show off her lady bits. Occasionally she blesses the world with a great side boob pic. One thing is for sure, there is no wardrobe malfunction. Kylie loves the braless lifestyle and she looks great that way. She certainly isn't the first in the family to go braless. Kim is on our list as well.

12 Rosie Huntington-Whitely

Rosie is a model so I am not sure if she really counts. It's almost a requirement in order to perfect the "model off-duty" look. She does not need a bra and pretty much looks flawless no matter what she does. Rosie has no fear about walking the streets of LA leaving nothing to the imagination. Rumor has it, boyfriend Jason Statham is not a fan but he cannot deny she looks amazing. She frequents Ballet Bodies, and LA fitness locations, where paparazzi typically catch Rosie sans bra. Rosie also gets caught braless often while shopping with her man in West Hollywood. She also suffered a wardrobe malfunction caught on camera that day, but this statuesque supermodel brushed it off in style. Her braless look at this year's Met Gala left everyone in awe. She looked absolutely stunning while trading her bra for a new engagement ring, courtesy of Mr. Stathom.

11 Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten stole the show at the Golden Globes this year with her epic bralessness (we don't even think she needs one anyway), but this is not her first bra free outing. It does not seem like she even owns a bra at all because she is always without one. Fans may be as familiar with her tatas as they are her movies. If you have seen Marie Antionette then her braless pics are not as shocking. She has never been shy or modest star. She has a few scenes in Spiderman where her bralessness is apparent. Kirsten also has a braless Maxim cover floating around from when she was 18. She has spoken out about the pressure of exposing so much at a young age when it was not her choice. Now as a confident 33-year-old woman, we see Kirsten speaking up for young Hollywood and making wardrobe choices that she feels comfortable with.


10 Jennifer Lawrence

Jlaw has gone braless a few times but she doesn't seem to be as bold about it as other celebs. We saw Jennifer braless at CinemaCon in April but it doesn't appear she was going for a bra-free look. It seems she was caught by the flash. As one of the more modest actresses around, this 25-year-old chose to wear boob covers, just in case. This isn't the first time we have caught the actress bra free. Her sheer Dior gown let the world see she was undergarment free at the Oscars. As the best actress nominee for Joy, she was a guest of honor , nobody was complaining. The dresses she chose for the Joy premiere and the Catching Fire premiere, also required a braless look and again at the GLAAD media awards. It seems Jennifer chooses to go bra free when it is a wardrobe necessity and not for everyday wear.

9 Kate Hudson

We often see hippie-mom Kate Hudson braless. And who can forget her steamy scene in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.She is seen here, confident and free during a shopping trip in Cannes. A dress like this requires lots of adjusting throughout the day, but Kate was not concerned. The mom of two was out braless again that evening looking amazing. She has become the queen of side boob, a great look for women who don't sport ample cleavage. Kate is frequently seen braless in anything from a simple tank to a ball gown. Bras do not seem to be her thing. Thanks to the flash, we see Kate is braless even in winter. She wore a gorgeous sequin jumpsuit during her last appearance on Late Night with Seth Myers. Of course, the star left her bra at home. It's no surprise she has chosen the braless life. We have been spotting her mom, Goldie Hawn, braless for years.

8 Amber Rose

As a social media pro, Amber loves to keep fans intrigued. She showed off a great "good morning" with a skin-tight, braless dress revealing her body jewelry to the world. Was definitely a "good morning." We all know Amber is not shy. She has no problem baring it all while out on the town with BFF Blac Chyna. No matter how cold it gets, Amber will not be forced into bra-prison! This 32-year-old mom does whatever she wants and conforms to nobody's standards. She did a series of braless photo shoots to promote her 2016 walk. Amber later appeared on MTVs Braless Youtube show where she discusses shaming among other anti-woman practices this former dancer would like to put to rest. One thing is for sure, Kanye must love his women bold and braless because she is not the only lady on the list who has snuggled up to the singer.

7 Kim Kardashian

You can catch Kim braless pretty much anywhere, anytime. Since she maintains anunmatched level of flawlessness, we can't complain. Somehow the star and mom of two keeps her ample cleavage nice and perky sans bra. Kim was even braless throughout most of her pregnancy. The 35-year-old somehow makes bra free look glamorous. Though she spends much of her time braless, we have spotted her shopping for bras so we know she owns them. Kim is the master of the braless look and utilizes many tools. Pasties prevent wardrobe malfunctions from going too far and Hollywood Breast Lift Tape is her trick for looking supported. She has also used Low-Beams boob concealers though it's clear sometimes she forgets them. Her look at the 2015 Brit Awards may be her most memorable braless look yet. She flaunted her assets in a onesie with a full lace top and of course, no bra underneath!

6 Beyonce

Beyonce does not go around braless as often as many of our other favorites but we can catch enough bralessness to get our fill. She did a magnificent photoshoot for Carine Roitfeld's CR Fashion Book. Beyonce is featured with flowing hair, sans bra, in a long trench coat. Her appearance last year at the Mayweather Pacquiao fight left jaws on the floor. Tweets all night claimed that she won the fight and the media was a buzz when they spotted her gorgeous bra free look for the night. The 34-year-old mom stunned again at game 6 of the NBA finals in a bright blue suit. She left the bra at home for the night highlighting her natural curves. Queen Bey was braless again in July sporting a casual maxi dress on the beach in Nice, France. The singer looks stunning on the arm of Jay-Z, embracing the bra free life.

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5 Ariel Winter

Having recently graduated from child star to sexy siren, Ariel isn't covering up much these days. The Modern Family actress is seen out and about braless all the time, and even leaves the bra home when on the red carpet. Most recently she became underboob famous after showing off pics from her high school graduation party. Ariel is only 18 and enjoying her curves. She has no problem showing off her breasts and belly while out and about in West Hollywood shopping or grabbing a pedicure. Since undergoing a publicized breast reduction, the star has been more outgoing and confident. Ariel even showed off her scars at the SAG awards proclaiming she has nothing to hide. She stated that she was uncomfortable and unhappy with her F cup so she chose to go under the knife. Ariel seems happy with her new look and fans agree she looks amazing with or without a bra.

4 Chrissy Teigen

This new mom has an amazing post-baby bod and she is showing it off! She has been spotted out left and right, barely avoiding the nip slip. We see Chrissy sans bra again in a video shoot posted online featuring Chrissy and her hubby John Legend attending Mariah Carey's Las Vegas show. Chrissy is bouncing and clapping, clearly bra free as Mariah pulls John up on stage. Last month she rocked the new trend (which we love), a satin shirt dress, bra free for date nights with her hubby shortly after her daughter Luna was born. Chrissy took a lot of criticism for going out so soon but nobody was complaining that she left her bra at home. Before her daughter was born, Chrissy blessed us with a photo shoot for Instyle Australia. In true supermodel fashion, she left out the bra and looks stunning showing a little side boob.

3 Rita Ora

It's hard to find a pic of this British singer with her bra on. Opting to go braless helps Rita show off her fabulous tats. She recently became the new host of America's Next Top Model and this is a perfect fit for Rita, who has always been a trendsetter. Some say she started the bra free look that is rampant around Hollywood right now. The 25-year-old was without a bra at the Next Top Model event in Midtown NYC wearing her iconic blonde tresses in a classic ponytail and a lingerie-inspired slip dress. Showing off all her assets, Rita appears completely body-confident. After making it through her first elimination round on ANTM we spotted Rita out and about in Tribeca wearing a large hoody, but it was clear the girls were free underneath. Just yesterday, Rita took to the town in a plunging jumpsuit showing off all the sideboob she has to offer. This lady is not putting on a bra anytime soon!

2 Lady GaGa

Lady GaGa has no problem turning heads, so it is no surprise she jumped right on the braless bandwagon. At an NYC recording studio Tuesday, she wore a completely sheer top revealing herself to be totally bra free. No pasties for this attention getter! Recently the singer landed on the Fashion Police after sporting a full length hot pink 80s style dress. Trading her bra for huge shoulder pads, she went out to walk the dog. Occasionally she will sport some pasties in a star shape or a metallic hue. With GaGa, nothing is ever simply done for modesty. She is no stranger to the occasional wardrobe malfunction, but this doesn't scare her away from the bra free look. This diva cannot be tamed! One of her most unforgettable braless looks was the dress Lady GaGa chose to open her Bad Romance tour. What would have been a modest red polka dot halter was left sheer exposing the singer's beautiful breasts. Fans are still talking about it.

1 Rihanna

Let's face it. Everything about her is flawless, especially her body. Why would she bother with a bra? From shopping to filming a music video, Rihanna is rarely wearing much at all. Half the time she forgets her shirt too. She may be the only woman on earth who can get away with it! The 28-year-old singer surprised fans by jumping on stage with Drake in March and of course there was no bra in sight. She shows off the amazing new tattoo underneath her breasts. It is seriously huge and stretches from rib to rib. Her on again off again boyfriend does not seem to mind. She showed off the tat again last month as she ventured out to dinner in Italy wearing a full length, completely sheer jacket. Who needs a bra if you can't even be bothered with a shirt! She looked totally sexy and got no complaints.

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